Q & A – If Ti and Do were the Father (as a Woman) and Jesus “second coming” then prove it

Questions Sawyer received to follow:

Submitted on 2013/11/30 at 2:21 pm
Hi Sawyer,
If DO’s passing truly was the “end of the age”, and if DO was in fact the same soul that was crucified, died, and rose from the dead 2000 years ago, and if his presence and departure from here was indeed the “second coming of Christ”, they why is it “business and usual” and “judgement day” has not arrived for each and every one of us even 16+ years on?

It is written, as weeds are collected and burned, so it will be at the end of the age … angels will gather all evildoers to be thrown into damnation while the righteous shine as the sun to enter His kingdom … every nation shall bow to recognize Him in His glory as He separates the good to be with Him while evildoers are cast to everlasting damnation.

Clearly this time has not yet come, and so if you will one day set aside all bias and recognize this inconsistency, will you please tell us who then you believe DO really was?
I understand this may be difficult and not something to happen overnight, if ever, as your devotion and indoctrination is strong and deep and you are proud of this.

I do not condemn you, DO or anyone as truths and untruths are always mixed by “lucy” making truth alone difficult to decipher.

Even in this case it is that “little switch” inside that we must turn all alone by ourselves without any influence from any being living or dead.

You know you have been both brainwashed and indoctrinated as are we all – every last one of us.

Could it be that the end of the age has not quite arrived and judgement will come shortly as DO returns in all his glory to pick-up you and a few others?

Must we continue to keep writing and re-writing the ending?

You will admit DO was uncertain, but will not admit he was ever deceived.

How can “Divine Perfection” ever be uncertain or deceived?

Now I might be wrong and this is only my opinion but the second coming is much too final an event to have been handled this way.

Please tell me what is it that I am missing here.

Sawyer’s Responses:

Hi, good to have your questions and comments and as with all things scriptural the response reaches into many areas that appear as complex at first, because you are right, we all have been subject to degrees of “brainwashing” but I would prefer to call it something more like “brain intoxicating” which is in large part why it took the Father incarnating (Rev 12 woman) to awaken (birth) “her” Son to his task on the Throne that “she” occupied with him as the “Two Witnesses” task that He (DO) finished incarnate alone. But yes, I am in the process of a “brainwashing” that began with my 19 year effort with Ti and Do now, “thanks to Ti and Do” though still have mind toxins to deal with so can’t assume anything except continued help as long as I ask for and try to further advance when I see/understand the help they provide with the objective of cleaning out all my human thinking.

Although not stated as a question I’ll take the opportunity to talk about the term “brainwash”:
It’s interesting that the term “brain wash” is precisely what even Jesus spoke to as what becames known to us as “baptism” being the washing away of our “sins”, the water representing that it’s through our “water born” human vehicles that we do the overcoming/washing under our Older Member (heavenly Father)’s standards via covenants (oaths) to live by Their instructions (behaviors and ways (commandments)). Thus it is a matter of “changing our mind” (repentance meaning – literally swapping out our human mind (thoughts, behavior and ways) for Next Level Older Member’s “holy” Mind (thoughts, behavior and ways) that upon completion, to the satisfaction of our Older Members makes us “clean” from exorcising/aborting our human mind as “dirt” that amounts to the discarnate “spirits” that seek to time share with us (mentally) to influence us to their desired thoughts, behaviors and agenda that by not rejecting adds up to remaining in a human mammalian “intoxicated”, but thought of as normal human condition that will never find us with the Older Member’s in Their “Heavenly” environment and Evolutionary Level Above Human condition.
Thus to be “brainwashed” according to Jesus, (and of course Ti and Do, who taught all the same teachings though current to today’s terminology and our capacity to a greater understanding of reality) would be a desired “washed” condition for those that believe in what Jesus taught. After all Jesus taught that his disciples NEEDED to drink the same “cup” he was drinking that entailed, as he said, “deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me” (literally and figuratively, depending on his being physically incarnate or not). And by doing that – initially all our previous missing of the mark (sins) are “washed away”. In other words the slate is cleaned by Jesus but that’s only a starting place that will entail actually literally “overcoming humaness” (world) which upon Doing (as instructed by the incarnate Reps) renders one “cleaned” and thereby harvestable by the Next Level (Kingdom of God/Heaven) to be “born of Spirit”/Mind (Holy Mind = The Mind of our Older Member).

