Ti (Father) and Do (Jesus) send comets into sun and mars to cause explosions

If the videos inserted here are not what I’m claiming in the text it’s because someone is removing or sabatoging bpearthwatches videos. Fortunately some others also captured the footage.

This and the next video are signs from Ti and Do, of that I have no doubt. There will be more and they will be linked more and more by many to Sun events that correlate with large unusual looking objects and comets without tails causing eruptions on mars and the sun ,etc. Space aliens and humans have zero capacity to do these things but of course some will not be able to consider that or won’t want to try so will call these anything but the most obvious truth that these are being stimulated entirely by the physical Evolutionary Level above Human that has been called in the past the kingdom of god or kingdom of heaven. There is nothing religious or spiritual about this though it’s 100% consistent with everything Jesus said and taught that most Christians and religious and spiritual and atheistic and agnostic only have tiny pieces to anymore, not seeing the clarity in which Ti and Do represented exactly what their alleged founders said and did to prepare for now. I suggest each of us demand to know the full truth and to ask for it by projecting you thirst to know as far from Earth as you can imagine to where Ti and Do and Crew will hear your request and give you a tiny seed of further recognition for trusting them at least enough to be willing to ask. Yes, it will escalate your disconnect from the human kingdom but never faster than you can handle and/or want to go so fear not. If you think the ebola scare is upsetting and the many other things that are happening, it will get much, much, much worse but it’s no longer going to be business as usual as time marches on unless you cut yourself off from seeing what’s happening and hide your head in the sand. Then you will meet your end of life like everyone else and your spirit will be sorted into the appropriate “bucket” that will probably be the one to be recycled, even your spirit will be recycled which ends any chance to live again. I don’t know person to person who will be put where but do know there is no other way to appeal to the Next Level to have a chance to come back and have a renewed chance to graduate to the Next Level (heaven). The only ones who will even care to have that chance are those who have already received some help from the Next Level because they will have enough of that recognition to simply desire that opportunity while others could care less or think they already have that opportunity because of what Jesus or another did for them, which is a big part of the lie as there is no such think as getting anything for nothing. We must each go through the “christing” process and that’s never going to happen if we don’t ask to start a more conscious connection with the Older Members who gave themselves to us to show us how.

Siding spring comet breaks or splits up into 2 objects.

bpearthwatch says it’s being torn apart by the sun which may be true but is naive becaues it may be scheduled to split.

Another comet is a sungrazer ahead of siding spring that goes into the sun and causes a CME the 17th of Oct.


Can anyone see why none of this is being reported on the mainstream news. They are beside themselves with what’s happening and are scared to death to just let the truth be seen so they cover it up by removing frames or saying it’s a glitch. But they can’t stop all the people who have telescopes that will be able to see more and more so those that want to know will SEE. Christians think this is related to Jesus coming but most don’t know that his coming was two fold, once incarnate and then to pick up the souls of those who believed in him while he was incarnate as Do of Ti and Do the only one who demonstrated 100% all jesus taught and said and did as well as all Moses taught. Stay tuned for the proof of all this I will offer by the first of the year.


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  1. Mel of Mel and the Mellotones. Says:


    We landed on a comet!


    That is AWESOME!

    Okay — let the conspiracy theories begin!

    • sawyer Says:

      i bet one is that it never happened. It was in hollywoody where it all happened. After all many scientists said they were only icy snowballs.

      • baldtimbo Says:

        There are pictures from the surface of a comet — looks to be exactly what we always thought they were and would be… euphemistically, just dirty snowballs.

      • sawyer Says:

        that’s not true at all. What pics do you look at. I know they still think it’s ice under a layer of dirt but that too is speculation trying to justify the tail but what of all those jets shown in the pics?

  2. Morton Williamson Says:

    The First Image From The Surface of a Comet!!!!!


    Doesn’t look all that hospitable… it will be very interesting as it approaches the sun.

    What does it feel like to finally view the Promised Land, Moses?

  3. baldtimbo Says:

    This is rather sad…

    But — I would think that as it circumnavigates the sun that sunlight will eventually hit the solar panels despite whatever obstruction is there.

    But they did drill into the comet… this must be very exciting and overwhelming for you!!!

    In all the millions of years us monkeys have been prowling the planet, we — you and I and all of us living — are fortunate enough to live at a time when the mysteries are dispelled!

    How many people have looked up at comets over the millennia and saw Apollo and his chariot… or a “new sun” that was going to destroy mankind… or an armada of alien spaceships coming to destroy sinners… or even a spacecraft, hiding a little lady from texas named Bonnie Lu!

    But we can see pictures of the surface of a comet… it is almost unreal!!!

    What do you think Do would say if he were alive to witness this??? I think he would have been blown away! What a great age we live in — despite all the bad things that happen… we are on the bleeding edge of knowledge — reaping the reward of hundreds of thousands of hyper-intelligent scientists… analyzing, re-analyzing, taking the wrong turn sometimes, but always pushing the limits of our knowledge!

    When you see the surface of the comet — what goes through your mind?

    Now more than any time would be an apropos time to reflect on man, mankind, and the human condition.

    What are your insights, Sawyer?

    • sawyer Says:

      A designed, probably remote controlled craft. How many science classes are still saying they are just icy snowballs.

      • baldtimbo Says:

        Wait — science finally lands us on a comet! And that’s all you have to say?

      • sawyer Says:

        yes that was a huge and great event, nearly unbelievable but I do believe it. One of the next big events I’ll looking forward to is the new horizons visit to pluto come this july.

  4. baldtimbo Says:

    Comet ison hysteria… the article even mentions the suicides …. saying that you folks must have been listening to Art Bell who sees FBI agents in every cloud in the sky… youch, I hope you folks didn’t fall for that guy…


    I had read that you folks had bought a super expensive telescope, but then took it back because it was defective … telling the shopkeeper: we couldn’t see “the companion”…

    Err… do you still think there was a companion to Hale Bopp? I guess you can just believe it “cloaked” (which is a Star Trek term… a TV series)… by cloaking, it certainly wouldn’t provide that “demonstration” you folks were always harping about… why cloak? Weren’t you all mesmerized with the idea of the entire world seeing you walk up the gangplank into a UFO (exactly like the ending of Close Encounters of the Third Kind ending)??

