A Ti and Do believer talks about “laying down his life” when the GREATEST service NOW is to “STAND for THEM”

A Ti and Do believer talks about “laying down his life” when the GREATEST service NOW is to “STAND for THEM”

The Luciferian space alien fallen angels would love to get us out of the way and will use any method to accomplish that just like they did after Jesus left that became a largely distorted religion.

I keep hearing from new believers in Ti and Do with two directions they want to take. One is to have a “group” like Ti and Do’s “classroom” for the commoradery they believe that provides and second that they feel they want to “lay down their lives” as Do and Crew did. Here is the latest comment from a long time new believer in Ti and Do and my response follows. This is not the first time we have talked about this but I think his comment does spell out the overall context of past communications we have had. He also wanted to have a group as have others.

A believers comment:

I do know what it is you are sharing, when you are advising not to lay down our lives, at present. Because we need more TI, and DO believers to remain here on Earth to share the information with those who are potential future students. To stay here as (DO), mentioned would be suicide, and Ludacris . I have been looking at this from an experiential perspective; living in a define moment, in standards that are far below, any have put to the test. When I left everything behind to follow DO, it was done wholly. I left everything, including family, especially when it threatened, my evolutionary process to the next level. I have been in freezing cold , bone chilling environments, with tears streaking down my face while sleeping. I have lived in horrible human conditions, with others, such as living in the systems shelters, after leaving the forest, due to climate change, as I have also had to put up living with family, while to playing along, while knowing my place in the next level. At present as you know, my mission will be to leave this world completely behind me. Trust in God, and trust (DO), will be on the other side waiting. I also want you to know that my leaving this world was not encourage by you, I’m telling this because I don’t want you feel guilty. You are a good soul, who have always meant well.

Sawyers response:

I believe you are taking what Do said about staying here out of context. The object isn’t death – it’s “giving your life” in service as has always been the case. That will result in death of our humanness and death of the physical body and you can choose to accelerate it, the “death” part. Why did you leave your human family? Was it for the next level or was it to get away from human things? Why do you bring up sleeping cold and crying as a criteria to leave your body. I am not concerned that there are people to tell about Ti and Do for new believers sake. It doesn’t take many to do that. The telling others about Ti and Do is the “service” Do gave us to provide that SHOWS THEM we want to be in their family just like when jesus said, “bear fruit” – that’s “give service”. Yes that has a duel purpose in that other “fruit” develop from doing so, but that’s not our motivation. Our motivation is service to the Older Members. And suicide is staying here which is applicable to our souls staying here which is applicable to continuing allegiance to the human kingdom. Going with them meant at that time literally going with them as a part of that “first fruit” harvest. That time in my opinion has clearly passed but is still in affect as pertaining to the second and final harvest. What was that dream you had painting the bridge? It’s DOING THE WORK and the SAME WORK THEY DID – bringing all their information to the world’s ears, which is the function of the bridge between the Next Level and the human kingdom. If Ti and Do took the attitude that hardship here was a reason to exit by laying down their lives they would have left in 1976. Everyday people kill themselves to escape hardship of one form or another. I’d bet you could hear voices that say…”of course sawyer would tell you not to lay down your life, he didn’t want to lay down his”, which is NOT my motivation, though I admit if someone did at this time it could stimulate a renewal of hatred for Ti and Do and then those that are STANDING for them public ally making me more of fugitive. I know it will go that way more and more in these last days but that doesn’t mean I am looking forward to it. Perhaps if I was as miserable as you say you are I would want to leave as well, but even still there is a big difference in being miserable because the public housing authorities don’t provide a way for people to move up, or whatever it was you spoke about as part of the criteria for wanting to leave your body and being miserable because you want to be with the older member, you have only begun to know. But perhaps you do have such a connection with Do that you feel certain he would approve of your exit at this time. I can’t say except from what you have told me and I see a great deal of human and spiritual thinking about him and the Next Level. That’s not trying to say I don’t also have a great deal of human thinking, etc. I flunked out because I needed more lessons.

In the end, it’s of course up to you but you needn’t include me in your choice and perhaps your soul will be saved. I don’t know but none of us can assume anything. it took many years for Do to feel it was the time after exploring many avenues for exit which involved trying them. it took time because as he and Ti said many times, they needed to stay as long as possible for the students to achieve the maximum “viability”. It’s quite obvious there is more to do here and it’s quite obvious Do clearly outlined the three groups of people that would “go with him” well after his exit of his incarnation but is there evidence to exit now and achieve one’s maximum growth – no, there is no evidence of that.

