Exodus 3:14’s “I AM That I AM” as the name given to Moses from the burning bush – plus Ti and Do truthfullness

The following is my response to a comment that was claiming this Exodus verse was a “mind f**k” because of how it is recursive “I am that I am”. After this evaluation of that verse I addressed this commentor’s other statement that “Nothing Ti and Do said came true”. Thus here is my response to both:

You stimulated my look and see. In this verse the words in parentheses were added by the translators. This is often necessary because of the nature of languages where one word or figure represents a picture or idea, etc., but sometimes it seems, especially in the new testament greek re-translation that I do a lot of, different translations give different slants.

Exo 3:14 (And) God said (unto) Moses, (I) AM (THAT I) AM: (and he) said, (Thus shalt thou) say (unto the) children of Israel, (I AM hath) sent (me unto you).

It’s interesting that when I looked at this I wondered if this translation didn’t get the order right and I wondered if it should have been something like, “…Moses, I AM, thus say to the children of Israel “I AM” hath sent me to you”. As is evident none of the I’s are in the manuscript and the entire third listing of “I AM isn’t in the manuscript. So taking all the parentheses words out it would read:

God said (to) Moses, Am (that) Am said, children of Israel sent. (Funny how I remember the cartoon Popeye where he went around saying, “I am that I am”. I bet it was a Jewish writer).

Then turn the order a bit to, “God said to Moses, Am”. (in response to his question of who he should say sent him). Then “Am sent you to the Children of Israel”.

The other thing I looked at was whether the word translated as “AM” in both cases had additional options not considered. For instance, knowing a bit about this, I wondered if both, “am” and/or “exist” and/or “do” are equivalent translations. In any case with those two thoughts I looked at the other translations and 4 out of 6 said the same as we see in this king james translation but this one was much different:

Brenton Greek Septuagint (LXX Restored Names):

And God spoke to Mosheh{gr.Moses}, saying, I am THE BEING; and he said, Thus shall ye say to the children of Israel, THE BEING has sent me to you.

Strongs Hebrew dictionary lists for the English transliteration of AM as:

AM = 1961 hayah haw-yaw – a primitive root (compare ‘hava” (1933)); to exist, i.e. be or become, come to pass (always emphatic, and not a mere copula or auxiliary):–beacon, X altogether, be(-come), accomplished, committed, like), break, cause, come (to pass), do, faint, fall, + follow, happen, X have, last, pertain, quit (one-)self, require, X use.

1933 hava’ haw-vaw’ or havah {haw-vaw’}; a primitive root (compare ”avah’ (183), ‘hayah’ (1961)) supposed to mean properly, to breathe; to be (in the sense of existence):–be, X have.

This is most interesting as it brings it to the perspective that this being breaths and breath throughout the records has a direct relationship to “wind, mind aka spirit” and mind when it is from a Next Level Above Human being is relative to human mind, “pure” thus spoken of in religious terms as “holy” – having no mammalian vibrations in it as they have evolved beyond mammalian.

2) Now where you said, “Nothing Do and Ti said ever came true… and they felt bad about it, but you kids loved them and didn’t let things like that bother you”, that of course is not at all true.

You are probably referring to their saying that the students need not die to go to the Next Level, which ended up being true but by Their and the Jesus definition of “life” and “death”.

And you are probably referring to their saying that we students could anticipate their performing a demonstration of death overcome that they thought meant their physical bodies would be killed the way Jesus physical body was killed and the way many of Jesus students physical bodies were killed.

But in actuality they did demonstrate the rising from the dead twice, first from the figurative death at the hands of the media, which is what they realized the “killing” meant at that time, to which they “stood on their feet” as it says in Rev 11, even so much so that they came back into the global limelight as the Heaven’s gate “suicide” cult and as it says in prophecy, horrified those who saw them. Their exit didn’t at all resemble any of the other “suicide cults” – Jim Jones Peoples temple nor Solar Temple who all were wrought with murders and deceit and revenge and pressure and guilt, the handiwork of the discarnate Luciferians that sought to create a facsimilli of what they knew Do and Crew were considering/planning as it was no secret that Jesus “layed down his life voluntarily”, as much a classification of suicide as a coma kazi pilot or soldier that gives their life for others.

