Comet Lovejoy’s “cloud (cloaked spacecraft?)” in it’s tail Jesus’ vehicle may still return with

Below is a picture of comet Lovejoy which is currently stunning people because of its very unusual brightness. This is happening along with a flurry of fireballs, one big one in Romania in particular. Romania is the one place Do sent a copy of the heavensgate web site to be a mirror host in case the so called powers that be in the U.S. wouldn’t allow the site to stay up after they layed down their human vehicles to show us how they had overcome fear of death, knowing they were connected to the only source that can choose to save anyone from death on the human level. But this pic is of special interest. It was posted on so don’t think there was any photo shopping done on it, but who knows for sure. However, it is being reported to have a “geomagnetic storm” raging on the comet, yet the pic shows a cloudy looking angular shape in the comet’s tail they are calling a “blob” and as they always do make it sound like they have seen the equivalent many times with comets and they link it to other anomalies recently observed like the comet whose tail disappeared after it emerged from behind the sun and then showed up again shortly thereafter, which they also say has been observed before and have an explanation that should satisfy the casual observer. They also posted a map of the 15 fireballs as if they each had an orbit that came from distant space and all converged on Earth that they are calling meteorite fireballs, possibly a new category name as they don’t match the old meteorite category name. I think they don’t have a clue what to think about this but have the job to explain it, and especially when observers outside the U.S. have taken pictures of it. Then if they don’t focus on it, they look like they are hiding a most unusual event. They’d much rather ignore it so not to face the critical observers. So when I saw it I thought…well Christians want to see Jesus coming on a cloud so perhaps he is starting to show how he can be cloaked by a cloud and following the star-like light as it also says in prophecy will mark his return because they use what we call comet’s as markers and/or for who knows what all so included that in prophecy to WATCH.

Most don’t know this, but I found where Ti and Do said that all the prophecies in the book of revelations would come to pass. I say that because even Mark who runs the website warned me to “be careful with the book of revelations”. I agree actually but the context in which he said it to me was as if I shouldn’t be putting any stock in those prophecies. Maybe I misread him.

Anyone who wants to see more of what can still be expected to happen should pay attention to the interviews Ti and Do gave to Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger in 1974 and 1976 recorded in the book, UFO Missionaries Extraordinary. The book can be found on the web. In it Ti and Do talk about how the one we identify as Jesus comes back AFTER they have left. Now I know they changed certain things they said then, but I have researched all they said and changed and the truth is that nothing was changed that wasn’t supposed to be changed for the benefit of the student body then and now as there are still those who desire to be their students just like there were some that became students of Jesus, the real Jesus after he left. Rev 19:11-15 describes Jesus return which as it says he will be “clothed with a vesture dipped in blood and his name the Word of God” and his armies followed on white horses clothed in fine linen white and clean which are at least the 4 living beings and 24 elders as “fine linen” was only worn by the priests that those with Ti and Do until the end of the task became while those of us who believe, trust, have faith in Him/Them now and show it by seeking their help to begin or continue our own metamorphosis will either convert our existing vehicle into one like Jesus had or if we lose our current vehicle in Their service receive a “white robe” which would be a vehicle that is not yet “fine linen”.

This is a tiny snapshot of some of what I keep discovering as I study all Ti and Do said and did in relationship with all that was left for us in the records of Jesus prophecy and includes much of what was given in Old Testament prophecy about this time. In other words nothing is over yet. For those that want a classroom as I continue to be asked about, you got it but it’s not a classroom with the teacher incarnate nor grouped with other believers. It’s a classroom that includes the entire United States mainland and anywhere else in the world where there might be some with “deposits” of Ti and Do’s mind who begin to awaken and want to sprout into a future member of the Next Level. Back in 1976 Ti and Do said that some that didn’t feel strong enough to start their metamorphosis by leaving all behind, thus like going cold turkey from the human kingdom could do so by asking the Next Level to assist them with their separation. Because of the ties I reestablished after leaving them when I was re-awakening in 2001 largely stimulated by the world trade center attack I lived about 30 miles from at the time, after many dreams with them that I see as helping me reconnect and a number of signs I finally said I wanted to be of service again but could they please help me so I don’t have to leave my then couple year old daughter and I felt like they said back, that would be fine. So now I am by myself for the most part though my now 17 yr old daughter is in touch with me and I see her but I no longer have a partner as that relationship fell apart largely because of all the attention I kept putting into Ti and Do re-connection over the years after that agreement. I am still not what I would call giving my all but as long as I don’t try to stop it’s progression, I believe I will eventually be, though the only reason is because they are gently helping me as without them I know I’d be as deep into my human existence as anyone and would not even care to change it. So just because it seems like not much is happening that Ti and Do and Crew are obviously behind doesn’t mean nothing is happening. It really comes down to what we want to become aware of which has a relationship to how much energy we give to everything but Ti and Do. The energy we keep in and use to further our relationship to Ti and Do all contributes to our metamorphic changeover.

