The Rev 19 White Horse may be Do returning in the “glorified body” he took into the cloud of light (ufo) spacecraft as Jesus

I am NOT suggesting he walks around on the planet in this body and this is not a thorough addressing of the idea yet, as I just came upon a Christian who suggested it was his glorified body which I hadn’t considered til then and it made a lot of sense in that this body is described as being “dipped in blood”, so it would not be that body he last occupied as Do. And it also indicates he is returning in his spacecraft with his armada (my word) being the graduate student body who also have “clean white fine linen” bodies and this is part of the battle of Armageddon which is in progress as it’s a battle for souls but what we don’t see much evidence of is how that has it’s physical manifestation in the way governments are preparing to do battle against what they believe to be the space aliens that space aliens have called the bad aliens which are in reality not the reptilians but are Do (in the Jesus glorified body) and Crew as prophesied by Jesus in the parable of the tares. They are returning to oversee the spading of those humans who have become weeds (which I remind we have no capacity to decide who they are specifically, except to know they exist and are running the affairs of the planet and of course don’t consider themselves weeds and these are also assisting Do and Crew by doing some of the spading themselves). I believe that any innocents that lose their lives during this process, may or may not have their spirits  saved by Do and Crew. That’s for the Crew to decide who they have a relationship with.

For any that think this is all over just because there are quite times or the recycling isn’t obviously in full swing yet, if they are alive in the next years they will see more and more to help them change their minds and those that work for Ti and Do by disseminating their information will be put to greater tests that could result in the loss of their physical bodies in the process which will simply be an acceleration of their own progress toward overcoming their humanness and graduating into Next Level membership. Ti and Do didn’t leave all their information behind just for the heck of it and it wasn’t left behind to start a new church/religion with. It was to provide the truth to those that can still embrace it and choose to. It’s our job to make it available continuously in all ways we can until it’s time for our exit. Those who try to preserve their lives in this world, by keeping their belief to themselves risk losing their life in the next world as Jesus said. I don’t know the criteria exactly for others but for me, I’ve got to tell the truth as much as possible for my remaining time in this vehicle.

With this explanation of the title of this post, here is what brought me to this title and post:

I found this site that provides some good bible study for those that want to examine to see what many Christians are saying about various subjects so one can talk their language better and be able to also address where they may be putting a less accurate meaning to scripture.

So I have included a scripture that I didn’t agree with and why: Here is the text followed by the site where I got it and then my comment I left for the publisher that was a quick rebuttal that included the revealing of Ti and Do as the Father and Jesus returned as the Two Witnesses and some clues as to how they fulfilled prophecy in that regard but is far from all the evidence, but at least this gives some a chance to look into the possibility for their own stakes in their relationship with the Next Level.

Thus the bible teacher I found said regarding the two mentions of a “white horse”, which I actually believe he is correct that the second mention in Rev 19 is referring to a “glorified” return, in other words, in his body from 2000 years ago. He provides the two verses below:

*** Start of Bible Teachers Interpretations:

Revelation discusses two prophetic horses, which are both the same color and seem to represent truth and righteousness. This is the conclusion drawn from several Bible Commentaries (Adam Clarke’s Commentary, JFB Bible Commentary, etc.). The truth is, only ONE of the horses is of God!

2. And I looked, and behold, there was a white horse; and the one who was sitting on it had a bow, and a crown was given to him; and he went out conquering, and to conquer. (Revelation 6:2, HBFV)

11. And I saw heaven open; and behold, a white horse; and He Who sat on it is called Faithful and True and in righteousness He does judge and make war . . . 13. And He was clothed with a garment dipped in blood; and His name is The Word of God. (Revelation 19:11, 13)

Clearly, the horse of Revelation 19 represents righteousness and is rode by a glorified Jesus. The rider is clothed in a garment ‘dipped in blood,’ which is Christ’s own blood shed for our sins, and his name is the ‘word of God,’ which is precisely what the apostle John calls Jesus (John 1:1).

