Q and A-What we did for fun and R and R in Ti and Do’s Next Level Classroom

First off, I’m not annoyed by any questions and if I don’t want to respond I won’t, but thank you for the consideration. That’s a Next Level characteristic.

Well first off, fun is in the eye of the beholder as I’m sure you know. For many people if they aren’t doing something physical they aren’t having much fun. Others can sit at a computer all day and be totally satisfied. Accomplishing things, working together and being with Ti and Do were all fun, though not so much the laughing kind, though we had plenty of that too. With that said, here are the things that Ti and Do provided that were both relaxing and/or fun and/or stimulating, both in physical and mental ways:

At first when living outdoors in National Forests or on BLM land or by leasing space on huge ranches in Wyoming and to some degree in Texas, whenever we had spare time we would play games Ti and Do provided. Silly kids games like Stratego and Battleship and Yatzee and when we had a generator we could play “pac man” and with an antenna could pick up TV shows sometimes, broadcast from Laramie just 20 miles away for example. They would provide certain shows that didn’t generally stimulate our past; game shows like price is right and jeopardy.

They would sometimes give each partnership some money with a plan to all go to town to blow it. They called it “mad money”. We could go to a movie or get treats. It was up to the partnership and/or car full to decide what to do with it and as people made choices and they were reported as was also the procedure Ti and Do would provide guidelines.

We were all buying our own food then too, each partnership receiving an monies for. I remember among some making fudge was a favorite passtime.

Once we lived in houses in the 1980’s we had TV two or three times a week for a couple hours that included shows like:

murder she wrote
star trek

And we’d get videos and every other week would have outings to a movie theatre or a trip to another city when Ti and Do had quarters separate from the main student body. During our two night visits we’d usually see a movie on one day and go to the zoo or a museum on the other day as well has have a few special meetings with Ti and Do.

In the crafts (houses) Ti and Do at one point brought in a slew of astrology books and gave some guidelines. It was considered to be an optional game and we were not to do natal charts on ourselves or others as they said, our charts don’t apply to us anymore as we are disconnecting from the influences we were born into and they didn’t want us to be self focused. We mostly did horary charts and event charts. I was one that gravitated to astrology and years later Ti and Do had us open up what would be called a new age center called Astrologics in Amarillo, Texas where we provided astrological services to the public. Some did do natal charts then for clients I did progressions for those clients as well. We also offerred talks on ghosts and just about anything paranormal or philosophical that students would choose to provide. We had a meditation room and some did stained glass work. Ollody began drawing and painting and was quite proficient with an airbrush. As Ti and Do had started a movie project in the 1980’s a script was written and ollody did illustrations and then painting. They were going to start up a music program and wow did I get exciting about that as did a few other students but it never happened and though disappointed in a sense, I no longer needed to play music. Astrologics didn’t last but a few months before Ti and Do felt instructed to move to a different city and we never started up such a project again.

After Ti left her vehicle in 1985, we continued with the movie project, trying to get hollywood backing.

Meanwhile Do started up a diet for health program that focused on the muscousless diet of Dr Christopher. A crew wrote a book called the Transfiguration Diet based on our research and another talented artist did the illustrations of little green men teaching how to eat for optimal health. That was only the start of dietary reseach which included extensive fasting and growing our own foods, sprouts that we nearly lived on for a while.

We had a small organic foods company for a short time.

We had a video company for a while. Some would go to ufo conferences and record different speakers there. It never went anywhere from that except to create the “beyond human” series.

During these times in the 1980’s and moreso in the 1990’s we lived in huge mansions all over the southwest U.S. often having indoor and/or outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor squash court, exercise machines and routines to take regular walks. In one location we had a an 1/8 mile long track that a few of us gravitated to running on and we had volley ball.

With eveything we did we were learning how to do it in the ways of a member of the Next Level and we would often fail and something would be discontinued, even if it was just one or two that couldn’t restrain themselves. For instance the volleyball. Some males just couldn’t resist spiking the ball. Ti and Do taught that the object was not to beat the others side but to see how long you could both keep the ball from hitting the ground while sticking to the rules of the game. That was more of a next level way they taught. The running was becoming a sensual outlet for some, me included so was discontinued.

