Published by Do, (the return of the Older Member from the Evolutionary Level Above Human who was incarnate in the human vehicles named:  Jesus, Elijah, Moses and Enoch) in “USA TODAY” as an Ad/Statement on May 27, 1993:


The following statements could sound very presumptuous. However, these facts do come into focus or “prove” themselves if they are seriously explored a step at a time. They could also sound very “doomsdayish.” Though, in truth, they will be the most joyous “sound of music” to the ears and eyes of those who have been waiting for them.
The Earth’s present “civilization” is about to be recycled – “spaded under.” Its inhabitants are refusing to evolve. The “weeds” have taken over the garden and disturbed its usefulness beyond repair.

The human kingdom was created as a stepping stone between the animal kingdom and the true Kingdom of God (the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human).

It is the soul that progresses from one kingdom level to another – each kingdom level has its own unique physical containers (bodies) for the souls that reside in that kingdom level.

As the human goes out to find servants within the animal kingdom, from beasts of burden to seeing-eye dogs – if that animal grows to find pleasure only in serving its master, no longer identifies as an animal, but sees itself as a family member in that human family, and its behavior is pleasing to that human – the two become bound together. The human family then provides the body (a human infant) for that soul to enter, allowing it to move up into the human evolutionary kingdom. (This is not to suggest that all human infants are containers for souls moving up from the animal kingdom, for most human infants are containers for human kingdom returnees still bound to that family unit.)

Likewise, when a member of the true Kingdom of God receives instruction to incarnate among humans in order to seek out the souls that might want to “separate from the pack” and are desirous of becoming only servants in the Evolutionary Level Above Human, He then offers them the knowledge and behavior that can open that door to them. If that human changes to the degree that he no longer desires any human behavior and he pleases that member of the Kingdom Level Above Human, a bond is formed and a body belonging to that new Kingdom is provided for that soul to move up into.

Both Kingdom Levels are physical and biological. However, the human kingdom is made up of mammalian – “seed-bearing” – plants or containers, while the Kingdom of God is made up of non-mammalian, non- seed-bearing “containers” for souls, and their young or “children” are those who have risen above – overcome – all human-mammalian characteristics and behavior through the tutorship (midwifing) of a member of the Kingdom of God who has been through that transition and bonded to His Father at a previous time.

Just as an animal sees his human tutor as the one and only “master,” likewise a human, as he becomes aware of a Member of the Kingdom Level Above Human, sees Him as the one and only “God.” However, the individual that that human related to as God sees Himself as a “child” in that higher, many-membered Kingdom and knows that only through His “Father” (an Older Member in that Kingdom) can He become a better member in that Kingdom.

A “student” or prospective “child” of a member of the true Kingdom of God can, with the help of an Older Member, overcome or rise out of all human mammalian behavior – sexuality and gender consciousness – and all other addictions and ties of the human kingdom. He must complete this change to the point of abhorring human behavior before his soul can become a “match” with a biological body of the true Kingdom of God for that new body is genderless and incapable of functioning at a human level.

The true Kingdom of God, the “Headquarters” of all that is, is a many-membered Kingdom which physically exists in the highest, most distant Heaven – a non-temporal place (outside of time, and with eternal life). It is the only place from which souls, life, and all creating originates. Being non-temporal, it was, is, and forever will be – a concept that we, as temporal creatures, are not designed to comprehend. That Kingdom designed the “temporal” world outside its “borders” and designed its temporal creatures to have a progression of bodies or “vehicles” (through kingdom levels, such as animal and human) for souls to evolve through. If the soul survives and moves forward through all its tests along the way – it can, with the help of a member of the true Kingdom of God, lose its temporal characteristics and become a part of their non-perishable, non-corruptible world. However, all other souls who reach a certain degree of corruption (having of their own free will chosen to become totally separate from their Creator) will engage a “self-destruct” mechanism at the Age’s end, manifested when opposing camps, be they human or “Luciferian,” come together and destroy each other – thus assisting in the plowing under of the “garden” for the Creator.

The reason the term “TRUE” Kingdom of God is used repeatedly is because there are many space alien races that through the centuries of this civilization (and in civilizations prior) have represented themselves to humans as “Gods.” We refer to them collectively as “Luciferians,” for their ancestors fell away from the keeping of the true Kingdom of God many thousands of years ago. They are not genderless they still need to reproduce. They are nothing more than technically advanced humans who have retained some of what they learned while in the early training of members of the true Kingdom of God, e.g., limited space-time travel, telepathic communication, advanced travel hardware (spacecrafts, etc.), increased longevity, advanced genetic engineering, and such things as suspended holograms (as used in some religious “miracles”).

These “Luciferian” space races are the humans’ GREATEST ENEMY. They hold humans in unknown slavery only to fulfill their own needs. They cannot “create,” though they develop races and biological containers through genetic manipulation and hybridization. They even try to “make deals” with human governments to permit them (the Luciferians) to engage in biological experimentation (through abductions) in exchange for technically advanced modes of travel – though they seldom follow through, for they don’t want the humans of this civilization to grow to be another element of competition. They war among themselves over the spoils of this planet and use religion and increased sexual behavior to keep humans “drugged” and ignorant (in darkness) while thinking they are in God’s keeping. These Luciferians see to it, through the “social norm” (the largest Luciferian “cult” there is) that man continues to not avail himself of the possibility of advancing beyond human. Many things have become the accepted “norm,” but that doesn’t make them right!

