special broadcast tonight 9pm et blogtalk radio

Tonight broadcasting at 9-10 pm ET a pre-recorded meeting tape of Ti and Do talking to their student body of 35 students on May 9th 1985 just a month and 10 days before Ti left her vehicle. The topic was “re-establishing committals” and this show without a shadow of a doubt Ti’s leadership (for those that think Do got off track after Ti left). There is one spot that really points this out. Let me know what you would see like that. One of my lessons is also pointed out by Ti in it. Listen in at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sawyer . I put a little intron on it and I will come in live at the end for a literal few minutes of questions by calling 646-478-5618 or logging in and talking to me in the chat window.

3 Responses to “special broadcast tonight 9pm et blogtalk radio”

  1. Ken Says:

    You have this one 1982 recording with Ti on your youtube Channel: TiDo Classroom Audio Blackhawk 1982 Adam + Lucifer Prison

    And now you are playing this other tape with Ti, from1985, for us on your internet radio here.

    Are there any other recording of Ti that you have? Does anyone else have any? Is there any video of Ti? And I also wish for old video of Do from early 1980s and before.

    • Ken Says:

      Like duh.. I just noticed the list of Ti and Do recordings you put up. https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/ti-and-dos-217-classroom-meeting-log-1982-1985/ So Ti and Do had birds at one time..

    • sawyer Says:

      I am not aware of any video of Ti or Do from before the Beyond Human series that was recorded in late 1991. There are hundreds of tapes but most are very poor audio quality. Not all have been provided by two former students that have them which to me is a shame but they won’t take my advise on sharing. They are the ones who run the heavensgate.com website. The meeting tapes that are available may still be found on 4shared.com. I don’t know. I didn’t post them there. I do have about a hundred audios and will play them periodically but essentially the most important information about Ti and Do was left in the materials freely available that are able to be downloaded off heavensgate.com and from various youtube channels, like heavensgate database that I have no idea who is providing.

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