A recap of why I suggested new believers in Ti and Do not using the “ody” name suffix

There are a number of reasons I’ve suggested new believers not taking the “ody” name suffix:

It’s like taking someone else’s last name when they are not in that family. This is NOT s saying others are not in the same family potentially, but only applys to the specific experience with the incarnate Older Members who gave those names to specific human vehicles that were attempting to grow towards next level membership in that accelerated fashion. Like said that doesn’t mean many humans are not also growing towards that membership but there is a differentiation in the experience. Now, there were about 60 ody’s that Ti and Do said were being “adopted” into their Family so it was a special experience and a stage in development, that’s all as about 34 of those chose over the years to dropout, though until they die they still have the opportunity to return to belief and service the same as anyone, though returning is more difficult than initial belief because of the discarnates one attracts when they drop out and especially so if they go against Ti and Do or the Next Level in certain ways as some of those ody’s did. But the primary reason I suggested new believers not take that name suffix is to stem off confusion, even though it’s inevitable. Let’s say someone starts a web site and says they are ???ody and they talk about Ti and Do. Someone comes along and starts to learn about Ti and Do and see’s that “ody” was a name suffix associated with those who were physically with the incarnate Older Members, so could assume this ???ody was one of them. There have been a couple of those ~60 ody’s who have started web sites and were teaching things that were not what Ti and Do taught, as is always the case after the Representatives leave. When I became aware of these I first tried to learn who it was, as in one case they didn’t say their “ody” name but only that they had been with Ti and Do. There were more than 60 that were with Ti and Do. That number may be around 200 in varied stages of studentship, some minimally for just weeks or months in the gathering stage in 1975-6. Another example is what we saw with Saul of Tarsus who became Paul who claimed to be an “apostle”. An apostle is actually an assigned task to be a representative delegate of someone else. If one is not assigned as a delegate they are not even though they can certainly do the same job as best they can. There is a big difference spending years with the incarnate representative though many experiences witnessing how they act and what they do that is not easily described in the records, from someone who didn’t have that experience. It’s not a status. It’s simply experience though experience along doesn’t actually put one in a closer place with the Older member. For instance, right now, I am one who has that experience so it can appear I am closer to the Next Level, but that’s a human way of looking at it. It’s like Jesus said, “to those that much is given much is required” and how those that don’t take advantage of what they are given, lose even what they were given in the parable of the talents Jesus illustrated. And also with the story about the rich person giving x to a poor person when they had xxxxxxxxx verses somone who only had xx giving x or even xx to someone else. It’s a big difference to the Next Level as having so much and giving so little when it means so little to give when one has a great deal is telling where the giving is coming from. Ti and Do always said that there are NO limits on anyone’s growth and that even a student could potentially pass up their Older Member in growth of Mind and Service, except that the Older member is not standing still, so it’s unlikely to ever occur. That’s also why some working in the field for a few hours are paid the same as those working all day, as Jesus also told. Time is not the primary factor of growth. One could take a year to learn the lesson another might learn in days while those same two people in another lesson could reverse their learning accomplishment. However, time is important as it teaches the lesson of having tenacity. Some people can do very well in a sprint but not have the endurance to last for the 440 or mile run. So ody simply identifys some who were in that particular classroom place and time. For someone to want to have an “ody” name to feel connected to them is understandable but it’s a human way of wanting to feel special, seeing them as special, which they were of course, though so are those that don’t have ody names are special to the next level when they seek to know and serve the Next level Older Members, because just having the option to grow closer to the Next level is a gift indeed. But as Jesus said, “many are called, but few are chosen” so one must earn being “chosen” but don’t really earn being “called”. In the beginning with Ti and Do they put out a number of statements (3) and then what they called “the prospective candidate letter”. By becoming a believer one is saying, “I want to be an candidate for your next classroom” but it doesn’t assure you will complete the course, though as long as you try to complete the course you will be afforded continuous opportunities to do so, though even that can not be assumed because as Jesus also said, “not everyone who says, Lord, Lord…” is a genuine student if they are not running to catch the train – staying with the Older Member’s program which does not stand still. That was the reason in the early 1990’s Do offered students who had been with him from the start $2000.00 if not having funds was a reason for staying in what had become in many practical ways a very comfortable lifestyle that in that way became even easier than what many, even most humans who were not in that classroom had to deal with day to day. With all this said, I have no idea whether Ti and Do care if people take “ody” as part of their name or not but I do know that they don’t like deceit or doing things that are misleading or the “putting on of airs” by one’s name or attire, etc. what Jesus addressed a disdain for as well that we see throughout the human kingdom. Do called the things humans use to boost their status as ‘tail feathers”.