But on to your questions…

What has been called the “judgment day” Jesus referred to as a “day” but was obviously not a human day but was referring to a “period of time”, an age, approx. 2000 years that can be seen in a number of ways from a varied starting place and ending place. But 16 years to the Kingdom of God/Heaven according to Jesus disciple, Peter, would be about 24 minutes in Kingdom of God/Heaven “time” where a “day” was compared to 1000 human years. Ti and Do also thought and spoke of timing with this kind of difference though in all their use of numbers and timing, relative to students and/or recounting their own time references they most always approximated. For instance Do said they spent “less than 6 weeks” in Bourne, Texas for their first awakening period”. One of the signs of a charlatan, as we’ve seen many humans line up to fulfill, thus becoming the tools of the Luciferian space aliens to turn eyes away from the fact of those upcoming events is to have them talk in absolutes and to link themselves or their predictions with past time frames like “40 days in the desert” which might actually be compared to the time period of Ti and Do’s second stage of their awakening, though the third most significant stage of that was in Gold Beach, Oregon, less than a year after leaving Bourne (where they were born to knowing they were from Outer Space, had something to do with prophecy fulfillment and to bring updates to the Bible).
Timing for the Next Level is “event” driven though to teach humans they linked events with the human time keepers the Sun and the Moon. Let’s face it, for most of the populus of the globe it’s been “business as usual” (as you said) all along and for most now it still is and will continue to be until all the prophecies are completed. Remember how Jesus said about this time, comparing it to Noah and how people were marrying and being given in marriage – hence “business as usual”. Thus exactly how long the “judgement day” is not a date/time I am aware of or see clearly depicted in the scriptural records though it’s apparant what has passed, though understandibly not apparant to most. However that is because everyone has not yet been given the full opportunity to “judge” for themselves who to give their allegience to, which will be addressed shortly.

Now here is where Christians are by in large right. For them and more or less the entire human population (the world – as rarely did the incarnate representatives from the Kingdom of God/Heaven talk about the planet as opposed to it’s human occupants), what is yet to come as of 2013 is Their “second coming” and that will be even moreso “for every eye to see” and “for every knee to bow” (both phrases in their proper context), which is in progress now and will be coming to a head in a very short time, perhaps even within this next decade as Jesus said for the elect the days will be shortened. The Elect are the remnant. These are not the firstfruits. They are gone in between these two comings, the first undercover – as Souls infiltrating the human world to find the human bodies they would then prepare to be, by their choice willful cocoons for their and those human’s metamorphosis to their third trimester Soul birth aka graduation and depicted as a harvest of the wheat.

One can certainly argue over terms and their intended meanings. After all, is not a “great” comet visible with the naked eye for an extended time that comes from the east to the west to our view and is a great light? Even though the Hale Bopp Comet with it’s photographed by Japanese Astronomical telescopes “companion” “unnatural” object was faily apparant but then again how literal is this prophecy. Does Jesus have to be literaly sitting on the cloud with his white head and white hair? Well for many Christians, that’s what they believe and will almost strike you down if you suggest they are deceived.

And of course there have been many naked eye visible comets so is every one Jesus? If it’s not a comet then is it a UFO which presents the same problems in a sense. The prophecies all said he would come with the clouds/cloudiness/cloaked which could actually apply for both phases of that overall return, the first to bring the firstfruits to harvest that needed little proof, saying they came from the literal heavens which is the sky-outer space and the second time after the proof is given for the remnant that understandibly need more proof. But the way the prophecy was laid out, that proof would be provided in stages but AFTER those who came incarnate (The Two and the 42 saints of Rev 11 – The Greek word for “Month” also means “affirmants” just like in Daniels “Seventy Weeks”, weeks is referring to a “sevening” which was repeating something seven times to affirm it as an oath, so the Seventy weeks are seventy affirmants as well. That would also mean there are 28 of those seventy yet to graduate, presumably with the second harvest as there were seventy elders of the Moses camp singled out for special tasks and Jesus sent out seventy and there were seventy student in Ti and Do’s group in Chicago in 1975 at the exact time that Ti and Do felt they were shot down by the press in the U.S. commons, the wide plat of the street of the city new Jerusalem, where the “holy land” was moved to according to Jesus).