I don’t know if any will actually exit Earth physically but I have to admit my study of things Ti and Do said even in 1973 make it seem possible and in line with what they also said in 1974 and 1976, though may not have been meant to apply to the first fruit who were largely elder souls whose changeover saw significant progress before this latest incarnation and then served a different purpose by laying down their lives, which is also the finishing touch for graduates. I don’t believe any of us are at the same place those 28 or more were at so we still have lessons to experience they didn’t need to experience. Other former members may not agree with me on any of this and I’ve been accused of trying to take over for Do which is hardly the case in reality but the Luciferians will use everything and everyone that can be used against us. No one will get anywhere looking to me for anything. I say look into all this yourself and especially when I finally publish my research so you can decide for yourself and most of all seek the whole truth from Ti and Do right now and if they show you that Sawyer is misleading you then tell me about it so I can examine it again as I don’t benefit in a human way from any of what I have been saying. In fact if anything it puts my vehicle more on the chopping block which I don’t look forward to but have to accept because I want to accept that too. It’s very clear to me that we all will leave. But we all also have the choice of who to leave for and because of and perhaps to some degree when, so I choose to leave for my service and relationship to Ti and Do.

So here is that picture of comet Lovejoy with the “cloud” in it’s tail photographed from someone in Italy I believe.

comet lovejoy 01102015 with a so called plasma blob in the tail spaceweather is saying is an electromagnetic storm on the comet

Also, how can the scientists suggest this “blob” as they call it be a geomagnetic storm on comet Lovejoy? Isn’t that distance from the comet like a millions miles away from it’s nucleus? Have we ever seen a geomagnetic storm on Earth or on any other body and so far away and if a comet is still thought of as rock with ice underneath with random gaseous jets all leftover and thus function-less parts of the universe how are there geomagnetic storms on it or away from it. Do they now think a comet has magnetic poles? Don’t you need magnetic poles to have geomagnetic storms? If anyone can answer these questions cue me in please as I’m not saying it isn’t a geomagnetic storm as stated. It’s  just far too easy for them to say anything and get a whole bunch of people to think what they say is an intelligently driven answer when it may be hokus pokus talk. I’m giving my take and I know it could be wrong but to me it’s as good as theirs if not better though of course that’s in the eye of the beholder to judge.

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50 Responses to “Comet Lovejoy’s “cloud (cloaked spacecraft?)” in it’s tail Jesus’ vehicle may still return with”

  1. gemunis Says:

    …As I believe, that what you sense, about these planetary anomalies, are on point. There in the masses of this unveiling screen the possibility exist, that behind this mesh, is a wall, or miss information, coming from (NASA), or scientist, it is true that allot, is mostly based on their opinion, and not , because they have a strong celestial bond, nor are they physically out there, such as TI, and DO, who have made their experience, as they have taken a leap of faith, and have been well on their journey, since their departure, with enough time out there, to provide you with a complete picture of what it is they are seeing, these planetary objects, are up front primaries to an accumulations of what is to come. I feel exited about what is developing here day, by day. month by, month, year, by year.

    • sawyer Says:

      yes it is exciting and I’m certain there will be a great deal more.

      • baldtim Says: is a comet… millions upon millions of smart people are watching it… it is not a spaceship or an armada of spaceships…hoping doesn’t make it so… I sent you pix of the comet Europe landed on… what more do you need?

      • sawyer Says:

        show me the proof.

      • baldtim Says:

        I don’t have to prove anything — I agree with the thousands upon thousands of non-cult people who have spent their entire lives STUDYING the heavens… Hundreds of scientific books have been written about comets; thousands of treatises and dissertations — do we know everything? of course not…

        but not a single non-fiction “comets are armadas of spaceships’ book been written. no books, treatises, or dissertations… not even one.

        You are the one making the outlandish statements — statements so ridiculous that I believe you are literally clinically insane (some form of schizophrenia… do you hear voices talking to you when you are alone? that and delusions are the hallmarks of schizo).

        Get help.

      • gemunis Says:

        If it helps, you to understand it, in this way, then I will explain it. These sources, These Planetary bodies; they respond the way we do. There is a fourfold -engrave, of our mind, and the Comets. They are mobile, symbol, of bionic, celestial matrix, which we are made, by, day’s, and decades. In other words, it is our reality. You are not, made to understand this model, hologram, though it dissolves in ether landscapes, we are moving, with them, before, they manifest, and there after.

