Gizmodo: “Online legacy of a suicide cult and the webmasters”…misinformation, lies and deceit

Before going piece by piece through the misinformation, lies and deceit in this article, I want to say that I find no fault with the author, that is unless she disallows my comments posted on this piece and issues no corrections, pending of course looking at my sources to verify. That would be the responsible thing to do.

In any case, from the many comments on this article, as is the positive that comes from it as the truth about Ti and Do and all they said and did is before the public eye again it is apparent that because of time and all that’s happened in the world that more are ready and eager to learn the truth.

The truth isn’t important to know because then people might flock to Ti and Do because the truth is actually harder to handle than the mistruth just as it was for people to accept what Jesus really taught because of how their teachings were actually ultimately anti-humanistic and anti humanistic is not profitable to drawing lots of believers. The Next Level doesn’t plan on lots of believers, though if by chance there were, they would have plenty of ways to accommodate them all, I’m sure.

Now that’s not to say Jesus was teaching to be be anti-human. To the contrary his teachings were designed for us to show our Heavenly Fathers how much we respected them and their creation by not doing anyone harm and treating one another as we too wanted to be treated. This was the “second greatest commandment” and was the stepping stone to abiding by the number one qualification to graduate to heaven, to “love the lord you God with ALL your heart, ALL your Mind, ALL your Soul and ALL your efforts while still abiding by the secondarily commandment of treating/loving others as ourselves. it was a stepping stone because it began to take us our of our innate animal SELF indulgence that members of the Next Level have none of and don’t miss either.

That love was not a physical touchy feely love but a love that encompasses all the feelings, thus with all our senses, but in the ways they find compatible with membership in their kingdom, thus not in any kind of sexual way because they have no sex in their kingdom. That was part of their animal creation so we were designed to grow to choose to discard our animal characteristics that includes pro-creation entirely for the few they seed to recognize Them and who seek to put themselves in their hands.

Thus even the negative becomes good in that it provides the option (free will)  to dis-believe the truth when it’s provided to us. It’s good therefore because it also then separates people into the corners they want to be in. Of course the misinformation will proliferate and is necessary to the provision of complete free will, which Jesus spoke about while saying that even still, “woe to those that become the instruments of that evil”. And evil is the promotion of less options. It’s the removal of opportunity to grow towards the real physical many membered Level Above Human, and doing so by fostering misinformation that are made up of lies.

Of course one of the most effective ways to try to stop something is by appearing to be supportive of it, while leaving out the core that is it’s engine and then slowly twisting that core to make it moot.  This happens all over the world and it’s probably safe to say all so called intelligence organizations become somewhat masterful in the methods of diluting and removing what the truth reveals.

Also before getting into the specific misinformation, I will confirm that Mark and Sarah were offered the task of handling the affairs of Do and Crew after their exit even though as they were briefed over the last year before the EXIT, they said if I recall correctly that they had no idea they were about to commit what to the world looked like a mass suicide, what to Do and Crew  had become by their own continuous choices over years the recognition that they were simply laying down their borrowed human vehicles. Mark and Sarah were given the task of handling their affairs but in regard to the information they left behind Rkkody and Oscody were primary regarding the web site and Rkkody, Jhnody, Flxody and Neody all received masters of different materials. Do was covering his bets by spreading out the information. This is why Do also arranged to have a web host in Romania ready to publish a mirrored site of which was up for a long time as

According to my various sources to include what Rkkody told me over the phone when Mark was battling with him to keep him from disseminating the audio tapes, Mark and Sarah were freaked out by the groups sudden exit and method as they were not expecting such because they were not in the loop of what the plans were, even though that exit was spoken about as a group many times starting in early September of 1994 after it was apparant that we would not be exiting our vehicles by someone else’s hand.

That’s the path the exit took 2000 years earlier for the same group of souls, which is why some in that student body were fully expecting to lose their vehicles. In fact for me that was my first sense of doubting Ti and Do, so was a test for me because they said in the beginning we would not lose our physical bodies – that they would be picked up by a spacecraft. For a long time they wondered why the Next Level would need to have our physical bodies, but that was what they were instructed to say so they said it. They were true to their instructions from their Older Member (Father in Heaven), even though it was their own Minds that set up those instructions before they came.

