Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”

                                                           Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”                          By Stmody

     This paper assumes that you are already familiar with our material, and is an attempt to present a few personal thoughts on Ti and Do’s task here that may prove helpful to any who are ready to leave everything to go “home.”  I feel very lucky to have been allowed the honor of accompanying two Older Members of the Level Above Human on the toughest assignment there is (their words, not mine).  I also feel that I’ve learned lessons here that probably could not have been learned anywhere else.  I have enjoyed this task, although at times it sure seemed tough.

     I could be wrong but think that the two main purposes of our task were: (1) to individually work on overcoming the human characteristics of the vehicles and discarnate influences assigned to us (thus gaining strength, and hopefully qualifying for a Next Level vehicle upon task completion), and (2) to set the record straight, i.e., provide assistance to the human level, which we feel is being victimized by the space aliens.  It has become apparent that the purpose of this garden is to serve as a stepping stone, a “school” to learn lessons in, and from which to graduate to the Evolutionary Level Above Human.  For this school to work best as a kind of “womb” for the germination of new members who are non-mammalian, genderless, and selfless, it seems that any civilized society should honor the following “rights,” in order to minimize space-alien interference in the evolution of souls here.

* The right to qualify my thoughts – saying, for example, “I could   be wrong,” or “I don’t know, what do you think?” –  without people   assuming that I am indecisive     We’ve learned that it is Next Level way, and a sign of maturity and   wisdom, to not answer off the top of the head, but to think, act,   and talk with no confidence.  From experience, I have realized that   this vehicle’s objectivity is not “worth a toot” and that trusting   its judgment, opinion, or memory doesn’t work (isn’t accurate).  My   Older Members taught me everything worth knowing, including how to   remain open and flexible.  I am totally dependent on them for   everything and am better off because of it.  I am lost without   them, and only someone who doesn’t know them would see this   dependency as a sign of weakness.  To me, trying to do anything on   your own is silly when Representatives are sent from the Next Level   to show you a better way.  There are still facts that we don’t know   much about, since the Next Level (through Ti and Do) feeds us our   “nourishment” (Next Level mind/information) one step at a time, as   needed.  But one thing I have learned, thank goodness, is how   ignorant I am, so it is very important for me to qualify what I   think and say.   * The right to stop being so victimized – to “sober up” from the   “drunken” state induced by engaging in sensuality, drugs, and various   family and religious activities that keep humans so preoccupied with   concerns of the world that they seem unable to recognize facts that   contradict everything they have been taught     No one was ever more skeptical, stubborn, and “independent” than   this silly vehicle (my body), which believed it had freedom,   intelligence, and uniqueness.  The truth of the matter was that   this vehicle, like all others on this planet, was a slave to its   programming and a victim of the “radio signals” promoting addictive   behavior beamed at it by the space aliens.  It was only   superficially different from other slaves, and only “free” to   choose which addictions it preferred.  It is the way of the Next   Level to give everyone a free-will choice, and not sell their ways   or recruit new members.     As far as we can tell, all human vehicles currently have   destructive genetic programming.  They have become the unknowing   victims of misinformation and degradation, and are kept “blinded”   and ignorant purposely by the space aliens in order to carry out   their own agenda.  My classmates and I have occupied human vehicles   for over 20 years and know well what the programming is here.   Humans don’t realize how the aliens use religions, the media, the   government, the education system, and so on, to program them to   accept their bondage.  And although we know that humans are   innocent victims, in a sense, not having asked to be bombarded with   misinformation, they are no less in bondage.  Part of our assigned   task is to try to present the facts as we see them in hopes of   liberating them.   * The right to true religious freedom – the right to go counter to   the standard religious programming – the right to join a non-   mainstream group, no matter how different their belief – as long as I   don’t hurt others, without being viewed in a negative light     To me religious freedom means the right to go through a   metamorphosis undisturbed, to try to evolve by renouncing the world   and choosing to leave this level behind.  It also means having the   right to at least try to be “brainwashed” (wash my vehicle’s brain   of all corrupt programming and replace it with Next Level   programming) in an effort to become a new creature that can   circulate in a new world.  We have found that it is not easy to be   brainwashed, even when trying our best, and I feel my best chance   of getting the facts (Truth) straight is to be free of human   programming.  What would really interfere is to be “deprogrammed   for my own good” by someone wanting to “save me from myself.”   Deprogrammers and cult-awareness people must be naive or ignorant   of the space aliens’ tricks; they do not realize how they are being   used to confuse the facts.  They wouldn’t be doing what they are   doing if they realized the facts:  that misinformation is so common   and real information so rare on this planet, any group having a   glimpse of it would be labeled a “cult” by the mainstream, who make   the rules and define the terms.  Those who support the status quo   unknowingly “throw out the baby with the bath water;” i.e.,   debunking all unusual groups automatically means attacking any real   Representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Ironically, they find   fault with the very things that prove we are from the true Heavens,   sent here to free them.   * The right to believe that my Teachers are the return of the same   mind (Do) that was in Jesus and His Father (Ti), and Do is the only   Next Level Rep currently on this planet, and the right to share this   information to help others     I know this is hard to believe because our vehicles’ brains have   all been carefully programmed to reject it.  But I also know from   experience, and from the information they bear, that this is true,   and I cannot deny what I have come to know.  Based on 20 years of   developing a “personal relationship” with my Teachers, I am   committed to them and know I knew them previous to awakening here,   although I also feel the Next Level carefully prevents my   remembering any of the details (for obvious reasons).  I’ve come to   know them and to know that they are not just some advanced human   equivalent (space alien) using a human body, but are from the Level   Above Human.  They seem to have no human ego, no desire to be   leaders, nor to be recognized as something special. They are humble,   direct, and have proven many times that their only desire is to be   selfless instruments of their Older Members.  They are gentle and   modest, yet no one is stronger willed or more disciplined, and their   example has kept me going through some pretty rough times.  I have   lived in the same quarters with them for periods of times, and know   first hand what they do and how they act 24 hours a day.  I know they   consistently live what they teach.  In addition, I wish I could   convey how great their sense of humor is, and how much fun they are   to be around.     The bottom line is that I know they are from the only true Owners,   Authority, and Law here, and I’ve come to trust that they know what   is best for all of us.  Because of all that is happening in the   world, it may be clear to many that recycle time is here, but you   may not know that the only way we know to survive the “farmer’s   plow” is to begin learning from the current Next Level Rep how to   become non-mammalian.  If I’m not mistaken, Do has had the task of   playing the “Savior” role twice to a world that doesn’t seem to   want to be “saved,” at least not if it means drastically changing   and upgrading their human-level behavior.   * The right to investigate such esoteric subjects as astrology,   karma, spirits, UFOs, etc. without being judged as “satanic” or into   the “dreaded occult”     For example, astrology can be used as merely a game to help with   understanding the Kingdom of Heaven’s system of directing energies   (fertilizer) at the garden.  It might also be used to gain insights   into the programming of one’s “plant” (body) to have an idea of   what to work against, as opposed to using it to increase humanness.   A knowledge of spirits can help one recognize, label, and abort   discarnate “influences,” as opposed to using it to call in more   spirit “helpers,” thus getting more hooked on the world.  We would   never deliberately “channel” spirits (discarnates), and we believe   that those who do mistakenly think they are filled with the “holy   ghost,” or some “ascended master.”  But the content of their   messages (their “fruit”) makes it clear to us that they are really   just being used as a mouthpiece by aliens.   * The right to be told the truth about all Biblical research and   discoveries, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, and not be “protected”   from any data that might contradict the accepted dogma and threaten   the church’s authority