  2. gemunis Says:

    Sawyer, your in this video, Beyond Human, Last Call Session 1. Great video, with Do, reaching out to a sleeping society.

  3. gemunis Says:

    It’ you, Sawyer, and Jwnody, as the two students sitting in front, with Do. This is so beautiful. It seemed like such a beautiful time. Unblemished.

  4. gemunis Says:

    You are on two other videos, with, Jwnody, and Do,. Brings tears to my eyes…

    • sawyer Says:

      I know, it’s hard to believe I walked away as I did, but then it seems I needed more experience so nothing lost unless I choose to lose it further which I don’t intend on doing.

      • gemunis Says:

        Suppose I told you, that I was sent, to help keep you on track?

      • sawyer Says:

        To be honest I would say, that’s the voice of a discarnate influence you are thinking is you. How can anyone keep someone else on track? That’s not a Next Level thought I recognize. Each of us must be the one who seeks our Older Member to keep us on track. That’s the only way it works among members of the Next Level because the only relationship they promote are vertical relationships not lateral. You and I are not to have a relationship except as fellow students. Student do not draw from other students. Sure students can benefit from another students experience and point of view but that’s not really an energy draw unless it becomes personal. If I’m asked a question related to Ti and Do, I am attempting to draw from Ti and Do’s mind to provide the answer so my relationship is therefore on track. I don’t know if that makes sense to you but if it doesn’t perhaps I have not expressed it well enough and will try again sometime if you like. Ti and Do have a crew of individuals who have extraordinary technological ways of knowing my every thought and action because I want them to. I have already done many things that were off track and they have done some very direct things to let me know I was straying. So in all respect of you, I advise to consider that kind of thought an enemy to your relationship with Ti and Do, so when you hear that kind of thought again that is also an ego boost to believe put a label on it and send it packing. We are not responsible for the attacks we get. They are necessary and expected. But we are responsible for those we allow to remain in our consciousness by believing and/or entertaining and expressing. I know you didn’t say you believed that. You made it as a supposition, so that’s what I think about it.

      • gemunis Says:

        I think check partner, would be the best way I can explain it. Even though, I am sure you have had a great deal of the check partner experience, you are, I am, still trekking to perfect, our consciousness, through our (Elders), or as you would say, older member. I hope that I am serving in that capacity; I the less experienced, student, and you the more, complete student, in this regard, trying to be of some aid, to you, my teacher, who receives the information from our older members.

      • gemunis Says:

        Do, also shared that some of us may see his students (you) as older members, because you have received the information, first hand; from DO, himself, who is your older member, and up the latter.

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t recall Do saying that any students would be Older Members to other students. I know I’m picky about these terms but it’s very important to not try to foster lateral relationships that mimic the only vertical relationship we need to have to foster a strong graft to Ti and Do specifically. We don’t graft to one another as fellow students. That’s a human way of exchanging energy and one we want to disconnect from. I know it’s hard and it’s not that I am not fond of fellow believers and servants to Ti and Do who are still growing through the human kingdom together. I am, but if such becomes a draw of energy it can become unhealthy to both of us as it takes away from what we need to further strengthen with our Older Member. The only reference I saw was where Jwnody was writing about how if you didn’t have your older member incarnate, you should at the least try to “connect with an active student”. I believe I am an active student and you have connected with me, so that can be seen as according to instruction but that does not make me your Older Member as I am not a member of the Next Level yet either and am especially not an Older Member. A Member of the Next Level has completed their changeover and receives a Next Level body and still they don’t become an Older Member to those of us who are still more or less children in the Next Level at best.

      • gemunis Says:

        Interesting, I look to you, as one who was on the inside with them, still one with hands on experience with the next level, ‘check partner, program’, which is vital grow, and in a sense, I look towards you, as one who is here with us, plus you are older, in your experience with the classroom, and teacher circumstance, with TI, and DO. A student is not above his teacher, as I am not above you. I look to you, who are, physically here, why is that so hard, for you to except. I will always, look to you, as my teacher, that will not change. It is the norm, of things. This is the way, the next level, designed, it.

      • gemunis Says:

        OK, Sawyer, I found it,’where , Do speaks of those who may relate to student, of the next level, as older members, please, be fair, and watch this, video, ‘Beyond Human, Session !, at time 53:00, please this is so important, as a matter of fact you are in this video, please give it your best shot, Sawyer, the information I have been sharing with you is, in this video, you know, I am a bit hurt, by your not trusting in me. Please check it out, through this, you may learn to trust me. Remember, video time, 53:00.

      • gemunis Says:

        OK, the information, where new comers can relate to , DO, student as older members, can be found in the video’s time, 56:14, this is where this information begins, please watch this carefully, Sawyer.