And yet how do we square all the prophecies that said He would abide and talk with us? Will he have a megaphone or send us telepathic signals or talk through TV’s and internet. I have considered that there are indications in prophecy that he might literally project His face through every satelitte and TV and cable TV/Computer at some point. But if he (Do) was to do that, as it would have to be Do as if they used the Jesus vehicle that ascended who would recognize that fact and such as Jesus? Christians? Would he have long hair as Paul said long hair was not righteous for a male and Paul for most christians know it or not has more weight to his sayings than does Jesus – because Jesus taught non-human behaviors and ways – leaving behind family (mother, father, sister, brother and even children) and possessions when he calls while losing self and becoming a fanatic servant of he and his Father, for instance, accumulating wealth, considering one an adulterer for even LOOKING at another with lust while committed, not finding fault with others, not judging others, not profiting by charging interest, giving to anyone who asks you for something, not storing goods for the future, not measuring others by a standard we don’t want to be measured by, not showing off our piety, not making it a practice of saying our prayers out loud (to be seen by men and that reward such offers), having endless forgiveness of others offenses against us, not killing another human, not stealing, not being deceitful (no guile), even willing to lose a body part than to keep losing the battle over certain behaviors (make self a eunuch).
But if he didn’t need to talk to us face to face, why did he say the “son of man” was coming, really better translated to “human offspring” the way he always comes “from among us” Moses also said of the next return. If he wasn’t coming incarnate then why say, “you must be born again” OF WATER, a human birth, not then speaking of the “cleansing” spoken of as Baptism though that cleansing could only happen is he came to show us how by his doing it first.

I could carry on a great deal about all the proves that I have accumulated that They, Father and Son both come incarnate – Rev 12 Woman. Sure christians trying to explain everything and especially patricarchal based Pauline christians are hardly going to expect a WOMAN to weigh in as their Lord and of course Luciferians nearly have their mindset sewn up with this idea that the Father and Jesus are one and the same Being as well as their being “spirit beings” as opposed to having “flesh bodies”, though flesh of a different makeup that Paul called celestial flesh, one of the few things Paul got right as there was consistancy with that idea and the fact that a “horse” was depicted as a human by Zechariah and Isiah and with the other indicators all pointed to their physical manifestation.

After all, does “every eye” take into account blind people or is that word better translated as either/or/both a visual, inside and/or outside one’s physical head, as in dream vision, or is it an understanding and even a degree of understanding as everyone can experience something but have a great variety of interpretations. But I believe literal “sight” is important, so I believe Ti and Do will incorporate a way that even the blind will see inside their heads or be told what others are seeing and will be given the understanding the same as others, if they have sought it before then.

Plus we don’t know how many opportunities there will be and for how long those opportunities will be apparant or findable. For instance, regarding Ti and Do, because of the way Do and crew exited in what was called “suicide” it became an event that might be played and replayed over the airwaves for however long such mediums exist, constantly giving even new generations the ability to see what they might have been too young to see when the event took place. And there are new comets all the time, like never before which can spur the interest of new people all the time who will in their research tend to turn up the Heaven’s Gate Hale Bopp Comet story as it’s talked about in Wiki sites. And of course Ti and Do made international headlines all over the world, but primary in the U.S. for at least a full year of 1975-76 where not any major periodical or TV news network local or national didn’t cover them. Then there were 5 other “thunders” and the final “7th thunder” of Revelations 10 with their Heaven’s gate web site and exit that took over the media for months – March 24th to Aug. 31, 1997 when the Princess Diana death story replaced it. Certainly anyone with any open ears heard about this story.

