Ti and Do’s 217 classroom meeting log 1982-1985

These are available for download on 4shared.com. Last time I checked downloading one at a time is free but downloading all of them had a charge, which was the policy of 4shared. Carlan set up that option years ago and I don’t know if it’s still available. Many of the tapes had very poor audio quality – low volume. However, I will be gradually playing them on my blogtalkradio.com/sawyer radio show. This log was designed by the classmate known as Rick (rkkody) before he layed down his body in 1998 and Carlan worked with him until he left thus continued to provide the tapes. The remainder of the tapes from 1985 to 1997 with a few exceptions are not being made available by those known as Mark and Sarah who were given the task by Do to provide them and for reasons unbeknown to myself and Carlan, though have digitized them are not providing them to anyone as far as I know to date.

Building reverence. Practice of silence. Silva Mind Control-off track-change M.O.(Ti&Do).”Tree”-Keep mind at feet of chief-ask to be examined. Object-“greeting”-separation from teachers. Meditation-relaxation vs. stress 70 min.
Finding retreat-retreat crew-meditation. Keep vibrations higher-Don’t listen to voices. 20 min.
Meditation exercise given(silence)-relaxed but keen & alert-Healing cells-Conflict =Decay. Each cell has a brain of it’s own-can talk to them & direct them-to be healthy. 85 min.
Blackhawk, Colo.-found retreat-wait &see. Don’t take each other for granted. 20 min.
Guilt-Conflict-Stress =vehicle breakdown. Program for health-eliminate stress. 15min.
006, 007, 008
Book information-3 faces of Lucifer-updates. One real God-One real Kingdom of God. Lucifer’s kingdom-facsimile of Heaven. Christian confusion-many members. Paths leading to #1 deceiver. Clarification of boogers-stages of human advancement-stepping stones. Major boogers work in Astral-Lucifer uses influential humans. 2 hrs., 48 min.
009, 010
Book questions-staying on track. Metamorphosis-boxes-graduation. Your thoughts will reach them by what you put in ether. If Links sent us energy-it would cheat us of growth. We already know ways of Next level-now we need to learn the ways of more responsible positions. You have to know who you are-constantly program vehicle to remember. 90min.; 20 min.
Sat. 3 reference-Hixon article example-our thoughts go out to help bring in New Age. Try to open door to humans to accept Teachers from the Next Level. Small human minds pure & good but need to blossom. Growth is through restraint. Need to have a fear of not pleasing the Chief. Information comes as an idea-not a “message”. 80 min.
People taking responsibility. “Eye for Eye” no longer applies-whole system has to be changed. Don’t become separate. See improvement every day. 90 min.
Moods, anger, sensuality

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