Massive Objects over Sun represent Do (Jesus) sitting on right hand of Ti (power) the Father

To follow are three posts by BPEarthwatch and my comments to them:

This first post is regarding the July 21, 2014 video images from Sun/SOHO satellite:

I had the link to the bpearthwatch video but now it’s been changed to another bpearthwatch video and another video he did regarding the unusual object with mars is also gone. So anyway I saved this image but you can only see one of the two objects that appeared over the sun.

giant t shaped ufo over sun with second object smaller to it's right

I left the same address with the new video here in case it’s fixed up to the way it was:

Continuing on with the story:

There are actually two objects. I say this is a Next Level sign, as Jesus said there would be signs in the sun and moon and stars (comets, etc.) and this isn’t the first sun object seen by the space telescopes. There have been many but this is by far the most dramatic. I interpret this object to be a T and the sun as the representation of  Ti’s body as in Rev 12 where the woman is “clothed with the sun”, which while incarnate was a way of saying her whole “body was full of light” – what a “christ” actually is. Now the second object is to the right of the T Sun object. That’s Do sitting at Ti’s right hand, which is the prophecy that he would return “with power”. The Sun as Ti is certainly “power”. Ti and Do and Crew will continue to gradually give the world signs and it’s our job to report how they relate as best we can. I am open to additional points of view but this is my best shot to date. It’s also interesting that NASA turned off this camera and then re-posted the same images minus these two objects saying they were some type of glitch. That’s about all they can say really to not blow their cover up and the many things the US and other’s in bed with them are doing to prepare for the “end” however they think that will come, that is for those that can afford their underground bunkers or trip to a space colony. I suspect this private mission to provide a one way trip to mars is a way of making it seem like it’s for an adventure. Rather it’s another escape option. The Luciferian fallen angel space aliens are really wanting off the planet.

Running to the hills may be a good idea for the people of the US mainland, though we are all going to lose our vehicles so no sense in fearing this BUT at the same time for those that choose to STAND for Ti and Do even when it may result in the loss of your vehicles life according to prophecy means you will be given a new body to wear that is not yet a Next Level body but would be a physical body and an assignment on a crew on a spacecraft so you can have the opportunity to learn more lessons until there is a new classroom on earth after the recycling as also depicted in revelations. That would be 1000 earth years after all is done which will be escalating significantly to a close by 2017 in my opinion, though I don’t have any further timeline clues. I’m not saying the end of the world will be 2017. The planet as Do said, is not seeing it’s end. The civilization is. And there will be the 7 plagues yet to come in the next years. The 2017 year is simply when certain time prophecies seems to herald as a big change that happens to be when the next presidential inauguration takes place which is the “green/pale horse” with death riding and hell following. The hell part is the “lake of fire” but that comes after the 7 angels with vials to pour out – the plagues that will include an object hitting into an ocean I believe and maybe not only one but this is a reason to head to mountains. It’s not that we are preserving our life to flee. It’s that we are showing we are willing to separate from our roots to that degree on the belief that this is all a reality. And the Next Level may want to save some of the genetic strain that believe in them at least to this degree though these will not get a new physical body to wear. When they die they will simply be saved for a future planting into a body on earth after the recycling. That’s a little nutshell on prophecy as I see it to date.

Since only the huffington post UK seemed to say anything about this HUGE event that may still be in progress but was documented in this link.

Next is Bpearthwatch’s video about 4 orange objects seen with another 15 or 16 white objects flying in some type of formation on april 21, 2012, that I missed that I just commented on below. He seemed to believe these were “fallen angels” to which I agree but I don’t agree with much else he says about them and Jesus. My comments follow the videos:

part 1:
part 2:

Sawyer’s comments:

Yes I agree these are Luciferian fallen angel space aliens doing their signs to try to masquerade as the Next Level as they did with the phoenix lights to fool people into thinking they are the “Gods”. The signs from the real Lord are in the sun, moon and stars (comets, asteroids, meteors, etc) and the environmental changes they stimulate and coordinate.

Contrary to what you said, Christ does NOT put his foot down in any significant way on middle east soil. (Do did visit Israel in 1994 but according to Carlan aka Crlody a fellow believer in Ti and Do that like myself dropped out of the group, who was present then reported that Do said something to the affect of his not feeling any Next Level presence there anymore.