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  1. gemunis Says:

    Good to hear from you again, Sawyer…

  2. VEX Says:

    Do is back with DVVODY — the last to come into the previous class. They are heading towards Jerusalem to conduct another Class. I was asked by Do to tell you. Now, I go to Jerusalem where I will be one of the first members of the new class. No living former members are being asked into this class because of the issues from previous classroom.

    • sawyer Says:

      Why do you bring up dvvody? If she was a relation of yours, I am truly sorry for your pain in her loss but if you seek comfort and understanding from Ti and Do if you believe in them, you will get it. If you don’t believe in them, then seek comfort by projecting your seeking of that comfort and understanding from the Beings who created everything who are available but you must project your asking for that help beyond the stars to not have it intercepted by impostors in the discarnate world.

  3. crlody Says:

    It’s interesting that this person spells out the name DVVODY as I don’t think that the spelling of that individuals name was in any of the materials left behind by the Class, I only heard it spoken in the Exit tapes. Was this someone who was in the Class or someone trying to give that illusion? The purpose of their post seems to be quite petty and childish, they just wanted to let you know that a new class is forming but no former members can join because of “issues from previous classroom” and they’re going to be “one of the first new members”? I was once contacted by Stephen Hill (DVVODY’s vehicle’s husband who had been in the Class) and he claimed he had much inside information about the Class but didn’t say what that was. Do and helpers went to Israel in 1994 and they didn’t like it and felt that the NL’s presence was essentially long gone. Whoever this person is I think they’re either trolling and playing a game or the influences are taking them for a ride.

    • Vex Says:

      foetal space unit referred to her as DVVODY on the JMMODY-OLLODY-DVVODY exit vid on youtube.

      Stephen wasn’t there very long — I doubt he has the goods. If he did, he would have spilled them right after the suicides.

      No former members “will” join — you won’t get do’s message now like previous. If (or when most likely) you happen upon the message, you will call it blasphemous — naturally assuming your role as dictated to John.

      The sickly colored pale horse is dis-ease– not disease.

      • Vex Says:

        SWY… I was speaking of Stephen Hill, not you… you should let crlody read my reply at least. jeesh.

      • sawyer Says:

        i don’t block anybody, not even you, as you can see, though I will if it suits me of course.

      • sawyer Says:

        I didn’t think you were addressing me as stephen but you are so full of cryptic condescending innuendo, it’s hard to know what you intend. I don’t have you intellect so obviously can’t compete and don’t care to but it’s all a good opportunity for others to see what they will be up against when they STAND for Ti and Do.

      • sawyer Says:

        then what’s you interpretation of the “green horse”?

  4. sawyer Says:

    I think the same person is flooding my youtube channel with subscriptions from people with stupid names and stupid comments. I think dvvody was in rio’s book. I knew Do talked about going to israel even before I left but I never was sure he did, so thanks for that confirmation. It’s interesting how that little visit fulfilled a prophecy that said they would only see Jesus in his return by someone coming there “in jesus name” which would be the Jesus identity as the vehicle wasn’t coming back and not to there as two other prophecies detailed. I’d appreciate anything more you know about the israel visit. Did he go to Haifa as that was one town he had been looking at, or was it to Jerusalem or both?

    • Vex Says:

      I have visited your u-tube… haven’t posted to it let alone “flooded” it. that is someone else… maybe DVVODY’s husband.

      • sawyer Says:

        no problem. If it is Stephen, I sympathize with his pain, but he won’t get help with it unless he asks on high for it, the same for any of us.