However seeing with eyes and even hearing a story doesn’t preclude understanding WHAT we are seeing as Jesus clearly indicated in several ways that it’s always geared to “those with eyes to see” and for those with “ears to hear”, even saying that to some they are NOT given those eyes to see which Ti and Do talked about in non-biblical terms as only those who were “prepared” by the Kingdom of God/Heaven had the chance to see or better yet accurately understand what they are seeing. This is why the Kingdom of God/Heaven doesn’t hold anyone responsible for what they do exactly unless they are given the opportunity to “SEE” and choose not to receive and/or choose to go against. Then they are responsible and receive the ramifications of the eventual “lake of fire” – the recycling period that appears to be 1000 human years in the coming after all judgments have been finalized by each of our choices as it’s to this current generation that were and are to date being given the preparation. In other words, “Christians”, regardless of whether they are practicing or part of any organized “Christian” group, but who have some belief in what Jesus said, all have been prepared. However, not all were prepared to be the prime candidates for the first fruits harvest.

That first fruit harvest time is what passed with Ti and Do’s exit of their incarnate stage, so for those who were not among the first fruits, they become the ones who otherwise considered themselves “first”, (Christians) but in actuality by their own choices and capacity according to how they were prepared now have the chance to be among the “last” harvested, that the “angels” are the administers of. The “angels” Jesus was speaking to are actually particularly or entirely made up from those who were among the first fruit harvest. (Ti and Do talked about how the student body’s thoughts, behaviors and ways literally went out to humans, some of which were in their same genetic strain that provided the “programming” options to choose from for example, seeing smoking of cigarettes as a habit to break. (That doesn’t at all mean everyone who smokes cigarettes is not on track, but the fact that the trend is going away from such habits and addictions is excentuated which lays the groundwork, paves the way for humans looking to improve themselves to gravitate to quiting that and any number of other habits that would not be Next Level ways to indulge.
But when someone chooses to change, is always in each person’s hands or to not change at all and I doubt that kind of behavior would keep a Soul from being allowed to enter a Kingdom of God/Heaven safe harbor during recycling. There are some pretty good lists of behaviors that Jesus spoke to and were listed in Revelations that by maintaining will render someone ineligible to make that “saved” cut, what Do called being “put on ice”, being held for their next lesson ground after the recycling though I have no data of what “on ice” can entail. I am fairly sure these will not be issued a new suit – a new clean of human behavior, physical body, whether one equivilent to Adam’s vehicle that had the capacity to return to human mammalian behaviors or an adult Next Level physical body, that would have no facility to revert to mammalian behaviors and could therefore not fall as the Luciferians did.
Before the truth about the real nature of the Kingdom of God/Heaven was fully revealed, it wasn’t available to understand as it wasn’t time during the first fruits part of the harvest (see Rev 14 for two distinct harvests) to go into this kind of scriptural detail, as like said, the first fruit souls were prepared to be first fruit souls so had no need for this kind of detailed analysis of scripture. This is evidenced in Ti and Do’s saying things at first that they later realized wern’t either meant to happen the way they first thought, to where when they brought up these aspects that they understood would justify their students to abandon them, most of their student body said it didn’t matter – what’s next. For instance this is what occurred when Ti and Do said, that the “demonstration” of rising from the dead after being killed as they and most others understood the Rev 11 prophecies to say, was “cancelled” and that they had been “shot down by the press”.

I could be wrong and don’t know to what extent, but have reasons to believe those “first fruit” harvested are actually performing operations among us, that is from their cloaked spacecrafts (not space aliens nor primitive space alien “craft” that are being manufacturable by humans). With Do at the helm, these “angels”, actually crew members of, as Do would say, Ti’s crew are both some or all of the “4 and 20 elders” as well as those that were not elders but still graduated to receive a new body they could perform tasks with. This was indicated in Rev 6 and applies after the first fruit harvest for those that do their tasks for Do with the expected ramification of losing their physical life over because society is actually going to more and more revert to more animalistic (beastial) behavior though they will be very intellectual and spiritual as well.