Jesus said Jerusalem’s “house” was to be left desolate (waste) and that the only way they there would see him is when someone comes to them “in his name”. Jesus also said, he would come to a new nation. there would be a new Jerusalem that was the holy city that is the local base of operations cloaked in our atmosphere the whole time of his presence with his crew.

The woman in Rev 12 is the Father who births her son to the throne to take it over when she leaves her incarnation by the earth opening her mouth – dying of earth based human natural causes.  These are the two witnesses who were Ti and Do. Ti was also depicted in the Pistis Sophia and by Nostradamous – the woman deity. Luciferians made that into the disciple “Mary”. The phoenix lights were the Luciferian space alien fallen angels facsimile public disclosure as they thought the Heaven’s gate group would lay down their lives in that area, but Do moved the group in the last couple months to the Rancho Sante Fe area near Escondido, California to “lay down their bodies” as Jesus taught was a huge part of showing his love for his Father in the task he was given that also in so doing showed his love for his sheep by “separating from the human kingdom”. by “giving his life in two ways, that all disciples MUST also come to do – first by “leaving all behind” to join with the incarnate Older Member when he puts out the call (trumpet) of announcing publically his arrival from the literal heavens (outer space) and in so doing following him, denying their own self determination, giving their will to Him and His Father that will result in their loosing their human lives, the second edge of the two edged sword of their mouth. Each edge cuts the roots. The final cut is to human life itself and according to the Next Level’s requirements for each Soul who is taking over their human vehicle the exit method from the physical body can vary but always is a voluntary step to take. For instance, Jesus said his disciples would all have to “drink the cup” of the “shedding of their blood” as Jesus did which is what would happen when they STOOD UP FOR JESUS after his exit STANDING UP FOR HIS HEAVENLY FATHER.

What Jesus was teaching was seen as the rants of a “nutjob” to quote a term a recent commenter to this blog used to describe me and anyone else who I presume believes in Ti and Do as the returned Father and Son as forecast.  This is because the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens and their discarnate spiritual presence are allowed to sow their seeds of misinformation following any Older Member’s incarnation, which becomes the prevalent thought of the religious and spiritual so much so that anyone who corrects the misinformation is then seen as a heretic and they then use the blasphemy guideline to do away with by murdering in the name of God.

But the Moses procedure to determine who is blasphemous also included seeing if what they said actually came true or not. Thus in Jesus case, he shouldn’t have been killed if he was doing the works prophesied, some of which were, healing the sick and making the blind to see and the lame to walk. This is why Jesus told those whom he healed to show themselves to the Jewish priests. Just like today, the religious leaders become so invested in their interpretations and their positions of leadership that they fear the loss of that power, so they seek to abolish or at least ignore any perceived threat to it and do so in the name of God.

Jesus committed what humans today would call “suicide”. He said, “no MAN takes it (his life) from me”. He said he laid it down and he has the power to take it up again. The killing in the street of the two witnesses was not a killing – it was “separate/exit by death” – apo = “away, exit, off, separate” and kteino is said to be death, but is not the only word used for death or killing and there is no evidence of it’s use without the “apo” prefix. They were subdued translated as overcome when the media “shot down their bodies”  in 1976 when they first came to collect their sheep.  There were 42 who made their affirmation. In the heaven’s gate group there were 38 then followed by 4 before the year 2000. I knew most of them from experience not study. The 7 trumpets have sounded. Comet Ison was the last phase of the 3rd woe.

I have countless new translations of all the prophecy that plainly reveal they were the return of Jesus and his Father. Many will not see it but the signs in the Sun are part of it.  Many Christian teachers  fear to tell their congregations to pay attention to Ti and Do saying they were new age even though Jesus said he would return in the “new age”. This rejection is not taken lightly by the kingdom of god. A Christian is someone who overcomes the world through duplicating the thoughts and behaviors and ways of Jesus the first Christ in this civilization.

If one is not seeking to know Jesus mind (holy spirit) by looking at ALL potential fulfillment of prophecy that certainly include all Ti and Do taught and did preparing to STAND for Ti and Do, unless they never heard of Ti and Do they will not be saved from the recycling in the lake of fire. This is because their souls would not have sprouted as new beings that can become fruitful. One can study all Ti and Do taught to be able to see the truth of it.

