Response to more critiquing of my lack of writing skills – missing the entire point to my blog and it’s content

Here is a detailed response to a readers comment to me because they said I was offended as I was, but this person doesn’t seem to know why:
I might be wrong, but feel a check partner is needed to edit your essays and keep you on track.
It seems public communication of Do’s message should be done right and to perfection, if it is to be done at all.
This seems especially important since it is not your message, but seemingly a message from a higher source.
Was it not mentioned somewhere that messages were not released to the public until each word was checked by the crew and perfected?

Sawyers response:
Number one lesson. 1) If I did not ask you for help with my writing it’s none of your business. Frankly speaking (and I am not angry, this is my blog and thus it’s up to me to publish what I want to. You pay nothing for it and I don’t have any use for an English teacher at this time. I KNOW well my faults in this regard as when I re-read things I’ve written most times I find many things wrong but I leave them as if I tried to “perfect” all the mistakes, I would have to have a staff to keep up with all those I am trying to HELP understand more about Jesus and Ti and Do, etc. I rarely give “stock” responses, actually next to never so every response is tailored to the person asking and nor do I consider them as a spammer (conscious of it or not, as I get both) that end up draining my time and energy explaining myself as I am doing now.
Comment said:
I may be missing something, but your sentences seem far too long and your points are difficult to follow.
Messages seem to run on with too many words attempting to make four or five points in one sentence.
It is no wonder some readers feel you are brainwashed or may be using drugs.
I would think you would want to be both clear and concise when you communicate to the public.
Sawyers response:
You sound like an academic student or teacher and that’s fine but you needn’t bother making me the subject of your beliefs about how I should or shouldn’t write and whether it’s the way Do would or would not do something. To me it’s trivial and shooting the messenger rather than asking specific questions about specific things I have written that were unclear. I don’t need to hear your philosophy as you have come to my blog for the information I have to share. I’m not saying your philosophy is not of value. It’s all fine but if it’s not pertinent to what I am interested in, it’s of no value to me and thus a distraction. For instance, grammer and opinions on how to fix society are not on my scope.
Commenter said:
With regard to the point that Father and Son have both come again incarnate, a numbered list of irrefutable proofs would be helpful.
I may be mistaken, but any such list of proofs should fit nicely on a single page of paper.
May I suggest finding one or more check partners, always asking, “Is this what my Father would have me write?”
Put detailed bible references aside and write in a plain, matter of fact English any seventh grader would understand.
Those needing to hear your message are innocent, often less educated, the common people who labor or are searching for answers.
Forget arguing points with the indoctrinated and those engaged or captivated with mainstream thought.
Your words must instill in readers that gut feeling that what you write is the absolute truth.
Truth is always simple, so that simple people can readily understand.
It does not need to be complicated with long-winded, self-reassuring sentences.
The more complicated you make truth, the more likely your truth is tainted with falsehood and mis-information.
Furthermore, among all your wordiness, it appears you are building a doctrine of faith, just as Te and Do warned would be done after they left.
If their passing was indeed the “end of the age”, then a complete and total “spading under” should now be underway 16.5 years hence.
What do you feel are present day signs of this complete and total spading under?
In your reply, I do not feel you should re-hash without reference information Do has already put forth himself.
The questions I ask relate to your view of our present day reality after his departure, and not to the past.
I do trust you realize your inability to communicate effectively does disservice to his spoken word.
Might you reply assuming readers to have at least heard the gospel but have not read much of the bible?
The Christ in all His compassion still has many believers today who reject societal norms and are not aligned with any church or rigid dogma.
Sawyers response:
You have got to be kidding. “list of proofs should fit nicely on a single page of paper” – you must be an English teacher or student of some sort.
And all your JUDGEMENTS of what Do would think or have me do differently… and requirments galore to what you deem to be most effective are all based on what sounds like a textbook model…
I’m not in the business to build powerpoint presentations and you are repeating questions about 16 years, etc that I provided significant proof of being erroneous to consider so you could put a great deal more time REREADING ALL I HAVE WRITTEN and refuting each point on it’s scripture relevance than trying to impress upon me a need to mold what I do to your standard of presentation excellence.
Otherwise, I am not going to be of any help to you, if you seek what I can provide. Plus if you are going to leverage yourself as someone that knows anything about the way Do would have me(us) handle any subject now, then be specific and quote Do. Then I will take notice and either change or try to help you see where your applications may be off, but I am not going to be around long enough to write a new talmud and frankly no one else is either.


19 Responses to “Response to more critiquing of my lack of writing skills – missing the entire point to my blog and it’s content”

  1. tmmody Says:

    If it is of any value, your writing mechanics have gotten better since I’ve been following your blog! The content of your writing is increasingly going off the rails, though.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the writer :
    “The more complicated you make truth, the more likely your truth is tainted with falsehood and mis-information.”

    It gets back to Occam’s Razor. If you see a pig walk across the street… then it is probably just a pig walking across the street.
    NASA would never/could never EVER suppress interesting information about space… every time they find a lizard shaped rock on mars, there are articles and press releases about it. They are dying and desperate for as much fanfare as possible. If they had the slightest amount of concrete info about little green men, then the top scientists would be falling all over each other to publish that information and get all the trappings that such a book would generate!