  5. gemunis Says:

    At point and time in my life, the life of the spirit the is; I am not at ease, I feel at this point and time, without money, and with a lot of food to get me as far as I would like to go; still in a separate disarray, after seeing what the world has become. For those who have a home in the human kingdom, they will not understand what it is I am feeling. I am presently living in a transitional housing situation, where the system, our government has total control, of who will be giving a new opportunity in to start over in this world, and who will become extinct, please trust me when I tell you that living in the American shelter system is a trap. I must leave here, and soon. Whether I later, may decide to embark, in laying down my body to take up my spirit to be judge by the highest GOD is totally up to me, and GOD will be the final judge of that in this life, and the next.

    • sawyer Says:

      Since you believe in Ti and Do, talk to them, ask them for your next step and see what becomes apparant. There will still be choices as they won’t TELL you what to do or not to do exactly. Standing for them is the hardest task there is and I’m not suggesting the little ways I stand for them is the ultimate way at all. Yesterday, I had just finished cutting wood for the winter and a young man came up my driveway with his bicycle and wanted me to sign a petition to get money out of politics in the state we live in. I told him that would be impossible and why which led to my gradually sharing with him all about Ti and Do and the lower forces who are manipulating the human kingdom for their agenda against the Next Level’s harvest. At one point he said, “yes the universe has been guiding me”. There are many young people who are motivated to fix this mess in ways big and small and yet are also entangled in all the confusing mindsets. Imagine having parents that give you all they can in life, even setting you up with a home and a business before they die and you go through life when you talk to others about what you have without crediting those parents, as if they never existed and only refer to them as the “universe”, exactly the non-descrip way the lower forces of this planet want to program us to think. Understandably the Next Level knows this, so they may very well be watching many who don’t know any better, to point them to Ti and Do’s information. I have realized that I NEED to increasingly STAND for Ti and Do at every chance I get where someone is asking something of me or demonstrating some degree of wanting to know the truths only they offer. I might make a bumper sticker to suggest Ti and Do were the Father and Jesus returned and/or a T shirt or any way to “STAND” for them. This is a believers task at this time and if someone chooses to do this continuously, they will eventually lose their life over doing so. It doesn’t seem that will be the case any time soon, but in a few short years it will become apparant. Imagine what would happen if Ti and Do wrote something on the Sun’s face or stationed spacecrafts in such a way that were putting up an actual SIGN in the written word that stated that Ti and Do were the Father and Jesus returned. Everyone standing for Ti and Do would become a target of all who would hate seeing/considering that. Standing for Ti and Do and taking the consequences will reward you with a new physical body of their design along with a task along the lines of a “watcher” on a crew in a spacecraft until it’s time to CHOOSE to give up that body to resume your overcoming by being in a classroom with an incarnate Older Member AFTER the recycling. Many have a romantic kind of attraction to being in a group of believers and I’m not saying that won’t happen for some over the next years as the Next Level wouldn’t stop such, but if it takes away from “standing” for them, they are missing the task at hand because it’s more pleasant. It might get them “saved” but then when they return they would still have to repeat the lesson step of “standing” for their Older Members. Now that may happen in a Moses styled “classroom” that can lead to a Jesus styled “classroom”. Overcoming IS STANDING UP FOR the most recent incarnate Older Member as it is the biggest separator from one’s otherwise so called normal human life and style as in so doing the lower forces will try in every way to discredit you and remove you from providing the truth to others. I have lots of examples of that in my years since leaving them. Another believer in Ti and Do told me he was considering laying down his life when he hasn’t really “STOOD” for Ti and Do much. Of course it’s his and your choice, but to think that is the greater heroism may not be the case. Maybe for me it would be as I have already STOOD for Ti and DO in the public eye during two 9 month periods of giving public meetings and in the media and to date from the safety afforded by the internet. However I did so largely on Ti and Do’s power. In other words, their close presence with us, with their invisible helpers, kept the negativity at bay and we spoke in terms that were not as easy for humans to get mad at. Yes, we had Christian hecklers at meetings but we also had partners and even were in group so had the combined strength that provides. I believe Ti and Do and Crew will offer us some protection now but eventually they will let the lower forces take our vehicles out. This is all in prophecy and I know I could be misinterpreting some of it, but it happens to be quite consistent with all Ti and Do taught and what Jesus and Moses taught in today’s setting. The lower forces would LOVE for Ti and Do’s believers to stop standing for them or to never significantly stand for them, however they can get them to do so, as in forming a commune or laying down their lives.

