Inet radio broadcast tonight 9-11pm ET 1/5/2014 (podcast provided for later listening) focus on new Russian documentary

THIS IS NOT AN ATTEMPT TO HAVE FOLLOWERS OR TO SELL ANYTHING IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. I don’t need followers to do what I do. It’s strictly providing a “shingle” that states that there is a huge story to be told about the real Ti and Do, known as the leaders of what became known as the Heaven’s Gate group.

I will be focusing on this newly released with English subtitles Russian documentary on my internet radio broadcast tonight 1/5/2014 from 9-11pm ET, that’s Extraterrestrial time lol. You can call into the show to listen and/or to talk at: 646-478-5618 and/or go to to listen and/or if logging in to observe any chat and/or to participate in it.

In the documentary in the link below there are many points and interviews that make a viable case describing an emergence of space aliens by 1946/47 when Admiral Byrd reports encountering objects that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.” There is a great deal of information in the documentary not covered in this little blurb below the link:

October 25, 2012

An extraordinary 2006 Russian documentary was very recently translated into English revealing new information about a US Navy Antarctica expedition in 1946/47. Originally scheduled for a six month period, the “scientific” expedition was officially called “The United States Navy Antarctic Development Program,” and given the operational name Highjump. The naval component of Operation Highjump was known as Task Force 68 and comprised 4700 military personnel, one aircraft carrier (the USS Philippine Sea among the largest of all carriers of the time), and number of naval support ships and aircraft. The Naval expedition was headed by famed polar explore Admiral Richard Byrd, who had been ordered to: “to consolidate and extend American sovereignty over the largest practical area of the Antarctic continent.” Byrd’s expedition ended after only 8 weeks with “many fatalities” according to initial news reports based on interviews with crew members who spoke to the press while passing through Chilean ports. Rather than deny the heavy casualty reports, Admiral Byrd revealed in a press interview that Task Force 68 had encountered a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.”

14 Responses to “Inet radio broadcast tonight 9-11pm ET 1/5/2014 (podcast provided for later listening) focus on new Russian documentary”

  1. baldtim Says:

    A sucker is born every minute… in your case more “every minute a sucker”.

    All of this stuff has been debunked — if there was any serious credible evidence, it would be widely reported — and not just by nutjobs.

    And the earth is not hollow… don’t you think Do and Ti would have mentioned that at least once in the tapes? Especially with their “next level” minds?

    You have to be more discriminating, brother.

  2. baldtim Says:

    DO, DAMN IT!!! I meant to include: “With all due respect.”

  3. baldtim Says:

    Exotic beliefs about Admiral Byrd

    Adherents to the Hollow Earth hypothesis believe that Byrd flew over the North Pole and into the hollow earth in February 1947 and that he kept a secret diary of the incident. This belief was first published in 1957 in F. Amadeo Giannini’s book The Worlds Beyond the Poles. Giannini writes that Byrd encountered a humanoid being from another “world” who warned humanity to pursue peace and not war. He also reported that Byrd spotted a living wooly mammoth near the North Pole.

    One major problem with Giannini’s account is that in February 1947, Byrd was leading the highly publicized Operation Highjump in Antarctica and was, consequently, no where near the North Pole. Another problem is that in February the Arctic is in winter and sunlight does not reach the North Pole so that it would have been impossible for Byrd to see something, like a wooly mammoth, from the air. Furthermore, Giannini quotes directly from the 1937 movie Lost Horizon [28] in the dialog of the humanoid Byrd allegedly encountered. Some Hollow Earth theorists believe that The Worlds Beyond the Poles was published by in order to discredit the Hollow Earth theory.

    Another theory is that Operation Highjump was an expedition to find Nazis who had fled to Antarctica at the end of World War II and had established a secret base with submarines, aircraft and flying saucers. No credible evidence has ever been found to support this theory.

    • sawyer Says:

      according to Wikipedia the TWO north pole expeditions happened in 1926. That is not disputed though controversy ensued as whether he actually went over the “north pole” and then did so again, the first with a partner and the second by himself a few days later. Thus it seems you got your dates mixed up so the debunking based on dates and sunlight are not applicable as these TWO expeditions were in MAY not February. Here is the excerpt from wiki: “On 9 May 1926, Byrd and pilot Floyd Bennett attempted a flight over the North Pole in a Fokker F-VII Tri-motor monoplane named Josephine Ford, after the daughter of Ford Motor Company president Edsel Ford, who helped finance the expedition. This flight went from Spitsbergen (Svalbard) and back to its take-off airfield. The distance covered was 1,360 miles in 15 and a half hours. Byrd claimed to have reached the Pole. This trip earned Byrd widespread acclaim, including being awarded the Medal of Honor and enabled him to secure funding for subsequent attempts to fly over the South Pole. From 1926 until 1996, there were doubts, defenses, and heated controversy about whether or not Byrd actually reached the North Pole. In 1958 Norwegian-American aviator and explorer Bernt Balchen cast doubt on Byrd’s claim on the basis of his extensive personal knowledge of the airplane’s speed. In 1971 Balchen speculated that Byrd had simply circled aimlessly while out of sight of land.[9] However, Floyd Bennett, the pilot on the trip never contested that they didn’t reach the pole while he was still alive. (Bennett died on April 25, 1928 during a heroic flight to rescue downed aviators in Greenland.) Bennett would not have been able to dispute the claim, however, as there were no dicernable landmarks in the polar region and Byrd had made all the navigational calculations. Simply put, the barren vicinity that the Josephine Ford reached was considered at the time, the geographical North Pole, rather than the pinpoint North Pole. The 1996 release of Byrd’s diary of the 9 May 1926 flight revealed erased (but still legible) sextant sights that sharply differ with Byrd’s later 22 June typewritten official report to the National Geographic Society. Byrd took a sextant reading of the Sun at 7:07:10 GCT. His erased diary record shows the apparent (observed) solar altitude to have been 19°25’30”, while his later official typescript reports the same 7:07:10 apparent solar altitude to have been 18°18’18”.[10] On the basis of this and other data in the diary, Dennis Rawlins concluded that Byrd steered accurately, and flew about 80% of the distance to the Pole before turning back because of an engine oil leak, but later falsified his official report to support his claim of reaching the pole.[11] Others disagree with Rawlins. In 1998, Colonel William Molett, an experienced navigator published “Due north?”. Molett maintained that Rawlins had put too much significance in erased navigational calculations which can be explained by any number of other reasons, including favorable windspeeds as well as simple human error due to lack of sleep and stress.[12]

      The Fokker FVIIa/3M – “Josephine Ford”, on display at The Henry Ford Museum Accepting that the conflicting data in the typed report’s flight times indeed require both northward and southward groundspeeds greater than the flight’s 85 mph airspeed, a remaining Byrd defender posits a westerly-moving anti-cyclone that tailwind-boosted Byrd’s groundspeed on both outward and inward legs, allowing the distance claimed to be covered in the time claimed. (The theory is based on rejecting handwritten sextant data in favor of typewritten alleged dead-reckoning data.)[13] This suggestion has been refuted by Dennis Rawlins[14] who adds[15] that the sextant data in the long unavailable original official typewritten report are all expressed to 1″, a precision not possible on Navy sextants of 1926 and not the precision of the sextant data in Byrd’s diary for 1925 or the 1926 flight, which was normal (half or quarter of a minute of arc). Some sources claim that Floyd Bennett and Byrd later revealed, in private conversations, that they did not reach the pole. One source claims that Floyd Bennett later told a fellow pilot that they did not reach the pole.[16] It is also claimed that Byrd confessed his failure to reach the North Pole during a long walk with Dr. Isaiah Bowman in 1930.[17] If Byrd and Bennett did not reach the North Pole, it is extremely likely that the first flight over the Pole occurred a few days later, on May 12, 1926 with the flight of the airship Norge and its crew of Roald Amundsen, Umberto Nobile, Oscar Wisting, and others. This flight went from Spitsbergen (Svalbard) to Alaska nonstop, so there is little doubt that they went over the North Pole. Amundsen and Wisting had both been members of the first expedition to the South Pole, December 1911. Later, in 1952, the first human being to actually set foot on the North Pole ice was Joseph O. Fletcher, after he landed his aircraft and made a short excursion. When he returned to the United States from the Arctic, Byrd became a national hero. Congress passed a special action on December 21, 1926 promoting him to the rank of commander and awarding he and Floyd Bennett the Medal of Honor.[18] Byrd and Bennett were presented with Tiffany Cross versions of the Medal of Honor on March 5, 1927 at the White House by President Calvin Coolidge.[19] ”

      He also performed many Antarctica expeditions, highjump among then in December of 1946 into 1947. Here is the wiki data on that one:

      “The fourth culminating expedition, Operation Highjump, is the largest Antarctic expedition to date. In 1946, US Navy Secretary James Forrestal assembled a huge amphibious naval force for an Antarctic Expedition expected to last six to eight months. Besides the flagship USS Mount Olympus and the aircraft carrier USS Philippine Sea, there were thirteen US Navy support ships, six helicopters, six flying boats, two seaplane tenders and fifteen other aircraft. The total number of personnel involved was over 4,000. The armada arrived in the Ross Sea on 31 December 1946, and made aerial explorations of an area half the size of the United States, recording ten new mountain ranges. The major area covered was the eastern coastline of Antarctica from 150 degrees east to the Greenwich meridian.”

