Response to a comment saying Ti and Do’s group is seen as just another cult most have forgot about

That’s right Todd. it’s designed to provide a choice and it’s never been about attracting large numbers. There may only be 144 actual souls that they designed seats for in various crews, perhaps less, not saying 144 are graduates from the human condition but that 144 gave their lives sufficiently to be given further tasks to do, to where some will receive Next Level bodies and will not have to return to the human condition to overcome any further, while others may be put on ice or given what Do spoke about as “domestic” tasks. And then perhaps the Next Level will only “save on ice” (not literal) some “thousands”, which was a general term for a myriad or even a family or tribe. Thus each tribe may have 12 + a myriad of souls/spirits saved and the rest of the humans and the spirit world will simply run their course of life for however long it is while the Next Level quickly wipes the civilization clean off the face of the planet, though perhaps will keep some genetic stock safe in some ways in certain areas for the next replanting which is depicted in revelations as 1000 years without all the trouble we are only just beginning to see at this time. But you are perfectly right about how most see Ti and Do’s group. For those that believe in Ti and Do, as who they said they were and there many teachings on how to overcome all aspects of the human condition, there will be triggers upcoming (I believe from my prophecy deciphering) that will be like smelling salts that will get some putting more and more effort into telling others about Ti and Do again. The Next Level is not in a hurry and don’t operate in human time so it seems like nothing is happening but of course if one doesn’t want to see what’s happening then they can’t. It’s a choice and it’s off or on. But “on” is in degrees. We are all potentially turning ON brighter and brighter and it’s not easy. I have stepped up my expression of my beliefs in ways I don’t post here in my personal life and because it’s clear I neither want nor need for others to believe what I express about certain events and “signs” as I see them, some are paying more attention to what I suggest. And that is a fully honest expression on my part. It’s a beautiful design when you can work for someone and not have a need or desire for gratification in so doing because the only real gratification comes from our Older Member. Sure it’s nice to hear someone say they see deeper into something you’ve been given to see for a long time, whether it’s related to Ti and Do or not, but there is no sensory uplift from it. It’s strictly a mental uplift of sorts that points to how each human is making their choices to reach for the “light” or not and it’s at their own speed, as is the case with me as well. For some it’s finally seeing the way the food systems have become toxic waste dumps in our bodies. For others it’s seeing how there are so many lies and manipulations of public opinion by all the so called mainstream and alternative sources whether they know it or not that render them untrustworthy of telling the truth, yet at the same time that enables the thirsty for the truth on any subject to crave it and when they crave it, it’s like sending a Morse code signal to the engineers on the spacecrafts that oversee their “garden” operation that says to them….there’s a light turning on over there, so they dispatch a crew to give them some help to find that greater truth and we see another whistle blower that can’t contain themselves any longer coming forward. Like Jesus said, all that is hidden will be revealed, but that didn’t mean all humans will SEE because to SEE they have to want to SEE and that means being open to SEE which means LOOKING at what there is to SEE whether it proves to be more misinformation or not. By seeking, that attention they are given by the Next Level crew begins to provide just a tad more  discernment. They will not necessarily know for certain what the exact truth about a story is, but they will see facets of it that ring truer than other facets that ring false. 

22 Responses to “Response to a comment saying Ti and Do’s group is seen as just another cult most have forgot about”

  1. Todd Beakman Says:

    To my knowledge, Do never said anything about 144. Also, he said the only way to escape recycling was through him — LAST CALL! he said… so you’re bastardizing the thing that you hold sacred…

    Which is completely farcical… not a speck of truth in any of it ever. Except for what wild-eyed toothless nuts see in the stars… which reminds me Do and Ti had you rubes doing ASTROLOGICAL CHARTS…. I suppose you believe in that too…

    Anyway SAUL OF TARSUS… you are continuing to just make stuff up b/c the alternative is just too horrible to face… THE TRUTH. You run SCARED of the truth. So you just make stuff up — or you look through scriptures and find things to justify your wild-eyed speculation… People been doing THAT for centuries, bro… and lots of the nuttier ones believed that the scriptures were written about THEM just like you — HOW LUDICROUS??? Don’t you see the ridiculousness?

    Study the scriptures someday… read scholarly articles on the subject… you’ll see how far off you are.

    You look around and see all the trouble in the world — I’ll tell ya: There’s been trouble coming everyday for hundreds and hundreds of years… there are always troubles… there are always wars, famines, meteorites, eclipses, hurricanes, political strife, cults, etc.