    There would be no reason to cloak…

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t have time to address all your ridiculousness. Why are you back to harass me again? Did you grow bored of your life so figured you could spice it up by saying the same stuff over and over to me. Sorry, I already gave you all I can give. You have to take a new step to get anything more.

      • baldtimbo Says:

        Simple: do you still believe there was a companion behind Hale-bopp? I’d like to see a picture.

  5. baldtimbo Says:

    i found this interesting…


    • sawyer Says:

      A lot of the Mars stuff I can’t wrap my head around much. I see it and consider it and certainly don’t know but it all too often doesn’t resemble a Next Level instigated discovery like these objects in and around the sun, and comets, asteroids, meteor blasts, saturn phenomena, jupitar phenomena, uranus storms, comets that split into 4 or 7 parts that continue to orbit, comets that used be said with confidence were “just icy dirty snowballs” that we now know are anything but.

      • baldtimbo Says:

        Dude — that is not a duck on mars. It is a joke. O brother.

        We landed on a comet — and it was exactly what we thought it was.

        There is something to keeping an open mind about things — but you can verify everything written about comets… there are millions of pages of scientific research on them.

        Also — “dirty snowballs” is a euphemism that facilitates teaching about comets… get it?

        Like if I say that a lion is like a big cat… it really isn’t exactly a big cat, but it is a useful comparison.

        Comets are like “dirty snowballs”…. a lot of solid material with a measure of volatile material as well.

        The European comet program are sending radio waves throughout the comet to even detect how dense they are to help ascertain even more info.

        The pieces of a split comet would tend to go in the same orbit — that is elementary school physics.

      • sawyer Says:

        but they are now calling it a duck – funny isn’t it.

  6. baldtimbo Says:

    more comet related trivia… interesting. maybe TI was driving… LOL women drivers 😉


    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t doubt this. You might want to examine the great comet of 1807 or around then and the madrid earthquakes and Tecumsah’s prophecy. It’s very interesting and yes, I relate Tecumsah to being influenced by the Next Level, even in the name…Te comes above human. Now that’s a hoot and I’m not saying it’s so, but is it possible???? But don’t limit your investigation to wiki.

      • baldtimbo Says:

        my name is Tim… so, I must be next level too…

        I give Wiki the credit it deserves… not taking anything as gospel… but it is a handy tool to get quick info that can be quickly corroborated, etc.

      • sawyer Says:

        sure wiki is great but like most everything is only as good as those who put the articles together as they certainly can be censored by some in ways I have seen many times now where they didn’t have to.

  7. baldtimbo Says:

    wow… wiki sort of agrees with me… that they–the dead ones– believed people had to leave IMMEDIATELY… which is exactly what Do said — he made it seem like “you better git while the gittin’s good, folks!!!! and I’m the only way!”… I know you and the other folks who didn’t die interpret it differently.

    below is excerpt from Heaven’s gate wiki….

    Heaven’s Gate members believed the planet Earth was about to be “recycled” (wiped clean, renewed, refurbished, and rejuvenated), and the only chance to survive was to leave it immediately. While the group was formally against suicide, they defined “suicide” in their own context to mean “to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered”[10] and believed their “human” bodies were only vessels meant to help them on their journey. In conversation, when referring to a person or a person’s body, they routinely used the word “vehicle”[11]

    end of excerpt.

    But now almost 20 years later, you are saying they didn’t mean “immediately”… because that would mean Do was as wrong as a raving loon could be… which is obviously what it was… only you and some other fellow still think it was true…

    Immediately means “immediate’… he was speaking English.

    • sawyer Says:

      I made a post recently about what Do said were the “three types of people who could be saved”. One of those types were people who never even heard of Ti and Do. Look for my post to see the large variety of things Do and Jwnody wrote on what was to follow their exit. They were not cancelling things said before the last statement. And wiki heaven’s gate won’t let me edit that page to tell more of the truth. Perhaps upon publishing a book I will be allowed to offer updates, but it’s no problem as many want to believe wiki is the authority on all things so they get what they want, while others know to find the whole truth they need to dig and not only dig but be open to it. Digging just to see if we can further substantiate what we already believe is not going to yield a new understanding. It’s too preconceived. Like the way you listened to all the audio tapes so you got next to nothing from them. If you listened to them thinking “what if they were who they said they were doing what they said they were doing”, you would have an entirely different perspective and would still have the choice to believe it or not. There have been some investigators who came away with a more objective perspective and yes it is troubling to confront ourselves in that regard but there is no other way to genuinely grow.

      • baldtimbo Says:

        Well… everybody who would have seen the video — which isn’t very many … had to take away that the recycling was going to be “immediate”.

        I listened to the audiotapes that are available with a completely understanding mind — I suspended disbelief and tried to empathize with everyone. I’m just telling you: listen to them — there is nothing in them. No deep insights… Ti and Do were always hedging on what they said as if they were just discovering it, too, and it could change…

        Plus, Ti owned parrots… real “next level” behavior. I think she was more aware of what they were doing to you folks. I’m not sure Do had enough insight into reality to have had any sort of consciousness about what he was doing… but I think Ti knew.

      • Mary Salliard Says:

        I would be interested to hear you address what the gentlemen is saying. You don’t address his comment.

        1. Do and Ti were 100% wrong on every single thing that ever came out of their mouths.
        2. Ti owned a parrot. Would she have let you own a dog?

        For once in your life, focus. Are you high or something?

      • sawyer Says:

        I’m sorry but if you are genuinely interested in that person’s perspective that “everything ti and do said was 100% wrong”, you haven’t read much of anything they talked about OR simply don’t believe in any of the things they believed. So there is no way I can address that kind of a question. Whatever I say it’s considered to be an illogical justification and that is actually fine with seeing it that way. I don’t mind. I have no interest or need to have anyone believe anything about Ti and Do nor what I think and say. It’s actually work I don’t need. Plus frequently the very person that says those things is using so many names I have no perspective of who is true and who is not. So I’ve taken a chance that you are not the same spammer.

        Ti didn’t own a parrot. In 1985, just months before Ti left her vehicle she and Do brought into our “craft” two parrots actually though one they returned soon thereafter. One stayed on a while, until we moved a few months after Ti left her vehicle, so both were with us only a short time. They also brought in two parakeets at that time. One we taught to say a bunch of things like, “get your mind in your vehicle”. The parrots didn’t take to learning anything. Then during the same time period they brought in a handful of finches. I don’t recall their saying why but you can hear the parrot in one of the meeting tapes and Ti and/or Do comment on their talking in the other room.