  For example, from what I’ve read, if the Dead Sea Scrolls are   accurate, it seems that the Essenes were very radical in their   beliefs, indistinguishable from the Zealots and Sicarri, who today   would likely be labeled “patriot terrorists.”  Their lives were   committed to following the “Law” (of God) at all costs, rather than   compromising with the worldly philosophies and religions that   dominated the area at that time.   * The right to expose that, as far as we can tell, Paul was the real   “founder” of Christianity and, ironically, was Satan’s best agent   in “deep cover” used to corrupt Jesus’ message     According to a number of findings of recent scholars, Paul started   out persecuting the early followers of Jesus.  Later, after a   vision and supposed conversion, he joined the young church   (infiltrated the “cult”?), and some suspect that he may really have   been an “intelligence agent” of the Roman Empire (the “New World   Order” of the time).  The true followers of Jesus (those who had a   personal relationship with him, who lived with him, asked him   questions, were corrected by him, and knew from personal daily   experience how he thought and approached circumstances), realized   that Paul, well-meaningly or purposely, as part of a conspiracy or   not, was compromising everything that Jesus taught.  Some scholars   now believe that James, brother of Jesus, and Peter, knew they were   under attack by the “opposition,” and therefore recalled Paul to   Jerusalem and censored him.  It seems that they tried at “Damascus”   (possibly a code name for Qumran, a main “militia” base of the   time), to help save Jesus’ message by “deprogramming” Paul (and his   followers) from misinformation (teaching him how to correctly   interpret Jesus’ overcoming formula).  Then, when all else failed,   new evidence seems to suggest that the more radical-minded Zealots   vowed to kill Paul, and the high priest of the Sanhedrin, as   “traitors” to the true “Church,” but Rome intervened with troops,   protected him, relocated him to Rome, and put him in the Empire’s   “witness protection” program.  If this information is accurate,   what are the ramifications regarding “Christianity,” the religion?   * The right to expose what seems to be one of Paul’s main   “blasphemies,” i.e., that no one needs to change significantly in   order to meet the “entry requirements,” but can be saved and enter   Heaven by “faith alone”     In my experience, unfortunately, it seems that most fundamentalist   Christians judge negatively any group whom they see as following   “unscriptural doctrines and ethics” or whose “beliefs are   distinctly opposed to historical, orthodox Christianity.”  But whom   do they quote as the basis of this judgment?  Paul!  Yet it seems   that Paul compromised the overcoming formula that Jesus brought,   repackaging it to create a new, more palatable, more marketable   “concoction” that allowed people to stay in the world and still   call themselves followers of Jesus.     The Luciferians (space aliens) seem to have concentrated their main   attack on the Judeo-Christian heritage, since that was where, as   far as we know, the Next Level has done the most work.  The Next   Level taught the Israelites simple rules to live by for every   occasion, thus reprogramming them with very basic Next Level   information.  Yet, the Bible and other history books indicate that   despite these efforts, last time around the Rep (Jesus) finally   gave up going to the Jewish religious (the natural recipients) with   His message, since they rejected it, and today it’s the same when   we try to go to the Judeo-Christian religious.  In our view,   neither the Jewish vehicles (bodies) of today, nor those of the   Christians, as groups, seem to be the “chosen people,” because the   real chosen are souls, not vehicles.  (Perhaps you could say that   today’s Christians are a main focus of corruption.  They have   bought Paul’s misinformation so completely that they are living a   4000-year-old morality.  And by denying the overcoming formula that   Jesus brought, without realizing it, they have become propagators   of totally contrary information, i.e., the “Anti-Christ.”)   Amazingly, to me, they accepted nothing substantial of what the Son   brought, but use His name, and thus can be mistaken by those with   deposits as having an update, when in fact they are a counterfeit   and their gospel is a dead-end street.  It seems to us that the   true “Israelites” are those souls chosen by the Next Level to be   given a deposit, either previously or currently, in preparation for   the coming of the Rep.  Therefore, they are referred to as “born   again,” and they have a chance to respond to this information and   its bearer, opting to receive or reject the nourishment that only   an Older Member can give.   * The right to see that no human belief system, religious or secular,   can be based on factual information, unless it comes directly from   the current Rep     Please note, however, that the Next Level reads peoples’ hearts and   monitors their actions, which speak louder than words.  They do not   care if you have been an atheist, an agnostic, a pagan, a criminal,   an addict, or the most devout born-again Christian on the planet.   All that really counts is your response to the Rep here and now.   It is interesting to us that today it appears that the Muslim and   Buddhist cultures, for example, sometimes demonstrate more Next   Level characteristics, such as modesty, restraint, and a greater   attempt at renunciation of the addictions and ways of this world.   Buddha may also have been a Rep, perhaps performing a different   “experiment” for the Next Level.  (Any message of renunciation of   this world would seem to have originated with the Next Level,   because why would Lucifer work against himself?)  