    • sawyer Says:

      Do did talk about the prospect that each of his students may have a strain of humans who they may be assigned to help. The number is not important to that idea that did come from me. The 144 comes from Jesus prophecy in the book of revelations that we know both Ti and Do referred to as Next Level information though it wasn’t their job to delve into in detail.

      That’s right, the only way to escape the recycling is through Ti and Do specifically though He said that even someone who never heard of Ti and Do could be saved. I documented this already.

      Yes astrology was instigated by Ti as a “game” but there was no question whatsoever that Ti and Do both knew well that the sun, moon and planets and stars all can have affects directly or indirectly on the garden they design. They never used it as a way to make a decision and didn’t allow our doing our own or another students natal chart and they said their students were no longer subject to the influences from the literal “heavens”.

      Like I said, I agree there have always been wars, etc. as you mentioned as far as we know by our tiny history but the specific way and timing they play out in particular geographic areas at particular times in history is where one can start to consider if there is something new happening. As far as we know there has never in this civilization been a global human leadership with a global economy and a global communication system right in the hand of nearly everyone on the globe with all the stuff being able to be seen in space and much much more that is completely NEW so then when we see things talked about before in what’s called prophecy that shows many so called coincidences in their happening during the time when all this global “end of the human world” stuff was predicted, if it doesn’t make one at least “wonder” then that is because they don’t want to “wonder” or perhaps don’t have the capacity.

      I could be wrong but I doubt you don’t have the capacity. I suspect you do have the capacity to open up more which may be why you are fighting so as it’s no doubt fearful to see yourself as one of those who might believe such things. The truth, what is most real does grow on us if we allow it to and one does tend to feel insane and as if they are becoming nothing when they begin to give their unseen influences their walking papers.

      • Todd Beakman Says:

        Uhh.. revelations wasn’t written by Jesus… also, prophecy only applies to Jews… you need to really study the Bible holistically. It is very very clear.

        Ahh, I remember that Do said the reason technology was advancing was because of “you people” being on the planet. Not because of the millions of man hours of study, dedication, and hard work of tens of thousands of individuals… nope, you folks did it. Even though you don’t know the difference between an eigenvector and Hannibal lector.

        globalization has many impacts — but it has absolutely nothing to do with invisible space aliens.

        I wonder all the time… I’m full of wonder… I speculate all angles … I see religionS from all sides… but I also have a brain.

        Ain’t nothing growing on me unless I know beyond all doubt that it is true — and that requires proof. If there were a “next level” as your cult conceived it, they would EXPECT us to want proof. Yet nothing exists… nothing…

        YOu are the author of your own myth… have fun with that.

      • sawyer Says:

        but who are the Jews? They are the “overcomers”. The meaning of the name Israeli is, “those who prevail as jehovah”. Prevail and conquer and overcome are all synonyms. Plus, if you read the many prophecies it says the information is made available to all nations, kindreds, tongues, etc. though naturally only those prepared genetically and directly during the time right before the new incarnations will have the perspective to SEE. However, how many were prepared is anybody’s guess so claiming elitism is another excuse to bash someone who chooses to believe as perhaps all of us have some genetic preparation and that may be enough to “change our minds” (repentance) when the true information about the reality of the Level Above Human is provided to us and we are someone who really does want to know the truth. For instance, if someone never looks at anything and allows themselves to at least “wonder” if it is reflective of reality then they are not really open to the truth. I imagine that might apply to anything. We see a news report and we “wonder if this is what actually happened” instead of making snap judgement as we see all over the internet in many stories.

        Okay, yes, we have no record that Jesus wrote anything that’s become public today, so it’s a matter of “belief” that what was recorded as coming from his mouth/brain was true or not or at the least a translation of what he said or did. The book of revelations is the same. The same with what Moses is credited with actually writing that is/was also questioned and no doubt has also been the subject of some tampering over the years since. However, there are certain consistencies that someone who puts their “logic” aside about, long enough to “wonder” if it’s true that then provide us with what just might be a greater “logic” that has more data that provides more pieces to the puzzle. So when we see more pieces there is the accumulative tendency to be more knowledgeable on the subject, though still not certain beyond a shadow of a doubt but can become enough to take a tiny “leap of faith” to ask more questions to pull in even a greater perspective. In that way, we grow and always have the choice to throw in the towel.

