What Ti and Do’s ‘BEYOND HUMAN’ means. Defining Gods Jealousy and wrath

Ti and Do didn’t really teach right and wrong in terms about this or that belief. They simply said in so many words, if you want to go to the Next Level, to be on their team, work on a crew, the rules are thus and so. They didn’t debate. However they are very clear that there is opposition to them, who manipulate information to both make them out to be something they are not – evil, manipulative, dictatorial, jealous wrathful gods looking to control humans and then to the other extreme of no one required to do anything to be like them, the entire “Jesus did it for us”, syndrome, so we don’t have to also do what he did, which is also prevalent thought among many Christians, various new age religious/spiritual groups and new agers as well – God loves all of us and all of us will be ushered into heaven on earth if we “let it be”, don’t try to make it happen, or meditate enough on peace and love, the Lennon syndrome. (don’t get me wrong, I like peace and love, or better said, Kindness/gentleness/compassion and giving, but these are behavioral characteristics taught by the Next Level, but not so much the development of a mind muscle that can stick to a program that prepares one to be trusted to work for the Next Level without getting in the way of aspects of “garden” experiments of growing souls to choose to also gravitate to such a program in a stepwise fashion. The Next Level provides the “astronaut training” like program which has been equated to a “war” because the lower forces who were once in such a program chose to renegade from the program and those administering it, so the Next Level Older members decided to subject other students at the station of the renegades to the renegades in which they could then decide for themselves who to give themselves to.

Now Ti and Do, do teach right and wrong when it comes to what is real and what is not, what information is truthful and what is lies and misinformation, so in that way they are absolute because they know all about the planets and garden plots they design and they know all about the creatures they grow on those planets that they designed, so to deny so would be lying to portray that they don’t know because some take offense when someone says they know. If our reality was created, using evolutionary processes and big bangs galore with built in adaptations galore and recycling so current creatures only have clues to past experiments on Earth and/or other planets, etc., then someone has to KNOW the truth about it all. If on the other hand, it’s all come about by random response to stimuli with no plausible explanation for a beginning of at least our little corner of the solar system, which to me is total science fiction and about as ignorant a belief as driving a car to a tribe in some jungle where they never saw a car, if that is possible anymore, and telling them the car evolved by itself over millions of years to be a car. Because of how far fetched that is, though to even some so called intelligent humans, they don’t see the correlation or better yet don’t want to see it, or perhaps don’t have any living seed in them any longer to see it – the seed they once had that all living creatures have a degree of atrophied from lack of usage so now it’s no longer capable of functioning, which renders that creature by their own choice unable to change and thus evolve beyond what they have become regardless of how much data they can display that makes them look smart to other humans.

re: “levels beyond human” – since those are terms when put together were designed by Ti and Do, though they spoke of them as evolutionary and physical, two huge descriptors that set their thinking a part from all others, though all others have smatterings of that thinking, no being can be “beyond human” unless they are taught what beyond human is and that can’t be taught by a human, though it appears to be because it comes through humans by The Older Members coming in such a way that humans can not detect them, as “spirits”. And because of that it was thought that Spirits are the entities that are “beyond human” so it must be a spiritual environment. However, this is misinformation and where that is evident is in the information that became available beyond the theoretical or philosophical or spiritual or mystical the demonstrated the differences of what constitutes “human” and what doesn’t and that took place with the so called “ufo crashes” that occurred in the 1940’s and 1950’s that had physical bodies in them that were in tact enough that they could be autopsied and proved that beings existed in these flying saucers that were not human because they didn’t have human organs common to every, not only human but every animal. A few of the bodies had no reproductive nor digestive systems and a few others had atrophied reproductive systems and had a different type of “flesh” as well.

