Day to day PROCEDURES aka instructions Ti and Do gave that aided “taking full control over our vehicles”

Here is my response to a recent comment to my post:

…in which I described some of the characteristics of a student and Next Level member, with examples of walking up stairs and closing doors quietly, so I’ve included more examples of what Ti and Do taught in these regards:


Both of your examples were among the specific “procedures” we were given, along with whispering, shutting cabinets and drawers so you couldn’t hear them close, not stomping around anywhere. Though these were all being considerate of others and the environment, the larger reason I believe was one more of many efforts to “get control over our vehicles” which included becoming aware of our noises. Additional areas included moving quickly but not so much by speed increase but by efficiency of action increase, though they go hand in hand. Also for practical purposes of scheduling we had 11 minutes to bathe every morning that included showering, shaving and grooming (nose hair, ear hair, fingernails as needed), brushing teeth, flossing and cleaning up after ourselves which included using a tissue to clear the drain of hair and for the last person to bathe, wiping down the shower stall. It was procedure to use a wash cloth and to clean every part of the body, including in between toes with each bath. And to conserve on dryer time for towels, we were to sort of brush the water off our body before getting out of the shower, so the towels would not be as wet. And to conserve water, we would not start the shower and let it run and would not make it too hot either (as it also tended to dry out the skin and scalp, causing other problems) but would just keep the shower on just long enough to get fully wet, head to toe and then turn it off and soap up with the washcloth. The bar of soap would never be used directly on the body and shampoo was to be used for the hair. Plus hair needed to be removed from the bar of soap so the next person doesn’t have a hairy bar of soap. Also, one needed to wipe down the mirror with a sponge if one splattered on it and not leave hair in the sink either and the countertop needed to be wiped dry before exiting as well. Many of these “procedures” were applied whether in a house or living in a tent with certain adjustments accordingly. These procedures didn’t all come at once. Ti and Do would sit with us and go through the routine which would get recorded in a “procedure book” and then as things came up and questions were asked more procedures would be added. There was a separate book the Nutri-lab (kitchen/cooking, etc.) the Yeast-Lab (baking), Impro-Lab (House and car maintenance/improvements), Fiber-lab (laundry) and then books for those on the “ventilation crew” that handled heat and air conditioning settings, another book for those that did any medical delivery of medicines, etc. and another for the group assigned to manage the overall “craft” scheduling and a general book for all to keep up with daily or as often as you could.

Terminology was changed because of how it forced us to use our brains differently from what we grew up with in the human world and it instilled what life on a spacecraft and/or lab would be like once a member of the Next Level.

And since all the terms and procedures came from Ti and Do, or after Ti left, from Do, though students wrote them out and then sent a copy to Ti and Do, in case they got it wrong, by following them each of the students was literally making Ti and Do’s Mind our own, which are among the foundation of becoming their instruments through which the Chief of Chief’s mind would be delivered to everyone and yet none of it was robotic and all was subject to change as each member and crew encountered different circumstances to where existing procedures might not apply. So each member and crew would try to follow procedures with the intent of the procedure the primary aspect to follow and when adjustments seemed necessary would try to check with the Older member but if there wasn’t time or availability to check as all this has practicality to it, crewmembers would try to second guess what their Older members would do and then act in ways to provide the most options to reverse what their decisions changed if when the Older Member receives the report, they want to reverse or adjust the decision.

An example of this is how Do considered all options Ti might choose to use to pick them up, whether physically or by taking their soul bodies, which is the way it did happen. Now I don’t know this but suspect it to be the case, that the reason they took out “abduction insurance” from Llyods of London, was in case Ti decided to take their vehicles for some reason. Then there would be more funds available to those who were given the task to maintain the web site and further publish the book and distribute all their materials.

I believe that is also the reason, each had a bag packed with a change of clothes in it and a little money, though that was in combination with their demonstration of who was behind (or sitting) on the Samuel Clemmons Mark Twain vehicle, that I believe was when Ti came closer to help prepare the human kingdom for their incarnate task and thereafter as Do I believe came before that with the Aurora, Texas crash in April of 1897.

People that think all these procedures make them into robots are listening to the lower forces programming. Anyone who has been part of a team knows the value of procedures and how they enable a better team and how good it feels to be part of a well oiled machine that a team can be.

Ti and Do certainly demonstrated how challenging it is to perform a task as theirs. As their student for 19 years I experienced and witnessed what they went through trying to help each student and deal with all the things they were up against in keeping the classroom in tact so not to be interfered with by human authorities, etc. that were often looking for them and out to stop them. And as each student served on crews that at times were sent out to perform tasks in the world, dealing with car maintenance tasks, dealing with realtors, and one another it was easy to see how there were always considerations procedures didn’t cover except in how to go about handling changes.

And that doesn’t change once a member of the Next Level. In fact the more on grows in the Next Level the less strict procedures they have and thus more responsibility they have and the more they are trusted by their Older Members to handle situations the way their Older Member would. And that’s what can make that student into a young member of the Next Level and to eventually become an Older Member themselves.

