There will NEVER be a legitimate SECOND Heaven’s Gate group/cult during this civilization

There have been attempts afoot to stimulate thoughts about a “second group”. These have been going on in various ways for some years now and have no basis in anything Ti, nor Do, nor any of their graduate students wrote or said.

These arise because the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens love using humans to stimulate lies and deceit against the truth of the Next Level, even by suggesting to new believers in Ti and Do to desire another “classroom” instead of doing the hard work of “standing up for Ti and Do” by disseminating Their information that will also bring about their furthering of their overcoming of human behaviors and ways and cause them to separate from the world that becomes preparatory to starting a future metamorphosis.

There has been continued evidence to even suggest former class member(s) may be propagating these kinds of misinformation efforts. Don’t forget Lucifer was a former class member as were those who dropped out of an Older Member’s Next Level classroom with him. In the case of current dropouts who go against Ti and Do’s Next Level information, behaviors and ways, until they die, they can still change but once they die they will have become just another Luciferian fallen angel until the Next Level recycles them too.

Some new believers are influenced to seek to “overcome the world” which of course has truth in it but how one does that MUST BE ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM TI AND DO AND CREW LEFT FOR US TO APPLY instead of creating human led organizations however well intended that become religions that become the primary distorters of the truth as all the religions are today, even though they largely stem from teachings from the Next Level.

No one is prohibited in any way from trying to apply all the lessons taught during Ti and Do’s classroom as best they can that even may entail SEPARATING from their otherwise normal human behaviors and ways like a caterpillar must do by spinning it’s cocoon, making it’s chrysalis to put all their energy into BECOMING (a metamorphosis into) that new creature. No one will complete that metamorphosis without direction from an Older Member who is incarnate with them in an “overcoming classroom” like Ti and Do created and that will NOT be repeating during this civilization. This is the formula in an excerpt from one of Do’s primary spokesperson graduate students that we can count on as read and approved of by Do that is also posted in it’s entirety on

“Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure

By Jwnody

The formula is the same now as it always has been. To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do). You must separate and begin to wean yourself of all mammalian ways – ties and addictions – replacing them with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of life. You cannot do it by yourself. You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns. Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active “student” of a present Representative. This is an extremely rare opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age. There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of this world.”

*** end of excerpt ***

This was written in April of 1996 and there are other places where one can here Do talking about the three categories of humans that will go with them that I won’t post right now but will put together to comprehensively address all they said about these end times after their exit.

Jwnody then went on to report the criteria for being “saved for further planting”:

“In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

Here are the questions that stimulated this post that will bring in some scriptural analysis to complement what Ti and Do taught as it all does:

Q and A about Ti and Do and Crew to include debunking claims of a SECOND Heaven’s Gate group/cult during this civilization.

context: This person was referring to web site:

1. After I messaged you, I read in a few places that Ti and Do may have wanted the site to act as a sort of preparation for when they decide to come back a second time, so that they may start a second group. Is there any validity to this claim at all?

Sawyer: There is no validity to a claim of a “second group” in the sense of another cult. In other words, neither Ti nor Do or any graduating student with them when they exited will be returning “in-carnel(flesh)” during the current civilization and that’s the only way there could be another “classroom”.

But in terms of a second group of souls to harvest there is scripture that covers and documentation from Do’s crew member Jwnody.

The first harvest of souls are those who were with Do upon their exit and most likley additionally the 4 who laid down their lives by 2000. This is illustrated in Rev 14:14-16*.

The one sitting (having the position/task, described as “like/similar to the “son(offspring) of man (human)”, (Do) is Ti) on the cloud, (the cloaked spacecraft – the “companion object” photographed with Hale Bopp comet, and seen by amateur astronomers as well, that is not evident after the comet comes out from behind the sun, except as a “third tail” that made scientists wonder if the comet had two nucleus), thrust the sickle (gave the exit timing order and approval for them to “exit by dying/killing themselves” the most accurate translation of the Greek “apokteino autos” that is mistranslated in this case as “kill them” in Rev 11:7**).

It is depicted in Rev 14 as “killing the plant”, the stalk is compared to the upright human body. It may not have had to happen the way it did but nevertheless it does happen, especially for the student body by the death of the human vehicle’s they inhabit and take over, that were prepared for them.

*Rev 14:14 And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.
Rev 14:15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.
Rev 14:16 And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped.

**Rev 11:7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

The “second harvest”* of souls is depicted to occur AFTER the first and is different as the Older Member isn’t the one using the “sickle” (the sharp two edged sword of his mouth, that gives the instruction to exit). It’s the humans who are said to “trodden [the wine press] without the city”.

*Rev 14:17 And another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having a sharp sickle.
Rev 14:18 And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.
Rev 14:19 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.
Rev 14:20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

What I am calling the “second harvest” is listed as a “winepress” that also results in the loss of the physical life for those that “take a stand for Ti and Do”, but it’s by the “press” – the society and/or specific individiuals that see the truth about Ti and Do as a threat against what they believe and act to try to stop it’s dissemination even by violence against those who are disseminating.

I believe this period has not yet been allowed to start but it is building and will become more apparant around the time of the arrival of the “green/pale” horse in Rev 6:7-11.

Rev 6:7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
Rev 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
Rev 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
Rev 6:11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

G.W. Bush was the red horse who brought endless war to the globe and obama is the black horse who has been providing a balancing act between the republicans and demoncratic mindsets and agenda’s and that was set off when obama took office as the biggest financial crisis to affect the world that continues today.