At one point they brought in music – Kitaro and gilbert and sullivan and various classical pieces. And they said we could listen to the classical station on the radio when in the car. Again, some couldn’t restrain themselves and would get off too much on the music so would become an escape so would be discontinued for a while and brought back at another time, even if just one or two were getting into it in a human way.

The same with swimming, tennis.

We did some growing of food.

We had birds for a while and in one location where we were living on a farm, a farm cat had kittens which we birthed and cared for and we had a couple dogs for a short time too.

At that property we had our own little lake and Do got us a boat that we could go out on.

We had very nice menu’s when we weren’t on a fasting or on some type of cleansing diet that included tira misu and italian wedding cake and pies and cookies.

One Christmas we began singing in a choir with Do as our leader. Ti said this would help us “look to Do” better. Ti always said she came to get Do started and then she would go back. (Rev 12 depicts this clearly as well as lots of things).

we sang christmas carols and were considering taking it to the streets. that christmas which ended up being right before Ti left, was the only year we actually had a type of celebration. We had a tree and each partnership was given money to by gifts. The gifts were not for one another but for the “craft” (household). We made a special menu and lots of treats and a tiny bit of decoration and had a tiny bit of wine as an experiment. Do said he didn’t like the way it made him feel so we didn’t do that again after that.

This is a nutshell account. It wasn’t about having no pleasures. It was about having the pleasures that our teachers gave us and learning to experience them in the way of a member of the Next Level.

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15 Responses to “Q and A-What we did for fun and R and R in Ti and Do’s Next Level Classroom”

  1. demimondemesilathraam Says:

    Thank you for sharing that. It is nice that they allowed you to have a cat around – I was assuming they would call loving an animal “having too much attachment to something mammalian”.

    In the past two or three days I have found out something that sheds some light on what was going on with Nettles/Ti and Herff/Do: something the news didn’t tell us when it all went down, or if it did, I never had heard about it. I’m pretty sure you know about the movie with John Forsyth in it called ‘The Mysterious Two’ that came out WAY back in 1982, when the disappearances of people in Oregon had been briefly investigated? This film was directly inspired by them in their pre-‘Ti and Do’ days and it was of course not entirely accurate in its portrayal. But I believe that ‘prophecy’ has a way of fulfilling itself – just as the sheriff in the film says, ‘if nothing happens, these people will make it happen’. Well, picture yourself as them. Hollywood makes a film about you and you start believing you are pretty important! And when you believe you are important, you become that way, and are able to transmit this to others. The film begins and ends with a streaking comet. It takes place in Santa Fe, and where do the ‘departures’ in real life end up happening? In Rancho Santa Fe, hearkened by a comet passing. These two were making a life based around a movie MADE ABOUT THEMSELVES, which I think must be a very strange experience. This doesn’t mean nothing the group did had any value, but I think when no actual miracles ever occurred and no spaceship landed to pick them up they turned to the last way to follow the script and make everyone ‘disappear’. Add that to a potent background of heavy Christianity with a bit of Theosophy stirred in, add people from a time after the huge heaving let down of the brightness of the late 60s…I think you can see what I mean here…

    I can sum up my feelings thus far as follows: remember that it is important to understand the following applies ONLY TO MYSELF – It does not reflect what I would think is necessarily ‘right’ or wrong’ for others.to believe.



    – perception of xenodimensionality (!)
    – belief in guardians/helpers from a realm most cannot see (!)
    – attraction to living in and being part of a commune
    – belief in planetary ‘recyclings’
    – interest in experimental living choices – ‘pulling out of the human condition’
    – support of self-willed autoeuthanasia (belief that we owe no one our lives)
    – general disenchantment, to put it lightly, with the condition of the world
    – choosing to live without causing harm or discomfort to others whenever at all possible


    – Belief that the ‘Bible’ was and is a collection of historical writings, symbolic representations of personal belief systems, commandments to adherents of said belief systems,, and letters between members of a nascent, spreading religion;

    – Belief that prophecy fulfills itself – in the perceptions of a believer in prophecy, reality is either ‘shoehorned’ into it so that it fits, or sometimes outrightly or subconsciously made to fit into it by human action.

