ISON as potential fulfillment of many prophesies of different cultures and destoying illusionary thinking

I am posting a message I received today and I am following it with my response in what I believe is “plain talk” rather than all the encryption in terms that seem to have associations but like with Christianity that uses the name “Jesus” and Lord, etc. they are often being used mindlessly or in ways that show nothing to do with anything the historic Jesus was recorded to have said and did that is directly in context of everything Moses represented and most of the Old Testament Prophets, some of which labeled such is highly questionable as the Luciferian space aliens have been hard at work since the start of the civilization.
Thus here is the post and some of this I had been generally aware of and some of the correllations are interesting but like I said, the Luciferian space alien fallen angels have capturing names and terms for a long time which is why the Next Level sends Older Members into new incarnations to set the record straight which is part of the task I am attempting to follow through with that was begun by Ti and Do’s seven thunders I spoke about in my last blogtalkradio broadcast.

Post follows:

ISON is destroyed, NASA has said.
from the ashes.!
By the sun!
However, ISON was found alive.
Red color is changing as well!
reborn from the ashes.!
Like a phoenix!
In Egyptian mythology “Bennu” is called a new role in charge of the Phoenix. In Egyptian mythology “Bennu” is called a new role in charge of the Phoenix.
And the sun god “Ra” the soul.!
[Egypt “La” and the Babylonian “LORD MARDUK” the same person!]
[The sun god “Ra” is equated with death and birth to the sun and repeat.]
Name means “shine brightly:” means.
[Lion of the book]
on the part of the Bennu is also mentioned.
Have the property of the Phoenix.
1. reborn from the ashes.
2. repeats of life and death, that the eternal life.
In other words, Bennu is clear that the
original Phoenix.!
Murals of Egypt, the sun god “La” and equate that,
With wings symbol! ,and
, “ISON” image
The Warning …2013/12/12
The flames of fire will seem as if a volcano has erupted in the skies and many will be fearful.
The rays of red fire are the Rays of My Blood, the Rays of My Mercy, given to all of you as a gift of such magnitude that no man will be able to comprehend what is happening.
Many will feel a fire burning through their bodies as if the heat of the sun is overpowering them.
Inside they will feel a burning heat, until the sense of realisation enables them to witness the spectacle of their souls.
Many will feel the earth shake as if there is an earthquake.
The ground will shake, groan and many will fall down clutching whatever they can for shelter.
For this is not a physical earthquake but a supernatural one.
Before this happens the weather patterns will erupt.
My Cross will appear after the explosion in the skies.
Korea Ancient Prophecy !Jeonggamrok
It looks like the bow of unattended.
This is the miracle of the heavenly objects, which
The materials and the rain is pouring out that same feeling,
Causing heat in the heart,!
The soul become brighter.
( looks like a bow, “ISON” !,
red sky is full of cross appears,)
The purification of the soul of humanity is strong.
Get to know the state of his soul is … for Warning!
Reduce the impact.
It’s Prayer Crusade!
The 144,000 people call the Book of Revelation is a new song.=It’s Prayer Crusade!)
Hopi prophecy,
Blue Star, Red Star = ISON
Hopi prophecy,
KACHINA blue stars dancing in the sky,
The day will come to take off the mask.
They the fire will burn within us.
Soon, a new purification, red KACHINA comes by,
That will be the day of purification.
He baptized the Holy Spirit and with fire to straighten.
Book of Revelation 7:3
And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God
Now that you have learned
Name of the living God
The name of the living God
40 of the Sumerian gods
He ENKI [EA, West Semitic Eyah]
God, the Creator of Mankind
His firstborn
Lord Marduk in Egypt “LA”
Cross Star ISON is “Ra”
The Son of Man “Jesus Christ” is the
Son of God “Marduk” in …
Immortal phoenix,,,
He will return ISON of Jesus Christ
He is the fire to purify the human race
Holy spirit give to Humanity that divinity spirit for gods body
For baptizing to Mankind
Return to Earth
This is the true gospel.
Messiah in God and JESUS come to earth
God blessing you!
Come back Marduk Christ ISON! video rink
from South korea Anna(Ningishida,Todd,Elijah,John) and Johakim(Adapa,Enoch)

Sawyers response:

I don’t necessarily agree nor disagree with your research and the realities some of it seems to represent, but it’s no longer effective to relate to past records that don’t clearly delineate the meanings of symbols and terms. For instance “baptism” is meaningless anymore but actually relates directly to “cleansing”, of the body (water) and of the MInd/Spirit (Fire). In the process of cleansing the body no longer is allowed by the Mind to give into otherwise normal human behavior and ways. In the process of cleansing by fire one does no longer both allow the body it’s “flame of passions”, but must estinguish them, thus in plain terms no sexuality in body or mind but at this time is worthless unless we are also estinguishing the flame of passion in the form of “elevation of self” in all it’s forms, by the accumulation of wealth, power, fame whether in a secular or religio-spiritual fashion. In other words, one must lose their sense of self importance whether it’s in a “humble” framework, actually a false humility as it’s accompanied by “the Appearance of holiness” by garb and titles; pope, avatar, Christ, maitreya, priest, etc. or in a secular framework all the same.

I agree that ISON is part of the purging but no amount of prayer to anyone will amount to any reduction of what it is stimulating and regardless of how the same individuals from the Kingdom of God/Heaven served in a number of incarnations throughout a number of civilizations and/or cultures at various times on Earth or elsewhere is mostly moot today and is actually a mindset that clinging to will result in “death of one’s soul” because they won’t then instead seek the truth and behavior and ways and how they can be in service to, of the most current representatives who were most recently incarnate that are the hardest to acknowledge as who they are and will be met by the most rejection and even hatred against all who to gravitate to Their service at this time, which will mean those who do provide direct service of sharing with others the information They brought while incarnate will be their “trial by fire” and they will lose their human lives because of.

And Their incarnate names were Ti and Do. It’s that simple now and the time is short for responding to them. I suspect there are some years to the time of the final option to offer service to Ti and Do or be recycled, though for those that never hear about Ti and Do, the Next Level will evaluate each relative to what they do know and determine which souls to put on ice in preparation for the next garden civilization on Earth.


17 Responses to “ISON as potential fulfillment of many prophesies of different cultures and destoying illusionary thinking”

  1. dead-ody Says:

    Nice! He gives a date: 12/12/2013…. Flames of fire in the sky!

    When the day comes and goes without any unusual flames of fire in the sky … Like a volcano he sez… Which would be quite a show…more than if Jupiter EXPLODED for example…

    So, when it doesnt happen, would you even consider that all this space alien stuff might not be true? It won’t happen BTW.

    If it does happen, I will cut my nuts off eat them raw. The only thing you appear to be overcoming is rational thinking.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t care about peoples prophecies or beliefs, so I might have missed his 12/12 date. All I recall was his saying according to the trajectory of ISON so far, it will go over the earth by about January 5th and the debris trail shortly thereafter but perhaps I missed things as I went through them fairly quickly but I didn’t share all those video’s except as I saw things in them that added certain confirmations to other things I was observing in the recordbooks and related to things Ti and Do said in relationship with my experiences. Naturally, if you’ve never had certain experiences they will seem ridiculous. It can be that way with any subject when someone thinks they know something about something they haven’t experienced. I don’t mean to put you down in this regard but it is a sign of “youth” to knock what you don’t know about even though you think or sound like you think or want others to think you know. You might want to listen to my last blogtalk broadcast, not that it will mean anything to you now but when there are continued events with ISON and many other events, you might take notice and then again you might not. It’s always a choice and a difficult choice often. You say you have asked Ti and Do, but for what and with what frame of mind. Understandibly it’s perhaps silly of me to suggest asking them anything if one isn’t desperate to want to know something which would entail WANTING TO CHANGE THEIR MIND – the true meaning of the religious distortion of “repent”. How can one WANT TO CHANGE THEIR MIND, THEIR THINKING ABOUT SOMETHING if they don’t see the benefit of it? To change one’s mind requires a certain amount of willingness to believe and swallow one’s sense of self that we all tend to rely upon and have some security in maintaining with ourselves and with others in our circles. You have shown an extraordinary desire to see more, though if it was in order to find aspects to use to shoot down mine or others beliefs/experiences then no wonder you didn’t find any response and of course you could see what I’m saying as an excuse for not getting response from what you believe are non-existent Ti and Do, etc. and I’m fine with that. If I needed you and others to believe in anything I believe in, I would have had to escape in one form or another. Even the few that have told me they believe in Ti and Do, I hardly hear from and some have since re-decided what they believe and not about them. All the theories about a person like me, hardly hold any water and I am frequently, usually every day called down, ridiculed, etc. and I do not enjoy that and am often tempted to strike back and I have at times which I don’t consider a mistake though often makes things worse for me and I could give personal examples galore. So I suggest giving up on all this and leaving me alone for a while at least. It’s funny that of all those videos from bpearthwatch, if you looked at them, the only thing you come away with is that tiny prediction I seem to have missed. It’s true isn’t it – we see what we want to see, whether for you or for me. Well I want to see all that can be seen so sure at times I will mis-see or think I see something that’s not quite there but since I’m not attached in any human way to what I see – make no profit from it nor have people praise me for it, except occasionally that though it’s nice to have that tiny moment it doesn’t last much and I don’t go looking to receive it OR I would take an entirely different approach.