When one takes that information believe it or not and then examines the core of what Jesus taught – that one to be his disciple needed to “leave all behind” of their human life to be with that “teacher” more or less 24/7 and that they were no longer going to be thinking of themselves as having a human family as Jesus demonstrated denying his mother brothers were his family, saying that fellow believers were his family, which included leaving behind children (not abandoning them, but seeing to it that they had someone who would love them and raise them), but that they could not join because they would not have engaged in human behaviors enough if at all, depending on their age and experience to choose to deny themselves those forms of human sensuality – sensory stimulus that the Older Members would begin to wean them from needing and wanting, IF THESE DISCIPLES CHOSE TO STAY IN THE OFFERED PROGRAM. Plus, one would be willing to even sacrifice their human vehicle, another totally inhumane thing to do, but not as some ritual and certainly not imposed on anyone else nor pressured into doing so, but simply recognizing how one will have to “overcome/conquer, prevail against” all their otherwise normal human behaviors and ways, to pass through the birth canal into membership in the Next evolutionary level, but only by instigating each step according to the way the incarnate Older Member provided, not using their own mind to do so, which is another way the charlatans stimulate that become sects of different religious groups. Some of this is evidenced by Jesus saying, one could choose to make themselves a eunuch for the kingdom of God/Heaven’s sake or even loose a hand or eye IF, IF, IF they found that by keeping that hand or eye they might miss their goal of becoming a member of the Next Level, because they couldn’t otherwise keep themselves from behaviors and ways that were not overcoming their humanness. Jesus didn’t tell anyone to do any of these things but nor did he omit them as options because the entire idea of “flesh sacrifice” that hearing those words sends shutters through humans who have not grasped the full breath of what the Next Level really is, is a big part of what overcoming humanness is.

Now talking about evolution the way Ti and Do meant it had nothing to do with Darwin’s theories and had everything to do with showing that the Next Level was just as real a mental and biological environment of life forms as human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are. Next Level members have physical bodies they wear on a regular basis according to the tasks they have.

Another characteristic of an Evolutionary Level Above Human Member is that they don’t die even though their physical bodies can die, but nor do their physical bodies decay and die on their own. (as far as I know), though members can aspire to regular upgrades in physical bodies that have more and more function. For instance one physical body Ti and Do spoke about could even be a spacecraft. Just like we, our mind was being taught to pilot our human physical vehicles, a Next Level member could choose to be in the department of transportation so to speak and whatever other tasks could go with that as it would hardly be just a taxi service, so that they, their MInd would have that kind of vehicle that would not be a humanoid looking one for example.

But Next Level members also choose tasks when offered that entail the sacrifice of their living suit of clothing (physical vehicle) which took place when they decided to come undercover to perform the task of overcoming humanness again to show a student body how which again was what took place in some of the southwest U.S. UFO crashes, such as near Roswell, Aztec, New Mexico, Laredo, Aurora, Texas and maybe a few other locations.

Beyond human isn’t the spirit world as when a human or human equivalent space alien dies as they all do, their programming, the content of their mind, their spirit that still exists outside the flesh is still human in every way and seeks to play out their humanness by the only means they have, by influencing living humans to do their bidding. That bidding can be teaching others or being a chef or a drug addict if that’s what got them off most during life. These spirits don’t live forever and they have just as many limits as they had while a part of a physical vehicle. If they were taught they could astral travel, then they have more facility to travel around in their limited spirit world. That spirit world might extend a certain distance into what humans would consider near space even to some different planets but certainly not beyond that, if that far, as Ti and Do didn’t say that I ever heard. But even the spirit world will be dissolved in the near future according to Ti and Do and Jesus and other prophesy in various cultures.

Then there are characteristics of the human evolutionary level that are apparent in the animal evolutionary level; predators, competitions, jealousies, vengeance, manipulations, deceits and judgementalism based on another’s color, gender, shape, health, ethnicity, intelligence, philosophy/religion, social behaviors, likes and dislikes, all of which are part of the “Overcoming process” to outgrow to qualify to be a member of the Level Above Human, again not by our design but as layed out in a stepwise way by those who are from that Level Above Human. Whether someone is represented by having a human vehicle or is a spirit time sharing one or more human vehicles, whether on a spacecraft from a different planet or from Earth and/or from a previous civilization is no different to the Next Evolutionary Level Above Human Older Members. They don’t have any of these characteristics.

What was called God’s jealously was true but not in the emotional and competitive connotations of the word. Next Level Members don’t covet what others have and have no vested interest in anyone looking to them or joining their program or supporting their mindset because they don’t need any new members though know there will be some as their having set up these “garden experiments” many times previous, like human gardeners know there will be yield. But they actually set the limits of the yield as they are not harvesting for consumption as humans do for their gardens. They actually put together crews in various departments which requires planning to do as more isn’t better. The reason it was spoken about as jealously was because the goal of the program for those who were enlisted and elected to engage it had the overall qualifications as stated by Jehovah through Moses implementation of “giving to the Lord all one’s heart (body/emotions), mind (spirit/thoughts), soul (aspirations to enlightenment) and strength (efforts). This was laid out before that genetic strain they designed and developed til then knew much about it’s application because the Next Level Older Members don’t manipulate. They do strategize how much stimulus to provide and when according to the responses. That’s what largely makes it an experiment. And the make the rules stringent, while the Older Member incarnate decides exceptions with his consultations with his Older Member which is also their learning experience that will enable their further function for their Older Member.