Humans generally like to think of themselves as individuals. Ti and Do always said, it’s only when becoming a member of the Next Level that we become an individual for the first time. This is because humans know it or not are like a computer that’s being time shared. Discarnates share our brains and bodies and thus all we do according to how they have programmed us to gravitate to doing the things they want us to do in life. This starts at birth though with the genetic programming they are made up of before then.

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  1. Psychaotic Says:

    I can understand the value of discipline, particularly those behaviors intended to make life better for others, although some of the procedures seem to me to have been a little on the obsessive compulsive side. I know that I personally could never have functioned in such a regimented environment. Nevertheless, it was interesting to get a look at it up close. The thing is, even the army has R&R time. What on earth or off of it did you guys do for fun, or was that just considered too unevolved, and not allowed?

  2. mesila thraam Says:

    (Again, WP put up this comment from my old address which I don’t use any longer – could you please just disregard that?)

    I can understand the value of discipline, particularly those behaviors intended to make life better for others, although some of these procedures seem to me to have been a little on the obsessive compulsive side. I know that I personally could never have functioned in such a regimented environment. Nevertheless, it was interesting to get a look at it up close. The thing is, even the army or most working teams have some sort of R&R time. What on earth (or off of it) did you guys do for fun, or was that just considered too unevolved, and not allowed? I know that some people came to the conclusion that the group committed suicide because there was nothing in their life that was pleasant or pleasurable. Looking at the exit videos I don’t believe that could have been the case, but I still find myself wondering about gratification – if all forms of ‘human’ pleasure were forbidden, what forms of ‘R&R’ were NOT forbidden?

    I hope my questions are not getting annoying or too personal. Thank you.

    • sawyer Says:

      First off, I’m not annoyed by any questions and if I don’t want to respond I won’t, but thank you for the consideration. That’s a Next Level characteristic.

      Well first off, fun is in the eye of the beholder as I’m sure you know. For many people if they aren’t doing something physical they aren’t having much fun. Others can sit at a computer all day and be totally satisfied. Accomplishing things, working together and being with Ti and Do were all fun, though not so much the laughing kind, though we had plenty of that too. With that said, here are the things that Ti and Do provided that were both relaxing and/or fun and/or stimulating, both in physical and mental ways:

      At first when living outdoors in National Forests or on BLM land or by leasing space on huge ranches in Wyoming and to some degree in Texas, whenever we had spare time we would play games Ti and Do provided. Silly kids games like Stratego and Battleship and Yatzee and when we had a generator we could play “pac man” and with an antenna could pick up TV shows sometimes, broadcast from Laramie just 20 miles away for example. They would provide certain shows that didn’t generally stimulate our past; game shows like price is right and jeopardy.

      They would sometimes give each partnership some money with a plan to all go to town to blow it. They called it “mad money”. We could go to a movie or get treats. It was up to the partnership and/or car full to decide what to do with it and as people made choices and they were reported as was also the procedure Ti and Do would provide guidelines.

      We were all buying our own food then too, each partnership receiving an monies for. I remember among some making fudge was a favorite passtime.

      Once we lived in houses in the 1980’s we had TV two or three times a week for a couple hours that included shows like:

      murder she wrote
      star trek

      And we’d get videos and every other week would have outings to a movie theatre or a trip to another city when Ti and Do had quarters separate from the main student body. During our two night visits we’d usually see a movie on one day and go to the zoo or a museum on the other day as well has have a few special meetings with Ti and Do.

      In the crafts (houses) Ti and Do at one point brought in a slew of astrology books and gave some guidelines. It was considered to be an optional game and we were not to do natal charts on ourselves or others as they said, our charts don’t apply to us anymore as we are disconnecting from the influences we were born into and they didn’t want us to be self focused. We mostly did horary charts and event charts. I was one that gravitated to astrology and years later Ti and Do had us open up what would be called a new age center called Astrologics in Amarillo, Texas where we provided astrological services to the public. Some did do natal charts then for clients I did progressions for those clients as well. We also offerred talks on ghosts and just about anything paranormal or philosophical that students would choose to provide. We had a meditation room and some did stained glass work. Ollody began drawing and painting and was quite proficient with an airbrush. As Ti and Do had started a movie project in the 1980’s a script was written and ollody did illustrations and then painting. They were going to start up a music program and wow did I get exciting about that as did a few other students but it never happened and though disappointed in a sense, I no longer needed to play music. Astrologics didn’t last but a few months before Ti and Do felt instructed to move to a different city and we never started up such a project again.

      After Ti left her vehicle in 1985, we continued with the movie project, trying to get hollywood backing.

      Meanwhile Do started up a diet for health program that focused on the muscousless diet of Dr Christopher. A crew wrote a book called the Transfiguration Diet based on our research and another talented artist did the illustrations of little green men teaching how to eat for optimal health. That was only the start of dietary reseach which included extensive fasting and growing our own foods, sprouts that we nearly lived on for a while.

      We had a small organic foods company for a short time.

      We had a video company for a while. Some would go to ufo conferences and record different speakers there. It never went anywhere from that except to create the “beyond human” series.

      During these times in the 1980’s and moreso in the 1990’s we lived in huge mansions all over the southwest U.S. often having indoor and/or outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor squash court, exercise machines and routines to take regular walks. In one location we had a an 1/8 mile long track that a few of us gravitated to running on and we had volley ball.

