comet ISON is still in tack and heading for an near Earth rendevous but NASA is quiet on it

Have you looked as bpearthwatch youtube video’s. I don’t exactly believe in much of this guy’s beliefs but he reserves them in most of these videos that use the SOHO camera systems:

The video from SOHO or however we get those images, perhaps compounded, clearly show that Comet ISON is still “alive” in some shape or form so why is NASA treating it like it’s dead. Another video shows it coming away from it’s sun encounter.


12 Responses to “comet ISON is still in tack and heading for an near Earth rendevous but NASA is quiet on it”

  1. tmmody Says:

    so why is NASA treating it like it’s dead?

    a) international conspiracy of other dimensional beings

    b) a giant phlorescent leech is inseminating our scientists with Alpha-G — a potent neurotoxin inhibiting rational thought

    c) God told NASA to wait until after the holiday season because 2013 will be a big year in Spock related mousepads

    d). As always: CUNNILINGUS!!!!!


    e) Because it is dead.

    What would Mr. Occam think?

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m going to have to be blunt. You kidding around is cute and all, but why don’t you put aside your bias, that is IF you want to know more and go to youtube and watch all ISON related videos from channel: bpearthwatch:

      I’ll post to my blog a bunch of the primary addresses.

      • tmmody Says:

        I’m not biased — I’m just not going to believe something without evidence. There is no shred of evidence for any of this crap.

        NASA would not/could not cover any of this stuff even if they wanted to… there are millions of astronomers around the planet. If any of this was true, we’d have millions of astronomers running over each other to be the first to prove NASA wrong… but there is only a handful of lunatics (true believers all) that believe any of this crap and they are universally laughingstocks of credentialed scientists.

        It can’t be a conspiracy. If there was even a shred of truth to any of this, it would be espoused by the best and brightest minds of our planet… instead, it is only the lunatic fringe that believes in any of it.

        Trust me: millions of grad students would love the instant celebrity they would have if they proved that even the slightest crescent of truth existed in this stuff… but NOT a single paper has even explored this stuff. Because there is nothing to it.

        Demanding concrete evidence isn’t bias. But I would say that you have the opposite problem: you’ll believe ANYTHING if it even tangentially supports your (or do and ti’s) thesis. Faith doesn’t make you unbiased either bbtw.

  2. crlody Says:


    Why are you spending so much energy trying to convince someone else that they are “gullible” and “irrational”? If you think SWY is so gullible and irrational then how could any of your supposed non-gullibility and rationality make any ingress with him? Do you have nothing better to do other than to waste your time mocking him and trying to feel superior to him because he is so “gullible” and you are apparently so much better at ferreting out what is and is not worthy of believing in? Methinks you doth protect too much and your little ego-driven games that you’re playing are glaringly transparent. You may not be nearly as “rational” and “objective’ as you like to think that you are. Why would you call yourself TMMODY when all you want to do is make a mockery of Ti and Do and the Class? Maybe you need to be more concerned with yourself rather than condescendingly telling others how fallacious their thinking is to your limited preception.

    • TIM-JODY (Is Jody an odie name... hmm) Says:

      What the? Dude, that was from 12/11… back then, Sawyer thought ISON was an armada of alien starships and was trying to use science to prove it.

      I was not mocking anyone… It was an honest dialog. I’m not trying to convince anyone either. I thought it was an honest dialog. The whole conversation ended with the fact that SWY has faith in his beliefs (period) and it is beyond anything science could ever touch — either in a way to PROVE or DISPROVE his religion. Science has no oar in that water here because it is 100% faith based and 0% fact based.

      He can’t appeal to me using rationality — because again, his beliefs are beyond science — and completely 100% based on faith — which by definition requires nothing but belief.

      So, that’s really the end of it… religious people don’t like science — but at the same time, they’ll grasp at anything science may say that would PROVE their faith… which is a double standard, right? The HG stuff is 100% faith based… 0% science based– so….

      That conversation is over and dead.

      I only contacted SWYODY recently because I learned about Walton Gayson… but as SWYODY pointed out — it looks like that story was all bullshit. And SWYODY was pretty blunt in telling me that it was all bullshit. Which is fine because I was always blunt with him.