What is the meaning of the first horse? For starters, Jesus does not need to receive a crown, which means GIVEN the power (sometime in the future) to conquer or take control. Christ has ALREADY received the ‘crown’ of dominion over the entire universe (Matthew 28:18, Mark 14:62, Colossians 2:10, etc.). Second, Jesus does not need to conquer anything, as conquering implies a struggle where either side has a chance (however small) of gaining victory. Satan has ALWAYS lost against God and has a ZERO chance of ever winning even the tiniest of battles! He utterly and totally FAILED to get Jesus to sin just one time! In fact, the devil did not have the power to unilaterally lay a single finger against just ONE person (Job 1 – 2), but instead had to ask God for permission! At his Second Coming, Jesus will assert his right to rule over mankind with a display of power the goal of which is to get people to repent (see Revelation 9:20 – 21, 16:9).

The horse of Revelation 6 represents the ability of Satan to deceive and SEEM like he represents God. According to the apostle Paul, one of Satan’s primary tactics is to lead people astray by appearing to be “an angel of light” who represents the truth (2Corinthians 11:13 – 14). He is, however, the father of deception and lies, and a master counterfeiter. In the end time, God permits him (Revelation 11:2, etc.) to deceive all mankind into thinking he is their ‘savior.’ The devil’s goals, however, are to kill ALL true Christians, have humanity worship and obey HIM, and gather an army to FIGHT the return of Jesus Christ (see Revelation 13:4 – 7, 14:11, 16:12 – 16, 17:14 – 18, 19:17 – 21, 12:9)! Paul also tells us that if the devil can appear to be righteous or ‘white’ so can the angels who follow him (2Corinthians 11:13).

The meaning of the two white horses of Revelation are not the same but rather represent two completely different things!

*** End of Bible Teachers interpretation and his website address:

Sawyer’s question/comment to him: (which is unusual that he provides this avenue as many don’t want questions anymore):

Excellent work, but I have one objection that is a question, re: your interpretation of the Rev 6:2 white horse being Satan. I believe you are mistaken that Jesus doesn’t need to conquer anything. He is simply doing it for his disciples, showing them how. When he said, “I have overcome the world” that implies that he had something to overcome and it’s the same word used for “conquer and prevail”. In fact an Israelite is one who prevails as Jehovah – is an overcomer/conqueror. I say the “bow” is both the “covenant” and thereby those who have been covenanted, thus the bride of
christ in the end times. Also, this was the opening of the first seal. The seal is on the book of Rev 5 that the “lion of juda” opens. So Jesus is opening the seal which is the revealing of the truth like you said, which is the word that comes across as a thunderous roar related to the seven thunderous roars of rev 10 during the sixth trumpet when the two witnesses prophesy. So they are delivering the 7 thunders/roars and one of them is Jesus returned in a new “flesh body” (son of man=offspring of mankind(human). The other is the Father. He has a crown because he is birthed to the throne by the rev 12 woman who depicts the Father as Jesus said he and his Father would return and his disciples the returned saints/angels will be able to sit with the father and speak to him directly at that time but the father will leave by the earth swallowing the body he takes meaning his body dies. Also in rev 11:7 the two witnesses are not killed. Apokteino is “separation” (apo) by/from death (kteino) and it’s stated that they are first subdued (overcome) and then separated by death before the nations, tongues which means they are in the media shot down. Dead body meant subduing of their physical bodies in front of the world who would see them as frauds in their claim to be the two witnesses. I believe these were Ti and Do of the heaven’s gate group, so my question is whether or not you might reconsider at least the interpretation of the white horse who is the returned Soul who served as Jesus in a new physical body what is made pure (white), while Do’s body was also named “applewhite”. Satan does come looking white too. That’s what a sheep in wolves clothing is and a false Christ. A Christ is someone who had overcome the human world through the pressing of oil from their abiding by the commandments of God to be worthy of harvest. Each who is of the first fruit harvest must also conquer/overcome as it says in Rev 2-3 to get their own crown and is why the white horse rider conquers and then goes a conquering. Firsts he overcomes his humanness (the body he takes) and then he takes his student body through overcoming the bodies they take to complete their overcoming having conquered 2000 years ago by giving their lives to his service though they had a little more to do as they were not quite ready to graduate yet then. They were the same souls who were with Moses and they were 42 first fruits with Do when they voluntarily laid down their lives as Jesus had said was the greatest love, for him. It was not suicide for them because they were NOT those physical bodies except that they needed to change those physical bodies into vehicles that would serve the Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens.

