ISON – Jets were irregular, NASA is pixelating the images from hubble they didn’t do for other comets

Ison Slices thru Lovejoys Tail.
ISON and LOVEJOY Close Approach.
Did Ison Cause Volcanic Eruptions on Mars?:

Ison and Monatomic Gold – ISON was on a standstill for over a hundred days. Also about Mars

Is ISON a comet?

ISON alert – changing fast

ISON is in an Outburst Now. The Hidden Code

Hercolubus. WHAT?????
NASA told to look right on images on 28th where Sun was, but on Paul Begley’s show, Nick Danger sent an image of this object on the left side. NASA scrubbed the image on the left while they tried to get people to look to the right. There was even a shadow of this so called “lens shadow”. Mike called in and said he worked for the federal government and said pic was real. Someone let it leak out of NASA and 4 people lost their job over it. The pic looks like a huge planet like the size difference between Earth and Jupiter or Saturn.
Underground bases at dulce linked to Sumarians – two alien groups one who hate greys. Sumarians were about two half brothers who were aliens who came to earth to alter dna. one bro wanted to save human race and the other wanted to destroy the race. One bro helped noah build the arc.
Sumarmian, OT and 1979 dulce altercation with jimmy carter signing order for commando’s to go into dulce to stop the aliens who test tube created thousands of clone human females they used as sex slaves for the aliens but the aliens didn’t like their sex slaves because they didn’t have fear and didn’t suffer ( so didn’t raise the excitement of the sex). So says this book. nat’l security advisor brezinski met with jimmy carter at white house on june 14 1977. Project aquarius: eisinhourer under control of NSC and NSA on side of humans and NSC sold out for nuke tech but allowed aliens to have theri share of humans. So dept x was started by carter to analyst alien threat and dept z to fight them. Delta force SOC navy seals organized to attack dulce. under capt. mark richards son of infamous dutchman major ellis llyod richards, commander of international security IS since admiral chester W Nimitz died, aircraft carrier named from.
agreement made with dept z
by 1980 abductions would rise to 100,000 a year
75,000 human abductees would stay there full time in dulce

Real UFOS 2013/Dulce Attack Pt.1


Has It Happened Before?
Part 3:
ISON 3D Model Algonquin


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