As far as we can   tell, by demonstrating his hatred and denial of this world, Buddha   updated Hinduism (which had been corrupted) in much the same way   that Jesus updated the corrupted Jewish religion.  But Buddha’s   message has now also been distorted to the point where it is mainly   ritual and myth that keeps people sidetracked, hooked on the “drug”   of spirituality.     To me, the situation regarding religions today is like having all   computer program files (all original Next Level messages) corrupted   by a space alien computer virus that only the Next Level Rep can   restore to readability.  And the only reality is to connect with   the Reps from the only real potential future, while they visit in   the present, and go out on their coattails, while the door is open.   It’s that simple!   * The right to expose the “Prosperity Gospel” as off track – a   corruption of Next Level information     The charismatic Christian evangelists serve as the primary mediums   for the forces in opposition to the messianic message, when they   say, “If you really had a relationship with the Lord, as I do, He   would bless you with wealth, for He wants you to have a full life   with wife, kids, grandkids, and even a rich sex life.”  If this   were true, where were Jesus’ wife, kids, and wealth in this world?   Wouldn’t it be only a counterfeit god that would reward prayer by   giving things that increase humanness and bind people more to the   world?  To me, it seems that these evangelists are well meaning,   but are being used to pass on lies.  If they and their followers   don’t wake up to what’s really going on, we fear that they are   assured of death, because their urgency to change is effectively   all but destroyed.  It seems evident that the aliens use preachers   to try to con humans into believing that they can have all the   inducements of this level, guilt free.  But humanness is not   allowed in the Next Level, and to get there you must attempt to   drop all human/mammalian ways while in the human kingdom.   * The right to become a Eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom of God –   to be non-mammalian, genderless, and celibate (mentally and physically   abstaining from all sensuality), and not be seen as “unnatural” or as   “missing out on something”     I don’t remember the details, but I think I volunteered to be   stationed for training in this “Hell.”  I think I asked to go on a   mission under the toughest possible conditions in hopes of gaining   strength and proving my loyalty (proving that nothing of the “other   side” can any longer tempt me to fall away, as Lucifer and his   followers fell).  The vehicle I was assigned to was heavily into   the world (sex, romance, music, drugs, and gluttony; i.e.,   indulging in anything to give it a “buzz”).  I’ve had to work like   crazy to block memories of the vehicle’s desires and the suffering   that goes with the futile attempt to satisfy them.  Now it’s   pleasant to sustain self-restraint and to be of service, and I get   great satisfaction from pleasing my Older Member.  It seems that   the degree of control of my vehicle’s replicating machinery   (reproductive plumbing) is one good measure of closeness to the   Next Level, which finds any sensuality offensive.     We feel that everyone should also have the right to actually do   something, if necessary, in order to not have to occupy a gender-   oriented “plant” (body) preoccupied with reproductive activity,   including:  1) Control the vehicle’s thoughts and eliminate any   gender-role-playing characteristics to help “sober up” from   hormones that keep the body intoxicated, stupid, empty-headed, and   “blind.”  2) To find a physician who will prescribe medication   designed to stop the body’s production of reproductive hormones.   3) Have the vehicle neutered to stop the production of these   hormones permanently.     To the best of my knowledge, using “sex magic,” “black magic,”   Tantric or Taoist techniques to “raise the kundalini,” to “raise   consciousness,” “open chakras,” or to awaken the “spiritual eye”   are backward distortions.  My experience is that all you ever raise   is Cain, and all you open is Pandora’s box.  To me, trying to   overcome a reproductive level by using reproductive plumbing is   about on a par with “fighting for peace.”   * The right to research/uncover/know the facts behind conspiracies,   cover-ups, and disinformation, without being labeled a terrorist or   traitor     I believe that the Next Level created all that is, including their   opposition, so that a real alternative, a real choice, would be   presented to humans.  Written records seem to show that Jesus   eventually went to the sinners and the misfits (some of whom were   patriots and rebels disillusioned with both the religious leaders   and the government).  And today, those who hate this world and its   corrupt systems, religions, morality, and laws are in a real sense   our allies (although, of course, we may not agree with them on   specific points).  It seems that we have a common “enemy” – the   space-aliens with their “alleged” conspiracies designed to prepare   (program) the whole planet to accept a “New World Order,” a “New   World Religion” that would destroy the ability of this world to   function as a Next Level garden.     However, it also seems that aliens have deluded “patriots” as well,   sidetracking some into thinking their Lord would have them re-   establish the original “perfect republic,” or strive for “Aryan   purity,” restore family values (including female submission to   being second-class citizens), etc.  In all honesty, my   understanding is that these are not ways of the Next Level.  The   only Christ that would preach racisim, human family values, or any   version of Heaven on Earth is the Anti-Christ, and any patriots who   want to be closer to their Creator would be better off putting all   their energies into finding the Reps, and attempting to go to the   only place where they can really be free, the Evolutionary Level   Above Human.