The seven trumpets are events that perform SOUNDINGS that began at the turn of the 20th century in earnest and by the 5th when the pit of space aliens were allowed to come out of their underground prison cells for a time, in the US that is. I could write 1000 more proves but can you SERIOUSLY CONSIDER THEM. That is the question you have before you. I hope you can for your sake.

29 Responses to “Massive Objects over Sun represent Do (Jesus) sitting on right hand of Ti (power) the Father”

  1. Jiminy Says:

    wow. read your post on the bp youtube channel.

    There are hundreds of crazy people posting to that vid just like you! Your post is just one more voice in a massive sea of confused and deluded souls. Nobody has even responded to your batshit crazy message because it is so outlandishly batshit crazy.

    To you: every sparrow’s death is “a sign” that Ti and Do are coming.

    You even look the part of a maniacal religious nutjob — clean yourself up. Get your teeth fixed.

    I’ll come back a year from now… we’ll all still be here — I promise you. Nothing unexplainable will have happened. But you’ll still have your panties in a twist about “the end is nigh”.

    If 1% of the populace is batshit crazy (you are delusional with borderline personality disorder)… the number is probably higher …
    then there are 3,000,000 (million) americans who are subject to believing this stuff.

    And your delusions are typical, run-of-the-mill, reader’s digest sort of delusions– look at the other posters. They believe batshit crazy stuff, too. Just as strongly as you. Doesn’t that tell you something?

    The only thing that has happened since the suicides is that you have had dreams about Ti and Do — which would be a completely normal thing to dream about for you because that is so much of your experience.

    That’s it. Nothing. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Tsunami’s. None of them have anything to do with your Lone Gunman delusions.

    • sawyer Says:

      just my opinions so you’ve given yours and yet no evidence of what is delusional provided. If you want evidence of all Ti and Do said, in scripture ask and I’ll show it to you, that is if you count the records as evidence of anything. If not, we have nothing to talk about.

      • Jiminy Says:

        See below… plus, I bet you think I am a Luciferian Space Alien.

        I guarantee you that I am not. Nor are invisible forces making me be RATIONAL. That’s just me… I am rational…

        Could the moon be made of cheese? Uhh, sure? But (and here’s where you go awry): IT ISN’T made of cheese.

        You can’t get over that last hurdle.

    • crlody Says:

      Jiminy, you seem to have appointed yourself as the determiner of what is and is not “batshit crazy” and you seem to have decided it is your duty to make judgments about those whom you have deemed “delusional”. Apparently it is also your duty to inform these individuals just how delusional they are along with your holier than thou assessments of individuals who have “borderline personality disorder” which one could argue is just another catch-all diagnosis, in your case a diagnosis for those who express thoughts that you-as the arbiter of rationality-disagree and find fault with. The real question is this: why are you spending so much energy telling Sawyer what you think of him and why do you think it’s your duty to make your self-serving diagnosis of him? If he is so delusional why would you, Mr. Rational, spend energy on explaining to him why he is so irrational and you are the opposite? Your ego seems to like lording itself over others, if only everyone could be as rational as you the world would be such a better place, right Jimmy? You’re just one tiny choice-maker in a projected level of “reality” and despite your Texas-sized ego you thankfully don’t get to decide what is and is not crazy. Methinks you doth protest too much about all of this and your primitive egotism is the root of your judgments of others, not your self-professed expertise on the concept of rationality. If you were comfortable with your “rationality” you wouldn’t have to so aggressively foist it on others. Your judgments are ordinary, run-of-the-mill Reader’s Digest type of judgments. Nothing you say is original and has not been said before by numerous other egotistical and judgmental types of people. You certainly are playing the part of a maniacal, finger-pointing, “look at me I’m smarter than all of you nutjobs” nutjob. Judge not lest ye be judged.

      • JIMINY Says:

        Trying to open his eyes. Trying to open your eyes, too.

        I am speaking truth to you both, but you are content to live in ignorance; blissful in your fantasies.

        That’s not what life is about. You are both pretending to live.