      With eveything we did we were learning how to do it in the ways of a member of the Next Level and we would often fail and something would be discontinued, even if it was just one or two that couldn’t restrain themselves. For instance the volleyball. Some males just couldn’t resist spiking the ball. Ti and Do taught that the object was not to beat the others side but to see how long you could both keep the ball from hitting the ground while sticking to the rules of the game. That was more of a next level way they taught. The running was becoming a sensual outlet for some, me included so was discontinued.

      At one point they brought in music – Kitaro and gilbert and sullivan and various classical pieces. And they said we could listen to the classical station on the radio when in the car. Again, some couldn’t restrain themselves and would get off too much on the music so would become an escape so would be discontinued for a while and brought back at another time, even if just one or two were getting into it in a human way.

      The same with swimming, tennis.

      We did some growing of food.

      We had birds for a while and in one location where we were living on a farm, a farm cat had kittens which we birthed and cared for and we had a couple dogs for a short time too.

      At that property we had our own little lake and Do got us a boat that we could go out on.

      We had very nice menu’s when we weren’t on a fasting or on some type of cleansing diet that included tira misu and italian wedding cake and pies and cookies.

      One Christmas we began singing in a choir with Do as our leader. Ti said this would help us “look to Do” better. Ti always said she came to get Do started and then she would go back. (Rev 12 depicts this clearly as well as lots of things).

      we sang christmas carols and were considering taking it to the streets. that christmas which ended up being right before Ti left, was the only year we actually had a type of celebration. We had a tree and each partnership was given money to by gifts. The gifts were not for one another but for the “craft” (household). We made a special menu and lots of treats and a tiny bit of decoration and had a tiny bit of wine as an experiment. Do said he didn’t like the way it made him feel so we didn’t do that again after that.

      This is a nutshell account. It wasn’t about having no pleasures. It was about having the pleasures that our teachers gave us and learning to experience them in the way of a member of the Next Level.

    • sawyer Says:

      If you read my story on this blog you will see anything but someone who would have ever seen themselves in any regimen. It’s didn’t feel like a regimen. It didn’t even feel like a choice to not do, though it always was. My vehicle was captured from the human kingdom and to some degree is still captured and even though I left and more or less wanted nothing to do with the group, had nothing to say negative about them or my experience, so I hadn’t wholly dropped out. Still, it was hard to recommit to the degree that I have which is expanding as it needs to, as in any program where some are committed to helping us have what we want if what we want is their Mind.

      My vehicle (me) accepted new programs of what lifes purpose was and the more we seek to understand the Next Level’s teachings the more hooked we get, yet in proportion to that we come up against a equal adversary, literally provided us by the Next Level that as we grow begins to show itself more for what it is. So like you said, but I’ll say as Ti and Do said it, that “it’s not what you get into in the human world, it’s what you get out of” and “many paths take us to the top of the mountain but only is available to get off” and off is the only way to progress beyond the human kingdom.

      But the regimen as assigned by the Older Members is where the entire idea of “submission” came from which is found in hindu/buddhist teachings, and of course judaeo/christian/islamic along with in some sects “renunciation” and self sacrifice for others but ultimately for our Older Member. Once we are willing to give ourselves over and want to be putty in their hands, like a puppet, not fearing the loss of the identity we think we have, the Next Level starts to say…here are more tasks and responsibilities that go with them, so we can for ourselves learn whether we want what the Older Members are offering or not. 

      Granted, it wouldn’t make for a good travel brochure… or as a flyer to join a group. Those things are not meant to be enticing. They were given to help us “repent” which really means, “change your thinking” while being baptized every day, “washing our vehicle’s brain and old ways away” and replacing it with next level ways.

      We were rendering our vehicles as children trusting in every way their parents and that’s what really is chilling for many to see in the Heaven’s gate group and even close to impossible for some to see for what it was because we naturally compare it with what we become accustomed to and has worked for us in whatever way we need it to.

      ti had a “helper” she called “brother Francis who she attributes to helping her always be sure to hit a vain when putting an IV or taking a blood sample with a needle while she worked as a nurse. She and Do liked that movie, “brother sun sister moon”. I can’t say Ti ever said anything about that helper besides that help she felt like she got.

      I think it’s fair to say that ti and do indicated in so many words that every human that received a next level “tag” and/or “chip” and/or “deposit (soul)” had a helper assigned them whether they ever became conscious of this helper or not.

  3. gemunis Says:

    In specifics to the next level, as a being from the next level (Becoming a new creature), allowing-next level mind, to help us become more pleasing , considerate creatures in this world, and time, perfecting ourselves to the best of our knowledge to please our older members (the elders), and becoming more of what God can grasp onto himself, as we become useful, dynamic instruments, in this level, perfecting ourselves to enter the next level. Even as we look visually, carefully, that we not fall into the human creatures ignorance, and eventually fall into their hurling trap”s which we constantly are surrounded by. It is not just because we want to become excepted, that should lead us to become meek individuals’ or because we want look good among men, but because it is part of the overcoming process. The less we vibrate as humans, the better (the closer we are to becoming as next level beings). Not looking at ourselves to long in the mirror in the morning, as to vibrate, masculinity, or femininity to one another, that another one we have to guard well enough from.