    – No belief that sexuality for its own sake is in and of itself bad, or a barrier to becoming transhuman…although before I reached menopause and my drive ceased to exist, I had been far less willing to even consider the notion that its primary function was reproductive. And when I did have a drive, but was not in a relationship of sufficient depth with someone, rather than have casual sex with people or engaging in manual stimulation, I would engage in what I perceived as a ‘parasexual’ act of consummation with Choronzon which passed the sexual energy up and out of the body and into the mind, Normal human mating lost its appeal for me long ago.

    – Approval of psychedelic use, at judicious intervals and not merely as recreation. (There’s a reason they are called ‘entheogens’.) However, I no longer smoke, never liked alcohol at all, and I had my other drug usages stopped by the entity guiding me, whether it is an ‘actual’ xenodimensional independent of my own brain, or a part of myself that became enough of a facsimile thereof that I could believe it.

    – No solid belief in messiahs or saviors that make us live multiple lives on Earth or turn us into aliens, angels, etc. after we die…though on this count I am basically agnostic. This means that just because Jesus said or did something I don’t assign it special value. That said, I do believe that most of his teachings about how to interact with others were good ones to follow.

    – No solid belief in UFOs. There has been no proof of UFOs yet that satisfies me, and a massive spate of differing claims that are just too hazy or insubstantial. This also means there’s no proof yet that they DON’T exist, either.

    No-‘all or nothing’ approach – I believe in grey areas, and find that for most things, a middle ground, and achieving dynamic balance, are necessary for healthy functioning. (I am still a ‘work in progress’ in that regard, with much to learn myself, still, when it comes to disciplined action. Putting limits on every minute detail of living could easily wear a person down if this was done on a daily, constant basis, unless their minds already have the tendency that shrinks like to call ‘obsessive compulsive’ already.)


    – Though I am no longer an atheist, I do not yet feel a certainty in the intelligence and/or benevolence of ‘God’, and also lean towards a complex polytheism that places the central duality upon Order and Disorder (a ‘con’ and a ‘de’) rather than ‘good’ and ‘evil’, being that ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are going to be different depending on the position and learned conditioning of a living organism.


    I think that probably covers it. Please do not construe this as any kind of attack on your belief system; but instead, as an honest appraisal of it and an exercise in comparison and contrast. For some reason, I have always been very curious about the HG phenomena and what actually happened with it, and I thank you for filling in so many of the missing pieces.

  2. Carrie in Wyoming Says:

    Could Do be back on earth already? Looking for next clases?

    • sawyer Says:

      No, Do will not be starting a new class until this one is concluded and the civilization is fully spaded under which will on the surface look like there never was a civilization, though not all humans will die from that, though the spirit world will also be dissolved. Like jesus said, the “meek shall inherit the Earth” and in Revelations it said that the calamities would cease before all humans have lost their lives (paraphrased), which is what Do said but not by quoting scripture. However, Do is back but not incarnate and he is back with the same student body, the first fruits he left with and they are among his crew working on providing Ti and Do’s Mind to others as there is a second harvest pending. The second harvest will not look like the first. There is no need or program for any of those that want to be included to lay down our lives as they did as the Older Member is not physically present to be sure we aren’t doing so for wrong reasons. The harvest entails a harvest of souls not human bodies. The Next Level do not need human bodies in their environment. They will issue new bodies to those they determine have earned them by their provision of service. The rest will be kept “on ice” but not literally, to be brought back at the start of the next garden and subsequent classroom, after the recyling is completed that looks like it might be 1000 years human time.

      The next level may park their mothership on or near the surface sometime before then so humans will see them with their eyes, but these will only be the humans that were allowed to survive, but I don’t know that’s in the plan except for how it is suggested in Revelations.

      But for those that believe in Ti and Do and want to serve their first task is to share Ti and Do’s information with others. That would mean studying all of it first and sharing it as one feels led by others questions about Them or anything related. We dont’ share to “win souls” – that’s not our task. Our task is to be the messenger only and the message is everything Ti and Do said and did in the 12 and 24 years they were incarnate to include what their 38 students who left with them said on their behalf which is still available for free on heavensgate.com as a text zip download.

