Open minded? How open are you really? The winner gets a free Luna-tic-on the Moon award!

A regular critic of most all I say and believe and consider said they were anything but ridged when it comes to the examination of new information which peaked my interest in exactly what this person did believe about certain topics. Here are the topics I’d like to get his but anyone’s input on. Some are very general but we can add our favorite examples pro or con to the criteria of believable or not. And if I haven’t covered some you’d like on the list add it as a comment and I’ll update the list and include a post of your comments as well if they are serious:

1) Spirits – Is the idea of a software like structure emanated from mammals possible

2) UFO’s – are they all swamp gas and/or drones or weather balloons or ball lightning or secret government programs or from vivid imaginations or is it possible some could be extraterrestrial

3) Space aliens – do they exist and if so how could they get here and if so why would they be here and what is the abuction phenomena all about and why do some of the autopsy’s reported/leaked show no organ systems or atrophied reproductive organ systems.

4) Government coverups, “wag the dog”  or conspiracies. (e.g.the reasons for the war in iraq, the billions missing from the pentagon budget right before the financial meltdown, building 7’s collapse, the curving bullet, osama bin laden’s quick burial at sea to support his islamic beliefs of a quick burial, the entire wtc attack scenerios, what is behind the global financial meltdown, etc.

5) the now dozens of un-explainable observations in space that are all assigned “camera glitch” or stock pseudo explanations of. (e.g. comet ison did survive it’s sundive, the object photographed by Japanese Space Observatory with Hale Bopp Comet, the object photographed with “pan starrs comet”, the mercury sunflare uncloaking of some type of man made looking object, the tiny planet with larger objects in orbit of the tiny one, the comet that lost it’s tail, the comet with no coma, hale bopp with three tails and a double nucleus scientists still regularly meet about to find answers as the nucleus objects are in orbit around one another.

6) Comet Siding Spring’s alleged dive into Mars and that large object below it that showed a reflexion of light off it in the direction of mars.

7) Are there space satelittes with all these cameras and if so why let the public see them.

8) underground base building for the elite to have a place to run and hide – is it happening or not?

9) Human or equivalent beings elsewhere in the universe?

10) What is a comet? For over 100 years they were described as “dirty snowballs”. Can we believe the pictures taken from Deep Space probes that show them to look like powered machines with a rocky casing.

update add on: One open minded claiment said they were dirty snowballs so he loses the luna tic on the moon award. Here is the pic of comet hartley that if you investigate you will see SCIENTISTS SAY THERE IS NO ICE ON: Cometa-Hartley2

11) Is there a legitimate science called metaphysics that has to do with organized electromagnetic properties operating against various biological frameworks?

12) Whose side do you take between Einstein and Boehm on whether the eye is not only a receiver but a transmitter? Substantiate your answer with some evidence logical or otherwise.

13) Do thoughts exist in a measurable waveform? Is it possible that humans can pick up other’s thoughts?

14) Are the organs of a body and the organs of the gnome inside each cell evidence of intelligent design of biological organisms.

15) Are computers evidence of intelligent design?

16) Are descriptions in the Bible records and other records of “cloud of light”, “whirlwind of fire”, “chariots of fire”, flying humanoids as in the case with Jesus’ levitation above the sea and into the clouds both after his exit of the tomb, evidence of high technological transportation systems or just figments one’s imagination.

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6 Responses to “Open minded? How open are you really? The winner gets a free Luna-tic-on the Moon award!”

  1. Jamision Winterbottom Says:

    1. Spirits — the way you word it — yes it is possible… but there is no concrete, peer reviewed evidence for it — NONE. You worded it really weird.

    2. UFO’s — I don’t know. I would think if they did exist that we would have millions of credible pictures and videos of them by now. Everything I have seen is easily refutable. There is no concrete evidence… we should have museums FULL of UFO stuff… but nothing.

    3. I would bet that space aliens do exist somewhere — there is no proof of this just the odds. There is no concrete indisputable evidence they have visited us. No credible evidence of abductions. The autopsy stuff is all fraudulent. Nothing credible. The subconscious of man has common imagery — dmt proves that.

    4. Gov’t coverups? Sure… the causes are usually greed. Most aren’t conspiracies b/c if they were, the people would talk. Being respectful of OBL’s religion was a smart move — but since then, we’ve continued to P.O. them into hating us even more. Mostly greed and the simplest answer is usually the right one. We were ripped off by the rich wall street people… that’s what rich people do… do I like it? No.