    NASA could never suppress that info… think about it? Occam’s Razor–the simplest solution is usually correct.

    Your world of shards of mythology mixed with UFO moonbeam new age weirdness is a web of twisted confusedness and layers upon layers of arbitrary complexity…

    If there is a god, one thing I am sure of: he/she would be Elegant.

    Your conceptions are a maelstrom of conspiracy, overlapping and contradictory cloudiness, paranoia, and maybe even a bit of self-aggrandizement.

    Science continuously demonstrates that existence is elegance. What makes you muddy it up with ridiculousness? Is it pride that doesn’t allow you to entertain that you may have spent your whole life as just a run of the mill dime/dozen cult member?

    • sawyer Says:

      “NASA could never suppress that info… think about it? Occam’s Razor–the simplest solution is usually correct.”

      You have a great deal to learn about people and life and reality but you don’t think it can come from any direction but your approved academic sources. Enjoy

  2. tmmody Says:

    People are predictable. I mean, they are just plants, right?

    I accept information from all directions. But I don’t base any beliefs on dubious assumptions… David Hume would say all assumptions are dubious because they rely on the Principle of Uniformity of Nature — induction or inductive reasoning. But, I accept that principle which makes life much easier…

    Do you get asked for interviews very much anymore? Have you met Oprah?

    Where do you live? just town or county or state…

    Peace to you

  3. Gemunis Sinumeg Says:

    Hey I know you are a great writer, and (DO), is sitting in you midst, saying the same- of how proud he is to be your Father. He is so proud of his baby(Sawyer.

    • tmmody Says:

      Whoa… Do is Sawyer’s father? I know DO had a couple of kids… one of them looks like this:

      Sawyer doesn’t look like DO or this guy… oh… HEAVENLY father… got it… they don’t even call the Chief of Chiefs “father”… so, probably “older member” would do.

      A lot of talk about DO — but very little about Ti… remember, Ti is 1 higher than DO. SWYODY, have you heard from Ti lately?

      Gemunis, how do you know SWYODY? Do you have an ODY name? Your name is pretty.

  4. Gemunis Says:

    To me, and those who know you, and Love you; we think, everything you do is perfect…

    • tmmody Says:

      Listening to Jesus an Evolutionarily Above Space Alien ET – Rev 11 Explained ….

      You are literally reading revelations — and relating each detail to a 1970’s UFO cult that you just happening to be a member of.

      The not so subtle implication is: REVELATIONS is about you.

      Wow, after thousands of years… what a coincidence it is that entire book just happens to be about you and your group… think of the billions of people that have read revelations without ever knowing that LO AND BEHOLD — the book is about a parrot owning couple from TEXAS! One who unceremoniously died of eye cancer that spread… the other a repressed homosexual who believed he was an undercover JESUS…

      Sawyer… I will say: you must have testicles the size of CANTALOUPES… how fortunate for you to have discovered this!

      What about the book of Acts? When jesus died, he quickly became followed! When Do died? It’s only you buddy… you are the only one preaching this crap. Close to 20 years after his death and nothing… Herf is a minor character in a parade of creepy cults… Other cults will continue to commit suicide and be even weirder.

      Really, though… how TYPICALLY HUMAN to have delusions of grandeur — and to read the bible interpreting every jot and tittle as referring to YOURSELF is the definition of delusion.

      The temple refers to the jewish temple in jerusalem. You can’t change that… no judgements can happen until that temple is rebuilt… Get it? You need to study the “prophecy timeline” bro… the bible is completely consistent on the timeline…

      I’m curious — who is the anti-christ in your mythology?

  5. tmmody Says:

    PARROTS???????? Parrots can live for 50 years. PLUS,

    how can you jibe the fact that TI and DO are telling you not to give a shit about your family or even your close “class members”… YET THEY GET A PARROT??????????

    Sawyer, …. man…. dude. OH BROTHER!

    IN OTHER WORDS: you were HAD by these (sincere) people… but you were had just the same… the joining with them was the “gang” instinct of the lowest level of thought…. “Look, the fact that you recognize us as your spiritual”… blah… “… MEANS, that you are SPECIAL!!!! YOU have been embedded with a SEED!!! from NEXT LEVEL LIFE… BELONG…. Come… “Stephen”… JOIN WITH US… you are special !!!! you knew you were, right?…. well, YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! ”


    You weren’t special — you and all of you were run of the mill.

    If anyone has “next level seed”…. I think I would, dontcha think?

    I’m listening of a tape of Ti telling you people how to handle a cold like a “member of the next level”… BUT AT THE SAME TIME SHE BOUGHT A PARROT!!!!!?!??!?!?! Plus half a dozen FINCHES???????”

    Sawyer…. Brother… friend… lover? … Right???

    I’m coming out to visit you…. I’ve already got the tickets…. you are spending x-mas with me.

  6. tmmody Says:


    Herf is talking about parenting… “if you are gonna live in my house, you are going to have to follow the rules… that is the way of the next level…” “for your sake, not for OUR sake…”… “the point is, the household has growth to do… “… YET!!!