The entire reason any humans have any of the characteristics of the Next Level Older Members is because They delivered them by their example. They even use all those in the human kingdom, Luciferian space aliens as well, as assets in their experiment to provide some of the positive characteristics of peace and love, kindness, gentleness, that even some dropouts may still embrace, though probably do so in the way humans on Earth at times do, that is the ones with the power, according to how it works for their agenda and to their own which also separates the Next Level program from all others. Next Level students also will treat those that make themselves their enemies with the same respectful, kind and understanding ways they treat all beings evidenced by Jesus saying to his Father so his disciples could hear an example of how he spoke to his Older Member who was not incarnate, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. There is no benefit to a human holding that thinking unless they still have Active Next Level Mind in their soul body or spirit or it’s left over from what they received through their genetic tree that originated from the Next Level Older Members and had not become totally tainted and/or distorted into superficial religious or spiritual regimen. I am not knocking religious or spiritual regimen. Ti and Do explained how all things in the human condition can be what leads a human to the “top of the mountain” of the human kingdom, but that when the time arrives to have the chance to get off the human mountain have to be discarded and replaced by the teachings from the currently incarnate Older Members IF THEY CHOOSE TO PROGRESS BEYOND HUMAN.

We also see that the Next Level Older Members can act in a way that is depicted as anger. They do that at times to help students, those who have asked to be in their service/overcoming program as we need that motivation to make changes. We can be willing but there’s that old expression, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Really, that could be more accurate that the spirit is willing but is not strong enough to override the desires of the flesh body we occupy. It’s what humans call “tough love” and of course at times in the human kingdom does show value and other times like everything else is used and abused.

However, with that said, if the Next Level Older Members determine that THEIR garden experiment is in part or entirely non-productive, as with any human organization, they will take appropriate measures. Of course the Next Level don’t have the often hidden agenda’s and profit motivations humans have, except in how the Next Level wants to give those that they see as upcoming the best chance they can give to graduate Their human overcoming school, so will accelerate the life span of those they deem weeds because of how they seek to interfere with their upcoming fruit harvest in a way that’s not an advantage to use. They do use others but not like humans do. They use others by allowing them the opportunity to do what they want to do. If what they want to do is war with others, then the Next Level, if they determine it’s not in their interest to prevent, will allow them to wage war. The Next Level Older Members always provide outs for those in war zones who ask for their help to get out of harms way and they can always save the spirit or soul of a human who doesn’t get out of harms way but shows promise towards a potential future garden overcoming classroom participation. The human vehicles were all designed to die after a certain amount of time and that varies and doesn’t look fair to some but the vehicles are not what the Next Level harvests. However the vehicles are absolutely needed for the overcoming program, providing the participant soul/spirit with what they need to overcome as all humans have as part of their nature.


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14 Responses to “What Ti and Do’s ‘BEYOND HUMAN’ means. Defining Gods Jealousy and wrath”

  1. gemunis Says:

    I totally agree that, kindness, consideration, gentleness, honesty, compassion, generosity are next level characteristics. For instance, It make a big difference when, to gently close a door behind us, when someone is asleep, then to slam the door behind us, and break that persons sleep. It makes all the difference to gently walk up the stairs, than to stump, up the stairs, and break the harmony of peace in any indoor environment,etc.