      • Carrie in Wyoming Says:

        that is good because i am having non-stop dreams. some time in march i began dreaming of do and 3 other beings… the do being eppears as his earthly image — the 3 others are just entities. he asks me to go places and do things — i was scared that may be back or that they want my body like for invading and taking over it — which i do nt want to happen. I have been doing and going places as directed but I don’t know what it is for and doesn’t seem important just simple tasks.

      • Carrie in Wyoming Says:

        in last night’s dreams he said that I should ask you about washing dishes and that you would understand. he said he has been appearing in your dreams, too… about a show or a display.

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t know what you are talking about. This entity that is filling your head is not Do, of that I’m sure. I could mount a large amount of proof of that but that’s not in my interest to do at this time.

    • Carrie in Wyoming Says:

      Just passing on: you think you are better than to do a task requested of you or something like that. that was the lesson and you didn’t learn it because you are ignoring what is being requested of you right now.

      • sawyer Says:

        Carrie, I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t take messages from Do from anyone else. He has made it very clear that if he wants to he will come to me or send someone I know of his students that I also know as he/they have done dozens of times in the last 15 or so years. I know what my task is right now and I am attending to it. I can become distracted and have been provided correction in that regard but am proceeding. I always have on my mind to work faster but not to sacrifice quality nor get off on tangents. I see no evidence in any of the records of once incarnate Next Level Members coming to any in dreams that did not have a personal relationship with them while they were incarnate except for those that have genuinely sought to be in Ti and Do’s service and then it would be minimal and it would never be to present new ideas or information or correction to those that did have a personal relationship. We’ve had others claim to be contacted by Do and that will continue. These are fallen angels space aliens who always look to create a facsimile of what the Next Level said and did. Now on the offset chance that I am wrong which is a Next Level way to consider…that’s not necessarily believe, but to consider, I would need to hear exact words a claimant has heard and then those exact words would have to jive with other things I can recognize as coming from Ti and/or Do’s mind. Like I say to Christians and other religionists and spiritualists and pagans and atheists when they challenge what I say in some way…what are the details in your challenge. Anyone can hear thoughts or have dreams and they think they are connected to the Next Level when they are most always just being used by discarnates and they become impressed by that so tend to believe themselves significant for it when every human is actually a medium for discarnates know it or not.

      • Carrie in Wyoming Says:

        You are way, way, way too quick to discount another’s experiences. I didn’t “hear” the words — it was in a dream.

        You are awefully quick to doubt others.

      • sawyer Says:

        first you tell me I’m not doing my task and when I doubt your source you claim I’m quick to judge. As far as I’m concerned your mission whether you know it or not is to be a trouble maker. Because I tell the truth there are all sorts of imposters getting a laugh saying whatever they want that they think will cause me stress and take my time, so you get one more comment and then you are spam if it says nothing in MY opinion.

      • Carrie in Wyoming Says:

        You are probably right… he hasn’t appeared since my dream on Sunday which is very unusual because he’d been there nightly for quite a while.


        I was just passing this stuff on… I’m not going to do any more legwork for whatever it was.

      • sawyer Says:

        This is why they come incarnate and set up relationships with each student so they will know the kinds of things they would say and do, because after they leave if there is a way to try to thwart people from paying attention to Ti and Do, the “lower forces” will make it happen. They are actually feeding on those that have next level mind in them as you wouldn’t even be talking about any of this if you didn’t. That’s not a come on to try to get you to believe in Ti and Do as that is never my interest, not my business. Some time ago Do showed up in my dream in a way completely different from other dreams I had where I was certain it was him because I know him and his mind and he was actually responding to my question of whether I should start to prepare my vehicle to be willing to lay it down as they did. He came to me that night as clear as a bell and said, “you need to give your life”. He left it up to me how to implement that. That is typical of the way a Next Level members communicates with a student – to give them options. From talking to two who tell me they believe in Ti and Do, actually three, they each said they had one dream with Do in it. Several told me Do told them to ask me their questions. I’m not saying that to sound like an authority but it is the task I’ve accepted. So I’d continue to be wary as it sounds like you are. That’s a good thing. Ti and Do do not have to be in our dreams for any of us to grow towards them so some may never have a dream. But I believe all who begin to ask for Ti and Do’s guidance with anything in their life, and perhaps even human things, I believe will get answers through others that are living and circumstances in day to day life. The media and movies often have Next Level hidden messages they provided as ideas to some film makers, for instance. Of course the lower forces do this as rote. This is part of the way Ti and Do got information and when they did get something new they told us they had an elaborate type of check and balance system they employed between one another to test whether it was from their Older Member or not. I get signals all the time that I don’t pay attention to until it’s almost too late. All human beings have this capability to perceive communications from the unseen world that includes the Next Level. Some have told me Do told them I was off track. One person said Do was giving him messages to give to other believers and he gave me a good mark but another a bad mark. Do doesn’t need to do that. If he wants to correct someone he will take care of it in a direct enough way that we will get the picture. And he’s not going to send a message that someone is going good. Generally speaking that would be baiting us though I say generally because there were a few occasions where Ti and Do complimented individuals. It was just seldom because that object was to grow and growth requires changing something about us or increasing our strength to fight off negative thoughts. Sorry I’m kind of rambling on all this but I agree that you will be opening up a pandoras box to start taking direction or suggestions from someone in a dream or in any other way.