Here is what Jwnody was instructed to explain to us about those who are in this “second harvest”, in their words, those who “get saved for further planting”:

“In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

2. Do you know why the two former members who run the site chose not to be active members in the classroom?

Sawyer: Yes, I was there when they were instructed to leave the classroom because one of them did not want to try to abide by the “lesson step” that was called “I could be wrong”, a step towards accomplishing what Jesus called, “deny yourself” – in other words giving your will to your Older Members as Jesus indicated in his outline of the “Lords prayer” asking for “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

The other of these two simply decided to side with the other. Do and the crew tried to help the one with this but he wasn’t receiving the help so Do instructed them to both take a car and some money and leave the group. However they stayed in touch and they wanted to serve again but not inside the classroom so Do gave them the task to handle the legal affairs and the web sites, though initially Rkkody who laid down his life after 1997 had more to do with making changes on the web site because Do suggested he do so. Rkkody was out of the classroom at that time but believed in Do and wanted to serve so Do would give him tasks to do “in the world” so to speak. Do suggested in a letter that these two enlist him to help with getting things out of the storage locker and putting updates on the web site.

When these two were instructed to leave, they were told they could come back whenever they wanted to abide by the “I could be wrong”. The way the lesson was given was to preface what we say that is a statement of judgement with “I could be wrong”. It would be an extreme to say, for instance, “I could be wrong but it’s pouring outside when it was”.

The one of these two has a very quick mind and attention to detail and he simply trusted his memory and perspective in a way that was not a characteristic of a Next Level Member. It doesn’t mean members are not deceisive and certain about things. They simply grow to know what they know and what they don’t, but in general one can be wrong oft times when they think they are right, so saying this phrase starts to train the vehicle to take a deeper look at what they are saying is a fact as it may not be.

There is more to it but that’s the general idea.

3. What initially drew you to join the group?

Sawyer: Well, looking back it’s like my life had been totally geared to that moment of seeing the first poster. The UFO part was intriguing but NOT important to me. I remember saying to myself, “I wonder what these two might look like” as the poster said:

UFO’S > Why they are here. > Who they have come for. > When they will leave. NOT a discussion of UFO SIGHTINGS or PHENOMENA – Two individuals say they are about to leave the human level and literally (physically) enter the next evolutionary level in a spacecraft (UFO) within months! “THE TWO” will discuss how the transition from the human level to the next level is accomplished, and when this may be done. This is not a religious or philosophical organization recruiting membership.
However, the information has already prompted many individuals to devote their total energy to the transitional process. If you have ever entertained the idea that there may be a real, physical level beyond the Earth’s confines, you will want to attend this meeting.

I was also attracted to the idea that this was different than all the other west coast spirituality groups I’d encountered in that part that says:

“However, the information has already prompted many individuals to devote their total energy to the transitional process.”

4. Is there a reason you decided to stay behind?

Sawyer: I flunked the course I was on but I’ve been given another chance. I have spoken of this thoroughly so here goes:

Below several writings that describe why I left:


I was a fully dedicated student of Ti and Do’s for 19 years. I was assigned tasks to help Do with fellow students who were having problems, in which I reported to Do directly about. I sought to give my life. I was prepared to lay down my life with them before I left as we had been directly confronting the idea for years before they ended up proceeding. But still, I was not fully recognizing the reality of the Next Level. I was still thinking about the Next Level and my own participation in a spiritual way that showed I still have my “self” in mind, which needs to be erased and converted to be on firm footing. Jesus called that “denying of self” – which is giving one’s will to ones Older Member. Because this flaw in my complete overcoming of humanness became evident, I was tested and I flunked the test. Ti, while outside her vehicle, as she Exited years before, but I knew it was from Ti, opened a gate that allowed a Luciferian space alien fallen angel to influence me to give in to sexuality and I immediately caved by allowing images in my head, although I had for 18 years before then been quite good (I thought) at self control over my thoughts and had had no self stimulating of myself to give into sexuality before then. And from that day on, it seemed impossible to control and I tried to hide it, which was another falling. I went before my fellow students and exposed my actions but I still could not seem to muster even the desire to restart my self control. So approximately nine months after falling, Do was going to reassign me to the Overseer tasks I had become accustomed to performing for Do but I realized I was too much a hypocrit so for the first time told Do I couldn’t accept the assignment, to which he said, “Then what do you want to do”, to which I said, “I guess I have to leave”, to which he then said, “you want to become more objective”. Do then asked to speak to a fellow classmate, Nrrody to relay to the other students in the crew where I was staying at the time “not to try to talk swyody out of leaving as he knows what he is doing”. I was asked where I wanted to go and I said, “nowhere, just give me a bicycle and I’ll start riding it east”. As we were in California at the time. Do did not agree and suggested staying with former members who still wanted to be in touch with the group but were living in Arizona to which I agreed.

I was given $600.00 in cash and a plane ticket and a few changes of clothing and was on the plane the next day. I couldn’t stay with the former members long as I wanted to re-engage my human styled life and although they were living a full human styled life, we were not compatible in that, so I got a job and a apartment and bicycle and some musical instruments I used to play before joining. It was over ten year later that I realized why I had left them. I had never once disbelieved in Ti and Do and when I reengaged with my vehicle’s family, all the relatives were puzzled that as they saw it, “I got out of the cult” but didn’t see it that way. Then after I started a relationship with a woman and she became pregnant, when the group layed down their lives, even though I still did not want to think of myself as one of their members, I felt compelled to go public to tell what I knew of them as the media didn’t know what to make of any of it and painted these wonderful people as evil or misled by evil, which I knew had zero foundation. So after doings lots of media all over NYC til the 60 minutes show on Easter Sunday of 1997, I went back to my life and helped birth my daughter by a midwife in our home in Carmel, NY and began to have dreams that I was observing the group and in a very, very gradual way over several years til the 9-11 attack that I had premonitions about the night before, “I wonder if we are going to be bombed?”. That was a shocker as I was just 30 miles from ground zero and knew people that worked in the towers that for strange reasons didn’t go to work that day. In any case, I had more and more dreams and eventually wanted to be in Do’s service again but didn’t want to leave my “wife” and daughter and felt that wasn’t an issue now. It took me many years to be able to re-digest this Next Level thinking so I know how hard it is and how it’s bizarre and nearly impossible to consider as reality, but it is reality so I must. However, at one point I asked Do in my privacy if I needed to prepare to lay down my body as they did. He came to me in a dream as clear as if I was sitting right next to him and said to me, “you need to give your life”. This is the way of the Next Level. They always give us options but it is a training program we are working up to completing. Ti and Do called it at one point, “God’s Astronaut Training Program”. Thus I am attempting to “give my life” and am willing to give it by telling about my experiences far and wide and accepting the negative backlash that may in fact eventually require my physical life. I do not look forward to that time but can’t think of a better way to go than being in service to my Heavenly Fathers, Do and Ti.

