Response to a Heaven’s Gate Ti and Do theological psychologists upcoming book

I was sent an early picture of Bo and Peep with Wndody and Dncody sitting on the stage with them by an author of a new book about the group asking whether it was Waldport meeting I attended. I have been providing him answers to his questions and since I tend to let the thread of info flow, I wanted to provide this same info to those who follow this blog for whatever it may be worth to them:

Sawyer said:

No, this wasn’t Waldport where I first attended. This was before Waldport which can only be Canada College as Stanford was only done by students and the two L.A. meetings were in a private residence. There was no one else on the stage at Waldport and no table and I don’t think there was a sound system. On far left is Wndody who then was Wendy and whose vehicle was the daughter of Flxody who was not among the 38 and may still be alive but in her 90’s now and next to her, Dncody, who left the class in around 1987 and some 10 years ago died of an HIV related infection. They would both from the L.A. meeting. Dnc was an actor and his pic was actually on a Wheaties box and he ended up turning against believing in Ti and Do said they were and went public in 1997 with that view on a couple talk shows. Wndody left the class at one point in the early 1980’s while living in the San Antonio area where she worked as a waitress when we firsts were living in houses and got jobs. She married a policeman she met at the Dennys where she worked. She rejoined a few years later, but I never knew how the contact was made as we did nothing public then. It was after she left that her vehicle’s mother flxody left and just now I’m seeing what was probably behind flxody’s leaving. Flxody with her boyhood love and then husband were in touch and asked to rejoin in the early 1990’s after they were sent the Beyond Human tapes. Her husband took the name Abel and so was Ablody. But they were in their 80’s and we were gearing up to another public offering and had become very tight knit and non-rebellious to instructions that flxody had a hard time re-adjusting to, though he thought Ablody was very “sweet” I recall him saying. So Do, though very pained to do so, felt Ti approved of their being asked to perform a task by returning to their vehicle’s home in Missouri. The task was to be a location for certain mailings and where groups would be able to stop and potentially as a half way “house” for some in the class that might still need a different experience to make headway on their overcoming of certain human characteristics that the main body classroom format wasn’t allowing them to deal with.

This brings up again, the idea that Balch and others who followed his lead are completely missing the boat on, saying Do sort of flipped out after Ti left and took the class in a different direction than Ti would have which they say was related to his being troubled over his vehicles past sexuality that led to the suicides. I know that can not be further from the truth and anyone without an axe to grind in some way or a career they want to support and any intelligence should be able to at least sense let alone recognize the folly of that view.

I’m speaking of the entire half way house efforts to where many students were instructed to experience and where they could not remain “under any spell”, which is evidenced by at least one long term member, named Cddody leaving the class when he was offered to return from his half way experience. Sngody, Alxody, Anlody, Cddody, Stlody, Tllody were all in a half way situation we called satellites. They were all in Dallas while the “main craft” was in California. There were no “elder students” with them. They had a number of apartments, Do helped them all set up. Brnody was the first to have this experience, mainly because she needed to learn to be independent minded because of her bout with what might have been polio, but was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis that none of the many ways in which Ti and then after Ti left, Do with students tried to help her deal with. We actually left her in Dallas when we lived there and then some students and sometimes Do with helpers would visit her, though not frequently. Anyody who changed her name to Anlody when she was offered to rejoin the main body (with Brnody) lived with Brnody for a while but then needed to be elsewhere so lived with Cddody nearby as well. Tllody ended up having a girlfriend and a sports car and a job during his year or two in Dallas. Stlody who had been one of the 19 who Ti and Do had sent away from the main body in late 1976, but who returned as a result of Drrody’s so called accidentally bumping into Nrrody who worked at the Amarillo, Texas hospital, then returned again from the half way satellite following their seeing the Beyond human series and asking to return. Stlody was I believe in the Denver area. I’m not sure as I was not involved in monitoring their situation as much as with Brnody – monitoring amounted to assisting Jwnody to call them to answer questions. Stlody returned and that’s when his vehicles sister joined too, named Evnody who was my partner with others during the 1994 meeting schedule.

So how is it that there were so, so many ways Do was giving students ways to leave while never evidencing wanting them to leave. In fact he was significantly troubled by every departure as if he felt they were his kids. I witnessed this. When I was dealing with my “fall”, or rather not dealing with it, Jnnody at one point was trying to deliver some wake up to me and said something to the affect of, “do you know what this is doing to Do?” as frankly til then I showed every promise of being an very good crewmember on Ti’s team. Jnnody and Lvvody were his “helpers” with him 24/7 for years after Ti left.

There is so much evidence that is anything but “flipping out” or whatever words have been used that so many, even x members like Michael have bought to justify their not considering who they really were.

If you are not already, you might want to subscribe to my blog at: where I continue to post things relevant to all you are writing about and in particular related to this viewpoint I’m revisiting right now. Also I started talking on internet radio again with the next broadcast on Wed the 6th at 7pm ET but where a podcast is available for free download anytime. That’s at: and the blog is at: .

The finale hasn’t occurred yet. The huge events in the heaven’s that continue and the responses of governments and corporations to the huge increase in earthquakes and volcano’s and unrest and shootings and political fanaticism and religious and spiritual and atheist hiding from the truth and reality of this time and all that has occurred and is in motion is just the beginning of this time of great trouble not seen since the beginning of the current human civilization. You are in their observance. You can contact Them whether you know it or not by asking for the “truth” on any subject projecting your requests to “our Father in the literal heavens”, since talking to Ti and Do may not be something comfortable for you, just as They gave Hayden Hewes that form of contact that he used twice and received contact from.

So that’s another mouthful but look at my recent blog post that lists most of the ways in which Do was providing a full range of choices continuously and in continuation of the same options Ti supported while she was incarnate that demonstrate that Do was following Ti’s Mind’s directions implicitly to the last moment and there is zero evidence otherwise.


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