  4. Alfred Mullholland Says:

    Didn’t the group also watch a lot of “The A-Team” and “Remington Steele”? Didn’t Do and Ti reprimand the group for listening to Gilbert and Sullivan too much and also for watching “Remington Steel” instead of listening to the tapes?

    • sawyer Says:

      There were individuals in the group all the time that were as you say “reprimanded” as getting too into this or that. But TV was only scheduled once or twice a day. There was no option to just go watch TV and even for the times that we did have the option of watching TV, it was to watch only certain shows and yes A team was one of those. But Ti and Do didn’t set us up in such a way as to tell us it was okay to watch a TV show and then reprimand those that did it UNLESS it was set up as optional and there was not guideline for viewing or listening times. For instance when they brought in music to include Gilbert and Sullivan and Kitaro, I remember one who would turn it on and sit with eyes closed basking in the music when it was meant more to have as background, though they didn’t exactly spell that out to begin with, so I guess one could see that as a set up but the way Ti and Do worked, they didn’t intentionally withhold guidelines to see if we would abuse the intention of the opportunity. They would see the abuse of the opportunity (according to the program they were the administrators of that we could choose to disengage from at any time) and then give us a new guideline or in some cases discontinue the option. when they discontinued music, though I enjoyed kitaro and gilbert it was a little disappointing but didn’t matter that much to me as I wasn’t there to get off on music the way I would have listened to music before the group.

      Ti and Do did prod us all the time. There is no question about that. And they did remind us that re-listening to tapes was a much better use of our time than other choices, yet they rarely scheduled re-listening to tapes. I would say that was a bit strange to someone looking at them as brain washers. Why wouldn’t they simply require a certain amount and put it in the schedule. On many things they would start off with a requirement yet have no system to ensure people are following it. Meditation was a good example. It started out around 1982 or so with a required meditation a time or two a day for 20 minutes or so each time and then it became optional not many weeks later. This is because the entire operation was to give us the tools to “brainwash” ourselves to their ways. That’s what Jesus meant by saying you must love the lord your god with all your heart all your mind, all your soul and all your strength, yet until they have that down which really requires the physical incarnate presence of one’s teacher, start by learning to love others as yourself. Overcoming meant “taking over your vehicle” by changing what they vehicle thinks, says and does but replacing those things with what one’s instructor thinks, says and does.

      I don’t remember Remington steele as well as A team but if both were on the schedule then you weren’t watching too much by choosing to take advantage of the schedule, though it could have been a lesson for some if they get into the habit of watching the optional viewing and that takes precedence from doing their homework that re-listening to tapes certainly could be seen as.

      I was one with an “out of craft task” so I had less time on my hands every day as I was gone 8-10 hours a day five days a week. Those that were “in crafters” meaning they did not have a “job” in the world outside our craft, I know had some options to watch TV during the day, as well as music as well as to exercise, use the pool when we had one, play tennis when we had a court, read, etc. I think we even had books at one time that were purely for distraction like the tv shows and I know some tended to use them in such a way that became more than the intended temporary R and R from the vigors of lesson work. Some even becames avid cleaners or organizers or administrators if that was their task that looked good but was at times an escape from having nothing they’d rather be doing. You name it, it was problematic for some while not a problem for others.

      But if you listen to the audio tapes from before Ti left in 1985, you will hear a number of times Ti and Do “reprimanded” our pace of growth and you will also hear how they did it. You could still feel the heart in their frustration of how to motivate us to grow by providing guidelines and procedures and choices all along the way. They weren’t like the teachers we see where they have a meeting and it’s all peace, love and light with Q and A that has nary a criticism. Even many evangelical’s though can be prancing on stage hardly ever are seen critical of the congregations choices and growth as they have no program really though I know some will use meetings to manage certain problems. And of course even criticism can be overdone and be made harder to take than it had to be.

  5. demimondemesilathraam Says:

    As someone who has lived in different communes some of which were not well run I can appreciate the values of some procedures for their own sake – when you have any group of people sharing a space both mentally and physically, it benefits the whole not to have squabbling, not to annoy others, not to blame (even if it’s kept secret – I believe these feelings can be wordlessly transmitted to others very easily, and will be, if a person continues to have them.)

    I will never be able to swallow the notion that sensuality is ‘evil’ or that it necessarily prevents us from becoming transhuman. I think there are different ways of becoming ‘beyond human’ just as there are many different ways that creatures on Earth became different. There may be an intelligent and/or benevolent force behind creation – but this is something that I am still ‘working out’ for myself: since I was brought up atheistic/rationalist, but became aware of something like an Allness via a completely personal and non-biblical route, it’s still something I have no central childhood programming about and am attempting to open myself up to, if it be so.

