Broadcast tonight about ISON and 7th angel with trumpet blast and 3rd woe

Do has not to my knowledge informed me in any direct way about ISON, which nor do I expect or hope for but by indirect indicators throughout my examination of bpearthwatch’s videos and what I know about Ti and Do and what I see in prophecy it appears to be related to the 3rd woe. Each “woe” was actually an EXCLAMATION of a trumpet that comes before it. It appears to me that th e7th trumpet were being sounded – that’s communications by words/ideas/understandings regarding the reality of the Next Level and Their agenda which has global reach that suggests Their truth, relative to all prophecies as depicted are held back in Rev 10 until the time of the seventh trumpet. I may be wrong but as best I can tell the National Geographics channel, “Final Report: Heaven’s Gate” was just such a global wide announcement that strongly suggested even in it’s byline that the Heaven’s Gate effort was the so called “second coming” of Jesus and his Kingdom of God/Heaven family, Father and student body (saints). That documentary didn’t need to say a lot. Just be stating in no uncertain terms that this might have been the second coming, if it doesn’t stimulate those looking for Jesus return, to at the very least “consider” it, even for future exploration as other things unfold is actually their casting judgement over themselves as to who they want to be in allegiance to – Ti and Do or Mammon(humanism) in all it’s forms. So ISON I believe is the start of the 7 angels with vials which in events will show in world events as both the 7 angels with trumpet prophecies (that weren’t the communicative in words parts by/through the various players – Next Level, space aliens and humans depicted mostly in the trumpet blasts 5-7 and the rev 16 vial (medicine seen as plagues, calamities). I’ll talk on this more tonight on my broadcast in 10 minutes:

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18 Responses to “Broadcast tonight about ISON and 7th angel with trumpet blast and 3rd woe”

  1. tmmody Says:

    “The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference.”
    ― Richard Dawkins

    • sawyer Says:

      that’s a joke right – the ant god saying the houses everywhere are exactly what they are supposed to be to justify our own limitations when there are billions of examples all around the ants that speak to the opposite – that is DESIGN is in everything and the fearful enjoy mocking it.   Isn’t that a bit of circular thinking, one of the fundamentalist atheist’s creed. Probably a little of oscams razor in there too and perhaps some Alfred e. Newman.   You gave me a great idea for a skit: Dawkins, Icke and Billy Graham all agree on everything the other says while their followers argue to the contrary and the title is Human Intelligence.   I knew there was a good reason to keep looking at your comments. I get lots to talk about. I can’t listen to new age or Christian rants anymore – it’s all so run of the mill. A least from you I get some variance though I am a member of “think atheist” so can get the same stuff there but this way it comes right to my mailbox.

      • TMMODY Says:

        Thank you… I’ll take that as a complement!

        The teleological/paley’s watch argument has been debated ad infinitum… so, I’m not going to debate that with you — especially when you can throw a wrench into any debate by adding “… and luciferian space aliens” to the conversation at any time.

        Dawkins is AWE INSPIRING! Like Sagan. Just because believing in myths gives you comfort doesn’t make the myths true.

        Tape today mentioned the Chocolate Strawberry again… talked about you making a cake, too!

      • TMMODY Says:

        I’m getting a 404 as well… huh. Must be Luciferian space aliens.

        This is a magazine in Australia… it talks about “the 39” before they lost their lives. But there were a lot more than 39 that lost their lives. You lost yours, too.

        Thousands upon thousands of religions and cults going back thousands of years… but of all the people that have every lived and continue to live today…. 7 thousand million of us — but yet somehow, you think that of all the billions of good people (plants) that have ever lived or continue to live — you and these 39 are “the chosen” ones. And not a single one of you extraordinary in any way.