      • gemunis Says:

        I do know what it is you are sharing, when you are advising not to lay down our lives, at present. Because we need more TI, and DO believers to remain here on Earth to share the information with those who are potential future students. To stay here as (DO), mentioned would be suicide, and Ludacris . I have been looking at this from an experiential perspective; living in a define moment, in standards that are far below, any have put to the test. When I left everything behind to follow DO, it was done wholly. I left everything, including family, especially when it threatened, my evolutionary process to the next level. I have been in freezing cold , bone chilling environments, with tears streaking down my face while sleeping. I have lived in horrible human conditions, with others, such as living in the systems shelters, after leaving the forest, due to climate change, as I have also had to put up living with family, while to playing along, while knowing my place in the next level. At present as you know, my mission will be to leave this world completely behind me. Trust in God, and trust (DO), will be on the other side waiting. I also want you to know that my leaving this world was not encourage by you, I’m telling this because I don’t want you feel guilty. You are a good soul, who have always meant well.

      • sawyer Says:

        I believe you are taking what Do said about staying here out of context. The object isn’t death – it’s “giving your life” in service as has always been the case. That will result in death of our humanness and death of the physical body and you can choose to accelerate it, the “death” part. Why did you leave your human family? Was it for the next level or was it to get away from human things? Why do you bring up sleeping cold and crying as a criteria to leave your body. I am not concerned that there are people to tell about Ti and Do for new believers sake. It doesn’t take many to do that. The telling others about Ti and Do is the “service” Do gave us to provide that SHOWS THEM we want to be in their family just like when jesus said, “bear fruit” – that’s “give service”. Yes that has a duel purpose in that other “fruit” develop from doing so, but that’s not our motivation. Our motivation is service to the Older Members. And suicide is staying here which is applicable to our souls staying here which is applicable to continuing allegiance to the human kingdom. Going with them meant at that time literally going with them as a part of that “first fruit” harvest. That time in my opinion has clearly passed but is still in affect as pertaining to the second and final harvest. What was that dream you had painting the bridge? It’s DOING THE WORK and the SAME WORK THEY DID – bringing all their information to the world’s ears, which is the function of the bridge between the Next Level and the human kingdom. If Ti and Do took the attitude that hardship here was a reason to exit by laying down their lives they would have left in 1976. Everyday people kill themselves to escape hardship of one form or another. I’d bet you could hear voices that say…”of course sawyer would tell you not to lay down your life, he didn’t want to lay down his”, which is NOT my motivation, though I admit if someone did at this time it could stimulate a renewal of hatred for Ti and Do and then those that are STANDING for them public ally making me more of fugitive. I know it will go that way more and more in these last days but that doesn’t mean I am looking forward to it. Perhaps if I was as miserable as you say you are I would want to leave as well, but even still there is a big difference in being miserable because the public housing authorities don’t provide a way for people to move up, or whatever it was you spoke about as part of the criteria for wanting to leave your body and being miserable because you want to be with the older member, you have only begun to know. But perhaps you do have such a connection with Do that you feel certain he would approve of your exit at this time. I can’t say except from what you have told me and I see a great deal of human and spiritual thinking about him and the Next Level. That’s not trying to say I don’t also have a great deal of human thinking, etc. I flunked out because I needed more lessons.

        In the end, it’s of course up to you but you needn’t include me in your choice and perhaps your soul will be saved. I don’t know but none of us can assume anything. it took many years for Do to feel it was the time after exploring many avenues for exit which involved trying them. it took time because as he and Ti said many times, they needed to stay as long as possible for the students to achieve the maximum “viability”. It’s quite obvious there is more to do here and it’s quite obvious Do clearly outlined the three groups of people that would “go with him” well after his exit of his incarnation but is there evidence to exit now and achieve one’s maximum growth – no, there is no evidence of that.

