The Power of Goodness, Meditations and Affirmations Ti and Do gave their students to Prepare for Service

The Power of Goodness, Meditations and Affirmations Ti and Do gave their students to Prepare for Service

Preparing For Service
Written by Ti and Do in 1985

The Power of Goodness

Forget your fears. Realize that your condition is of your own making. There is no power that can keep you down but yourself. Forget the obstacles between. Forget the difficulties in the way. Keep only your perfect, happy and healthy vehicle before your mind’s eye-and you’ll win over the fears and become happy and healthy.

Nothing external has power over you. You fear these negative feelings simply because you BELIEVE in them, when all the time it is only that BELIEF that gives them power and authority.

Remember you are the Central Sun in your own Solar System. You have dominion over everything within that system. You can say what shall enter, what shall stay there. And you have unlimited attractive power to draw to you anything of good you may desire. The law of attraction cannot bring good and evil at the same time. It must be one or the other. And it is up to YOU to decide which it shall be.

Say to yourself, “Everyday my vehicle is getting healthier and happier and in better control.” And follow up the words with imagining yourself having a healthier body, a happier body and in perfect control of it.

Ask yourself, “What can I do to make my classmates happy?” Forget about your personal problems, try to make someone else happy. Be magnetic-What is magnetism? It’s the Power to give out! It is vitality, it is sincere interest in your classmates-You cannot be self-centered and be magnetic. You cannot think only of the gratification of your own desires and be magnetic. Goodness gives out a current of Goodness, and all who come within its aura are attracted to it. Selfishness, jealousy, hate, are layers of insulation around a magnet. They not only shut off all Goodness from going out, but they keep any from getting in. A selfish person, a jealous person, and an angry person, has no magnetism. He has shut off his own current, and insulated himself against any goodness from the outside.

Release the feeling of goodness toward each and every annoying thing as though it was the best thing that ever happened to you. You will be amazed at the results that come from this little game, because in goodness, no matter how tiny the grain of it, there is unlimited power for good, and it is never wasted.

You have heard the old saying that a soft answer turneth away wrath? This game has the same principle incorporated in it, with a lot more added to it. Non-resistance is one thing, but by itself it is negative. Add your thoughts of praise and thoughts of blessings to it, and you turn it into a positive force for good.

Don’t forget that it is the Next Level’s way to approach everything that you do with your best and most positive effort, and then whatever comes as a result of that effort can only be a positive lesson.

Meditations and Affirmations:

-I am a member of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am only a member of the Kingdom of Heaven. I was sent here to do a task. I want to complete that task as quickly as possible. I want to at all times remember who I am, what that task is and its urgency until we sit together again.

-My body is not a house for any negative or lower thoughts-or minds of this planet-most especially any critical or negative feelings directed at my Teachers or any of my Classmates.

It (my body) is only a house for positive, healing and happy thoughts for it is performing a task for the Next Level.

-Put yourself in a frame of mind that would make you feel what a member of the Next Level feels. Make yourself feel that you are in the actual presence of an Older member. Yearn to be like Him, to emanate what He emanates. Force your mind to soar to such height that your thoughts and conduct are pleasing in His sight. Feel that He can see right through you and make yourself hold onto a calmness, a humility and a deep joy knowing you are a child in that same Kingdom. Don’t let any worries or thoughts of the human world distract you or enter your mind. Just sit there until you actually feel what it feels like to be in His presence-hoping He is pleased with your efforts. Hold onto this feeling for some minutes until you actually feel that your vibrations are acceptable to Him. Then very carefully and slowly as you leave your spot of meditation take that feeling with you. It should cause you to have a strong-quiet glow in your countenance. Learn to hold that glow with you and when it begins to dissipate it’s time to repeat the meditation and restore that feeling. Each time it should get stronger and last longer.

-Say strongly to yourself: “I want to stay on a higher frequency” (out of reach of human vibrations). Say this what will seem to be a million times a day-every time a human thought tries to come in or any discouragement-any grievance, etc.

-Say with excitement and anticipation: “I’m looking for you every moment (members of the Next Level). I literally want to see You. I know it depends on me whether You let me see You or not – now since I am going to stay on a higher frequency, I can say ‘I’m looking for You everywhere – every minute – hoping I’ll deserve Your presence.”