      • sawyer Says:

        If you truly want to help anyone, how do you expect to do that while talking down at them and not bringing up any specifics. Maybe that is what was done to you in the name of help, but it never works. If something I say doesn’t make sense to you, fine, but does that mean there is no sense to it. Isn’t it before all our eyes that there are things happening all the time all over the world and all over the outer space we have access to that are puzzling? I don’t understand what “pretending to live” means and I do not live in “bliss”, whatever that means. What is fantasy is in the eye of the beholder. To millions belief in Jesus as the Son of God is a fantasy. To many “war” is a fantasy, like a game to play with others lives that they’d just rather not look at realistically.

  2. Jiminy Says:

    Does this sound like someone we know??? Be brave — let others see my comments… u know it is true.

    Psychotics are fully aware of events and people “out there”. They cannot, however separate data and experiences originating in the outside world from information generated by internal mental processes. They confuse the external universe with their inner emotions, cognitions, preconceptions, fears, expectations, and representations.

    Consequently, both psychotics and the personality disordered have a distorted view of reality and are not rational. No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions. Full-fledged psychosis involves complex and ever more bizarre delusions and the unwillingness to confront and consider contrary data and information (preoccupation with the subjective rather than the objective). Thought becomes utterly disorganized and fantastic.

    • sawyer Says:

      So what are the points you are claiming are evidence of psychosis exactly so I can respond. Generalities are little more than book memory.

      • Jiminy Says:

        Known: Comets are definitely not armadas of alien space ships. We have closeup pictures of them.

        Sawyer: Yes they are.

        That’s a delusion you have. Your unwillingness to even consider contrary data and information is proof.

        Also, you believe Revelations was written about a group of hippies in the 1970’s who tripped out with a music prof and a psych nurse.

        No amount of evidence would cause you to reconsider that.

        That my friend: delusions of grandeur and psychotic thinking.

      • sawyer Says:

        I only said I suspected comet ison was an armada and there is evidence of that from the images provided by NASA and JPL.

        You are spreading lies to take things out of their context and putting your spin on things. If you actually studied Ti and Do’s group you will see that very few lived a “hippie” life and among the few that were, including me, most didn’t stay and “hippie” is another of the generalizations that some like to use to try to sway and manipulate others to their limited viewpoints.

  3. Jiminy Says:

    What I’m saying is: you need help. Sure, it is fun living in your world of fantasy because it is EXCITING! to think that every verse in the bible is about YOU… but isn’t that “fantastic thinking” of the highest order?

    “No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt”… get it? We could bring NASA scientists to you who would explain that no matter how much they would like to believe those blips were something interesting (THINK OF THE FUNDING THEY’D GET!!!), they simply aren’t. They are exactly what they said they were.

    If these images were of so tantamount importance — don’t you think NASA would scrub them before posting? Don’t you think they’d limit who could view them?

    Don’t you think NASA gets inundated with nutbats every time they post anything? But they are honest and post the raw with the scrubbed — ever see radar? You know how there is “ground clutter”? They generally try to remove because it is just noise?

    Think about it — what sort of evidence would dislodge your ridiculous beliefs from your skull??? Nothing… in addition to the psychosis… you have a vested interest to believe now because you wasted your entire life on this… you have to believe b/c to not believe would mean you wasted everything. Why? Because you are a sucker subject to the flimflam of every passing snake oil salesman… Just look at how you’ve bastardized Do and Ti’s “teaching” (which is stretching the use of the word “teaching”… what they talked about was very thin gruel very little substance of any kind… more of a cult of personality)… every Youtube wingbat affects your thinking! You continue to get suckered in — even modifying what Do and Ti taught (like Paul) because some batshit crazy has a youtube channel that sez the earth is hollow!

    You are like a pinball — hitting bumpers, changing philosophy, bouncing all over in psychotic narcissism.

    No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.

    No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.

    No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.

    You aren’t growing — you aren’t an ascetic — you are festering in your sickness. You’ve been manipulated your whole life. Everyone has given up on you because you are beyond all reason. You are the ultimate fool — buying into every jot-and-tittle of anything any weirdo tells you.

    You blew it. You blew it for your parents. You blew it for your friends. You blew it for your wife and child. You blew it all–why? Because a couple of universally dubbed “nutjobs” suckered you in — they stroked your narcissism… your vast ego… you see yourself in the pantheons of the great thinkers of history.