Just as the biological body is the “container” for the soul, the soul is the “container” for Mind (Spirit). Mind translates into the brain as information (knowledge). Information is available to humans from only two sources – the mind of the Luciferians – or the Mind of the Kingdom of God. The mind of the Luciferians yields misinformation (promoting the behavior and concepts of this world). The Mind from the true Kingdom of God yields true information (though the Luciferians and their servants would reverse this interpretation). As we change, in the progression of overcoming humanness – the percentages change – of which mind occupies our soul – Truth increases as misinformation decreases. If we revert back to humanness, the process reverses – the Truth is aborted as the soul becomes more filled with mammalian mind. That Truth can even be taken from us if we abuse it. When our “eye becomes single” or our soul is filled only with Mind or Spirit from the true Kingdom of God, it becomes pure or Holy Mind (Spirit).

The true Kingdom of God’s design permits the presence of a “Luciferian” element, during a human civilization, as a catalyst for growth. Without it, we would have no choices – our free will could not be exercised. Our right choices find us in alignment to recognize the Truth when it is offered.

Two thousand years ago, the true Kingdom of God appointed an Older Member to send His “Son,” along with some of their beginning students, to incarnate on this garden. While on Earth as an “away team” with their “Captain,” they were to work on their overcoming of humanness and tell the civilization they were visiting how the true Kingdom of God can be entered. The humans under the control of the Luciferians killed the “Captain” and his crew, because of the “blasphemous” posi- tion they held, and quickly turned the teachings of the “Captain” – the Older Member’s “Son” – into watered down Country Club religion – obscuring the remnants of the Truth.

That same “away team” incarnated again in the 1970’s in the mature (adult) bodies that had been picked and prepped for this current mission. This time the “Admiral” (the Older Member, or Father, incarnate in a female vehicle) came with the Son – “Captain” – and his crew. As the two Older Members put out a “statement” and held public meetings over about a 9-month period in 1975-76 to bring their crew together, the media tagged them the “UFO cult” because of their expectation of leaving aboard a spacecraft (UFO) at the completion of their “overcoming.” The two Older Members then went into seclusion with their crew (students), “lifting them out” of the world for almost 17 years (not accepting any new students), making Earth’s surface their classroom. This isolation was absolutely necessary. The degree of their overcoming of sexuality, addictions, and ties to the human environment had to be taken to the point of matching the behavior and consciousness of the Evolutionary Kingdom Above Human. Only then would their new “Next Level” bodies be functional. They resurfaced briefly for about a 3-1/2-month period in 1992, allowing some of their “dropouts” to rejoin them.

This changeover (sufficient “overcoming” to inherit Next Level bodies) has been completed, and before they return, they are instructed to share this statement with you.

The Luciferians are about to be “recycled” (annihilated) at the same time as this human civilization is “spaded.” They know that “rumor has it” that their days are numbered. They refuse to believe it and are desperate to recruit souls from the human kingdom into their “Heavenly Kingdom.” There are many “counterfeit” heavens, and each “heaven” is at this time collecting “names in their book,” forcing a stand of allegiance, polarizing each individual’s commitment to his chosen “God.”

When members of the Level Above Human are physically present, the opposing forces work the hardest against them in order to support their own position. They do almost anything to keep humans from following the path toward the true Kingdom of God. They “turn up the heat” at this time in the area of mammalian behavior, primarily sexuality. This has become such an overwhelming presence in the Earth’s atmosphere that even some of the crew that came with us were lost to its temptation. Don’t forget that when the Luciferians were expelled, in order to support their own desires, they had to condemn the true Kingdom of God and see it simply as another path inhumane and radically uncompromising.

The religious “cults” who have separated from the world have “picked up on” one major aspect of what is “in the air” at this time when the information of how to move from one kingdom level to another is available. What they may have failed to recognize is that experienced “clinicians” are necessary to take souls through that “weaning” – that difficult “withdrawal” from human addictions and binding “misinformation” concepts. If it weren’t necessary to have clinicians present who have previously been taken through that transition, we wouldn’t need to be here. Some religious “cults” might have children, participate in physical or mental abuse, hold members against their will, have weapons, or break laws in general – while we have long been aware that that type of behavior is inappropriate, especially for a transitional “classroom.”

When the present “away team” leaves (which will be very soon), the Truth will go with them. You cannot preserve the Truth in your religions. It is with you only as long as a Truth bearer is with you. Only those from the Land of Truth can bear it. It can only be your future if you “reach out and grab it” while it is offered. The Truth can be retained only as one is physically connected with the Next Level, through an Older Member, and that relationship requires that non-mammalian thinking and behavior be sustained.

Humans were, from the beginning, given a “prime directive” NOT TO KILL OTHER HUMANS. “In defense” or for “rightness” are no exceptions. Righteousness is what most frequently causes conflict. “I’m right, you’re wrong.” “You’re causing me trouble, I’ll wipe you out” (in the best interest of all, of course). The world’s systems continue to make laws permitting the breakage of higher laws – God’s laws. Weapons designed for killing humans are inexcusable. There are numerous methods of controlling a violent person without the necessity of murder. The irony is, each killer sends its victims to exactly where they want to go (to their chosen heaven). Humans fight for their desires – what they choose to not overcome – what they cling to. Our desires and attachments (or lack of them) determine which heaven we’re going to.