    But as a post-menopausal female whose sexual drive became completely erased when I stopped having the ‘monthly cycle’, I see men, who this does not happen to, struggling to fight it off completely and it just makes no sense to me, and even makes me sad. Since my drive became nullified once my ‘vehicle’ was no longer capable of reproducing children, I have had to question some of my lifetime beliefs about this…but I still have to deal with the fact that these ‘vehicles’ were designed (if the ‘design’ was conscious) to have the ability to feel that form of pleasure without having to reproduce. This says to me ‘if the design was conscious, and also benevolent, we were intended to feel sensuality’ – the ‘lower’ forces aren’t supposed to be capable of creating anything. Putting something like this in us just to ‘test’ us and see if we will choose to use it doesn’t feel ‘right’ to me – even though it would be very convenient for me to believe that, at this point in my life, when it’s not even there for me to feel, much less use!

    The HG bag is a very mixed one to me. I’m sure there were many, many others who felt this way, but probably coming from different places than myself. There are facets of it which have something of a ‘nagging inner appeal’ to me, which I guess I am trying to comprehend the reasons for; there are others which just seem to me to be so obviously based on Herff’s personal neuroses and which seem to have produced behaviors that read to me as ‘reality-fixing for validation’ that are very difficult for me to ignore. (Equally hard to ignore is the fact that its ‘ship has sailed’, so to speak…and so I’m uncertain how much one can get from it that will end up being positive.)

    And I am not the type who believes media impressions of ANYTHING – I already know they all lie, distort, and twist the truth to suit the instinct in humanity that loves to find fault and cast aspersions. So even admitting my honest feelings such as these are difficult for me to do without feeling like I’m going to come off as just another naysayer shrouding myself with skepticism to feel ‘more right’. Yet if I don’t express both sides of my feelings, it will be impossible for me to understand them and figure out the things I still seek to grasp, both mentally and with my so-called ‘heart’.

    • sawyer Says:

      All the senses are sensual and all are mammalian also. The design was to provide choice to outgrow having those senses dictate our continued behavior, which makes no sense unless it is that MIND that is set up to evolve, not the vehicle.

      There are many females who past menopause still have sexual desires. Ti and Do said that even our digestive system can stimulate our sexuality. It’s all hormonal and combined with the habit’s we set and that in large part comes initially from our genes.

      To think that there is no evidence that conscious thought is behind everything we call nature (that we know humans didn’t design) is equivilent to thinking there is no conscious thought behind what we do know humans design. Now it can be argued that humans from other planets could have consciously designed the Earth, etc. and then they destroyed themselves in that prior civilization or died off by unforseen circumstances that arose and the records were lost. And some do believe this and call themselves Raelians as you probably know about, though it’s funny how even these say they don’t design planets and even outlive planets or planetary cycles that annialate much of the planet’s life and they give their names as Satan and Lucifer and say they are the Genesis Elohim as if it’s important to link with the biblical records or because they are those represented in some of those biblical records, hence fallen angels, etc.

      But those one ship has sailed it doesn’t mean it’s the last ship. We will in our lifetimes, at least those who there is still a reason to remain alive in human vehicles, more and more proof that everything Ti and Do spoke about will come to pass, yet will always be able to be seen as anything but because they want us to choose who to give our allegiance to before the recycle both the physical matter and the spiritual matter to restart a new experimental “garden”, having a certain stock of spirits and genetic structures remain or removed and restored to use to seed the planet once again.

      What Ti and Do taught cuts through all forms of thought and yet includes all forms of thought at the same time with a very simple explanation. Above Human beings performed the conscious design and the only reason we can catch a glimmer of it is because we all have some of that consciousness in our genetic structure that is what feeds our mental development, though would not take place at all without their conscious implantation of their Mind in tiny seed like dosages.

      To date we exist within the holodek or as the hindus call Maya or the babylonians were named after as “confusion”. Ti and Do offered a way to cut through it but that doesn’t mean what they said will answer all the questions one might have before choosing to look to them more than anyone else as if that could be done we would no longer be confused. Someone who is confused doesn’t know it. It’s only someone who is less confused that can point out where someone else seems confused and this pertains to any subject not just what we call philosophical thought.

      All this is coming to a head at this time because it separates those that want to know the ultimate truths to the extend they are capable from those who don’t care to know the ultimate truths. No one is required to seek what to them is a greater degree of truthfulness about our reality and it never happens all at once that we understand more. There are many that will examine something for a while and then because it can be tiring to not conform to the easier ways of thinking, choose this or that path/belief/practice and not look at anything new that comes along.

      Even Ti and Do said a number of times that if you can show them that you know more than they, they will follow you at least as long as you continue to provide more of what to them would be new. Of course that will always be according to the eye of the beholder to determine what is new to follow, but it’s the idea of remaining in a constant state of wanting to know all the highest truths and not settling for some because they are comfortable to settle into, like said, because they have worked for us in the past. To stay with Ti and Do’s program, we need to keep seeking the ways we can change to further evolve because that’s what they are still doing, though they know they are hooked into the network of other Minds they call Older Members who are alive and well way before and after Earth. That’s why they always spoke to the formula of seeking truth from as far away as we could imagine that alerts Them that we are still alive in our desires.

      I have no desire to convince you that Ti and Do are those links and I am not in some steady place either. Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder whether what I’ve been given will be taken from me because I’m not keeping up and I’m still acting in human ways to some degrees. (It’s understandable to still act in human ways until we’ve overcome them and even still, just being on the planet requires human ways – eating, etc.)