    But nobody buys it, sawyer… you have a couple of sycophants… though, not even they buy in to your confused wild-eyed madness.

    Wouldn’t at least 1000 people be followers by now? Even the nutjobs think you are nuts.

    No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.
    No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.No amount of objective evidence can cause them to doubt or reject their hypotheses and convictions.

    • sawyer Says:

      What philosophy have I changed exactly?
      Give me a reason to doubt something I have said and I’ll look at it and respond, otherwise what’s the point of your rant against me?

      • Jiminy Says:

        Every time you reinterpret the verses of scripture with respect to “the group”, you are positing information Do and Ti never ever said.

        Trust me — I would do the same thing — the teachings of Do and Ti are like watered down water — there is no substance in it at all. It is very thin — I don’t know how you stood it all those years. I would add stuff to it, too… yuck. boring stuff.

    • sawyer Says:

      If its ground clutter why scrub it and why isn’t there more ground clutter and is everything clutter. Is ever ufo swamp gas or someone’s imagination. Is the earth flat because leading authorities say it is, or is it impossible to fly or to produce electricity. What’s the value of taking the position of what can not be true in a world so full of the unexplained? Would you prefer people don’t have the choice to think about what they want to believe and not. I’m not forming a group or making money for my efforts, though when I publish and it’s in book stores people can claim that’s my motivation, except that I can guarantee it won’t be a best seller by far.

      • Jiminy Says:

        You scrub it because you can — scrubbing attempts to remove the noise so at least some information can be gleaned from the cloud of mess.

        They can do that by checking amplitudes, intensities, colors, and frequencies of the data — they know the expected ranges and using q-testing can remove a lot of the noise. They can interpolate and extrapolate using mathematical and very scientifically proven methods. Undergrads could do it — it is so simple.

        Nobody will publish your book. You may be able to get a doctor to use parts of your book to illustrate what textbook delusional, psychotic thinking looks like. A book about your writings — but there are 2,999,999 other people just like you that have even more fantastical delusions than you — yours are pretty run of the mill, pedestrian, dime-a-dozen delusions.

        The suicides made it interesting in 1997… but that’s worn off. Your book would only be used to illustrate how completely screwed up the group was.

        Re-opening this vat of sickness does a disservice to the unfortunates that committed suicide… let them sleep. Don’t go picking at old scabs that are healing.

  4. Jiminy Says:

    there was a place on one of the tapes where Ti is talking about being in a checkout line at a grocery store. the girl checking her out said something nice to Ti like “oh, that’s a pretty dress” or “how are you doing today”…

    And what Ti said was her reaction is very telling: on the tape she said that it sort of shocked her in the sense that these plants can think/talk. She said that she looked at the girl for a few seconds thinking about how strangely sweet it was that these primitive plants could think. Something to that effect.

    Ti also said that there was NO way she would die of cancer. She shrugged it off and said it could never happen. That cancer is nothing to the next level.

    How sweet indeed… do you look at plants and ponder how superior you are to us? Must be nice, huh… to be so above us plants and all. Yet — you spend all your time either WITH US or communicating with us on the internet.

    Do and Ti were wrong on EVERYTHING they said. There were never any signs… there were never any demonstrations… everything they said turned out to be false. The promise of you folks walking into a UFO for instance — wow, that must have been something else for you dipshits to think about!! — just wait til the plants watch us walking up the gangplank — we’ll wave!

    Do said that “their writings” would be studied and be some of the most important works the “plants” were ever given! That if a page was missing, the news would talk about the search for it as if it was an artifact of ultimate truth.

    Derp… that didn’t happen, did it? NOT EVEN CLOSE — the writings are universally considered the sophomoric writings of deluded cult members — which is what they were… you know that now, don’t you? Inside — you know it. But you can’t accept it b/c that fate would be worse than DEATH to you.

    In retrospect, doesn’t it seem the most ridiculous thing in the world? You gotta be kicking yourself… sure it was fun to pretend to be Spock… but it was all pretend. There was never ANY demonstration…

    I bet BRNODY would have loved to have seen a demonstration of healing the horrific pain her body was in. Did any of that every happen? Never … it never did… never could happen…

    Did Ti ever even pull a rabbit out of a hat?