For detailed information about all that transpired between Rkkody and Mark and Sarah over the tapes and other subjects, I suggest visiting Crlody’s blog at: .

Report said:

“In 1972, Marshall Applewhite had a heart attack. In some bizarre permutation of the Florence Nightingale effect, he then came to the realization that he and his nurse, Bonnie Nettles, were very likely the two witnesses prophesied in Revelation. Bonnie agreed. The unlikely apocalyptic pair changed their names to Bo and Peep (a natural fit for two long-awaited shepherds) before ultimately adopting the monikers Ti (Bonnie) and Do (Marshall). You know, like the notes of a scale.”

My corrections as I added to a comment in the article:

Thank you for allowing my comments that I hope you do. I don’t care to convince anyone of anything but I do want to set the record straight. Also thank you for using what I said about how Mark and Sarah were told to leave the group in 1997. That is 100% accurate and there is a lot more I could say about it but I’m not really into smearing them as I do respect their efforts to keep the web site alive, but not at the expense of creating more lies and deceit. I don’t know why they won’t just come clean with the truth as I have many times as to why I left and as Carlan (crlody) has as well. Plus they have not disseminated all the information they have and that has been a major point of contention that Crlody and I have with them as we have all the letters Do and Crew sent Mark and Sarah that talks about the things of value in the storage (up to 300 tapes) and their desire that people learn about them in more depth that the tapes can help provide. About 100 of those internal meeting tapes are available but Mark fought like crazy to surpress their availability but fortunately Rkkody prevailed and sent me a copy before he exited his vehicle in 1998 after many battles with Mark over Rkkody’s and Crlody’s efforts to send them to people and universities and libraries for free. Mark tried to get them back and I’ve tried to reason with him over this issue to no avail but at least those 100 or so tapes are the ones with Ti on them so people can actually hear both Ti and Do, their manner. If anyone wants to hear some of those tapes, I put three together on my youtube channel. Here is the address: ​

This talk was given in Blackhawk, Colorado and is in three parts and is about Adam and Eve. It’s very interesting, at least to me and perfectly shows the manner of Ti and Do every day of the 19 years I sat with them (10 years with Ti since she left first, which by the way is in prophecy in Rev 12 that is about Ti and how she gives birth to Do and leave him with the task of the Throne and how the Earth swallow her vehicle up that relieves her of the burden of being the prime target for the Luciferian space aliens to attack).

So here are some of the corrections:

Bonnie wasn’t his nurse. He meet Bonnie in the hospital where Bonnie worked as a premie baby nurse. That’s taking care of premature babies.  He was visiting a sick “MALE” friend and Bonnie was filling in for the nurse that normally worked that department and shift. Do told us this story several times and then wrote about it extensively to correct misinformation in the document entitled, “’88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew” which is available for free download on (last time I checked). This became a contraversy because Terri, Bonnies oldest daughter thought they met at a voice lesson for Bonnie’s younger son that Marshall was giving. Terri didn’t know they had met before that. Plus there was no reason for Do to lie about this which is plain to see  by his writing that he was “visiting a sick male friend”. If anything when he wrote this in 1988 this was the first time I recall his implying that he was a homosexual at that time. Why else would he emphasize “male”. He could have just covered it up. But he knew well the disdain that Christians especially had for homosexuals (because of Paul’s fraudulent teachings as Paul was like a modern day Luciferian space alien contactee. No wonder so many Christians pay no mind to what Jesus really taught. Paul was much easier to handle. Rob Balch is especially guilty of spreading this misinformation about how and where Do met. There are other stories. Rob did some investigation and learned some things but overall had to come up with a hypothesis that other psychologists could easily buy, so concocked his story that ended up in wikipedia that made it look like Do was the prime instigator of all he and Ti came up with or went looney after Ti left because he was embarrassed about his frustrating sex life before he met Ti. Some such nonsense was what people quote to me all the time from academia because they see Rob as the guru of Heaven’s gate lore when he has only the first hand experience from a few dropouts and bystanders. In fact I was one of those dropouts. He came to my house in Stony Brook, NY in 1998 and took about 3 hours of tape of my talking. Before that I met him when Do had me go to Missoula to help him edit a chapter he was writing about the group in 1994. I did the edit and he had so much wrong I think he couldn’t stand to update it all so chose to disregard much of what I said though I didn’t have to make anything up as I was already seen as a brainwashed follower, but I corrected him on every jot and tittle in terminology and events and some of the philosophy, like I am doing now.