Some of the tasks these crew members are doing seem to be related to the Spading which is the uprooting of those who already made up their minds and have not sought out the Kingdom of God/Heaven in some way, shape or form as the Kingdom of God/Heaven only require of us according to what we have been given. Thus if someone never heard of Ti and Do, they are not judged the same as someone who had heard about Ti and Do. And so it is also with anyone in the world that may have been doing the best they could do with what they were given. The Next Level chooses who to put the spade to and eventually all humans will but the Souls and/or spirits are what the Next Level is always in the business of harvesting though just because one is harvested doesn’t say where they will find themselves, whether “on ice” as the way Ti and Do spoke of it for those who only believed in Ti and Do, or actually those who in course of service to disseminating Ti and Do’s words to where that becomes their total focus in life, which will bring them to “giving their lives” physically as at some point as more and more come to believe in Ti and Do, it will become dangerous to continue to share their info in any public setting as the relatives of those who begin to believe will be on the lookout for those they will consider the ring leaders to try to stop them from spreading the teachings of the “dangerous cult”. I don’t expect this to begin in earnest until the bringing about of the 4th Horse of Rev 6, the Green or some say Yellow(pale)-green horse. If this arrival follows the pattern to date, this will be the next U.S. president.

So yes, the “weeds” (tares = look alike wheat) are “collected and burned” as you said, but that collection process is actually more accurately based on choices of who each gives their allegiance to. That choice is between what Jesus said were SUPREME BEINGS (THEOS=GOD(S)), (as according to Jesus it’s a many membered kingdom and even the least is greater than the greatest human and there’s a chasm of difference between kingdoms), with Their received from the Next Level, selfless (crew minded, directing all their love (heart, mind, soul, and strengths)), in behavior and ways that came from their Older Member (heavenly Father) (as just embracing the “behavior and ways” even the fallen angels often do and teach humans to do, thus the new agers) and HUMAN BEINGS (MAMMON) with their human centric behavior and ways – attachments and idolization of all things human as in “wealth”, the human body itself, sensuality, intellectualism, power, religiosity/spiritualism (and in the third trimester period of time – NOW even includes humanitarianism and environmentalism as they aren’t doing it for the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s Older Members which makes all the difference in how they are simply deciding for themselves their fate and subsequent judgement).

So by the time all the spading is over where much of it is accomplished because all that are not in true allegiance to the Kingdom of God/Heaven (as jesus said, all who say, “Lord Lord…” are not, which was not just for then) will do their own collecting*.
*gather = 4816 sullego sool-leg’-o
from sun – sun 4862 and legw – lego 3004 in its original sense; to collect:–gather (together, up).
4862 sun soon
a primary preposition denoting union; with or together (but much closer than meta – meta 3326 or 3844), i.e. by association, companionship, process, resemblance, possession, instrumentality, addition, etc.:–beside, with. In composition it has similar applications, including completeness.
3004 lego leg’-o
a primary verb; properly, to “lay” forth, i.e. (figuratively) relate (in words (usually of systematic or set discourse; whereas epw – epo 2036 and fhmi – phemi 5346 generally refer to an individual expression or speech respectively; while rew – rheo 4483 is properly to break silence merely, and lalew – laleo 2980 means an extended or random harangue)); by implication, to mean:–ask, bid, boast, call, describe, give out, name, put forth, say(-ing, on), shew, speak, tell, utter.

In other words the humans who hate the Next Level whether they talk as if they love the Kingdom of God and Jesus or not, will be allowed to take their initiative to do a great deal of the spading thus wars, police actions, mob violence, pushing of disease by big pharma and MDA and FDA and EPA in their lack of attention to the problems that to correct would cost them their jobs to the big lobbiests who rule with their dollars.

Looking into the deeper meaning of Greek “sullego” presents an interesting broadening of what was intended:

Reading from right to left, it would be, Greek “lego” as speak in words, shew, tell, (via asking to know for the recipient and even a “breaking of the silence”* that is the accomplished for the recipient in the Greek “sun”, “beside and with” – by association, companionship that can yield a union of Minds of the Older Members with the prospective student.