    On the same tape; he is threatening you not to quit… because it will be EMBARRASSING when you get to the next level!!!!

    My favorites are BRNODY, EVNODY, and you, SWYODY…

  7. A regular reader Says:

    Sawyer, you are correct. I had inappropriately offered a suggestion neglecting the classroom rule of “unsolicited suggestions”. As an overseer you had personally delivered that lesson to me years ago. You must acknowledge my sincerity and I did preface my opinion with “I might be wrong”. How else might one communicate thoughts and feelings? Perhaps I should write privately or should have show more sensitivity to your solitary struggle.

    I think of you often and have tried to follow you since we met. I read, watch, and listen to most everything you publish. Only after years of silence and contemplation I write. I posed a question regarding your pod-cast, and did respond with personal opinion to your reply. You may not be pleased or wish to hear me out, but at least you know how I feel. We are all judgmental, but you also pegged me as insincere and academic. Shots toward the messenger can come from either direction.

    For ten years after we departed I lived a solitary, renunciant life, homeless and roaming. I slept on the earth, under the stars, often in the freezing cold, speaking with no one but other homeless. Seven years ago I left America never to return as I saw the tide of terror turning. Today I struggle alongside a generation devastated by war, genocide, famine and floods. Yet since the very day we said goodbye, my bags have been packed as I rely on the goodwill of others. I do what I can to comfort people and raise awareness. This is my life since I left you.

    Allow me to preface the following remarks. I might be wrong, my mind is not Do’s mind, I’m not sure if I see things right, and possibly you can help steer me in the right direction. I feel if Do were here now it seems he might feel a need to communicate with the public. Either way, I feel he would be working closely with at least one demanding check partner. The two would take the time necessary and labor heavily over each and every word put forth. Now I did not know, speak with, or study under Te and Do to the same extent as you. You are an older member, an overseer, and were viewed as a model check partner.

    With all due respect, please answer another question, because in all sincerity, I am not the brightest of people, and I do seem to be missing something. What exactly is the entire point to your blog and it’s content?

    You say you write to help others understand more about Jesus Christ, Ti and Do. As an intermediary and for words which may be handed down through history, clear, concise and effective communication is as important as honesty. Do was a stickler when it came to using words, whether spoken or written. He worked to maintain an uncompromising level of refinement and excellence in all that he did. Of course such work drains time and energy, as when we accept the challenge of spokesperson this is our burden.

    With regard to brevity and a single page of paper, it seems Te and Do often used the technique. Lessons were summarized point-by-point in bulleted or numbered lists, and they did follow strict rules of language to communicate their message. Length was flexible (sometimes a full news page), but correct form and heavily weighing each word was important.

    I have no interest in refuting anything you write or say (as you may believe, and I might be wrong). I look to agree with you and understand your views about our present day situation. The second coming is here, so there should be clear, irrefutable evidence for all on earth to see.

    I linked up with TOA and TELAH because I believed they understood and practiced important principles. It was the classroom experience that was essential for learning the life-long process of overcoming, and no one can comprehend the complexity of that experience without having attended in earnest.

    God bless you Sawyer. You represent innocence, honesty, openness, and a strong defender of TELAH.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t share personal info as I have had threats direct and indirect that I don’t wish to make easier to find me besides on the internet, though if someone really wants to they can find their way right to the house I currently live in. I’ve given my phone number to a few that I now regret and of course these days if one knows how they can easily trace people from internet usage. I will say that I am in the northeast right now but that’s not permanent. At some point I suspect I will be homeless by choice.

      hey dude, I didn’t join them with any of that impetus as you see it and I was far from a distraught lonely starving for attention, downtrodden, no life person when I joined. True I was a hippie but I was popular with my crowd as a minimally successful musician and was building my own house on some land. I cut my own  trees, skinned them, dried them and built a cinder block foundation with a log and lumber floor and mostly windows for walls with a loft in the shape of a teepee that was purely of my design that even without the walls completed stood for 20 years in the Oregon forest. At that time I had already hitchhiked cross country over 4 times as well as up and down both east and west coasts and had started a new life in the mountains at the foot of the wells gray provincial park in British Columbia, Canada and this in my early 20’s having moved out of my parents house when I was 19. maybe that doesn’t tell you anything about my capacity to be hoodwinked or to run to follow whoever or what ever would boosts my ego, but it should, UNLESS you fear dealing with the only alternative considering ALL the things you’ve learned about Ti and Do, that it seems you conveniently discount or forget in the ways that they demonstrated repeatedly being at least 180 degrees the opposite of ALL others who are lumped into the cult mindset. No one has any evidence of wrong doing of any kind with Ti and Do and there were plenty of dropouts that were interviewed. No one can really understand anything about them, so they and seemingly you just go along with anything said that you can use to pigeon hole them. I mean, you will even talk about mushroom spores coming from outer space and promoting brain growth as factual while denying tons of other pieces of info that to some are just as crazy sounding.