        You do a great injustice to Ti in the sense that you are paying attention to me — a plant. While you were into proselytizing like any good cult member searching for malleable victims like IRSODY… or VRNODY … or EVNODY . The ones selected weren’t the best and the brightest — no… instead, it was the weakest that were selected. Those that didn’t question the fundamentals. Being one of the more “smarter” ones (i don’t want to use the word intelligent because you wholly and unapologetically shun reason, science, and critical thinking– you must have looked for the IRSODY’s in the crowd. You didn’t look for the John The Baptist kind… you wanted the BRNODY’s and the IRSODY’s… vulnerable people … malleable people.

        And in your capacity as a lead vulture of the group — isn’t it shaming that you didn’t take your life when your recruits did? You hold to your whole COLLAGE of absolutely absurd beliefs because the alternative is too horrible for you to accept: that these people you recruited died because of you.

        A handful of hippies in the middle of the very hairy 70’s … stumbled upon the secret to all living things. Ponce De Leon searched in vain– because there had yet to be born a very flamboyantly gay preacher’s son.

        Of everything I’ve ever heard — your story is the saddest tale of all… no wonder you fear luciferians… but those luciferians are really your conscience banging at whatever humanness still remains. As long as they are space aliens…. you can live with yourself. To think otherwise, and you would go insane with guilt.

        Do or did your parents ever forgive you for your role in the suicides?

        And now you are king to another handful… maybe 3, 4?? of people you know are just as lost as your brethren in the cult. Confused and raving — which comet will you bring out the vodka and phenobarbital for? ISON fizzled. Maybe the next full moon will be the “sign” you are looking for???

      • sawyer Says:

        typical response – no details – just intellectual terms to flash around – the same exact things I get from Christians and new agers – fear of what they don’t know. I admit having fears but I know they are fears. But humans who pride themselves in what they know or who they know or in the databases of the mindsets they have come to be comfortable and thus “secure” with fear venturing outside, except to look for ways to discount other ways of thinking. And that of course is a lot better towards mind expansion than to refuse to even look at alternative thinking as many do.

      • TMMODY Says:

        Dude. You aren’t tracking. Was full of details.

        You were one of the lead “vultures” of a doomsday ufo cult. You recruited innocent, gullible people into the fold.

        But then, when Suicide Day came — you were conveniently absent.

        YOU HAVE TO BELIEF all you gunk — because if you stop, you’ll have to face the reality of the role you played in killing these people.

        Yours is not alternate thinking… it is the psychobabble of a killer trying to justify his role in a Doomsday Ufo cult’s mass suicide.

      • sawyer Says:

        Now you resort to calling me a vulture and a murderer. For the record I had nothing to do with anyone’s joining and certainly nothing to do with anyone’s laying down their lives and you will see in all my posts and writings that I do the opposite. What I tell people that want to serve is to spread the truth about Ti and Do, that’s all.

        I suspect you wouldn’t be so enraged as your words suggest if you hadn’t had a relationship with someone who was among the 42. I am actually sorry for your pain. I don’t enjoy seeing someone suffering because of another’s decisions we don’t agree with and naturally the Heavens Gate group is on the top of the list because of how bizarre it all seems to most.

        I can’t say how I would feel if in your shoes. I do know that when I saw all the coffins coming back to the states of the soldiers who died fighting the Bush/Blair and companies wars, I felt that they had wasted their lives as well.

        But then they might not have thought that and their lovedones may have felt otherwise, that they were indeed protecting the U.S. from another terrorists attack. Many people turn to the idea of God to find answers or at least some peace of mind but for those that don’t have any sense of Beings that are there forus should we ask for comfort, I don’t know what can help.

        Now I also know that I could be wrong about your having some relationship with one of the deceased. If so then there must be some other situation that has raised your anger, perhaps related to another group and loss of life or loss in some way. I don’t know but if you want to talk about it, I’ll give an ear, though I doubt I’d be one you would want to confide in as to you I represent that which caused some to lay down their lives as they did.

        If you knew the reality to “spirts” – discarnate humans who died and can influence living humans, you would have a chance to relieve yourself of thoughts like this that appear to be plaguing you. But even if you don’t believe in such, you can treat negative thoughts as foreign as they are to no benefit to you or anyone else in this world. So many people do bad things in this world because they become accustomed to listening to angry, negative thinking about others so they then justify action against others. The onlysolution I know of is to not permit those thoughts in your head.