        I believe it’s a luciferian space alien fallen angel that wants to get you out of the way the same as they want to get me out of the way in whatever way they can accomplish that by either stopping our talk about Ti and Do or losing our vehicle or by turning us against Ti and Do. And they always do this by twisting things the Older Members said to fancy what they want.

        Have you really stood for Ti and Do? Test it. Put up a web site, talk about all they talked about. Post all they said. Make video’s, go to the street to talk about them if you like. I have and will do so more. Find a free room in a library, get a donation of posters, advertise a meeting about them and give a talk about them. Show Ti and Do you want to work for them and then after you have done that if you still feel to exit, that’s still your business to choose but then it will be thought out and not because of fear of uncomfortable conditions.

      • gemunis Says:

        Thank you, Sawyer-

        This is it. This is what I have been wanting to do. Why not lose my human life, by giving lectures on Ti, and Do?

        If I were you I would start pleading to Ti and Do to help you determine if this is the right step for you, the step THEY WOULD HAVE YOU TAKE at this time and then wait for an answer that’s is very, very clear as they don’t take these things casually. I know they will answer you in a way you can not deny and they may give you the choice. I mean you will always have the choice. But if they say to you, “feed my sheep” or the equivalent then you can’t; do that without your physical vehicle.

      • sawyer Says:

        This is also what prophecy clearly indicates that my book details completely and is nearing completion and like you I will be giving talks on this for my remaining days and will probably be the way those days are “shortened’ for all of us that tell that truth. I suggest you become familiar with ALL the reasons people will claim Ti and Do can’t be the Two Witnesses. However, what you focus on in talks is up to you. For instance, there are many who like you and I were prepared for what Ti and Do taught that are apparent throughout what’s been termed, “new age” thinking, who, when they hear any bible quoting, tend to run the other way, understandably because of how the luciferian space aliens have developed religions to include Christianity to be the opposite of what Jesus taught. These are largely thinking of everything in a “spiritual context” focused on the peace and love characteristics of the behavior of members of the Next Level. That’s been the way many have been misled from the recognition of the formula of “separation” from the human kingdom as a chosen evolutionary step. The third group evidencing preparation are the ufo related community which draw from both Christians and new age thinking. All three groups are intermingled with various degrees of open minds among each of them. I am not omitting atheists in this as they also have their fundamentalists and free thinkers among them. All are equivalent mindsets that have pieces.

        Now our object is not to get bumped off, nor to serve the sheep so we go into such a task trying not to get bumped off before Ti and Do decide it’s time for us to exit so to let it happen. Ti and Do and Crew will help us as we ask them questions about every aspect of this task, but we don’t necessarily wait for answers as many times the answers come by our taking positive steps which brings to mind the expression from Ti and Do to “take a chance on a positive”. We can’t really do wrong and even missteps can be used.

        The task is really for US, for our growth, for our overcoming by serving the direction Ti and do have given us to perform which is thereby for the “sheep”. The lead of how to perform this task is described by Ti and Do mostly in the 88update and in serveral of the beyond human tapes. The purple book shows all the posters they used, which can be examples and I would suggest the cities in those examples are prime areas, but not the only areas.

        For as long as I can, I will try to assist with relating how we/they went about everything.

        This is a “task” and you are a “servant of the Lord”, our Older Members and you deserve and will have your needs taken care of. The lower forces will be trying to get you to stop. Even if one person comes to your meeting it’s a positive. Even if no one comes to a meeting it’s been a positive as the choice will be given in the poster or advertisement you use to announce the meeting.

        I suggest, stating or suggesting in any advertisement that Ti and Do were the second coming of Jesus and the Father so that choice is given then and there. And I would also state that this is NOT a recruitment effort as there is NO organized group of believers, nor a effort to sell anything, all the things the lower forces will use to try to get people to ignore what you are saying. These things are the honest truth as well as not “promoting suicide in any shape form”, that is if you bring up Heaven’s Gate in the poster. Since everything you bring up will be questionable to some, there’s no harm in posting certain things as questions. When you write something or say something, when you hear a doubt or objection or put down in your head or inaccurate idea about Ti and Do, you can bet that others will also have those same thoughts..