        Another way to look at it is let’s say it was Do but you weren’t sure so you treated it like a discarnate influence and told it, the thoughts to get lost, putting up a “blank card” in your mind that is like a cue card with nothing on it and you can hold that image in your mind and literally stop thoughts in their tracks and by exercising what Ti called a “muscle” we could begin to sense certain thoughts we have been working against without even hearing any of the thoughts words in our head. Ti called it “smelling” the influence and I’m still not sure if there is actually both a literal smell to an influence or not. I have felt the presences and have seen presences with my eyes on a number of occasions and I can sometimes stay ahead of thoughts that would have be act in a way that I know is different than the way my Older Member would have me do it. Other times they have their way with me and I have to start over rebuilding my self control over certain thoughts that also manifest into actions.

  3. Edward Says:

    What was your personal impression on JWNODY?

    And on the other members if you care to extend.

    • sawyer Says:

      this could sound phony, but it’s not. Each of those in the group, of which 12 I did not spend significant time with were and are the most genuine examples of “saints” you could find and I am sure they are not dead in any way, shape or form except as we remember those physical human vehicles they occupied. But I am talking about the Souls that came into those vehicles in the 1970’s and in the case of 12 in the 1990’s, which in all cases was gradual, then marked by a major awakening when they met Ti and Do, directly or indirectly, followed by a gradual taking over of the vehicles that had been tagged for their use well before then, even soon after birth.

      I can’t take a lot of time now to talk about every one of them but I will say a bit about jwnody since you asked about her specifically.

      There was not another classmate using a female vehicle that I worked with more as can be evidenced by being in 3-4 sessions of the Beyond Human tapes. She was most always lighthearted while serious and dedicated to serving Ti and Do. Actually one of her lessons was not being as good of a partner as she could have been at times, because she shied away from confrontation as so many of us did. We were not supposed to be confrontational but we were expected to ask of our partners that they bring up anything they see in us that isn’t something given us by Ti and Do, so if a partner didn’t bring things up to the other they weren’t doing their job. That’s what I mean by confrontation. One would be confronting behavior and ways that were different from Ti and Do’s behavior and ways as they taught us over the years. In contrast Nrrody’s biggest difficulty was not having any restraint in pointing things out to her partners or anyone else and for a time Nrrody, by her request for help was prohibited from bringing anything up at all to anyone that was criticism. Critisism was integral to growth. If we never learned about our human behaviors and ways then we can’t change them. For instance though this wasn’t my biggest problem, I tended to walk around like a bull in a china shop in the beginning of the classroom which I largely corrected because my partner would bring it up to me. It may seem like I’m bringing up negative examples but this IS the OVERCOMING PROCESS and is the prime reason why people left – not wanting to let go of behavior and ways that needed to be let go by the standards of the teachers Ti and Do. This is also the reason 19 were actually arranged to leave the larger classroom body in 1976 as Ti and Do didn’t feel these 19 were demonstrating that desire to “change their mind”, literally swap out human Mind (behavior and ways) for Next Level Mind from our Older Members in adopting their behavior and ways.