      It begins to look to me POSSIBLE that you are working on someone elses behalf to try to appear as a potential believer at one moment and a mocker even in nearly the same breath. I don’t seriously think you are working for someone but when you have been doing this for as long as I have before the public you are faced with most everything. I’ve been skammed galore and I’ve been prodded and had countless mental arrows shot at me and I am fairly sure some were trying to see if I was an emerging dangerous cult leader to worry about. People have tried to get me to sign onto militia groupthink even.

      It’s all fine and dandy though admittedly I tire and shoot back a tiny arrow at times and if I were in charge of giving you proof, I would probably choose not to, though at the same time am fond of our little email conversations but I am not at all invested in it. I simply respond to you because you are instigating my doing so but I have to become more discerning of what I put my energy into as it can be very draining to respond to everything you say that I often know better about – the conclusions you draw and think because of your time in observation are well founded when you never seemed to have the program to decipher a little more of what was really happening, because I suspect when something did peek your interest in a believing kind of way, you shut it down as quick as possible the same kind of thing I and my classmates learned to do with doubts of the opposite nature. And this is the choice we all have day by day til we die.

      I suppose to you I am like that lab animal to where while the scientist is on mushrooms sees the lab animal as having curious insights and perspective and behavior and may look different than most other animals, thus worthy of study but then when off the mushrooms (for example of mindset changes with or without substances) can’t imagine what they were thinking/seeing as they are just an ordinary lab animal.

      • baldtim Says:

        I am EXACTLY what I appear to be… I’m not working on anyone’s behalf. I’m not scamming. I am exactly what you see.

        I am listening to all the tapes that are available because I want to know…

        Sometimes, the stuff is endearing to me — Do was way way more human than you gave him credit for… he was very smart obviously… quick witted. There are a lot of very human moments that make me smile.

        My opinion hasn’t changed since viewing the pre-suicide vids… These people were HAPPY … I envy them in a way… but when Freud was diagnosed with palate cancer, his wife kept it from him… later when he found this out, he was FURIOUS… Why? Because he thought it is better to live with the bitter truth than to live a lie. Plato said something similar — we wouldn’t trade our intellect to live the life of a pig rolling in the mud… Plato felt that despite the pain our intellect gives us…. intense pain… good lord… I know… I’ve experienced a lot as I know you have — ALL OF US PLANTS have… Not to put Freud and Plato into the same category, but Freud had his place in our “evolutionary” way of thinking about the brain. So did phrenology — the “science” of reading bumps on the head… it was bogus, but it did get people to start thinking about localization of brain function… which again is an oversimplification… “it is more complicated”.

        So despite the joy your cohorts felt–they willingly gave up “thinking”… to bask in the assuredness of Do and Ti. Like the pig rolling in the mud… Plato believed the pleasures of the intellect were many times more potent and pleasureable than the physical pleasures. I don’t know if that is totally true…

        I am not poking fun, I don’t have an agenda… some days I am yin some days yang. Some days, I want it all to end; but mostly, I’m just muddling through… like most atheists. It would be SO MUCH EASIER to believe.

        I like you… I want to meet you someday… I’ve never met any survivors or kin… I’m honest … not because I fear hell, but because I’m basically a good person. And so are you, buddy…

      • sawyer Says:

        I can’t say I know what it’s like to “not believe” in anything greater than this human kingdom. It seems I always have. But frankly I suspect that what you don’t believe in is essentially the same things I don’t believe in – the parts of our world and history that are filled with lies and deceit – anything that isn’t just real. Because of that I question everything and some consider it a terrible fault of mine although I don’t actually try to do it. It just comes natural. Thus I hear about a ufo sighting and don’t think, “oh, that’s a space alien”, or a comet and think, “that’s a spacecraft with Ti and Do in it”. I just take it in and sometimes without trying I just “wonder what if” and many times that ends up being a type of premonition of truth, yet I still don’t KNOW. I don’t know what made the Z UFO I witnessed after I joined with the UFO cult while having no interest or knowledge about Ufo lore. I don’t know what ISON is or isn’t but I have to admit bpearthwatch made some very interesting examinations that do lead me to believe it wasn’t just a leftover rock/ice ball. Like you said about plato and freud, they could say something here and there and we can judge it while the full context is complicated.

        But then the patterns become more and more glaring. Someone says something considered outlandish to most others and the fury begins and we as a species end up seeing that what was outlandish down the road is ordinary. Plato is a case in point with his writing about what became known to be Atlantis, the lost continent. This is similar to Samuel Clemmons with his writing about Prof stormfields riding in the tail of a comet and the coincidence of his saying he came in with Halley’s and he’d go out with Halleys as pretty much occurred on the mark.

        We are all in process and you need to come at things in the best way you know how as do I. You and I are very much alike. You are a seeker, atheist or agnostic or believer in a bizarre ufo cult leader, it’s still seeking to understand more of what’s real. I also have a real hard time with solid religionists, spiritualists, athiests, agnostics, pagans, etc. but Ti and Do encompass all of these and none of these, thus they are declared a hodge podge. So I guess I’m a solid hodgepodger.

