ISON – related to the 7 Angels with trumpet (announcements) of the 7 angels instigation of announcments

I was asked the following question about ISON and believe over the last few days some things have been clarified in my head about it. For all who are critical of me talking this way, I am not saying I’m certain about what I am calling clarifications but that’s the way the Next Level works when Ti and Do provide clues to us through all channels…we have to PULL on their minds to want to know and in so doing we open ourselves up to SEE what they have been providing through all means but largely through the others that each in their own way are also pulling. I think Jesse Waltman (name spelling?) who has the bpearthwatch youtube channel is one of those who has been pulling from the Next Level for the truth about a lot of things and in his doing that, though it’s in Christian terminology, at least from his public discussions, he like anyone was led by Ti and Do and crew to decipher much about ISON that otherwise would be hidden because of the great division in NASA and the U.S. government. I have tried to share some about Ti and Do to Jesse and he has not responded but it’s not necessary that he does. In fact if he did, he would lose credibility with those that at this stage are looking to him. I will be talking about all this tonight on my radio channel, at 9pm-11pm ET that can be logged into or called into to listen and/or listened to afterwards by going to that site and downloading the broadcast that can be saved for anytime listening.

So here is a question I was asked yesterday that prompted a response that I believe is part of what I will talk about tonight re: ISON and Ti and Do and crew’s advancement of their agenda to harvest their remaining believers (not by their laying down their lives) that will also provide the impetus for all to choose who to give their allegiance to, between the Evolutionary Level above Human (Kingdom of Gods from/in the literal heavens) and what Jesus referred to as Humanism translated to Mammonas* in Greek that

a Chaldee or Syriac word meaning “wealth” or “riches” (Luke
16:9-11); also, by personification, the god of riches (Matt.
6:24; Luke 16:9-11).

3126 mammonas {mam-mo-nas’}
of Aramaic origin (confidence, i.e. wealth, personified); TDNT – 4:388,552; n m
AV – mammon 4; 4
1) mammon 2) treasure 3) riches (where it is personified and opposed to God)

Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Luke 16:9 And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.

Luke 16:11 If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?

Luke 16:13 No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Suppose the reason we are getting these destructive storms, is because (Comet ISON’s) particles are showering Planet Earth?

Response from Sawyer:

From here on out, NASA and company will have their minds blown by what they observe. It’s no accident that they are having congressional hearings again around the subject of UFO’s though not calling them that exactly. It’s a way to talk about what’s being observed in the heavens behind closed doors in committee while presenting a tamer version to the public – actually a good idea given how much of the public whether they know it or not are like powder kegs ready to explode with violent behaviors towards whatever they deem the enemy which can have no grounds at all. As far as storms, what I think is more the case is what ISON did to the Sun when it was behind it and came out looking different and what that object was that followed ISON away from the Sun and was actually filmed right before it went behind the sun that looked like a huge planet that was smudged out by NASA but before that was done was leaked that I’m told resulted in four NASA employees getting fired over. NASA is in a quandary and so is the entire administration and world governments over the “alien” issue. They generally think Ison are aliens, reptilians or greys. The greys have been seen as the reptilian robots and I don’t doubt that there can be such but they will be lumped together with the fact that members of the Next Level have white vehicles that also have a small humanoid body structure (God created man in his image – likeness – it was an appearance and general structure “image” which includes a degree of the mental image as well, though of a mammalian mindset they are able to work against to evolve out of). So the Earth and thus all humans are being showered with lots of changes as the SUN is being stimulated to export designed frequencies that will escalate in gradual stages the events depicted in both the 7 angels with trumpets (that were the announcements of both the arrival of the Next Level crew and the Luciferian space alien fallen angels) and the 7 angels that come after the Two and Crew have left as depicted in rev 11 that are no longer announcements only but are the execution of the announced events by the 7 trumpet bearing messenger (angels) as they two periods of time have synchronicity with one another. This is why Christians can be right about Jesus coming after the tribulation and before the tribulation. He, the One who was Jesus is here before in the incarnate stage and then returns in his full power seen this time in the “heaven’s” – sky that is going to be revealed in gradual stages starting with these comets that are not behaving like any other before them. Ison even stopped for a couple weeks some months ago. So it’s the sun that is in part used to perform the chore in respect to both the earth environmental physical changes AND the pressure in a mental framework – the heat is being turned up in more ways than one.