I believe it’s a luciferian space alien fallen angel that wants to get you out of the way the same as they want to get me out of the way in whatever way they can accomplish that by either stopping our talk about Ti and Do or losing our vehicle or by turning us against Ti and Do. And they always do this by twisting things the Older Members said to fancy what they want.

Have you really stood for Ti and Do? Test it. Put up a web site, talk about all they talked about. Post all they said. Make video’s, go to the street to talk about them if you like. I have and will do so more. Find a free room in a library, get a donation of posters, advertise a meeting about them and give a talk about them. Show Ti and Do you want to work for them and then after you have done that if you still feel to exit, that’s still your business to choose but then it will be thought out and not because of fear of uncomfortable conditions.

What you do is your business, but I am curious about what specifically you are referring to when you said: “I left everything, including family, especially when it threatened, my evolutionary process to the next level”. What about “family threatened your evolutionary process to the Next Level”?

When you say you “Trust in God, and trust (DO), will be on the other side waiting”, why is Do in parentheses. Is he an afterthought? Why don’t you want to serve Do and “God” in the way you’ve been given? Why is it the only way of thinking you are pinning on your decision what Do said about there being a “brief period of time to follow us”. Don’t you know that to Do, their time frame is 1 day of their time to 1000 years of human time, so why do you feel an urgent need to exit your body on the chance Do will be waiting for you, and because you don’t like the shelters. I’m sure there are plenty of homeless that would prefer death to their life in the shelter system. As I said to you before, the shelter system can be an excellent way to tell others in that system about Ti and Do, the service Do spoke about doing and thereby qualifying to be saved. There are millions of people who talk to God and talk about Jesus and even believe they are living their life for Jesus that never tell anyone what ALL he said about the requirements to be on Their team and as Jesus said, “they don’t know him”. I’m not saying you are one of those. That’s not for me to say but to assume Do would greet you may depend upon whether you have actually started a relationship with him and knew exiting was met with his approval. Ti and Do always said, “if in doubt don’t”. Do you have no doubt about leaving? What’s the harm in asking Do and looking for a clear signal. Didn’t you once ask Do some questions and he indicated to look to those who had been with him for contact, or was that another who believes in Ti and Do? You have said to me many times that I was an excellent tool and so forth, so why is it now that I simply “have good intentions”. Where did I go astray from trying to be a good representative of Ti and Do? I’m not saying I am a good representative but I am interested to know where I have strayed if you have something to say about it.

If I were you I would start pleading to Ti and Do to help you determine if this is the right step for you, the step THEY WOULD HAVE YOU TAKE at this time and then wait for an answer that’s is very, very clear as they don’t take these things causually. I know they will answer you in a way you can not deny and they may give you the choice. I mean you will always have the choice. But if they say to you, “feed my sheep” or the equivilent then you can’t; do that without your physical vehicle.

8 Responses to “A Ti and Do believer talks about “laying down his life” when the GREATEST service NOW is to “STAND for THEM””

  1. Bill Pullman Says:

    “teachings”???? what teachings??? They taught you how to make minute rice and measure ingredients.

    Also, do made it very very clear that you had to leave with him because the earth was being recycled… he made it seem pretty darn final in his suicide video…

    Now YOU are saying there are degrees to it???? Oh SAUL OF TARSUS… you should be ashamed of yourself — IF any of this was true in the slightest way… as it is, you are just a nut fanning the smoke of a dead cult from many years ago…

    what? was DO wrong about recycling to??? and that we had to leave with them???

    Put another way: Was he right about anything? Name one humongous fact he was right about that has come true after his death…

    It has to be a concrete verifiable fact… you can’t.

    do you know why? because it was all made up! Heck, I could make that stuff up, too… I mean it is interesting to YOU because you think you were part of something big… but you were only part of something tiny… a tiny ridiculous misled cult. It was fun, I suppose–if you aren’t into pussy and enjoying life… I used to pretend I was captain of a spaceship when I was a kid… I liked doing it… I always knew it was pretend…

    And now YOU know it was pretend… Don’t feel bad! Man, it was the 70’s, baby… people were getting into lots of kooky stuff, man, DIG IT????

    You folks just never stopped pretending…. I bet it was sorta fun… like being in a band or something… here was something you could do WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL EXCEPT BELIEVE…. no studying, no HARD WORK… just sit back and “believe”…

    And now… to NOT believe… PERISH THE THOUGHT. “Get Back”…. get back to where you once belonged.

    Fix your teeth… clean yourself up… go outside and take a deep breath and glory in the sunshine… seriously, fix your teeth… the broken window theory… if you let those go, you’ve really just given up.

    Pretty sure this won’t be approved to be seen by others… you don’t want me, the Luciferian Space Alien getting any press. DO YOU SEE HOW RIDICULOUS THAT IS???

