Breckenridge UFO’s I believe are Space Aliens just like Phoenix Lights and not from Level Above Human

Now I would guess that this could be space alien generated as it’s not coming from outer space where I believe space aliens are no longer permitted to circulate. I don’t know how their prohibition of traveling very far from earth is accomplished but however it’s done I do believe at this time it’s accomplished by the Level Above Human Beings by instigating changes in the way their spacecrafts are able to fly, the actual physical properties of their elemental energy systems, but I could be wrong, just a hunch. The Next Level however has no reason I have seen any evidence of to put on such displays, just like in the case of the phoenix lights. The space aliens want and need human cooperation for their agenda. The Next Level don’t need humans for anything but are providing an avenue for humans to seek out them and their offer of being in a future training program to evolve beyond human, led and managed by Ti and Do and Crew.

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3 Responses to “Breckenridge UFO’s I believe are Space Aliens just like Phoenix Lights and not from Level Above Human”

  1. Jonas Beakman Says:

    doesn’t the next level need us “plants” to grow souls in or whatever you call it? Doesn’t that seem sort of like a need?

    • sawyer Says:

      My understanding is that the Next Level does not need any of us to do anything. They don’t need new members. Their lives remain fulfilled without new members though they do feel joy when even one decides to come their way. When Ti and Do first said, the Next Level doesn’t need us, for some reason that threw me for a loop a little. I don’t know why as I was not a Christian banking on being needed in heaven. I couldn’t have cared less about heaven or hell. But I guess I had it in my head that I was special in some way so when I heard that I really wasn’t it was like a splash of cold ice water in the face to wake up a bit more to realize. However, we do become special to them when we ask to have more of their mind in us, but there are no laurels to rest upon in that because they then expect more from us and we have to rise to each new standard, which they are quite patient to see. It really is a training program we are enlisting in. Now if you mean that they need us to grow our souls as part of our desire to do so, then yes, they need us to take the steps in the program as that is the only way we can complete the program. Thus Ti and Do gave instructions just like previous Older Members did and we were expected to take them to heart as best we could. In that way they needed us to adhere to their instructions. Also when they gave tasks, they needed us to perform the tasks according to their instructions. If the task was to simply take a car to the shop to have the brakes checked, we wouldn’t include replacing the tires because the mechanic said we needed to. In that case we would need to check by calling back to headquarters for approval. However, if we were not able to check and we determined the tire was a safety hazard, then we might decide to replace the tire without checking, “taking a chance on a positive” and then learning later whether the Older Member approved of our choice or not. Once we are on a crew in the Next Level environment, we naturally don’t have all the rules we had while in the training program, though the principals will remain embedded in our Mind.

  2. Jonas Beakman Says:

    do you have any personal pictures or recordings that you could post from any of your time with the space potatoes? I think a lot of acolytes would get use from them.

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