So this “collecting” or “gathering” speaks to the process from the perspective of the Older Member’s crew of “angels” which is the context of Jesus statement in:

Matthew 13:41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

That process is not to be a “supernatural” one. It’s through associations like now – human to human interface of words that results in who we give our oath of allegience to, the beast or the Next Level Older Members. (those that give their allegiegence to God but have had the opportunity to hear about Ti and Do are giving their allegience to anyone but the True (real) Older Members from the Evolutionary Level above Human physical Kingdom of Gods from the heavens (deep outer space where space aliens can no longer go).

Mat 13:42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The furnace seems to be part of the way the garden is recycled. I never heard or read Ti or Do talking about how this was to be done. But a number of scriptures point to heat/fire so “global warming” would be hardly human caused any more than a moth’s air displaced by flying makes any noticible or accumulative dent in the winds. But perhaps I am wrong about that and it’s adding to what the Next Level is planning and using the Sun to escalate. The point to that is that everyone whose name doesn’t end up showing allegience to the Kingdom of God/Heaven whether they see that allegience as being to Ti and Do or to whatever their idea of diety is, will potentially be “saved” from that end to body and spirit/soul.

And yes, leaving:

Mat 13:43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Finally you said, “You will admit DO was uncertain, but will not admit he was ever deceived. How can “Divine Perfection” ever be uncertain or deceived?”

Another of the many Luciferian brainwashing techniques that says the Perfection is having an absolute infallible plan and execution, while Jesus himself was the first to say, he was always reaching for the perfection of his Fathers standards. Why would Jesus be in the garden asking his Father to not have to go into jerusalem to lay his body down to it’s being executed, IF he knew that was his task as he said he did. Was that him faultering? Was that evidence of indecision and weakness? Why did jesus recite that psalm what spoke of being “forsaken” – left, lacking feeling his Father’s presense. If his Father was in him, how could his Father be absent? Or was he weak again?

And if Jesus was infallible and all knowing in the way you are implying and that of course many do, then how come with some he said the healing would require “prayer AND fasting” to heal them?

And what you are referring to the examples of where Do and for that matter Ti were uncertain were very insignificant compared to the many HUGE things there were very certain about. It’s a human brain intoxification program that believes there are any beings that are not aware of things they looking back would have wanted to do differently. One can see how this programming permiates society to where once convicted of a crime that person is most often always reminded of that to where they can not get certain jobs. Ti and Do felt that if someone did something they later regretted and grew to change from doing, they would make a far better leader from their experience than someone who never had that experience.

Even Jesus indicated that Moses changed what he felt Jehovah’s law was regarding adultery by allowing his people to get divorsed if there was an instance of breaking certain sexual laws (fornication) because of the students “hardness of heart”. That indicates Moses changed his mind about what the criteria of adultery entailed and Jesus seemed to believe in Moses as from the Kingdom of God/Heaven so was supporting Moses decision though it wasn’t the original intention of Their “Father”, Jehovah, Elohim.

Note how this is worded to be asking THREE questions:

1) When will there shall not be left one stone upon another?
2) What shall be the SIGN of thy coming?
3) end of the world, though one might think the same Sign would be of Their coming and the end of the world and/or that they were the same event the scriptures that follow indicate different events:

Mat 24:2 And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.
Mat 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

look at this contextual order below. However, it’s understood that there are some differences in the order based on Mark and Lukes similar accounts so the order may not be perfect here. But there are some keys here.

For instance the gathering of the elect happens after the “SIGN of the Son of Man in Heaven” that has relationship with “tribes of the earth mourning” and then they see the SON of Man coming in the clouds with POWER

Mat 24:27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Mat 24:28 For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.
Mat 24:29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
Mat 24:30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
Mat 24:31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

Thus it’s the Son of Man, the “human offspring”‘s SIGN and it’s in or depicted as FROM the sky and/or among the stars that this SIGN is understood to be arriving, perfectly legitimate translation options I will post some day soon but you can get strongs and go through EVERY word to consider all the different ways of looking at these verses, keeping in mind that Jesus rarely spoke symbollically unless he was telling a story (parable). Of course translators hate to think he was mostly literal for inhuman reasons I mentioned before like having to “hate” one’s family, which is because many of the family will try to pull one back into their world, thus having become their enemy as Jesus said some would and thus they would be acting in Luciferian’s stead to do, thus are to be hated – not personally, because Jesus also said, to “forgive them father for they know not what they do” while they were murdering and torturing him, so would he treat the enemy family members with less forgiveness. So what one hates is their behavior that they know not what they are doing as if they really knew they were gravitating to the Kingdom of God through an incarnate Older Member they would not try to pull that child or spouse or parent or sibling or friend away from. They might not feel it’s for them and they might miss them terribly and might not understand their choice but then their actions would not be that of an enemy and so they would not have their actions hated.

