Space Aliens=Nephilim=Antichrist re-appears after Obama riding Rev 6:7 Green human

A letter to L.A. Marzulli, one of the more open minded popular Christian broadcaster/bloggers:

I don’t care if you post this as I know you don’t like what I say, but I did want to comment on your Nephilim post (link posted  below) but comments were turned off, so I’ll state what I wanted to offer here. Like Bpearthwatch and others the “Antichrist” is expected to return BEFORE Jesus returns. I don’t disagree with that, though I believe your missing that Jesus return was in two phases, incarnate as a “son of man” (offspring human) for the first fruit, his small group of disciples his Father gave him and the second not incarnate but to be witnessed in the sky/atmosphere/near space and potentially on the surface  (but not incarnate) for the second fruit, those perhaps as many as 144 to 144,000  “saved” for future lesson time after recycling.

So then where is the Antichrist depicted.? Ti and Do said that the ALL the space aliens were the fallen angels. Now that doesn’t mean they still have the physical bodies they had that Enoch and Moses in Genesis 6 talked about, but that would explain how the Nephilim as the offspring of the hybridization program of the fallen angels (once sons (offspring from Their seeding of souls into human vehicles) of God) who grew into service as “watchers” working for the kingdom of God in an elementary fashion because they hadn’t yet proved themselves incorruptible so they were never provided with incorruptible physical bodies).are among us now as the space aliens the fallen angel descendants. Now yes, we know that there are many humans in places in power that are also of their seed. Like the space aliens they are all spiritual atheists regardless of religious affiliations that are meaningless anymore as it’s really coming down to recognition of the One true many membered kingdom of God(s) whose abodes are wherever they are working and are not limited to any one place in the universe who are above human in every way biologically and technically and mentally, etc. and the “human kingdom” which includes the space aliens as they are all mammals and are limited to trying to survive by increasing their numbers by mammalian methods of reproduction and having to eat and have technologies to try to get off the planet before it’s recycled again and some of them are forced to flee underground to try to survive as they did during the flood so that they were able to start over after the flood. Their spacecrafts can work underwater as well as out of water, though their time is coming when all “souls” who live in the sea will be spaded (killed) by the Next Level. Now for the Antichrist reappearing in a physical body again. I believe this is depicted in some detail in:

Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Pale is only a remote translation for the Greek “chloros” which is green. Pale it seems came from the idea of a plant that is a yellowish new shoot which can also be the case as a descriptor of the physical body(s) these two take, I suspect there will be many ways “green” describes these two. Remember green was the original way in which we thought of space aliens – green Martians, the moon was made of green cheese. Then there is “green” in terms of the “greens” politically, even the tea party, where tea is a plant and plants are “green” or yellow at first and then green once matured. Then there is green as from the emerald isle so there may be some Irish linkage. And green also has a military connotation as the camouflage of marines, thus some military aspect can be engaged, even martial law as some fear is down the road. And finally green in perhaps the biggest way that is a result of what many of the space aliens have said through contactees and channelers that is becoming the battle cry all over the world and congress is meeting about as we speak, the environmental green movement that is claiming humans are bringing about the global warming trend. It’s no mystery that when they had the Nobel peace prize given to Obama in Oslo a number of years ago it was at the same time as a big environmental conference. Those conferences never get anywhere because that’s not what they are really for but it is a way for countries to come together to talk about the NWO and at some of the deepest levels interchange data on the space aliens involvements. Yes, the space aliens are who are “riding” the Red, Black and Pale/Green horses (humans) via both their discarnate presence as all the original fallen angels I believe are dead so are in the discarnate world manipulating whatever humans can bring them the biggest bang for their agenda, while are also running the show of the space aliens, their immediate descendants by whatever reproductive methods..When I was researching Romney with his LDS leadership and space alien affiliations in their more secretive beliefs, he really seemed to fit for a number of reasons but I know there are many who can fit that role.