Even though I left because I suddenly gave in to masturbation after 18 years without an incident and thereafter couldn’t seem to get my control back, which is another topic of discussion that I have shared the details of on my blog,, that was after I wanted to be castrated a year or so before that Do cancelled my option for at the time, I can see now that I wasn’t ready to have that biology relieved from my overcoming because I hadn’t developed enough of my Mind Muscle to keep that “serpent force” at bay relative to my realistic view of the entire task. I was still up until my last days with them, subconsciously thinking of how the entire classroom was adding stature to me, a spiritual idea and the opposite way a prospective member of the Next Level must think to qualify as it’s not for self that we gravitate to serving our Older Members, it’s for them having recognized the value of all they stand for and teach so it becomes an honor to be considered to join their crew. I wasn’t consciously thinking this way. It took me 10 years after leaving to see why I left.

Another aspect to why I left that I had written to someone:

When I said my masturbation had nothing to do with ego, I realized later that I had told you and others that the reason I left was because I hadn’t learned that my ego had not yet been deflated as is necessary to become “as a child” and selfless and to not carry any humanness into the Next level to be an individual for the first time. Had I fought off the influences that came over me, then perhaps I could have made headway over my remaining ego. Or had I fell and immediately surfaced it and sought help, perhaps that would have been a way to have overcome my ego as well as battle the sensuality. But I guess I was too proud to expose it even though it was deceitful to hide it even for an hour and I hid it for a number of days with repeated infractions which was breaking another major offense. I would say my embarrassment and failure to expose my slippage was ego related even though I didn’t even think about it. But the slippage itself was due to simply not having as strong a control over my thoughts as I thought I had, though the way I dealt with it was where the ego came in. Maybe you meant it that way so I guess you were right though I don’t think giving into sensuality in and of itself is an ego issue. The way ti had described what would keep me off the spacecraft was as “a little too pleased with self” and “likes to be seen as something special”. I don’t see how giving into sensuality with myself is the result of being too pleased with myself though not reporting it I can see as not wanting to be seen as “lessor” thus the opposite of being seen as something special. Anyway you got me thinking about it. But where my ego really stood out was what I believe caused Ti to open the gate of influences to expose me to one that would have been a caliber that Do had to deal with, was when I asked Ti who was outside her vehicle and Do gave us permission to talk to, and I asked her for a task like Do’s – a greater challenge and faster growth. Nothing wrong with asking for faster growth but tying it into Do’s task showed I didn’t know what Do had to deal with, and I already by then showed a confidence in my own mind that Do had pointed out a short time before that, was “competing with him”. That was the “ego” (self speaking).

5. Do you know if there are any plans to update the site ever, or will it stay in its current form for as long as it’s around?

Sawyer: I hope it stays in whatever form is closest to the way they left it. I am aware that these two former members have added the selling of the book and tapes the group published but that these two foot the bill for having republished, that they are thereby selling. I don’t disagree with selling as they put the money into their publishing them. The information is provided for free on a .zip file downloadable on the site last time I checked.

16 Responses to “There will NEVER be a legitimate SECOND Heaven’s Gate group/cult during this civilization”

  1. VEX Says:

    Do IS BACK with DVVODY — the last to come into the previous class. They are heading towards Jerusalem to conduct another Class. I was asked by Do to tell you. Now, I go to Jerusalem where I will be one of the first members of the new class. No living former members are being asked into this class because of the issues from previous classroom.

    Do is now in the “TI” mode. DVVODY is in DO mode. Do is happy to be back. DVVODY would rather not be back.

  2. VEX Says:

    You are like Paul… you’ve changed the teachings.

    • sawyer Says:

      As I said, to you – be specific! Anyone can accuse which just ends up being pesty, but like I said, even pestiness is a learning tool for myself and others that follow this blog as all who continue reaching up towards Ti and Do will experience all the same things all incarnate Next Level members and their serious students experience in due time. It’s what builds muscle.

    • crlody Says:

      Vex appears to be playing a game. They accuse you of being Paul but then claim that a “third Class is forming” which of course is as Pauline as it can get. This may be someone whom we are familiar with (Dave G perhaps?) who is trolling and it ultimately doesn’t matter who they are or what their motivations may be. They seem to have already deleted their wordpress profile which makes me think it’s a certain individual.

      • sawyer Says:

        for a while i didn’t approve the vex comments but i think now it’s better to show them. Like you I do suspect it’s from someone we have heard from before.

  3. VEX Says:

    Sawyer sez:

    “There will NEVER be a legitimate SECOND Heaven’s Gate group/cult during this civilization”

    The class you attended WAS the second class (as far as you know)… you forgot about the class 2k years ago. >wink<

    The third class is forming.

