Ti and Do classroom examples of Jesus saying, “to those with eyes to see and ears to hear”

to follow a comment from a regular reader commenter on my blog who listens to the ti and do audio tapes and my response. His comments are not given in proper context but I thought some of what I expressed might be new to some of you who want to know more about Ti and Do:

blog comment:

I googled “dirty snowball” and the first image returned was of a comet.
“Dirty snowball” is a euphemism. ISON was what they call a “Sun Grazer”…
One craft had turned in their papers with the abbreviation of “IMBW”… “i might be wrong”… and Do and Ti didn’t think that was next level behavior.
Do you have any of the papers that were written? Any of yours for instance… I see the ones on the website… but there has to be more because they go on and on about it in the tapes.

Sawyers response:

sun grazer? Just because someone puts a name on something and believe it to be….does that make it so? How unscientific of you to so trivialize what you admit to have no knowledge of, reducing those magnificent devices to a tiny name. If you did put effort out to evaluate comets you would see that to date all the textbooks will need to be re-written and I know this but of course it can only be known by experience and academic experience is about as useful to greater understanding as scriptures are useful to greater understanding IF one has shut off wanting to see what else there is behind what only a few entrenched others have said about it.

I hate to have to bring this up but there seems to be so few things you question, but depending on who you ask about “magic mushrooms” will determine what you get back about them and that’s actually the way it is with EVERYTHING which I know you have awareness of but simply choose what to apply it to or not because part of your fun seems to be to try to poke holes in things others seem to value. So good you are a basher or debunker seeking proof when if any is given mental or physical you deny it I s proof. But I continue to give you time as perhaps it can serve some positive for someone today or tomorrow as it is a public blog.

you have clearly misunderstood the tape you were listening to OR are just enjoying being contrary or some such mindset …. there is no way ICBW or IMBW as you abbreviated it to, which I thought was what was happening but didn’t know the context was not next level behavior as such was a major step and wow was it ever as because of that step, otherwise seen as 100% dedicated students there from the start left the class because of not thinking they “could be wrong” as often as it would have found application which at least to start that lesson was applied to everything, with an example of the Pokla Dot leisure ports, tents that were a greenish hue but if an older member said were polka dotted to not see the polka dotted meant one didn’t see what the older Member saw, trusting more their own eyes.

Now obviously there is outrage among most to the thought of this “lesson” but the older member wouldn’t say it looked polka dot as a test to see if students would pass the test, though one couldn’t fail the test unless they gave up recognizing that in some way the leisure port was polka dotted and quit the class because of, either literally or in the recognition that it was they who were not seeing what the older member saw and not that the older member was deluded or making something up to make the student look bad or some such nonsense that no one else would see as nonsense when they think it preposterous that Do and Ti were older member from the evolutionary level above human in the first place.

another case in point. I joined believing that spirits (disembodied humans) existed. I came to that not by study. It just made sense to me though I did look into it a bit before meeting ti and do. So when ti and do said that there were discarnate “influences” that a big part of our overcoming task was to get rid of as they are what humans are made up of, the accumulation of what was accepted and rejected from birth, in ideas, concepts, behaviors and ways in all aspects of life. When I heard that from Them it made sense to me but certainly wouldn’t have as much if I hadn’t become acquainted with the possibility, initializing the brain to it that allowed more data to find it’s database like home. And there is still a great deal to say about the lessons that Ti and Do gave leading up to the ICBW lesson that were geared to helping us SEE more of what IS which did not just apply to UNDERSTANDING. It applied to literally seeing what otherwise one would think not to exist at all. It’s like wind. If there was no science to explain it’s physicality we would still KNOW it or whatever we feel from it has physical qualities though would not know how to dissect it’s gaseous and particle components. Jesus thus compared a spirit to just that, the wind. It’s even the same word in the Greek along with breath and in some cases soul and mind things that were considered to be frequency based rather than molecular based though perhaps I am not describing that in the most accurate way as I know we can consider that the winds are from the sun’s solar wind but on that subject Ti and Do felt that some of the wind source are actually spirits. For instance they said that in the Midwest where there was such a slaughter of buffalo, they felt some of that wind was the herds of buffalo spirits.

We were given eye exercises that would help us literally SEE MORE and apparently it paid off for some when at least three Saw the two small beings in their “craft” in the Yuma AZ area while others dreamed it. Speaking of dreams to many who are simply not aware of the possibilities would accept that they are just some brain processing or garbage collection function causing random things to happen in one’s head. But to those that have had a vast experience with dreams of all sorts, they see some of them as lessons, some as a type of astral travel. Ti and Do taught us to stay in our vehicles at night. They also taught that the Next Level used dream time for lessons for the next day so they would seem familiar – again the initialization idea.

Anyway, getting back to one of the past points, I believed in all these things when Ti and Do talked about them but not like a mesmerized follower with no mind for themselves but because they simply made sense to me though I could relate little experiences – except in my youth I had many unusal dreams and then some hallucination experience in the use of LSD in highschool and college and a little after until I quit usage – years before meeting Ti and Do (though in part due to the crazy experiences I had with my first “wife” – woman I lived with for 5 years from 19 yrs old who would see things all the time and even proved some of what she saw – a long story I have told and might again sometime. In other words there was a lot of experiences in different settings that all added up to “belief with openmindedness”. Had I had none of that, I’d naturally be like the many people that think it’s fanciful to which I can say, if anyone wants to see more of what is, then they should start the programming of wanting to see by at least preliminarily believing there is more to see.

But it wasn’t until 2008 that immedieatly that night after a vivid dream with Ti that I woke up to seeing spirits on maybe 10 or 12 different settings, though all nighttime and either before falling asleep or after waking. However , this is meaningless to someone who thinks no such thing exists and doesn’t want to see more cause they think it’s impossible (which makes it impossible and is the current Luciferian state of mind with the reality of the Next Level as the beings that created it all.

And at that time I was not trying to see more but I was reestablishing my committal to service to ti and do on the heals of many dreams and premonitions that most would think figments of my imagination which the next level wants us to have the option to think about in that way.

I have a paper I wrote, but I wrote many but I don’t care to post it at this time as it won’t add anything that’s not been said.


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