        Would she have let us own a dog? Well, we did take care of some cats while living in San Antonio but they were outdoor cats. And after Ti left we lived north of Dallas on a ranch and actually gave birth to two liters of puppies but they weren’t ours technically as the mother was a stray that we took in to help and then were taken to a shelter soon thereafter but not until they were old enough to be moved – maybe a couple weeks after birth.

        I have a question for you. Why are you so condescending when talking to me. What is it that makes you so angry if I may ask? You know next to nothing about me to command me to focus and what makes you think I’m “high”?

  8. baldtimbo Says:

    how could you possibly assume:

    Ti (Father) and Do (Jesus) send comets into sun and mars to cause explosions

    ???? Do you work for the national enquirer, too? Next, Herf will be reborn as “Bat Boy”?

    You are just making stuff up.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t assume anything which is why I believe it possible and especially when I see video footage I don’t believe was made up. However, this kind of belief is not without the recognition that I could be wrong in how I’m interpreting it or whether I’m responding to a hoax of some sort. That’s always possible but what’s more important to me is to suggest it might not be a hoax and it might be what it appears to be. We are so used to seeing the sun in the heaven’s everyday and the moon, etc. that we can easily assume we understand all there is about these things and can expect that they will always be the way they are. It’s hard to get one’s head around unsettling possibilities as they seem insane and because some are not prepared for what more there is, they can go insane when certain things become evident. People die of freight for sudden recognition of reality that shook their world. We think, oh, they just had too much bad cholesterol in their arteries and of course sometimes that’s the entire story, but at other times it can be a combination of heart and artery disease then triggered by being faced with something they can not handle. That can be a sudden divorce, or lose of employment or fortune or the discovery of a skeleton in their closet or coming face to face with more of the Next Level’s reality. Thus it behooves all of us to open our heads, to question everything and not fear what we don’t know but know there are many things we don’t know so to say what’s not possible is just a defense mechanism. Another defense mechanism is to equate being open to a comet hitting the sun as an intended event for whatever purpose with a bat boy. You often come up with these comparisons to what I’m willing to believe with your ideas of equivalents that are not even in the same ballpark but sound like something from southpark or the like. At least you can come up with things with more potential to be true. I know it’s just your way of trying to put me down, so I don’t mind but you could be more entertaining in doing so, don’t you think?

      • baldtimbo Says:

        It was pretty funny… batboy is a national enquirer headline…

        If you googled batboy, you’d get tons of hits.

        Your report that Ti and Do sent comets into the sun just came out of nowhere.

        Why do you think that Ti and Do sent comets into the sun and mars to cause explosions?

        There were no explosions on mars by the way.

        I was juxtaposing your assertion — an almost national enquirer style headline — with the sensational batboy headline.

    • crlody Says:

      Todd Beakman/Jonas/pathetic troll with no life and too much time on his hands who creates fake facebook profiles for his fakes because he has nothing better to do with his pathetic existence,

      /http://time.com/8265/internet-trolls-are-actually-sadists-study-finds/. You’re a cowardly troll who hides behind false identities on the Internet because you’re an insecure little boy who only knows how to nitpick at others with petty and disingenuous arguments You’re self-deluded enough to think that the things that you state somehow make you superior to others but all you’re really doing is screaming for validation from them and perversely you’re seeking this validation by doing nothing but lashing out like a petulant and mean-spirited child. I’m doubtful that you’ll ever figure out that all of these conflicts that you’re always trying to create with Sawyer are actually conflicts that are within yourself. If you were at all comfortable with how you think about things (I’ve told you this before but you conveniently ignore certain points I make because they would require too much self-reflection on your part) you wouldn’t spend several months constantly barraging someone who doesn’t want to hear what you have to say anymore. You constantly seek this blog out so you can try to elevate yourself above Sawyer because he is so “uneducated” and you are such a man “of reason”. You’re not any kind of man at all, just another pathetic troll on the Internet. Little boys like you are a dime a dozen.

  9. baldtimbo Says:

    Are you disappointed that comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko isn’t a spaceship? That it is just what everyone has always said it was and would be? I can’t think of another person who would take it harder.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’ll have to revisit that comet as I’ve been a bit out of the loop of observation. Thanks for the heads up as I do want to see what was shown and what wasn’t before the truth is blacked out, but even if I don’t there is more to come indeed.

    • sawyer Says:

      who says it’s not. Scientists still can’t figure out what all those jets do or how they operate and why they exist, what’s their fuel, etc. Yet when I say that I’m not saying it has a crew on board. I suspect not actually. I think some of them are remote transports that deposit elements in various locations and also provide a type of bus line perhaps. But perhaps it’s none of those things or all of those things. Maybe some are just the result of something having broken up but I’d bet there are many different types. Lovejoy seems to be breaking up like Soho which is still viewable though was said to not have emerged from behind the sun. And then that most unusual christmas colored comet at christmas time last week- another accident right. Plus the sun continues to baffle people and that huge explosion on mars when another comet crossed it’s path and the list goes on and on and on so how can anyone with eyes not see that at the very least they don’t have a clue what’s happening or what is not possible.

  10. baldtim Says:

    no posts in November? Dude… so what? A comet is a comet… your life is still your life… and you can do with it what you want.

    You are an artist — draw, paint, sculpt, or otherwise read science books… LEAVE YOUR MARK!

    I bet that if you are even half-way talented that there would be a market for your art (whatever form that may take)…. troubled folks’ art … Van Gogh, Beethoven, Gacey….

    Draw what you FEEL… practice… practice…

    You WERE inspired beyond most mortals’ belief… get it? Use that ultimate inspiration to create! Make! Make! Make!

    I will buy your first artwork… and I have some dough. I am commissioning you to make your world into art that will live long long after all of us are “passed”.

    If you are half-way good, I bet you could get a grant… go through a nearby college for assistance. You are one of only xx people that have the perspective…. DO A PERSPECTIVE!!!

    You are my brother.