However after this SIGN there is the mourning. What is causing the mourning? Well, it’s from greek “kopto” to “chop” specially “to beat the breast in grief”, a cut down, bewailing, all characteristics of how people felt when they would see a loved one die.
Could this SIGN be the comet hale bopp AND the Heaven’s Gate Website in both the literal Heaven’s and in the internet “world wide web” that all tribes or all nations could see in both cases.

and then followed by the gathering of the elect, those who elect themselves to NOT be marked by the beast. The mark by the way is not so much a chip under the skin or a tatoo but an declaratoin of allegience in one’s mind and on one’s hand, because of their service to the meaning of worship, to serve so if we serve beastial humans as the organizations they form as in governments, etc. we are basically serving Mammon as our master as Jesus said was the other choice from serving the Kingdom of God/Heaven through one’s Heavenly Father last incarnation – the one with the new name who also tells us his Father’s name. They don’t name spirits. Names are for beings that will have some physical representation to us be it jehovah who showed himself physical in a number of ways direct and indirect.
Certainly there is a great deal of mourning that took place among the families who lost loved ones. The entire nation was stunned like never before as it was even harder to understand as it appeared to be totally voluntary by all their exit video’s and with no evidence of cohersion or murder except by wild accusations from people who couldn’t think of it any other way. It was really so unlike Jones people’s temple and the solar temple but that was hard to see until years later when the full stories had come out. IN both those there was a ton of obvious cohersion and murder and threats and hiding of behaviours and shady motivations.

But the next level doesn’t mind and even knows how they will be presented and it goes to providing even the negative option of what to believe so each human can choose exactly what they want to be and believe in. That’s the judgement process and the Next Level provides plenty of time and opportunity.

Now in the above verses I gave a possible viable interpretation but in truth I have a great deal of support of that perspective throughout the book or revelations and actually in many places in the gospels and old testament galore that provide context.

I believe the “great sound of a trumpet” was the start of the procession of comets and astroid and fireballs that started in earnest in Feb 2013 16 years after their exit. I beleive that was the 7th trumpet sounding.

Comet Ison I suspect is the 1st angel to pour out his “vial”. A vial represents the delivery mechanism of medicine. The plagues are medicine in that they stimulate humans to pay attention to things they otherwise would never do (unless they had some living seed from the Next Level, genetically and/or from being deposited with a soul body).

Some of the characteristics of the medicine will be apparant in each of the seven angels with trumpet event depictions, though those trumpets largely announced certain events to happen in preparation for the arrival of the Two Witnesses, but have direct correllatoins with the seven angels with vials. So as a result of these “plagues” that stimualte change and recognition of God as the source of everything and the “end judgement time” of great trouble not seen since the beginning of the current civilization (world) some humans will seek God’s help and they will be steered to come upon people talking about Ti and Do. That’s the gathering being done by the crew. And many will attempt to get to the U.S. or English speaking countries where they will have more opportunity to hear about Ti and Do.
Again they will SEE the son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory…

In revelations it talks of the people hiding from his FACE. This is why I am fairly sure Do’s “FACE” the one that was the offspring human is yet to return but not on earth but apparant somehow in the heavens and when that happens My physical life will be in it’s greatest jeopardy as much of the populations will consider them the evil space aliens and thus anyone working for them, their spy’s or recruiters or whatever. But those that know of Ti and Do and their teachings stand a chance at that time to let Ti and Do know of their belief in them, but simply calling on their names.