        Since I know I am not someone whose opinion you give any credence to, perhaps you can find someone else to talk to about what’s troubling you.

      • TMMODY Says:

        SWYODY… good lord! No way did I know anyone of the 42… nor have I ever cared for anyone that would join a cult… except you. I often thought about joining a cult for the “love bombing” and the tons of pussy… but never in a million years would have bought an iota of their freak show beliefs. Your cult didn’t have the free love — which is unfortunate for you… although having sex with Ti wouldn’t be my idea of a good time… she wrote her friend that she had hoped Herf wanted a physical relationship… but, he didn’t of course because he was as gay as a Disney cow… or a sack of dicks… take your pick. If he had been born 20 years later, he would have coped better… my understanding is he was in and out of nuthouses many many times… nowadays, nobody gives a darn. But back then, youch… not a good time to be an turd burglar.

        My posts are totally in the spirit of debate and learning… they are spirited but not hateful… Like on SNL with Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain: “Jane, you ignorant misguided slut.” You are just my ignorant midguided slut.

    • TMMODY Says:

      SWYODY’s response:
      All your hatred and venom and insults and misapplications of what I have freely revealed to you is symptomatic of someone who is very depressed putting their anger out on others.

      When I participated in giving meetings for Ti and Do I had ZERO desire to have new members and as I also told you, I even told two would be members, in so many words that I didn’t think this was for them.

      As to the intelligence of anyone, etc. and whether or not I am pleasing Ti, I happen to know you are not my judge as you don’t even believe in any of it anyway. You are strictly a debunker so good for you. I’m glad. I largely respond to you now because now or in the future should another read your comments it could seem like I am avoiding some of your questions/comments and that can be an avenue of thinking I am as many others who avoid what they can’t or don’t want to handle.

      In fact I was accused of deleting comments on my youtube channel of late as so many do. Had I not left them a comment they would have easily drawn that conclusion which is their problem not mine but I still try to mitigate the ways in which the lower forces can influence people to abort any examination of Ti and Do’s information, again for their sakes as I don’t care if someone aborts the examination or never even chooses to in the first place.

      So make all your definitive statements about what Ti and Do would have me do or not do and try to pigeon hole Ti and Do and each student into your psychological mumbo jumbo illusion of intelligence, and it will take some of my time to counter what you say, but it will also potentially serve the Next Level.

      I (we) are served by you like it or not because the object is the provision of choice not the accumulation of believers.

      However, with that said, the Next Level know to which human vehicles they have given a deposit to and they know whether that deposit has taken to grow into a soul or not but they don’t know whether each of those souls will continue to strive to grow or not, thus the provision of choices until They determine enough have been provided.

      Then there will not be any more choices and everyone will have received exactly what they wanted, whether they care to admit it or not. We all get what we believe in. So if you continue to believe in the words and teachings of Dawkins and Sagan, etc. you’ve got it. Ti and Do are my choice.

      • TMMODY Says:

        YOu have no choice anymore.

        YOu aren’t noah and Do wasn’t christ… noah was a functional member of society with teeth and a family that loved him… and Christ taught the golden rule — WHICH DOESN’T SAY “Abandon your children.” Do wasn’t even a good DAD…

        Do you see the contradiction? How would the “Son of Man” be a “Deadbeat dad”?

        You layer and layer myths, lies, new agey ufo stuff, bible stuff, stuff you just think up and stuff Do and Ti made up on the spot… Your beliefs are a sphinx of different animals globbed together into a bitter soup — that you are forced to eat so the nightmares end… the faces of EVNODY, IRSODY, VRNODY, the dead… the young dead.