        Yes, Ti and Do did say that it was because of the Next Level’s closer physical presence in the planet’s atmosphere that provided the information that could be drawn by any humans who sought to understand something better to get ideas that could then turn into new technologies. Even the space aliens were brought here, or allowed to find their way here or allowed to hide from recycling before this current civilization, (their ancestors, that is) because of what they accumulated in experience being among humans in various ways add an influence to what humans can become aware of, mostly through the discarnate world. Dead humans or human equivalents have that same capacity to influence a living human who is seeking in some way, by literally coming into the living human’s brain/body that by the equivalent desires sets up an actual database interface and walla a human has an idea to try this or that and from doing so, experiences something that points them in the same or another direction to continue to develop what they are working on. That doesn’t take away from each individuals accomplishments. They still had to put out the effort to want to know or do more.

        And yes, Ti and Do said their student body were also Souls that came with them from their Next Level spacecraft dwellings to take over human vehicles to progress their overcoming of the human condition. Those souls are not nebulous entities. They are living containers that hold Mind (information/data) in a similar way that a brain holds Mind/information data that has it’s own electromagnetic structure that Ti and Do didn’t describe that way but I have extrapolated from my research into genes that I don’t claim to be a master of, but feel until I see something greater works for my brain to understand the mechanics of, which is what today would be called the “science of mind” or metaphysics. Anyway, so every soul container that returned was like a module of data of their experiences so become available among humans when they are physically present, though discarnate. (there seems to be a different kind of physical to a soul from a discarnate human spirit’s form of physicality, though I don’t understand that very well yet and like I said, it’s all subject to further understanding as I know I lack a great deal, but also feel I can count on what Ti and Do said as evidence plenty, but in talking with people that don’t believe in Ti and Do or used to but don’t now, if they are really open minded, some of what I have investigated may jive with some that they have investigated and so there is that added chance they could form a new connection with the source (not me of course) but with the Mind that originated all of it, even the options to disbelieve and go against them. (So we would all have complete free will, for as long as we live, that is.)

        But pre-determining what is absolutely NOT possible is a strange way of claiming to be open to anything more, isn’t it?

      • Todd Beakman Says:

        The Jews are the children of Abraham… god’s chosen people… read the myth and follow it. At least be true to it. By Jew he means Jew — in the end even the 12 tribes will still be important because prophecy is Jew Only… The funny thing is that it was actually PAUL who spoke to you (a gentile)… Jesus came only for the Jew which is ABUNDANTLY clear from even a cursory reading of the first 4 books of the new testament.

        If you look back, there is a continuous arc of technological advances. The Guttenberg press sparked a huge increase in the slope of that arc… the computer did the same thing… if you trace the technology, there is NO thing that was given to us “plants” to make it easier… everything is a clear advance with the minutest details in between each mapped out.

        When DO said that mankind has advanced so much because of a bunch of drop out space hippies from the 70’s, I know point blank that that is an ABSOLUTE and provable lie.

        You can see the molasses-like pace that technology has taken to get where it is now…

        Plus, an exponential amount of technological advance has happened since the space hippies committed SUICIDE? I mean come on… you have to be a complete buffoon to buy that line from DO… it is an incontrovertible lie.

        If you say the space hippies increased tech advance, then why hasn’t the absence of them caused a DECREASE in the speed of that tech advance… you don’t look at anything logically. And to answer, you’ll just make something up or quote scripture that doesn’t even apply to you.

        They lied to you so many times though… you cats always forgave them because you loved to pretend play star trek… the alternative would have been to accept that you are like everyone else.

        Do was a technological idiot, too — he admitted something to that effect on the tapes… during the time when a computer became available… he didn’t even want to touch it b/c that wasn’t his “bag” to use a hippie term.

        Mankind has earned the technology it has through the sweat and tears of millions… Mankind deserves the technology it has, and the catastrophes it will ultimately help bring to the planet.

        Ti said she wouldn’t die… she laughed at the thought… that was a lie.

        It isn’t walla… it is voila — a French expression.

        And YOU are the enlightened one???? Good lord… none of them were enlightened. It was all make believe.

        I am NOT open to believing “make believe”… I enjoy making believe, though. I know the difference.

        I know there aren’t bigfoots living on the moon — that doesn’t mean I’m not open to things… just I use knowledge, experience, science, and common sense to progress.

        I don’t just make things up… you are researching??? Unreal… you are just continuing to make things up.