So of course we won’t have more of a handle on this thinking being true until about 2017 which I suspect will being the 4th stage in the birthing of Souls into Next Level membership because those that by then begin to wake up to the fact that Ti and Do were the incarnate return will be targeted and those who are public about their faith and spreading Ti and Do’s information will be apprehended and probably killed because of how such threatens so many in places of comfort and power in their beliefs.

There is a lot more on this and I have been given the keys to opening up all the scriptures eventually though I can only do so a little at a time. I actually don’t want you to post this as I’m realizing that for most of your followers it’s too much too fast to consider what I have to share. You know well how hard it was for you to grasp the reality to the way scriptures and space aliens intermingle. Most people can’t fathom much about space alien realities let alone thinking that the Kingdom of God/Heaven physical bodies they wear also look like what some space aliens have been programmed by the lower forces to look like. For instance the grays of Whitley Strieber are horrendous looking as with other contactee and abductee depictions. I’m not saying there are not space aliens that look like that but I believe they are suits to disguise what they really look like as they are probably reptilian looking and are influenced in their suit design to resemble Next Level vehicles as the Luciferians know what those vehicles look like. Ti had one drawn and I put it on my broadcasts that I put on my YouTube channel 3spm if you want to see it. They look kind and loving and gentle and have slightly larger than human heads and slightly larger eyes but other than that are very pleasant-looking and are humanoid like the Lord said they created humans in their likeness which was a visual likeness in the Hebrew.

Link to L.A.’s post about the Nephilim:


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5 Responses to “Space Aliens=Nephilim=Antichrist re-appears after Obama riding Rev 6:7 Green human”

  1. Broadcast tonight 9-11pm et regarding who are the Nephilim today | Sawyerhg's Blog Says:

    […] Jesus, an above human and above space alien ufonaut from an advanced physical (non-mammalian) and mental (beyond self centered) futuristic society whose purpose it is to grow soul seeds they plant into new members via their voluntary participation in an "overcoming" experiential classroom that ultimately requires cutting our human roots in thought, word and deed « Space Aliens=Nephilim=Antichrist re-appears after Obama riding Rev 6:7 Green human […]

  2. Glaive Says:

    Pale/green horse is Islam. And this horse is riding through Europe right now.

    • sawyer Says:

      Can you back it up? Go for it. I’d like to hear what you have to say about it. I have found that all prophecy has numerous applications. Of course that’s set up that way so people can choose what they want to believe. Often when I talk to Christians I don’t often disagree with them…what I find is that I believe I see MORE to it that always seems to have a more consistent contextual application. For instance if Islam is a manifestation of the pale/green horse I can agree as Do said at this time the lower forces, the weeds of the garden will assisting the Next Level with removal of the tares, those seeds planted by the Luciferians that can look just like the wheat but have no Next Level mind in them. But that also makes the governments or anyone who is killing other humans equally the product of the “pale/green horse” that brings not only death through the military “sword” but through famine, and pestilence from the bestial humans and not only of the physical vehicles as to the Next Level all our vehicles are ultimately destined to die. It becomes a matter of who we die for. If we choose to give ourselves to the Next Level Older Members Ti and Do and we spread their truth and we meet opposition for doing so and die in that service regardless of how then we are dying for Ti and Do and they will take that soul to give it another opportunity to grow another notch towards graduation at a later time. But there are many reasons I think the more thorough interpretation of the pale/green horse is a specific person is based on what a “horse” is in prophecy. It’s a human vehicle as shown in Zechariah but you’ll have to look it up. Zechariah said a lot of things that directly relate to the Revelations prophecy and seems to be related in some way to the student member of the Next Level who incarnated in the vehicle called John the Baptist. There are many other reasons for my interpretation. I will have to review this post to see if I included all the points. I’ve put a priority on including a lot more in my book just months away from publish that I’m sure will be met with all responses that are possible to include ignoring it. For whatever it’s worth if you are interpreting the symbolism in the Revelations with more symbolism instead of bringing more literal applications to the symbolism, I think you or anyone has not yet arrived at the greatest application for that symbolism but of course that needs to be accomplished using the context of where that symbolism came from. For instance when the prophecy talks about “grass” in some context, even most it’s referring to those seeds that have come up as new shoots while a “green thing” or green plant will be one that has grown to be a student to some degree and a “tree” a soul that has grown to provide service of fostering further fruit growth like another seed distributor where seeds is the Words from the Older Members. Just like the Next Level uses plant life for examples they use animal lifeforms. For instance when birds are used I believe they are talking about the space aliens, maybe not in all cases though as the Next Level is compared to an eagle with it’s wings or like a hen with it’s chics. So it goes both ways many times. And it’s not the horse so much that’s important in this verse but the one sitting on it with the name Thanatos= death in greek mythology, while Green= Demeter=Ceres in greek and roman mythology and hell=hades and pluto in mythologies. I can’t help but pay attention to the facts that just as I was asking help to understand this verse better and it’s application and how to explain it all, the NASA spacecrafts were taking pictures of the cityscape like lights on Ceres and the hangerbay looking doors on Pluto and the other earth like characteristics of pluto that correspond to what Ti and Do said of pluto and the relationship with Daniel chapter 7’s 4th Beast King/Kingdom. That’s inside information only a student of Ti and Do would know about and know how to apply provided just ahead of the prophecy’s full realization in the next election. It’s also important when interpreting prophecy to consider where on earth it is slated to most come to the fore. Of course that is a matter of interpretation as well but the biggest application pertains to the U.S. which I believe is the 4th quarter of the earth which can be found insinuated in Zechariah chapter 13. Also why is it islam and not Christianity or pseudo Christianity that is the pale/green horse in the symbolism as if you look at who is doing the greater terrorism (not so justify any of it) it’s the western governments marching on the middle east that make the event in paris and even new York pale in comparison. How many millions – yes millions have been killed, maimed, diseased, run out of their homes, had their lives destroyed by the U.S. and their allies and by the French and by the English and others and now the Russians in the name of a just cause as they say against their foes in WWI and the ottomans when they divided up all those middle east countries in the first place and then WWII that by the way the jews are very much all in bed with as well thus three world religions would certainly be implicated.

  3. Glaive Says:

    Yes, I can back it up, but I won’t. Not here, at least. I’m just not sure you can get it. You are too American, and a product of system, perhaps, too much… You should come to the Old continent maybe, to see what I see, to feel what I feel. An unique experience, you know, something is in the air lately. Something is coming. Something REAL. The End, it is. So I’m going to stay here, in the epicenter of all this, and face the things to come.
    You don’t have to bother with reply. I’m kinda tired of your walls of text. Again, i could say I’m sorry, but I’m not.

    • sawyer Says:

      That’s what people tell me all the time – they can back it up but they won’t. I am often criticized for walls of text and for poor grammar and wordiness and well the list goes on and on and on. I know well something is in the air. It’s Ti and Do’s mind that are turning up the heat and all the creatures are responding with exactly what they have become in their heads already, just can not hide it any longer and yes it is very REAL and yes it is the END just as Do said and Jesus said was on the horizon in their time frame not ours though becomes ours to experience. The Old world is no better than this so called New world – in the U.S. The same arrogance exists everywhere – national pride, pride of human intelligence, human artistry, human accomplishments, even human fallibility when things go wrong, as an excuse. Nothing is wrong about any of that actually. It’s part of the human kingdom’s condition but it can be outgrown and that’s why it’s all falling apart and many are seeing how broken it all is. There are no solutions. Meanwhile nero fiddles while the world burns. The space aliens also fill the air as their last ditch effort to capture souls that could become Next Level Members. I hope you find what you want as I hope for all and for myself as well. I hope I can continue to increase my standing for Ti and Do as nothing human holds anything for me anymore.

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