        If they claim anything about Ti and Do that you don’t know about, you can ask for the exact place they saw or heard it, if they know it and tell they you want to know the truth so to send them that info after the meeting. I wouldn’t tell people in general where you are staying. We’re not telling people what they must believe or not nor what will happen to them if they believe or not as we don’t know what any one person will experience and it’s not important that they talk to Ti and Do by name but it is important if they want to know the truth in what you say for them to seek the highest source of truth they can reach by directing their asking as far as they can imagine into deep space, the literal heavens where the Next Level members will receive their requests.

        If people want to see miracles I doubt any will be shown them from the Next Level because the space aliens and discarnates and humans are doing a variety of such things which Jesus spoke to about this time.

        As you get questions about prophecy and things in the bible that you aren’t sure about, you can point them to me and of course you can also ask me and if I don’t know about it, I’ll research it and post what I find. After I publish my book, I will provide it freely on my blog.

        When you go into a store to ask if you can post a meeting announcement they will see it. I would suggest bookstores and health food stores and university campuses where there are people who are “looking” for truth. When you have a need be it food or gas if you come by a vehicle (though I did a great deal of hitchhiking and walking town to town, though I had a partner, and I suspect you will attract someone who will also believe to partner with in this effort), just go to whoever has the means to help you and tell them of your work for the Kingdom of God, the Next Level Above Human and what you need and be eager to work for meals. All religious organizations claim to work for the kingdom of God thus all should be willing to help you with your needs but if they don’t, you don’t need to treat them with any less respect and even approaching them to ask is a way the Next Level can see what they are made of.

      • gemunis Says:

        Will do. I am so exited about this. I will put my mind in Do’s hand through my meditation, to accomplish a plus on this task.
        See, you were meant to stay here on Earth at least momentarily; to guide us, those who had the information, and didn’t know why it was we had it, until we (I), witnessed it’s truth, when I saw the class about to depart, from this terrain.
        Thank you, my dear brother. I will carry out this task, and if I have any question’s about anything, I will present them to you.

      • sawyer Says:

        It takes a great deal of strength to be a witness to Ti and Do as there are few allies. Some will want to help you but may not completely know why. Remove all judgments of what others do. It’s all human and not wrong, though as you know there is MORE which is still very foreign thinking to most. It’s the ones who show the signs of the most rebellion that are in their way SEPARATING from the human kingdom. Those that are satisfied are rarely going to lend you their ear, but of course all deserve the chance. Let them come to the changes you know they will need to make, in their time. Let their thirst guide what you provide. Point them to starting their own conversations with Ti and Do.You are not alone. I am sure you have a crew of those that just graduated that will have as one of their tasks watching over you. They will lead you to connect with those they know are asking in their own ways.

      • gemunis Says:

        There is this immense sense of gravity, I feel- that will be intended, when I am out in the field, where I know that all the pieces of the puzzle will fall in place, once I step out side to share tis information, yet in all , I feel most, that this is meant to be. Beginning with my deepest visions that bought me to where I am. The day’s in the forest with those who left the world, to shed their humanness, and place their very lives out side the dome. Once all was shed, they proceeded to fast, drinking only water, while their meditation , and total focus, was solely on GOD. As the day’s past they each lay down their lives one by one, through starvation and I sense that this vision one day may be as it was on the day it was illustrated to me.
        All this will come to pass, when the information, of the two is spread I the realm’s where they will lead me.

      • sawyer Says:

        Don’t get me wrong. I am not against anyone laying down their life. That’s not my business. But since you are involving me and have in times past even thought of me as an Older Member which I am not but understand that I have had experiences that provide insights to Ti and Do’s thinking. Therefore, your telling me of your plans to lay down your life is as if you are using me as a “check partner”, so I have to be honest and say that I see a number of flags that signal to me, you might be misled. I have already expressed these and I didn’t mean to discount your leaving of your family as a symptom of someone who sought to break away from the world as Do and Crew taught was part of starting a metamorphosis. That is a huge step and many times it’s the stresses in families and the world that lead one to do so, which as Do said were all part of the way the Next Level sees who is a prospective candidate for Next Level membership and who is not, regardless of the reasons for a departure from an ordinary human lifestyle.