Their meeting was over a talk about astrological signs and Do told Bonnie he had wanted someone to do his chart, after learning that Bonnie did charts on the side. What Bonnie didn’t tell him was that she only did charts for people that asked three times and she didn’t tell people that requirement. She wanted to know they were serious before investing that effort. I don’t think she  ever did Do’s chart but I could be wrong about that. That’s another point that Christians say indicates they couldn’t have been the Father (Ti) and Son (Jesus/Do) because they wouldn’t have been into astrology as astrology is from the Devil and again that was because of the choices of the translators of what Paul said. He was a real stick in the mud but gave people the choice of what to believe, though astrology to help one become a more successful human would not be in the interest of the Level Above Human.

And by the way whoever said that the Members of the Next Level Above Human don’t have physical bodies was spreading total misinformation. Physical bodies are talked about all the time in the records, as “raiment, or one’s temple or as a robe” because that’s what they are to a Next Level member, a vehicle the Soul puts on or is put into by the Next Level technicians. Do said he left his Next Level body in a “closet” on the spacecraft he was on and he said Ti (Peep) didn’t need to put the body she was wearing in a closet because she had grown to be able to have more than one vehicle so could still perform tasks on the spacecraft while part of her Mind went to the Earth to take a human body they had prepared for their arrival, which they said happened in the 1920’s.

It took Bo and Peep over a year to believe they were the Two Witnesses of Rev 11. Bonnie didn’t agree as if Marshall was the driving force. Bonnie was always the driving force, so much so that in the beginning she pursued working with him and he told us he wondered at that time if she was “interested in him” as in a relationship, which he said he didn’t want any part of as he was not physically attracted to her. And besides he had been living as a homosexual for some time when they met, though when they met he was fed up with trying to find a partner that wanted more of a committed relationship so wasn’t looking for any relationship. He had been married years before that and had children but was estranged from them. Bonnie was married and had four children and her husband thought they were having an affair and they had to get a court order to keep him away from Applewhite as he threatened his life. Ultimately both their friends, which Applewhite had many of as he was an Opera singer with the Houston Grand opera as a lead soloist Baratone for productions like Oklahoma. He used to eat lunch with Dan Rather of CBS News as their office was accross the street from St. Thomas University where Applewhite was a professor of music and led the large choral ensembles. Bo and Peep didn’t become their names until 1975. The gave their first formal talks in Los Angeles, “the city of angels”, what I say is the New Jerusalem at a private residence in North Hollywood, – the “valley of vision” that Isaiah referred to Jerusalem as – vision=movies perhaps.and The Valley became an area nickname. From that meeting and another at the same place the next day, over a dozen wanted to join with them which was an un-welcomed surprise to them. They hadn’t at that point considered that they would have followers. But they went with the flow and agreed and told them to meet them at a campground a ways north. These were required to leave their lives behind and there was an assortment of new believers who had careers and relationships and family like anyone else. They were by far not all hippies. In fact most of those who were hippies and joined later didn’t stay very long. It was an attractive idea as long as they could smoke their pot and  still have sex, which Bo and Peep would not tolerate. But it was in the first camp that the new students asked them what to call them and they said somthing to the affect of, “well since we now have sheep we must be Bo and Peep”.