A soul cannot end its own existence. Though it may incarnate many times and the body or vehicle it is wearing may be terminated, only the true Kingdom of God – the Evolutionary Level Above Human – can terminate the soul. This termination of the soul is the only proper application of the term DEATH.

When a soul “awakens” in a particular “season” or incarnation (usually sometime between college age and mid-life), it is picking up where it left off at the end of its previous incarnation. What an individual participates in prior to that “awakening” is of no real significance. If a soul had previously overcome such human characteristics as family ties and relationships, at his “awakening” he is seen by those around him as suddenly becoming unstable, for he is compelled to once again separate from those imposing ties and seek to connect with what he had previously sought or connected with. What he primarily learns is what is not for him as he seeks for the Highest Truth or Reality.

The media seems devoted to “saving” the public from radical ideologies or “cults,” particularly of seeming “religious” types. Also a news “scoop” requires haste. These two elements together predetermine that they search for any and all negative quotes that will discredit the groups’ leaders and the groups’ behavior. The fact still remains that negative reporting far outsells positive reporting and after all, positive reporting of radical material can end or ruin a reporter’s career. Well, it won’t be hard to discredit this group from its leaders down, for prior to and during their “awakening” and subsequent coming together, they all made many mistakes and learned from them. Plus – you don’t give up the ways of the world without the condemnation of those who still advocate what you have overcome.

When we came before (2000 years ago) the world “cleansed” or “saved” their world from our “blasphemy” and merely got us our boarding passes back to the true Kingdom of God on the true “Enterprise” (spaceship or “cloud of light”). If you seek to cleanse the world of our “blasphemy” this time, you would simply be the instrument of our “days being shortened” while destroying your “last chance” in this civilization to advance.

Now at the close of an Age – every significant soul of this civilization has returned (and is in or attached to a physical body) to reap their reward. Most who think they are for the Kingdom of God are in fact working for the opposing side – the counterfeit “Gods” – and will want to condemn us. Your actions, even your thoughts of condemnation toward us, out of allegiance to your “God,” will cause our part of the Heavens to look upon your “god” with the same rejection.

Many say they live only for the “Harvest Time” – the “Last Days” – the “Second Coming.” Those are all finally here! – Will you accept us as them? You cannot bypass us even in your prayers – you cannot insult your Creator by refusing to go through the ones He has sent to you. There are souls here now for the express purpose of connecting – and eventually bonding – with the Next Level through us. Those souls will be protected – out of harm’s way – and “saved” from the approaching sorting out, recycling, and “spading under” of the Luciferians and their human servants. If you can get your name in our “book,” on our spacecraft’s computer (and only there), making your actions reflect that desire then you will go with us.

SUMMARY: Our surfacing is in reality a test of the public’s “civility.” Can a society that is still dealing with bigotry and prejudices against races, religions, and sexual preference extend the right of existence to some who see humanity as a stepping stone toward the Kingdom of God, and desire to take that step and briefly offer it to others? Or is Earth’s present civilization still as primitive as it was 2000 years ago? We’ll see!

CAUTION: If the above information is consumed or assimilated, you may experience such side effects as loss of marriage, family, friends, career, respectability, and credibility. Continued use could even result in the loss of your membership in the human kingdom.

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  1. TMMODee Says:

    This reads like a fairy tale because it is a fairy tale. All of this stuff was just made up. It is a cute story — but has both legs in fantasyland.

    Your hippie cult was nothing like what supposedly happened 2000 years ago — the disciples didn’t commit suicide for instance.

    We let the cult live basically — you guys were weird but us regular folks left you alone — except for your family members… I think that was what Herf was the most paranoid about — the Cult Awareness Network and the families.

    Even after the mass suicides, us regular folks weren’t mad … I think the majority of people thought of it for what it was — yet another unfortunate example of how people can get so screwed up that they go off the deep end. Your actual beliefs are so outlandishly ridiculous that they couldn’t offend anyone because everyone saw them for what they were. None of us could believe how gullible you folks were — but really, you all wanted to believe in Herf so badly that you cut him a lot of slack. Now, almost decades later, the cultural impact of the whole 20 year span is reduced to a paragraph in sociology books and books about cults.

    When Herf said, “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE” and the only way is through ME… nobody clamored then and nobody has clamored since for whatever that chance was… because it was exactly what it was… a cult.

    If you had 1 solid piece of irrefutable evidence of anything, then it could be a discussion… but as it is: almost everything do and ti promised or said never happened. It was almost the inverse of 2000 years ago when Jesus was always proving to the disciples who he was (O YE OF LITTLE FAITH)… Do and Ti never did one thing…. nothing, and I do mean NOTHING they ever predicted to happen happened. Their understanding of science (gleaned from the tapes) was of a pedestrian quality — no deep insights were revealed that might make someone think they were who they were, etc. Do and Ti were just regular people … and so were all you other folks.

    But don’t be sad — it is great to be regular people living in reality. I know you have to cling to your beliefs because to give up on them at this stage in your life would be unthinkable.

    I think the public has been pretty civil about the whole deal… I bet the family members were very mad (naturally). But 100% of us either thought it was sad or got a giggle out of this extreme example of the fallibility of mankind.

    Yours won’t be the last — somewhere in the world right now, there are thousands upon thousands of cults. Maybe a few are even preparing some applesauce right now.

