Christian objections to Ti & Do as the “Second Coming” and Revelations Two Witnesses

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Here is a little list not in any order of what Christian leaders generally tell me and I will be addressing each one in detail using scripture. Those who count themselves Christians might want to open their ears and take this lightly as there are just so many opportunities to see more. You might want to hear about this if only to know what the explanations and rebuttlals are so you can mount a counter insurgency if you so desire. I don’t want anyone to believe what I am about to share, but I do want to give you the the option to refuse so the Next Level (Kingdom of Gods in the literal heavenly kingdom) will be certain of your choices:

1) The Seventy weeks of Daniel’s prophecy hasn’t occurred yet.
2) None of the Seven Angels with Trumpet events have occurred and the Two Witnesses are in the midst of the 6th Angel with Trumpet
3) They didn’t come as lightning shines from east to the west as in Matthew chapter 24 states.
4) In one instance Do suggested he was Jesus and Jesus said not to believe anyone who came “in his name”
5) Israel has to be restored first.
6) Jesus doesn’t come incarnate – It’s a spiritual realm and incarnate is a Hindu word
7) The woman in Rev 12 represents the church
8) Revelations is symbolic so can’t be figured out until he comes
9) Ti and Do were new agers believing in reincarnation and Ti was an astrologer
10) Ti and Do said they came on a UFO
11) The Two Witnesses are killed in the street and 3 days later ascend into heaven
12) Do and his followers killed themselves – a mortal sin – Thou shalt not murder.
13) Applewhite was a homosexual
14) He returned when he rose from the dead 2000 years ago.
15) The Two Witnesses are Moses and Elijah or Enoch and Moses or Enoch and Elijah
16) The Church leaders would have known about it first.

5 Responses to “Christian objections to Ti & Do as the “Second Coming” and Revelations Two Witnesses”

  1. A regular reader Says:

    Hi Sawyer,

    If DO’s passing truly was the “end of the age”, and if DO was in fact the same soul that was crucified, died, and rose from the dead 2000 years ago, and if his presence and departure from here was indeed the “second coming of Christ”, they why is it “business and usual” and “judgement day” has not arrived for each and every one of us even 16+ years on?

    It is written, as weeds are collected and burned, so it will be at the end of the age … angels will gather all evildoers to be thrown into damnation while the righteous shine as the sun to enter His kingdom … every nation shall bow to recognize Him in His glory as He separates the good to be with Him while evildoers are cast to everlasting damnation.

    Clearly this time has not yet come, and so if you will one day set aside all bias and recognize this inconsistency, will you please tell us who then you believe DO really was?

    I understand this may be difficult and not something to happen overnight, if ever, as your devotion and indoctrination is strong and deep and you are proud of this.

    I do not condemn you, DO or anyone as truths and untruths are always mixed by “lucy” making truth alone difficult to decipher.

    Even in this case it is that “little switch” inside that we must turn all alone by ourselves without any influence from any being living or dead.

    You know you have been both brainwashed and indoctrinated as are we all – every last one of us.

    Could it be that the end of the age has not quite arrived and judgement will come shortly as DO returns in all his glory to pick-up you and a few others?

    Must we continue to keep writing and re-writing the ending?

    You will admit DO was uncertain, but will not admit he was ever deceived.

    How can “Divine Perfection” ever be uncertain or deceived?

    Now I might be wrong and this is only my opinion but the second coming is much too final an event to have been handled this way.

    Please tell me what is it that I am missing here.

  2. tmmody Says:

    Regular… listen to his blogtalkradio stuff. He is beyond hope. Sawyer is tin-foil hat crazy… He is a true believer… he believes in whatever any youtube nut he sees says… his latest is he thinks NASA is reading his mail….. all the other crazy’s ignore him because he is too crazy for THEM…. coast to coast and the litany of loonies…

    But, regular… would you like to get coffee sometime?

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t recall what you said I said†about NASA reading my mail. Even so is it possible? To think it’s not is just naÔve in this world and especially if you are a proponent of the biggest news story of an otherworldly “cult figure”.

      • tmmody Says:

        You’d wondered if NASA was deleting your posts from “bpearthwatch”‘s videos.

      • sawyer Says:

        no I didn’t think NASA could have been doing that. I did wonder if Leslie might though as I was hitting pretty hard his comments on Paul of Tarsus sayings, born again thinking and being saved while talking about ti and do a great deal as the two witnesses, etc.

        often my comments are deleted and a facebook friend said they couldn’t find them so I finally went and looked and they were there.

        But I can’t imagine why nasa would care about me or my jesus or hg comments.

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