      I may be unique among non-ODY’s in that I have an honest and sincere curiosity about the group… I’ve listened to all the available tapes with Ti in them…. and I’m about halfway through the Inverness parts… so, I’m close to being done with ALL the available stuff.

      I’m thankful that brother SWYODY engaged in the dialog… I call him brother because I feel a kinship towards him.

      CRLODY, you never said if you were aware of Gayson… I presume no because as SWYODY pointed out… the story appears bogus.

      • sawyer Says:

        you sound so sincere sometimes yet you mock me/us by insisting on using ody related names when I have asked you not to. It’s not religious at all. If you had some consideration of others (me/us who are believers in Ti and Do) you would SEE how everything related to them and their information has been the most tortured story in existence – what I mean is wrought with lies and manipulative assumptive thinking and plain old fear, condemnation because a group of adults did the unthinkable – decided when and how they wanted to die, that included why and for whom (Ti and Do) that happens to be consistent with the records of why the students of Jesus decided to tell the truth KNOWING they would be killed for doing so if they kept it up.

        You know I don’t fault you for not believing in all this and I don’t care that much about the personal attack over the last months of our communications, all the petty jabs and side swipes, etc and accusations that did get to me when you topped it off calling me a murderer and vulture and then mocking me further because I got upset by saying that “vulture was harsh” or something to that affect, as I don’t care to find your exact words. And so you came back and said, you were joking or playing or whatever it was to you. I admit a part of me sees someone struggling desperately with the sense that all the answers in this world don’t seem to be adding up, so without admitting it to oneself, lets look at one the strangest ones in existence while other more dominant voices can allow it only if it’s accompanied with periodic mockery. Don’t get me wrong. I do not HOPE this is the case as I don’t need anyone else to believe in Ti and Do to carry on, even though I’m pretty sure there’s a new believer awakening everyday whether I ever hear about them or not. By the way, as best I can tell, a new believer is a continuous experience and guarantees nothing but an avenue to seeing more evidence (to them) to further substantiate yet stronger belief.

        I don’t find that you read or comprehend very well and that’s not your fault necessarily, at least when it comes to the audio tapes of Ti and Do and/or the things Do and students have written or to reports like the gayson report and to what I write and say, because when I see you respond or report to me something you heard, I constantly correct you and yet you go on to act as if your good at understanding all this stuff as if it’s easy to understand, after all, as some would say/think; “if someone believes in something that doesn’t seem provable by some scientific method then it must be incomprehensible that makes that believer a fool or sheeple to believe in it”, and they they put them in the category of religious or spiritual. But if you really were a science enthusiast you would have to be aware of how much is not known and how much there is no scientific method to describe and how much even if there is some math or some method behind explaining, is often debated and juxtaposed by contrary theories and how there are some ideas that anomolies throw a complete monkey wrench into and so label any fellow scientist a quack to consider. One high school physics teacher I briefly battle with told me that Bruce Lipton, phd. was just this time of quack in his book, “the biology of belief” rather than think he might just be onto something. So I am willing to tough it out with you, but don’t even want to know if you ever come around because your influences would have it sound like I will then cheer to others how I converted you. Of course that’s what most religious do right. But we who believe in Ti and Do are NOT religious and ARE very interested in Science something I’ve said to you yet you still act like it’s not possible except to use to prove myself right but that’s not true. I don’t need evidence to believe what I believe. when I step outside and look at the sun and mountains and all I know without a shadow of a doubt that none of it came to be without conscious direction. I sensed that before meeting Ti and Do but now I know it and can speak to how that can even be quite logically to “believe” as logical as any math formula I’d bet but I’m not a math guy so can’t prove it that way. I will work on a formula though.

        So here are the rules to my blog:
        1) No ody names unless you can prove to me you got it from Ti and Do and you continue to believe in Ti and Do
        2) No put downs, gossip, back biting, deceit and/or manipulation or sarcasm or familiarity or talk about sexuality (CLASSROOM STANDARDS)
        3) Three strikes and you are out

        You already have been informed of my distaste for these behaviors many times so one more and you are out
        Simple rules. If you respect them I will respect you and welcome to have your thought out specific criticisms – what you don’t agree with AND why.
        I welcome your participation.