    I guess it is just human nature — part of our old hominid brain that has to believe in fantasy gods to get through a stormy night. You folks just couldn’t live in a world where you weren’t better than 99.999999999999999999% of everyone else — us plant people.

    You have to laugh, right? So outlandish! At least have a sense of humor about it. You’ve got some interesting stories for your grandkids.

    I recommend that you take classes online about science — astronomy and stuff.

    The “Enterprise”? Our names must be on the ship’s computer? Don’t you see how ridiculous it all was?

    • sawyer Says:

      You are absolutely right about one thing. The truth is not evident if you don’t have the Mind to want to see it. It’s just like in the world. How many things happen everyday and that happened in the past are really understood for what they are. Human beings choose what they want to look at and consider and believe or disbelieve in. That’s all part of the plan of the Next Level. They want you to become what you want to become. I wonder why it seems to irk you so much that little ole me believes what I do. That’s okay though. I am not requesting an answer but I can easily answer every one of your arrows with a soft answer that actually makes sense to those that choose to see it.

  2. TMMODee Says:

    From your response: “They want [me] to become what [I] want to become.”

    SWYODY, that is NOT what Herf and Bonnie taught. You know that, right?

    Maybe after Bonnie died, Herf went in a completely different direction — but on the tapes available, it is clear that the next level doesn’t “want” us plants to be anything necessarily… we don’t have the implants, buddy.

    You and I? We weren’t part of the Herf and Bonnie Show at all. 🙂

    See, you are ultimately just a plant, too, because you didn’t recognize them, etc. etc. etc. You literally left… you are just like the hundreds of other folks that drifted through the group.

    Does believing what you do make you happy? Does it bring happiness to those around you? It irks me that you can’t continue on with your life… the cult committed suicide almost 2 decades ago and nothing they predicted has come true. Nothing. Not one iota. It was a complete charade that you can say you enjoyed while it lasted, but you should be glad you didn’t eat the applesauce because it was all bull-oney.

    • sawyer Says:

      You are right. They would like for you to come their way as then you can become real for the first time and not just a plant. What I meant by that was that the Next Level designs the provision of the option to disbelieve in them so those that want to disbelieve have plenty of option to do so. In that way they want you and I and everyone to become what we want to become. That’s in the design but their preference would be for any of us to choose for that to be – becoming their student in order to grow beyond human.

      Let’s face it, you listened to the tapes to find dirt on them, to be able to prove in your mind that they were anything but what they said and demonstrated they were/are. When we go into something with a mind of what to find, we find it. It’s part of the free will we are given. Things that Ti and Do said over the years that you see as evidence that nothing came true took place because the strategy they were given to employ was measured to give those on the fence just enough help with the truth so they could see the ray of light they were providing but not so much that it would be beyond their capacity to embrace if they took it in step by step. That included experiencing Ti and Do’s Above Human Mind that only a believer in them, having received that “chip” can see (as you pointed out that you must not have – because if you did have it, you haven’t yet activated it or are still asleep to possibly be activated at some future time.) For me, I fell down, yes, but that didn’t mean they threw me away any more than they have thrown you away. You are only thrown away when we abandon them and go against them and die in that mindset. I never did go against them in any way, shape or form, except as I returned to human behaviors and ways, which is not a death sentence, though can still become one if I chose to go to the other side which can happen subtly if I began to focus and teach what I think that shows no resemblance to what Ti and Do really taught. I am not offended by your stating and even believing what I am or am not a part of because I have my own experiences with Ti and Do and Crew that is ongoing, though I can’t prove that to anyone. Others need to want to see it for themselves. If you went back and listened to those tapes with a truly open mind to their being who they said they were, it would be tough of course because your discarnates would be constantly challenging you if you showed any genuine interest. You hardly stand a chance to have an original thought about them and if you did it would be immediately met with a barrage of discounting. However, that doesn’t make you lost to a future opportunity unless you insist on not having it. I don’t have a need for you to believe or disbelieve but I am affected by things you say, though increasingly tolerant of because I don’t want to add to your securing your own demise, even if that’s not possible – it’s just not a positive to expect the negative from you. It’s pretty silly that your always changing you name to once again mimic/mock the ody name. You are not alone. There are many like you, so filled with hatred of what you think you understand better about. I don’t blame you for that. I’m not above you even in that regard as the measure is not mine to make. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is not set until these bodies expire though each day contributes to the way we end up becoming.

  3. baldtim Says:

    I have no hatred at all towards Ti and Do.

    I listened to all of the tapes with a completely opened mind — I was looking for they tiniest shadow of something that would indicate they were who they were — and honestly, there was nothing.

    There were many times where I felt true compassion for them. A lot of their naiveté about science, space, and mere facts — were endearing to me. On one of the tapes, it was pretty clear that Do didn’t enjoy trying to use a computer — in the exact way that plenty of people back then weren’t very comfortable using computers.

    “Jesus” came with lots of knowledge to impart to people… you have to admit that Do and Ti didn’t have much concrete information to give… as they meditated and time went on they would tell you what new “knowledge” they had received but it was always morphing in subtle ways. They’d try something, then try something else. They pretty much admitted they didn’t have the whole picture… and that’s because they were just going about it by the seat of their pants… they were sincere, I believe that — but they succumbed to the human desire to be more than what we are… thousands upon untolled thousands of people have thought revelations was about them. Do and Ti were no different.