But since these can seem like excuses from a believer, how about the testimony of Hayden Hewes in he and Brad Steigers book “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” they wrote with interviews from believers and former believers and non believers and from Bo (Do) and Peep (Ti) in 1974, 1975 and 1976. Hayden, a non-believer but one with an unusually open mind recounted his great surprise when he used a code he said Ti and Do gave him to use if he had any questions for them. Nine months after interviewing them and getting the code from them, after their story hit the press big time, Hayden used the code and by the next day he received a phone call from two students of Ti and Do who were with Ti and Do at the time. The next day Hayden was curious whether it would work again so he used the code and again he received a phone call from two other students of Ti and Do and they asked him if he wanted to meet with them, to which he said yes and within a short time were at his office doorstep. This was all spoken of on page: 73. Here is the excerpt:

Hayden says of July 13, 1974 in the office of his International UFO Bureau, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma …,

“As the interview was ending, “Herf” gave me a simple thought-code sequence to use if I ever needed to get in touch with them to know the truth.

Shortly afterward, The Two said good-bye and walked out of the office toward the street. I accompanied them to the road and started to return to the office. I immediately turned around–and they were gone. There were no cars on the street, either parked or passing by. It appearned that they had simply vanished.”

Sawyers note: Years later in the 1980’s, Ti and Do told their student body of how this was reported in the media when they did nothing miraculous to leave Hayden but walk off. (However, one can wonder if the Next Level crew even unbeknown to anyone else cloaked Ti and Do without their knowing they were cloaked, one way to account for their apparant vanishing from Hayden. We known the Next Level Above Human has this power.

(Continuing with Hayden’s account:)

“It was not until almost fifteen months later that The Two began to hold public meetings. A great deal of media coverage was generated by their appearances at these gatherings and the message they related.

It was at this point that I decided to use the mental code to find out “the truth.” It was my understanding that it was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the next level, but I wanted to know for sure. So I used the code while asking for the truth in the name of our Father in Heaven.

The following morning, I received a telephone call from a young man who professed to be a follower of The Two. He said he had been directed to contact me. “What do you need to know?” he asked.

After several minutes of conversation, it became plain to me that this individual did possess information that had not been related in the media. He advised me that they would always be in touch with me when I needed him.

I tried the code again that night, and the following day the young man called once again. He wanted to talk in person, so I gave him my address. Less than three minutes later, he was standing on my front porch with another individual.

*** end of excerpt from Hayden Hewes testimony ***

I can think of many things Ti and Do said that to me came true, but they will not be proof for you. They told me that spirits – discarnates were real. I believed it but I had not experienced much until some years ago when I literally, on a number of occasions, even to the other night saw spirits while I was completely awake. It’s true that two were after being awoke from sleep so some could say I was dreaming but they were nothing like any dream. I pinched myself and all. The other occasions which were more often were while awake, actually before falling asleep when the lights were off but there was just a little light form led’s and moonlight/starlight and I would struggle to know what I was seeing as they weren’t as clear as those two.

Ti and Do also told us in the early 1980’s that genes could be changed. Now perhaps they read it or watched a TV channel that suggested it, which is fine if that is where they came upon that belief. I’d be curious to know whether anybody was writing books with that in mind in the 1980’s as I know for the most part it was taught in schools that if it’s in one’s chromosomes it’s hardwired which may not be exactly the same thing as gene changeability.

They did say that they would physically die.