    • sawyer Says:

      I am drawing and my art will be available except I doubt many will want it. The drawings are letters on the keyboard put together to describe how all legitimate prophecy, which goes beyond what’s only in the red letter editions of the new testament describes precisely what Ti and Do said and did and why, where, how and when. The Art is in being given the inspiration/vision to see it as it can be otherwise near totally hidden in ways that even looks revealing, except it’s revealing only some of the layers of that onion. So it’s the core that is soon to be shown more.

      • Mary Salliard Says:

        Temple not rebuilt, therefore Do and Ti couldn’t possibly even with the wildest craziest imagination be the “two witnesses” mentioned in Rev.

        Get it? Why would the “truth” in the Bible be hidden from 99.9999% of the population? Get it?

        On so many levels, you are wrong. On absolutely ALL levels, Do and Ti were wrong… they couldn’t hit the truth if it was the broadside of a barn. They were completely wrong on every single iota of info they gave you kids.

      • sawyer Says:

        The temple has been rebuilt. The temple is the environment for worship. Worship is service not bowing and scraping or rituals and dogma. The temple grounds were rebuilt and that’s why the U.S. became a melting pot and the western U.S. because a great draw to all opportunity seekers as well as those escaping the conservative mindsets of much of the eastern states. It is where most all of the new movements of the 60’s and 70’s were born and it is where Ti and Do went public and found most all of those who were prepared for their return even though many had moved to the west from the east. The New jerusalem was about 1360 miles square, about the distance from the Mississippi river to the pacific coast. Ti and Do didn’t talk about that but did say they felt most in tune with their Older Members when they were west of the Mississippi and they often traveled east to check out potential new locations they felt led to move the classroom and did move us on two occasions though were very short lived moves.

        The truth of the most accurate interpretation of the book or revelations was hidden on purpose. In Luke Jesus talks about the future “revealing” of the truth. The seven seals are seven revealings of the content of the “book”. The seven thunders are kept secret until the time of the seventh trumpet of rev 10 and there are many references in the Old testament to how information was hidden – see Daniel and Zechariah. And Jesus said he had many things to share upon his return. That takes a mouth thus a physical body among us. It’s done that way for a number of reasons as the truth must be fed to people in doses they can handle as the lower forces work very hard to keep people in the dark though many do that not knowing any better because they are programmed to do so. The Next Level was never about attracting the masses and that’s why the truth can only be found among the masses in dosages in a more general fashion that is until the Next Level is ready for all to have the chance to know which is what is still happening with those who seek the truth and look into all Ti and Do taught and that I’m trying to help provide related to the book of revelations as we are in the time of the seventh trumpet sounding in my opinion.

        But you are right about one thing. As Ti and Do proceeded they kept on growing and so they kept on understanding more and more in more and more details and especially after Ti left which is in Rev 12 that she exists ahead of Do. They weren’t interested in justifying everything by the bible. They provide the content of much of the bible so they just continued with their program. Now we can make all the connections if we have a mind to try.

  11. baldtim Says:

    o no… that doesn’t sound like art … sounds like you are still preaching the arsenic that snakeoil salesman sold you…

    Give your right-brain a chance… see what comes out. That’s the magic of art… you have no idea until you start what is in your brain trying to get out.

    You should read Nostradamus…. I bet you can find scads of meaning in his quatrains — almost every kook that has ever read it has found stuff pertaining to them.

    If you understood even a thumbnail’s edge of the bible you would know: the two witnesses can’t be killed until after the temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt and has been defiled by the antichrist… so, Do and Ti can’t be the two witnesses… (period). Even if you say they were publicly “killed” by the press — nope, that completely contradicts bible prophecy — the temple hasn’t been rebuilt yet. Tons of people have claimed to be the two witnesses… it is a common meme in delusional thinking.

    • sawyer Says:

      I already just answered the temple statement in part. I could go on and on about it but gave the nuts and bolt answer. Yes I have found things in Nostradamus that was interesting pertaining to Ti and Do I believe but I forget it now as I don’t really need it. Sure anyone can justify anything with most anything secular, religious, spiritual, scientific. It’s happening every day in every department of life on this planet and yet ends up being shown to be wrong, yet is a part of growth to stay with. Wrong really is quite relative to what we don’t yet know that we still think we do know when there has been evidence that we are wrong and we insist on clinging to the old ideas.

      I suggest you study some other opposing thinking to negate Ti and Do as the TWo Witnesses and I’ll show you why they havn’t considered all there is to consider using many scriptures to back up, not just one about the temple being rebuilt. Jesus said he wasn’t coming back to jerusalem anyway and said it in at least three primary ways that was also backed in Isaiah.

  12. Kristiana Says:

    Hi. I’m just commenting to let you know that I sent you an email. I saw a comment of yours on youtube recommending that I comment on the blog to receive a quicker response. Thank you!

    • sawyer Says:

      I have sort of neglected that email as I get so much it’s hard to wade through to the genuine people that may want to communicate and to be honest I’d prefer communication on this blog as then it’s available for others that may value both whatever you have on your mind and what I might say to it, that is if you don’t mind posting to a general audience. Most people don’t use real names which I prefer so someone is less apt to get spam from things said here. I’m not talking professional spam.

      • Kristiana Says:

        OK this is the email I sent you:

        Hi. My name is Kristiana. I have been interested in Heaven’ s Gate for some time now. Before I found your blog, I was curious to know how people like me existed- people that believe in the teachings of Ti and Do but for some reason or another were unable to join the class. My reason is that I was not born until March 31, 1997. After discovering the blog, I know that there are quite a few, based on how many people follow it. I would love for there to be another classroom available but am not sure how likely that is in my lifetime. If it doesn’t happen, I would at least like to meet any former members or current believers who were not in the class. Will you please help me? The information provided by Ti and Do has been more than enough for me to realize the truth and all I want now is to be under the instruction of Older Members. I hope this is possible. Thank you for your time.


      • sawyer Says:

        Hi Kristiana, I don’t know how many people believe in Ti and Do. I don’t keep any lists and certainly all that follow this blog or my youtube channel: 3spm or my facebook page: sawyer.heavensgate are not all believers in Ti and Do – some, even many are spam people or curious or suspicious of my intentions. But there certainly are some who have maintained contact over years that I believe do believe in Ti and Do and I’m sure many more that in a sense have not come out of the closet OR do so in their own way, so never seek contact with me or Carlan or any other former members.