    Back in the 70’s — anything was possible, right? With all the Hollywood alien and monster movies from the 50’s on up, and with all the uncertainty in the world — I could see how 2 sensible could talk themselves into just about anything… especially if their lives were falling apart — which both of their lives were…

    If they were who they said they were, why would they worry about the Cult Awareness Network or whether kinfolk would find some of their “students”?

    Instead of teaching you about things that would really be helpful in a “next level” (if there was one) — you know things like mathematics or physics (hard sciences) — they spent time detailing in the minutest detail how to cook Malt-o-Meal … or how you shouldn’t put the biscuits too close together before going into the oven (an actual event from the tapes).

    Also, either a plant had a “chip” or they didn’t — those with chips had the potential to recognize Do and Ti for who they were… there wasn’t any middle ground. Either you had the chip, or you didn’t… and if you did have the chip, you wouldn’t LEAVE them… right? That would mean you really didn’t have the chip… get it? The chip made you recognize… you recognized a little bit but obviously not enough to say you actually had a “chip”… the whole topic being pretty ridiculous when you think about it.


    • sawyer Says:

      what would a “tiniest shadow of something that would indicate they were who they were” look like if you are no willing to consider a reality to any of their concepts that existed well before they came incarnate. Like a reality to “spirits”, a reality to space aliens, a reality to humans as genetically programmed plants that can consciously choose to evolve, plus the hundreds of ideas they talked about in those tapes. All you seem to see are the way they paid attention to details of how to cook, when there were exercises to train our own minds to become useful lab technicians in the Next Level if we graduated. The “chip” doesn’t MAKE you recognize them. It simply provides the option however subtle. Ridiculous when you are afraid of considering what they taught, but is it ridiculous that humans implant animals with tracking devices to study them or to SAVE them them from things they don’t know they are getting into. What difference does it make that some are given that chip and some are not just like in the animal example. It’s all about what one does with the chip not whether they receive one or not. It’s perfectly logical when you take it out of religiosity – if they have billions of humans but don’t need new members so plan accordingly to make the option available, they simply select an amount they want to work with. I’m not saying who has or doesn’t have a chip. I don’t know and don’t care.

      What you are missing, since you are asking via your comments, being that you are open minded, is that Ti and Do were here to primarily take the class out but they had to meet the requirements first as they don’t need/want bodies/souls. So everything was geared to helping each student come to terms with what they wanted and moving them forward through the process of disconnecting from one root system to another. What you see as “seat of the pants” is an example of how they are not robotic. They are like intelligence agents in a foreign land behind enemy lines trying to help take some out when they have been mostly brainwashed by the enemy. So it was helping them remember who they really are.

      I wonder what you would list that Jesus said that was “lots of knowledge”. I am not saying you are not right on that. I am just curious what things you would list.

      Of course for the people then, they saw him as being as insane as people saw and still see Ti and Do. I know all about that. I am constantly aware of how hard it is to keep a perspective of the reality Ti and Do brought to our minds. It’s Beyond Human so it’s a head banger to get it.

      When I first started to use computers in the early 1980’s I was working on a CPM operating system on a televideo 802h. I was largely just a word processor in my job but was facinated by the computer code so tried to learn to code in assembler by trial and error and I screwed up the directory listing with strange characters. Anyway, it didn’t crash the machine. Then came DOS (Disk Operating System) the forerunner to Windows that I didn’t know at the time was really from Unix/Xenix. It had directory structures we now call “folders” under windows. I struggled for days to understand how to use them – how they worked. Everything new takes a large effort to come to terms with. With computers it’s easier in some ways because it’s right in front of us in plain view. In other words we get the proof of it ahead of time so we know what we are shooting for.

      So Jesus was teaching what we would shoot for and the main lesson step then was dealing with the external world while Ti and Do’s task was to show us how to deal with our internal world.

      But if someone doesn’t believe in the things Jesus taught they aren’t going to be ready to believe in the things Ti and Do taught as there is a progression just like in school.

      For instance Jesus clearly believed spirits existed and were advasarial (satan’s). If we pick and choose what to believe that he taught as many Christians do then we are not going to be ready for the next steps.

      Ti and Do said all along they were only given information one step ahead of the students. And the made no bones about changing directions as they received instructions to do so. Those instructions mostly came as “ideas” not messages and often times those ideas’s came into focus by what Students said or did and of course according to the reaction of the public they had to interface with to find the student body they were to try to bring to their graduation.

      So if a student had a problem with being precise in measuring malt o meal, why? Maybe they had a spiritual idea of what the Next Level was and so they didn’t want to take Ti and Do’s word for it that that was something necessarily to conform to doing. In that way, the tiny things added up to big things that eventually resulted in many choosing to leave. Ti and Do never wanted anyone to leave even though they had instructions to send some away from the larger body. They followed their instructions trusting them and what ended up happening is that sending some away stimulated them to try harder and they found their way back. Ti and Do didn’t often provide a way to come back yet it happened somehow.

