Believing in Ti and Do doesn’t mean you MUST do exactly as they did during this lifetime

That’s not to say you can’t try to live by all the same rules of their classroom, that is in the ways you can without the Older Member incarnate. New believers have their work cut out for them, just to believe and if one believes, they will at times share their belief with others. It may be near impossible to not want to share it, but that’s up to each individual. We who believe don’t gain points by getting someone else to believe in Ti and Do but we do get points (so to speak) for providing others the opportunity.

Here is a response to a comment on one of my video’s on youtube that said they like their life the way it is now but at the same time have always been very intrigued by Ti and Do’s teachings. So I responded as follows:

People often assume to believe in Ti and Do means to do as they did – leave all behind and work on overcoming their human characteristics and then giving their lives or laying them down as they did. It’s true that when the Older Member(s) are incarnate and we recognize them, that is the formula but it’s never for everyone to embrace in the same way at the same point in time. The Next Level are nurturing “souls” not bodies though bodies are born with a genetic propensity towards what each believed and did during a lifetime so in that way, if the body was inhabited by a returning Next Level Soul, Older member or student aspiring to membership they bodies genetics become a match for the returning Soul so that for them it is natural to feel compelled to leave all behind and give themselves body and soul to their Older Members program. But for everyone there is the first step of believing that the Representatives are exactly who they say they are and there is zero evidence that they are not as they will be consistent with all previous incarnations of representatives ,though in an updated way each time because it is a “program” that leads to membership. Being intrigued is because you have some of their MIND in you. That’s not to say everyone doesn’t have some in them, but for many it’s so buried, no expression can surface in their consciousness, though never say never as sometimes when the “fit hits the sham” in our lives in any number of ways, certain buried ideas surface. If the Next Level didn’t stimulate those events their “seeds” would never sprout and would remain in darkness. It is really just like human gardening where seeds are sprouted and then are moved to a better environment to grow in which can be done in a number of ways. It is very hard to watch Do, because our influences (the discarnates we all have around us from birth that seek to make our vehicles their homes) find little in common that will continue to support the mindset they had when they died so they feed us thoughts and just plain discomfort and disbelief, even fearing that watching more will “take us over” when the opposite is true. The Next Level NEVER take us over. We have to press them to allow us to be on their crew and that is provided us in due time when because we opened ourselves up to believing in Them we have primed our pump and will better recognize the same characteristics when they start a new garden experiment and they bring back all the previously “saved” souls which might look like a Moses experiment.

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