      • sawyer Says:

        sorry but you don’t have a clue about the “son of man”

    • sawyer Says:

      so where are the details. Give me one detailed example we can apply to the entire idea of evolution from microbes to humans.

      but since that will  not be possible without dozens of postulates that one has to be a cult member of academia to decipher, then show one example of survival of the fittest that accounts for human development.

      Like show me the process of an ape to Neanderthal and why the Neanderthal’s needed to change their brains to become closer to a modern day human.

      But if these examples are too complicated come up with your own. Go to the text books if you like to the galaplos island birds.

      • TMMODY Says:

        Dude… I will keep this very simple since you have problems tracking:

        1. You are a UFO sci-fi cult member… the “sci” means science.
        2. You don’t believe in the scientific method or science.
        3. You are prone to throw “Luciferian space aliens” into any conversation.
        4. You believe what you believe because it gives you comfort.
        5. Because you get relief and comfort from a belief doesn’t make it true. In fact, history is awash with comforting beliefs that were never true.

        I can’t debate you about really anything significant because of #2 and #3. I can’t change your mind through evidence; and I can’t even empathize with your beliefs because they defy ALL evidence.

        I’m pretty sure that deep down inside — you doubt your beliefs at least to some degree, too. Nothing has happened that confirm them… Ison gave you hope, I suppose… but it (like everything) fizzled.

        Nothing of consequence that Do and Ti ever said, “came to pass”. Nothing… ever… You will never have an “I told you so” moment.

      • sawyer Says:

        okay, you win – game over.

  2. tmmody Says:

    I’m listening to the “Chocolate Strawberry” tape. LVVODY brought some home from her “out of craft tasks”… LOL

    Sawyer, did YOU partake of the chocolate strawberries?

    Did they subsequently create a “chocolate strawberry procedure”?

    For other dear readers of your blog… this hilarious episode is on tape 113ab – 04.

    I’ve never been a fan of chocolate strawberries, personally. Again, I think it is sort of endearing… they are amazed at the concept of a chocolate strawberry — you can detect a bit of acting or posturing in the conversation.

    Don’t think you’ve talked about the parrot. Was there a procedure for buying a parrot? Feeding the parrot? etc.

    Ti and Do talk about how they really want to leave — it seems odd that they could have just committed suicide at any time. See, the last person to join and commit suicide certainly wasn’t ready for the next level … she had some issues you know… but certainly she wasn’t ready… So, they could have done a mass suicide bit at any point in time. Why wait? And why wait for a “sign” that was as predictable as the full moon???

    Hale-Bopp will return in 4380… if human’s are still around, I wonder if another set will commit suicide then… weird.

    This is how the wiki on Hale-Bopp referred to you folks:

    “A few months later, in March 1997, the cult Heaven’s Gate committed mass suicide with the intention of teleporting to a spaceship they believed was flying behind the comet.”

    First I’ve heard of “teleport”… I don’t think you folks thought that. One wouldn’t have to commit suicide to teleport.

  3. gemunis Says:

    I agree that , yes it is a constant, of an evolutionary, state of existent, founded by over coming the human self, along with our,newly given information, as we gradually, and currently evolve in the continuum of lessons.

    • TMMODY Says:

      Gemunis, Uhh. what “pray tell” is the newly given information that you are referring to?

      Specifically, what is the “newly given information”? I am a seeker.

      Thanks, TMM

  4. TMMODY Says:


    ison is lamented as having “fizzled”… and hale-bopp isn’t mentioned at all.

    But hey… biblical prophecy pertains exclusively to jews… not gentiles… 144,000 = 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes. The bible is really coherent if you just remember that… biblical prophecy only applies to jews… paul is your savior… not jesus… jesus came exclusively for the jews… but they rejected him which lifted the needle off the record… we now are in the age of grace… the needle won’t be put back down until the temple in jerusalem is rebuilt… i mean. If you study the bible and all… it is very explicit.

    But myths can be bent to just about anything you like, I suppose. But it sorta ruins the coherence. Makes things more complicated… the bible is exceedingly clear about Israel. It is elegant in its coherence…

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