They didn’t use arsenic. It was phenobarbitol and some vodka with the applesauce and they insured that they would not wake up by putting a plastic bag over their heads. The authorities reported no evidence of struggle or pain and discomfort. They said they all seemed very much at peace. Those were their words. I was in the group when we decided to exit in this way. Do spent several years considering it and spending time with each student. And several students left when it was first brought up. I was also present for the first castration. I was supposed to be the second one but Do cancelled my option due to a minor complication in Srrody’s. Lvvody who was a registered nurse who worked for an orchectomist for many months removing cancerous testicles did the castration but it didn’t drain properly so his sack got as large as an orange and Jnnody, Lvvody and I took Srrody to a nearby hospital and I went in with srrody and they easily fixed it. But because of that Do questioned proceeding with mine. I’ve written about all this on my blog and youtube channel in great detail. It was totally optional and Srrody and I had pressed Do for the option for at least a year before that. On the surface I left because I gave into sexuality in my head and began masturbating after 18 years of not even coming close. It was because I had become too confident and my ego was growing to where I thought I could handle a task like Do’s. Wow was I wrong and Ti from outside her vehicle let me have a taste of what he dealt with from the discarnate lower forces and I fell like rock in water and didn’t even have the strength to want to get back on the celibate wagon.

Mark said: “They trained us on how they wanted emails to be taken care of, how to relate to the public, and how to disseminate their information. In March, 1997 our task load increased as they delivered us all their physical, legal, intellectual and personal property over several days as they departed.”

They did not deliver them all their intellectual property. In fact they did not deliver them any of their intellectual property according to the letters they got. They sent the master video tapes of the Beyond Human Series to Jhnody who was in Venezuala. And the sent the master Exit Tapes to Rkkody. And they gave Rkkody and Oscody the diskettes with the entire web site on them with the information about the mirrored site provider. They also sent exit videos to CNN. They sent letters to Neody (Rio) and Rkkody and Jhnody and perhaps Flxody and Ablody. The hundreds of audio tapes were in a storage room they rented and they gave Mark and Sarah the key but said in the letter they sent them if they were uncomfortable going to the locker they could have Rkkody and Oscody do it, which is what Mark and Sarah decided to do, which is how Rkkody got that tapes.

Ti’s exit by death did NOT “cement” that way to exit in Do’s mind as Rob Balch likes people to think. In fact when the movie cocoon came out he wondered about all going out on a boat to get picked up or to sink the boat as an exit. He even bought a large yacht that we docked near Houston and had a crew go there to fix it up that he eventually sold. Then when we sold everything again and bought tents and trailers and moved into the Phoenix desert, we fasted on air for one day and then Do added water and we continued for 12 more days before Do felt to break the fast. What some didn’t seem to register but I and others were very clear about, was that we were considering exiting by fasting IF Ti didn’t pick us up first. After we broke the fast we moved closer to Yuma with the camp and Do felt to wait for a spacecraft pickup. Some lights came overhead that were very strange but no pickup. What is interesting about both pickups Ti first scheduled and didn’t happen and then Do’s was how because of the no shows some left the group, even though they were there for years til then. It was realized that they were in the group for the wrong reason so these scheduled exits served as a sorting out of the truly serious. Then when Do decided we needed to “be who we are” in 1987 which was admitting that Do was the return of Jesus and the students were the return of Jesus disciples as promised, we began to think about going public again and perhaps that would be the way we would exit, by another’s hand as happened to Jesus disciples.  It was about that time that I was in Do’s quarters and was helping pack things up for one of our many moves that I saw the book by the Hemlock society. Do then added it our class library and I read it. It talked in detail about all the ways to kill oneself. It looked quite old and used but I don’t know if he had it while Ti was in her vehicle.  Next Do saw what happened to the Branch Davidians in Waco and he wondered if we needed to provoke the authorities to assist in our exit. He even said he might buy a gun and we could load it with blanks. I remember being troubled over the idea as it brought the question to my mind whether or not I would do anything Do instructed me to do, even kill someone which I couldn’t imagine. I decided I’d deal with that prospect if it happened.  I left before they bought a couple rifles in 1995-6 when they were building an earthship in New Mexico where Strody did some target practice with it and this was after we talked about exiting by our own hands in September of 1994 while I was still there. That was at the end of 9 months of giving public meetings in many  cities in the U.S. in which we got bolder and bolder in the titles on the meeting announcement posters saying that He’s Back wondering if we would anger some Christians to do us in. We used to joke about hoping they would shoot straight as Do did not want anyone to be left a vegetable.  Before 1994 he also wondered what would happen if he left first. He almost did in 1988-9 or so when he contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Tic fever. I visited him in the house he and Lvvody and Jnnody stayed in while the rest of the group was in Boulder and Denver. Do told us he knew that he could just curl up and exit his body and he asked Ti who was outside her body by then if that was an option and he said, Ti said he could if he wanted to. But he decided he needed to follow through with the completion of the task Ti had left for him to complete without her physical presence.

