“Boogers” – asssigned advasaries (satans) to the “fruit” (saints (students) in Ti and Do’s classroom

I was asked where the term “booger” came from.

Sawyer’s response:

Ti and Do’s word. Each classmember were actually assigned a (as far as I know just one) booger. Though they didn’t explain this, I don’t think the boogers don’t know they are assigned. They simply want to turn the eyes of anyone who gravitates to the Next Level Older member representatives that they do know are embodied in Ti and Do’s vehicles whom they largely consider to be a powerful alien group themselves, a group to which they resent being subject to, thus the war, and because if they can win one of those Souls to their camp they are that much more effective to turn others who are gravitating to the Next Level at whatever stage. But I do believe the Next Level literally regulates “gates”, perhaps as specific as to the person they want to provide that “mind” “muscle” building “influence”. Quotes are Ti and Do’s words. I do know that Ti and Do felt some of the areas the class moved to, they saw after the fact as exposing the students to a different set of influences some of which were kept away from the student body and that they at times didn’t feel to stay in an area because they didn’t want to over challenge the student body. They talked about this a tiny bit one time regarding when we were briefly in the Salt Lake City vicinity but I believe these were not “boogers” in the same sense of ones assigned students versus just being in that vicinity as discarnate influences generally stay in the areas of their interest and roots to the humans they inhabit (“time share” a humans “computer” with).

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