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13 Responses to “The Rev 19 White Horse may be Do returning in the “glorified body” he took into the cloud of light (ufo) spacecraft as Jesus”

  1. Todd Beakman Says:

    “if they are alive in the next years they will see more and more to help them”

    now you are a prophet?

    I don’t recall Do or TI talking about god at all in the hundreds of hours of tapes I listened to… Talk about Pauline.

    You aren’t even true to your own mythology. You are bored so you are making stuff up.

  2. sawyer Says:

    There are many tapes you haven’t heard and there were many things said that were never recorded and even though you say you listened to all the tapes doesn’t mean you “listened” to all the tapes. If I say it might mean this and that, it’s “might”. That’s not prophecy but I don’t mind your thinking so – it’s part of the choice we all have.

  3. crlody Says:

    I see that you still are obsessed with Sawyer “Todd” and you still have not found anything better to do.
    It’s cute the way you use multiple sock puppets to keep attacking, attacking, attacking. This could be seen as both cowardly and downright mean-spirited on your part. I know it was you using a fake hotmail acct to set up another sock puppet to attack me on wordpress and that’s why I’m lowering myself to acknowledge you one last time after previously bidding you adieu. All of your judgments about others will come back on you eventually. You can hide in the Internet for only so long. Every one of us on this planet will eventually have to come to a reckoning with the things we have done. The Next Level and Ti and Do are the real deal and when you mock Them you are mocking the very Level which created this world. Good luck in your endeavor of constant fault-finding. It sounds like a very fulfilling way to live one’s life.

    • Todd Beakman Says:

      No higher power (sic) could fault anyone for using the senses, brains, and reasoning powers to try to ascertain the absolute truth and not believing in obvious ridiculousness.

      I would tend to think that a higher power would be disgusted by people completely making stuff up out of whole cloth. Like you folks.

      The truth is something EVERYONE should be able to find! Not just a group of space hippies from the 70’s.



  4. sawyer Says:

    Absolutely agree that we are designed to use our facilities but that doesn’t mean by their usage we will come up with the most accurate truths about our reality. That’s according to the individual and how hard they want to know what’s true from what’s not. It is very apparent but only in degrees as we open up to more and more, while never being totally certain on every aspect except the bottom lines. But how could it be easy to figure it all out if we each have a varied or limited desire to do so. For instance how can we totally rule anything out if we are not willing to look at it repeatedly in every way we can imagine and the biggest key is believing the answers can be found and knowing where to go to get the answers. How can we find answers if we aren’t willing to consider that the truth has been apparent, at least enough to know the direction to go in to find the better answers. And how can those better answers be found by going exclusively to human sources, considering that humans didn’t design any of what constitutes our natural environment. We’d have to at least suppose there is someone behind this environment and then why not see who talks most about how to communicate with those and try it before condemning it. I noticed Stephen Hawkings Just supposedly said he’s sure there “is no God”. I didn’t read the article so I can’t know the truth and I’m not going to know the truth unless I accept that he really did say that so I have to go to the source as best I can to see for myself. I know I’m not the source. The source is outside of my little sphere so I have to go there with some trust that I can find the truth. (though with humans no telling whether the truth can be found).

    Sorry, I’m tired so am doing my run of the mill rambling. I know you got the point long ago, that is if you even care to get the point.

    Ti and Do said, that they “know what they don’t know and know where they can go to know what they don’t know”.