      Also, Jwnody came to me in a dream in 2003 and said to me, “It was worth it”, I believe referring to laying down their human lives. She at that time also told me less directly than by words that they were leaving (to I believe get their new issue of “clean white robes” – new physical bodies) but also felt she was saying they would be back. I am sure they are back now but remain hidden from human eyes and technologies except in ways they are showing through comets, asteroids, meteors, fireballs, objects interacting with the sun and sun activities that are now finally being seen as the reason for global warming and dramatically increased volcanic and earthquake activity, along with by their close presence of their “good/pure” minds, and all the energy changes as related to the outer space activities all related to their presence and as they help those that are drawing on their Older Member’s minds in whatever way it’s their capacity to do as all don’t know of Ti and Do, it all adds up to forcing humans everywhere to “be who they are” instead of holding it inside. Thus we have more and more people willing to sacrifice their well being and even life to be free of domineering governments. And it also stimulates people to look at things that are beyond the status quo in every department in life in the human kingdom and to question more of the truth in what they are told or taught in history. Whenever people seek the truth of something if they are directing their requests to what they think of as God or to the highest beings in the Universe who are beyond the most distant stars, however they think of this, those requests go to where Ti and Do are. Of course the fast track is to just use the names, Ti and Do to seek the truth from.

  4. demimondemesilathraam Says:

    Hello Sawyer,

    If there was an actual xenodimensional and/or extraterrestrial being or beings, and/or a singular holy mind, working inside of the two individuals who used the names Ti and Do, I would want that or those entities, and not the Herff/Do and Bonnie/Ti amalgams, to be the ones who would conceivably reach me via some sort of a visitation, dream or other signal that touched my subjective mind in such a way that I would receive it clearly enough to believe it. (You said ‘Ti’ and ‘Do’ were not their names in the Next Level anyway.)

    But since we can’t know what those names would be, I call for ‘them’ to answer me, while forming a clear idea and picture in my mind about what such an entity would appear to me as being, using their descriptions as a point of departure, but thinking of them more as creatures who live in a realm where at the very least time is a spatial fourth dimension, while the human mind can only experience it as present moment with past as memory and future as speculation, a being from an alien dimensionality (which is literally what being ‘xenodimensional’ would mean) would be able to perceive and work with time as though it were length, width or height.) – so I don’t see ‘grey aliens’ with little suits on since all the depictions of these I have ever seen have appeared as if they lived in a 3D reality like we humans do.

    I have pointed out: despite the numerous reservations that I still feel about some specific aspects of it, I seem to have had a recurrent ‘pull’ to something about the HG phenomenon ever since I became aware of it, as most people did, in 1997, Therefore, I have done the only thing that makes sense to me, and decided to petition my own xenodimensional guide to signal to them, if this entity has the ability to do so, and if ‘they’ would be willing to communicate through it to me (rather than label it ‘luciferian’ and thus refuse to hear it if it calls them.) In addition to this, I have also personally done what you suggested re: ‘projecting my message beyond the stars’ on my own. I will note that my xenodimensional does not appear to be against me doing so, or ‘he’/it would’ve probably attempted to discourage me already with the gentle but firm suggestions it always has guided me with. So far I have gotten no warnings against doing this, and although I have petitioned ‘him’/it to pass my message for me if that is possible I received no indication that this either was or was not something that would work yet – though it’s not been very long and it’s not like anything I’ve ever asked for before. So I will be patient, and if I get a signal from that source that the entities that purportedly resided within the Herff and Bonnie ‘vehicles’ exist in a beyond-human form, it will go a long way to making me re-evaluate my reservations, or at least some of them.