      I apologize if I at times come across sarcastic or as I’m looking down on you or others. It is part of my overcoming Ti told me about. You have certainly pushed my buttons at times. If I’m around long enough to write a second book part of it will have to come from re-listening to all those tapes as I know I missed a huge amount. As said most of what they were doing was confronting us with what’s inside us that we needed to either get rid of or build stronger. So of course that is going to seem boring to someone who isn’t in that mode to want to know. But I can tell you from being there it was tough keeping up with Ti and Do’s standards. For instance one time we had just set up camp and Do told us they wanted to move it a hundred yards away. it was hot and I was tired and I had no idea of why. Then there were many times our tents were being blown down and it was cold and I didn’t want to get up to help secure the bigger nutri lab and meeting tents. Some others were out there doing the needed job. Taking a sponge bath in a tent when it was 10 degrees outside and it was not procedure to skip washing our entire body was a test as no one was watching me. I could have easily cheated. Some had major problems with food. I remember when we found an apple under dstody’s matress. He was being deceitful. There was no punishment but if he was going to succeed he had to be determined to not let himself do that again. I don’t know if you ever had a tendency or habit or addiction that was very hard to change from doing. Ti and Do were instrumental in facing each of us with a huge amount of things like that.

      There was very little sitting around wondering about this or that philosophy. The other day I listened part of the first blackhawk tape and it was about the forth time I heard it and each time I heard it I knew there was a rebelliousness with me that sort of skimmed over certain things they said or was busy thinking thoughts about what they were saying all the time missing what else they were saying so a great deal sailed over my head.

      Sorry, I’m rambling so gonna close for now. But at one point in the tapes Do spoke about those who listened to these tapes may not benefit from doing so and you are helping me see why. They were primarily for those who counted themselves ready to go whether they really were or not. I apparently was not ready to go or simply not strong enough to come up to speed of the others who were ready to go.

    • sawyer Says:

      Correct that their lives falling apart helped them to be willing to awaken to discarding their former lives entirely. Remember Jesus said he came to the disadvantaged, the ones who were not the intellectuals. He required the rich to discard their riches so said those riches (success in the human world) made it almost impossible to follow him. Jesus said he came to bring “sinners” to repentance. Take that out of religisized terms and it meant he came to bring those who were bucking the norms and acceptable behaviors of the status quo even if that meant they were a criminal or prostitute or soldier or tax collector or atheist – some examples he used – it didn’t matter, but it was simply harder even impossible IF ONE WAS SATISFIED as then they wern’t looking for change and that is the meaning of repentance – to “change your mind” literally change they way you think replacing human thinking with Next Level thinking.

      They were concerned with cult awareness network and parents that were hiring investigators because it would disrupt their classroom should they be found. They weren’t concerned much if at all with a student being pulled away from them evidenced by sending us to visit families on two occasions within 2 years in the 1980’s. But can you imagine what would happen if you had 30 adults living in a single family house in a Denver suburb. First of all that’s illegal as far as zoning. Then if the neighbors found out there was a cult living there it would be all over the news – there would be picketing and harassment and as half of us had jobs those jobs would be threatened and the teachers could easily be arrested by any claim or suspicion anyone drummed up because after all they were beyond belief to see as who they were. So they would end up either in jail or in the courts with lawyer fees and all of a sudden they would have to spend so much time and energy on defense they wouldn’t be able to help each student come to terms on whether they really wanted to be their and what would be required of them to make the grade. Of course if someone thinks they had nothing to teach then much of this doesn’t make much sense.

      How can you talk about what would be helpful in the next level when you don’t believe there is a next level? That’s like saying there are skills that would benefit one to learn to pretend to need those skills. They did in fact teach the skills new members needed. “follow instructions” – learn to observe, become sensitive to your environment and how you affect it. respect others, cease criticism of your fellow students, control your thoughts as your thoughts would become like a neon light in the Next Level that to those that hear them would be like screaming in someones ear when they are trying to do a very demanding task that requires focus. You can’t hide your thoughts in the Next Level so must have control over them or they don’t want you around them and they would have to design a place for you to be where you can’t interfer with them. If they had to do that they would rather have you learn their ways in that regard BEFORE you are allowed to be in their company.

      just having a chip like I said before didn’t guarantee anything more than having the capacity to recognize them. Recognition becomes fleeting. jesus illustrated this in the parable of the sower of seeds. many are called but few are chosen/choose (a dual choosing) to grow their mind into usefullness.

      You said ‘“Jesus” came with lots of knowledge to impart to people’. I suggest you go back and listen to that first blackhawk tape – number 25 that starts a little into the start of the tape. If your brain is not challenged by that information it’s because it’s too challenging. In that hour or so of that tape there were many points that were extraordinary to consider/believe in, take to heart, recognize as “knowledge” even though some of it they said was hypothetical to help us understand and they said it took them 3 times going over the information to feel like they understood 50% of the implications and hoped we could get 50% of that 50%. Monitor your thoughts during that tape. How many times do you think – that’s ridiculous or get angry with how they said this or that or are offended by what they said, how it hurt to believe that way about one’s own family as “only plants”. Remember though humans are plants that when they act nasty are like a burr we get on us, so just need to pull it off and throw it away and not let affect our entire day – they did not say or imply trying to hurt them. Just in that lesson it wasn’t about how we treated others humans or classmates. It was about the overview. They gave many lessons on being liked at our out of craft tasks. They always treated people the way they wanted to be treated. I remember one time I went with Ti and Do and with a few other students while at retreat at blackhawk to play bingo in the denver area. then we went to a pizza hut and they interacted with the waitress not as egocentric lords over the plants. I got several lessons on not being sarcastic with humans where I worked.

  4. baldtim Says:

    When all is said and done: you have a religion of one — yourself.