  From some of the materials that we’ve examined (materials available   to the public), it seems that many of the conspiracy theories are   based in fact, although the opposition does its best to twist the   truth.  More and more facts are coming to the surface, and they   seem to indicate that the aliens, through their puppets, make up a   secret government (labeled variously as the Illuminati, Globalists,   Bilderbergers, International Bankers, Trilateralists, CFR, Council   of 300, MJ-12, etc.), which manipulates citizens into surrendering   their God-given rights in exchange for the illusion of equality,   law and order, security, and most important, peace.  Yet, it seems   that world peace can be enforced only by use of military force.   How can this lead to anything but stagnation, with everyone having   to act and think as the world government dictates (slavery) or face   custody, punishment, or even death (of the vehicle)?  They seem to   control almost all sources of information (programming).  It is   becoming harder and harder to function outside their system, and at   the same time, their laws (legislated morality) seem to drift   further from God’s Law all the time.  It has come to the point   where it’s hard to see any real difference between government and   religions, since both feel they know best what is “right conduct”   and what is “wrong conduct.”     We believe that the Next Level owns everything, and that they   provided more than enough to go around, if shared.  Don’t forget,   it seems that the Next Level’s original suggestions for running an   economy, based on the Old Testament, included such things as   periodically forgiving all debts and freeing all slaves (e.g.,   Jubilee Year), providing for widows and orphans, and forbidding the   charging of interest.  Didn’t Jesus and His disciples pool all   their resources, and didn’t they drive the money lenders out of the   temple?   * The right to be “gender-blind” and “color-blind,” not identifying   myself or others as their vehicle’s gender, sexual orientation, race,   or ethnic background, without being seen as a naive “idealist”     Since Next Level bodies are genderless, doesn’t it make sense that   a potential member needs to overcome gender consciousness?  I’m not   talking only about anatomical differences, but also the genetic   history (as it involves how the vehicle (body) has been programmed   to think and respond) and the circulating hormones that contribute   to how male or female its identity is.  Being “gay” or “straight”   is the vehicle’s programmed sexual “addiction” based on its genetic   history, hormonal balance, and the gender consciousness that the   discarnates it is hosting identify with.  From the Next Level’s   point of view, being sexual at all is primitive, and eventually   must be outgrown by anyone hoping to move up.  Therefore, neither   heterosexual nor homosexual is acceptable.  In fact, the original   meaning of “fornication” seems to have been “any sexual activity,”   but the aliens have reprogrammed people to interpret it as only   “any sexual activity outside of ‘holy matrimony.'”     The aliens also seem to have people focused on their vehicle’s   racial “roots,” celebrating and fighting for the right to be   different yet equal.  History shows that fighting for racial or   ethnic civil rights tends to increase the consciousness of   separateness, leading inevitably to more misunderstandings,   stereotyping, discrimination, and conflict.  To me, no one is more   knowledgeable than my Teachers about how rude and crude this level   can be, but they always approached everyone the same, “thinking the   highest,” expecting them to act decently.  Only if someone   responded otherwise, did they act accordingly.  Heavenly days, to   enter Heaven we want to eliminate things that are different about   us – and separate us from our Older Members – we want to all be as   much as possible of the same mind.   * The right to identify as the mind, not the vehicle, knowing that   if I should lose the vehicle, it would not be me that would die,   because “I” am the spirit or soul, not the body, and “I” continue on     My understanding is that the soul is actually freed from the   discomfort of an old “suit of clothes” when the vehicle is dropped.   It doesn’t make any sense to me that the driver “dies” when his   “car” (body) stops “running.”  To me, the body is just a “leaf” of   the “tree,” and the genetic strain (family tree) doesn’t end when   the leaf’s function becomes impaired.  When it is becoming a burden   on me and others, and whenever my choices are so restricted that   growth is impossible, or ridiculously difficult, it is part of the   design to evacuate it like a tree sheds a leaf.  In contrast, human   suicide (identifying as the body and trying to “end it all” for the   purpose of avoiding the growth pains of lessons) gets you nowhere.   It seems clear that longevity, physical beauty, and sex appeal are   all Luciferian concepts based on identifying as only the body and   its desires.  After all, what’s the point of extending a life   that’s meaningless?  All that’s important to me is how much can I   change to be like those who are already members of the Kingdom of   Heaven, because I want to be a match for my new Next Level vehicle.   * The right to live in a “cloistered” environment without people   assuming I am being “held against my will”     “I” am not this vehicle.  I am a young member of the Level Above   Human, and I (the soul filled with mind) know I didn’t even come   from this world, but probably our crew came here in a spacecraft.   Therefore, I identify with my classmates as my family, and my Older   Members as my “parents.”  And as long as they will have me, I will   do my best to live by their ways (to me, the most evolved “family   values” in existence).  I no longer associate with being part of a   human family, now that I know who I really am, what I’m here for,   and what I’m a part of.     The Next Level cares for all who look to it for nurturing.  And, if   I remember correctly, many of my classmates were not only “allowed”   to leave our class whenever they chose to, but were assisted   financially, given cars, and helped to find housing and work back   in the world if they chose to leave.  Many of those who left   voluntarily later realized what they had thrown away, “re-applied”   for membership in the “class,” and some were “re-admitted.”  They   are very glad to be back, and of course were welcomed back by all   of us with open arms.  Some students were even asked to leave by   our Teachers, when it had become apparent that the classroom wasn’t   working for them.  Some who left in this manner, learned certain   lessons needed outside the class, then also returned to complete   their schooling.   * The right to a nomadic lifestyle, a “mobile status” (not living or   working in one place very long, and not having to commit to leases,   and unreasonable deposits, etc.), without people assuming I’m not   trustworthy or dependable or that I have something to hide

