VT “Tech Exposure”, Jeff Smith, 9-17-14… “NASA, Bob Lazar’s UFO and the History of Lost Technology”

This is all interesting with a nice tongue in cheekiness included yet relativity as well.

7 Responses to “VT “Tech Exposure”, Jeff Smith, 9-17-14… “NASA, Bob Lazar’s UFO and the History of Lost Technology””

  1. Todd Beakman Says:

    So you posted your comment as Kauilapele Kona…

    Are you sure you wrote that comment? When you were a teenager you studied history? May I suggest that you study some more history? You need to get grounded back into reality again — quit reading all the UFO and Revelations crap… it is all crap and it messed up your mind.

    I liked that some other commenter quoted the words to the Byrd’s Mr. Spaceman… I’m a big Byrd’s fan.

    See ya Kauilapele Kona!

  2. Jonas Beakman Says:

    Curious… were you one of the ex-members that was sent materials when the class committed suicide?

    • sawyer Says:

      No. They contacted me through Rkkody around mid 1996 asking me “where my head was at” and I told rkkody, I had no desire to return to the classroom. I might have also told him I had a partner, though rkkody knew that as I saw rkkody in the summer of 1996 with my partner at another x-members house in Colorado.

      • Jonas Beakman Says:

        doesn’t that sorta tell you something there?

        they went to great ends to make 100% sure all the tapes would be available to all of humanity!!! but the only tapes they left were ridiculous ones about how ALXODY got in a fight with TLLODY about how to make minute rice in the “nutralab”… of course, not all the tapes are available because do and the class … let’s just say they “worked it out wrong”… not the brightest if you get my drift. alas…

        But, of all the people, ex-, non-ex, future and past… you weren’t even a blip on the radar.

        Now you are the only person on the planet still talking about the suicide cult as if it was something other than a creepy 70’s hippy suicide cult… what gives?

        They totally wrote you off as the gullible “ison is a sign” dork that you are… yet, you still think they are talking to you from beyond the grave??? If they could do that (they can’t), you’d be the LAST person they’d want to contact…

        Of all their preparations, you were no different than any other “plant”… and you weren’t mentioned in all the crap they left behind… which by the way, no scholar has looked upon as anything but the lunatic ravings of a 70’s hippy cult… b/c that’s what it was, “man”…

        aside… somewhere else you say that do and ti were the incarnations of jesus and god… dude, I’m not religious of course, but you don’t even have the slightest thumbnail of understanding of the scriptures… the whole christian mythology from old to new testament is very coherent and consistent… your “interpretations” (really, just acrobatics to make every verse about the hippy group) are so ridiculous and absolutely ruin the internal coherance of the religion which is part of the cool thing about the christian mythology… taking just one of your interpretations (that GOD himself incarnated — not Jehovah but Elohim) rends the fabric of the myth itself. You really are completely ignorant of Christianity, aren’t you? Wow… you amaze me with how completely unenlightened you are on EVERYTHING… science, religion, history, truth, etc.

        You need to start over — you were orphaned by the space hippies… yet you are devoting your toothless scraggly years to them.

        Get your teeth fixed and clean yourself up.

      • sawyer Says:

        as usual, accusations with ZERO facts – so what’s your beef anyway – why don’t you come clean as to why my little believe in Ti and Do is so offensive to you?

      • Jonas Beakman Says:

        HUH??? Dude, take a single class on the scriptures and you’ll see how ugly your interpretations are…

        You are living a complete lie — your belief system is so ugly and pessimistic … look around you and see. Watching, reading, etc. your floundering is like watching you play with barbie dolls… you need to grow up… be a big boy, start from first principles and then come to the truth.

        the truth can’t lie.

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