Jesus an Evolutionarily Above Space Alien ET

Jesus an Evolutionarily Above Space Alien ET – TiDo Witnesses broadcast, Sunday 7-9pm EST, Why the non-Christian Jesus is Evolutionarily ABOVE HUMAN and ABOVE Space Alien (human equivalents) that the Luciferian “fallen angel” space aliens turned into Christianity and Judaism, one prime reason people run to atheism and spirituality and away from reality of People from deep outer space who have no “home” planet as they are at home in whatever laboratory they are working with/in. The Earth is actually Their lab experiment to grow Souls to new membership in their Family. The Luciferians are those that in a previous civilization rebelled from their elementary participation in the lab experiment and sought to sabotage the experiment but the Next Level took advantage of this to provide humans with the choice to become in allegiance to the Luciferians or Their Older Members they would periodically send undercover (like a thief in the night) though the invisible to human spirit world to take a body prepared for them to demonstrate their reality to humans to decide to go Their way or not. Show Call in:(646) 478-5618 or just log on to listen and chat. Free. If you think Religions or spirituality or atheism and science answer all your questions then this is NOT for you. This is NOT an attempt to have followers or believers or to make money or gain popularity. We work for Ti and Do who brought this perspective and have since exited the human condition but are monitoring and directing the wrap up of the end of the age before recycling the civilization. http://www.blogtalkradio/sawyer

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2 Responses to “Jesus an Evolutionarily Above Space Alien ET”

  1. tmmody Says:

    How many of the Oregon 20 died in 97?,1288066

  2. sawyer Says:

    I remember that article and looking it over now I’m reminded of how many facts are totally inaccurate. She was never 2nd in command. She was a student “helper” and I don’t think the number was 20 but I’m not sure what it was. But off the top of my head as far as who laid down their human containers in 1997, Ollody, the environmentalist, artist, Lvvody (Julie), Chkody , Jnnody, the other primary “helper”. There are still a few believers from that group though, “mrcody, srfody, jhnody (from venezula where he is now) and swyody. Also, I never said I saw her at the Waldport meeting. I simply knew that’s the meeting she joined from.

    If you ever contact Michael who was rthody you can remind him of this article as he mocked Do as being always concerned for security of his “classroom” – as Michael said about their acting as if someone was “after them” which is exactly the truth that he has decided to be blind to evidenced by this article that talks about the investigators they hired and used up their vacations and put great expense to. And her folks were not the only ones by far. Jwnody’s brother also hunted for her and hired an investigator. My vehicle’s mother wanted to hunt for me but my vehicle’s dad (deceased now) wouldn’t have it as he knew I was doing what I wanted to do, which was proved to all of these family members when we “visited”. Lvv visited them and so did Jwn and Oll and Jnn, etc. actually most everyone had someone to visit on two occasions Ti stimulated the first one and Do instigated the second visit. I fully understand and am pained by what the relatives went through but if they had come to know their offspring and/or asked help from their idea of “god” – Parent of our Soul bodies in the literal Heavens, thus “heavenly father” then they would have felt that “peace” even though they might still have certain emotional pangs at their absence. But those who didn’t rise above thinking of their children as their possession and didn’t ask for help to understand would have remained bitter from what took place, a choice they are making.

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