    I find that quite intelligent and yet very simple. When I cut down a huge tree that can kill me easily if I’m not careful, since I don’t ever trust I know how it will fall, I ask help from what I believe is that source and as long as I ask step by step I get it I feel and things go well even though it can be a long road to okay and I could lose a bunch of weight as my heart races as thousands of pounds shifts this or that way expectantly. I’ve done this both ways – asking and not asking and by far see that it’s far easier if I ask, literally with each cut I make. I do know where to go for the help with what I don’t know. My problem is not wanting the help sometimes or not listening to the help that’s provided.

    by the way, I’ve said this before but perhaps you don’t care because I look to you as a hippie and understandibly so, but by a long shot most of the students were not hippies and most who were dropped out in the first year or Ti and Do decided were not ready so sent them away from the group early on.

    • Todd Beakman Says:

      Science isn’t the truth of “man”… science is the truth of the universe. Science is discovered.

      You sought the truth from Herf and Bonnie… HUMANS… their truth was invented by them as they went a long… Bonnie swore up and down that she wouldn’t die of cancer… they both thought a demonstration would happen… >buzz< WRONG AGAIN… they were wrong about everything they predicted. Not one thing ever came true… the "sign" from Bonnie Lu??? Was a comet that came every nn years that you could set your watch to…

      And whatever truth you found (none btw) isn't accessible to anyone except you few hippie folks that drank the koolaid and the people who learned about your cult after the suicides and how outlandishly ridiculous it was… the world didn't see any crescent of truth to any of it and belly laughed at how stupid people can be.

      In the public eye, you guys pretending to be on the enterprise and pretending to push buttons and stuff… play acting.

      TLLODY's bell… remember that???

  5. sawyer Says:

    for the record of others who read this, Ti (Bonnie) DID NOT SWEAR UP AND DOWN SHE WOULDN’T GET CANCER. And he also says she was wrong about everything. It is true they initially said they would be killed and that students would not die, then changed it and expected to lose their students but didn’t. And Ti scheduled the class to wait for a spacecraft to pick us up, that didn’t happen and Do did the same years after Ti’s vehicle died of cancer. Each times people left but to their core 24 elders and 4 living beings and others these were not what they joined with Ti and Do for anyway so it didn’t matter. What mattered was following their lead and we knew that and trusted that and they never let us down though of course people without their mind in them any longer, if they at some point had some of their mind in them, wouldn’t see why some stayed faithful. So this fellow Todd will have plenty of continued opportunities to say the same stuff over and over as if it ….well, I don’t know what he is getting out of it, but it’s all fine as personally I don’t need anyone else to believe in Ti and Do. I have lots of personal evidence and it does me no good humanly to see it the way I do. Those with their mind in them when they look at the total of what they said, and taught and did, will recognize the truth to it like none other besides what Jesus said and did and what Moses said and did and in the first teachings of the Buddha that all reverberates through all religions, though is mostly buried anymore. This fellow Todd has simply decided to take an adversarial role and that is needed too, though as Jesus said, “woe to those that are the promoters of the lies and deceit about the information” (paraphrased). That’s not me saying that. It’s what Jesus said and for Ti and Do and Crew to enact according to their schedule. But an adversary is what the Next Level permits so anyone coming to Ti and Do’s thinking that happens upon this blog has an easy way to CHOOSE what to believe in or not.

    • Terry Beakman Says:

      But everyone that has come to this blog has chose to treat it for what it is… the ravings of a lone gunman in the wilderness. You give exactly what everyone would expect… you have no insights… no evidence of self-reflection… you just spew the same crap that Herf and Bonnie did all those years ago… nobody comes here looking for truth.

      Also — Of course Bonnie didn’t “SWEAR UP AND DOWN [that] SHE WOULDN’T GET CANER”… I listened to the tapes… she swore up and down that there was no way in a billion trillion years that she would “DIE” of cancer… which of course: she did.

      Her voice had disdain in it when she talked about cancer as if it was so beneath her — she was convinced the next level or something would fix her as easily as clipping a toenail.