    A lot of very nice, very deluded people went down with the ship. They wanted to… they had nothing else…

    WE ALL WANT TO BELIEVE WE ARE MORE THAN WE ARE and to truly understand everything…

    It would be different if you saw Do and Ti teleport on a daily basis — the way they talked they could have done that. But they NEVER did that… at least not in any way that would definitely prove it to a person with a brain.

    Do and Ti were wrong on everything.

    Now you are going off on BPEarthwatch as your new messiah…

    Dreams are dreams… if you think they contact you in dreams then why haven’t they contacted you in any other way… a definitive clear way??? Because they are dead…

    Sure the ground clutter at the top of the sun resembles a “T”… but what difference does that make???? I just looked around and see a picture that has a “T” shaped rib in it… doesn’t mean jack squat.

    • sawyer Says:

      First off, whatever gave you the impression bpearthwatch was my messiah. If that is what you get from my reports of what’s reported on his channel, no wonder you see everything through your lens the way you do. Yes, some things Ti and Do said they changed but actually I have evidence that all they said was 100% accurate, though they didn’t even know it at times. For instance, they did demonstrate rising from the dead figuratively And further demonstration is yet to come. That demonstration was that they were “subued” in the media. What was subdued? The bodies they wore, their human reputations. Even they thought they would physically be killed by someone but that’s not what greek apokteino means. Apo means, “to seperate from” or to “take away from” or “take off of” or “to exit”, “to cease” what it is the prefix of…kteino = “death”. There are several other greek words that are directly related to literal “killing of someone” or dying by being killed by someone. So the death in Rev 11:7 meant they would “exit by dying” and actually in that verse adds, “themselves”. I could go through each of your points but that will be of no value to you and that’s fine with me. But the things that Ti and Do said and did that didn’t happen exactly as they thought at the time, they realized after the fact were given to them to provide the option to disbelieve in them because if one could disbelieve in them then they weren’t ready to graduate at that time and that was a graduation classroom. Finally, Brnody in the exit video seemed quite happy with her experiences and I saw that in Brnody while I was still there and I was one who was given the task to try to “lay hands on her legs” to see if it would help her. Perhaps it didn’t help her pain at that time but when I visited her on several occasions in her apartment in Dallas she was quite happy and was managing her pain with exercise and medications and dietary methods Do and Crew provided her. You are talking as if Ti and Do could only prove who they are/were if they worked so called “miricles” but Jesus actually said upon his return he would not be doing because the lower forces would be to fool people who expected such.

      Re: cancer. Do you know that all of us have “cancer” causing cells in our bodies – free radicals. The only reason tumors develop and other threats on healthy organ function is because the immune system becomes exhausted or ineffective to neutralize and eliminate the toxins. The next level could have easily healed her body of that toxic overload the stress of her task caused her. Do said her vehicle was “burnt out”. That’s what overloaded her immune system of her body AS THE NEXT LEVEL KNEW WOULD HAPPEN – the reason it was forcasted in:

      Rev 12:15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause ((4160 poieo from phoreo= “clothings (body) burden”)) her to be carried away of the flood.
      Rev 12:16 And the earth ((1093 ge= humaness)) helped ((997 boetheo= relieved)) the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
      Rev 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

      The flood is also translated to “water” and water represents the human beings that are all of a “water birth” as Jesus said. So it was the flood of human induced negativity against the “woman” that was to be the cause of her “clothing/body’s burden” (greek phoreo). And it was the Earth as it’s humaness in that she occupied a human vehicle that relieved her of that burden by “opening her mouth”, a well known expression of being taken to the grave. Note the words in the crosby stills and nash song they sang for the 4 kent state fallen that says “the earth shall swallow you”, which was also in the Old Testament. This was confirmed by Ti having told Do years before that she was here to get him going and then would return. Do wondered when she said that what she meant. He couldn’t imagine she meant she was planning to return to her human family. When she left he then knew for sure to what she was unconsciously referring. Ti and Do always said, they were only given one step ahead of the students.