      • LARRY THE DWARF Says:

        Really, the whole thing is sort of over… I only came back to ask about Gayson — which turned out to be a complete and utter hoax. I didn’t even take the time to vet it because whether it was true or not, I just wanted to know if you knew anything about him (if true) or the story (if false).

        Before that I had respectfully left the conversation once you admitted that believing in do and ti was a matter of “faith” that required no proof.

        Game over.

        I had a great time listening to the tapes for the reasons I mentioned… I liked Herf and Bonnie. I didn’t hear one thing that made me think either of them were bad people… they were good people… but I also didn’t hear anything that was profound in any way. I was more surprised to hear that most of the talks were about mundane things and how silly us “plants” are.

        I hope you learned something from me — about science … that ISON wasn’t an armada of spaceships maybe? You may still be convinced that it was an armada of spaceships, though…

      • sawyer Says:

        nice to see your new identity – i like dwarfs more than giants. The gayson story in my mind is not over. Someone has sought to set “us” up claiming the phoenix lights web site was the product of heaven’s gate believers that included gayson that justified the disappearance of those four men – all direct lies. Then the articles were so wrought with contradictions and misleading inuendo and at best slightly related to events having to do with the heaven’s gate group and marshall applewhite that if I was a lawyer perhaps I would have a case of slander and “religious” persecution WITHOUT evidence. I will be posting a thorough evaluation just to set the record as straight as I can with all the points. I suspect those who perpetrated this are having a good belly laugh (that is if they have followed my comments on that web site and/or the news articles, and/or this blog), knowing how easily they can manufacture whatever they want with no responsibility to the truth. It’s actually more likely that no one gives a hoot about this at all but I’ve been “played” before and will be “played” again and again….so be it – part of the job to deal with.

        Sorry, but nothing you said about what ISON was not showed me anything. I still feel it is an Armada but I could be wrong, but I also think “comets” are designed as is our entire planet and gnome, etc. so it’s not such a stretch is it.

      • LARRY THE DWARF Says:

        They amassed the single largest cometary dataset IN HISTORY on ISON.

        The data that NASA and hundreds of other organizations have acquired about ISON will be studied intensely for AT LEAST the next ten years. Millions saw it. Thousands of research papers by highly credentialed scientists and graduate students from all over the world are being written AS I TYPE.

        Your beliefs are purely in the realm of faith. You just believe. Despite mountains of contrary evidence. You lurk… looking for the tiniest speck of data that proves your faith. And there is nothing. Never has been. Never will be. And none is required, brother… faith isn’t in the realm of science. You even question science itself as a big conspiracy.

        You’ll find loonies of every stripe on the internet — from people who believe Obama is a cloaked reptilian shape-shifter or a robot, to those that believe ISON was the second coming of CHRIST. You of all people should stay away from those folks… Subscribe to Sky and Telescope instead.

      • sawyer Says:

        I’m not starting a new round with you on this but “faith” is “evidence of things unseen” by one definition Do had me read from the new testament during the beyond human series. And I relate to that in many ways and you probably do as well as we all “believe” in things we can’t see, even before they were analysed by scientific instrumentation. For instance – Wind as a physical power – was obviously more than air though what was “air” anyway. We had no idea for long long time that thoughts could be transmitted invisibly around the globe and yet they can. I simply don’t trust anyone, not the big wigs in washington, the think tanks, the 9/11 and jfk and king assassination stories nor the osama bin laden fiasco and these are NOT without consideration that they are as they say and these views are not with out a look at the evidence but for some reason little discrepancies in stories stand out big time for me so I begin to question and dig more and learn more that makes it fishyier and fishyier. So now I have little “faith” in all those smart people who act like they know so much about everything when I can see big holes in all their theories though I can’t talk their cult like language or don’t want to study it to talk it as it sounds like nonsense, while at the same time I want to learn that I am wrong believe it or not. With ISON as with Pan Starrs as with Hale Bopp, all three had companion looking objects photographed by NASA and in hale bopp’s companion case the Japanese Astronomincal society of some sort that showed the companion object that by their own forms of proof was NOT an anomoly in the film nad NOT a star. Did you study those photographs? And if you did, didn’t you have “faith” in someone else’s opinion because they had credentials you respected? And why do those pictures not make it to mainstream media. Same with Pan Starrs. How is it that I just happened to be on the net when some NASA guy posted the pan starrs and talked about wondering what that object flying ahead of it’s coma was and then it’s gone not to be found again, except I copied it. And sure, someone probably said, “oh it’s a magaputo gragagaring concept caused by the hyperaccelleratgion of the magnosophereic pinkatoid balony moinster – and all the NASA intelligencia say, Yup…the scienctists said it. I can’t believe I’m still explaining myself. I’m such a sap. I really am a fool. You don’t believe in anything I believe so why are we even having conversation? Have you been put up to keeping tabs on me and/or taking my time or getting under my skin as you have done all of these things. If not then what’s in it for you – trying to covert me as you said? Don’t answer please. I really am tired so lets just leave it at we dissaggree. I’m fine with that. I know you were commenting to carlan, so I’ll let you two duke it out but I know carlan and he won’t waste much time on this.


    Thanks, Sawyer…. Thanks for your honesty and sincerity in your responses to me over the last 4 months. It was very enjoyable to me.

    I’m done with all of the tapes that CRLODY put up on 4shared. Done! Done! Done! sad in a way.

    After listening to them and reviewing all of our conversations — my mind hasn’t changed one bit: The Heaven’s Gate people were happy… they were sincere… and devoted… and all of the 39 died for their beliefs and died smiling, too.

    I feel like I know Do and Ti a little. I know that DSTODY was a butcher… I know that JMMODY had problems staying awake sometimes… OLLODY’s sense of humor… LVVODY’s sincerity… SRRODY’s enthusiasm… BRNODY’s obstacles with her vehicle… SMMODY’s dedication (the group was all she had! she didn’t have a net to fall if it didn’t work out)… got the impression that TLLODY had problems with his emotions… but he was the one Do chose to ring the bell … And LGNODY who seemed to always understand quickly what The Two were talking about…

    And I learned a lot about SWYODY as well: a good man facing the world in his own way. Proud and intelligent. A father. A son. And an all around decent fellow.

    I bid you peace for the last time. I will remember our conversations for the rest of my life.

    Sincerely Tim

    • sawyer Says:

      Thank you for that comment. You are rare in a sea of hatred I mostly encounter and of course some of our communications were trying but I’ll take them any day over most of the Christians I deal with who won’t lift a finger to see what Ti and Do taught/did and are nearly ready to lynch me while they say they love me and will pray for me. I don’t think Tllody had problems with his emotions. He was 6 foot 5 inches tall and most of the time was so in his head he didn’t know that everyone else could see his battling of thoughts because he would mumble to himself or we’d just see his mouth moving with an angry vibe but if you said something to him about it, he was never defensive but would immediately snap out of it and thank you for helping him recognize it, as we were also trying to work on our countenance. We weren’t to have a false countenance, like a broad smile all the time but nor should anyone see what we were dealing with on our face. If so we weren’t dealing with it adequately. Of course there was always room for improvement in all ways. Lggody was also 6 foot five inches tall and for whatever reason I think of him as the student named Aaron, Moses’s vehicles brother and moreorless second in command in the encampment. But that’s just my sillyness. I could be wrong but don’t think this will be our last meeting. As I said all along, I grew fond of you and your many questions and references to the tapes. I’m also glad you changed that name and for your sake it’s bound to be a negative in the future for anyone to be linked to an “ody” name. That’s apparant in those Gayson articles. That’s got to be the most concerted effort I’ve seen to stimulate a lynchmob mentality against the Heaven’s gate cult and any current believers. I’m still documenting all the propoganda in the half dozen articles. So until we meet again…happy travels in mind and body.

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