Many will go to their underground shelters at that time to hide from his “face”. No other face could bring this much fear among those that recognize it from all the news. And for those that don’t recognize it, they could seek it out. I wonder if what could happen was depicted long ago in the movie, “the day the earth stood still”. The next level uses hollywood to help prepare people for the truth so this may have been one of those and maybe not. But I do know there won’t be any defenese against the Next Level’s armada and Do suggested might be upon us earthlings.


4 Responses to “Q & A – If Ti and Do were the Father (as a Woman) and Jesus “second coming” then prove it”

  1. A regular reader Says:

    Hi Sawyer,

    I might be wrong, but feel a check partner is needed to edit your essays and keep you on track.

    It seems public communication of Do’s message should be done right and to perfection, if it is to be done at all.

    This seems especially important since it is not your message, but seemingly a message from a higher source.

    Was it not mentioned somewhere that messages were not released to the public until each word was checked by the crew and perfected?

    I may be missing something, but your sentences seem far too long and your points are difficult to follow.

    Messages seem to run on with too many words attempting to make four or five points in one sentence.

    It is no wonder some readers feel you are brainwashed or may be using drugs.

    I would think you would want to be both clear and concise when you communicate to the public.

    You had mentioned brain intoxication, and I agree most all are intoxicated in some form.

    Many are intoxicated with technology, entertainment, sex, spouses and off-spring.

    Others are intoxicated with faith, intellect, creativity, personal or corporate power.

    In the end, each finds ways to justify their worldly intoxication.

    We must clean out false and institutionalize group think if we hope to find the source of all truth.

    I look for simple, straight forward, clear and well thought out answers to questions.

    It seems you made valid points where time is relative, having little meaning, and that advanced beings rarely mingle with inferiors without clear intent.

    It seems true as well that most if not all so-called Christians practice a dead faith.

    I further agree that Jesus incarnate suffered with uncertainty as would any incarnate being.

    With regard to the point that Father and Son have both come again incarnate, a numbered list of irrefutable proofs would be helpful.

    I may be mistaken, but any such list of proofs should fit nicely on a single page of paper.

    May I suggest finding one or more check partners, always asking, “Is this what my Father would have me write?”

    Put detailed bible references aside and write in a plain, matter of fact English any seventh grader would understand.

    Those needing to hear your message are innocent, often less educated, the common people who labor or are searching for answers.

    Forget arguing points with the indoctrinated and those engaged or captivated with mainstream thought.

    Your words must instill in readers that gut feeling that what you write is the absolute truth.

    Truth is always simple, so that simple people can readily understand.

    It does not need to be complicated with long-winded, self-reassuring sentences.

    The more complicated you make truth, the more likely your truth is tainted with falsehood and mis-information.

    Furthermore, among all your wordiness, it appears you are building a doctrine of faith, just as Te and Do warned would be done after they left.

    If their passing was indeed the “end of the age”, then a complete and total “spading under” should now be underway 16.5 years hence.

    What do you feel are present day signs of this complete and total spading under?

    In your reply, I do not feel you should re-hash without reference information Do has already put forth himself.

    The questions I ask relate to your view of our present day reality after his departure, and not to the past.

    I do trust you realize your inability to communicate effectively does disservice to his spoken word.

    Might you reply assuming readers to have at least heard the gospel but have not read much of the bible?

    The Christ in all His compassion still has many believers today who reject societal norms and are not aligned with any church or rigid dogma.

    • sawyer Says:

      you are amazing and I have to wonder about the sincerity. You can’t say anything about that extensive research I did to answer your questions except my sentences were too long and Do didn’t say those things. So now you are my teacher I guess. This is typical when someone has no other recourse – shoot the messenger. I can’t take any time for you at this point. Cast the twig out of someone elses eye.

  2. A regular reader Says:

    I am indeed sincere, yet it appears I offended you. You have become defensive and closed the door to communication when offered constructive criticism. Your extensive research lost me, I did not negate any of it, yet agreed with several points. My message was for you to work with a check partner to simplify your messages so they may be understood by simple people as myself. You know I will never be your teacher so don’t say such things. On the other hand, working together as check partners under a higher source does produce great benefits. Ask Do about my remarks and listen as I have had contact with him as well. As for taking time, I read how you are busy with more important matters, so forget about me if you will. Best wishes my dear friend.

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