11 Responses to “ISON – related to the 7 Angels with trumpet (announcements) of the 7 angels instigation of announcments”

  1. tmmody Says:

    O brother. They’ve been saying stuff like this about NASA for half a century… but not a single credible instance where it was true. Ever.

    You wanna keep a secret? Don’t tell anyone. If you tell one person, then the whole world will know. NASA couldn’t keep these kinds of things secret. Plus, they want as much fantastical discoveries as possible so they get more funding … the last thing they’d do is cover-up or destroy a discovery.

    I don’t see any mention of 4 nasa scientists being let go because of shenanigans. Nowhere except on your blog.

    It is certainly “human nature” to bend observable, verifiable facts into the fantastical.

    But prepare to be bitterly disappointed yet again… if Do and Ti wanted to communicate, wouldn’t it be easier to hire the goodyear blimp and scroll their messages down the side?

    I’m still listening to the tapes but have yet to hear a single profound statement. Sounds like there was a lot of pettiness amongst “the chosen” … I would think that the 39 out of 7,000,000,000 would be a bit less ordinary… but ordinariness seems to be the norm. Bad television, petty infighting, constant nagging by Do and Ti, etc.

    Really, I’m open minded — but I’m not an idiot… there is no meat to any of it.

    Seriously, come back to earth, Sawyer… you have a good portion of your life left — and you can revel in it… in REALITY. The water is fine, hop in!

    • sawyer Says:

      millions of astronomy students would say this and that right just like millions of physics students think the earth and life came about randomly without any “direction” which by the way would have to mean that everything the random creatures have “created” came about randomly, wouldn’t it?

      millions of religionists also think Jesus will appear in the sky to save them yet won’t consider that Jesus to be like an ET because of course carl sagan says they couldn’t get here, except….for the idea that a worm hole is a highway between solar systems…movie “contact” but that’s just imagination, except Ti and Do talked about that in 1975 well before that movie and any significant public talk about wormholes.

      Look at the millions that have accepted that james earl ray shot king. How many KNOW of the trial that Sandra day O’Conner presided over in Toronto that the king family attended that cleared and exhonerated Ray, yet I guarantee millions of history students don’t have the slightest knowledge of that and for some they think it’s just another conspiracy. Haven’t you lived in this world for a while and seen enough of how easily people are led to ignore what is troublesome to examine whether religio-spiritual or secular-atheist? Wake Up my friend or go back to sleep but frankly why are you bothering me. What is it about your trying to convince me to come back to Earth as you say. Is this your “religious mission” to see if you can turn around my experiences so you can feel better about yourself and refusal to move on from your limited sarcastic and condescending attitude about everything that hints of non-mainstream (not that I don’t come across a great deal in the non-mainstream that even if there is reality to it, it’s so small a piece or link to that reality, I can’t bother with it when there is so much that is easily apparent as a greater picture of our reality.

    • sawyer Says:

      Your are increasingly ridiculous and frankly I have no more time for you. Find someone else to bother with you certainty about everything.

      • tmmody Says:

        Ridiculous? Here is definition of that word — notice the example sentence the dictionary used:

        ri·dic·u·lous /riˈdikyələs/ adjective: ridiculous
        1. deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd.
        “when you realize how ridiculous these scenarios are, you will have to laugh”

        Sawyer, If words mean anything at all: I am the opposite of ridiculous, my friend.