    • sawyer Says:

      sorry charlie, for the sake of those that believe in Ti and Do, I’m approving your comments. If you want to count the class 2000 years ago, then you should also count the class 4000 years ago or thereabouts, the Jehovah/Moses class. And you are correct the next class is forming but it WILL NOT be implemented GENUINELY by Older Members incarnate until after all humans that had the choice to believe in Ti and Do have made up their minds, which I believe those who simply ignore them or have gone AGAINST Ti and Do. For the later I suspect there is a special surprise in store. Some of them get to exist without a body for what to them will seem an eternity as they will know they have no opportunity to get out of what they got themselves into, by their arrogant deceiving ways, trying to throw stumbling blocks in front of the “children” of the Next Level Kingdom, who I am writing this blog for. You have seemed to choose your email address appropriately and I believe I know you and am not angry with you nor dislike you, not that you care about that I know, but I say for those that read this, but messing with the Next Level is not taken lightly by the Next Level. I know, I have had my share of stumbling and correction in ways I care not to get into but was shown that it was not taken lightly and especially for those who received so much. Remember Ti said the Next Level still loves Lucifer. It’s that individuals choice to continue as he has, which I believe is irreversible now, but I suppose with the Next Level anything is possible. So I may continue to respond to your comments however trite as perhaps there is still some Next Level mind in your core. Again as I have said many times…I don’t need people to believe in what I say just like Ti and Do don’t need anyone to believe in what they say and hopefully I’m not saying things against them. If I do I want to hear about it, but be specific as it is no value to correct someone in general. Remember that’s not the example we were given in the classroom. When we would ask general questions Ti and Do always wanted to know the specifics. The devil is in the details in some ways as they say but in other ways the devil is in the generalaities.

      • JIMINY Says:

        for the sake of those that believe in Ti and Do… that would be you and maybe one other person.

        Wow. Quite a flock! Did you still believe in the tooth fairy, too?

  4. demimondemesilathraam Says:

    Just saying hello to you. I wanted you to know I didn’t stop reading your blog or leave out of animosity but I felt like I said everything I had to say and that my decision is still to take what good I can from the material, but because I am not a Bible believer it does not all resonate with me especially the issue of ‘getting off’ (even on music) being seen as bad, and the idea that Herff/Do and Nettles/Ti had THE answers and were the ONLY ones who ever could or did or will. That is my line of division – I cannot go that far and nothing ever could make me want to. Nevertheless I still wish you the best. It’s a hard road you are treading – I hope there’s some reward in it for you.

    • sawyer Says:


      I never felt any negativity from our communications. It’s all healthy “seeking” – that’s what’s still most important for the time being, though I suspect that will change for some of us when the “fit hits the sham”, so to speak and it’s either with the human leaders or not and human leaders include all their various idea’s about religion and spirituality and athesism, even humanitarianism and environmentalism, the latter the latest “religion” that preaches “we humans are causing all the natural calamities so we’ve got to impose laws to force people to abide by our solutions”. I contend that we are all computer systems that are time shared by discarnates who we have accepted as our guides whether we put names on them or not and whether we believe that’s the case or not. Ti and Do never ever had the attitude that they knew it all. They didn’t even “wear” that mindset. There was more humility in one of their fingers than all the humans that act that way combined, but then I am a believer so of course I would say that. The difference however, is that I can point to dozens of examples from their lack of clothing and other spiritual/religious trappings, their often saying, “this is our understanding now, we know that it can change, but this works for what you need now”. They never denied they were teachers so when they did know something they said what they knew. As far as their being the only ones – they never made that statement that I am aware. In fact they said if they met anyone who could show them more than they knew, they would follow them as long as they were providing them with more of what they knew they didn’t know. But IF living beings create planetary systems then they have to know more about it all than the product of that creation and to think that interrelated systems that depend upon one another could manufacture themselves is as stupid as thinking the cars that come out of the GM assembly plant are the product of random development and oxymoron, but I can say that with hundreds of practical examples and unless someone has opened up to it, they never will see what’s on the other side of that door. And Ti and Do were not against pleasure. BUT IF YOU SIGNED UP FOR THEIR PROGRAM, THEN IT WAS ONLY GOING TO BE THE PLEASURES THEY DESIGNED OR YOU CAN GO TO A DIFFERENT PROGRAM. However, I’m going to be frank, though my name is Sawyer… your objections are perfectly valid because they are yours and you need to follow what you want to follow, but they are in my mind “misinformation” as you are looking at Ti and Do’s classroom as if you were applying to be in it when there is no Ti and Do classroom of that nature at this time so your objections don’t apply. Those objections are the result of what you and your discarnate influences have agreed upon just as is the case for me and anyone else, though I know that’s far fetched for most to believe though I know it to be true from my own experiences and because that’s what Ti and Do taught that is also consistent with the records of peoples all over the planet since this current civilization began and I’d bet before that as well, because these physical bodies do become the containers for the software (mind) they accept that is built into their genetic code to begin with which becomes the foundation of all we believe and disbelieve, think, say and do throughout our lives. So it makes perfect sense with that in mind that if the human condition of life evolutionarily was not the last level following mineral, plant and animal, which is apparent really as we know humans did not create all we are/have so there has to be someone who did, then there would be no way to grow into that Next Level without someone from that Next Level taking us there. It’s no different than the way any animal will never, ever, ever learn human behaviors (the less animalistic ones) IF a human doesn’t give them the opportunity and require of them adherence to whatever that human determines are to be the rules then that dog or other animal is not going to continue in that human’s service in their organization/family. Now humans to the Next Level are not “pets” but nor, like most of the religious and spiritual have become programmed to believe do they give out a free ride. However nor do they heap onto humans more than they are capable. After all, this is their “garden” and humans are the kingdom they harvest to further populate their Above Human society so they give humans stages and many chances to “grow” during those stages. To make application to their world at this time, there is no requirement of adopting any of their behaviors and ways. Those will come but not until the next “classroom” with an incarnate Older Member, that this step will prepare individuals for: This stage I am speaking to goes like this in Jwnody’s words on Do’s behalf that he also spoke to before and after but this is the most concise and it doesn’t stop anyone from doing more:

      In this statement, “we” is speaking of Ti and Do and Crew because they were all operating as one mind. Next Level timing is in the order of one of their hours equal to 40 years so a tiny remnant is not tiny to us. “This is true” is referring to everything Ti and Do taught in their 24 years which one will come to understand all of if they persist. Yes much of what they taught has been put forward before but that’s because they have been teaching all over the planet at the least into the previous civilization so the truth has become part of folklore, myth, religious and spiritual teachings though in a diluted and/or distorted form until Ti and Do came to speak “plain and clear”, not in story form or in mystical or secretive expressions. They intentionally don’t speak “plainly” and directly until their last stage before some are birthed into first time membership in their world to keep the lower forces – the discarnates and/or space aliens from distorting it which they easily do by changing the meaning of words. At the same time this means that they prepare some to receive the truth. This way, they can tell the truth and only those that were prepared can respond honestly which is what they first did in 1975 and then began to filter out those that were not ready to exit their human condition. They only had a certain amount of “seats” to fill on their crews on their spacecrafts so they never wanted more than that number, however nor do they say no to anyone so will take care of those they haven’t provided seats for in various ways. The human lower forces of this world hate to see anyone gravitate to the Next Level Older Members and even provide all sorts of “tricks” from their spirit world advantage to woo humans to attach to them. The discarnate “fallen angels” for some have been helpers to certain humans in various ways, but once someone chooses to give their allegiance to the Next level though the most recent incarnate Older Members, Ti and Do those helpers shift from being helpers to being a hindrance in that new found direction. That sets up a rivalry of whose mind we want to occupy our consciousness and brain. And that also becomes part of our “ticket” towards graduation. It is the hardest thing anyone can do BUT we get a lot of help but we have to ask and the names to address are “Ti and Do”.

      Here’s the statement:

      “There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of this world.” In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences”.

      And here it is in Do’s words later:

      Excerpt from “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled” videotape given by Do September 29, 1996:

      Now, I told you a little while ago, that there are pretty much three types of individuals that can avoid the spading under at the end of an Age. One would, of course, be those souls that were deposited, and those souls were awakened, and those souls received nourishment, and left everything behind, and became attached to – grafted to – a Representative from the Level Above Human, and separated from everything. Now, I’ve got a bunch of these individuals sitting in front of me who, I may be mistaken, but I don’t believe that any of them had the beginning of their Next Level life in this time period – in this generation. I know that every one of them were in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human before they came into this time period. This time period was a chance for them to learn a lot of things that they didn’t learn very well, or didn’t get a chance to complete, or needed to work on more, as far as separating from the human kingdom. They are having an opportunity to develop that more, so that they don’t have to be planted back in a human garden in another time – so that they can move into the Kingdom Level Above Human, take on costumes, or suits of clothes, or bodies that belong to that Kingdom, and serve and do their work in that Kingdom Level Above Human.

      You know, I can hear some of those humans who are watching this tape now saying, “Oh my goodness, if I did what you would do, I would not even be a humanitarian. I would be forsaking my responsibility to the human kingdom.” You have to forsake the human kingdom if you expect to ever know service in the Kingdom Level Above Human. You can’t do both. You can’t say, you know, “12 hours a day I’ll work for the human kingdom, and the other 12 hours I’ll work for the Kingdom Level Above Human.” No, to leave the human kingdom requires everything you have.

      A second type is one who recognizes the Representative, recognizes the information of the Next Level that is coming through the Representative, knows it is true, and has not yet had the strength to complete it. This type still trusts the Next Level, still believes that that is the only Truth, and whatever faith they have and trust they have, that’s where it is. And they will be kept in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human, and replanted at another time, and given another chance.

      However, even though that Kingdom Level is fair, just because someone with a deposit of soul comes to them, is no guarantee they will get to the Kingdom Level Above Human. When they come, they can apply their effort toward change to the best of their (big question mark on this next word) ability or capability. It takes a lot of effort. And even your effort cannot get you there. You have to please your Older Member. I also had to, and have to, please my Older Member. When I first took my birth into that Kingdom Level, it was because I pleased my Teacher – my Older Member – the one who gave me birth into that Kingdom. No matter how hard I work, that work is of no value if it doesn’t please my Older Member, the one who took me into that Kingdom. That is still true. In other words, this classroom here not only has to please me, they have to please my Older Member. So, just because they’re sitting here, having left their world behind, does not mean that they will receive a body or suit of clothes belonging to that Next Level.

      Okay, let’s say they try to the best of their ability, and according to the Next Level’s judgment they’re not quite ready for a body of service, belonging to that Kingdom Level. If they did the best that they could, and they still pleased their teacher and pleased their teacher’s Teacher, then they will have a future. They’ll be replanted, have another time for a Representative to come into the human kingdom, and have that nourishment. Now that’s the second type. So one is the type of soul that becomes a new creature, is ready to go into the Kingdom Level Above Human, receive a body, begin service. Two, is one who is in the process of that but doesn’t quite make “quartermaster” – not quite ready to have a body because of more work that needs to happen as far as separating from human. We’ll talk later about some of the work that is required in separating.

      There is a side issue to the Next Level’s presence that is a very interesting phenomena. During the time that the Next Level is close to a planet because they have a Representative there, and they are communicating continually with that Representative, then there is mind of the Next Level present that even the lower forces can tap and take advantage of, and increase a broad scope of their knowledge and their technical advancement, etc. Now, how long has the Next Level been here with me and my Older Member? Since the early `20’s. Well, think of the advancement that has taken place on the planet, as far as technical advancement and scientific development since the early `20’s, because that presence was here that all creatures could draw upon and use, including lower creatures who are here who don’t believe that they want to go to my Father’s Kingdom at all. They want to remain human.

      Okay, back to the three types: One, those ready for quartermaster; two, those not quite ready, and the third type: those who recognize the information of the Next Level and are attempting, even without knowing of the Representative’s presence, to break away in their own way. Now, when they attempt to break away in their own way, not even aware that I’m here or that my Older Member has been here at this particular time, they somehow or another find themselves drawn to others who are breaking away. They are also finding themselves surrounded with an opposite type of people who say, “What’s wrong with you guys? Are you crazy? You’re leaving your career? You’re not paying attention to your children?” This is happening a lot. Many people are going into what the mainstream likes to call “cults” – they are breaking away. People who love their God so, in their own way, that they end up like what happened with Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, what happened at Waco, what happens in nations that, even in their government, want to honor God – listen to God – entirely, instead of taking man’s laws, man’s requirements, man’s rules. They are breaking away. They are conscious that there is some presence of God here and are saying, “I want to go in that direction. I’ll even put my life on the line in order to get closer to God at this time.”