    Herf and Bonnie Lou got together– was it good for the world that those two met?

    H & BL basically gave up on life… they were so downtrodden, rejected, and crushed — that something cracked. They abandoned everything. All was lost. This happens to lots and lots of people… a lot of them snap out of it, a lot of them become homeless drifters, a lot of them turn to crime or drugs… but a lot of those people turn to religion in whatever form… either the sandwich board “the end is near” kind that wanders our cities mumbling to themselves about how they are THE mouthpiece for god… some put on tinfoil hats…

    H and BL took the religious “out”, too… their lives were over… but because they had each other, they were able to enable the more and more outlandish thinking they were having; insulated from ridicule.

    Over a period of time, they started interpreting scripture as being about THEM specifically… and I bet that felt pretty damn good coming from a point of absolute failure — IT HAD TO BE TRUE! Otherwise they were just the failed broken people that they were…

    Then it got exciting for them — everything they saw would be a sign to them… everything they read would reinforce the belief… if something seemed contradictory (like that the two witnesses can’t happen until the temple is rebuilt and sacrifices are going full steam), they could talk themselves into using metaphors to make it make sense… revelation is filled with symbolism, but OVERT symbolism — not covert hidden symbolism open to interpretation.

    They crisscrossed the nation in a car — how exciting it was! They weren’t complete failures… quite the opposite!

    Was what happened good for the world or bad for the world?

    I would say that it averaged out to about even.

    The families lost their children, mothers, brothers, and fathers — but most of them had lost contact years and years before, so knowing they were dead was probably a solace to most of them b/c they knew they died for something they believed in : no matter how ridiculously outlandish those beliefs were.

    H & BL and the class got purpose added to their lives. It is hard to be a human being… but it is EASY to be special. What a positive reinforcement for kids who were obviously not happy in the world!

    There was pain — there was joy. What was the net result to the world? The whole thing from beginning to end to now is nothing but a grain of sand splashing onto the pacific ocean. Nothing changed. Absolutely nothing nothing nothing changed. H and BL finally got the worldwide ridicule and humiliation they predicted they’d get. Then…. silence. Nothing.

    Not even a ripple on time– there have been billions of years in the past and there will be billions of years in the future — and for a short 20 year period there was this group that wanted to do something — but when all was said and done: it was just a houseful of people that committed suicide. Their corpses were putrifying before anybody even cared enough to check on them.

    There was a moment on the tapes where a couple of you worked at the same place — a Sam Goody’s or something, and Do was calling SRRODY out for talking about how he lived with the other employee while working at the store — raising some questions from other non-class employees. That was your lives… so important, yet terrified of being recognized.

    H was a reluctant messiah if he was anything at all. BL swore up and down that the cancer wouldn’t kill her.

    Everything played out as the tragicomedy that it was… Do would never get what he wanted — and he was tired… I doubt he had doubt… I just think the whole thing was getting to be too much… so one day he looked up in the sky at a comet whose appearance you can set your watch to, and said “That’s it!!! That’s the sign from Ti!”… that totally predictable event that would have happened had Ti still been alive — that was the sign!

    And decades later… nothing. Their impact was nothing.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m not responding to this because you have not responded to any of the things I spoke to in my last reply to your comment. It’s just going around and around and you don’t want anything new so you won’t get it. If you have questions write back again with the specific questions.

      As I was writing this I saw what you said about srrody which shows me how little of what Ti and Do were all about registered with you and that you don’t want to see in any other way, confirming what I already knew. So here again I took the higher side with you and your statements of open mindedness illusion, thinking you know it all just cause you heard some words of theirs on the tapes. So unless I see your comments of some value to others to respond to, I’ll ignore them for a while again.

  5. baldtim Says:

    It would actually be really really easy for me to believe in anything. I could think myself into believing that I believe what Ti and Do said and I might come to even actually believe it at some point. At certain stages of my life, I’ve realized how wonderful it would be to just believe in a religion any religion… and how wonderful it would be to believe that all of scripture was written about me and my cohort! What a wonderful special life!

    But I am a plant … I am exactly what I am — by any definition, I am a human being. How grand it would be to just believe stuff. But I can see by the long lineage of human misery that doing that isn’t what we are here to do.

    I was splattered out of a vagina in June of 1965… with all the fears, hopes, and expectations that most mammals have… I was raised a quaker/friend, but when I grew up I went back to first principles — if there is a cosmic truth to existence that we can know, then it would be something we can arrive at ourselves… I shouldn’t have to have stumbled upon some random cult leader to ascertain that truth.

    I know how you’ll answer this, but what if you had lived your whole life in Vera Cruz, Mexico? You would have never seen, heard of, or given a crap about H & BL. Your answer will be that it was inevitable you’d meet them because . They weren’t famous at all… an article or two, a book, but to the public they were nothing — I’d never heard of them until the suicides… people read the articles, but they were so ridiculous that nobody took them seriously.

    What would you be now if you hadn’t met them? Maybe a Mount Shasta variety Buddhist? It would be something unusual because I think that is part of your gig.

    Based on the information I’ve been given, I know what I am. I know what my situation is. I know.

    The “tiniest shadow”? What about intelligence? H & BL weren’t very bright… I would expect a “next level” mind to be at least bright and intelligent.