      • sawyer Says:

        Very good. Thanks for finding that. I have two things to say about it. One is that we are holding Do to terminology to suggest what he meant by saying students were “elders, older members” who can relate to those coming up to show them the way to their membership. Yes those students who have overcome are ahead in that sense though the Next Level isn’t competitive so don’t think of themselves as ahead or behind another. There is still a big difference between the actual station of an Old Member like Do and using that phrase “older member” as someone who is just coming into that position as I “WAS”, which brings me to the second point – I fell down. I turned away from my Older Member, sort of like the example he used around minute 53 though not because of disbelieving in Ti and Do but because of letting an influence that still had a part of my vehicle’s attention to have me (with my vehicle) fall away from what I had become. Yes this was different from others who fell away and then ceased to believe in their Older Member. So who am I now – that’s the real important issue and especially to you and anyone else I relate to about Ti and Do and the process of becoming a member. It’s hardly important to think of me in any way whatsoever that elevates me. Why is that important to you, is a question I ask. If I say what Ti and Do taught then at best I’m serving as an extension of that same “pipeline” or “link”. I know I don’t compare to Ti or Do and that you will get nowhere by pleasing me but everywhere by pleasing Ti and Do, which you are doing when you abide by what they have provided you that at this point I can at times help you see as we even help one another see as you did bring into remembrance how Ti and Do were grooming their students to become the new links between them and upcoming souls on Earth. It doesn’t really matter to me what label is put on me, but what does matter is that I don’t do anything that could point you in a direction Do wouldn’t have you go. I have to be honest and it seems to me, you are influenced by a “booger” in this regard to think it’s important to get me to acknowledge my position. Another clue to that is your saying I need to learn to trust me. How is it that you are saying I’m your Older Member but I’ve got to trust you? Who is talking when you think and talk like that? I’m not faulting you for this, but I do feel you might want to take it seriously that there is a discarnate that is attempting to thwart your progression as a student of Next Level Membership that can also be used against others in these subtle ways. I say this so you can choose to see it and put a label on that “influence”. Status – Position – Hierarchical thinking is useless to the Next Level. It’s ALL about what you do. I am aware that I too have this same influence with me, but I know it and send him packing as soon as I hear that voice/mind. Thus I hope you can learn to do the same with your influences. It’s for our benefit that we have these influences to overcome. That’s the work we build our Mind muscle from working against. That influence was also using you, I feel when he had you thinking of “self exiting” and by suggesting you were sent to keep me on track. I suggest you ask Do if what I am saying is the truth. I hope you can hear me. That influence will certainly not like to hear these words coming through your reading/hearing of them, but that growing Next Level seed in you should be able to see the truth in what I am trying to say. Remember, it’s not about the person. It’s about the information even though we are given a person to be our link to the information. In that way I am still available to you and anyone else who asks me to be that instrument in our Older Member’s physical incarnate absence. It’s not an easy task at all for anyone but that’s what builds a strong Mind.

      • gemunis Says:

        Your, my, Pal, Sawyer.

      • sawyer Says:

        nice sentiment gemunis – likewise to you.

      • gemunis Says:

        Dear, Sawyer, my brother and my friend. I have been, thinking, for a while now, and this is simply a question. It is a quest of mine to try to find the truth, and in doing so, well, I have questions, which stem from my inquisitiveness. I wonder, and it is because, I am sensing this, that it appears to me, that, some of us are born, beyond the star’s, and from that point on, we are given, a mission, to come here to Planet, Earth to help others, in which case we find ourselves doing. We are messengers, to some, and in some way, we are trying to fit into the human race, some what frustrating, while at the same time, we are trying to assist others, out of confusion, and misinformation. I sense, we were already, picked, for this task. What do you think of these thought’s, I just displayed, in question?

      • sawyer Says:

        As you know I believe Ti and Do provided the whole truth and nothing but the truth that updates all their previous incarnations in whatever culture on Earth. They always taught that ALL who have lived and had any significant relationship with the Next Level, both pro or con are back at this time and are taking human vehicles. The human vehicles themselves have their own mind/spirit and in some cases a soul pocket, if the Next Level gave them one, but what each chooses to fill their mind is what each becomes. Those spirits and/or Souls that return are comprised of all they believed and did when they took shape when they had a physical body. If they believed they were going to come back and help others then they will. If they were an entertainer they will seek humans who can be entertainers. If they were a teacher of philosophy or into giving spirit readings, they will seek to experience those same activities through the human vehicle they believe can provide them that experience.