  No human really knows their future, despite their committing to   long leases or long-term jobs.  They never know for sure when some   accident, disease, or family situation will change their plans,   making them “undependable.”  The difference is that we try to be   more honest and objective, not wanting to promise a commitment we   may not be able to keep.  But humans, more and more, tend to expect   what seems to us unrealistic longer and longer commitments.  The   question is, how can I put down “roots” and still stay available for   immediate service to the Next Level?  How can I keep my first   priority and commitment to the Next Level and stay ready to go where   “the spirit leads” (where the Next Level instructs) if I make a   long-term commitment?  I can’t!  It seems then that one of the main   ways the opposition binds humans is with obligations.  So, to be free,   you need to be free of contracts and commitments.     If Biblical history is accurate, the Lord related to the Israelites   most closely while they were nomadic in the wilderness.  All that   time, the Next Level provided proof of their existence and concern   by providing a cloud of light (UFO) to accompany them, and they   took care of them.  But the people grew bored with manna and wanted   meat.  Then they wanted to settle down, depending not on the Next   Level anymore, but on their family connections and human skills.   With this choice came obligations, and the Israelites soon lost   everything and reaped the results of rejecting the Lord’s   protection.        I’ve been given enough “smelling salts” to realize that for me this place is a death trap where the “dead bury their dead,” and none of us, least of all my Teachers, has anything to gain personally by trying to awaken you.  But we remember the pain of our own ignorance and are glad to help in any way we can.  The opposition will tell any lies, total nonsense, to destroy our credibility, but what they don’t understand is that the last thing we want is credibility in this world.  The true Rep and His “children” are the “anti-Anti-Christ,” and those who refuse to face the facts seem to always hate those who demonstrate that they live the facts.  All through this task I’ve looked to my Older Members, and they always had unbelievable patience with my growth pains.  They took care of my needs and much more, and I guarantee that they will take care of all your needs too, if you turn to them as I have.  I hope these thoughts help you understand your “right” to do so.                                                             April 18, 1996