  4. TMMODY Says:

    Wow… some of these things will never be explained — but there will always be people like you who believe its the second coming… [note bible says the second coming can’t (CANNOT!!!) happen until the TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM is rebuilt… and no, “temple” wasn’t referring to some rundown flat in amarillo… o brother! I’m sure your bible friends are educating you about all that, though… I’m coming from the side of reason, common sense, logic, etc.]

    • sawyer Says:

      The temple was the environment in which the One using the Jesus vehicle would be coming to. Jesus said that that “temple” was to be in a new land with a new tongue where two folds of students would be combined to one location. That was the U.S. and the reason it was made into a melting pot. I have no bible friends.

      • baldtim Says:

        It isn’t referring to the US. All biblical prophecy refers to God’s chosen people … the Jews. Sorry. It doesn’t apply to Gentiles at all! If you really read the entirety– it is 100% consistent. Trying to bend prophecy to apply to Gentiles or a strange 1970’s UFO is ludicrous. I’m sure you can do it… I bet anyone could take it and apply it to whatever they want. In fact, many HAVE done that… you are just another.

        You may be confusing the original temple — which absolutely 100% has to be rebuilt before any prophecy can start again.

        You may be confusing the temple referred to in what will be the “new jerusalem”… I forget my mythology — but I believe it gets built for/during the millenial reign — which happens way after all the stuff you are referring to.

        But it must be very empowering to think that all of Revelations applies to you and your like! What a truly charmed life you have! Or you’re wrong. I wonder which is more likely?

      • sawyer Says:

        So be it, then don’t try to converse with me. I don’t exactly feel it’s worth my time but I still plod along so call me a fool, but the effort is here for you, so do what you do so well…

  5. TMMODY Says:

    Thanks for the reply… there is so much noise because there are so many nutjob conspiracy theories out there…

    I was referring to the Hollow Earth conspiracists who said he flew over the north pole in 1947. He didn’t.

    Here is a wikileaked document with a section on UFO/Byrd.

    All that Byrd was saying was that the earth is shrinking very fast… he anticipated a time when bases at the poles would allow men to attack anywhere on the planet very quickly… he even talks about how we can’t be “isolationist” anymore… that we have to realize that any country with the right aircraft… well…. read it.

    If there were 4000 men at highjump — there is no way in heck they could have kept it secret… there would be tons of pictures and people would be falling all over themselves to write the first history of the event. Even if they killed 3999 of the men… the one left would write tons of books… and the fact that 3999 of men were killed would corroborate him.

    1947 was when the UFO craze was cresting… all origins of the UFO things are outlandish… if the nazi’s connected with UFO’s, wouldn’t they have won the war?

    Come on.

    • sawyer Says:

      that has nothing to do with the fact that what you read was wrong about the same dates for the two expeditions. As usual the debunker was debunked. Still can not offer any evidence of anything can you.

      • TMMODY Says:

        I was simply addressing the “Hollow Earth” people’s claim that Byrd was at the north pole in 1947.

        You are right — the Hollow Earth thing that I read WAS completely wrong… I’m glad you accept that.

        What I posted on January 7, 2014 at 3:28 pm — completely agrees with you.

        We both agree that the Hollow Earth people are a bit loony! Yeah!!

        That doesn’t mean you debunked me — you debunked the same claim I was debunking. For once we are on the same side!

        I accept your apology in advance.

      • sawyer Says:

        I never said the hollow earth people are loony – as usual you put words in my mouth – a great debunker misinfo distributer you are. Are you a relative of phillip klass?

  6. baldtim Says:

    No: I postulated that since you and I both agreed that the theory that Byrd was at both the south and north pole in 1947 was inaccurate, that we both also agree that the Hollow Earth people that make the claim that Byrd was at the North pole in 1947 are “loony”… or whatever word you’d like to use.

    Do you see? Instead of “loony”, you could say “misguided” or “misinformed” or whatever the fuck word you want to use.

    The oddest thing is that you don’t seem to be able to track accurately in a converation.

    It doesn’t bother me… It is amusing if anything. As far as I know, I’m not related to Klass. but along that line, you have yet to provide me 1 incontravertible piece of evidence of ANYTHING. Send me anything you have… You should have a mountain of concrete evidence. I just need a single byte… Please…

    You seem hostile to people who challenge your beliefs… and you don’t have a willingness to learn from new information. As far as I can tell, you haven’t gleaned an iota of insight from our exchanges. Not even the bit about earthshine on the moon.

    Peace be with you…

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