-One place I must learn that I can see Your presence is through my classmates-for They too are members of the Next Level.”

Say with Strength: “I want my Teachers to see You. I know if I am ready to go – They can see You. I am from this moment on going to deserve for Them to be with You.”

-Now I want to imagine that I am sitting at the feet of the Chief not being afraid of what He sees in me, but hoping He will examine me very carefully and thoroughly prescribing exactly the circumstances, events and lessons which will start correction and adjustments so that I might get back on the tack of perfect growth.

-As I look at them now, I realize the past several years have been the happiest ones for me. I am so happy to be here in this craft – doing what the Members of the Next Level in the Heavens want me to do. I look around me and see only others doing the same thing – trying to please the Next Level and building a perfect body.

-I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to do this task. Extremely thankful that you have given me Teachers to guide me through it. Extremely thankful how you have provided for more than my needs, my food, a more than comfortable house, and (add any things you are particularly aware of and appreciative of). I hope my conduct can be an ever improving acceptable token of my appreciation.
Thank you —- Next Level!

-The power of life is flowing through me; My(body) is healing perfectly.

-With strong intent and powerful feeling, my (body) receives a perfect healing.

(Sawyer’s comment: This was given to us as lyrics to a song. The Song was from Beethoven’s Jesus Meine Freund.)

Help me have no human ways.

No thoughts of self,

No faults to see.

Only the ways of space.

Now I know my heart is fast. In my Father’s path at last.

Only the ways of space.

Only the ways of space.


-I would like to know more than I now know.
-I would like to have more control over my vehicle-it’s chemistry-its thoughts-its responses-its desires-than I now have.
-I would like to rise above the things that distract me and bind me to this world.

-There is a spot in the middle of my head.
*-I am now concentrating-focusing on that spot.

(It is about the size of my eyeball, it is like a gland that has been asleep, inactive, waiting for me to concentrate on it.)

*-I am, right now, going to feel it become active and alive.
*-I am focusing on it, I can feel it now in its location.
*-All of my energy is being directed toward this Next Level gland.
*-As this spot accepts all of my energy it is helping my chemistry change.
*-I can feel the power of that energy there.
*-I can feel the calm of that power.
*-I can feel my chemistry in control.
*-I feel no frustration or anxiety.
*-I feel only that calm, powerful energy.
(-As this spot becomes more alive it will help me sustain this calm.)
(-It will eliminate distraction from my goal.)
(-It will keep me clear.)
(-I will know more.)
*-As I recognize higher control and knowledge I will adopt it quickly, discarding my weaknesses.
*-My potential for growth is limitless.
*-I am rapidly changing.
*-Growth has been offered to me and I am choosing to become it.
*-I feel and hear that spot coming more to life!
*-Change! Vehicle,
Change! Chemistry.
*-I am going to hold onto this until I sit and become even more!

(* indicates especially long pauses)

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24 Responses to “The Power of Goodness, Meditations and Affirmations Ti and Do gave their students to Prepare for Service”

  1. Evil Spirits = discarnates = Influences on Us and how to abort their influence on us | Sawyerhg's Blog Says:

    […] Stars in the music industry – How they consciously fulfill Jesus prophecies of 666, etc. The Power of Goodness, Meditations and Affirmations Ti and Do gave their students to Prepare for&nbs… […]

  2. crlody Says:

    When RKK and I put this and other materials that the Class produced online which weren’t in the HG Book or on the website Mark demanded that we remove all “unauthorized” materials from the web. This is just another example of how he has tried to suppress Ti, Do and the Class’ Info while claiming that he has done the opposite. I wonder if he would ever try to order you to stop posting items like this? It’s interesting (and maybe even inevitable) that the primary distorters and suppressors of Ti and Do’s Truth were some of Their former students.

  3. gemunis Says:

    Sawyer, this information is so TI, and Do. Very useful, and needed for those who are seeking, next level training, and preparation.

    • sawyer Says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Spread the word…the truth was in the flesh once again so their words are still at hand as the links to their Mind.


    If Adam really returned as Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus, does that suggest that Moses, Elijah and Jesus shared the same soul during the transfiguration?