    • sawyer Says:

      Both of your examples were among the specific “procedures” we were given, along with whispering, shutting cabinets and drawers so you couldn’t hear them close, not stomping around anywhere. Though these were all being considerate of others and the environment, the larger reason I believe was one more of many efforts to “get control over our vehicles” which included becoming aware of our noises. Additional areas included moving quickly but not so much by speed increase but by efficiency of action increase, though they go hand in hand. Also for practical purposes of scheduling we had 11 minutes to bathe every morning that included showering, shaving and grooming (nose hair, ear hair, fingernails as needed), brushing teeth, flossing and cleaning up after ourselves which included using a tissue to clear the drain of hair and for the last person to bathe, wiping down the shower stall. It was procedure to use a wash cloth and to clean every part of the body, including in between toes with each bath. And to conserve on dryer time for towels, we were to sort of brush the water off our body before getting out of the shower, so the towels would not be as wet. And to conserve water, we would not start the shower and let it run and would not make it too hot either (as it also tended to dry out the skin and scalp, causing other problems) but would just keep the shower on just long enough to get fully wet, head to toe and then turn it off and soap up with the washcloth. The bar of soap would never be used directly on the body and shampoo was to be used for the hair. Plus hair needed to be removed from the bar of soap so the next person doesn’t have a hairy bar of soap. Also, one needed to wipe down the mirror with a sponge if one splattered on it and not leave hair in the sink either and the countertop needed to be wiped dry before exiting as well. Many of these “procedures” were applied whether in a house or living in a tent with certain adjustments accordingly.   These procedures didn’t all come at once. Ti and Do would sit with us and go through the routine which would get recorded in a “procedure book” and then as things came up and questions were asked more procedures would be added. There was a separate book the Nutri-lab (kitchen/cooking, etc.) the Yeast-Lab (baking), Impro-Lab (House and car maintenance/improvements), Fiber-lab (laundry) and then books for those on the “ventilation crew” that handled heat and air conditioning settings, another book for those that did any medical delivery of medicines, etc. and another for the group assigned to manage the overall “craft” scheduling and a general book for all to keep up with daily or as often as you could.

      Terminology was changed because of how it forced us to use our brains differently from what we grew up with in the human world and it instilled what life on a spacecraft and/or lab would be like once a member of the Next Level.

      And since all the terms and procedures came from Ti and Do, or after Ti left, from Do, though students wrote them out and then sent a copy to Ti and Do, in case they got it wrong, by following them each of the students was literally making Ti and Do’s  Mind our own, which are among the foundation of becoming their instruments through which the Chief of Chief’s mind would be delivered to everyone and yet none of it was robotic and all was subject to change as each member and crew encountered different circumstances to where existing procedures might not apply. So each member and crew would try to follow procedures with the intent of the procedure the primary aspect to follow and when adjustments seemed necessary would try to check with the Older member but if there wasn’t time or availability to check as all this has practicality to it, crewmembers would try to second guess what their Older members would do and then act in ways to provide the most options to reverse what their decisions changed if when the Older Member receives the report, they want to reverse or adjust the decision.

      An example of this is how Do considered all options Ti might choose to use to pick them up, whether physically or by taking their soul bodies, which is the way it did happen. Now I don’t know this but suspect it to be the case, that the reason they took out “abduction insurance” from Llyods of London, was in case Ti decided to take their vehicles for some reason. Then there would be more funds available to those who were given the task to maintain the web site and further publish the book and distribute all their materials. 

      I believe that is also the reason, each had a bag packed with a change of clothes in it and a little money, though that was in combination with their demonstration of who was behind (or sitting) on the Samuel Clemmons Mark Twain vehicle, that I believe was when Ti came closer to help prepare the human kingdom for their incarnate task and thereafter as Do I believe came before that with the Aurora, Texas crash in April of 1897.

      People that think all these procedures make them into robots are listening to the lower forces programming. Anyone who has been part of a team knows the value of procedures and how they enable a better team and how good it feels to be part of a well oiled machine that a team can be.

      Ti and Do certainly demonstrated how challenging it is to perform a task as theirs. As their student for 19 years I experienced and witnessed what they went through trying to help each student and deal with all the things they were up against in keeping the classroom in tact so not to be interfered with by human authorities, etc. that were often looking for them and out to stop them. And as each student served on crews that at times were sent out to perform tasks in the world, dealing with car maintenance tasks, dealing with realtors, and one another it was easy to see how there were always considerations procedures didn’t cover except in how to go about handling changes.

      And that doesn’t change once a member of the Next Level. In fact the more on grows in the Next Level the less strict procedures they have and thus more responsibility they have and the more they are trusted by their Older Members to handle situations the way their Older Member would. And that’s what can make that student into a young member of the Next Level and to eventually become an Older Member themselves.