    5. Hundreds of thousands of very smart people are studying these things right now — I’ll listen to them. Science absolutely LOVES!!!! unexplained observations!!! They award PHDs on them. Trust, me if they saw Ti riding a space scooter past mars, the entire planet would know about it almost instantly… you can’t hide that sort of stuff.

    6. I don’t know… what is nasa saying about it? What are any of the thousands upon thousands of serious astronomers saying about it? I’d believe them before I would think it was Do riding a horse on mars or whatever you believe.

    7. We paid for them… why shouldn’t we see them and use them.

    8. Yes… these exist…. in the 50’s your dad probably had a bomb shelter… the president has a bunker I’m sure… Saddam did. Rich paranoid people probably do…

    9. Probably — the odds make it seem likely, just no evidence as yet.

    10. Comets are dirty snowballs… we continue to learn more about them each time they pass by… but they follow all the laws of physics… their behavior sometimes confounds us, but there is no debate about what they are… except by you people.

    11. I don’t think metaphysics is what you described it to be… but no credible evidence exists that man can bend spoons with his mind. None.

    12. I don’t know about the argument. Did you mean Bohr instead of Boehm? I don’t have an opinion on it because I am not familiar with it.

    13. They can detect brainwave patterns of thoughts using advanced imagery — so yes. I think in trivial ways they have already done experiments where a persons simplest thoughts are perceived by someone else — but the experiments are trivial and not all that impressive. For instance, if there is massive activity in Broca’s region of the brain, then the imager could flash a light — which someone could perceive and know the person was thinking about speech… interesting but trivial.

    14. no… natural selection does NOT mean random chance…

    15. no

    16. No they are not… they are evidence of the great imagination of man. myths are probably all based on a dweomer of truth but they become inflated as time passes… people have agendas… most religions have stuff like that in it… the Nazca lines are more mysterious to me than the bible crap.

    • sawyer Says:

      Well, sorry, you don’t get the luna-tic award I’m offering, summed up by this statement that shows you have a bias against anything I think or say, thus are not open minded really: You said, “I’d believe them before I would think it was Do riding a horse on mars or whatever you believe.”, with special emphasis on “whatever you believe” – which is saying there is no chance that what I believe can be believable to you and WHATEVER TAKES IN A GREAT DEAL. And here is a picture of a comet with NO ICE evident as a snow balls don’t have an outer core that has craters on it or is all the snow compressed inside under so much pressure that the rock holds it in except on the jets and the jets just so happen to be mostly be on one end with a few mid way (as if to be used to steer) and this is considered to be a short period comet traveling billions of miles on that little energy system of “dirty snowball ice inside that container. comet hartley

      • Mauseturm Says:

        I don’t understand you completely — all your comet questions can be answered by experts. I’m not an expert on comets — which are euphemistically called “dirty snowballs”.

        One question I’ve had about comets is… do they refuel? While they are away from the sun, do they re-accrete matter? If so, how … and if not, I would tend to think that they would have spent themselves out a long time ago.

        Just because I have a question about them doesn’t mean that they are armadas of alien spaceships. Just because I have questions about them doesn’t mean NASA is lying to me.

        I’m just saying: if you see photographic anomalies on NASA’s stuff, why would you assume it is a failed homosexual music teacher that is causing it? That doesn’t make sense.

        If you are really truly interested in science, STUDY SCIENCE! You can actually study comets as an amateur… get a telescope, go to free lectures, maybe go to college…

        Why would you even begin to believe that comets are being “steered” when there is all evidence is to the contrary… there is NO evidence these things aren’t what they appear to be.

      • sawyer Says:

        My point is that “evidence” is in the eye of the beholder. What is evidence to one person is not to another. You obviously think outside the boxes because the line we get about comets doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, which then leads to other questions and pretty soon lot’s of things they say don’t seem to make sense. Exactly – if comets are powered by their discharge while close to the sun… melting ice balls, that would have to be one whale of an iceball to only return every 75 years as with halley’s, for example. I’m sure scientists would say they are filled with compressed gas of some sort but I wonder if anyone has done a comparison of the size of a comet and how much gas can be compressed into it to allow it to fly as long as it does.