    Thank you for the article on transfiguration, it was really helpful. Pls forgive my reckless response to your first reply on the subject. How do I stay connected to the next level? Adam was commanded by Jehovah to be a fruitarian, Adam and Moses explored their sexuality, Elijah and Jesus were not fruitarians. Are these caterial necessary for next level students? If so, why is it?

    • sawyer Says:

      At this time I don’t think fruitarian is an instruction to adhere to when there have been updates. It’s important to stick closest to the most recent instructions as that shows we are current with the Older Members Mind/Spirit. Ultimately one could follow all the past rules but not be bonding with the Older Members because it’s imperative that we “please” them – for our own sake. They don’t need us so we need to adhere to whatever their instructions are. They could say, eat only beef and we’d be living within their Mind to do so. I’m not aware of such instruction. Even though the Next Level gives us instructions, I don’t believe they do so to set us up to fail. In other words, I believe they only give us tests they know we can handle IF we look to them for help and answers as we proceed day by day seeking to know their will for us. For those that know of Ti and Do, those are who we would need to appeal to entirely to be Next Level active students. We were in the course of the 19 years I was with them, flesh eaters (though with small portions 2-3 times a week – always well done, though occasional tuna (before it was known to be laden with mercury), but mostly chicken and a little beef in the form of meatballs or meat sauce for spaghetti, occasional bacon with eggs. Eggs were always scrambled and well done but not burned/browned at all. Then after Ti left her vehicle, we experimented with fasting and were vegan for a while, fruitarian for a while, live food growers (sprouts) made into green drinks using rejuvalac (wheat berry fermented water), slow cooked wheat berries – no cooking besides slow cooking to preserve nutrients. But Do also came to feel it was good to change because it gave the body a chance to adjust to different substances. If you want to see a primary diet Do and crew arrived at, pick up a copy of “the Transfiguration Diet” by “littlegreen, inc’s think tank”. I found one on line. It’s a vegan diet. However I don’t think following it is a ticket onto Ti and Do’s crew. That was part of the program for third trimester graduates to follow to show they wanted nothing except what Ti and Do provided them. It certainly put some to the test as did many changes they instigated.

      To be on their team means to ask them directly using the names Ti and Do without fearing the changes that must come as they lead you through what you need to experience. Overall the instructions to date were to, study all Ti and Do and crew said, believe it all and “take a stand for them” and accept the ramifications. To start a faster metamorphosis means separating from the human kingdom as fast as we want to, to give all our energy to service to them. That means asking them with every step, how, where, when, what to think, say and do and sharing that with others. What you consume or don’t consume I don’t believe is in the current picture. That’s up to you but you can ask them what they think and you might end up getting that book. I mean getting the book would be using their mind since They wrote the book. When we quote Do and/or Ti or any of those active students that graduated with them then we are using Their Mind and we are grafting to their family vine.

      I don’t know to what you are referring about Adam and Moses “exploring their sexuality”. Sure they had offspring but when you say “exploring” it sounds to me like someone whose trying all kinds of methods and situations surrounding sexuality. I don’t know of any evidence that Adam or Moses were of that mind. Please let me know what you are basing that on.

      Curiously though, aren’t “seed bearing plants” inclusive of vegetables?

      And I believe after the flood was about the time the Lord said to Noah and family they could eat flesh foods but Jesus said to not be concerned with what you put in your vehicle but be more concerned with what comes out your mouth/mind.


    Thank you for your reply. Regarding Adam and Moses, I meant to say they were not celibate.

    • sawyer Says:

      re: Moses: They weren’t teaching celibacy then though the start of it by providing some order to their sexuality and procreation instincts. I don’t know how sexual active Moses was after he had become awakened. I’d have to research the ages of his offspring. Do you have that research? However, they were taught that abstaining from sexuality was important to Jehovah when Jehovah said he would speak directly to the congregation and said for 3 days before that they should “not come into their wives”. Plus they had to get clean physically also.

      Jesus taught celibacy as an option as with self castration and was clear that there would be no sexuality in the Kingdom of God and even as one approached such membership. He said that in the form of talking about “marriage”, but marriage was the order surrounding propagation of the species so if there was to be no propogation of the species for those counted worthy of the kingdom of heaven then what use was there to sexuality.

      Then in rev 14 it says those who overcome will be virgins. That doesn’t mean they never had intercourse. It means they “washed their robes” of their sexuality so they were now pure of that mammalian behavior.