  2. tmmody Says:

    YO… dead-ody was me. Sorry… not that funny. Here is where the ranter said that about 12/12… directly from your post above:

    “The Warning …2013/12/12
    The flames of fire will seem as if a volcano has erupted in the skies and many will be fearful.
    The rays of red fire are the Rays of My Blood, the Rays of My Mercy, given to all of you as a gift of such magnitude that no man ”

    Uhhh… not so much? Just sayin’… I was presuming that a volcano of flames would be say…. maybe as big as the size of the moon… or more… it would have to be that way for “many to be fearful”.

    • sawyer Says:

      so is that ranter the same fellow who does bpearthwatch. I keep getting his messages  and  I saw that warning in one.

      I dont’ pay attention to stuff like he posts. I scan it as I do your stuff and am now being even more selective in responding as I just don’t have time for gaming as it is to most whether it’s conscious or not.

      how about if everyone in the world sees Do’s face in their dreams at the same time as on the TV and internet and no one can do anything else for a time or from then on. Would that make an impression? I don’t need an answer. I know the answer, your and most others but you can prove me wrong about the answer I know.

  3. tmmody Says:

    Sorry… I missed the question. Yes: that would make an impression.

    Like I’ve said before, 99% of the population of earth have absolutely no idea who Do was… or even looks like… The rest see him as yet another dipshit in a long parade of dipshit cult leaders… as there always have been, are and always will be.

    To the 1%, Do appears as a batshit crazy man with a god complex who killed himself and took 39 other innocent souls with him. His mindless twaddle and googly-eyed rantings and ravings are the things children see/hear in their worst nightmares…

    He proves that YET AGAIN — there is a sucker born every minute… He’s like Manson but without the free love… Or Jim Jones without the temper…

    I’ve been watching bpearthwatch — I can see why you’ve hitched your wagon to him… he has everything you love: conspiracies, spaceships, ufo’s, bigfoots, reptilian shape shifters, and lunacy… Sawyer, is life just so bad that you have to believe in the absolute craziest shit? Does any of your family ever try to talk you back to sanity? To take off the tin foil hat?

    I don’t think you are clinically insane … you are paranoid — but not in a clinical sense — but you are THE most gullible person on the planet — you were destined to be taken advantage of by cult folks. If it hadn’t been Do or Ti, it would have been the Moonies, Hare Krishna’s, Manson, or Branch Davidian, etc.. etc…

    Did you graduate from High School? You lack even the most basic thinking skills… the night sky holds no fascination for you because You Are Mork From Ork… you see a star but you don’t have the faintest inkling of what it is … you thought the sunlight was being reflected off of them to make them shine… do you know what a quasar is? You don’t know the diff between astronomy and astrology. Does real life just not hold your interest because then you wouldn’t be the subject of the entire book of Revelations?

    DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR…. that may be your only diagosable insanity… you are deluded in thinking that of th 7,000,000,000 people on this planet, YOU are the one the whole garden was created for… that all the doctors, professors, philosophers, authors, kings, paupers, housewives, dairy farmers, veterinarians, scientists, Nobel Laureates… of the whole lost of everybody who has ever lived and is alive now — the entire fabric of this universe has one goal — SAWYER! That must be a great feeling!!! SO VERY HUMAN OF YOU!!!

    When I first found your site, I was like — wow, this ought to be interesting… he must have felt so weird after the mass suicide… he must have learned so much, grown, etc. But you are still in the cult … I bet you wished you could have gone in 1997.

    Has the thought occurred to you to hitch a ride on ISON?

    • sawyer Says:

      It seems to me that among the things you do well, one that you have yet to develop (and I could be wrong about this) is the ability to pay attention to someone else and gleen things from that doesn’t automatically mean everything has more than a curious weight to it. Even with your telling me about earthshine doesn’t mean I go repeating that as fact – regarding where the light we see from stars comes from. It goes into my brain as a possibility the same as what is said on the bpearthwatch video’s. You see I have no one to answer to, not even myself in terms of what I am willing to consider or not so I have nothing to lose to consider everything. You seem to portray a great deal to the absolute circular file where I would demand a great deal more evidence before doing and even still would keep that circular file around knowing I could have it wrong.