      Anyone can find many reason to not believe in them but that doesn’t mean they are not who they say they are. It just means those don’t believe it and that’s fine. Regardless of what you think, I don’t look down on anyone for believing or disbelieving. It’s not in my capacity to make that judgement so why bother. Yet I do know that I too have/am a “plant”, but a plant is not a bad thing. Does are rose gardener look down on the roses they grow? Yes, in the classroom they looked down on human behavior and ways but I never saw them look down on people. The example you referred to of Ti at the clothing store, I’d have to hear to try to see where Ti was coming from. Frankly I don’t recall ever seeing Ti wear a dress so perhaps you are mistaken. If a student wore a dress it was only because a human employer required it and Ti and Do sought jobs for females that didn’t have the requirement but some in the first jobs as waitresses had to wear dresses during work so perhaps they were buying one at the time. Can you provide me the tape name and minute location? That would help.

      As far as the Sun’s Objects that you say are “ground clutter” was just my shot at an interpretation. I’m not saying it’s absolutely correct but if you are aware of the myriad of things being classified “ground clutter” or the like from the ISS and with the hale bopp comet and with the pan starrs comet in 2013 and in the many equivilent debunking terms that are always thrown out there to so call “explain” what otherwise they can’t explain, then you wouldn’t be so quick to determine what does or doesn’t mean “squat”.

      Yes, dreams are dreams. So what. We were all contacted in many definitive ways – face to face for 12 and 24 years with the record remaining to date. The dreams were meaningful to me. I don’t expect them to be meaningful to you, but I share them in case some have found meaning in dreams and should they come to seek to be in Ti and Do’s service and have a dream of them, as some have reported. It doesn’t make me any more significant to have had dreams. Perhaps I simply needed those dreams to help re-awaken me (my vehicle) to their reality as after I left, the influences that “took me out” that I failed to counter had a pretty strong hold on me. Even though I never went against Ti and Do nor their teachings, by leaving I had to decide to ignore what I knew – turning my back on Ti and Do in doing so. However, still I remained connected or I never would have gone public in the way I did, getting my face published all over the world on the cover of the New York Post, in Time and Newsweek, Larry King and 60 Minutes, etc. STANDING FOR THEM. Some former members were on Larry King with me, actually on my invite and they did so AGAINST Ti and Do (or maybe one more than the other). Anyway I feel my standing for them at that time showed them I had not turned against them so they helped me with dreams and in other ways not feel threatened by continued active belief in them and I gradually responded to increase service to them. I know this is probably meaningless to you but I say it for others that read my blog and comments as my personal experience that they may too find applicable to their own potential relationship with the Next Level Older Members. So dreams in and of themselves don’t give anyone any kind of upper hand or status. They are just tools in the Next Level’s toolchest that the lower forces also are permitted to use as well. I have had some dreams that appeared to be Do and/or certain students that had a real strange vibe to them unlike the dreams with Ti and/or Do and/or crewmembers that I believe were lower forces based on their context as well. And then some dreams seem to be like a computers “garbage collection” while others random discarnate views. Ti and Do taught that the Next Level uses sleep time for lesson preparation and I can attest to that from my experience though of course if someone doesn’t have that experience nor even considers it possible then they are blocking that potential.

      But if you need to see a rabbit come out of a hat to believe in someone, Ti and Do are not the one’s to believe in.

      , even to their own surprise but everthing they taught was 100% consistant with Jesus, Moses and the Old Testement historic records AND Ti and Do also said about the things that they later reversed (in a sense as they really did not reverse anything

  5. Jiminy Says:

    See? You lack comprehension.

    You are taking bpearthwatch’s bullcrap and integrating it into your own mass — I won’t call what you have a philosophy because it is so spaghetti-like and ridiculous. Sawyer — stop watching his channel… it will only get you all a-twitter about running for the hills because the END IS NIGH!!!

    Then you immediately launch into bible CRAP as proof… they were “subdued”??? No, the American attention span is short. People stopped being interested in them because they were oh so run of the mill. Just 2 more crazed nutjobs a dime a dozen.

    Free radicals aren’t cancer cells. Derp!

    I never said the sun stuff was ground clutter — I said that it was like the ground clutter found in earthly radar scans.

    See little buddy? You are completely insane. You can’t think outside of the rubric you are trapped in.