      I’ll have to find what I wrote about rev 14 that takes apart every word to arrive at the clearest contextual translation/interpretation.

      Jesus also started the idea that even thinking about sex with a woman you weren’t married to was committing adultery. So celibacy took on a body and mind commitment.


    Acts 7:29. Moses only two sons, but why did he marry the Ethiopian woman in Numbers 12:3. He would have woken then at that time of his mission. Events in the bible sounds to me as symbolic, not real or factual. As regards TI and DO, why would they want people to refer to them asTI and DO and not JEHOVAH and JESUS if stories and events in the bible are real and factual and not symbolic. I think they confirm what I already know but I’II like to learn from your own perspective. Please let me know your candid opinion about this subject.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t know when Moses married the Ethiopian woman, at what point he was at in his awakening and his awakening may not have included celibacy as that wasn’t in the lesson plan for that early grade in school.

      To say those records are all symbolic has no evidence. Historians can name people and places referred to and the traditions carried down and became distorted, not evidence of a story. The Old Testament prophets also provide various points of view that came to pass during Jesus time while most were most applicable to the third return of the Two Witnesses to date. I’ll share that with you when my book comes out as it’s just too much to try to include in a comment and it’s a work in progress but the links are very thorough on the part of the Kingdom of God to providing an abundance of clues that then come to pass. I can understand wondering about it all as it has been shrouded in mystery for a long time and is today thwart with confusion and many dozens of opinions on each and every verse, word and idea.

      With that said, here’s my view of the names you asked about:

      First off, when they come they come in new human vehicles.
      And when they come they have a new lesson plan and the new names they take reflect it. Jesus name reflected on being a savior by his own self sacrifice. Ti and Do on the other hand took silly names at first with the way they felt: Guinea and Pig, He and She. Then when they first delivered their information to the public and were asked to give a talk to a group in North Hollywood, CA and over a dozen wanted to go with them, which took them by surprise, thinking they were to deliver the info and then move on without considering students, when asked what to call them they said something to the affect of, “Bo and Peep because apparently we now have sheep”. It was about two years later after they whittled down the would be believers from about 100 to 60 something students that they took the names “Ti and Do” which were based on the song from the sound of Music which they felt their Older Member in the Next Level stimulated to the story it told to serve as a help to wake them up to their task. I don’t know how familiar Ti and Do were with the two primary Revelations references to the “song” but that didn’t matter. Names have significance.

      Now Jesus said not to belief in anyone who comes “in my name” saying I am the Christ. His name was Jesus. So for someone to return saying they were Jesus, the return of Jesus the Christ showed them to be an imposter. Do did not come saying he was Jesus and he did not come using the name “jesus”. What he said initially was that He and Ti were “from the same family as Jesus”. They said Jesus was the name given to that vehicle. Their students knew they were the same two though in new vehicles so it all made sense. Ti and Do even hinted at one point early on that Jesus, that vehicle was still coming back which I have as late figured might be depicting the one coming back on a white horse wearing white linen body, “dipped in blood” seemingly a reference to Jesus’ vehicle and this is well after the Two Witnesses have exited. There is a lot more to say about that but I have to keep it short right now.

      The one on the throne says:

      Rev 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

      In other words, to the successful student overcomer they will have a new name for their God on their mind. When Jesus refers to God in this way it’s a specific individual even though the same term is used to represent the Kingdom of God as a many membered kingdom as Ti and Do taught.

      He is also saying here that there will be a new city name. The old city name was Jerusalem. But jesus said the Kingdom of God would be taken away from Jerusalem and given to a new people/nation.

      To top it off, he then says he will write his “new name” on that overcomer. In other words he will take possession of that student as a kind of abopted “son” (whether male or female vehicle is no matter).

      Also Jesus said upon his return he would speak and show his disciples the Father, plainly speaking, not in parables any longer. Note the Father was certainly the same person that was the Lord in the Old Testament. Jehovah meant “existing one” the main point they were trying to imprint on the upcoming student body of souls, that they are REAL – they Exist – also said as “I AM”. Jesus then took it to the next level to related Jehovah as their parent – the authority in the family unit at that time in that culture.

      It’s all presented as a progression to more realism.