They said that space aliens existed and when I met them I had no interest in ufo’s or space aliens and it only dawned on me in a revelatory way that the accounts of crashed ufo’s with bodies actually happened in 1987 after Do provided the student body with the book, “Crash at Aztec” and made parts of the appendix required reading, some of which included a detailed autopsy of recovered ufo occupants that crashed presented by Leonard Stringfield. However, in 1976 while having lost contact with Ti and Do and any other students except for the one I was assigned by Ti and Do months earlier, I saw a huge distinct Z written in the sky, with straight 90 degree angles by a bright ball of light traveling as fast as a falling meteor, but with no sign of a tail or break up that encompassed the entire sky over Corpus Christi, Texas in 2-3 seconds. Of course that again was proof to me but as some deny any of the thousands of reports over thousands of years are intelligently piloted spacecrafts it is not proof to them.

Aside from these few things, there are many, many circumstantial confirmations of what they taught and said. Another comes to mind that was saying the Next Level was holding back calamities from the United States so the classroom could have the freedom to exist and be able to disseminate their information freely. Then after they left the 9-11 attack happended and the patriot act was passed which was certainly a calamity, plus some horrific storms like Katrina and Sandy and all these now common mass and school shootings all evidencing a gradual increase in calamities in the U.S. since the class has exited yet not so fast that we who are still disseminating Next Level info to the public are shut down from doing so, though that seems to be approaching.

I could go through all the fulfillments of prophecy that I believe demonstrate that Ti and Do are who they said they were.

But all in all, everything they said was true for the moment and can be seen in a true light IF one wants to. They always said, that this or that perspective was “true for now” – in other words appropriate for what the students needed. The classroom in many respects was a “follow the leader” lesson to where the leaders were Ti and Do. To the next level if we were willing to see exactly what Ti and Do said as true then we were showing the signs of having detached from our human roots of reasoning, etc. to trust in their Minds and that shows the purpose of the classroom to offer the “astronaut training program” to all who wanted it so those who pass the course could be trusted to perform service on spacecrafts with very important ramifications to our choices. They don’t want nor need anyone on their crafts who will start to tell them how to do things better but that does not at all mean They won’t require of us to use our minds to arrive at choices our Older Members would recognize as having come from their minds because they too want to draw their answers from their Older Member’s minds which is a chain of mind to the chief of chiefs.

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6 Responses to “Exodus 3:14’s “I AM That I AM” as the name given to Moses from the burning bush – plus Ti and Do truthfullness”

  1. baldtim Says:

    Interesting. A huge amount of the herd say that however or whoever or whenever the translations occurred and however right or wrong the translation is… the KJV is what divine provenance gave to us. So, going back to the original source to them is interesting, too, but they don’t really care.

    Obviously, it doesn’t matter to me — but I like the I am That I Am thing… I’m a software developer with a soft spot for recursion. But you bring many interesting points to the table and you are very knowledgeable about the X-ian myth. You should go back to school and study theology… it might be interesting to you — you’d have to “learn” what they tell you which you might not want to do because your beliefs are so completely different than everybody else. As in everybody meaning everybody on planet earth. Your beliefs are yours alone. Which I think you enjoy.

    If I was that Hayden guy, I would have continued trying the code at odd hours and days… if Do really had that power, he would have given you and SRRODY the code, right? That would have saved a lot of worry on Do and Ti’s part when the group got “called on the carpet” where money was missing, ODY’s couldn’t be found by the manager, and Do thought police were looking for a couple ODY’s as well. Of course it boiled down to nothing; but Do was really concerned. Why would he give a non-ODY that ability but not share it with a single believer.

    Wait… Hayden was a believer in UFO’s? International UFO Bureau, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma … Oh, so he either had reams of concrete proof or was batshit crazy as well. He had a “dog in the race”…

    Wait, I just googled him and he never had any proof of anything.

    Did Do and Ti ever levitate? turn beans into gold? predict how the A-Team episodes or Remington Steel episodes would end with eerie accuracy??? Did he mind meld with a horta or a human or an animal? Turn water into wine? Heal leprosy? Maybe heal Ti’s eye? Walk on water? Eat tons of ice cream without gaining weight? Teleport anywhere?

    That was the sort of stuff I was looking for… not what some batshit UFO nut thought.

