Evidence of relatives effort to find Ti and Do’s students

Evidence of relatives effort to find Ti and Do’s students

I remember that article and looking it over now I’m reminded of how many facts are totally inaccurate. She was never 2nd in command. She was a student “helper” and I don’t think the number was 20 but I’m not sure what it was. But off the top of my head as far as who laid down their human containers in 1997, Ollody, the environmentalist, artist, Lvvody (Julie), Chkody , Jnnody, the other primary “helper”. There are still a few believers from that group though, “mrcody, srfody, jhnody (from venezula where he is now) and swyody. Also, I never said I saw her at the Waldport meeting. I simply knew that’s the meeting she joined from.

If you ever contact Michael who was rthody you can remind him of this article as he mocked Do as being always concerned for security of his “classroom” – as Michael said about their acting as if someone was “after them” which is exactly the truth that he has decided to be blind to evidenced by this article that talks about the investigators they hired and used up their vacations and put great expense to. And her folks were not the only ones by far. Jwnody’s brother also hunted for her and hired an investigator. My vehicle’s mother wanted to hunt for me but my vehicle’s dad (deceased now) wouldn’t have it as he knew I was doing what I wanted to do, which was proved to all of these family members when we “visited”. Lvv visited them and so did Jwn and Oll and Jnn, etc. actually  most everyone had someone to visit on two occasions Ti stimulated the first one and Do instigated the second visit. I fully understand and am pained by what the relatives went through but if they had come to know their offspring and/or asked help from their idea of “god” – Parent of our Soul bodies in the literal Heavens, thus “heavenly father” then they would have felt that “peace” even though they might still have certain emotional pangs at their absence. But those who didn’t rise above thinking of their children as their possession and didn’t ask for help to understand would have remained bitter from what took place, a choice they are making.

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5 Responses to “Evidence of relatives effort to find Ti and Do’s students”

  1. tmmody Says:

    Where did the word “booger” come from?

    • sawyer Says:

      Ti and Do’s word. Each classmember were actually assigned a (as far as I know just one) booger. Though they didn’t explain this, I don’t think the boogers don’t know they are assigned. They simply want to turn the eyes of anyone who gravitates to the Next Level Older member representatives that they do know are embodied in Ti and Do’s vehicles whom they largely consider to be a powerful alien group themselves, a group to which they resent being subject to, thus the war, and because if they can win one of those Souls to their camp they are that much more effective to turn others who are gravitating to the Next Level at whatever stage. But I do believe the Next Level literally regulates “gates”, perhaps as specific as to the person they want to provide that “mind” “muscle” building “influence”. Quotes are Ti and Do’s words. I do know that Ti and Do felt some of the areas the class moved to, they saw after the fact as exposing the students to a different set of influences some of which were kept away from the student body and that they at times didn’t feel to stay in an area because they didn’t want to over challenge the student body. They talked about this a tiny bit one time regarding when we were briefly in the Salt Lake City vicinity but I believe these were not “boogers” in the same sense of ones assigned students versus just being in that vicinity as discarnate influences generally stay in the areas of their interest and roots to the humans they inhabit  (“time share” a humans “computer” with).  

      • tmmody Says:

        What about the term “links” or “lynx”? Mentioned repeatedly in the 82 tapes in reference to tasks — “links tasks” for instance. Seemed preferable to other task types… probably tasks that involved interacting with Do and/or Ti.

        Thanks, Tim

  2. Larry Mondello (google it) Says:

    “meager food for souls forgotten”… the/your relatives hadn’t received the “implant” from the next level — so, within your mythology, so HOW could they possibly have understood? To you and the class they were just plants that didn’t have any next level mind in them.

    Wasn’t all your interactions tempered by the way do and ESPECIALLY TI talked? Ti barely hid her contempt for plants. Listen to the tapes bro…

    Also, where are all the tapes from after Ti died? The “new” is wearing off… nobody will be interested. What the heck? I want to listen to all the weirdness Do spewed on your folks.

    I’m thinking that the reason those tapes are of no concern to anyone within the cult is because the lun-a-tic-i-ness of those tapes eclipses all of the banality of the earlier tapes … with madness.

    I can’t believe you wouldn’t have a copy of those tapes… or at least wouldn’t be able to appeal to those who do have them to let you have them since you were a wild-eyed believer (albeit one the group didn’t bother to notify b4 they committed suicide)…

    Can you get me Seconal???

    • sawyer Says:

      The implants the Next Level puts into “plants” are biological and frequency based and were called by Ti and Do a “tag” and/or a “chip” and/or a container, or pocket (soul) and there were different types of soul containers, one for first time believers and one for returnees and a tag was not a soul at all but a type of homing devise to allow monitoring and tracking of a plant they wanted to use for the experiment phase.

      I have tried to get mark and sarah to release the tapes from 1985-1996? to no avail. I don’t agree with Mark on this. Rkkody only sent me the pre 1985 tapes he digitized to cd that you do have access to.

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