      It was also said that you would know him/them during their return as they would speak in a new “tongue”. That’s a language. That would be English. Thus three weren’t going to take Hebrew or Aramaic names.

      Now lastly not not least, there is the practical aspect to their task. When a representative comes incarnate the give a name that becomes like an “address”. When they exit they know the Luciferians will jump in to try to trick people into thinking they are the return as we see in the story of Saul then Paul of Tarsus.

      Then as time goes on various people that become priests and such in the human organizations that stem from the incarnate Rep come to believe themselves the keepers of the gate, so to speak. They think it’s their task to steer people so much so that they begin to be looked up to as the Representative of God. People come to them with their problems instead of asking God directly. they can’t relate to “God” as easily as they can to one’s priest or reverend by whatever title. Now when those priests die and actually anyone who counted themselves a teacher of Jesus, they continue to go to humans when they ask help of Jesus as if they were sent by Jesus to help them. In this way the address becomes a false address and it goes hand in hand with false teachings of Jesus and thus a “false Jesus” that is worshipped.

      The Next Level gives us a chance to see again by coming with new physical bodies in our new culture and using new names. Those that insist upon clinging to the past names may still get some help at times if the spirits can help them but they won’t get the updated lesson plan they need to advance closer to graduation unless they accept the new Rep that then starts with a fresh new name. Those names are already being corrupted but the Next Level knows what someone calling out to them will be thinking/feeling so even though there are musicians and such calling themselves Ti doesn’t at this time compete with getting to Ti and Do. If anything it just clogs the search engines with the same name but going to a different person.

      But a true seeker will make it to the truth and the real Ti and Do.


    Please tell me the difference between God, Satan and Lucifer. Why didn’tJesus associate with or mention Jehovah’s name even once in the new testament?

    • sawyer Says:

      With each arrival of an “in the flesh” Older Member come updates because they are moving Souls through school and the lessons are learned through taking over a human vehicle (body). And because the lesson trimesters towards birth into the Next Level Above Human are separated by about 2 days Next Level time, or two thousand years, human time frame, those that learn the lessons, saved to their souls while in human vehicles if they abided by the current teachings of the in carnal Older Member are brought back for the next lesson period to again associate and try to take over a human vehicle for their next lesson step. Now, the vehicles are the offspring from the same ancestry, though their memory of the past lesson step becomes subconscious saved in their genes when they had the experiences. Ti and Do said that our vehicles needed to be a “match” for the Souls coming into them. A match meant the souls would be taking off from where they left off when their last vehicle expired. The Soul can grow from every opportunity to use a human vehicle and the use of a human vehicle is also service to the Older Members in several ways. Some of the souls with Moses who excelled in their adherence to all Moses gave them from Jehovah could have been assigned tasks in between primary visits and there could have been more lesson periods besides the three primary ones administered by Jehovah and Moses, Father and Jesus and then Ti and Do. This way when the Older Member comes incarnate again, as the vehicles have been tagged for the returning souls to take that will be compatible to the growth station of the soul, when the Older Member takes over and awakens his vehicle, also prepared for him (in Jesus case required a virgin birth), and speaks his mind (prophesy), the vehicles hear the words and are attracted to them and the soul comes into the vehicle with that attraction with the help of the presence of the Older Members awareness brings an awakening to those vehicles to recognize they must follow with this person. They recognize his voice because they are his sheep. Others that didn’t have that preparation can also wake up but for them it’s mostly not until after he has left as that’s when the they get to advance in their lesson plan though they are not held back from how fast they can advance and could even in the 11th hour join with the Older Member to be in that same graduation class.

      The advancement requires new terminology. That is because it becomes a filtering out of those that are not ready to receive the most current lesson plan as the ones that are ready will respond to what the words mean to them verses to the exact words used. If Jesus came taking about Jehovah, quoting Moses, Isaiah and all the other Old Testament prophets exactly he would have attracted many more followers but they wouldn’t have been ready for the next lesson step because the ones who are ready for the next lesson step, when they were taught what became an institutional religion, didn’t recognize it as the whole truth so didn’t cling to the terms and religious practice. They saw dilutions and contradictions and misinformation and hypocrisy among the leaders of the religion so they couldn’t fit in yet they didn’t know what other way there was to think, though may have studied the materials from alternative teachings, for example the dis-included writings of Enoch which became known as the Essene movement who were evidenced to be a community in Qumram where the “dead sea scrolls” were found and/or at Nag Hammadi.