      • tmmody Says:

        Were you one of the ones that turned in your things to do and ti with the abbreviation “IMBW”?

        That sorta burned them a bit.

        As a “next level being”, I would think earthshine would be a fascinating thing.

        ISON sorta fizzled on ya didn’t it?

        Comets often shoot out jets of water, methane, and dirt as they get closer to the sun. The comet didn’t change direction. It skimmed the sun… and didn’t survive…

        People were predicting lots of “debris” hitting earth… but I look at its trajectory and I don’t see how that is possible… but comets don’t hold a lot of interest to me… my astronomy professor called them dirty snowballs… but he was more into radio astronomy…. I suppose you have to pick what you are going to study… and comets didn’t hold much fascination for him.

        I am FASCINATED at how people react to comets… for all of recorded history, people have jumped around dancing and shouting at these things — “THE END HAS COME!!!”. Every comet has its groups who think THIS ONE is the end… this is the one , etc.

        Ison = DUD.

        One of the videos in bpearthwatch talked about how the egyptians hung out with reptilian shapeshifter… showing hieroglyphs of characters with bird heads and crocodile head. Wow, PROOF!

        The crocodile dude represents Sobek, though, one of a myriad of fertility gods… of course they worshipped the crocodile man– the nile had lots and lots of crocs in it.

        The bird head one is Thoth — which I always thought was the god of human knowledege… but apparently not…

        Keep looking up!

      • sawyer Says:

        it’s all fine and well but you seem to live in a different world, trusting things I don’t trust. I don’t even trust some of the things you think I trust. I don’t know what that IMBW is that you are talking about and comets are far, far from “dirty snowballs”. That’s a snowball though not a conscious one just an ill informed one. I don’t doubt that what bpearthwatch is putting up on video’s re: SOHO video/photo’s is fabricated but I could be wrong and don’t mind being wrong and don’t need proof that I’m wrong but will certainly admit it when I see the signs that I am as I have done before with things, mostly in scripture. Nor to I subscribe to everything he says. It’s all data and as you know we choose the subject we want to pay attention to and be open and closed to.

      • tmmody Says:

        I googled “dirty snowball” and the first image returned was of a comet.

        “Dirty snowball” is a euphemism. ISON was what they call a “Sun Grazer”…

        One craft had turned in their papers with the abbreviation of “IMBW”… “i might be wrong”… and Do and Ti didn’t think that was next level behavior.

        Do you have any of the papers that were written? Any of yours for instance… I see the ones on the website… but there has to be more because they go on and on about it in the tapes.

        IMBW, but hope you are happy alive and well and jamming…

      • sawyer Says:

        sun grazer? Just because someone puts a name on something and believe it to be….does that make it so? How unscientific of you to so trivialize what you admit to have no knowledge of, reducing those magnificent devices to a tiny name. If you did put effort out to evaluate comets you would see that to date all the textbooks will need to be re-written and I know this but of course it can only be known by experience and academic experience is about as useful to greater understanding as scriptures are useful to greater understanding IF one has shut off wanting to see whatelse there is behind what only a few entrenched others have said about it.

        I hate to have to bring this up but there seems to be so few things you question, but depending on who you ask about “magic mushrooms” will determine what you get back about them and that’s actually the way it is with EVERYTHING which I know you have awareness of but simply choose what to apply it to or not because part of your fun seems to be to try to poke holes in things others seem to value. So good you are a basher or debunker seeking proof when if any is given mental or physical you deny it I s proof. But I continue to give you time as perhaps it can serve some positive for someone today or tomorrow as it is a public blog.

        you have clearly misunderstood the tape you were listening to OR are just enjoying being contrary or some such mindset …. there is no way ICBW or IMBW as you abbreviated it to, which I thought was what was happening but didn’t know the context was not next level behavior as such was a major step and wow was it ever as because of that step, otherwise seen as 100% dedicated students there from the start left the class because of not thinking they “could be wrong” as often as it would have found application which at least to start that lesson was applied to everything, with an example of the Pokla Dot leisure ports, tents that were a greenish hue but if an older member said were polka dotted to not see the polka dotted meant one didn’t see what the older Member saw, trusting more their own eyes.