        Also, comets do change course. They sometimes are shown to slow down and speed up, which scientists believe is related to other objects near them because that’s what they are able to do, to send satellites in different directions and with a new boost of power in an orbit. However, until recently when we received pictures of comets up close and personal we had none of these ideas about their jets. So when I look at something, yes I do look at things through my lens, most of which is based on my experience and since I believe that all these objects including the earth are in their own ways types of spacecraft, not saying they do or don’t have people inside or are driven by some remote control technology, but nonetheless objects that fly and of all shapes and sizes and apparent purposes. It is impossible to say what isn’t possible – that’s an open mind but nor do I think everything I suspect or wonder about is just as I see it or wonder about it. Many things are unknown as facts. That’s the same as it is for scientists. They state things as fact until they learn otherwise but if they never CONSIDER ALL DATA THAT COULD BECOME EVIDENCE then they are not scientists.

        So when you say there is no evidence of something that doesn’t mean there is no evidence. It means you haven’t seen any evidence and/or don’t count what others might consider to be evidence as such. The same with all the questions in my list. And by the way I don’t know if you saw the comet pic I posted on this post. That’s why I wondered if the jets on the side were like steerage. Maybe not. Maybe it’s just the way they break up over time.

        But when I said that I suspected Ison, after it emerged from the sun was an armada, I could be wrong, but then I could be right. What is the evidence. Well, I think photographs and video can be evidence and thanks to all the space telescopes that are made available for others to watch and do some reporting on, one view of ison could be seen as having distinct parts, even close to seven parts which went along with the filtering that leslie from bpearthwatch did that showed ison before the sun encounter looking like a flying wing. And since Do who I believe in “wondered” if the Next Level might come back at some point with an “armada” of spacecrafts and I was aware of prophecy to that affect, as I thought about all this in conjunction with wondering what Do would think about it, it seemed like it all made sense so I stated it as what I thought. However, I know I could be wrong but then what if I am right. It’s a positive in any case because it all helps us “open our minds” to what’s possible. Only then can we begin to view things more objectively and thereby potentially more accurately to what is really real.

        Of course when many of us see ourselves wondering more about things like this, we can feel frightened. For instance, if you were to consider most anything I say as potentially realistic, you will hear in your head a loud voice of “no way I’m going there” which you can choose to listen to or put aside enough to allow something to not be true or false but just be a “maybe”. Many people will never make it to “maybe” on anything I say or of course what Ti and Do and their students say but that’s not my concern. It’s always been this way. Those who venture to think are regularly shunned, feared, avoided, and fought against to shut up – called witches, etc. by those who fear loss of their confidence in what they believe.

        So to say there is NO evidence these things aren’t what they appear to be is like saying there is NO EVIDENCE THEY ARE what they appear to be because what they appear to be is not all that apparent except by the clues we’re become privy to and some of those clues are based on a type of common sense to some, that simply stimulates the question of how can this be that they have the power to travel so far without refueling. We already know now that they are not dirty snowballs so all those published papers that became evidence to so many is now obsolete and people that still believe that line are actually fooled into believing. There are actually many many examples of things taught people that were flat out wrong but those taught believed so now it shakes their world too much to even look at the updates. People like to feel stable in what they know and especially as they get older and believe certain things about themselves they don’t want to feel is crumbling.

  2. baltimbo Says:

    stuff doesn’t make sense to us, until it does make sense.

    The tides didn’t make sense until they took into account the moon. Now they are predictable months in advance. The tides didn’t make sense, but now they do — not because someone inserted fantasy about space aliens into the mix — although you could just say that space aliens control the tides and never look for the real answers — luckily we DON’T do that.

    By and large, what we know about comets is pretty indisputable. There is still a lot we don’t know, though. So there are things about comets that don’t always make sense — not even to scientists. But they will be the first to admit it and go to the drawing board to try to figure it out. They won’t just say: “Must be space aliens” or “it must be Ti and Do returning”.

    Also, lack of consensus doesn’t mean a conspiracy. There are some good scientists out there that think pieces of ison made it through its trip around the sun. The vast majority believes that for all intents, the thing we called a comet didn’t. They are splitting hairs.

    I’m going to tell you:

    the central core of the moon is Maytag Blue cheese.

    Everybody would say either: no it isn’t or prove it.

    But maybe a handful would say: that’s a possibility! And you are squarely in that handful.

    And that is what got you in trouble in the first place. You were doomed to be duped. You are lucky it was just a harmless ufo cult — it could have been the Manson family, right? You might not have gone to Sharon Tate’s — you aren’t exactly a man of action — but you know you could very well have been a family member.

    The take-away is: Maytag Blue cheese is incredibly good. So go out and get some, get a good book, find a tuffet — and enjoy!

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