This is not totally inaccurate. It is true that individuality as human beings think of it is not a Next Level way but that doesn’t mean that no one ever does anything alone and there was privacy. For instance we used the toilet and took showers everyday in private. I had a job outside the house where we lived as a number of us had and I was approved to be the driver that would take 3 or 4 to work and then drive myself to work and then pick up everyone on the way back every day. I was alone during those times. But I think wanting privacy was something to overcome and wanting individuality needed to be overcome. It was all about developing crew mindedness and taking self out of the picture.  Ti and Do said that actually becoming a member of the Next Level was in fact becoming an individual for the first time. That was because in the human kingdom we think we are individuals because we wear different color clothing and such but don’t recognize that we are all influenced by many discarnates so even if alone have them as our buddies whether we acknowledge them or not. We are simply containers that are a composite of programming genetically and from our experiences growing up, whereas members of the Next Level have no discarnates and don’t care if they look alike but they know they are individuals so they don’t try to stand out one from another. I imagine it’s like being in the military all with the same haircuts and uniforms and posture and doing the same things yet if you got to know each person you would see a bunch of differences and each one wouldn’t think of themselves as having no individuality and would recognize the power of crew mindedness over individuality.

So here is the article:

After I saw this article above, I got angry at the blatent deceit of Mark in it so I posted this to my sawyer heavensgate facebook page:

I “liked” this article simply because I wanted to send it to my facebook page. This reporter got some major things wrong but surfaced Mark and Sarah’s snowjob, I hate to say but the truth needs to be shown as much as possible. Here’s mark and sarah’s quote in this article, as to why they left. “We left the Group in September, 1987 because we were going to take care of some other things in our lives… Free will and choice are the cornerstone of what anyone does, especially in the Next Level. Individuals in the Group could come and go as those chose to do, and many did just that over the years. We had an open door policy, and it swung both ways. People came and went all the time.”   THESE ARE OUTRIGHT DECEITFUL LIES AND THEY BOTH KNOW IT. THEY WERE BOTH THROWN OUT, CAST OUT, ORDERED TO LEAVE AGAINST THEIR WILL (though they may have wanted to leave, but at that point didn’t let on to in all the HELP WANTED MEETINGS THE “CHURCH” (body of believers) HAD FOR MARK who was the ONE who was GOING AGAINST TI AND DO’S LESSON PLAN AS BEING ADMINISTERED BY DO ALONE AT THAT POINT, while Sarah SIDED WITH MARK). Mark fell and took Sarah with him. I can gather at least four other witnesses to this fact who while in the group, who also left AFTER Mark and Sarah, named, “rthody (michael), hvvody, andody and pmmody whom I am still friends with who at last contact didn’t believe in Ti and Do anymore, but I know would confirm what I said.  According to this article Mark and Sarah were given the exclusive task of disseminating Ti and Do’s information and yet they have held onto the hundreds of audio tapes of Ti and Do’s internal classroom meetings. Thanks to Rkkody who also laid down his life in 1998 about 100 of those tapes escaped Mark and Sarah’s grasp and Crlody, aka Carlan, who is an active disseminater of Ti and Do’s information put them on to provide them AS WAS DO’S INTENTION IN THE LETTER DO SENT TO MARK AND SARAH THAT RKKODY HAD IN HIS POSSESSION AND CARLAN SENT TO ME TO PROVE. The article is full of lies but the writer doesn’t really know any better but Mark and Sarah according to the additional quotes made it sound like they published the USA Today Ad in 1993. I don’t know the exact logistics of who placed the ad in the paper and whether they used Mark and Sarah in anyway for the return address and/or to make the payment of $30,000.00 for that fine typed 1/3 of a page info ad, so that may have been the reporters misunderstanding. Robert Balch is another sower of misinformation galore and I have the inside scoop on him as well as I was assigned by Do to edit a chapter he was writing about the group in 1994. Like many psychologists, he comes up with hypothesis and that to the academics might as well be the fact. It’s like today all the many things happening on the Sun and to the ISS and the moon and with comets and fireballs are “glitches in the video” or russian satellites shooting down ufo’s instead of the signs Jesus said would be apparent now. However, just because Mark and Sarah FELL doesn’t  mean they have to remain FALLEN. They were given another chance, but if they are going to lie about why they FELL and that it was a FALL, what else are they going to lie about. I don’t pretend to judge them at all but I can judge what is a lie and what is not when there is ample evidence. I also FELL as did Carlan (crlody) but neither of us were “cast out”, but none the less we both have chose to STAND UP for Ti and Do with our faces on the line despite our shortcomings and are up front about why we left though are both regularly attacked by the Luciferian space alien discarnates to even pit us against one another. There is a lot more to say. I’ll have to make it a blog post.

