Comet SIGN from Ti and Do as “Jesus” “lightning from east to west” and “signs in sun, moon and stars”

Here is another “sign in the sun, moon, stars” Jesus forecast. When he says stars it is from the base Greek “aster”, that the English word, “lightning” used in the New Testament comes from. So when Jesus said, you would see these “signs, marks” they would resemble objects moving through space that project light and are “strewn” through space. Comets are the number one form of this. This video is great to see. And yet, what many Christians are saying, how they agree these kinds of things are part of those prophecies don’t realize that the return they are still expecting is the last stage when the one they knew as Jesus returns with his graduate first fruit students in their new eternal vehicles riding “horses” that this time are their armada of spacecrafts. That return is in progress as those graduates have the task to see to the pulling up of the weeds, which by their closeness and attention is like putting a heat source near an ant bed that to those that aren’t prepared to digest kind of frys the brain circuitry that causes them to “act out” what they have become that we see as all types of extreme behaviors and ways that are detrimental to healthy life from the Next Level’s perspective of health which includes the thirst to see all this for what it is and seek to better know the “creators” of our reality, that if they ask in their way, whatever it is sincerely, those graduates will get that signal and tend to them to save them from the weeding largely by the hands of other weeds. The weeds are doing theri own weeding. Now we still can’t judge who is a weed and who is not. Not our business. Like Do said, though he doesn’t promote violence, a militia type person rebelling against the system isn’t necessarily a weed. The same with those accused of terrorism midst the biggest terrorists, the governments (beastial human organizations) and all who side with them with their patriotism and service to their various machines, corporations, religious institutions, etc. It’s the job of any who have found Ti and Do to simply provide pointers to their information so all have another chance to decide (the judgement) of who to accept the “mark” from between the Evolutionary Level Above Human and the Human Kingdom. it’s really that cut and dry at this time I believe. So with that all said, here is the link:

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6 Responses to “Comet SIGN from Ti and Do as “Jesus” “lightning from east to west” and “signs in sun, moon and stars””

  1. Jonas Beakman Says:

    people have been saying these very same things for at least 1000 years.

    you are just another in a long long line of folks who’ve been saying the end is near.

    Of course, you have to be a weed as well because the class didn’t even bother to send you an x-mas card before they committed suicide. You weren’t even a dweomer in their minds when they committed suicide… Mr. Tares.

    You aren’t alone — all over the world people jump up and down every time a comet passes.

    Your suicide friends literally thought that a comet was a “sign from ti”… HUH???? Comets have predictable orbits — and you can generally set your watch according to those predictions…. yet do thought it was a sign (slapping forehead : DOH!). Do you see how ridiculous that was?

    You are exactly what you are… a long haired toothless man with no education and absolutely no insight into religions and history… jumping up and down naked yelling that “THE END IS NEAR!!!!”

    You are impervious to truth… it just drips off you like water on a duck’s back. You are blind.

  2. sawyer Says:

    Where were the space telescopes during the times when they said the same things I am saying. Where were the global institutions, global war on terrorism, global financial catastrophes, global space travel, global observational ability, many volcano’s errupting as we speak, many earthquakes going off in an unprecedented way, global communications, global experiences with UFO’s, even decades before drones, and photoshop, etc. etc. etc. If you looked into any of the records uncovered and studied by archeologists, etc. there is confirmation that there were previous civilizations on earth end of the world evidence and stories. Near to the Next Level is not near to one human lifetime necessarily, but, but, but the evidence is clear that many things are changing and changing fast with no end in sight, so go figure…it’s all the same. Fine. it doesn’t matter to me what you believe. You are so angry. I’m sorry for you in that regard but nothing I will say or not will help you with it so if you need to vent at me, fine, but it doesn’t have to be this way for you. You can choose to move past what makes you so angry and that has nothing to do with belief in what I believe or anything else for that matter. It’s just a fact that you know.

    • Jonas Beakman Says:

      You look — and you see only what you want to see. I look: and I see everything.

      You are impervious to truth. I imagine that everyone you’ve ever known has said that to you in one manner or another. Maybe all those people aren’t just angry plants? Can you even imagine such a thing anymore? Or are you truly already dead.

  3. crlody Says:

    So much for lying low…….”Jonas”, perhaps you are guilty of all of the things that you accuse Sawyer of, that is, being blind and dead and impervious to truth. How can you claim that you “see everything”? Megalomaniacal much? Completely and totally full of yourself and a massive hypocrite much? You told me that I was “living wrong” and yet all you seem to do is obsess over Sawyer and HG and constantly attack, attack, attack like a rabid dog. Maybe you’re seeing only what you want to see and all that you seem to see are individuals to patronize and condescend to as you have been doing for months and months now. Maybe you should volunteer some of your time to something constructive rather than this silly game that has only one participant and therefore one loser, YOU. I would feel sorry if you weren’t so mean-spirited and disgustingly judgmental and tripping on your own ego all of the time. What kind of life do you have that you spend all of this time and energy lording yourself over Sawyer and making outrageous claims like, “I see everything”. Judge not lest ye be judged and you are gearing up to be oh so judged. Of course I’m a fool for wasting my breath and energy on someone so rigid as yourself. I really do hope that you find something better to do than to obsess over every word that Sawyer prints but I’m pretty doubtful of that at this point You truly are as unself-aware as they come Mr. angry and I won’t be reading your reply to this as I’ve hopefully (and finally) learned my lesson that you aren’t even worth my contempt. Good luck, you’ll need it when you have to account for all of your hate-filled actions.

    • Frank Beakman Says:

      I didn’t say Sawyer was dead.

      I see everything because I don’t see things through the spectrum of ideology — like you folks. You see a leaf fall from a tree and think Jesus is returning. I simply see a leaf fall from a tree.

      Rigid? If any information becomes available that is contrary to my beliefs, I will explore it AND change if necessary… I love new information. I am the antithesis of rigid. With you fellas, any comet flying by is proof that ___________.

      You seem a bit “judgey” CRLODY… being “frank” doesn’t mean being hateful. I’m probably the only person in the world that takes what he says seriously — and treats him as an adult.

      • sawyer Says:

        curiously, what are your beliefs about, Spirits, UFO’s, space aliens, government coverups, real reasons for the war in iraq, real reasons behind the global financial meltdown, the now dozens of un-explainable observations in space that are all assigned “camera glitch” (though there are always stock pseudo explanations of). Did you see the latest film from comet siding spring’s alleged going into Mars and that large object below it that showed a reflexion of light off it in the direction of mars, or do you think those photos are all faked and there are no space satellites. Do you believe there are human or equivalent beings elsewhere in the universe? What is a comet? Is it a dirty snowball that was believed for over a hundred years since first being suggested. Is there a science called metaphysics that has to do with organized electromagnetic properties operating against various biology. Whose side do you take between Einstein and Boehm (sp?) on whether the eye is not only a receiver but a transmitter? Do thoughts exist in a measurable waveform? Are the organ parts of the gnome evidence of intelligent design of organisms. Are computers evidence of intelligent design? I’m going to make a new post of these questions in case others want to weigh into some discussion of them all.

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