    I’m just a man…. one man… Lucifer? good lord — GROW UP… GROW A SACK and ditch the myths.

    Can you name one cult that is more ridiculous than yours? I’ll wait… this will be a good exercise for you…

    • sawyer Says:

      no i didn’t approve your recent past posts because they are a complete waste of my time as is responding to anything you have said here. I don’t mind your thoughts nor anyone that wants to believe your thoughts. If they settle for what you say, it’s their choice, but I’m not giving you any more time and I may not even read them hereafter as it’s simply a time and energy issue, nothing more as nothing you say is backed by reality. That’s NOT all Do said. The last thing he said doesn’t update everything he said or he would have said this is an update from all the massive amounts of things he and his student body said over the last several years before they left especially and I have learned that that point of view is clearly expressed in prophecy, so there, you got a little of my time, but it’s the whole picture that is important as it always has been and you could listen to those tapes 100 times and not get even one of the pieces. I am aware of how much I missed but what I missed just showed me even more that it was ME who was missing it, not them in their delivery.

    • crlody Says:

      It would be “recycling too” not “to”. Perhaps you’re not as smart as you think you are and perhaps you’re spending a lot of energy attacking this (as you’ve obviously done before using other names besides that of an actor who was in Lost Highway) because you have nothing better to do but to foolishly try to lord yourself over others and make pathetic and superficial judgments about them while you constantly exalt yourself by trying to demean them. Your behavior only demeans yourself What you write demonstrates that you have made no attempt to understand anything about this group or what they stood for. You have a pre-programmed agenda to attack Do and the Class and anyone who stands up for them. You are, as Sawyer stated, a waste of time and somewhat akin to a psychic vampire who only can function by trying to drain others. You seem to feel it is your duty to tell others how they should think which is a prime indicator of both your arrogance and your ignorance. You probably wouldn’t even be able to define yourself unless you were doing so by condescending to someone else. Why don’t you go outside and take a deep breath and stop worrying about what others believe and focus your all-seeing eyes on yourself and your own behavior. Your behavior is one of the innumerable reasons why I find the world of humans to be such an abrasive and ignorant place. Go look in the mirror before you start pointing fingers at others.

  2. Todd Beakman Says:

    It is simply logic! Logic and science — I’m not the ONE telling you that the Emperors weren’t wearing clothes… EVERYONE is telling you that.

    If Do and Ti had even a flywing’s width of depth/meaning/truth to what they said — there would be more than 2 people who give a hoot about it…

    Yet — nobody… not a handful of the 8 billion people who have heard of the outlandish koo-koo ka-joobiness. “The crew” lived like the typical moonbeam cultmembers and they died like the typical moonbeam cult members.

    But then what happened? Nary a peep (no pun intended)… the world re-acted in exactly the way the world re-acts every time a bunch of moonbeam cult member commit suicide… then >nothing<… nothing…

    Now every meteor or earthquake is a "sign" to you two… but the world keeps turning without even the tiniest bit of reflex to whatever the cosmic thing those suicides were supposed to render… NOTHING.

    The first thing people wondered was — huh, I wonder if this was another Solar Temple thing… nope… just regular run-of-the-mill cult activity.

    The entire thing is relegated to the reference books on kooky cults… where it will stay until man is gone.

    Just like the people's temple… (not that your cult was just like the people's temple, don't get confused — just that your cult is relegated to the same dustbin of history that that cult has been relegated to…. congrats!)

    • sawyer Says:

      That’s right Todd. it’s designed to provide a choice and it’s never been about attracting large numbers. There may only be 144 actual souls that they designed seats for in various crews, perhaps less, not saying 144 are graduates from the human condition but that 144 gave their lives sufficiently to be given further tasks to do, to where some will receive Next Level bodies and will not have to return to the human condition to overcome any further, while others may be put on ice or given what Do spoke about as “domestic” tasks. And then perhaps the Next Level will only “save on ice” (not literal) some “thousands”, which was a general term for a myriad or even a family or tribe. Thus each tribe may have 12 + a myriad of souls/spirits saved and the rest of the humans and the spirit world will simply run their course of life for however long it is while the Next Level quickly wipes the civilization clean off the face of the planet, though perhaps will keep some genetic stock safe in some ways in certain areas for the next replanting which is depicted in revelations as 1000 years without all the trouble we are only just beginning to see at this time. But you are perfectly right about how most see Ti and Do’s group. For those that believe in Ti and Do, as who they said they were and there many teachings on how to overcome all aspects of the human condition, there will be triggers upcoming (I believe from my prophecy deciphering) that will be like smelling salts that will get some putting more and more effort into telling others about Ti and Do again. The Next Level is not in a hurry and don’t operate in human time so it seems like nothing is happening but of course if one doesn’t want to see what’s happening then they can’t. It’s a choice and it’s off or on. But “on” is in degrees. We are all potentially turning ON brighter and brighter and it’s not easy. I have stepped up my expression of my beliefs in ways I don’t post here in my personal life and because it’s clear I neither want nor need for others to believe what I express about certain events and “signs” as I see them, some are paying more attention to what I suggest. And that is a fully honest expression on my part. It’s a beautiful design when you can work for someone and not have a need or desire for gratification in so doing because the only real gratification comes from our Older Member. Sure it’s nice to hear someone say they see deeper into something you’ve been given to see for a long time, whether it’s related to Ti and Do or not, but there is no sensory uplift from it. It’s strictly a mental uplift of sorts that points to how each human is making their choices to reach for the “light” or not and it’s at their own speed, as is the case with me as well. For some it’s finally seeing the way the food systems have become toxic waste dumps in our bodies. For others it’s seeing how there are so many lies and manipulations of public opinion by all the so called mainstream and alternative sources whether they know it or not that render them untrustworthy of telling the truth, yet at the same time that enables the thirsty for the truth on any subject to crave it and when they crave it, it’s like sending a Morse code signal to the engineers on the spacecrafts that oversee their “garden” operation that says to them….there’s a light turning on over there, so they dispatch a crew to give them some help to find that greater truth and we see another whistle blower that can’t contain themselves any longer coming forward. Like Jesus said, all that is hidden will be revealed, but that didn’t mean all humans will SEE because to SEE they have to want to SEE and that means being open to SEE which means LOOKING at what there is to SEE whether it proves to be more misinformation or not. By seeking, that attention they are given by the Next Level crew begins to provide just a tad more discernment. They will not necessarily know for certain what the exact truth about a story is, but they will see facets of it that ring truer than other facets that ring false.

      • Todd Beakman Says:

        144,000 = 12000 ecclesia from each of the 12 tribes of Israel — LITERALLY… the bible is LITERALLY speaking of the 12 tribes of Israel… it isn’t talking figuratively at all…

        I don’t know if any in the cult were Jewish — but they would be the only ones even POTENTIALLY referenced in those scriptures… which are all myth by the way.

        The bible is very very very clear on the matter.

        You are probably a gentile… do is probably a gentile… NONE of biblical prophecy applies to you.

        If you aren’t at least studying the bible — you are just making stuff up.

        Which you know is exactly what you are doing. You are just making stuff up now.

        You hope… but you don’t know.

        All prophecy is JEW ONLY!!! Certain sects of x-ianity have interpreted themselves into the jewish enclave but they are bastardizing the very clear message in the bible…

        Plus, prophecy has stopped… it will only start again after the temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt — LITERALLY! not some hippie commune in Nevada… no… literally the temple in Jerusalem…

        So you see, Paul… you are grasping… you might just as well read the Tao Te Ching or the Bhagavad Gita… because you are just twisting myths anyways.

        In, fact, why don’t you read greek mythology… I bet you can find lots of parallels there, too.


    • crlody Says:


      Apparently you really do have nothing better to do than to constantly attack this. You speak of logic and yet how logical is it for you to spend all of this energy telling Sawyer and I how “crazy” we are? I already asked you that and you conveniently didn’t address it like you haven’t addressed anything I’ve stated to you. You just want someone to look down on, plain and simple and all that makes is you ordinary and like everyone else. You’re a blind sheep and the irony of course is that you think that of us. You have been nothing but disrespectful from the get-go and yet Sawyer has been nice enough to try to communicate with you and all you can do is to keep heaping on the negativity and insults and lauding yourself. So now I am responding in kind; here’s the deal Todd, GO AWAY!!!! Seriously, go away and leave Sawyer alone. You’re a waste of time and energy and I will not bother to read anything more that you have to say because you keep behaving like a disrespectful child with some serious ego issues, We don’t owe you any kind of explanation for anything. NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY EXCEPT YOU MR. CLUELESS! Find a hobby besides attacking HG and Sawyer. And don’t assume that Sawyer and I are exactly the same and make ridiculous statements like “every meteor and earthquake are a sign to you two”. Seriously, go look in the mirror instead of spending weeks trying to tell others how off-track they are. Just because you aren’t aware of your motivations doesn’t mean that others are unaware.

      • Todd Beakman Says:

        He did think that Comet ISON was an armada of alien spaceships.

        I’m the opposite of a sheep obviously: I’m a critical thinker!

        🙂 Love the discussion… Peace, Tim

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