      Ti and Do used to say, they thought they could get up in front of us to give a meeting and say the ABC’s and if we were thirsty could understand. I don’t know how literal they meant that and they never did that to test it. To me it was saying – you all have been primed to receive the next step as Jesus also indicated.

      So Jesus used new terms to represent a more accurate way of thinking about Jehovah and Heaven and went on to introduce the standards they would have to meet to take their final exam and to graduate in the third trimester. He spoke more about “heaven” as a literal place talking about having “abodes” (mansions). He said is was organized like a “kingdom” having a king, what Ti and Do called the Chief of Chiefs, but relative to us an Older Member that was above Ti while Ti was above Do in that hierarchal order. (However they also said, theoretically a new comer could pass up an Older Member that is if the Older Member wasn’t growing as fast as they could, but they don’t get to be Older Members if they don’t have a great capacity to grow very quickly so it’s unlikely that anyone will pass up an Older Member. They said that to be clear that the Next Level doesn’t hold anyone back as happens in the human kingdom. And they don’t have competition in the Next Level either. All younger members measure themselves by their Older Members. They learn the value while still in the human kingdom, of looking up to their Older Member for everything and thus Jesus most accurately equated that relationship to one of a Father (Green Pater, Hebrew Abba) to their offspring (son) (though it nothing to do with the gender of the vehicles as Souls don’t have gender and Next Level vehicles have no gender) thought there are lessons to be learned from each gender experience. The Father was used I believe because of the parental figure who was culturally the head of the household in the early times of the classroom. Again, it’s likely each Soul experiences time taking over both a male and a female vehicle so it becomes a show of a lesson not yet learned if we discriminate for or against someone because of their gender. Do said that a homosexual, as opposed to heterosexual, aka gay or LGBT has overcome gender consciousness, though if they are still sexual they havn’t yet overcome sensuality through their sexuality.

      So I suppose Jesus didn’t use Jehovah perhaps for several reasons.

      1) It wasn’t the way he was instructed to talk. Remember he said he only said what his Father gave him to say. However it appears from the records he did refer to “deity” as where the English word “God” is recorded of his usage, it is translated from the Greek Theos meaning, a deity thus when he used that he was mostly talking more general about a Member of the Next Level as he also said that even the least in the Kingdom of/in heaven was greater than John the Baptist who he compared to being the greatest human. Ti and Do said that compared to humans every adult member of the Next Level was a “God” but that’s been twisted so that many people think there is only one such member who is God. There is only one Kingdom of God but as Ti and Do clarified it’s a “Many Membered Kingdom”. It’s interesting how obvious that is once Ti and Do revealed it as there were always records that indicated more than 1, 2 or 3 members. They were called “angels” (messenger task name), “archangles” (captain of messenger tasks), different types of angels, legions of angels and then in Revelations, “24 Elders”, “4 Living Beings”, “7 Minds/Spirits of God”, “7 angels who sound (trumpets)” and “7 angels who pour out vials/plagues/calamities”.

      2) Jesus was recorded to have used an identification that can be seen as side by side with the word, Jehovah stemming from Elohiym but shortened to El and/or Eli, and/or Elias, seen often as Elijah.

      Mat 27:46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli ((2241 eli= el, power, strength, might)), Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
      Mat 27:47 Some of them that stood there, when they heard that, said , This man calleth for Elias ((2243 Helias – Eliyah, Elijah)).

      Elias= 452 ‘Eliyah or prolonged tEliyahuw; from ”el’ (410) and ‘Yahh’ (3050); God of Jehovah; Elijah, Eliah.
      Eli= 2241 eli {ay-lee’} of Hebrew origin, 0410 with pronominal suffix;; n pr m
      1) Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani. The Hebrew form, as Elio, Elio, etc., is the Syro-Chaldaic (the common language in use by the Jews in the time of Christ) of the first words of the twenty second Psalm; they mean “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

      This appears to come from Psalms of David which it was apparent Jesus at times referred to:

      Psa 22:1 My God ((‘El)), my God ((‘El)), why ((how long)) hast thou forsaken ((leave)) me? why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?