      But it’s far from over just because the first ship sailed. There is definitely another ship to board but we won’t know that for sure unless we reach for it and don’t fear letting go of what got us to that place of the reaching out. That’s what is called a “leap of faith” and we will all be given impetus to take those leaps in the next few months and years and those that don’t will never know and I am not capable of knowing who is or who isn’t taking their leap as it’s measured by the Next Level and what our capacity is according to what we’ve already been given that these vehicles we occupy don’t show clearly and everyone can take their leaps at different times as they do so nor can we look at anyone else and consider we are ahead or behind them. It’s not about that.

      What do any of us have to lose by taking a new leap that we won’t eventually be forced to lose anyway. I know we grow comfortable even with what looks to others as misery rather than “take chances on positives”, another Ti and Do phrase.

  6. demimondemesilathraam Says:

    There must be some reason that I have a ‘pull’ to this, while at the same time, I’ve got a whole lot of confusion about why this is. I came to you that first day on your podcast show just as an act of attempting to further understand my own connection to something that is higher than myself that has chosen to guide my life on my own terms while at the same time fighting my worst instincts and even forcing them out of me against my will which was what made me actually begin to believe it was all more than merely my fantasy or imagination. I didn’t know that I would start reading this blog and also listening to and reading other accounts of HG both critical and positive as much as I ended up doing. Every so often I look at myself and shake my head and think THIS MAKES NO SENSE, why am I doing this? I never was or wanted to be a monotheist, and all the stuff about spaceships and new bodies and whatnot still makes my ;logic self’ go ‘aargh!’ and that ends up followed by questions like despite everything wrong with it why have so many people believed in the Bible for so many years, and how could that be if there isn’t something to it…this is massive cognitive dissonance for me…and I still have lines that no matter what I can’t seem to not draw. For instance: the idea that music was forbidden because someone ‘got off’ on it makes me upset even more than the restraints on sexuality. The act of ‘getting off’ is a mind thing, and to me will always be a sacred thing if it is not done to excess – literally anything at all even air, water, food, loving people, ends up being bad if it is done to excess. That to me includes loving Choronzon, or loving God, or loving Ti and Do to the exclusion of all else. That is something I have very little doubt won’t change in my thinking. The experience of being in a holy condition is a kind of ‘getting off’ and if you look hard enough you may realize this. (And also that this is a good thing, from your point of view, or else there would be far less or perhaps even no desire to become part of ‘TELAH’. Surely one’s soul ‘gets off’ on it – it’s even in the terminology that one has to have a ‘thirst’ for it. You don’t get thirsty when you have filled yourself with too much water, but go walking around in a hot place all day long and when you drink, you get off on it.

    The soul would be a miserable, empty thing if it was not capable of being a wellspring of the kind of euphoria that union with ‘the Allness’ provides. That’s the closest thing to the singular God that exists in my cosmology – it’s what exists beneath/above/around the duality of order and disorder and the eternal ‘battle’ they wage which results in the act of creation and destruction and everything we know and most of what we don’t. But behind that ever-changing see-sawing scale is the monad or Allness and in my life there have been a few times when I reached awareness of that and could remember understanding what God was. But it is so far out there it was difficult for my ‘logic self’ to believe had a ‘mind’. for a long time, until I began to realize that the ‘God’ called ‘Jehovah’ or ‘Yahweh’ wasn’t the Allness – it was believed to be, and IS a God, but one of the many Gods that were birthed by it, and in comparison with it, ‘YHVH’ is a young and immature God, subject to temper tantrums, love of its own power, and envy, so it expressed the urge to foment war against other Gods and the people who love them instead of him. (He gave a commandment not to kill, yet continued to instruct ‘his people’ to murder anyone who passed him over for one of the others. If that’s not a human characteristic, what is? The thing is, They are ALL faulty in one way or another – only the Allness has anything like ‘perfection’ to it, because it cannot be described by degree or contained in any idea being that it is beyond the con/de push/pull struggle.

    Very recently I have come to accept the notion that maybe the Allness – or whatever other name one gives it – could be capable of having some reason for setting the whole mess in motion – even two or three years ago, I wouldn’t have accepted that idea.

    It occurs to me that one of the complex web of reasons I have a vague and incomprehensible pull towards the ideas of this ‘cult’ (‘cult’ is only a word that is short for ‘culture’; the only thing about them that raises any ‘red flags’ for me is the potential to fall victim to a human being’s power trip through some of them) is I had to wonder what could be so great that it would cause eight men to surgically remove their testicles for it, having seen the tiresome identity most human males have with those parts – I have always had difficulty finding compatible partners since my sexuality has always been so nonphysical in the first place – which is how I am managing to come to grips with the fact that for some unknown reason, I have lost my ability to feel it in the body at all. Yes you are right, most women do say their drive goes DOWN after menopause, but with me, it vanished completely as if I myself had the female equivalent of castration occur, and I would never have believed I could become ‘frigid’ so I feel a bit ashamed about this. Part of it may have been due to psychological baggage following my ‘divorce’ after a very long relationship after which I was thrown over for someone younger, but this happened 7 years ago and I am no longer pining for my ex. It’s baffling and sad, so I have resigned myself to only having this ‘parasexuality’ left to experience, and even that is fading. I have to wonder if some discarnate or xenodimensional who is NOT friendly to me has done this to me, perhaps out of jealousy for my love of Choronzon and for things higher yet than it…My disease (hepatitis C) is still in remission despite the fact I have had it 23 years so it hasn’t reached the point yet where that could be responsible. I don’t have to overcome sexuality – it’s the opposite: I have to overcome my anguish over losing it and having no idea how or why.