      I am not qualified to specifically tell you who all these various types are. But I’ve given you some illustrations. It’s like even in patriot movements, or in militia movements, or in “cults,” or in this type of religious radical or another who know that this world is rotten, they are saying, “I would rather die in service to my interpretation of what God is than stay here.” Those young souls, those young spirits, those minds will be saved. They will be set aside – “put on ice,” so to speak – and have a future, have another planting in the next civilization for further nourishment.

      What does this add up to? This adds up to that the ones who love this world and love the human kingdom, say to me and all those like me (or all those I just discussed – all those various categories) that, “They’re nuts, they’re crazy. They’re radicals. They’re against the world. They are not human – they’re inhumane. They’re tyrannical or their terrorists.” Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not advocating violence. I’m not advocating going out and trying to create some war. The war that is a natural phenomenon that comes with the End of an Age, is forced upon those who want to leave this place. It’s not anything that we have to do or we have to create. And some, aware that that will happen – even some who want to get to the Kingdom Level Above Human – mistakenly feel responsible for creating those wars. They don’t have all the pieces right. But if they are doing it for the right reasons, not me, but my Father and my Father’s Father, and the Kingdom Level Above Human says, “They love me more than they love the world. And they love me more than they love the world during the time that I have a Representative present. And I will honor that. I will extract them. I will put them aside. I will give them a planting at another time.”

      Well, you know, one of the things that disturbs me the most is that those who are very religious, by whatever name, are usually those who had been recipients of souls, recipients of a little bit of Next Level information, a little deposit from the Kingdom Level Above Human. And the lower forces were aware of that. And so the lower forces do everything they can to keep those individuals from ever knowing the Kingdom of God. So they come in and offer those recipients their version of the “Kingdom of God” through their religion, but it’s totally counterfeit. It’s totally false. It’s concerned with healing your cancer, healing this that’s wrong, fixing your pocketbook, or making your business right, or doing all the things to extend your life here – and above all, tend to that family, tend to that “future,” tend to all the things that will leave a future for our children. If that’s your preoccupation, you cannot know the Kingdom of Heaven and you will have no future. If you love the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Kingdom of God, or the Level Above Human, by whatever terms are in your head, and you hate this world and want to leave it, you will have a future with and in the very Kingdom Level that created you.

      Don’t forget we are at a very unusual time – we’re at the End of an Age. You can say, “Boy, you’re really trying to fill me with fear, aren’t you?” If it would work, I would. I would do anything that I could to wake you up, if you have that potential to know that Kingdom, to be saved from this spading under, from this recycling. I mean, I don’t care for any of the fame or glory of the human world. It’s absolutely worthless to me. I can’t wait to get out of here. There’s nothing this planet, or this civilization, or this kingdom level has to offer me. I am away from my Father to be here. Anything that I could sacrifice in this world is no sacrifice at all compared to what I sacrificed in leaving there to come here, to try to help those who were given to me as a task. I apologize for being so emotional but that happens to be the Truth. I want to leave here. Now, I’m in a vehicle that is already falling apart on me, and I’m desperate to try to help you have a last chance to go.

      Let’s go back to title of tape. Title of tape is “Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth”- to get out of the human kingdom, get off of the planet, leave it literally. Now, “leave it literally” means – well, what is literal – that leaving requires that you start identifying with the mind that can connect with this information, and not identify with the body that you are wearing. And that you take advantage of everything that you can to learn more of this information, become more connected with it, and to follow it like sheep would follow a shepherd, in an attempt to leave this place.

      So, I hate the lower forces who have taken the very Truths that were initially the Truths, and have reduced them to “religion,” and they made the religions more attractive and more human, so that those who had deposits and were seeking the presence of a Representative of the Kingdom Level Above Human, would, when He came, be looking for the wrong one – the one who would bring “peace on Earth.” Here we are at the End of the Age, and you’ve got a whole world full of many, many types who say, “We’re coming to the End of an Age, we’re coming to the Second Coming, we’re coming to the time that Jesus is coming back, or that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming – and His Son is going to set up His Kingdom here on Earth, and Earth will then be Heaven.” This will never happen. You wouldn’t have it even if it happened. Once you knew what it was, you couldn’t stand it. You cannot cling to being a mammal, connected with other mammals, and expect to get into a level of life that is beyond mammal. Now, you can search the documents of your religions right now and they clearly tell you that in Heaven there are – there will be – no males and no females (it is genderless). It is not a mammalian existence, it is not a human existence. And those documents also clearly tell you that you have to leave everything of the human world in order to know that Next World or ever see that Kingdom of Heaven.

      Well, once more, the awful thing that happens, from your perspective, when the Level Above Human comes into the human kingdom and incarnates into a human body, is that the Representative whom they send has to say – in order to find followers – “I’m here. I’m from the Kingdom Level Above Human.” What does that yield? That yields, immediately, that the vast majority say, “cult, some religious radical, some blasphemous individual that wants to take advantage of people – you know, has some big bank account somewhere that they’re taking whatever possessions that followers might bring with them or have access to.” I wish you’d show me where that bank account is so that we could use it to get this information out.