      I don’t believe he was ever claiming his Father “abandoned him”. He could have been simply asking when he could leave also said as where are you, when will you come. He knew well why he was going through that so I don’t know why the translators chose “why” as one primary definition is “where”:

      why = 2444 inati from hina 2443 and tis 5101; for what reason ?, i.e. why?:–wherefore, why

      I suspect he knew he could leave whenever he wanted. I say that because one time when Do was at “white feather lake” in Colorado while the classroom had two locations, one in Boulder Canyon and the other in Littleton, a suburb of Denver, he contracted, “rocky mountain spotted tick fever”. He told a small group of us – Lvvody and Jnnody who were his assigned helpers after Ti left her vehicle and Srrody and myself who he had summoned to deliver certain items from the craft – notes and reports, he knew he could curl up and exit his vehicle. He said that he asked Ti if he could leave as he wanted to be with Ti (who He recognized was his Older Member as Ti never told him that though she knew she was). He said she said to him, “if you want to you can”. (They didn’t hear voices but they did have thoughts occur to them in their heads but it’s a very subtle voice not like a shouting or demanding and booming feeling. I believe I have experienced that. There is a feeling with it and a recognition, though we were taught not to trust it automatically but could more so trust it by it’s content and whether or not it was something one could imagine our Older Member might say. That’s not based on imagination of what they might say. It’s based on knowing what they have said. And it’s also part of what one gets the more and more they become the recipients of their Mind – hearing their words, understanding what they are saying and adhering to their teachings/instructions. If what we believe they are saying to us is an instruction to become aware of something, say or do something, then we need to “pull” on the full intent and continue to seek clarifications as we have questions and as we start to implement what is provided in a step wise fashion being primed to change course as we meet resistance or it becomes clear what is not intended to think, say or do.

      3) Lastly, members of the Next Level don’t concern themselves with their own identity like humans do. When relating to humans they identify themselves by their task. For instance Jehovah meant, “existing one” or “AM AM” as “do becoming” as opposed to being a proper name.

      Jehovah stemmed from, what the user intended to relay. Where God is used most often in the Old Testament, the Hebrew Elohiym is indicated, which is a plural form for magistrates, judges, deities, which goes along with Jesus saying he and his Father were from the Kingdom of God in the Kingdom in the heavens (the elevated, lofty areas where the sun, moon and stars (planets) revolved.

      Exo 3:13 And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?
      Exo 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.
      Exo 3:15 And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, the LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.
      Exo 3:16 Go, and gather the elders of Israel together, and say unto them, The LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, appeared unto me, saying, I have surely visited you, and seen that which is done to you in Egypt:

      Exo 6:1 Then the LORD said unto Moses, Now shalt thou see what I will do to Pharaoh: for with a strong hand shall he let them go, and with a strong hand shall he drive them out of his land.
      Exo 6:2 And God spake unto Moses, and said unto him, I am the LORD:
      Exo 6:3 And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by (the name of) God ((410 ‘el= strength)) Almighty ((power)), but by my name ((put appoint/position, bringing lofty, sky, higher ether, air (breath), astrologer, heaven(s))) JEHOVAH (was I not) known ((3045 yada’= to know, acknowledge, appoint, advise)) to them.

      name= 8034 shem= a primitive word (perhaps rather from ‘suwm’ (7760) through the idea of definite and conspicuous position; compare ‘shamayim’ (8064)); an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority, character:–+ base, (in-)fame(-ous), named(-d), renown, report.
      7760 suwm or siym= a primitive root; to put (used in a great variety of applications, literal, figurative, inferentially, and elliptically):–X any wise, appoint, bring, call (a name), care, cast in, change, charge, commit, consider, convey, determine, + disguise, dispose, do, get, give, heap up, hold, impute, lay (down, up), leave, look, make (out), mark, + name, X on, ordain, order, + paint, place, preserve, purpose, put (on), + regard, rehearse, reward, (cause to) set (on, up), shew, + stedfastly, take, X tell, + tread down, ((over-))turn, X wholly, work.

      8064 shamayim= dual of an unused singular shameh {shaw-meh’}; from an unused root meaning to be lofty; the sky (as aloft; the dual perhaps alluding to the visible arch in which the clouds move, as well as to the higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve):–air, X astrologer, heaven(-s).