    I wouldn’t expect Ti to pull a rabbit out of a hat… I’m pretty sure she would be incapable of that. But at least something of some sort — she said she’d cure the cancer… DERP!!!! She swore up and down she wouldn’t die of cancer… WRONG AGAIN!!!!

    These 2 were failed lost idiots… they met and sincerely concocted their outlandish beyond cuckoo-cuckoo worldview. And you bought it.

    They had above average intelligence — probably 100-110 — certainly nothing higher than that.

    If the next level was going to choose anyone, why would they choose these two dipshits???

    You are trapped!!!! You can’t address the outside world outside of your inner delusional world. I’ve talked to many like you — equally convinced of their bizarre theories.

    You know inside — you KNOW that it was exactly what it was: just another cult suicide.

    Nothing they ever said came true — nothing — except being “subdued”… you’re grasping!

    “Running to the hills may be a good idea for the people of the US mainland”


    Also, fix your teeth and clean yourself up… even Do was at least presentable…

    Just because you are a wildeyed nutter, you don’t have to look the part, do you?

    Take a long long look in the mirror and accept the truth — or at least acknowledge the POSSIBILITY that you are just a nutter…

    • sawyer Says:

      so what does this make you, my savior?

    • sawyer Says:

      So what floats your boat that you have such a good time trying to poke holes in mine. Why are you on this campaign to change me?

    • sawyer Says:

      I know free radical’s are not “cancer” but can turn into “cancer”, yet I don’t claim to be an expert anyway and I am only giving your comments a little time so am not including much background.

      • Jiminy Says:

        they suspect the chemical reactivity of free radicals with our matter can cause the sort of damage that may result in a cell becoming cancerous….

        I am your savior. I am pulling you out of the maelstrom of madness you are swirling in and have been swirling in your entire life.

        When I see a crazy man on the hill screaming to the world that we better head for the hills because the world is coming to an end… it IS my business to bring you back from the ledge. I work for Disney.

    • sawyer Says:

      show me the quotes of what Ti said…anybody can make statements of fact.

      • Jiminy Says:

        you should have it memorized… Ti and Do said you should listen to the tapes over and over and over and over and over again because every time you will get something more out of them.

        I listened to them once and all I can say is… WHERE’S THE BEEF??? There is so little of anything except pettiness in them.

        These are your holy works… and you can’t quote them chapter and verse????

        Aren’t you packing up for the apocalypse and headin’ for the hills?

  6. sawyer Says:

    just like I thought – all wind no substance.

  7. sawyer Says:

    a little as i only saw him in movies, didn’t know the man, but it was his choice, so why be sad about someones exercise of their choice when he wasn’t taking anyone else’s choice to live away by his choice, as is done every day by governments (by the way comprised of religionists and anti-religionists) in the name of profiteering, power-mongering and retribution, etc.

    I have no idea why he chose hanging. Maybe he didn’t want to leave any doubt about what he was doing. as so many when they die from an overdose leave that question, but then again a note could have explained himself. Even still a note requires more forethought I suppose. Maybe he thought he deserved a death sentence like that for some reason. When it was first reported that he was asphyxiated, I have to admit I wondered if there was any relation to Do and Crew’s exit. I KNOW WELL THAT IS A LONG, LONG SHOT but just because none of us who were in the group who still believe in them don’t keep lists on those who have expressed belief doesn’t mean those don’t exist and I’m sure there are some that have degrees of belief that takes the shape of “I wonder if that was what they said it was”, which then mostly get’s lost but can surface any time one is faced with trama.

    It’s not at all important to me that anyone else believes in what I believe in nor that there are any others expressed or not in degrees or not but the evidence is there are, yet I don’t know how many nor if and when they might express themselves to others that might make it’s way to those of us who are public with our belief.

    Even my saying this sets me up for more criticism but then again most everything I say does the same so I just let it out when someone stimulates it. I understand criticism and it’s actually healthy especially given the vast amount of misinformation that abounds.

    And just because Ti and Do and Crew see humans as plants doesn’t mean they are worthless plants to them. It’s not a put down to be a “plant” anymore than it’s a put down to recognize that we are a mammalian plant. I don’t look down on my dog but I know her limitations and tendencies and don’t care to operate on her level though in some ways must to live – eg, eat, sleep, have fun and even work.

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