      Her voice had the same disdain in it as when she was talking about the checkout girl “plant” who spoke to her nicely — taking Bonnie back: “Well, would you look at that… sometimes these plants can be so endearing… look at it … talking to me … the plant doesn’t understand anything”…

      Bonnie spoke with disdain about this world many many times on the tapes…

      She was DEAD wrong about everything…

      STUDY. LEARN. GROW… SWYODY — you’ve given up… fix your teeth… cut your hair (maybe get a Do hairdo… lol).

      Dude… when you say “and that didn’t happen”… you could apply that to EVERYTHING these two wingnuts said… nothing ever happened. Nothing. If it wasn’t for the mumbo-lingo and the stupidity your group would just have looked like any other hippie commune from the 70’s… except for the no-drugs and no-sex crap.

      I ask again — Bonnie got a PARROT???? da-WHA????? Bonnie wore make-up but nobody else could?

      I mean study other cults that are like yours — there are thousands to choose from: plants (sic) are generally predisposed to seek meaning and if they are stupid will fall for the most ridiculous schemes… but again, you folks are towards the top of the absolute most ridiculous set of beliefs anyone has ever fallen for…

      It could only have happened in the 70’s, too… post Hiroshima, post Star Trek, post Timothy Leary, … in the Close Encounter 70’s… the “me” decade… the time was right.

      Again: Nobody comes to this site to make a decision… they come because it is inconceivable that ex-class people still BELIEVE this stuff. And really that is just you… CRLODY has his own hamburger helper set of koo-koo ka-joob beliefs….

      • sawyer Says:

        I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to try to rebutt all your unspecific allegations. Please limit your comments to a few specifics at a time if you want to hear a response.

  6. Jonas Beakman Says:

    she swore up and down she wouldn’t DIE of cancer… remember?

    • sawyer Says:

      No I don’t remember that at all but I could have missed what you are referring to but it doesn’t sound like Ti to “swear” at all. Like I know she didn’t say, “I promise or swear I (or my vehicle) is not going to die of cancer”. I know what she said to the doctor that told her she probably had cancer throughout her body after he removed her eye. She was upset with him because he was saying that when he had no evidence of it. She, her vehicle having been a nurse for years knew well how doctors were often over confident with their assessments and were prone to thinking it was their duty to shoot straight where Ti knew the power of suggestion they had over their patients. If the doctor says it, to many it’s gospel and Ti knew how that was a type of setup of a negative giving the patient perhaps more than they are prepared to battle that can lead to losing the battle. It doesn’t mean there couldn’t have been a considerate way to alert a patient to what might occur, but this doctor simply didn’t do that and Ti pointed it out to him. I also don’t doubt that if the Next Level wanted to heal that body they could have but then I believe I know who Ti really was. For someone that doesn’t believe that of course it’s not going to be seen the same. The only time I believe she talked about cancer was after her eye was replaced which would have been about 1983 perhaps towards the end of the winter as we lived in trailors through part of the winter in Amarillo, Texas. I say that in case you want to find it again as I’d like to hear exactly what you are referring to.

    • Jonas Beakman Says:

      it is on the tapes… I don’t want to find it because the idea of listening to them again makes me ill… they are the most infantile, ridiculous, boring, meaningless things ever recorded….

      did she literally swear an oath? NO, but she basically said — mark my words, there is no way I’m dying of cancer… NO WAY.

      but like all the times they promised you something, it never ever ever happened… which should have been a clue to you that maybe they were just deluded… but why think critically when to just accept it means that EVERY VERSE OF THE BIBLE is about YOU.

      That’s pretty enticing to a bunch of hippies with no direction in their lives… to go from building teepees in the woods to being THE folks all of scripture is about! I can see why that would be appealing to your vanity.

      To think! You aren’t just an aimless hippie — you are the people all of religion talks about! Far out man! I can see you folks now — how important you all must have felt!

      Heck, you STILL believe it!

      A man’s vanity needs to be fed… and you continue to feed yours.

      • sawyer Says:

        I would bet you were ill while listening to them as well, so heard them with an ill mindset, so no wonder heard what you wanted to hear or make of it. 

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