Response to comments about the Overcoming classroom – whether it was easier do overcome in a group

Below my responses to a recent comment stream. I’m  not going to give the comment but part of it dealt with the sense that  being together with others in the classroom made overcoming easier, if I am paraphrasing the comment correctly.


So here is my response:


I will check out the sites you posted and the music. I agree that being in the classroom made it easier to overcome, that is “at first”, but over the years it became increasingly harder for some obvious reasons of repetition and dull-drums and certain original things not coming to pass when Ti and Do initially said they would, Ti’s leaving her vehicle and how, etc, though I can see how it was part of the strategy of the Next Level Above Human in overseeing their Two hands on, aka undercover (occupying ordinary human vehicle) representatives. This is because the tests got harder as the influences (discarnates and especially the ones actually assigned to each student, from among the Fallen Angel discarnates, who by their own desire sought to influence them away from their overcoming and bonding with the incarnate Older Members because each’s “advasary” (satan). They, the advasaries were not permitted constant bombardment of the student they were allowed to bombard with their mind. This way a student would recognize their gains but if they got overconfident and dropped the guards they had learned to put up, they would faulter and that would stimulate further gains. Gain wasn’t really seen as being 100% in charge of our brain’s thoughts and actions – it was reaching for 100% and not believing it out of reach. Ti and Do were constantly being led to say and do things that put people to the test in a number of ways at the same time, even seemingly trivial things because major tests. I remember one night when a classmate had a big problem – but I can’t recall the actual problem – perhaps sickness, but a number of students got up and I was among them and I went to help and the females who were required to wear a bra were not required to wear one to sleep, was leaning over and I could see her breasts and it was nearly an instant excitement (yet not an orgasm, though I did experience that from thoughts alone, part of what I experienced that led to my leaving them as I have reported) and that image thereafter was very, very hard to abort but I managed. Then years into the classroom, Ti and Do, who would send us to the movies they would review ahead of time, told us there were a couple brief nude scenes in this or that movie. I can hear Ti saying, “now this is a test to see if you can handle it as a member of the Next Level”. You see, they didn’t just spring it on us. They gave us the chance to know it was coming and to choose how we wanted to deal with it. To some who had already overcome their sensuality, though had other areas that still needed work, even though while human they might look at a female breast with awe and desire, they as Do said about himself that he got about as much desire from it as looking at a “grapefruit” (and not talking about hunger) but sensual stimulus. (not saying that food doesn’t stimulate sensuality as well and in more than one way – it certainly does and Ti and Do said the entire digestive system has a part in stimulating sexuality, which reminds me of the adam/eve story that was not just a story according to Ti and Do. It was the start of the TEST – that would be offered to all those that received a degree of Next Level tasks, as the ones who had fallen away had received, to see if they could overcome the fallen one’s influence on them, that would then propel them closer to their own graduation into Next Level vehicles that no longer can fall away as they would have no human systems to reverse metamorphosis back to a Caterpillar. I have many, many examples of how the classroom became increasingly hard to qualify to stay in. At one point Do even offered any student who had any consideration of leaving $1,000.00 because as he said, he knew life in that communal setting in the sense of day to day life was very satisfying to some. Critics would say Do was feeling guilty so was looking to get out of it gracefully by such an offer, but I saw first hand, as I was privy to the so called inner circle for the last few years and it pained him a great deal to see anyone leave but he still had to fulfill his task of putting some to the tests he was given to provide, not even knowing what kind of test it might be and not even knowing to whom it might apply exactly, that is until after the test passed and he got notes from students or recognized their vibration change in their countenance, etc. When one gets rid of various discarnate influences they do become more and more childlike – no protections or ego centrist projections of power or self importance in any way. And yet, neither Ti nor Do tried to “read” anyone. They took us for what we said, didn’t say, did or did not do in response to the lesson steps they would bring.

There was a person who was just recently listening to all the audio tapes and bringing me questions as they would occur to him and with his questions criticisms as well. He thought because he listened to the tapes he was seeing all there was to see in them and found them to be so ordinary and not evidence of any greater being though liked Ti and Do and thought they were nice people, if I recall correctly what he relay to me over countless comments. I applaud him for putting out that effort as so few are willing to do that. But even though I was there for all those tapes, when he would bring things up I saw how much I missed while I was there. Now, I’m not saying this to reflect on you at all. you could be someone who would see on first take all the things I only saw now. There is no way to measure that with each of us. I’m just bringing it up because of how much was going on in the delivery of “tests” even in casual seeming conversations about how one should knead the bread in the yeast lab, a lesson I got from Ti as I was gruff with the dough, for example. Being gruff was one of the areas I needed to work on. For some it was being quite in walking or talking or talking more or talking less and it wasn’t entirely about that characteristic. It was both the characteristic that by controlling put us in control of our vehicles but also about being willing and trying hard to follow instructions so we could be trusted with more important tasks upon graduation into a Next Level task environment where minor deviations from the way some things were done could have major ramifications that the Older Members would then have to patch up. Of course they do patch them up but they don’t put people into tasks until they are confident they have the capacity to rise to perform that task and part of that entails knowing what is part of the task and what needs more clarification before proceeding on. That was all a huge part of the classroom that came out in every day tasks.

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