        Believing to me is not a decision – it’s a process of adding up columns and arriving at what makes the most sense in the moment, while remaining open to changing. If you knew how many hours I’ve spent on Revelations 11 – hundreds and then this young girl asks me some very basic questions and I’m re-evaluating everything yet again and I think I’m seeing things even better because of her honest questions. I could have just sent her answers I’d always given to this and that verse. But no, I had to almost tackle it all from scratch again word for word trying to fit it with Ti and Do’s thoughts and activity and what happened as a result as it was reported and I experienced. In doing so I learned where there were subtle implications to the meaning of words that I chose to overlook as they didn’t fit my previous premise. It’s a science of mind and history study. I suspect in science there are no good or bad clues and in the end though I will be resolved with a certain translation/interpretation it will no doubt still be subject to changes, withdrawals or expansions.

        But if I am not willing to change then I cease wanting to grow but that doesn’t mean 2 + 2 won’t equal 4. In might equal 22 or 2 2 or 1111. Perhaps silly examples but then perhaps not.

        I have said all along that there is something about you I like, but it’s not being called a vulture or murderer even in jest. Don’t worry I won’t hold that against you, but it’s not like there arn’t some that really do feel that way about me. There are though not necessarily about me specifically but about Do and anyone who is his supporter.

  8. tmmody Says:

    You phone number is for new york… I think your first name is Steven. Beyond the cult stuff, you don’t appear to have much of a web presence… good for you!

    I shoot arrows back, sometimes softballs, sometimes nuclear bombs… PARROTS???

    Still listening to the tapes… Ti often brings up things she and Do have seen in real life… they saw a couple doing this, a man doing that… I just listened to the tape where Ti says that while they (Ti and Do) were at a Pizza Hut, they saw a something something something.

    That seemed like an odd detail. Pizza Hut. I would think that’s an odd choice of a restaurant for Jesus and his “higher member”.

    Do you remember what kind of toppings Do liked on his pizza?
    Do you remember what kind of toppings Ti liked on her pizza?

    Did they go halfsies? I think pan pizza had come out by then… did they like thin and crispy? Or pan pizza? Or did they only get the salad bar (which I would understand because, I greatly enjoy the pizza hut salad bar, it is good. back then I really liked the italian dressing @ pizza hut… it was creamy… nowadays it is more “wishbone italian”… you know, not cream based… more oil based. I still like it, just not as much.

    Revelations is Jewish prophecy… it doesn’t even apply to gentiles although we get caught up in what it predicts… in scripture: all prophecy is about israel. the 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes = 144,000. The prophecy timeline stopped sometime around ACTs… (the stylus was lifted off the record then). The stylus will go back down only after the temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt… the temple that was destroyed by the Romans… not some rental bungalow in Wyoming. I haven’t read Matthew 24 in a long time, but it is a gas, too…

    All myth to me of course… but your myth is getting sort of dragged down…

    Jesus taught the “golden rule” … but I recall Ti saying that she was in the grocery store and the checker girl started talking to Ti… and Ti said she was taken aback by that– “oh, here is this plant talking to me” because she had forgotten that plants something or other.
    I wouldn’t say Ti and Do violated the “golden rule” outwardly, but inwardly they certainly did not practice it.

    I can almost picture Ti @ the checkout… and some hot young blonde firecracker checkout girl says: “Did ya find everything you wanted, lady?”… and Ti, actually surprised looks up at her, cocks her head and says “what did you say?”… and then watches the checkout girl repeat what she said — all with a somewhat quizzical smile as she watches this human. Like watching a dog do tricks maybe.

    Unfair of me to dissect like that… and then use it somewhat as a barb… that was early in the class and they probably didn’t think they were the literal Christ child yet. On his “Earth is about to be spaded” video he says that the only way to get off the earth was through him right now… but, he actually had 17 years… he could have waited to commit suicide for any of the numerous comet “signs”… what was the rush? Sure he was getting old and crickety.

  9. A regular reader Says:

    Sawyer, I can imagine how you feel. You are a man of courage, faith and belief. You are also a stubborn homesteading man as well as an artist and musician. You are frugal and can take care of yourself. You have come to attain both a worldly and spiritual knowledge.

    I cannot listen to your broadcast and I do enjoy your voice over your written word. It is an issue of TOA and that is the end of it. I will listen afterwards and tell you how I feel.

    You write as if you need to get away and you should. Start monitoring airfare to Honolulu. It’s warm there and you can hop on over to one of the islands where no one can find you. You can live self-sufficiently if you like to walk alone along hidden shorelines. From there it is an easier journey to points west, or should I say east. You only need to afford the airfare. There are still places on earth you can live for nothing. There is a growing problem with Fukishima fallout so be prepared to get out of there and along cleaner shorelines. The whole planet will blow soon so it really doesn’t matter.

    Remember that we come from the land and we will go back to the land. We die right where we are, just a little bit everyday. There are those who decide to opt out, and you may end up being one of them. After I witnessed the 39 die I witnessed others. Now you want the face of Do (Christ) posted on everyone’s mind.