  2. Todd Beakman Says:

    Most of the 8 billion haven’t even heard of your cult… but I didn’t say your cult was forgotten… heck people still talk about Jonestown every 5 year anniversary… and they’ll probably talk about your cult on the next 5 year anniversary… so, hope you get your teeth fixed before 2017!

    Most people who pay attention haven’t forgotten your cult… good lord, yours was probably one of the most ridiculous cults in recent memory… it’ll take a really REALLY bizarre group of people to top what you folks did… you PLAYED STAR TREK!!! You pretended you were pushing buttons and had tricorders and stuff!!!

    You folks will be laughingstocks for decades to come… long after you are dead, people will talk about “remember that weird cult”… and someone at the table will say.. “no, I don’t”… and they’ll be regaled with the story and laugh late into the evening… yeah, they castrated themselves… yeah, they pretended to be on star trek pushing buttons and pretending… they drank vodka and painkillers … some added applesauce. Err, don’t you think the next level would have somehow done something else? Like the spaceship Do and Ti promised over and over that never happened? Wait, NOTHING they said ever happened.

    Messengers of Deception… but you still … despite all the evidence you STILL… cling… b/c the alternative of facing the truth would be too horrible to consider… right? To even open the lid and look in is too much… you HAVE to stay the course.

    • crlody Says:


      Ti and Do never “promised a spaceship over and over”. They never prophesied a date for the recycling of the planet and yet you and many others like you (although many of you are probably the same person posing as numerous individuals) always insist that they did and you claim that since this civilization is still here it’s somehow proof that they were off-track. What do you believe in Todd? Apparently it’s nothing but your own almighty ego and hurling insults and lording yourself over others. How many different aliases have you used to attack this? Do you have nothing better to do with your time except to constantly hurl negativity and play God with your ill-informed judgments? Why are you focusing so much time and energy on Ti and Do and Sawyer? Your constant barrage of condescension and patronization is as tiresome as it is unoriginal and the only person you’re fooling with your routine is yourself. You spend an awful lot of energy using different aliases to attack HG and just what are you trying to prove and who are you trying to prove it to? If all you know how to do with the gift of existence is to keep attacking others then what does that say about you as an individual?

      You know those closeted gay politicians that are public homophobes? You’re kind of like that. Methinks you doth protest too much Mr. Judge and Jury. Facing the truth must be “too horrible” for you so you might as well keep up this trite and pathetic attack-dog routine. Go get ’em boy, hurling insults and being supercilious is always the best way to communicate with others. Whatever you do don’t turn your almighty judgments onto yourself because facing the truth “would be too horrible to consider….you HAVE to stay the course”.

  3. Todd Beakman Says:

    I like the republican dig! Nice… The only course I have to stay is logic, common sense, and science…

    You stay the course with a ridiculous world view of myths and outlandish cultlike beliefs.

    Are you 100% certain? Just asking… if you are 100% certain, then you should be able to convince anyone with logic and reasoning… but you wouldn’t be able to convince anyone with any intelligence at all that your stuff has anything to do with reality.

    I’m telling you — grow up and face reality! You are both living the wrong way — and I’m here to get you two knuckleheads back onto spaceship earth so you can salvage something with the rest of your lives…

    • crlody Says:

      I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. That’s the difference between you and me. I have enough respect for individuals to honor their own choices and you don’t, you think it’s your god-given duty to tell others what to do and how to live which really makes you no different than many religious individuals but I doubt you’ll ever allow yourself to see the irony of that. Your system of logic is faulty as the more you keep up these enfeebled protests of yours the more you’re proving that the person that you’re trying to convince that you’re in the right is YOURSELF! If you are so comfortable with your world view you wouldn’t spend so much energy trying to foist it on others. You really are one of the most painfully unself-aware individuals I’ve ever had the displeasure of communicating with.

      How could you possibly know that I’m living the wrong way oh outlandishly arrogant one. Do you have the manual for living the “right way”? Did you write it? You know NOTHING about me and how I live my life and all of your arrogant posturing and judgments only serve to exemplify your own insecurities and fears. . Good bye Todd, perhaps it’s time for you to grow up and face reality and stop judging others as if you were Almighty God. Your judgments about others will come back to haunt you one day. I really do feel sorry for you that you have nothing better to do except to spend scads of energy telling others how they should live. Find a better hobby.

      • Jonas Beakman Says:

        Dude… your “perhaps it’s time for you to grow up and face reality” is probably one of THE finest examples of “the pot calling the kettle black”.

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t know to what you are referring I get real about.