18 Responses to “Gizmodo: “Online legacy of a suicide cult and the webmasters”…misinformation, lies and deceit”

  1. Todd Beakman Says:

    O brother! DO worked it out wrong again didn’t he?… That poor guy never got a break. o brother SWY… DO “covered his bets” as you say… but he still lost! None of the ODIES he left the info with dispersed it… not that the world would be any different if they had of course… maybe they aren’t dispersing because they are embarrassed by what is on them…?

    Hey… here’s an ODY I hadn’t heard of… Oscody.

  2. Todd Beakman Says:

    Have you and CRLODY ever considered getting castrated like Do, SRRODY, et al.?

    Not just fixed — but literally having your testicles removed.

    It surely would show solidarity to the cause wouldn’t it? In fact, not doing it illustrates your lack of “faith”.


    • sawyer Says:

      for me yes. It wasn’t required so how is choosing not to a lack of faith and what is faith but “evidence of things unseen” , that is to the beholder of that evidence which will not be evidence to another.

      • Todd Beakman Says:

        Because it would show solidarity. You could shave your head, too… it would show solidarity to the cause.

        So you had your testicles removed? Or you “got fixed”?

        I’m saying you should have your testicles removed.

  3. sawyer Says:

    Crlody and I have been sharing their information for years and mark and sarah keep the web site up so that’s disseminating it and rio wrote his book and jhn has done some in Venezula and flx was on a video talking about Ti and Do. All those are ody’s. And it ain’t over til it’s over, but there is a great deal more to come, I assure you whether by ody’s and/or by new believers.

    • Todd Beakman Says:

      Uhh… no you haven’t … you’ve been interpreting what you think you remember… it was “the tapes” that do went to great lengths to make sure were available to all… but, of course, he wasn’t bright enough to make that happen… as usual.

      Your life’s work should be to get the tapes released… not to Paulinize them with your own toothless opinions.

      If you gave even half a “shite” about them, that’s what you’d do… but you are too busy drawing attention to yourself.

      Uhh… and it is over. None of the stuff they talked about ever had anything to do with reality and that continues to be true.

  4. crlody Says:

    Thanks for this Sawyer.