    Jimmy Carter says he saw a UFO… but in the strictest sense of that word: he saw something in the sky he couldn’t identify… I saw something once that I couldn’t identify … it didn’t make any noise and appeared to be very very high — I still don’t know what it was, but it had a “plane” shape — you know, that cigar shape planes have… it was all white. At the time, I thought it was a UFO– which it was… but I’m inclined to think it probably was a plane — or a glider although it seemed too high to be a glider.

    See? It is totally common for folks to see stuff in the sky that they can’t identify. That doesn’t mean Mork from Ork is about to destroy earth. My sighting was so run ot the mill that I didn’t even think to mention it to you…

    Has your daughter seen ufo’s? Any non-ODY you know ever seen one?

    • sawyer Says:

      I understand that all of the stuff I talk about is difficult to imagine as reality and I am not invested one iota in anyone’s agreement. So much of what we experience as humans we automatically write off. If no one ever looked up they would never see how much there is to see. Scientists for many years thought space was a vacuum hence the name “space” and they were dead wrong. But it’s one thing to see that in history without associating it to now, even assuming that there are many more things we don’t know that we could know. 

      It’s interesting to watch you make judgements of what Do should or shouldn’t have done, from your tiny, tiny portal that is tilted against him entirely anyway so you see what you want to see or are prepared to consider. If you don’t want to see something which would mean we don’t even have an opinion pro or con then we are actually paying attention to what is as opposed to what we hope something is or is not.

      When I was in the classroom though I had my challenges, being opinionated wasn’t one of them. I somehow just observed but I wasn’t perfect at that. I often had subtle thoughts that were critical and/or fearful. That still happens but I’m not afraid to have those thoughts.  You may find in the future that you will have subtle thoughts that to you might prove critical and it’s related fearful in reverse of those things I find I am critical of and fearful of.

      And I suspect you will reverse that in application to me, a worthless prospect.

      The essential difference between us is that I am not coming to your blog to shoot you down. you are coming to mine. I am not attempting to covert you. You as you said are attempting to covert me, or maybe that was another of your mind games that I don’t play.

      You will never address your fears of seeing more than you have been taught exists if you are not willing to examine those subtle voices, presuming you have them.

      You can not be in someone elses shoes unless you want to be. The ufo i saw was not at all something I could mistake for something else. It as a gigantic Z carved in the sky but a object traveling at meteor speed. A physicist friend of mine who also  had an open mind told me what I described  doesn’t relate to the laws of physics for a physical object to change course 90 degrees without an apparent change of speed at that high speed. But of course a automatic debunker would say it was my imagination or a light beam of some sort and to that there is no argument because it’s a non-sequitor.


      • TMMODY Says:

        I’m not an automatic debunker. I can imagine a z shaped object moving at a great rate of speed abruptly making a 90 degree course change without diminishing speed.

        In reality, I would say that our current understanding of physics might not be able to explain it, though.

        I wouldn’t say that it “defies” physics, I would say that our understanding of physics is wrong and needs to be improved. If so, we’d improve our understanding — and for a while it’d be ugly and weird as they try to explain it incorrectly — but it will eventually find the truth and the funny thing is: the truth is always elegant.

        Science is the realm of opinions and challenging knowledge; religion is the realm of non-opinionated “belief”. When you enter church, you don’t ask for proof. I get that.

        Being “critical” doesn’t mean being a “critic”. I’m not criticizing you. Why wouldn’t Do share the “mindphone” tech, though… or ANY “next level” tech with you (healing Ti for instance) speaks thousands of words.

        Your religion is no more valid or invalid than any other religion. You just “believe”–you have faith that it is true. There is no argument I can give you because religion isn’t in the land of argument. Why you wouldn’t just believe in Mormonism or Scientology, though… or Raelism (free love!!!) is beyond me. It would be so much easier and no less true.

        Your illusion is an opiate that relieves your pain. That’s what Freud meant… not that it dopes a person up; but that it relieves the pain of being alive. Too easy.