        Now obviously there is outrage among most to the thought of this “lesson” but the older member wouldn’t say it looked polka dot as a test to see if students would pass the test, though one couldn’tfail the testunless they gave up recognizing that in some way the leisure port was polka dotted and quit the class because of, either literally or in the recognition that it was they who were not seeing what the older member saw and not that the older member was deluded or making something up to make the student look bad or some such nonsense that no one else would see as nonsense when they think itpreposterous that Do and Ti were older member from the evolutionary level above human in the first place.

        another case in point. I joined believing that spirits (disembodied humans) existed. I came to that not by study. It just made sense to me though I did look into it a bit before meeting ti and do. So when ti and do said that there were discarnate “influences” that a big part of our overcoming task was to get rid of as they are what humans are made up of, the accumulation of what was accepted and rejected from birth, in ideas, concepts, behaviors and ways in all aspects of life. When I heard that from Them it made sense to me but certainly wouldn’t have as much if I hadn’t become acquainted with the possibility, initializing the brain to it that allowed more data to find it’s database like home. And there is still a great deal to say about the lessons that Ti and Do gave leading up to the ICBW lesson that were geared to helping us SEE more of what IS which did not just apply to UNDERSTANDING. It applied to literally seeing what otherwise one would think not to exist at all. It’s like wind. If there was no science to explain it’s physicality we would still KNOW it or whatever we feel from it has physical qualities though would not know how to dissect it’s gaseous and particle components. Jesus thus compared a spirit to just that, the wind. It’s even the same word in the Greek along with breath and in some cases soul and mind things that were considered to be frequency based rather than molecular based though perhaps I am not describing that in the most accurate way as I know we can consider that the winds are from the sun’s solar wind but on that subject Ti and Do felt that some of the wind source are actually spirits. For instance they said that in the Midwest where there was such a slaughter of buffalo, they felt some of that wind was the herds of buffalo spirits.

        We were given eye exercises that would help us literally SEE MORE and apparently it paid off for some when at least three Saw the two small beings in their “craft” in the Yuma AZ area while others dreamed it. Speaking of dreams to many who are simply not aware of the possibilities would accept that they are just some brain processing or garbage collection function causing random things to happen in one’s head. But to those that have had a vast experience with dreams of all sorts, they see some of them as lessons, some as a type of astral travel. Ti and Do taught us to stay in our vehicles at night. They also taught that the Next Level used dream time for lessons for the next day so they would seem familiar – again the initialization idea.

        Anyway, getting back to one of the past points, I believed in all these things when Ti and Do talked about them but not like a mesmerized follower with no mind for themselves but because they simply made sense to me though I could relate little experiences – except in my youth I had many unusal dreams and then some hallucination experience in the use of LSD in highschool and college and a little after until I quit usage – years before meeting Ti and Do (though in part due to the crazy experiences I had with my first “wife” – woman I lived with for 5 years from 19 yrs old who would see things all the time and even proved some of what she saw – a long story I have told and might again sometime. In other words there was a lot of experiences in different settings that all added up to “belief with openmindedness”. Had I had none of that, I’d naturally be like the many people that think it’s fanciful to which I can say, if anyone wants to see more of what is, then they should start the programming of wanting to see by at least preliminarily believing there is more to see.

        But it wasn’t until 2008 that immedieatly that night after a vivid dream with Ti that I woke up to seeing spirits on maybe 10 or 12 different settings, though all nighttime and either before falling asleep or after waking. However , this is meaningless to someone who thinks no such thing exists and doesn’t want to see more cause they think it’s impossible (which makes it impossible and is the current Luciferian state of mind with the reality of the Next Level as the beings that created it all.

        And at that time I was not trying to see more but I was reestablishing my committal to service to ti and do on the heals of many dreams and premonitions that most would think figments of my imagination which the next level wants us to have the option to think about in that way.

      • tmmody Says:

        Another things about genetics… Do and Ti had a very elementary understanding of genes which is sort of endearing, actually.

        If Jesus had changed the genetics/genes/chromosomes/DNA of his disciples, and Do changed yours even saying that your line will be better implying reproduction of some sort… then that means science could take a dna test of you or your kids and see if there is anything weird in it. If jesus did that to his disciples, clearly their offspring would have carried that on, too, and would be seen… not to mention, the kids would have the ability to see polka-dots or boogers or whatever line Do was feeding you.

        Listened to your show… you talk about the grays, the reptilians and all that… send me a picture of one… surely if they exist, one of the 7,000,000,000 plants would have clicked hundreds of thousands of high quality images of them. At least 1, right?