    In summation, I think if any higher forces want us to overcome human sensuality or sexuality, I can’t get around the fact that having provided us (in the HG cosmology) with human bodies, I strongly believe all that really needs to be overcome on that count is that degree of it which becomes so important that it occludes the experience of the soul-based euphoria and also drains the ‘vehicle’ of energy. That is probably where the whole idea of avoiding masturbation (because of the energy drain) came from, also the idea of ‘saving it for marriage’, so as not to become so wrapped up in making oneself a ‘catch’ instead of doing other things. Although in Islam, a lot of the ‘anti-sexuality-outside-of-marriage’ thing actually seems to be more about the practice of making certain that the father of a child will take responsibility for its care – before there was such a thing as birth control (and even in modern times since it isn’t infallible) if people had sex outside of marriage and the woman gave birth to a child, she had no way of being certain who the father was, so the law could not stipulate who was to support it. This sadly got wound up into religion and THAT became wound up into human politics and was expressed as a commandment from Allah (Yahweh) that just made it really simple: ‘No sex except with your wife. Just do it for me, or you will go to Hell’ – and of course, most Christians think that way as well. (Or merely claim to.)

    In my 20s I overindulged in sex for a few years until the novelty wore off and then the whole Choronzon thing began, and for a while after that, it was just something I did with two different persons at two different times in life who understood that for me, the appeal of it was abstract – I would only want to do that with someone whose mind and awareness of the ‘unseeable’ were on par with my own. I always had a preference for long hair, before my drive ceased to exist, but beyond that, it was all about the mind and soul and basic ability of the person to be happy in whatever their situation was that was appealing (this to me is ‘power’, as opposed to ‘power over others’, which is actually a sign of weakness and the need to have validation.). But human males are VERY physical, and it’s all about female body parts and female role playing, which I had absolutely no identity with, and it became more and more difficult for men to find me attractive, because I was ‘too deep’ and ‘too heavy’ when it came to sex – I didn’t behave in the expected manner, with all that coy flirting women are supposed to do. I tried to attract to females, but that whole thing didn’t click at all. I was with my second mate for more than a decade and loved him very, very much, then lost him to another girl in 2006, and ever since then, I guess my body forgot how to be sexual – it all just atrophied inside me and went away in a whorl of dust. As Kurt Vonnegut would say: “so it goes”. There are other ways to ‘get off’.

    But I won’t ever give ‘getting off’ up completely. I already listed the things I need to ‘overcome’ in another comment. “Getting off” is not one of them. Getting wound up in the interference of my desire to BE ABLE TO get off in certain ways IS. That is bound to be nothing but bad for myself and others. Nothing is more deadening than being around people who reek of self pity; it affects everyone around them, and when I finally figured this out, I made a vow to do everything I could not to become that way again, no matter what the reason. This is threatening to make me that way again, and so I have to just accept it and let it go – I see no other choice.

    Whatever I am supposed to get from all this material is still pretty unclear, but we shall just have to see. It might be surprising. It might be a wash. All I know right now is that I do feel like something in me is changing – even my relationship to/with Choronzon is undergoing changes, becoming far more important to me in some ways, yet a bit less important in others. It occurs to me just now that ‘he’/it seems to be limiting the amount of ‘getting off’ that I am permitted to indulge/engage in with his/its own presence while not preventing it completely, so as not to become an obstacle to my own development. Again, I may be being frustrated for my own good, as was done with the addictive kinds of drugs, as well as the sort that contribute to procrastination. (At least I hope that’s what it is.) If I can love something that also frustrates me sometimes this much, it’s probably not that far of a throw from being able to love the Allness despite the frustration my ‘logic mind’ encounters in attempting to reconcile itself with perceiving it – and if said Allness has ’employees’, and they make themselves known to me, I will love them, too. (I still have trouble with the whole idea that they ride spaceships – I mean, they’re capable of affecting stars and planets according to what you and Herff/Do wrote: what need would they have of such fumbling technology as that? They can travel through dimensions unknown to us. They don’t need machines. Spaceships are for creatures who cannot function without oxygen or deal with the temperature extremes out there – e.g humans.)

    Be well and best wishes for succeeding in your goals.

    • gemunis Says:

      I believe that when we are turned over completely following God, and allowing links from the next level to be with us throughout our transition, it is important to become whole, in allowing ourselves to vibrate through their guidance, so in this , being as efficient as we can as possible, we ought to alienate ourselves more, and more from our own bodies sensitivity, to allow greater invitation from the next level, to guide us as we through our resignation of this world. and even our human bodies, and seek to connect with them into a total dependent relationship. Every time we give into our human desires, we let our spiritual guard down.