        I understand your desire for a new classroom and that time will certainly come, but not until the next millenium, as I understand it. Ti and Do never said exactly when but they did support the prophecies in the book of revelations, though didn’t teach from them, but referenced certain verses here and there, but said in 1973 all those prophecies would come to pass after they leave, which is why I am about to publish a book deciphering them all.

        For now, the instruction I feel we have from Do for new believers is to first off express to them using the names Ti and Do what you want and in request of their help with anything and everything and know they will in various ways help you to have all you want. Simultaneous to that, study everything Ti and Do said and did in their combined 24 years incarnate. Even though I am not a great writer or communicator, some of what I have written or said may prove helpful as well. You can’t watch the beyond human tapes too often. You can grow in Ti and Do’s Next Level family as fast as you want. When you feel thirsty for next steps, express that to them and they will lead you to them. They will never tell you what to do when they are not physically incarnate with you, (and you have expressed repeatedly your desire to be taught by them), so be aware of charlatan spirits, even working through others that will try to steer you off track. Neither fear such, for as long as you train your mind on their Next Level Minds, they will help you sort out potential missteps and/or make them into positives. The main task they left us with is to disseminate their information to others. It’s up to you how and when to do that. I also think it would be beneficial to see what most have written about Ti and Do that is mostly negative and then learn what the truth is by reading what Do, his students, I and others have written/said about those reports so you can answer other’s questions with all the facts at your disposal. Be careful who you talk to about them for two reasons. Number one, we have no desire to change anyone’s mind and we do not have the capacity to know how or when someone may come into a genuine interest in this information. We do not need new believers so we don’t care to push the information on anyone, yet at the same time, when you do feel to say something to someone, you can give them little pieces that they might think about later and could stimulate their further interest. Some become very disturbed by the information but it’s not really their fault as the programming of misinformation has been very thorough. The only reason any of us can believe is because the Next Level literally gives them, even as babies a “deposit” of their Mind that is a seed that they then provide periodic stimulus to awaken. These are the ones the Next Level are interested in helping to sprout to eventual graduation into their kingdom. The path to that is to stick with Them – doing only what they offer you to do which requires understanding what their instructions are and implementing them in whatever ways you feel that will always include attempting to share the information and formula with others. It’s a task to share the info – it’s not to get others to believe though some will, but only because they too were given that deposit that enables them via our instrumental service. It takes time for seeds to germinate and not all sprout as it requires a continuous effort making choices at every juncture.

        So although having a group is desired, especially by new believers, it’s not necessary to the Next Level’s plan for us right now and would actually detract from the lessons we each need now, the main one being to strengthen our graft with Ti and Do, channeling all our energy to them, to being in their service. And if they want new believers to have a physical partner they will see to it the opportunity arises. If I tried to match up believers, by pointing to some in this or that area that have expressed the same desire I feel I would be stepping out of bounds of the service I have, plus those that hate us would have more ammunition to claim we are restarting a dangerous cult, so all around it’s better to let the Next Level crew do their work to put people together if they feel it is right for them. Sooner or later the haters will find ways to shut us up, but by the time they do I believe the Next Level will have nurtured all the seeds they planted. If my vehicle is still alive when the internet can no longer serve as a way to disseminate the information, then my only recourse will be to use other media and that would include going door to door – not to people’s houses but to churches and centers where people talk about the Next Level in their terms – setting up meetings in libraries, etc. postering the town, going to local media to advertise the meeting and then holding the meetings and then moving to the next town. Perhaps at that time or sooner you will meet former members but it will be because the Next Level crew arranged it. It’s great to hear from you. Let me know how else I might be able to assist you. After my book comes out I will start up video production again addressing the content of the book primarily.

      • Kristiana Says:

        Thanks for the advice. I feel that it’s necessary for me to get away from society in order to grow and be of proper use to Ti and Do. I can’t see that happening while I’m still wrapped up in all this culture. Like Terence McKenna said: “culture is not your friend.”
        There’s a place in Ecuador called Gaia Sagrada that I’m considering. Or perhaps California. I’m curious, what is your opinion on psychedelic drugs? I find them to be an excellent tool for getting in touch with one’s spiritual side. My first and so far only extraterrestrial contact I experienced after smoking DMT. They call it ‘the spirit molecule’ or ‘the god molecule’. I know Ti and Do rejected drugs as being too human, but for centuries humans have used psychedelics to journey into other realms and dimensions and I feel they should not be discounted so easily, unlike other drugs such as alcohol and cocaine that are actually harmful and have no positive applications. Lots of research studies have been published recently about how they can relate to spirituality.

        Here is one of many interesting articles on the subject:

        PS I sent you a friend request on Facebook.

      • sawyer Says:

        Ti and Do were not into anything that altered their consciousness. They wanted their receiver to be free of interference. When I was in my teens I did a great deal of various forms of what was called “acid”, perhaps as many as 50 times over a couple years. And I did have some experiences that seemed to me at the time to be mind opening and what I called spiritual, yet I also had dark experiences mostly it seemed to be dependant on the people I was with and/or met during the experiences. Ti and Do were only against the use of any stimulants of mind and/or body, because they wanted their students to genuinely advance their consciousness rather than have a temporary sense of advanced consciousness that is mixed with the illusion of advancement. Like even with marijuna, as cocaine, but in different ways, often boost someones sense of their own value and even power, confidence and endurance, even if it’s really false confidence, it can be useful, in my opinion to branch out and try new things despite the prospect of failure. I experienced this when I got back into music. I was pretty timid, knowing my skills were lacking though knowing I was good, so I use a little pot before I’d go to a open mic to play and I was more brazen and willing to push my envelope despite the consequences. I also found I was less sheepish to talk about Ti and Do when the situation arose and it didn’t take much for me to consider it an appropriate situation. Then again, perhaps if I was more reserved in some cases and kept my mouth closed in others, I would have had more long lasting opportunities to play with others that could lead to more opportunities to share about Ti and Do to people that weren’t stoned or drunk or wanting to deal with anything but my weird ideas. It’s hard to tell of course as for some I’d say something and learn even years later that it stuck with them. A huge difference between Ti and Do and most everyone else is that those who truely feel attracted to what Ti and Do teach aren’t really affected by having more believers to support them in their belief, nor a desire to win souls for their sakes as so many religious claim nor to achieve some “enlightenment” or to be a “hero”, a “martyr”, a “teacher”, a “leader”, a “savior”, etc. We all can have tendencies in these regards but we will have to overcome them before we graduate as they are all human characteristics.