      • crlody Says:

        As usual Todd you address nothing that I state and tell me I am the pot calling the kettle black when I tell you to grow up and face reality and stop judging others for what they believe. It is time for you to face reality “Todd”, you’re behaving like an arrogant bully and the only reason that you’re doing what you’re doing is because you’re hiding behind a keyboard and because you enjoy lording your self-righteousness over others. You’ve created multiple facebook profiles for trolling purposes (Mary Saillard and Todd Beakman) which I think speaks for itself. You actually have had the audacity to tell me that I’m living “wrong” and that you’re trying to help me “salvage” my life? Save it for someone who is too stupid to see through the self-aggrandizing arrogance. Quit acting like you’re doing this to “save” us from ourselves. You’re doing this to elevate yourself above us because you think that you are so much more intelligent than we are and you quite wrongfully assume that we have an interest in constantly hearing about it. Just keep on insulting me, I’m sure that you’ll get through eventually and help me “salvage” my life since I so desperately need that from you. What would you do with your time if you didn’t have someone to look down upon Todd? “Those who are addicted to finding fault with others have stopped learning from their own mistakes”. The ‘reality” is that no one here cares about your judgments except you, everything you’re doing only serves one purpose, stroking your own ego. So, seriously grow up and face the reality that all you’re trying to do is suck energy from others by demanding validation for your viewpoints. You’re crusading for yourself and yourself only.

  4. Todd Beakman Says:

    From the sunday times…

    “…but over all the cult phenomenon feels increasingly antique, like lava lamps and bell bottoms. ”

    mentions your cult in same breath with Jonestown… to THE WORLD there is very little difference… the kookiness was completely different, but the end result was the same — a bunch of dead cult members.

  5. gemunis Says:

    I am sure there is so much more to this interesting story; thought I share it with you.

    • sawyer Says:

      yes, interesting story. I don’t doubt it. It’s interesting how those aliens look similar to those reported by credo mutwa. I can imagine that if humans were living underground and were experimenting with cross breeding using who knows what source dna in a lab setting, they could come up with who knows what kinds of variety of humanoid looking vehicles. Also, Do very briefly talked about the way the Next Level offered the overcoming program to people from different planetary systems, individuals who as I understood it had been given vehicles by the Next Level, but who were not awarded an adult Next Level vehicle as they didn’t want to repeat the Luciferian rebellion so the latest experiment was arranged to provide an avenue for Luciferian equivilents to sacrifice their existing physical body to join the program on earth of finishing up their overcoming to receive an adult next level body. So who knows what those vehicles look like and whether that one in that pic is one of those or from one of the staged crashes as Do indicated all the crashes didn’t seem to be Next Level directed. Just writing about it now, I can feel all the disbelief in any of this, yet I know it is reality though increasingly there will be less and less capacity for humans to see it as real. In fact, it seems there is less and less capacity to see much of anything beyond what we can touch as real. I guess that’s what is meant by descending into the dark ages. We have to work to hold onto discernment of truth vs. illusion and continuing in human behaviors contributes to less of that discernment. Jesus talked about it as losing even what we’ve been given, that is, if we don’t put it to work for the Next Level by adopting their behaviors and ways and disseminating the truth to others.

      • gemunis Says:

        I suppose there could many, a agendas, imported by the creators, mind, through those who , have receive the next level, chips, who awakened, as next level, informed servants, to begin to to channel, implement to others, through our descriptive behaviours as soul planting seeds, through the info to that of others, who might even have already received, a good chunk of this celestial destined, configuration. I also agree that, even some of the crew members are incarnating, or are due to incarnate, in many of the human vehicles, who’s souls have frequently tapped into this information, in some esoteric life time.

      • sawyer Says:

        it’s not over yet. I agree that Ti and Do have implied there are more souls back who are only after the first crew has left that have found vehicles or are finding vehicles they can take through their own next step in their metamorphosis.

      • gemunis Says:

        Looking forward to your book, Sawyer.

      • sawyer Says:

        me too – I have been too slow but it will be available soon.

  6. gemunis Says:

  7. sawyer Says:

    I don’t believe we do any “soul planting”. However if we spread what Ti and Do taught using their terminology it can be used as like a “smelling salt” for someone who has been given that chip/deposit. Also, we are NOT channelling. We need to be careful of our terminology as it can just add to an already very confused mindset. If channeling worked Ti and Do wouldn’t have come incarnate. The lower forces use channels and we can be used by spirits/discarnates to channel what they want to say/do.

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