  2. tmmody Says:

    Geminids peak tonight… so don’t go freaking out.

    I haven’t heard of the Toronto trial of James Earl Ray… it must have been a “mock trial” and those don’t always match the original verdict… not a conspiracy, just not a very interesting footnote to reality.

    Listened to your show last night. The light of stars is NOT light reflected from the sun… it is their own light reaching us. We only see a fraction of the stars that are actually out there obviously because some don’t burn hot enough for the light to reach us.

    Interesting–love this one: when you look at a crescent moon, you can sometimes see “earthshine” reflected in the dark part of the sphere — that is the reflected light of the earth being reflected off the moon! That light you see, is actually a few seconds older than the bright part of the moon because the earthshine has to reflect off the earth then reflect off the moon to reach our eyes.

    Being “bothered” is sort of human isn’t it? What would Do say to you? Also, your message is evolving into something way different than what Guinea and Pig ever said… you know that, right? Sort of going off the rails as far as their teaching goes.

    There is indeed a greater reality — understanding it comes from study not from not jacking off in the 70’s.

    After listening to your show, I don’t know why I bother either because you are a wild-eyed believer to be sure.

    A volcano of fire is supposed to appear in the sky today — it won’t happen like I said — but you will be undaunted by pesky things like facts or reason.

    Your first paragraph doesn’t track at all — take a logic class at your local community college or something… If anything, logic with its apriori truths would be the language of heaven. I think you are referring to evolution — which is just a theory but seems to explain a lot of things. Evolution isn’t random. It takes place over billions of years… given the right materials which are common it would be hard for life NOT to exist on a planet such as ours. I’m convinced there is other life in the universe in fact because the numbers bear that out… There are other places in our solar system even that could have rudimentary forms of life on them… Io for one.

    Peace… If I told you that I was the devil being subtle — you’d believe me.

    • sawyer Says:

      I never said anything about a volcano fire in the sky today or any other day. So who is eating the shrooms and then pointing fingers and another’s “logic”.

      You seem to like to build your own reality and then have the gawl to tell me I’m venturing away from the teachings you don’t even believe are teachings as if you understand anything about them except for the words, missing the intent and meaning and reason for the words Do uses. It’s like your telling me how to speak French when you never spoke French. And talk about sense. the pig. What if it wasn’t a pig. Sure sometimes it’s just a pig but sometimes it not just a pig. And life on other planets but it has to be less than humans right for it to be possible? For a while I learned some things from your responses but not much of late and so I’m taking a break from your comments so I can get to more pressing matters. But I will leave you with this…”critique ALL of bpearthwatch’s video presentations and then when you have written your disortation on all ISON is not, listing in order and on one sheet of paper the points, keeping it to a 7th grade level with correct spelling, put that in the subject of an email to and I’ll take a look at it. Treat it like a science paper. And also explain why congress is starting these ufo related talks again? And also explain the high pixilation of ISON pics and why you think the letting go of employees from NASA would be made public if they did leak something and I said If because unlike many people I take it all in and am very slow to decide certain things.

      • tmmody Says:

        The volcano thing was from some other post …. the rantings you posted of that Korean guy? In his rantings he mentions a volcano of fire in the sky on 12/12/2013… odd… wasn’t 12/12/2012 the end of the world to people who didn’t understand the mayan calendar? Coincidences abound!

        Pointing fingers about logic? Huh? You were the one that committed the logic error, not me… a straw man argument I believe. Logic isn’t subject to interpretation.

        99.99999% of the time: a pig is a pig.

        I said that non-earth life in our solar system probably exists — but rudimentary life is as far as I would go based on the evidence. There is no evidence that there is more “advanced” life in our solar system… I think even as recently as the last century whole populations were convinced that there were cities and canals on mars… then our telescopes got better. There could be life on mars — but again, it would have to be rudimentary — there is none of the evidence needed to believe an advanced life has evolved there — advanced is relative. And no sawyer, mars isn’t hollow… oh jesus.