    You have seen the tee shirts, hats, cups, mugs, trinkets calling him a kook. This was bound to happen and the world feels it makes sense. History, for what it is worth, will write him down as a classic textbook case of a kook. Now you think I am a kook because I do not have faith in Do. I met him, spoke with him, and trained under his later teachings.

    Did you see how he left the message with everyone’s Nike bound feet and the swoosh pointing up to the skies instead of straight ahead? It all comes from the message of “just do it”, “lets do it”, or “come, follow me”. It is a message to the people of the earth to begin taking their own lives, and they will do so increasingly more often, because there is an overall state of hopelessness and an inability to grow or change.

    It is also the message of the pied piper. Te and Do began honestly and innocently playing the game, but when they did not depart together, Do had a perdicament. What do you do when you climb to the top of the mountain and there is no one there to pick you up? Either you need to head back down and find another mountain to climb, or you can vacate your vehicle right there.

    Now you don’t need vacate your vehicle, but Do has put me in a position to bet my soul on whether or not you will not be leaving on a UFO. CIA, counter-intelligence and MK-Ultra has done nasty things in the name of freedom, liberty and justice for all as both you and I know. UFOs, cults, LSD and suicide are all a part of it.

    God bless you Sawyer and if you can, come to the land of Buddha for healing.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m sorry about this, but I don’t know that anything I can say can help you with anying, as you don’t appear to be asking for that anyway but seem to think you’ve got it figured out and appear to be using little things I say in a completely out of context way.

      But I will say that there is no way there will be anyone taking their own lives for Do. People have always taken their lives and some have done it for what they believed – Buddha, Krishna, allah, god, Jehovah, government, peace, to save a tree or a whale, or another, and the Next Level is always the judge of what to do with each soul.

      If anyone asks Do now in their private heart felt moments whether he would have them lay down their lives, I believe firmly that he would say, “give your life” as giving is the key not taking one’s own life. So how would we give? Well according to Do at this time, it’s by believing in all ti and do taught and did and disseminating their info far and wide and accepting the ramifications whatever they are.

      I can hear a number of mindsets in your words and I can’t say I recognize any of them as from Ti and Do’s mind, except for some terminology. But I admit 100% that I’m not the judge of you and what you say and I could be wrong and I’m glad to be wrong and glad to see how at any moment so please don’t be offended by this. Now discarnates and Luciferian space aliens WILL be offended by what I have said here but you if you have any of Ti and Do’s mind in you will be willing to examine (at least) what I have said.

      Meeting Do and talking with him and even trying to incorporate his teachings and/or being in his classroom are all positive things towards greater relationship IF we ask him for help today as there are no laurels to rest upon.

      Do said the planet was still good so I think you are listening to lower forces to say it’s going to be blown up unless I’m taking what you said too literally. I have I misunderstood can you please be specific and qualify what you have to say if you’re using something figuratively. This is one of the reasons I do so much qualifications as it’s almost impossible and more to communicate without.

  10. A regular reader Says:

    > “Abandon your children.”
    > “Son of Man”
    > “Deadbeat dad”

    One can further argue many parents stay home to fight over, abuse, ignore, or simply abort their children from the start. Some loving parents raise their children to be psychopathic, as we saw with Adam Lanza. Whether absent as a parent or not, it makes little difference in the face of love. What may really matter is why he gave them up to their caretaker when he did.

    > bitter soup
    > eat nightmares

    I feel certain he is not bitter or bothered one bit and never will be. I know Sawyer, and regardless of how crazy he may appear, he is as solid and rooted in his thinking as any man can be, even more so. I am not saying he is always correct or that he will never change, but some of your ideas are off-base and I can see why Sawyer feels it may serve no useful purpose to speak with you further.

    > faces of EVNODY, IRSODY, VRNODY

    I saw their faces too, happy, clean and natural, and can tell you they were completely pure of heart, so your implication to have sex with them is akin to implying you would have liked to rape them. Is there something twisted in my thinking? And so who are you to throw stones at Do for leaving his birth children in another’s gentle care?

    DO treated us all as innocent babies, which made me feel uncomfortable because of my own self-awareness. I am not one to be babied by anyone, man, woman, or arising messiah.

    Sawyer is not guilty of the personal decisions HG family members made for themselves. He did not and does not encourage anyone toward suicide or joining along with him. While in the cult, everyone was encouraged to test their own faith and leave. Money would be paid to set a person up to care for themselves whenever necessary, no questions asked.

    You do not have full grasp of the openness of the situation. Soon no longer will it be so unusual when a person decides to freely and willingly opt out of this level to move onto their own personal next level imagined for themselves.

    When a fairly large group who is ahead of the trend decides to perform the maneuver in orchestrated unison for whatever strange reason, it seems shocking, cold and calculated. Fingers need to be pointed and key players need to be held accountable even while questions arise years later as curious onlookers sort through the facts.

    My faith was tested and I left too, yet since then my path has been to serve God quietly and alone. We know the highest service as children of God is to honor the Father and to do as Jesus of Nazareth taught. There is no higher calling while here on earth for those who believe.

    The phrase “planet will blow” refers to the “spading under” which is now slowly unfolding; in other words, about these very times which I had asked about earlier.

