tonight radio 9-11pm et on revelations and daniel references to bush and obama and more

tonight I rant away again – 9-11pm et and this time I’m going to have to give some time to prophecy of bush and Obama presidencies from revelations and Daniel. Call in at: 656-478-5618 (no fee to call beyond your phone fees) to listen and/or talk or log in to chat or just go to the show to listen only at: . Also a little more about the hitler/Nazi links to Ant and Uncle Artica lol and l inside too.

8 Responses to “tonight radio 9-11pm et on revelations and daniel references to bush and obama and more”

  1. TMMODY Says:

    Listened to 150- 09/150AB-~1.RM

    @ 37 minutes Do says you are listening to the Gilbert and Sullivan album too much…

    A gay man tell you that you are listening to Gilbert and Sullivan too much DEFINITELY MEANS that you were listening to it way way too much.

    But the question I must have answered is this:
    Which Gilbert and Sullivan?????

    • sawyer Says:

      pirates of penance was one, but we had several and most in the class did not listen much at all. One person became seemingly obsessed with listening and would really get into listening while most went about their tasks and didn’t care if it was on or not. I liked them but don’t recall over listening nor Ti or Do telling me so, but I guess you are being general.

      the other talk of gay, etc. was your usual foolishness.

  2. TMMODY Says:

    sorry for intruding on your delusion. Byrd was in the arctic during the dates in the faux secret diary. It is WELL documented in real libraries with tons of pictures and corroborating evidence.

    I do want to know which Gilbert and Sullivan you folks were playing…

  3. TMMODY Says:

    Hey… I won’t be listening live tonight but I’ll be there in “next level mind” form… I will listen later.

    Hope it is going great… are you having sex with your cohost or is she your “handler” … e.g. “shrink”.

    Where did LVVODY get all the pheno’s and are there any left? I enjoy phenobarbitol every now and then, but hard for me to get.

  4. crlody Says:


    It certainly appears that you do have nothing better to do than to try to make a mockery of what SWY is saying and what he believes in. Who is more foolish, SWY for saying what he is saying or you for following what he is saying and constantly making disdainful and insulting comments? I’ve encountered many of your ilk over the years who arrogantly think that it is your duty to tell any who have come to know who Ti and Do are how “delusional” and “misguided” we are. Perhaps you’re just another grad student gathering data for a thesis or another author gathering data for a book or just another arm-chair critic on the net who thinks they’ve figured it all out and that everyone else is just dying to hear their wit and self-proclaimed insights into critical thinking. You might want to ask yourself why you sought this out and why you keep playing this little game of elevating yourself (you’ve made a LOT of comments over the past few months)above someone you claim is so “paranoid” and “delusional”. You seem to think that you’re pretty funny when asking SWY if he’s “having sex” with his co-host (or handler/shrink as you put it)and asking snidely about phenobarbital but all I can see is mean-spiritidness and a disgustingly patronizing and haughty attitude. The only person you’re fooling with this childish little routine is yourself.

    • TIM-JODY (Is Jody an odie name... hmm) Says:

      Dude… I hoped he was getting it on with his co-host…

      The material is a bit dry, so I tried to liven it up with an antic disposition sometimes.

      I was curious how she could get that much phenobarbital.

      CRLODY, all this stuff is dead now… why are you picking the scabs? You should be directing your comments to SWYODY — not me. Tell him how great he handled the situation. He believes because he just believes… end of conversation and nothing more to be said. Ever.

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