        But one flag I didn’t address was where you said, “To stay here as (DO), mentioned would be suicide, and Ludacris”, neither of which depict Do’s mindset as I see it and would like to be corrected if you can show me otherwise. If by Ludicrous you mean, “laughable or absurd”, it seems you have missed the way Do was thinking. Suicide to Do was going against the Next Level and their Representatives and/or instructions, behaviors and ways when they are offered. If it was suicide to NOT lay down one’s life, why is it that Do said in many ways that there were three types of individuals in the human kingdom that could evacuate with them and some of those could never even hear about Ti and Do? This is a typical way the Luciferian Space Aliens deceive even those who were “elected/chosen” to become prospective members of the Next Level. Little twists here and there. Ti and Do never laughed in people’s faces as many humans and their space alien discarnate influences instigate as a way to mock the truth and the Next Level reps and their students. Mockery as you have seen in comments to my blog posts is common for those that are against us, so when/if you feel that vibe I suggest treating it as evil and send it packing. I have put together a concise summary of most of what Do and Crew wrote and said about who would “go with them” and when, and how we need a human vehicle to overcome through and how the object of our connecting is not to die, except to our humanness but to die providing service to the Older Members instructions rather than for any other reason like to escape hardships in the world. Here is the link: I suggest you actually study each of the documents I have used excerpts of in full and if you see anything you think I am twisting or distorting or diluting, please let me know so I can examine it and correct it. Breaking away from the human world is an ongoing process and the Next Level works with each individual to arrive at how to help them, when they continue to ask for that help. So here’s the doc link: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/ti-and-dos-teachings-provide-opportunity-for-all-souls-to-choose-degrees-of-allegiance-to-the-kingdom-of-god/

  6. sawyer Says:

    What you do is your business, but I am curious about what specifically you are referring to when you said: “I left everything, including family, especially when it threatened, my evolutionary process to the next level”. What about “family threatened your evolutionary process to the Next Level”?

    When you say you “Trust in God, and trust (DO), will be on the other side waiting”, why is Do in parentheses. Is he an afterthought? Why don’t you want to serve Do and “God” in the way you’ve been given? Why is it the only way of thinking you are pinning on your decision what Do said about there being a “brief period of time to follow us”. Don’t you know that to Do, their time frame is 1 day of their time to 1000 years of human time, so why do you feel an urgent need to exit your body on the chance Do will be waiting for you, and because you don’t like the shelters. I’m sure there are plenty of homeless that would prefer death to their life in the shelter system. As I said to you before, the shelter system can be an excellent way to tell others in that system about Ti and Do, the service Do spoke about doing and thereby qualifying to be saved. There are millions of people who talk to God and talk about Jesus and even believe they are living their life for Jesus that never tell anyone what ALL he said about the requirements to be on Their team and as Jesus said, “they don’t know him”. I’m not saying you are one of those. That’s not for me to say but to assume Do would greet you may depend upon whether you have actually started a relationship with him and knew exiting was met with his approval. Ti and Do always said, “if in doubt don’t”. Do you have no doubt about leaving? What’s the harm in asking Do and looking for a clear signal. Didn’t you once ask Do some questions and he indicated to look to those who had been with him for contact, or was that another who believes in Ti and Do? You have said to me many times that I was an excellent tool and so forth, so why is it now that I simply “have good intentions”. Where did I go astray from trying to be a good representative of Ti and Do? I’m not saying I am a good representative but I am interested to know where I have strayed if you have something to say about it.

    If I were you I would start pleading to Ti and Do to help you determine if this is the right step for you, the step THEY WOULD HAVE YOU TAKE at this time and then wait for an answer that’s is very, very clear as they don’t take these things causually. I know they will answer you in a way you can not deny and they may give you the choice. I mean you will always have the choice. But if they say to you, “feed my sheep” or the equivilent then you can’t; do that without your physical vehicle.

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