        When the affect of a drug/substance wears off the person hasn’t actually advanced anything about themselves and even for some have to deal with the opposite – a let down and type of depression all depending on how much and how often and how potent whatever it is that someone is taking. The Next Level is NOT a spiritual place so they don’t want to teach us to become spiritual. Spirituality is the condition of the dead. The reason it’s become confused is because the Next Level members can alter the vibrations of their physical body to become invisible to humans and their physical bodies are not restricted by gravity the way humans are. But they are also not spirits. If a Next Level Member was in your midst and invisible to your eyes and they let you touch them or bump into them you would feel something. I don’t know what as I never experienced it. I don’t know if the ones called the Luciferians who once had a physical body that was a stage towards a Next Level body still have those bodies. But what I do know is that Ti came to me in a dream and when I awoke and started to get out of bed a dark figure that looked like a child in size, maybe 3 1/2 feet tall glided by me, at about an arms distance away from where I was sitting and looked like they had a black sheet over their head so all I could see was the shape of a head and shoulders. I went looking for it soon after but in a sense didn’t want to find it. But I wonder now if this was a physical individual as opposed to spirits I saw often after this other sighting that lasted for months but has not occurred again and that was a few years ago.

        Ti and Do said a spirit can think about where they want to go and be there, though are restricted to the Earth’s atmosphere, even though some think they travel to other planets – Ti and Do said they don’t. It’s that a discarnate spirit that believed certain things before they separated from their body continues to believe the same way. It’s really like a computer software program that has a certain capacity – the discarnate retains whatever mental capacity they had, so when outside the body/brain automatically believe their frame of mind is real as that is the only reality they are programmed to accept and having no brain to generate new memories from sensory input, they remain stagnant in their mindset. However, the Next Level can take any they want and keep them apart from the rest and allow them to come back to start a new interface with a human vehicle. But spirits are not physical.

        Ti and Do used the example of Ekancar (sp?) saying that people that believe when they die they will be met by those in the spirit world that were also Ekancar believers and will be taken to Ek, a location in the first “heaven” (the spirit world, where people astral travel within and constitutes the dream time environment). So when they die, they are met by those spirits because those spirits have attached to them before they died as that is the only way a discarnate can experience anything – by attaching themselves to living humans who they “influence” to think and say and do the same things they did before they left their vehicle. Sure one can get into all kinds of spiritual minded things and can even learn what Ti and Do called “tricks” – in the use of various psychic phenomena techniques and can have a sense of becoming advanced in these things, but the Next Level has no use for these and they will soon be recycled into another energy form along with a resurfacing of the planet to start a new garden. Ti and Do early on in 1973 began to write a book. They said, “The writers prefer to think of themselves as garbage disposals, and instruments of the Great Garbage Disposals.” They wrote this as they were awakening so they didn’t yet fully understand the scope of their task to bring a classroom of students to their graduation, yet in the end of their harvest what is left is disposed of just as a human farmer does and of course all that are plowed under can be angry with the farmer for cutting short whatever existence (for spirits) and temporary life (for humans) they had.

        I spoke extensively to a woman on this blog who seemed to believe a great deal about Ti and Do but felt she had to keep giving her loyalty to her spirit guide because she felt the spirit guide had helped her out of jams on several occasions. It is the spirit guide that was making her feel guilty because he/she didn’t want to lose her vehicle. But she would have to give the guide their walking papers to start a graft to Ti and Do’s mind and that would mean battling all the reasons the guide would throw at them to convince them not to have anything to do with Ti and Do. Thus becoming spiritual is a trap, just like becoming a religious or spiritual teacher or anyone others look up to and want to emulate from the human kingdom because it becomes very hard to give up those relationships.

        As far as getting away from society in order to grow and be of proper use to Ti and Do as you said, I can see the value in not staying in an environment that would challenge the behavior and ways Ti and Do taught us to cease and/or embrace. But as Ti and Do said early on, following them is “not a cop out trip”. I’m not implying that’s the case with you. I’m must saying it in case it applys or as it might apply to some you may meet. But in other words if some wanted to get away from certain problems and responsibilities so they took advantage of Ti and Do’s requirement to leave all behind to do it, it’s a bit questionable why they are leaving. In that case Ti and Do are used as an excuse. For most, it was hard for them to leave the world they had. Then again, some find themselves without attachments and responsibilities, so it’s like they were readied. I feel that was sort of my story. But being of use to Ti and Do has two forms that go together no matter which emphasis comes first. The overall instruction we were left with was to disseminate Ti and Do’s information while accepting what happens because of so doing. That requires knowing all they left behind and since that will include their behavior and ways we will be starting to embrace those same behaviors. This isn’t meant to become a new area of study, though I can imagine getting someplace where one has time and opportunity to learn all there is to learn about what Ti and Do said and did as being a positive. But the most growth comes at this time by interaction with people, both face to face and via media. There are plenty of humans who find a modern day “cave” and do their study and have meditation time and become celibate and single minded and though all those can certainly be part of one’s routine, if we are not seeking to give this information to others in Ti and Do’s name, asking them to lead you where to go and lead you to who they choose to meet up with you so you can share about them, then I’m afraid there may be some illusion to being in their service. When we share this info and especially face to face, the other’s influences (that we all have with us) will try to find any way they can to close the ears of the person or have them ignore, fall asleep or even become combative against us. People begin to yawn and/or roll their eyes at things we say and it seems even subconscious on their part. We usually don’t get a chance to say much but a tiny bit goes a long way as many times it’s only a seed we are delivering. We try to deliver that seed in the most sensitive way possible and as information is being drawn from us. It’s not like a network marketer who is taught to see everyone they meet as a prospect. I don’t ever think that way. I just go about my day and if someone crosses my path and they say something that opens the door I interject something but if they don’t then I say nothing. I’m not trying to stimulate their interest. They have to already have the interest and the Next Level crew from their spacecraft can see to it that I walk down that aisle in the store and we catch one anothers eye and sometimes it seems like it was set up and at other times nothing seems to happen, yet one never knows as we are at best instruments for Ti and Do’s mind, that is if we want to be and we keep on reaffirming that’s what we want to be.