      Humans generally like to think of themselves as individuals. Ti and Do always said, it’s only when becoming a member of the Next Level that we become an individual for the first time. This is because humans know it or not are like a computer that’s being time shared. Discarnates share our brains and bodies and thus all we do according to how they have programmed us to gravitate to doing the things they want us to do in life. This starts at birth though with the genetic programming they are made up of before then.

      • gemunis Says:

        Thank you, Sawyer,
        for your humble application of important information, to help us through our membership, in the next level. Every piece of information you provide is so pertinent, to helping us understand, what it is we may be lacking, and need to adapt to reaching closer. to where we should be.

    • sawyer Says:

      it is nice to have such a bright shining star among us and I’m real glad when you connect with others in ways that can only help as we each search for what we want.

      • gemunis Says:

        Thank you for your complements. I am glad to share through my experience, even to this day, what the next level has done for me, and my gratitude towards the guidance (DO) has provided, in his loyalty, when he said, “I answer to the name (DO), if you ever need my help. or guidance”; in his exit statement. DO, is our new guide for this day, and age, approved by GOD, approved by the Christ, and this is what I would like to share with the world, as I very much ask for that guidance, in order that we succeed to a substantial extent. DO, for this day, and age is the key to -Heavens Gate-.

      • sawyer Says:

        Excellent, but let me share a little something about the term “Christ” – anointed one, one who has completed their christening, their christing, filling one’s body entirely with “light” (the mind of their Older Member and “washing their robe” (human vehicle) of all human behaviors and thus having Overcome the World. The “Christ” is the task name. And just as Jesus spoke of his Father as God, Ti is that Father and God though Do is also God in that both are Members of the Next Level – Kingdom of God. The term God is also a general term for someone who had graduated above the human kingdom. Do also referred to “age” as the entire time period of the current experiment of some 6000+ years. If you search on “age” in the beyond human series text I think you will find that reference. But Yes, He IS the KEY – his life from his awakening onward all adds up to being our key to embrace to be ready for our next steps towards membership in the Next Level. Oh, yes, “statement one” talks about the christening and how it’s related to the chrysalis.

  2. mesilathraam221 Says:

    Yes, my belief system and yours are going to be different in some ways – you have to remember that not only was I brought up to be an atheist (though I wouldn’t really say that I am one now) but I didn’t spent 19 years with Bonnie/Ti and Herff/Do in a communal classroom/craft situation. I don’t have an ‘Older Member’ to guide me, but I do have whatever it is that my own ‘guide’ is, which is a disincarnate xenodimensional that proved itself to me by action. I can’t help but have a part of my mind that still sticks to the ‘seeing is believing, and believing is seeing’ notions. But too much debating isn’t productive so I’ll try to stick to the commonalities and outright questions that I still have, without going into my personal issues with some of it. I came here and right from the start I said that I had no desire to live forever, but I do believe that there is some sort of recycling on the planet, especially with what is known about prehistorical extinctions, which were mostly by means of volcano activity, that wiped out nearly all life on earth at least 5 or 6 times even before the dinosaurs. So I find myself interested in what you have to say even if I don’t follow all of it completely.

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “people in a war zone have an out”? Are you talking about just the innocents, or are you also including the perpetrators? One of my steadfast beliefs is that messing with nuclear weapons is not for humans to do, and not just because it’s deadly to US – because it’s making Armageddon happen by ourselves which is not supposed to be. In a situation like that, we’d all be in a war zone.

    PS: Agree with Gemunis 100% – I’m always thinking of how my own actions are going to affect others around me, though it was something I had to learn over time.

    • gemunis Says:

      I know we are instruments, through our executing of our behavior. Our actions, when they appear to work for the betterment of human kind; seems to carry on to others, in which case they may try to implement what they see in us, Those who are disseminating next level way’s, in an attempt to share the very peace that those of the heavenly kingdom expect us to share, in order to spread an air of understanding, patience, and mercy to a decapitating, and corrupt world; that we not be as the world is.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m not sure of the context of my saying that, “people in a war zone have an out”, but I think what I was referring to is how in probably every war there are those that see the handwriting on the wall and leave instead of thinking their home and possessions are worth fighting and dying for. I think it’s probably rare that there isn’t always foreknowledge of impending horrors. Of course if someone has so isolated themselves from what is going on around them, then they suffer the ramifications of not being engaged. I agree that nuclear energy is and always has been a terrible risk to everyone’s health. People have been talking about a nuclear war wiping out humans but what if that is already happening with the so called Legal release of millions of particles of stronium 90 into the air and water minute by minute because the NRA says it an acceptable level when there is no safe level. This information has been available to millions of people for decades now and yet there are still reactors upwind and upstream from large population centers, while the CDC mounts campaign after campaign to discover the reasons for cancers. (not that these particles are the only carcinogens, they are just seemingly the most potent). How can anyone have respect for human institutions knowing how they ignore the facts to the way in which our environment has been made into a toxic heap and that’s considered normal. I could carry on re: the entire alchemist pharmaceutical giants and the upcoming forced vaccination programs that to me are the equivalent of Hitlers genocide. I’m not saying there is never any use for nuclear energy and vaccinations and especially in areas where there is very poor sanitation and water born illnesses and not immune system boosters in the food/water supplies. These humans who push their agenda’s are extremely primitive and self serving and with next to zero forethought. They are actually slaves of the space aliens believe it or not. The space aliens are the ones who want desperately to have nuclear energy so they will have the kinds of power supplies needed to travel great distances in space.The humans pushing these technologies are by in large their descendents, by having their human strain seeded with their seed and/or by their strain being taught to think/act as they think and act. They put on the airs of being “brothers” to humans, as they are, no lessor and no greater but they don’t hesitate to consider humans collateral damage if they can gain what they want from their use, while humans think they are free and individualistic.

      • gemunis Says:

        I know that trough the very young, they are creating a disestablish society. The many young lives are being destroyed. So many have left their children unattended, and many teenagers have lost respects for their parents. The internet, have become the new parent, to most teenagers now a day’s, and parents have disconnected from their teenagers, themselves by spending to much time on the internet. Father, and mothers, are turned on by much pornographic material, and many woman, and men have broken up because of it, and many homes have become disrupted by a cyber world, they have not learned to control. Many single mothers have chosen to raise the children on their own, because they have been wanting to acquire a total delusional, which they so much hunger for , along with the power of being free,power, and find at the end of the road they cannot give the emotional support a child needs from his Father, leaving the child vulnerable, and open to manic depression. Those who have chosen to make a human relationship, have destroyed the norm of the human relationships. In this case, at this point in their human lives; isn’t best to think these things out, and choose wisely, perhaps even listen to that advice col um in the Bible that shares, that in those day’ women, should consider not given suck, in those day’s, only because in the Christ,Jesus prophecy it was obvious that he knew that in these day’ it would come to this, the calamity we see around us.
        Warning by the next level, 2000, and some years ago.

  3. Day to day PROCEDURES aka instructions Ti and Do gave that aided “taking full control over our vehicles” | Sawyerhg's Blog Says:

    […] Jesus, an above human and above space alien ufonaut from an advanced physical (non-mammalian) and mental (beyond self centered) futuristic society whose purpose it is to grow soul seeds they plant into new members via their voluntary participation in an "overcoming" experiential classroom that ultimately requires cutting our human roots in thought, word and deed « What Ti and Do’s ‘BEYOND HUMAN’ means. Defining Gods Jealousy and wrath […]

  4. Craig Holmes Says:

    Sawyer, are you planning to collate your writings and experiences into a book? Your writings, even just in response to comments on here, are very revealing and I feel they’d be ‘lost’ somehow if not all pulled together in some form, Best Regards, Craig

    • sawyer Says:

      Yes, but it’s not my first priority. I’ve got to get my jesus book out first as it blows the socks off of all christian misinformation/confusion. Of course I see it that way but many will just see what I say as r2d2 talk because of how it’s so challenging to accept that Ti and Do were their expected return, the ramifications of considering my translations and interpretations of that record.

      But if it’s the will of Ti and Do to put out another book with these kinds of details in it, I’m game. I will continue to write until this vehicle dies and I want it all to get published so it’s available the largest number of people.

      If you ever want to help with this process, I’m not copyrighting anything, except the jesus book with a “common copyright” as Do and crew did to the original “blue” book that became the purple book.

      But since you expressed a desire to see this information preserved, I’ll check every so often with the plethora of documents I’ve written for more snippets about life in the classroom that I can just post without any further effort so I can keep my focus on the jesus book in the meantime.

  5. Craig Holmes Says:

    Excellent news Sawyer and thanks for taking the time to reply. I will continue to look out for any updates through your blog and youtube. I look forward to your jesus book as well as any classroom based experiences you share, Best Regards, Craig

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