    There are some behaviors that I would genuinely like to ‘overcome’ myself, and have been working towards that end with varying degrees of success over time. But my #1 problem is procrastination. I tend to put off things which should be done sooner, and even if they do not have to be done right away, I think it would help me and everyone around me if I stopped making excuses (“I don’t feel well,” or “I am too tired”, or “I didn’t eat right so I’m too weak,” and so forth.) Things can end up happening that make various tasks more difficult or impossible to do if I wait ’til the last minute to do them. Choronzon will tell me over and over again that I would be better off fighting the need to feel ‘up to’ doing things, and just do whatever it takes to force myself to not pay attention to my discomfort, boredom or whatever is making me want to avoid what needs doing, and will remind me that the more I make myself do this, the less I will feel any desire to put off doing stuff in the first place. Yet despite my trust of that source of advice, I have ignored it over and over again to this day, though I have progressed a little bit over the past year, it’s not nearly enough… I get the sense that I am frustrating my ‘guide’, who has always been there for me. This problem has to end. Another ‘overcoming’ I need to do is staunch my inner whining about not being young any more; I did manage to finally put a lid on talking about feeling that way to other people, and just being a depressing presence in general as a result of that, but it has to go farther and the ‘inner whining’ has to go, too since it will show on my face and be picked up vibrationally by other minds. Finally, I could use a bit of practice doing certain things daily at the same time every day, even if it’s for no particular reason at first, because I am frankly far too erratic about keeping any sort of scheduled routine, simply because for so many years there has been no need for me to do so. But if something comes along that I DO end up having to do every day at the same time, it will behoove me greatly to already have this habit in my programming. In that regard I am far from being ‘above human’, it’s more like I am a lower and less capable sort of human than average, and that’s starting to bother me inside and I am not sure how to correct it. I think this sort of stuff is just common sense no matter what ‘kingdom level’ someone is in, but I have trouble acting on what I know sometimes.

    It occurs to me that while some of the ‘craft’ procedures seem just silly to me (like having to shave in one direction – that just seems pointless, particularly since supposedly ‘Next Level’ beings, as far as I can recall, are not even supposed to have hair) the idea of ‘check partners’ seems like it may have had some value, even though my initial thought was that being spied on constantly would probably have driven me nuts. If it actually worked, and these people found themselves improving the state of their lives, I suppose it would be worth it. As it is, I live alone, and this gives me far too much room to practice bad habits unnoticed and not have the feedback that would help motivate me stop them. I miss living in the communes I was once part of a great deal, and miss spending my life with the friends that I made in them…even though I still have long distance contact with many of them, it’s not the same. Even a ‘normal’ commune gives each individual in it less room to get away with bad behaviors, because someone will bring them up at council/house meeting/’pow wow’ or whatever the regular get togethers to discuss the problems that needed to be solved ended up being called – either that or another member might personally talk to an individual they had a problem with and most of the time it wasn’t met with anger, since if it was, pretty soon the angry people would be expelled from the commune by a vote. So if I did things that were annoying to others or made me look bad, I knew I would hear about it and that would make me aware of it, and then I would want to change it. So it’s become a bit easier for me to imagine that the practice of doing that not only to keep a commune going, but also motivated by a common, shared reason that had transcendental, sacred motives, would likely be even more compelling.

    One last thing… You were talking above about various persons in the group, so I thought about this while reading that: I have no idea what the reason is, but the whole bit with the -ody names always appealed to me, even though this stumps me since I usually know why something appeals to me if it does, but I cannot put my finger on why this is something I like. At first I had no clue what they meant (I know now) but there’s one thing my extensive research has not uncovered. I notice that some members had -ody names that were just abbreviations of their Earth names, and others were named after qualities (e.g. Drrody was ‘durable’ and Trsody was ‘thirsty’ for the ‘Next Level’ programming.) Did Herff/Do ever explain why this was done? Did the non-Earth-name-based abbreviations go to persons who were considered to be ‘farther up the ladder’ than the persons who got -odys that were Earth-name based? I realize that compared to other things, this is a rather trifling question, and one asked merely out of my endless curiosity, but I was wondering if you might be able to clear that up for me. I watched all your videos about the -ody names, and about the fact that there are persons using them that didn’t get them in the ‘classroom’ – and that must be troubling. I can totally understand why you would not want that happening. They weren’t there, they didn’t go through all the incredibly difficult processes. (I feel the same way about people who think the name ‘Choronzon’ is cool, just because Aleister Crowley warned his disciples to avoid ever even saying it, since he considered this entity to be evil.) I am also wondering why, being you are one who did go through the procedures for 19 years, you do not choose to go by your own -ody name now, since you are certainly not an ‘ex-member’ any longer, by all appearances.

    Thank you once again for your time.

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