      I don’t mean to make fun of this. I am desperate – for your sakes. Within the past 24 hours I have been clearly informed by my Older Member of how short the remaining time is; how clearly we cannot concentrate on anything except the perspective that says: the end of this civilization is very close. The end of a civilization is accompanied by spading under, refurbishing the planet in preparation for another civilization. And the only ones who can survive that experience have to be those who are taken into the keeping of the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

      Now, there are some strange possibilities that could happen that I have not touched upon. How is this end of civilization going to occur? Well, I don’t know all the particulars. Talk to the people who talk about earthquakes, and talk about weather phenomena, and talk about ozone layers. And talk to environmental people and they’ll say, “Well, the planet is in trouble in that area.” Talk about the way that people no longer are restrained nor do they have respect for their neighbors. They’re so unrestrained that if you just say something that makes them unhappy, they start throwing rocks at you, and the next thing you know you’ve got a neighborhood war, you’ve got a little ethnic war in this nation or that. And there’s so little restraint that these little groups, these little ethnic groups, these little religious groups, these little governments that are in conflict – they seem to be doing a significant amount of the spading under themselves. They seem to, by choice, be so quick to condemn others. Well, what is it that’s in the history books about the Truth? It says: be careful not to condemn someone else or you will be condemned. That doesn’t mean anything anymore – everyone is quick to condemn. I mean they don’t even “look-see” anymore. They just see a tiny little aspect of someone else and they quickly determine that they are so brilliant that they can judge it as being not what they are looking for – worthless, some radical movement, some movement that certainly is beneath them. Well, that is making hasty judgments – that kind of quick-to-condemn-others attitude, that kind of violence that wants to destroy others.

      You know, the world and its majority have created laws that try to keep individuals like us non-existent, because we threaten the system that the major systems exist on. You could say, “What if everybody in the world left their families and came and followed Do?” Well, you don’t have to worry about that – that’s not going to happen. You know, only a tiny, tiny little fraction of the plants that are on the planet would ever be able to make that transition from the human kingdom to the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s the same in regard to giving up human ways. You could say, “Well, what if everyone gave up their human and mammalian reproductive activity – there wouldn’t be any humans left.” Oh, then you don’t believe that the Kingdom Level Above Human is capable of producing individuals? That they can’t create or make them? That they are dependent upon the human reproductive activity? You sure don’t give them credit for much. They made the very first ones here. They even designed them with a capacity to reproduce. If humans didn’t reproduce, the Next Level could make as many as they want to. They always have been able to do that. They’re not dependent upon humans for anything.

      bye for now.

    • Demimonde Mesila Thraam Says:

      This is a long comment and before responding to its content in any detail I want to read it more carefully – but I do feel that I need to make one thing clear first: I know a lot of people have been seeking a new classroom experience, but I was not, and am not, one of them. I was the one who came here asking about the name of my xenodimensional ally, and asking some other questions out of interest and curiosity, but I made it really clear – or so I thought – that I could not function in that situation even though there were some things about it that I could appreciate. I also appreciated the way you didn’t instantly call Choronzon a ‘luciferian’ even though I am pretty sure you must think that is the case. My connection to that entity continues to be enriching. Since I have had no contact personally with Herff/Do and Nettles/Ti, I am in no position to judge them, but my instincts tell me not to ever follow one person or being to the exclusion of all others, and that includes ‘my’ Choronzon.

      • sawyer Says:

        I remember all our communications. Some of what I sent you was “just for the record, so to speak”. There is no classroom any more in the sense that it existed with Ti and the Do and their students. I only sent you that long comment to lay out the criteria Do expressed for who will be considered for a FUTURE NEW CIVILIZATION classroom. Nothing in that criteria included anything about following one person or not listening to music, but it did include “standing for Ti and Do” which does entail belief in WHO THEY SAID THEY WERE – LIVING NON HUMAN PHYSICAL BEINGS FROM OUTER SPACE THAT IS THEIR DOMAIN and sharing what they taught with others.

        I don’t suspect Choronzon will be okay with belief in Ti and Do and/or telling others about them so your head would become a battle ground. Ti and Do won’t be fighting the battle, you will, that is if you choose to and that will become a daily battle, but you can get ample help with that battle by asking Ti and Do for that help. They don’t come to you to convince you, though I don’t think you would even be interested and willing to look at Ti and Do to the degree you have, however skeptically which is completely understandable, if they hadn’t seen some of their mind/spirit in you. I therefore suspect they took a step towards you which became your incentive to keep looking at them. So I also suspect they are waiting to see if you will take a step towards them, which if you want to know the truth about who they are, you will best be served by asking them directly without fearing their response. They can hear your thoughts if you want them to…otherwise they don’t interfere with whatever you want to think and do. And like I said, they don’t require your letting go of any of your humanness or relationships with spirit or human beings, though such will be required down the road when you, your soul would be brought back to actually be in an overcoming classroom. The discarnates that we all have never want to go and don’t want to share our vehicles with anybody else either. When I am bombarded with the thoughts and feelings I know are being stimulated by those who count themselves my guides, if I ask Ti and Do for help, they have ways to literally keep them away from me but they don’t keep the block up indefinitely as removing it and allowing them to come back to influence me again helps me build my own muscle to keep them at bay longer each time. That’s the battle I was speaking of.

        Since I mentioned part of the criteria of showing allegiance to Ti and Do is to stand for them it’s important to be clear that they are NOT the space aliens. The space aliens are those who in one way or another on Earth during this civilization or a previous one, and/or from another star system/planet who have human vehicles and propagate as mammals, even if that means via test tubes and/or by extracting DNA from humans they abduct. When, where and how you stand for them is up to you.

        Members of the Evolutionary Level above human do not propagate as mammals and have outgrown mammalian behaviors and ways but still use physical bodies they grow to perform the many tasks in association with the garden’s they design as hothouses for potential new members (that they don’t need, but enjoy providing). I don’t know who Choronzon is but if this entity is advising against having anything to do with belief in Ti and Do, then yes I would put the entity in the Luciferian camp, but that’s not my business to decide and it’s the same for me and those discarnates that have helped or hindered me over the years since I left the group. (help becomes relative).

        At this time for Ti and Do they are simply not interested in working with anyone that doesn’t have their mind/spirit in them, at least to the degree that they believe in them regardless of how much they believe and who else they believe in. It’s really that simple.