        Some originally came from different planetary systems. Ti and Do said these were given the choice to join their overcoming program on Earth. Those who chose not to join the program are who I believe are called the space aliens. Some of them think of themselves as “gods” to humans and also seek human vehicles to operate through and this is whether they have an existing physical body or not. The primary difference between these and those who return to take human bodies to be in Ti and Do’s overcoming human kingdom program is that these who are not in the program will not be interested in serving the Next Level Older Members and will instead be against the Next Level as you really can’t remain both for the Next Level and against the Next Level. So those who chose to be against the Next Level can’t help but try to steer human vehicles away from being in a Next Level program and one of the best ways of doing this is to appeal to humans who are upcoming in humanitarian ways or environmental ways or ways associated with religions, though peace movements and the like as those would be some of the qualities humans who are upcoming would have because those humans would be the twelfth graders. By the time a spirit is approaching the twelfth grade they are no longer that interested in success by the way it’s defined among those who are at the height of their humanness. These will be more interested in helping others and that’s why Jesus said upon his exit to “love your neighbor as yourself” as that would be a twelfth grade lesson step that then prepares us to graduate when we need to shift all our giving to others to giving all of ourselves to our Older Members. Then when the Older Members come they pick human vehicles for the students they bring with them that chose to finish their overcoming of the human kingdom and part of the task is to get rid of all other influences no matter how good they were. At that time, which is still in progress for those that seek to get on board for a future graduation classroom, the Next Level Crew will see to it that each has an “advasary” which would be one of those who came from a different planetary system or previous civilization on Earth and wants to be advasary to any who are seeking a Next Level committment/covenant and in this way provides each of us the choice to graviate to their thinking or to the thinking from the Next Level Older members.

        One of the attacks Ti and Do got and those who believe in Ti and Do will get is from humans who would judge Ti and Do and their student body by whether or not they were helping the poor or healing the sick or preaching peace and love of fellow humans. These are not seeing that even that mindset needs to be left behind. It’s clear in the records that the number one instruction is to “give all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength to your Lord, your Older Member”. That doesn’t leave room for giving to anyone else though it would be an extreme to not give to someone who asks of us. Do once gave a good automobile to a couple who had kids and were down on their luck, whom those on the supply run met at a grocery store in Arizona around 1991.

        But when the Older Member is or has just been incarnate then the best we can do is to want to give our all to that Older Member. That is accomplished by taking on all his behavior and ways and one of the primary ways of any Next Level member is to provide service to their Older Member – service being at this time sharing your “light” with others, where “light” is the information Ti and Do delivered over their 24 years.

      • sawyer Says:

        however, if you ever see me saying or doing something that could be off track, I am open to hear about it. It doesn’t mean I will take to heart what you say, but then again I might. This is the way Ti and Do ran the classroom. Partners were required to bring things up to their partners if they observed something the other said or did that was not in accordance with procedure, behaviors and ways and instructions. And that partner was to regularly ask one another for that help. Now our classroom now is different and there is no incarnate teacher. Our classroom now is the world and our teacher is everything Ti and Do said and did. In that way all who believe in them can serve as instruments of their mind that they can share with others to help them stay on track. If someone brings something up, the procedure we were given was to say something to the affect of, “thank you, I”ll examine that”, then take whatever time you need to examine what was said, seek clarity if need be, restrain being defensive and be open to their being correct and if the shoe fits, wear it, change, seek out how you can improve, ask other’s help, seek Ti and Do’s help. If it doesn’t fit, don’t try to make it fit. Some have the reverse response to overcome. Some will take to heart any criticism, assuming it has merit. That’s a martyr complex, the opposite of automatically striking back and anyone that criticizes them.

      • gemunis Says:

        I am some what impress, to the fact, and I know this is hard for many to believe, yet in 1987, I was given this formula of overcoming, and when I heard it from Do, I remember saying to myself, ‘Oh my, I know this information, ‘I recognize it, for it was given to me, before I heard, Do, speak of it. This is what drew me to , Do, if you can try to relate, to what I have been trying to convey to you.

      • sawyer Says:

        No doubt everyone that comes to believe in Ti and Do’s information and thus them was prepped for it. When I was awakened in 1975 it felt like I saw my life go before my eyes as all geared to that day/time. Many things made sense to me as part of the path even though that’s a given, it’s interesting to know it’s the case specifically.

      • gemunis Says:

        My dear friend tonight, you could see the planets in the southern sky, the Southern Chambers, as Job, would call it. Arcturus, Orion, Andromeda, And Betelgeuse, the Great Sun,

      • sawyer Says:

        Also comet Lovejoy is right below Orions belt with that huge so called “haze” behind it. NASA is saying it’s an electromagnetic storm on LoveJoy but I think that’s an attempt to tag something they have no idea about so they can placate their constituents.