  5. crlody Says:

    Thank you also for your recent comment. You’ve given me much to think about. I respect your desire to draw attention to Ti and Do. I apologize for any negativity that I have projected at you. You still acknowledge Ti and Do as Older Members and admit why you left the Class and that should trump anything else as far as our differences go. I know that I am so far short of my OM’s in the ways and thinking of the NL and that sometimes my own disappointment in myself causes me to see others in a bad light. That being said, Mark is now trying to re-write history for the purposes of inflating his own ego and now he seems to be implying that he uploaded the Final Statements to which I know is not true. He is digging himself in deeper and deeper and like I’ve stated numerous times I wouldn’t want to be him when he has to explain all of this to Ti and Do. I have made many mistakes. Hopefully I can learn from them. Good luck to you Sawyer, I’m going to lie low for awhile.

    • Todd Beakman Says:

      crlody, do you have a job? what do you mean “lie low”… isn’t that what your whole life has been about?

      • crlody Says:

        Do you have a job? Apparently your job is to create multiple identities online (Mary Saillard and Todd Beakman both of which are you and both of which you created fake profiles on facebook for) and troll your life away. Why don’t you turn some of your judgments onto yourself for once instead of obsessing over what others do and believe in? You think you know so much about me but like everything you state, it’s rooted in ignorance and self-aggrandizement. Everything you state is simply to try to get a rise out of others. You’ve played your hand and your games are glaringly transparent. I have two jobs and I volunteer. What do you do besides troll on the Internet? I have a girlfriend, lots of people who trust me as friend, I travel several weeks out of the year, backpacking, hiking and visiting my friends in Colorado and Oregon. What do you have besides obsessing over SWY’s blog “Todd”? All you are is a bully hiding behind a keyboard and all that makes you is common and cowardly.

  6. planesite Says:

    Hi Sawyer….I am surprised they are still holding all the tapes etc. What are they holding onto them for-this many years? I would think they would not care, if you- of all people, had access to them. If anyone has a right to them, you certainly do.
    I know they probably forged some notarized docs, but that’s a whole other issue that is a bit fuzzy for me at this point. If for any reason you want to to know more about that, I can try to find all that info again, but I have a feeling you know all this already.
    I know they probably forged some notarized docs, but that’s a whole other issue that is a bit fuzzy for me at this point. If for any reason you want to to know more about that, I can try to find all that info again, but I have a feeling you know all this already.

  7. Morton Williamson Says:

    In their 88 Update, Do said they had sent “Statement 1” far and wide … in that statement:

    “There are two individuals here now who have also come from that next kingdom, incarnate as humans, awakened, and will soon demonstrate the same proof of overcoming death.”

    Uhh… yet another thing that proved to be unambiguously false.

    • sawyer Says:

      Unless they aren’t actually dead right now? Most Humans think of themselves as their flesh, even if they think they have a spirit or soul, they act like they are that flesh and that’s not actually inaccurate because if they have not taken full control over that flesh then they are still limited to it and when they die will still be glued to the same beliefs, behaviors and ways they had with that flesh body that they will then try to manifest through those still living flesh bodies. Next Level members and subsequently students don’t identify as the flesh body they occupy. They know they can lose it, or take it off like a coat and because of whose family they are apart of, will get a new one.

      They certainly did overcome death when they ceased to fear it and yet were not dying for themselves. The 38 chose to lay down their flesh bodies because they loved and believed in Do which included all he and Ti taught over their 24 combined years incarnate.

      True they thought they would demonstrate death overcome according to the two witnesses prophecy, as they thought by being killed as the translations say, but when they were shot down by the press, they knew that was the more accurate understanding of that prophecy and they never did do anything based on prophecy anyway. They thought that cancelling the demonstration might result in the lose of many of their students at that point and didn’t blame them if they thought that way, but interestingly for most of the students that change was meaningless as they didn’t join them because they said they were the two witnesses anyway. And some probably did leave thereafter because of that change as well as some left when Ti announced the students must give them their will and after the spacecraft didn’t come in 1981 and then after the spacecraft didn’t come in 1991. And some were forced to leave because Ti and Do didn’t think they were serious enough. 19 fell in that category in 1976 as we left Wyoming. Then some left when Do offered $2000.00 to leave as he didn’t want some staying because they had grown comfortable in the communal lifestyle.