        I won’t bother you anymore.

  2. JPGilyard Says:

    ex 3:14 is not Xtian myth by any means, its strictly Jewish, a verse that has been poured over by chasidics and kabalists for Melania, the very first time Whoever was communicating with the overcomes of that time (Ti, or another?) Revealed Itself by its sacred divine name\non name, bla bla bla
    i will be what i will be is in all translations, the Hebrew, lxx, all of them. YWWH\Jehovah\Ti is essentially telling them that he is not someone to be commanded, to do the Israelites bidding, like the Egyptian gods were (ra osiris, etc, could all be commanded by the secret name)
    Moses says, who are you? some alien (unknown) god? whats your name that we should respect you? and God says “i will be what i will be” essentially, Screw You Moses, i have no name…
    basically names are not important, the same thing that ti said when He came this last time, names arent important, the message is.

    • TMMODY Says:

      It is X-ian myth in the sense that most x-ians think it applies to them… You hear lots of preachers and republicans quoting leviticus to justify their hatred of gays. Those same preachers and republicans eat shrimp and shellfish, though..,. which was also a grevious sin.

      Mosaic Law is a lot like the tediousness the Class had to deal with when doing anything (making biscuits, measuring salt, etc.) I believe that Mosaic Law had its roots in what was “at the time” commonsense heuristics to avoid disease and death… that sort of thing. The tediousness in the class was meant more to “overcome” thinking… Class members were NOT to think — at least not to think using their plant brains. But important to The Two was that apparently the “next level” valued those who could take instructions for a “task” and complete them to the letter of the instructions — hence the “check partner” concept… Mosaic Law didn’t advocate for check partners because it was more legalistic…

      In the “Class”, the instructions were just to demonstrate an ability to “not think” for yourself. Mosaic Law was to show solidarity to their fatih… a grand “side effect” of the law (which jesus came to destroy btw) was to unify the Jewish people for the ages — Jews still carry on these traditions — and as such have been “insoluble” agents in any “melting pots” society has had since. Jews have maintained their traditions and identity because their law isolated them from “us”.

      A group of Lubavitchem jews moved to Postville Iowa to start a Kosher slaughtering plant — and the “townies” were shocked at how unabashedly unfriendly these Jews were to them… It was a clash of cultures… the “friendly iowa” culture that wanted to embrace the Lubavitchem and the Lubavitchem that wanted nothing to do with that world.

      A book was written about it and it is very interesting: Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America .

      In a way, the Class was like the Hassidem — on the tapes there is a definite disdain of the “plants”… just like there is a disdain for the “goy” among the hassidem.

      It is a curious parallel. But most cults have a disdain for “the other”. Hassidem was a cultural and ethnic unity. The Class was more a unity of those gullible enough to believe that Revelations was written about them. Something thousands of “extraordinary groups” have expounded in the past… so in that sense, is quite ordinary compared to Jews.

      • sawyer Says:

        What the religious humans say and do is not a reflection of what the Next Level would have them focus on today. Plus the rules given during the Moses camp were primarily for those in that camp with Moses, most of which evidence becoming pillars of even today’s society while twisted and turned and misapplied. But hypocrisy is simply based on one’s choices of what they want to stand for in their life. If Jehovah through Moses didn’t establish strict rules, they would not have been able to groom and “tame that strain of the human species of mammals” to become the future “cocoons” for their upcoming student body to build their chrysalis (christing) to be as Jesus said, “born of spirit/mind” into the Next Level by overcoming of their humanness, a huge piece being to become selfless. It was an evolution, a designed/directed evolution of the human condition to build a upgraded Mind through application of the teachings of how to choose to “ride” one’s “horse” (the human vehicle was compared to a horse by Zechariah and in the Revelations and by Ti and Do).