      • gemunis Says:

        You, have a good heart, my Friend:)

    • baldtim Says:

      “NASA is saying it’s…” — yeah, those darned scientists with their facts and collective experiences (not to mention the millions upon millions of amateur astronomers)…

      How could they lie? The facts are in the sky for all to see? Ionized gases would be affected by electromagnetic forces (I doubt they said it was a “storm on Lovejoy”… that would be sloppy b/c then idiots would think there is weather on Lovejoy… derp!)… more likely caused by the sun… but I’m no scientist… I’m also not a lunatic that sees conspiracies behind every comet that passes by earth. Doesn’t it get old?

      I thought you said there would be stuff happening by the new year to show how everything do and ti said was true? never happened… of course.

      • sawyer Says:

        yeah the same ones who didn’t want to talk about the companion obj the japanese photographed with hale bopp and the companion with pan starrs and and and… It’s part of the design that people get to choose what to open and close their eyes to. It’s a beautiful design.

      • gemunis Says:

        To much has happened, already, and will continue to happen. There will be new segments, of changes in our world, do to inner lower forces stir up, in the mind’s of a humanized, society, gone mad. And then the fresh, planetary bodies will establish their position, with their en-grafted, posterior, as each will echo, their own, unique sounds, to those who can hear them.

      • baldtim Says:

        dudes, if there was a companion, the entire world of astronomers would go to the ends of the earth to publish the truth about it!!! talk about the fame, honors, money, etc. they would get!

        But all you have are some hot pixels on a still from a recording. If there was even an iota of mystery about it, thousands upon thousands of highly educated scientists would be analyzing the entire base of information available to them to find out what it is…

        but what have ya got? nothing. nobody. You’d have dozens of highly educated scientists and thousands upon thousands of amateur astronomers if there was any possibility it was true.

        But you have nothing but crickets. “ooh” it is a worldwide conspiracy! Occam’s razor.

        You are both incredibly gullible.

      • sawyer Says:

        you might want to look into the regular conferences that exist around ONE comet and it’s TWO Nucleus theory that is in orbit one around the other. It’s available to find their yearly conference minutes, but if you don’t look you will never see. YOu will remain in your bubble.

      • baldtim Says:

        Huh? Of course dual-nucleus comets are possible… if the conferences are saying that ALL comets are dual core, well, that would be nutty.

        Dual- trio- quad-core? Why not — I’ve never said it wasn’t possible.

        But comets are NOT armadas of alien spaceships… they wouldn’t be called comets if they were…

        You don’t grasp the most elementary concepts of science.

      • sawyer Says:

        I will be deleting your comments when they don’t actually add to the conversation. I don’t mind having something to say against what I say or what Ti and Do say, but what’s the point in your participation if it’s just an avenue for you to be ridiculous. I pointed out the conference but then you go and pooh pooh the point again instead of considering the ramifications of a dual nucleus in orbit one around the other as if that is run of the mill to consider from the former icy snowball definition. It takes guts to be wrong and confront it, by wrong I’m saying that at the least one with the open mind you have said you have would have to take pause to wonder instead of the knee jerk reaction you evidence as if you are working for someone consciously or not to try to be a thorn in the side. If that’s all you want to be, that’s fine but I get to be the one to decide what comments are worth allowing just like is done to me but I’m not trying to protect anyone from you as is the reason some Christian bloggers have ban my posts. Those that do or don’t believe in Ti and Do but are open minded can take care of themselves just fine. It’s just a waste of time though I will scan your comments in case there is occasionally something of value among the insults and discounting of everything out of your range of consideration. I don’t mind being wrong. If ISON at that point of my observation of it was not a Next Level armada, I’m fine with that. If that hazy thing near comet lovejoy is not a Next Level way of showing a “cloudiness” with a comet, as is alluded to in the records, I’m fine with that too. And just because I flunked the graduate course didn’t mean I’m not still in the school. What you don’t understand is how real the connection I have with Ti and Do is, though I don’t claim a “ticker tape” of information coming to me from them. That’s not the way they work at least according to my observations of Ti and Do, though I’m not saying some communications they received couldn’t have been just that clear. Even so Ti and Do were very clear that even if they both were off in different directions and got the same “impressions” at the same time, they didn’t trust them until they came together to compare and that they developed an uncanny way of “checks and balances” so they would know what was from the Next Level and what was not. I am a novice at best in this communication so I need additional helps like in the dreams that continue. In those dreams I am not given new information to date but if I was I would have to employ a great deal of checking with them to count on it coming from them, though depending on what it was of course, but in the end what kind of servant are any of us if we don’t go with our impressions while wanting to be corrected in the process when we get it wrong. Other former members also get impressions and I know if anyone asks for service Do and Crew will give them what They deem appropriate for their individual growth and it’s not necessarily going to be exactly the same as what another gets. Dream communication may be because I’m too dense – have not yet raised my vibrations high enough to get stronger impressions without them. Anyway I’m not really saying all this for you as I doubt you care but others read some of these comments and replies so it is for whatever they can get from them that I write it or just because I feel like expressing it at this time even for my own benefit even if it seems to be a waste of time relative to other things I could be doing. I have given you plenty of respect and will continue to do so as I have a fondness for my impression of you, since that is all we really get from these internet exchanges.