        Your show is not accessible to me because you mix a concoction of bible study, conspiracy theories, crackpot youtuber theories, with a bit of Ti and Do thrown in… start over… start from scratch… if your premises are false, you can make ANY statement true. And you have thousands of false premises… so your brain just spins out a cacaphony of permutations of the same shinola.

        How many listen to your show?

        You had to leave your family… but Do and Ti got a parrot? Don’t that beat all?

      • tmmody Says:

        You have no confidence in facts — facts that are proven beyond all reasonable doubt.

        But you believe 100% beyond all doubt — that Do is/was Christ… and that Revelations was written about you and your group.

        I will be listening to your show tonight.

        Somewhat cultlike was Do telling the class that if they left, they’d be the laughingstocks of the next level. Which to you folks was a pretty big threat. You probably still cringe when you hear that one… because basically you left… and therefore. YOu know. You are a laughingstock to the next level.

        You had to leave your family– but Do and Ti get a PARROT??? That parrot is probably STILL ALIVE… they live a long time. By parrot, I presume you mean a macaw or some bigger species like that.

        You guys spent a lot of time talking about genetics… but Do abandoned his very own kids.

        Every time you shaved wrong or put the biscuits too close together, you heard about it — yet TI wore makeup.

        I’m open to EVERYTHING… I am so open that at any second, a fact could be discovered that would make me rethink all my convictions… I’m not cemented into my beliefs… I’m just positive that most of what I believe is based on facts, science, observation, etc. I don’t just make stuff up or try to fit square pegs into rounds holes.

        You could believe anything if you did that! Oh, wait. I guess you do believe anything. Mock courts don’t change facts… they change opinions.


  4. tmmody Says:

    You can feel the wind… i could get myself thinking that I’m being stared at by an invisible space alien from Ork… and even creep myself out by it a little…. but that doesn’t mean there are invisible space aliens.

    I wish there were! That would be neat. But alas.

    The mushrooms from space thing is just a proposition — the fact that a single mushroom can drop trillions of spores is… WOW… and the fact that they may be able to survive interstellar space… whoa.

    Damn! There are all kinds of fish… they name the different kinds of fish different names… the same with comets… some are sun grazers, some are “unusual” and some are “great comets”.

    None have spaceships in them. If we discovered spaceships in them, those would be named differently… maybe we’d call them spaceships…

    but in all of recorded history — throughout the entire world! — not a single comet with a spaceship in it… 😦 sorry

    • sawyer Says:

      sorry Charlie, trivial explanations of what you clearly and admittedly seem tohave no experience with despite rhetoric and opinions about “all of history” but it’s all to be expected and no matter to me in any case. You pick and choose your history, I mean what you consider history as naturally anyone objective would tend to pick and choose what they believe happened from the reports but some like yourself it seems choose what COULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED which shows your ignoring the possabilities, while saying you wish it was so. If you really wished it was so, you’d pay more attention to the myrid reports that point in that direction and would scrutinize each report’s details in comparison with other reports to arrive at ideas of what represents reality and what MAY not as we never can be certain about some things.

      • tmmody Says:

        Hey brother! Wanted to warn you: Ursid meteor shower tonight… didn’t want you to panick… very routine… not Mork from Ork or the Mothership from Close Encounters… Earth’s orbital path is intersecting with a known cluster of cosmic debris… that’s IT… Meteors, like comets, aren’t spaceships.

      • sawyer Says:

        oh, please the cheese wiz example again… and I’m supposed to take your analogies as serious rebuttles to certain ideas and observations…

        ok, so comet doesn’t have the word spacecraft in it… Come on please, do I have to keep playing these stupid games.

  5. tmmody Says:

    send any one of these “myriad” reports to me.

    You are utilizing a “straw man” argument again.

    None of the comets ever through history could have had spaceships in them because by universal definition a comet is a specific thing… sometimes euphemistically referred to as dirty snowballs. Look up any definition of comet and you won’t see the word spaceship in it. Spaceships are completely different things.

    If they had been spaceships, then they wouldn’t be comets. Get it?

    I don’t ignore possibilities… but I do ignore crackpots who tell me the ocean is made of cheez whiz. I recommend you do the same. But you tend to do the opposite: someone tells you that bigfoots have bases on the moon, and you believe it… hook line and sinker. That’s how you got in with the UFO cult… they spoke stuff, and you believed it… and continue to believe it to this day despite the mass suicide sparked by a “sign from TI” that was a comet that had been predicted long before it every arrived.

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