        The “god molecule”. I’ve heard about this before and for whatever it’s worth there may be some truth in it. No human can grow closer to the Next Level unless the Next Level gives them the chance. That’s what the parable of the seeds is about. Ti and Do said vehicles were “tagged” for their later use. Perhaps they are installing a “god particle” that becomes a homing device so they can watch that vehicle and keep it safe. Ti and Do also taught that they make “deposits” in certain vehicles that are actual containers that hold their Next Level mind when it’s drawn by the recipient but comes with a set of “programs” that provide the interface with the Next Level and provide that gift of recognition. I guess we can call that a God particle as well as I understand it is also something physical though as we know physicality can have a great variety of density and size. Do at one time called it a “chip” as in a computer chip. Humans are busy trying to duplicate these ideas because the Luciferian space aliens knew of these techniques. If it were not for the Luciferians being provided by the Next level few of these advancements would come to pass for us to observe, but being able to observe them shows us that it’s not hokus pokus to believe in.

        I would’t be too quick to consider extraterrestrial contact a positive. They can seem like advanced beings but they have strictly human agenda’s for those they contact. They are not from the Next Level. But of course it’s your choice what you get into.

      • Kristiana Says:

        I’m always a bit excited to read your responses as I find them very helpful and insightful. I only wish I had been lucky enough to have been able to join Ti and Do. I feel there must be a reason why I was unable to do so, yet have still come to the information and recognize it as true. I have yet to figure this out.
        Are you saying my purpose is to share Ti and Do’s information to those with the deposits they talked about? I feel that I have been given a deposit and I am very grateful for it.
        Thank you for answering my questions about psychedelics. I have had a few bad trips myself and would not want to have any more.
        I’ll tell you more about my ET experience because I’m curious to know what you think about it. A few hours after smoking DMT I was laying down looking at the ceiling and in the reflection of the light, all of a sudden I saw 3 or 4 gray beings in a sort of holographic projection. It lasted maybe 10 seconds and in that time they telepathically communicated to me that I was one of them, from their place in the stars and that I could return to them by sacrificing my body through starvation. My friend came back into the room and I cried because I realized that he was from a different planet/dimension(?) and that once I left my body, I would never see him again. For some reason I always felt uncomfortable around him, as if I was interacting with a demon rather than a human. Maybe this was just drug induced paranoia. I’m not sure.
        I’d just like to hear your opinion on my experience.
        Also I’d like to say that I really enjoyed the song about Ti and Do that you recorded and put on YouTube. And when your book comes out, I will be the first to buy it! Thank you for taking the time to correspond with me. I have a lot to learn and really appreciate you helping me out. It’s hard being my age and trying to break free of the human attachments we have in this world. But I will continue to try!
        Thank you (:

      • sawyer Says:

        You are lucky enough to be able to join with Ti and Do and yes, anyone who can genuinely believe in Ti and Do and all they taught, regardless of whether they understand it all as they want to has to have a “deposit”. Without that deposit there is no interface to that degree. However, we can not judge who doesn’t have a deposit as one can never know when they can become awakened to it and even still once awakened to it, doesn’t mean they will make the choices to continue to grow by drawing in more and more of Ti and Do’s mind (information, behaviors and ways).

        Yes, all of those who are awakening more to their connectedness to Ti and Do have as their first task, sharing everything Ti and Do said and did. As said, you will not know who among these has a deposit of their Mind in them that can be grown so all are considered to be prospects to grow their own relationship with Ti and Do, that is IF they SEEK it out. Those that are completely satisfied with their lives may or may not have a deposit but are among the least to remain in a mode of seeking what else there is to life. Success in the human kingdom is often a form of entrapment as one fears losing that success, while they must lose it to begin their growth towards a genuine Next Level relationship. But again, it’s not for us to judge. We simply have a messenger task. What shape that takes is up to you and how much you do it is up to you but you are not trying to form a group. Each believer must become a doer to keep their deposit alive and growing and the biggest form of doing at this time is spreading the information though there are no limits to what you can do. The lower forces of this planet would simply love for us to go off into our cave somewhere and begin a study of the information as then less people would be exposed to it. This brings up your DMT induced experience.

        I can assure you with complete certainty that those were not members from the Next Level as they would never suggest starving yourself or harming yourself in any way, shape or form. The lower forces would love to steal your allegiance and remove you from being of service to Ti and Do as some of them know well that Ti and Do are to them the enemy. Now that doesn’t mean everything they say is a lie. Before Ti left her vehicle she remembered the “briefing” that took place before they and their crew of older and younger students came to take vehicles. In that briefing Ti said there were some who had physical bodies and there were many more around the back of the room that did not have physical bodies, but all were returning. Ti and Do later talked some about this offer to enter the human kingdom environment to complete their overcoming of humanness, saying that the offer was made to many who were from a number of different planets in the vicinity. Those that took them up on the offer were required to sacrifice their existing physical bodies in the crashes. Now the ones who were at the briefing that did not have physical bodies, I suspect these were all those who were younger whose souls and/or spirits were saved during one of the previous seasons like those that came to believe in Jesus while he was incarnate but for whatever reasons were not strong enough at that time to do what Jesus required to be his disciple which included leaving all behind and dedicating 100% of their time and efforts to sharing with others all Jesus taught. It’s is only when we believe and give that dedication of service that we actually build inside us a new vehicle from that seed like deposit. Those who give to that degree are literally changing the vibrations of their human vehicle into one that could potentially become a Next Level vehicle like Jesus had, though they would need to be taken on board a spacecraft to receive a final ingredient to fully enable. Ti and Do taught that this was the metamorphic changeover and is why they said, those doing this process they were administering “didn’t have to die to enter the Next Level”. Even though Ti left her vehicle in what was diagnosed by human doctors as cancer that actually started in her eye and ended her vehicles life in her liver, and even though Do and the 38 students ended up laying down their bodies by ingesting a deadly dosage of barbituates didn’t mean everyone must follow in those exact footsteps. Ti and Do both, while incarnate were constantly seeking to know what their Older Member would have them do to exit and where and how and when. These things are not pre-determined. It never was a martyr trip that assumed you were to die, but it always was a trip that require “giving your all” that could not be accomplished by staying in our comfortable environment where we were giving away our energy laterally. All our energy needs to be only given vertically, that is to our Older Members. Even among students or between Ti and Do and/or between Ti and students and between Do and students, if any of those relationships became lateral energy drains they and we have to separate from those draws, that is if we want to move at the fastest rate we can move. They help us with that though. When I first joined it was more or less easy to cut off lateral expenditures of energy. I had long since detached from my vehicle’s family on the east coast and was living with my girlfriend on the west coast in Oregon homesteading. My friendships were not that strong that they required anything of me and my girlfriend and I had just been through a type of breakup she instigated but then she also instigated re-engaging so during the first breakup I went through the pain of the attachment I had for her. So when Ti and Do came to town it’s like my vehicle was well prepared to exit my life with little challenges. After I left them in 1994 I reattached to a woman and we conceived a child and so I reengaged a strong root to both of them. So when it was apparent to me that I still felt a bond to Ti and Do after they exited in 1997 that I showed them by going public on their behalf before world wide media, while my partner was pregnant, although I feared coming out on their behalf I couldn’t stand not to tell what I knew about them though I in no way consciously wanted to reestablish myself as a disciple of Ti and Do. I believed in them still and told others about them, to others in my vehicle’s family’s dismay, because I wasn’t talking about the said “dangerous cult” as a group I escaped from, which they expected to hear, but that didn’t mean I considered myself one of them anymore. I had fallen. I was a fallen angel so to speak though apparently not entirely as after that they began to give me many opportunities to re-engage my loyalty to them via dreams and other events that were as signs, to where I at one point said, “Okay, I want to be of service again but can I please not be required to leave my newborn daughter and partner”, to which I immediately felt approval. You see this was a battle with my vehicle. The Mind that I had drawn into the deposit I was given when I joined was still there but was dormant because the vehicle’s mind had taken over. It has to be that way or we wouldn’t leave. There are only two kinds of Mind, Next Level and human level mind and Mind is synonymous with spirit and is has an energetic composition as all matter which a deposit also is. ”