        Pbearthwatch appears to just be another lone gunman in the woods… maybe I’ll check him out when I’m done with the hg tapes… there are hundreds of thousands of people like him out there… all will their weird theories… If there was any truth to any of it, I’d know through some means… but he’s playing to his choir of fellow loonies.

        You live in a great age to be a kook, though — because the internet allows you to network with others like you. But even if 7,000,000,000 people agreed with you, without concrete evidence of any kind or size, I wouldn’t believe it. Wow… wouldn’t that be odd: I would be the Sawyer in that world… but I wouldn’t feel bad about it because truth is truth…

        Your willingness to swallow this stuff hook, line, and sinker is not characteristic of next level thinking…. it is an example of caveman thinking… thinking from the INFANCY of our species.

      • tmmody Says:

        Here is a link to why some of the images are suspect:

        I could see NASA firing people for releasing unapproved pictures… why???

        Because NASA knows that every UFO nut (and SWYODY, you are probably the BIGGEST UFO nut on the planet since you believe every word of Revelations is about you, do and ti)… Nasa knows that every UFO nut will see blurry images or badly composited pictures as proof of a conspiracy… NASA has NO time for conspiracies… The last thing they want to spend their time doing is allaying the panty-twisting fears of UFO nuts…

        They are trying to do science…

  3. tmmody Says:

    How can you say you aren’t learning things from me anymore?

    What about the age of earthshine? Did you know that before? Pretty interesting stuff, huh?

    Let me see… did you know that the very first food eaten by a U.S astronaut in outer space was applesauce?

    The very first animal launched into orbit was Laika — a russian dog.

    They didn’t make any accomodations for her return…

    If you want to worship something… I think Laika is pretty worthy. Poor little dog.

    No volcano in the sky by the way. Your ranting dude must be disappointed.

    You seem to bring up that once Do reappears maybe in the sky as a disembodied face… that people will hunt you down and kill you.

    98.2% of the population of earth would have no idea who the face is… only about 15% of people in USA would recognize him and 0% would recognize Ti … just a gymnasium full of people probably.

    And even less will associate the face with you… so. Don’t worry. I do see that you get a lot of angry bile on your youtube channel. But they do that to everyone… some may specifically dislike you because you are — pardon the expression — a wild eyed cult member. But that’s just the plantlike nature of disliking the “other”.

    Would you say that you were the “bad boy” of the group? Do has singled you out a couple of times … made comments that sort of indicate that.

    I bid you peace! How much time do you spend looking at the night sky every day?

  4. tmmody Says:

    In rereading you ding me about shrooms… In the limited studies they have done they are finding out fascinating things about magic mushrooms… there is evidence that it induces brain cell growth! Which sort of makes sense — when I am on them, I remember things that I hadn’t thought about in decades… details of incidents… also, the brain thinks differently when on mushrooms… not better, but something good is definitely happening in the brain.

    Some people believe that mushrooms are from outerspace… that their spores (a single mush can produce trillions with a t TRILLIONS of spores) could easily survive space… They do seem odd– in fact, we had to make a special category for them because they definitely aren’t plants… in fact, they are more closely related to animals than to plants… Of course, I’ll never know whether the space theory is true — but it is enticing… not because it is fantastical beyond all measure, but because it is possible… not just imaginable.

    If we have been visited by little green men, maybe they inadvertantly brought the spores with them, too…

    I hope you have a great day… and a wonderful weekend!

    Love, Tim

    • sawyer Says:

      got cha my friend – toooo shay, now you are trying to sell me on what to many would be pseudo science to support what you like/want to do.

      Join the mental otherworld.

      everything and I mean everything came from outer space. That you can quote me on.

      the Biggest question among many is “why” which automaticallyproposes purpose which means direction that so many hate to consider so they’d rather come up with anything else as an explanation.

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