      • sawyer Says:

        What would they be called, “cometary armada’s”? Why would it be “nutty” if they thought all comets had multiple nucleus. Is it also possible for satelittes to change their direction? What specifically is an elementary concept of science that I’m not grasping. I never said I was a science geek but I’m not the one throwing out the limitations. In fact that’s why Jesus said that it was the ones who were not “learned” who are given to see more as they don’t have preconceived ideas of what is possible and what is not. By the way can an asteroid have a moon?

      • gemunis Says:

        I t, does prove that it has been happening, since the great tsunami, in of 2004 which killed over 24,000 people in just hours.Let us not forget Katrina. Remember the Great destruction, of Indonesia, where 100,000, were killed, by a combination, of earthquakes, and tsunamis in 2010. In 2010, we witnessed, the mass destruction, of the nation of India, where 100,000 people lost their lives, due to over lapping of tectonic plates, which caused massive floods combined with terrestrial rain. And then there was the great size-mic, earthquake, in 2011, in Japan, which we all witnessed, which took of that nation, the lives of 27,000 people. There us also, acknowledge, the 10,000 Russians who died, in 2010, from excessive heat, and I have so many many more, I can put out there, for you, including, world wide land slides, and tornado’s, and typhoon, and so on, and so on…with staggering numbers of death’s, all part of the recycling, DO, shared with us, and which is still ongoing. So please try to be more sensitive, when you say, that , what, our older member, said would -you say has not come, and I tell you with the already staggering numbers, of the dead, I have shared with you, and the types of catastrophes, which have already taken place, in the short period, in which they have, to the years approximating, each event, and what is to come. Be more observant, before you speak from your ego. Do not be like the braying ‘ Donkey’s, who laugh, and no not, they are fool’s.

      • Baldtimbo Says:

        It would be nutty to assume that all asteroids have multiple nuclei because their is no evidence of that.

        I would think the word “binary” might be used… astronomers use that term with respect to stars and planetoids. But it would depend on the nature of the pieces…

        Yes, it is possible for satellites to change their direction. Say a comet develops a huge weakness on its trip around the sun that allows an explosion of gasses to escape from one side… that explosion could effect the direction of the comet. The tails of comets are ionic, gaseous, and they are still studying them…

        The elementary concept of science that you are not grasping is : Occam’s Razor. Also, you draw outlandish conclusions without any evidence to support it. For instance, that ISON was an armada of alien spaceships. That wasn’t supported by the evidence. (Still isn’t).

        Also, screw religion — that is what is messing with your head more than anything… religion is myth and has absolutely no relevance to us… it is a leftover from the childhood of the human race. Your cult stuff is messed up enough — don’t stir in other religious stuff… yuck. If you believe in religion, why not believe in Poseidon? Why not?

        Seems like yes, an asteroid can have its own moon — in theory it is obviously possible… but they may have spotted a case:

        Get a book on comets from your library… maybe colleges in your neighborhood have observatories that they show astronomy things with… maybe comets… you could view one using the latest stuff… and ask questions and have experts answer you. I’m sure there are tons of interesting books that you could read about comets. Then you’d learn stuff and others could ask YOU questions about them…

        Also, you should paint (canvas and color type painting) … then sell them on ebay as Heaven’s Gate Art (by a true believer!!) People would buy them just to have it as a macabre conversation piece… ask at least $250 at first… see where it goes… people love that kind of stuff… look at John Wayne Gacy’s art… people will pay a pretty penny.

      • sawyer Says:

        You forget, I’m on the fringe so I don’t have to prove anything and I have studied comets and those books in libraries are all in process of being rewritten as is history and as could be aspects of what those books teach as absolutes. The Next Level in the next few years will be blowing away many if not all of what humans think they know, that is for the ones that remain and for the ones that even have a shred of Next Level mind in them as they will be the only ones with a chance to see. Depending on what humans teach about space and some physical “laws” are coming into question while those entrenched in those old mindsets will mostly deny the changes even until their deathbed.

      • Baldtimbo Says:

        Doh… first line should have been:

        It would be nutty to assume that all comets have multiple nuclei because their is no evidence of that.

        It wouldn’t be nutty to assume that all Mounds candy bars have a soft chewy coconuty center.

