Thought origins, discarnate influences, dead humans, spirits, satans/Luciferians

According to Ti and Do there are only two sources of thoughts (aka Mind, aka Spirit) 1) human to include what has been programmed by the Luciferians via discarnates who seek to interface with us to time share our brain/body. That’s actually the norm in the human kingdom and is a mix mash of thoughts that had their origin from and became distorted from 2) The Next Level Older Members Thoughts/Mind/Spirit.

Ti and Do said that “we are not responsible for the thoughts that occur to us but we are responsible for the thoughts we allow to continue in our consciousness” which then become amplified and end up defining us to become our “beliefs” acted out or not in thought, word and deed.

Now the human gnome brings a new baby into the world with a preprogrammed set of thoughts, behaviors and ways according to what all their ancestors contributed to them.

The only way I’m aware that a human can identify the source of a thought to someone else, is if they have learned how someone else thought. For instance we hear a thought or words and we think, “wow that sounds like my dad – he used to say that” and that can happen and even potentially be accurate whether he is deceased or not if he has influenced someone else to say that or should it be something that is common to many to have said.

To think we recognize someone specific, by a thought we have, who we never had a personal eye to eye, face to face relationship with is not trustworthy. People die all the time that when they die think they represent someone else, they have become an expert on someone else’s life, quoting them over and over, teaching other about them so that they so embraced whatever body of information they had access to and understood to degrees that when they influence us by being in our close proximity, even inhabiting our same space, we can believe that person they feel they are representing to us, is present. Think of how many people died thinking they were other’s link to God, intercessor to Jesus, teacher of the bible, expert on spirituality or any field.

It seems that discarnate Souls – humans who receive a soul deposit from the Next Level and then are in a Next Level classroom, led by an Older Member who is incarnate and then drop out and usually go against that Older Member’s teachings to justify their dropping out and to be able to resume their human life, have acquired more power to influence living humans. These then become “satans” (advasaries) to anyone who has the potential to gravitate to growing closer to membership in the Next Level. Depending on how much about the Next Level they understood when they died, determines what advantage they have over humans that only had whatever was recorded about the Next Level from their ancestral branch of the human tree.

For those that do want to grow closer to their Older Members from the Next Level, whether still incarnate or not, the Next Level crew will regulate how much one of these “satans” can influence those they have an eye on, though the final choice always remains with each individual. We can choose not to look to the Next Level Older Members and over time of lack of use will even lose whatever Next Level Mind we once had. Pretty soon it seems an impossibility that there is a Next Level, or some sort of interpretation that justifies to them going against what they once knew about them. At that point they have cast judgement on themselves and unless the Next Level wants to save their soul to be brought back as a new Luciferian crop, to fertilize, provide a type of sparring partner to an upcoming student, they will be recycled in what was referred to in Revelations prophecy as the “lake of fire” and the “second death”, the death of the soul itself.

Now if we have come to know what Ti and Do said from reading and/or listening to tapes, if we hear a thought that “sounds like something they might say”, it may be their presence you are feeling but it’s still not trustworthy and not a trick to get you to pay attention to what they say down the road as you get accustomed to that vibration.

In other words, we can’t trust any thoughts. Even the satans will quote scripture and can try to impress us by telling the future and then seeing to it that it takes place to impress you.

This is why Jesus said,

Mat 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.
Mat 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

And this is also part of what Ti and Do were representing by both coming incarnate as the Two Witnesses. They always demonstrated everything they taught. And they had a system of checks and balances to confirm to one another what they felt like they were receiving because they knew how they too could be knocked off track.

So the only thing we can trust is what Ti and Do said, which will “sound like” what was written about what Jesus said and did, which will “sound like” what Moses wrote as an introduction to our graduation from the Human Kingdom.

I have asked to be of service to Do, so his telling me that I was “tredding water” was in response to what I wanted, which is Ti and Do’s way. I’d say it’s rare that they will come to someone, except as a first time confirmation that they are hearing us, to come to us in a dream to pat us on the back. It may be even more rare if it happens at all that they will come to us in a dream with new information they didn’t provide while incarnate. That happened to some degree with John in the book of revelations but that was also after the 2nd of three trimesters in the program so they were preparing for the next step.

The preparation for our next step is to take to heart all Ti and Do taught.

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