    As the towers fell, America too has fallen, having lost many of the freedoms and liberties once enjoyed by “we the people”. While good parents freely abort their “mistakes”, gays celebrate the right to unionize, and cannabis users celebrate the right to partake, few consider the hundreds of personal rights and freedoms lost over the same span of history. As a people, we have completely lost our good sense of what is important and what is not.

    The vast majority of Americans now reside in a “Constitutional Free Zone”, meaning the US Constitution as we once knew it is no longer valid. The masses are effectively brainwashed, while at a domestic level we are entering an age of austerity and post-consumerism. The resulting civil and economic unrest is evident and rising, yet few care to speak of it except in passing.

    Shortly after the next major homeland incident, borderlands and international gateways will become areas of restricted movement and limited access. It will become increasingly difficult for contrarian mindsets to communicate, migrate, or act undetected in the rapidly emerging security state.

    Witness for yourself as even small town police agencies deploy hi-tech defense and detection strategies, while militarizing their troops in preparation of yet-to-be-called national emergencies and unseen domestic groups plotting attack.

    For their own good, and through their own consent, the people of America will be under continued surveillance by a higher authoritarian protectionist government employing trained military forces to maintain societal control while the majority stand in silent support.

    Both overt and covert government directed counter-intelligence channeled through media and on-line news outlets will continue to play key roles in dumbing down the masses while evoking both calm and apprehension to keep the people off-balance and under control.

    I live, work, feed and comfort the poor in the land of Buddha for good reason. Many so-called Christians of this day and age who through moral obligation alone should be doing similar deeds are the very ones who stand behind and support the emerging military surveillance state built and maintained by exploitative global corporate interests upon whom they feed.

    This is not to condemn Christianity or the true disciples of Jesus of Nazareth who indeed still walk the earth in all nations, but only those who support the techno-terror war machine as a solution for peace.

    Our Jesus of Nazareth, also rejected in his homeland by his people for being crazy, was a free and peace-loving spirit, friend of the poor and oppressed, a revolutionary, un-afraid to speak the truth, yet took a path of service and self-sacrifice over an armed, defensive, militant, or otherwise destructive path toward liberation.

    The war on terror is an un-winnable and fraudulent offensive designed alongside a much older and established plan directed by a global elite with an ultimate plan of complete and total world dominance through eugenics and technology.

    It is understood that at random times massively horrible event will continue to strike the earth and/or our nation while an additional series of sub-calamities are set into motion. Government propaganda will make it appear they are doing their best as the confused masses continue to bow down and pay homage to a dead system which gives them scant hope. They will have no God but the state, and they will call on the state to save them as you see happening now.

    These are not conspiracy theories or extremist views, but realistic highly probable scenarios for the future held by knowing world leaders and analysts along with thousands of ordinary people living quiet and honorable lives both within and beyond US borders.

    > seem to think
    > you’ve got it
    > figured out

    As with all captive societies, the news and views from those on the outside tends to go completely contrary to those on the inside who believe they can see their world better close-up. We each have deep religious insight and conviction, yet agree religion has everyone else deceived and in bondage. You are in fact creating a religion and it is called the “Church of Sawyer” similar to the church of “Paul the Apostle”.

    Jesus was DO; DO was Jesus; end of story. That is all that matters with moving forward; not comets, UFOs, space aliens, Luciferian influences or any of your complex and tangential biblical analysis of prophecy. If people can’t accept that simple statement, hold your tongue and allow them to be on their way. Why complicate matters? Why do you need to make a personal attempt to validate Te and Do in some way?

    Now I could be wrong in how I am reading all of this, but you might do well to consider leaving prophecy and revelation to those honestly gifted as prophets and revelators. “Who is the real Jesus” is at issue here and nothing more. The Beyond Human series really did cover everything. DO orchestrated that record personally and it is the best and most comprehensive account left behind. What do you have to say now above and beyond Do’s own words that will help clarify that record or make a difference in anyone’s life?

    Te and Do’s story has been told to perfection and the game is over for us all as we now face the “spading under”. Your pod casts are interesting and entertaining because they are recorded live and unscripted. I listen when I can because I consider you a brother in Christ and have always enjoyed your company. You are completely forthright and honest, exemplar in ways. I do hope that you would give each and every one of my questions some thought and answer them in plain simple English.

    > you don’t appear asking

    I did ask many questions of you and Do directly. For what it’s worth, his answer both in word and deed stands as his testimony in the annuls of human history. Still there are no clear answers for the “humans”, and you don’t seem to be clarifying issues much beyond what has already been said (although you are entertaining). Now you are acting as a preacher in a virtual church explaining (bib-bil) prophecy as you see it and how you happen to think Te and Do might see it too.

    After all these years of searching, little doubt remains that in spite of our technological prowess, modern society will slowly crumble into a downward spiral of death, destruction and decay, while a small, loosely connected elite group of “resource planners” remain calm, comfortable and in-control. The earth did not become the free, peace-loving techno-enhanced back-to-nature eco-utopia for one and all as we hoped it would be in our innocence 40 years ago.