      • demimondemesilathraam Says:

        Gemunis –

        Were you ever with the ‘classroom’ group, prior to 1997? I was just wondering – never mind answering that if it’s something you don’t wish to elaborate upon.

        I have a few wary instincts about ‘total dependent relationships’, whether with humans or anyone/anything else. (In fact, that’s part of what I meant when I said my relationship to/with my long-time xenodimensional ally is changing…I was becoming too dependent upon it for support. This is being discouraged by whatever it is, and though it’s a bit painful, everything it’s ever done for me has been for the better so I’m taking that notion seriously. But that would also apply to anything and anyone else.

      • gemunis Says:

        I was not with (DO), when DO, and Ti were here. In 1989, on a snowy day I was sitting in front of my word possessor, where I began to type information identical to what (DO,was sharing with us. Some time after that I saw DO, on World News, about the time he announced that a space ship would come for he, and the crew, and Right there, and then I felt a truth in the message he was sending to the world-it simply made sense to me. In 1991, began to have very vivid pictures of Myself, and others leaving everything of this world behind, to the point where we would not have even one iota of sin in our selves, neither physically, or spiritually. We would make ourselves perfect unto the Lord; free of every sin. We would begin by leaving society behind, and moving into a tent in the dept of the forest somewhere in the west coast. We would be gathered there to overcome all, worldly desires, temptation, addictions, until we would have completely abolish everything , and everyone of this world. In presenting ourselves completely clean, and pure, we would deliver ourselves completely to our Father in Heaven, having know stains upon delivering ourselves to GOD. The way we would achieve this was to go through a very strict process, and that process would in tail, fasting to the point of death. Each individual would begin by fasting, and praying, commending themselves totally to GOD in the heavens, through this great step of faith, knowing that this was, and is the appropriate process to exit this world, and enter the new world.

      • gemunis Says:

        One of the hardest things to share with anyone, is the experience I had with a branch with a glowing light on one end. I remember the first time I share this experience with Sawyer – his response was; “the next level, just wouldn’t have any reason to respond to anyone like that)”. I had this experience while living in my tent, after leaving everything of this world behind; during an evening when I was crying to God in the heavens to give me a response; to please let me know, that he was with me, and OH, how at that point, and time I could no longer bare being alone.

  7. demimondemesilathraam Says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Gemunis. It was interesting.

    I had something happen with me just last night that was sort of unusual. There is a woman in the building where I live who has a cat. I love cats very much and I sometimes babysit her cat for her. ‘Josie’ (not her real name but close) has some personal problems and also drinks…Anyway she was having one of her bad nights and she was screaming at her cat for having run out the door, and I heard it, and the moment I heard it I instantly got very upset and tears were rolling down my face. Before I knew what I was doing I begged Choronzon, ‘or any other force that might be listening’, to calm Josie down or at the very least cause her to stop screaming at her poor little cat who didn’t deserve this beratement at all. And the moment that I did this it stopped completely. Her tantrum had been going on a long time and it was weird to have it stop at just that minute. I just kept whispering ‘thank you, thank you’ to whatever had stopped it. The next day I asked Choronzon if ‘he’/it had anything to do with that and my answer was that ‘it was not of my provenance’. I didn’t even know what the word ‘provenance’ meant but when I looked it up it meant ‘source or origin’. Now what makes this unusual is that it felt like a prayer. I do not ‘pray’ and even when petitioning to Choronzon it is not like a prayer. It’s just that at the moment that it happened all I could think about was that cat.

    • gemunis Says:

      I believe that, what ever entity you believe to be a reality, will become your reality. If you call to this being as you would call on God/the supreme being, then that would be the name you would give God. God would respond to you by the name you truly believe him to be. Prayer, or communication with God, or those he sent to teach us, and guide us, through the overcoming of our humanism, is vital towards bringing us closer to the next level, that which ls beyond here, (Planet Earth). There is a mansion , or many mansions (Planets/Worlds) above this one, this plane, this level. The entity you call (Chorozon), may be a benevolent being, I don’t no , because I do not know to what dept , or respects you are giving to this entity. I think, and trust that you would be better off, and safer if you called onto the highest, and supreme God, for he will send you the appropriate
      guide, teacher, mentor etc, and for this moment, age. and time. The one, that I have learn to trust as the one sent by God himself to us, to guide us through the human overcoming process, at this day, and age, is (Do). Do came with the formula Jesus came with. He hasn’t change one iota, of what Jesus brought here to Earth, to teach us, as a matter of fact, I for the life of me could not understand the Jesus formula, until I listen to Do explain it, and until this day no one could explain it better. There isn’t anyone out there that makes as much sense, as Do does to me, even to this day.

      • demimondemesilathraam Says:


        Having had Choronzon with me for nearly thirty years now, this entity has earned my trust. ‘He’/it has kept me safe where I myself could not on too many occasions to just write off. But I would never suggest to others that ‘he’/it would be better or safer for THEM to feel that way about.

        I still have a long way to go when it comes to the other ones, and to understanding the meaning and role of the Monad or Allness that represents, I believe, what others call ‘God’. I will continue the quest to understand them and let my consciousness and instincts lead me.

        – Mesila

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