      The core of the identification of who was talking was:

      430’elohiym el-o-heem’
      plural of ”elowahh’ (433); gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates; and sometimes as a superlative:–angels, X exceeding, God (gods)(-dess, -ly), X (very) great, judges, X mighty.

      Also a shortened form was “El”, so for all intents and purposes Jesus demonstrate at least one time calling on the same person who was Jehovah.

      The difference between God, Satan and Lucifer.

      God became a general term for any deity, judge, magistrate but in the OT it is mostly from “Elohiym” while in the Greek, Theos. The returning saints were said to be participating in the “judging”, thus would make them Elohiym.

      Satan is translated from “advasary”. I believe this term actually represents any of the “fallen angels”. Ti and Do said that their students were each assigned their own “booger” advasary who by fighting off their “bombardment” would be building their strength to where it needed to be to qualify to join Ti’s crew.

      Lucifer was the chief fallen angels who the others who fell sided with.

      Ti once told a story from their awakening. They were in a Portland, Oregon book store mid or late 1973 as best I can tell. Ti said that Do saw his rival Lucifer in the book store. That was it, no further explanation. A very interesting thing about Ti and Do was how one’s mind was often blank when listening to them. In other words, one didn’t think of any questions. I think I can speak for most of the student crew though this was not all the time. Ti and Do did say that they often had to run our influences away from us, to give us a chance to receive what they had to offer. Maybe that explains why some things prompted no questions, but as the years went by I could listen and still retain a question. It always took a great deal of energy to listen to them as our instruction was to not have any distracting thoughts, no judgments or side concerns to distract us.


    Adam sought to be wise, to understand good and evil. He ate the fruit and GOD was displeased and cursed him. Solomon asked GOD for wisdom, to understand good and evil (the very same thing Adam did seek) and God was so pleased with him. Why so? I believe GOD is not partial.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’d have to study up more on Solomon but as you reported I don’t see that the same as what Adam did at all. Adam broke a direct instruction which showed that he had not yet conquered being influenced by another who was not his Older Member. It was a test and he failed. It was the Luciferian that used the temptation saying that by eating the fruit they would understand good and evil. The Elohiym didn’t say that. And what’s interesting was that it did teach Adam about “good and evil” though that’s because he made a positive from his mistake. Ti and Do said that same soul returned to awaken in the body named Enoch who graduated and then went on to use his lesson learned to be the instrument of helping younger souls overcome the provided Luciferian fallen angels influences.


    Prior to the time Jesus woke up, could he have had sex?

    • sawyer Says:

      I suppose if he had the sexual organs he would have been allowed to have sex. The Lord gives us the rules but we always have the option to break them or change them to suit what we want. I’m not saying Jesus even thought about it. I suspect he didn’t any more than he gave any thought to the temptations from Satan in the desert before he had completely awakened. I suppose it’s possible he spent time with an Essence group and the Qumram materials indicated some Essenes self castrated themselves, so I suppose Jesus could have been among them, though that didn’t seem to be the lesson plan then. He was leading them up to complete celibacy of mind and body when he said, Moses had compromised from the law to not divorcé one’s wife unless she was unfaithful and that to look upon a woman with lust in your heart was already committing adultery.

      Do said that adultery was “not becoming an adult” where an adult was no longer a “son” of God but was now grafted to his branch thus a secure part of their family having put on the armour and was to receive a new physical “celestial” body (Paul described) that was incorruptible. Ti and Do said that an adult Next Level vehicle is grown and is one that doesn’t have the “plumbing” for mammalian reproduction so can’t “fall” anymore. Luci and company and Adam had vehicles that could regress, what Do called a “reverse metamorphosis”.

      Jesus only indicated celibacy for the graduation step to come, the third trimester for that group – “they who are considered worthy to attain to that world (the Kingdom of God/Heaven) don’t marry and are not given in marriage” and in Revelations, they are depicted as virgins meaning they have recovered their virginity as what a student does before they have awakened and sought to commit to their Older Member is not an unforgivable sin. They can make themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake and they “were not defiled with women” where at graduation time, defiled is for those that want to graduate, be among those harvested is any sexual relations with women as that is not giving one’s total “love” to one’s Older Member.

      Ti and Do taught that all sexuality must go in body and mind, not just between men and women.

  11. sawyer Says:

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