        I’m relaying all this as I probably have before, but forget to whom I’ve said what, because since that time in 2001 when I asked to be of service again they have helped me a great deal, according to my desire to increase my servicability to detatch from my partner and daughter gradually and in the gentlest of ways that still cause me emotional pain but not so much that I can’t handle when I shift my energy and caring and love back to my Older Members Ti and Do instead of lingering on those I had grown accustomed to giving my energy to laterally. I still see them but they no longer live with me and my vehicle’s daughter still stays with me sometimes and I help her but is now living primarily with her mother and so I am free to give more and more of my time and energy to the service of Ti and Do. I know my service will escalate until I don’t give any energy away laterally but that doesn’t mean I’m measuring what is giving laterally and what is not and how much time I can see someone and what I do with them when I see them, except I certainly can’t be sexual again and don’t want to be and what’s great is she doesn’t want to be with me either, but all this came about by the Next Level crew giving everyone concerned what they wanted or needed as I’m not the only one by far that the Next Level cares about, regardless of who is consciously supporting Ti and Do. For many, they are not ready to embrace Ti and Do more than they already have and that’s fine. It’s not a race and even so, should someone embrace Ti and Do tomorrow for the first time, there is nothing stopping them from growing so fast that they bypass me in my growth. That’s why everyone needs their space.

        You did not miss anything by not being with Ti and Do, that is anything you won’t have if you continue to want it. So do not fret about attachments on any level. Put the removal of attachments in Ti and Do and Crew’s hands and watch the way they unfold. I’m not saying it will be easy. I shed my share of tears over the way I was rejected by my x though I knew it was right that she detatch and so I encouraged it to happen and even facilitated the process and forgive the way it happened as I could see it was orchestrated by Ti and Do and Crew’s “giving each party what they wanted”. They didn’t manipulate anyone nor pressure anyone nor force anyone’s hand to make the choices they each made. The simply set up the opportunities to make those choices and when each did, it fell into place.

        Now, that sighting or vision or experience with the space aliens may very well have been some of the ones you were once in relationship with, even from a different planet. In other words, you could have been one of those who accepted the offer to come down to Earth to enter the overcoming program. When I talk about “you” in this way, I’m not talking about your vehicle. Your vehicle was probably born from a earth human mother like the rest of us. And your vehicle is what is given a new deposit but then enables it to be a “match” for what you the soul born at a different time and place, from a deposit given to a different vehicle, thus in a previous vehicular lifetime had grown to be in Next Level behaviors and ways. It’s possible that you were a disciple of Jesus or a believer after he left and so your soul at that time was saved by the Next Level, when your vehicle died and was brought back to re-engage your needed lessons to continue towards your graduation. If you feel this inflates your ego, that’s part of what you must get rid of. I know the idea that I was with Jesus inflates my vehicle’s ego and when I feel that I recognize it as a discarnate influence with me and I tell it to “get behind me” (as Jesus said, “get behind me advasary (satan)”. I’m not saying what the case is, but what is happening at this time is the returning of Souls who are being lined up with vehicles that match the overcoming lessons they need. These types of matchups are performed by you, the Soul and your Older Members, last incarnate and named, Ti and Do and their crew.

        There are likley many like us – vehicles that are taken by returning souls who are awakening gradually. I can relate all this to the prophecy blueprint called the Revelations but I’ll save that for the book, so I better get back into it.

        I don’t know the age of your vehicle but I do know that this is what is going to get many of us who continue to disseminate Ti and Do’s information apprehended and/or killed because of families of those who are detaching blaming those of us who are seen as instigating their choices to break away from their human roots. I am prepared for that though don’t look forward to it and don’t want it to occur premature to the accomplishment of the task at hand to offer some help to those who are awakening, so use discretion to whom you say what, which is always the way of a member of the next level to do. Many humans think other humans, young or old belong to them just because they engaged the reproductive process and nutured them to adulthood. We don’t disrespect that effort. That’s why there was the instruction to “honor one’s father and mother”, though that was an earlier lesson that Jesus updated to “leave them behind” for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake, that’s for your Older Members which is for your potential graduation out of the human kingdom.

        Like I described, if you ask Ti and Do to help it happen and then don’t stand in the way of how it does, then it can happen in a way that others can handle as well and becomes another example of how Next Level members care about everyone. You are most welcome!

      • Kristiana Says:

        I have sent my reply to this through a Facebook message as it seems a bit easier. I hope this is okay with you.

      • sawyer Says:

        that’s fine

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