        Paraphrasing what Do said about being “gay”; “those had overcome their gender consciousness yet had not yet overcome their sexual consciousness”, unless they eliminated it. Ti and Do said the same kind of thing about skin color that if you focus on skin color as a basis for judgments as to the character of another in any way you have not overcome that “color consciousness”. Of course this was because they were teaching the ways of the Next Level that needed to be spawned and thus programmed into our minds while still in the human kingdom by exercising our own free will to wash our brains of the old human programming and replacing it with Next Level programming. Next Level Members have no sexuality and their physical bodies as far as I know are not grown in different colors or with different externally obvious differences. Nor do they wear insignia’s to distinguish their experience/station in the Next Level yet they are not in any way robotic or non-individuals. Ti and Do actually said that upon becoming a member of the Next Level one becomes an individual for the first time. This is largely because what humans don’t often know is how influenced and even controlled they are by the discarnate spirits among us.

        You are absolutely right. The classroom was not about “thinking for oneself” – it was about thinking as our Older Members the same as with Moses, though that was a toddler grade level and continued and amplified in degree with Jesus and then to the point that in about 1977 Ti announced that “you need to give us your will”, that Do, I believe wondered at the time if they might lose half the class. Well as it turned out, not exclusively from that statement alone, the class number did reduce to about half of the numbers at that time.

        The parallels with the Moses and Jesus classrooms are conclusive…it was the same effort by the same people.

        And of course what Moses and Jesus taught both became diluted into “religions” that carried on the procedures of how to cut your beard and what fish to eat and how to wear certain garb and what kind of sex was permissible, and relative to the Jesus stage, rituals shrouded in mystery in the “communion”(giving one’s body and blood/wine/MIND) to the Lord’s service) and “baptism”(cleaning out all human behavior and ways out of one’s human physical body (clothing)).

        But even the dilutions became preparation as the general faith that these things were from the supreme (above human) beings remained in the human programming, though by the time of the next classroom, the Souls that are the PRODUCT being groomed by the grooming of the genetic strain saw the dilutions and were repelled by them so came away from the rote religious practices that set them up for the next classroom stage.

        And look at the result. Societies all over the world all have the same general rules for society that allow us to have a framework for civilization, don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t disrepect your elders, practice monogamy, don’t give into jealousy, don’t desire stuff, don’t worship(serve) wealth, all of which and more that are of course diluted yet are still foundational because all humans are not really in any classroom, just like all those in the Moses camp were not supportive and thus in covenant with Jehovah through Moses and all those rules just like all in Jesus camp were not committed Jesus’ Father through what Jesus taught and demonstrated, which is just like all in Ti and Do’s early classsroom were not committed to Ti and Do.

        Throughout there was a filtering in place and was accomplished by the choices of it’s unwitting participants. If they chose to buck the rules, they counted themselves out of the classroom thought they were in the early stage of the Moses camp still around. (of course those who were actually going against Jehovah and Moses efforts were warned and when they chose not to heed the warnings were weeded out of the garden patch. They were killed by Jehovah – consumed by fire from the sky or swallowed up by the earth or died by over consuming pheasant when it was provided, etc.

        After all, Jesus said clearly that those who become the prospective candidates for membership in the Next Level will be like “children” in the degree of the way children trust their parents and depend on their parents and thrive on making their parents happy with them. (Of course in the human kingdom parents are not necessarily good parental examples).

        But Ti and Do’s classroom was no more ordinary than was Moses classroom or Jesus classroom. If they were ordinary they wouldn’t have been condemned so by everyone else.

        It is not important to a prospective member of a Ti and Do classroom to be unique or extraordinary – it just comes with the territory and yes many cults have their similarities as do many so called non-cults. A cult is really a sub-culture so by definition is not ordinary. If they were ordinary, they would promote family values, prosperity, individuality, sensuality, etc. which are also promoted in most all the out of the ordinary “cults”, but Ti and Do’s group did not promote which is why they accepted the premise of being the “cult of cults” and also the “cult of truth”. Ti and Do didn’t have to try to make their image unique (even though succinct with their predecessors Jesus and Moses, they just are.

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