                        Appendix A  –  Page 38



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3 Responses to “Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims””

  1. tmmody Says:

    STMODY… he seemed like a really nice guy, too.

    Don’t know what to say…. You’ve been given another chance, Sawyer… and you aren’t making the most of it. You didn’t learn anything from your experience. You could be sharing the insights… instead, you are still welded into it… ISON was an armada, huh?

    One pic. Just send one pic. Or even the most faintest of any evidence whatsoever.

    BTW, another one of you own died:

    • sawyer Says:

      I obviously don’t have that pic and if I did you wouldn’t believe it anyway so what’s the real point to this? Maybe I’m wrong and it’s not an “armada” but then what if it is?

      you don’t believe I was given another chance so why would you believe I’m not making the most of that chance you don’t believe I was given?

      is that like that razor fellow’s ideas?

  2. tmmody Says:

    Dude, I DO believe (read: DO BELIEVE) you were given another chance. You misread me. You WERE given another chance… and you should make the 200% whatever the fuck you wanna do MOST of that chance.

    You ARE a good person… and you need to spend these last ambulatory years looking for rainbows, constellations, and comets…. just not space aliens, boogers, and motherships (or armadas or whatever)…..

    YOU DO BELIEVE AND KNOW, you were given a second chance… And occam would agree: That is the simplest explanation… you were given a second chance.

    But with that second chance, you also have a completely unique perspective. And you are a musician, just like Do.

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