    To the contrary; similarities between Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World are here now with more of the same on the horizon. Science fiction fantasy and prophecy seem to follow along well together in places as you well know. The crippled beast we call the system will attempt to uplift itself with surveillance drones overhead as many retreat to remote private shelters and underground bases bearing defensive arms and supplies.

    The time has now come where there is no right or wrong; only those who obey and those who do not. “Either you are with us or against us,” as that is the accepted war cry of the modern techno-terror warrior. No one is allowed to bow out of this world-wide religious war without end. This is the cold, harsh reality for these end times in which we have found ourselves.

    Many will again feel a need to sacrifice and pray. Others will relax to watch the fireworks, waiting to enjoy the grand finale of destruction as they drink and/or drug themselves to death with their own mix of kool-aid or applesauce. Still others will decide to “off” themselves alone, quickly and violently, while some will opt to take as many others along as possible. For those who care to open their eyes to the nightmare, we see all this and more happening now.

    I understand how there are those who blame you, and as the collective worldly mind becomes increasingly more unstable you fear someone may take action against you, yet you are still courageous enough to form a virtual world-wide church. Let’s not forget to mention government overseers are likely assigned to keep tabs on you and your followers, while the idea of a blog and pod-cast conveniently links everyone’s IP together as pages are accessed and files shared.

    I want to make a few final points clear. Dis-incarnates (or dis-carnates as you call them) do attempt to form bonds with humans and they are evil. We know too that in these times bodies can be grown in laboratories and the souls of humans can be stolen, hijacked and destroyed. Along with body and soul manipulations, minds can be totally wiped clean, and the seed of a completely different mind planted within. So you see much of what you say is true and makes perfect sense.

    The incredible apocalyptic event we are witnessing as a generation is the complete and total take-over of the planet by a nefarious global elite who do in fact at times appear to be alien and/or Luciferian in nature. In their work toward total human domination, they do use a wide variety of mind control techniques on both the masses and individuals. Their mission is primarily one of eugenics, depopulation of undesirables, population and resource management (to put it nicely).

    This movement began well before the initial studies of eugenics that faded into disgrace as Hitler rose to power. The powerful intellectual proponents went underground for several decades, and now we see the re-emergence of their offspring as they rear their ugly heads and move forward with the plans of their beloved forefathers. These families (or family of spirits as you may call them) are linked back to demons of the Dark Ages.

    As with Te and Do’s thesis, how can anyone prove or disprove this? Impossible! But through using the Internet, it is a snap to find a spiritual base of followers who would be supportive of me to go on ad infinitum about this premise as we search for answers to the misery and unfairness we all witness on a grand scale in the world today. I could do it, but that’s religion, and that’s what you are doing, even writing a book of ideas to be bought and sold.

    I accept that to some degree, but will further add that in relation to Te and DO and your newly forming church, every single parable in the record is of extreme importance for you to be giving a sermon about (I might be wrong, but at least I honestly feel this way). If you would stick to the parables and only the parables and put all the rest of the bible to bed (especially the guy you picked up along the way from Patmos), I do feel you could extend your reach. It would be wonderful if you could bring in examples of Te and Do within each and every parable, but try to keep on track. Focus on the parables and only the parables leaving all prophecy for the prophets to interpret and your words will touch more people.

    I know you did not ask for my advice, and I may be totally off-base sharing my ideas with you here, but please think deeply about how I feel and what I have shared because I have done the same for you and DO (I did not meet Te although as you mention they are essentially one in the same).

    I know in my heart Sawyer that you trust Te and Do 100%, and therefore it is true you will remain with them forever. You have actually come out of this with a daughter and the best of both worlds, so it is no wonder you fear something to lose. If this is true let go of those fears as you try your best to do the work of our Lord through preaching the Good News of His saving grace.

    May God bless you always Sawyer.

  11. gemunis Says:

    I know the course is long, the lessons are forever encouraging, and we grow ,and adapt to the changes in the world, while overcoming. We engage in the purifying, cleansing of ourselves, in that we would eventually become the vessel we would strive to become pleasing to our creator, through his mediums (Teachers),of this era, (TI, and DO). I realize this, and with that shared, I would like to share with most, that Sawyody, has been given the responsibility to gather what was left, of the flock, and to prepare us for the harvest, with the ever evolving continuum.
    So I guess it’s time we personally continue in our own personal human over coming, and waist not a moment. Sawyody “thank you for taking on this great responsibility”, for being the diligent teacher which you have become, and in doing so, keeping, and honoring the original formula, shared with you, through our Fathers (Ti, and DO).

    • baldtim Says:

      Sawyer, do whatever gives you and your loved ones the most happiness… don’t take this stuff so seriously, instead– enjoy your time on earth… if there are answers to be had, we’ll all find out soon enough.

      Don’t overcome being human… “be human” instead… feel, laugh, cry, fear death, get the French Dip (you don’t have to get the pot pie)… get your teeth fixed (there are free dental clinics).

      Take time for yourself — to examine the inside of your skull anew without all the figments… feel lucky for the experiences you’ve had and delight in making new ones. Cut yourself some slack… give yourself a break.

      And laugh out loud like there is no tomorrow …. one day you will be right…

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