      • sawyer Says:

        You often draw such parallels between things we hardly understand and things that require nothing new to understand as if they have equivalence. Even so, some mounds bars have a duel nuclei.

  5. gemunis Says:

    He, is a wonderful, and sensitive Soul.

  6. gemunis Says:

    Your, are one, who was left behind, ‘by choice’, and in a way, we are eye.s, and ears to one another. I have grown to see you, as my Brother, who has earned, a great deal of, next level,information.

    • sawyer Says:

      We are absolutely eyes and ears to one another if we are seeking to be eyes and ears to our Older Members Ti and Do and that also makes us brothers in Their next level family for as long as we seek to continue strengthening our graft to Their vine.

  7. Woraufhin Says:

    I have a query arising from recent reflections. When seeking to determine the views of Do on any given issue, should one prioritise what Do says in the ‘Beyond Human’ series above what he says in other talks from 1994? I could be wrong, but it seems that what Do said in the ‘Beyond Human’ series was perhaps more considered because he intended it to convey information to the general public, many of whom would be receiving such information for the first time, rather than solely to established members of the group who would already possess much background knowledge.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “prioritize” as I doubt you will find too many updates in thinking between when he made the Beyond Human series in 1992 and writings and tapes thereafter, counting all the documents his active students wrote that became part of the purple book and posted on for dissemination. I know there were updates but I can’t think of any inconsistencies with previous thinking. However, Do was constantly looking for updates from Ti, which events and responses from students always stimulated his searching for. A question from a student often became a question he would put to Ti to see if he could get an updated perspective. That’s what growth is. People often have a problem with thinking, how can he be an Older Member (Heavenly Father) and not just know everything? It’s not the way it works. As long as he is operating through a human vehicle it’s still an undercover task and he is fed information and updates according to what his Older Member provides. But it’s not robotic in any way. He has to seek each update. It’s a need to know arrangement though ultimately regulated by those with the overview who are on board a spacecraft. Certainly he had different things to say to the general public on those tapes but he didn’t show a different side to his students that I can think of except relative to their specific lessons and growth – not pertaining to the information overview. He certainly did bring new info to his students before it would make it into a tape, though not in a planned way. He said things in the beyond human tapes that was new for the students to hear even if it sounded repetitive as each time he is delivering his mind there are often facets students didn’t get the last time they heard those words, often because the student had grown to hear/see – understand more, just like in the records of what Jesus said. This idea of prioritizing has of late been on my mind because of the various points of view Do expressed over the years about what it takes to become a member of the Next Level. Like in his addressing the “three types of individuals” who will be go with them or be saved for future replanting. I actually made a blog post trying to show the various ways Do was opening the door to virtually anyone to believe in he and Ti and put that belief into action to be counted among those to continue to receive nourishment. In all cases we are required to do learn the material and share it with others. If we don’t share it, we are not giving service but he didn’t say when, how and where and to what degree as that is all up to each of us to choose with a mind to continuously increase to ultimately be the only things we are interested in doing with our time and energy. Making our desires in this regard known to Ti and Do is a huge part of it, asking for help to bring us into more of their service. They don’t pressure us more than to deliver us the formula and then remind us by showing us signs along the way, whether in the world or from deep space or in our daily lives. It all must lead to our becoming more and more detached from our otherwise normal human lives as we are shifting our energy away from lateral expenditures to vertical expenditures only and they are the only ones who are vertical, meaning Above Human. Space Aliens are all human in their behavior and ways though they try to portray themselves as above human. Let me know if I’m missing your concern.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        Thank you; that does indeed clarify matters. I’d thought that Do might have intended the ‘Beyond Human’ series to present a definitive or canonical formulation of the information whilst viewing the subsequent talks as supplementary. For whereas the ‘Beyond Human’ series seems like it was expressly designed to present the information as a whole, the talks at the campgrounds might have instead addressed particular issues raised within the group.

      • sawyer Says:

        To know whether Do was updating something in the campground audio/video’s from what he said in the Beyond Human tapes or not would be something specific to examine. But yes, those campground talks were dealing with current matters more than trying to present an overview for the public at large as in the tapes. I have found that even updates are most often still consistent with stages of our needed thought processes just all Ti and Do said and did were updates to what Jesus said and did and thus what Moses said and did, etc. Some things drop away as a priority, that is, as the current student body learns the lesson which enables moving to the next lesson. I know that was happening after the Beyond Human tapes as well.

      • sawyer Says:

        Those talks Do gave on the beyond human tapes were all without rehearsal or retakes. I was there for them all. The students were given questions to ask as a reminder. Do is the real deal 100% as was Ti, but Ti came to get Do going. If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to listen to some of the classroom meeting tapes with Ti on them. Three of them can be found by searching my youtube site; 3spm for “blackhawk”.

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