        Again, I’m not saying who Choronzon is. Ti before she awakened knew she had a spirit guide she called “brother Francis” whom she called on for help to put needles in people’s arms to be sure to find the blood vessel and for other things. She never said but She and Do shared with us the movie, “brother sun sister moon” about St. Francis of Assisi, so I sort of put 2 and 2 together. I only said Choronzon would be in a Luciferian camp IF this entity was advising you or steering you away from belief in Ti and Do. If they are not doing that, for all I know this entity could be serving the Next Level. I don’t know if you can separate Choronzon from other thoughts in your head to have a sense what they are saying and what they are not saying. I have one discarnate I know well the voice of and is not a friend of Ti and Do’s that’s for sure. He’s an ego builder.

      • Demimonde Mesila Thraam Says:

        Choronzon never told me not to follow Ti and Do. I am very clear on what is Choronzon and what is me, although when I explain this phenomenon to others I sometimes explain it as being ‘part of myself’ in the cosmology which is entirely based on the rational – and I consider that only half of my belief system. It is the rationalist side of me that warns me not to follow anything 100%. I will have more to say about all this later – I find it important though that it is not perceived as argument or ‘my way is better than your way’ talk, which is why I ceased my commenting earlier.

  5. sawyer Says:

    I am not saying or suggesting that Ti and Do’s way is BETTER for you and their way is not at this time a 100% commitment anyway but I am strictly honest to also say that it must become a 100% commitment eventually BUT that isn’t going to be part of the lesson plan during our current lifespan/civilization any more than it was during the Jesus or Moses lesson plans though Jesus as Moses taught it. When the Older Member comes incarnate again in a new civilization and they make clear that it’s going with them or not, which would entail leaving one’s former life behind to include family, friends, etc. if that is the stage then one would have to choose to go with them or not so that would be the start of learning what 100% is. There is no Older Member incarnate now. However for those that CHOOSE to believe in Ti and Do, which really comes down to learning about everything they taught and believing they are who they say they are, they will be put to the test to “stand for them” or not.

    You are absolutely right. There is no use for “my way is better” kind of talk. We each get what we want. That’s the bottom line. If we want what Ti and Do offer then we will draw it to us and as long as we do so, will begin to get what they offer, though not all at once because it’s really about proving to them we want what they offer not about them proving to us what they offer is worth pursuing, though they know we each have a battle to face so they help us with that battle, but again only if we seek their help. If at any point we decide they are not someone to follow the teachings of, then we are free to leave any connection we had with them and they won’t bother us, unless we do or say something that shows them we do still have a part of us that is in their allegience.

    I am speaking from experience not from a book on this.

    After I left them, though I didn’t disbelieve in anything they taught, I had no interest in returning though I had a few opportunities. I basically returned to being the hippie musician I was when I joined. I sought out relationships with women and musical opportunities, met someone, shacked up as they say and because she wanted to find some land to buy, toured the country scheduling visits with all my friends from the group who left before me and one of the parents of one of the group members. From doing that word got back to Do and his student crew and through one of those former members that was regularly in touch with them, asked me “where my head was at”. I passed on that I did not want to return.

    We returned to NY and I fathered a baby and started a health product business and then they laid down their lives. Even though I was a bit fearful of going to the press with my experience, being the most recent original member to leave I knew I could offer the truth about them that was hard to find in those days, though there were a few others who had left who believed in them still but for one reason or another couldn’t give 100%. So I called several news magazines and gave interviews and ended up doing a great deal of radio, TV and print media. I gained no popularity in doing so. My face was on the front page of the New York Post as an x-cult member who when you read the story believed in them and basically made fun of me because of.

    That was “standing for them”, but I still had no intention of representing myself as a follower that others could then connect with. I went back into my private life and gave some more interviews and got paid a little for some, which I needed with actually a failing business and a baby a few months away.

    Even though I was not consciously asking, my actions said otherwise and the dreams soon began and it was a struggle. They weren’t harassing dreams or threatening dreams. For instance I’d be watching Do and students organizing their next steps. Then in another one of my classmates would say things to me. I wondered why Do didn’t look at me. Then he did look at me in another. I can go on and on and on. I mean why would I care if Do would look at me or not if I didn’t still feel or want that connection.

    Over years I came closer and closer and had collaborating experiences and then the 9-11 attack pushed me further and I began to write about them and prophecy and Ti came to me in a dream to approve of my effort to write and after a few more years I started to comb the net for what was going on surrounding the group and before long I was doing what I am doing now – making information and my experiences available while writing a book.

    Because of my increased attention to standing for Ti and Do my partner broke up and I have no desire for another. I still play music and sit in with bands and have fun with that and I don’t believe I am doing something wrong in Do’s eyes though another former member seems to think I am off track, but I don’t work for him so he’s free to his opinion.I have had many indications that I am working for Do but I can’t assume that and I can muck it up and I need to produce results to stay on their team, otherwise they will find someone else to work for them in the wrapping up of their garden experiment.

    More is expected of me because more has been given, though anyone can choose to give all they want to give in which case more will be given and they will then also be expected to give more.

    I am saying all this, as I know I have in part before said, only to try to clarify what’s going on and what’s expected and what isn’t expected. Personally I don’t see any comparison with anything else and Ti and Do but then that’s me.

    For you, all I can see is that you were drawn to examine the information and seem to want to stay abreast of at least what I am talking about in it’s regard. As long as you have questions or comments I will try to supply my experience. That’s all there really is to it. It’s all in your hands what you believe in and how much you want to put into it and you like everyone else will reap what you sow.

  6. MORK FROM ORK Says:

    Do believed that the earth was “about to be recycled”… and that we’d better be gitiin’ while the gittin’ was good!

    Wrong again… he was wrong about everything… Ti was wrong about everything.

    I guess if you want your spiritual leader to be people who never ever got anything right, then you went to the right place!

    Again PAUL… quoting the bible verses is bastardizing what “they” said…

    But I understand why you do it… because they said very little of any substance.

    • sawyer Says:

      Just like so many, nothing specific to your accusations. you just want to vent I suppose and make ridiculous statements. I approved this by mistake but why not leave it I guess.

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