Some of how the Luciferian Space Alien Fallen Angels masquerade as Jesus and how we can tell the difference

A friend just sent me a message that I thought others might benefit from. He first told me he thanked me for sharing insights about Ti and Do though didn’t count himself a “follower” (I presume that’s follower of Ti and Do) as I have no followers:

He said,

“One day my life just fell apart, but week before it all started. Jesus came to me and told me what was going to happen. I know it was him for the fact is every thing he told me happen when he said it would. he and we walked down a path on Jekil island Ga. he told me no mater how bad it got to stay on the path with him and I did”.

Sawyer’s response:

If that experience fulfills you then I guess that’s your choice but by your telling me this, it’s my task to provide another way of looking at what you experienced which of course may not be worth anything to you.

Jesus was the name of the physical body the Older Member from the KIngdom of Gods in the literal heaven’s took for His task 2000 years ago. He wouldn’t come to anyone in this millenium any more than Moses came to people during Jesus time. They don’t operate that way because the body/brain of that body “Jesus” would not have the experience of what you are actually experiencing in life, except in general ways. Jesus even said, not to believe anyone who came back “in my name saying they are the christ” in which “name” is his “identity” as a “son of man” that ‘s human offspring, because he would come to take a new physical body so to experience and be equip to communicate updated info to those selected and prepared to receive it. It’s practical. It’s strategy. It’s REAL. They have no desire to promote attaching to an “image” or a “spirit” or an “idea” or a “concept” as all these are illusionary. We can make them into whatever we want them to be. Nor would Jesus come to someone and tell them they will always be there for them. They don’t need to earn our trust. We need to earn their trust. It’s upside down because it’s one of the many ways the “lower forces” seek to take over those that have a shot at becoming a member of the Next Level. It’s the same kind of thing that happened to Saul/Paul of Tarsus – shocked into belief. That’s not free will and since the Kingdom of God/Heaven doesn’t need robots, they never shock people into belief. However, they do shock people out of stagnation by generating tornado’s, etc., that if they ask help to survive from either, do survive or have their spirit’s saved from recycling, in either case having a potential for future growth.

Now, here are the ones that Jesus would come back to for the time period that they are still alive in human vehicles – His direct disciples while he was incarnate and potentially those during that same generation that came to believe in Him from what they learned about him from the disciples when they spread their experience with him. And even that interface will be very limited because they have little new they need to communicate after their incarnate time period. If they didn’t need to be incarnate as the best way to have reliable communication they wouldn’t bother as it’s an awful experience being in the human kingdom knowing even subconsciously what more there is beyond humanism.

Another exception I am aware of would be for those that seek to give their all in their service. I suspect St. Francis of Assisi was one of these and I’m sure there were others. And there can be people in other cultures that also experience His close presence because of how much they want to give/serve. One or more of the Buddhas may have been an incarnation or the equivalent of an Old Testament prophet, at time it seems to me to be a student in training to perform a task like their Older Member – taking over a human vehicle and helping to keep a balance of the way the genetic strain is growing. Elijah was a good example of this and Daniel and Isaiah who also were given clues to the future, both of Jesus arrival and the last “day” so it can be used to help a few see the truth in what the Two Witnesses testify to and give their lives to when they come incarnate, which of course I believe was as Ti and Do.

Now I’m not saying I know who it was that provided you with that contact. I know I can’t second guess all that the Next Level would do, but the true test of their agenda is what they do for you now to advance you closer towards a stronger bond with Them. And what they do MUST have an equivalence to what Jesus did with his disciples while incarnate. Plus he would be preparing you for His next incarnate return, while requiring you to reach for His Mind as without your “asking”, knocking, thirsting to know more and to know what more you can do to be closer to him, there’s no value to his contacts. Those that ask, receive, but it also depends what they ask for. If we ask for help with our human lives, they at times will see to it that we get that help just to show us they are real and listening, but that will be short lived if we don’t begin to ask what their will is for us rather than tell them what we think we need. Jesus spoke to all of these things.

Remember that the Luciferians are those who promote “peace” and even contentment in one’s spirituality while the Kingdom of God/Heaven membership, though they want us to be peaceful one to another, don’t want us to be at peace at all in our growth. They want us to want to press ahead to sever all our connections to the human kingdom as we recognize them and seek to have more and more service.

Spirits, what Ti and Do called discarnate influences, dead humans and/or human equivilent space aliens, as in the “fallen angels” can tell the future as they can make stuff happen to make their predictions come true. Ti and Do simply called these kinds of things “tricks”.

Do recently came to me in a dream and I know it was Do because I know Do. It was as if he was standing right next to me and then what he said sounded exactly like something Do would say. He said I was “treading water”. And I knew what he meant and how it applied to my own growth. I have told him I want to be in his service so he’s not manipulating me by showing me how I am to provide that service. If I am barely performing, he’s going to tell me so. Then it’s up to me to start to swim more instead of just treading water and to be honest I’m faced with that right now as I don’t feel I have done anything more to move from my comfort zone of treading water.

If you want to KNOW the truth in what I am saying, then I suggest projecting your asking to the highest beings you can imagine who created everything and are as far away from this planet as you can imagine, to know what’s true about this entity you have had contact with.


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