      Rev 11:7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

      The primary definition of greek nikao is listed as “to subdue” but we can leave it as overcome as they were overcome by the media in 1975. They were considered to be felons, thieves and charlatans and were equated with Manson. In other words the human authorities (the beast) were victorious (also nikao/nike) against their human identities the vehicles the were using. “kill” was a total mistranslation of apokteino of which there is little data, except that “apo” is clearly related to “exit” or “off” and kteino is said to be death so they were to “exit by dying” and the fact that it stated as being by “them” for each is equally translated to “themselves”. So the beast made war against their self (their human identities) and subued/overcame their same self indentities (as their souls were not subdued at all) and they “exited by death” of/by them selves, even opening up the translation to be their voluntarily laying down their lives that there are several other indications of when one really looks at the translation options. None of this is a stretch. It’s all a perfectly legitimate translation/interpretation that of course I would not be able to see ahead of time in quite the same way but that doesn’t mean it’s not there and the most accurate way of seeing it. After all, the mysteries are all being lifted because they came to reveal them. Ti and Do didn’t tell me any of this in person. I found it by digging and digging over and over again to see the truth and yes to fit it to the events I knew about, which some will find fault with though it’s been no difference with the prophecies of Jesus coming. The jews didn’t see the prophecies fulfilled and the disciples saw some of it but many points were seen after the fact when believers surfaced them.

  8. Barbara Barrington-Levy Says:

    I just don’t get how they would assume that they are the 2 individuals mentioned in prophecy — for one thing, biblical prophecy is “Jew only” and they weren’t jewish. For another literally millions of people have believed they were the 2 individuals mentioned in prophecy.

    I guess hindsight is 20/20 … the idea must have made sense in those crazy 70’s… too bad they were completely wrong about everything they ever did or said.

    It is hard to believe that anyone — let alone an entire group — could be so wrong, for so very long, about every single thing they thought.

    At least now, you have had time to reflect enough to know that. You probably feel pretty stupid about the whole thing now… just let it be a lesson and learn from it.

    • sawyer Says:

      it is for jew only, except a jew was referring to all in the genetic strain specifically seeded to become potential new graduates into the evolutionary level above human and that seed has become mixed many times over so is no longer identifiable with those who today are called jews. In fact those who are called jews today have lost whatever they once were given. It’s a progressive directed evolution of the mind. So Jesus brought the updates and then Ti and Do topped the cake with the icing that is for those who have “their” ears to “hear” their words and understand them and who respond to want to “SEE” more. These will be few but they do exist and there will be more, though whether there are or not and when is of no concern to those that believe. It’s all about their relationship with the two Older Members the same as it was 2000 years ago and 4000 years ago, mere specs of time to the Next Level who run the experiment that will soon come to a close but probably after my vehicle is gone.

    • sawyer Says:

      A Jew is no longer the target as a people or as the geographic area of the middle east according to Jesus talk of his return. He said the kingdom would be taken away from the Jews and that Jerusalem would be left desolate (empty) of Next Level mind as it mostly seems to be today though that is not a judgement against any one person Jew or not, as that is not able to be judged by any of us. Each is judged by the Next Level. But in terms of prophecy the country called today Israel is not where Jesus intended to return to and they are a people are not evidencing embracing the updates Jesus provided that prepared the way for Ti and Do’s further updates. Do said what Israel actually meant was “overcomer” and when I looked it up, he was right. It’s broken down to “he who prevails as Jehovah” – and prevailing is used as a synonym for overcoming or conquering or having victory over our humanness which Ti and Do explained as our total human behaviors and ways, replacing them with only Next Level behaviors and ways which equals overcoming and therefore makes whoever does that an true “israeli” in that context – an overcomer as Revelations chapters 2-3 repeat is required for the admission into the heavenly kingdom.

  9. Sawyer’s Critique of new San Diego Union Tribune Article about Heaven’s Gate that draws from a Heaven’s Gate Webmaster’s Email Interview | Sawyer Stands for Ti & Do's Heaven's Gate Says:

    […] Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with… […]

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