Why the Buddha said to someone there is no God while to another that there was a God

Below is a link I found interesting which was part of my study of what Gautama Buddha taught. Do had said he suspected the teachings of the Buddha in regards to renunciation of the world and overcoming of human sensual desires came from the Next Level. I don’t recall him elaborating more than that but Jesus spoke about having “another fold” he was going to tend to after he left and that the two folds would be joined upon his return in the new age. Ti before she awakened completely to her task as Ti, studied Vedic scriptures through the books by Madam Blavatsky the primary founder of the Theosophical Society in NYC. There are many strong consistencies between early Hindu and early Buddhist teachings and there are many students of Buddhism who may appreciate the opportunity to further see those consistencies with Ti and Do’s teachings, behaviors and ways, thus my comment following the link:


What I see many do, is try to apply what was taught thousands of years ago to now WITHOUT including what was taught in between. I believe that the Soul who was incarnate as Krishna was also incarnate as Moses and then incarnate as Gautam Buddha who then was incarnate as Jesus and then showed up, because he didn’t die but took his body with him, in Kashmir or thereabouts because Jesus said he had “another fold” to tend to who would be brought together with him upon his return, which I believe already took place in the names of Ti and Do where Do was that same Soul on the final incarnation for their “garden” project. Thus for the culture of India They, these Living Beings who are Above Human during that time in India when the Buddha awakened to his task of bringing the humans there up a notch in their possible progression towards “graduation” (as the garden is also a school), talking about whether there was a “supreme being” (God) brought a relative answer from the Buddha based on what he felt would help that potential student move to their next grade in school. As the stories go, which are not included in this little article, when an atheist asked the Buddha if there was a God, the Buddha said, “yes”. In the case when a Rama devotee who believed there was a God, asked him if there was a God, he said, “No”. Both answers challenge the student to open their minds to what they don’t know and both responses were honest from the Buddha because of how little ability there was to accurately define what was meant by “god” anyway.

Now the author of this piece used a comparison between what Krishna and Buddha said. It went like this: Krishna says to Arjuna, “Surrender to me, then you will be convinced.” But Buddha says, “Be convinced first, then surrender comes like a shadow. You need not worry about it.”

I believe these are both saying the same thing as “to surrender means you are already convinced” but it’s in degrees of course. One is convinced enough to surrender. It doesn’t mean one doesn’t have questions and doubts about the other. It simply means one is willing to put aside their doubts enough to see if they can be resolved. They are willing to “change their mind” from what they previously thought, which is the definition of “repentance”. No growth of a Mind can occur if something doesn’t change and that change doesn’t have to reverse a previous understanding, it can simply add to that previous understanding, broadening it. So yes, one must be convinced enough first which is the same thing that Jesus was teaching when saying, one needs to believe in me, which by belief he was saying meant “abide in his teachings”. In other words, live his behavior and ways. Do the work. This has become so twisted nowadays, if I say that to many Christians they it’s saying you have to earn your way to belief/studentship to the one who was incarnate as Jesus and they often think that’s like saying you can get to heaven on your own steam, a total misunderstanding of what Jesus was saying by “surrendering to him” as Jesus like the Buddha and like Krishna were teachers to “show humans the way, the path” and they did that by being an example by doing the path themselves. Many don’t want to hear this. They think he did it for us, that is “overcame the world” so we don’t have to, as if we are so great that we get a free ride just because we say the magic words of I believe. And yet, belief in a current representative from the Level Above Human as I say Ti and Do were both, where the Woman, Ti was the same soul who was the Father and Jehovah and probably Vishnu and Do was her “son” may save one’s soul body after they die if they believed they were who they said they were while they were incarnate. And then that saved soul body would be brought back for a new opportunity to further overcome their humanness. But belief includes more than lip service, as Jesus also said but I’ve already overflowed this text box.

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2 Responses to “Why the Buddha said to someone there is no God while to another that there was a God”

  1. Todd Beakman Says:

    Seriously? What a slip-shod, junky, and inelegant view of existence…

    Existence is beautiful and elegant. Just because we don’t have all the answers doesn’t mean we resort to shuffling together all the weird bits from religions and cults which is what you seem to be doing.

    And all your stuff always revolves around the two space hippies… huh? Nuts.

  2. Todd Beakman Says:

    The “truth” is something anyone could discover… think about it, right?

    Also, your cult — think about this for a bit — I think it was more influenced by Steven Spielberg than any true insight… especially Close Encounters…

    Back in the 80’s when I was getting high and drinking Black Label beers on top of haystacks in iowa with my friends looking up at the night sky and marveling… we used to hope that a spaceship would come down and take us away… maybe make us special in some way. Do and Ti just took that a million steps further — but it was the same desire for significance that every human being contains.

    We crawled out of the slime, the ocean, and started walking upright with that same desire (being allegorical so don’t go batshit on me).

    Making stuff up doesn’t make it true. Finding significance in the writings of Nostradamus isn’t anything special either… Ahh… here’s a brilliant idea! You’ll love this… eh-hem:

    Get the writings of Nostradamus. Read them. Study them… And then truthfully tell me… when you read them, you sorta think that a lot of them are about your cult, right?

    Do that experiment. Anyone can find significance in the back of a cereal box… there isn’t even a trick to it.

    It is human nature… and none of you ever Overcame anything… Do just got old and sick and was ready to go… He looked horrible… He said that a “comet” was a sign from Ti even though you could set your watch to appearance.

    Does any of this make sense to you (or CRL) at all?*

    * I must say… I went to CRLODY’s site and he’s almost as messed up as you… was CRLODY interviewed on any tv stuff? I was thinking he was the guy who mentioned he didn’t like the way Do had him shave.

    Remember TLLODY and the bell? Religion buddy… not truth.

    The truth is something we all potentially should be able to find/discover (read:SCIENCE). Your “truth” was something only a handful of space hippies believed in the Close Encounter 70’s.

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