    Maybe they’d figure out a way to live within the law instead of having 30 people shacked up in a house against zoning laws? Huh? That is something they certainly could have controlled… but as it was, their “whole mission” could be jeopardized by one ODY telling a co-worker something… and that DID happen… Do was about as flustered as I’d ever heard him on the tapes… you could hear his desperation a little bit — or maybe it was exasperation but it doesn’t matter.

    H & BL behaved like children not wanting to get caught chewing gum in class… cloak and dagger type stuff not befitting who they said they were.

    The obsession with the most minor of trivial things — but no attention to what would have to be the grandness of a next level being… lessons not about malt-o-meal, but thought-shattering exercises and lessons that weren’t just jibber jabber … the sorts of knowledge that would make you never want to watch Remington Steele again! But, ho-hum… there you were and your lives were little different from monks. Nothing GRAND ever happened! The grandest thing was the suicides themselves.

    It was all a “test”… don’t answer this, but the next level beings must not be all that if when implanted in a PLANT they can’t even get the most basic control of it… heck you were jacking off long before you quit the group… the whole mythology is just so ugly and convoluted and so undoubtedly made up.

    Show tunes? You folks believed because you really wanted it to be true — you really wanted Do to be who he said he was… why not bet the farm on that he’s who he says he is??? What else was going on in your lives?

    How and why you’ve incorporated Jesus and the other bible stuff into this just makes it even uglier. The fact that the mythology continues to morph even after H & BL are long gone is sort of telling as well.

    20 years and nothing? Earth about to be recycled? Life goes on.

    • sawyer Says:

      1) You said “if there is a cosmic truth to existence that we can know, then it would be something we can arrive at ourselves… I shouldn’t have to have stumbled upon some random cult leader to ascertain that truth”.

      How else do we get ANY information except by “stumbling” upon it, whether in school where we are stumbled into whether we like it or not or by society if we have the least amount of curiosity. Please tell me what about this response to your statement doesn’t have some common sense to it. We don’t learn or do anything by ourselves. It seems impossible relative to human existence as I see it now.

      2) You said “I know how you’ll answer this, but what if you had lived your whole life in Vera Cruz, Mexico? You would have never seen, heard of, or given a crap about H & BL. Your answer will be that it was inevitable you’d meet them because.”

      You are both right and wrong about this in my opinion. No matter where in the world I lived how can you even suggest it would not be possible to become aware of something that became national news in the U.S. and affiliates and also international news or for the international people that got far less exposure by having reason to migrate to where the news was more apparant, like all the migrants from Mexico for instance. One classmate was going to school in Corvalis from Venezula. Others were from Edmonton, Canada. Another was from southeast asia and then of course most all of us were from many countries whose parents migrated to the biggest melting pot on earth, that is since our current history, seems safe to say. But if one believes in what Ti and Do said and that Jesus said, all his believers and those who were against him would be returning to the new area of the world because the Kingdom of God was being taken away from the middle east. So if that was true and if it was also true that the Kingdom of God plants “seeds” (deposits of their mind as a soul pocket) then those that get the seed are directed to be on the path where they can have the best access to the incoming trumpet blowing undercover operatives from the Next Level sent to gather those vehicles that received those seeds as Jesus said would happen.

      3) you said, “They weren’t famous at all… an article or two, a book, but to the public they were nothing — I’d never heard of them until the suicides… people read the articles, but they were so ridiculous that nobody took them seriously.”

      So the judge of whether or not they have anything to say that is legitimate is in your view only if they become “famous” in the way you believe in. Perhaps, they have to write a book that becomes a best seller or be on TV. Article or two??? How about thousands of articles in newspapers across the U.S. from 1975 to at least 1982. A grade B made for TV movie in 1982 that millions probably watched. How about the New York Times magazine section front cover and long article about Bo and Peep that had international exposure in 1976. How about National news on EVERY news station for at least a week or two of nightly coverage from Walter Cronkite from late September of 1975 to October of 1975. I assume there was plenty of talk on the radio at least on the news since it was on the wire services. How about Psychology Today in 1976. How about the fact that the FBI got involved due to thinking there was a link to cattle mutilations in the midwest? Then the books and chapters in books; There was the book “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” by Brad Steiger and Hayden Hewes, two respected names in science fiction writing and UFO investigation respectively. Then how about over a hundred meetings in most every major U.S. City over a year’s time at Universities and in public libraries that some had accompanying newspaper advertising from april of 1975 to may of 1976. Each of those meetings had hundreds of posters plastered at most all book stores and new age centers and coops and health food stores and libraries and on telephone poles and in store windows in the vicinity of the towns/cities where the meetings were given that also involved talking to shop owners. Also the thousands of churches that were “tested” as at least 100 students trekked around the country seeking help with food and gas and shelter from those who said they were in service to the Lord. Many times that seeking of help resulted in conversations about Bo (Do) and Peep (Ti). There were also hundreds of parents and siblings and friends concerned who talked and some hired investigators (jwnody’s brother was a police officer who hired an investigator). Alxody’s vehicle’s mother formed a network of parents that were active in touch with the “cult awareness network”. There was more publicity that I didn’t know about. Plus the story wasn’t exactly run of the mill. 27 or more people left their lives behind that created a huge amount of talk in the towns where they were known that I can talk specifically about – to as reported rendezvous with a UFO to go to heaven (though they often left off the “heaven” part). Certainly when Cronkite came out to say, they were two texans and had been arrested and that Applewhite was a convicted felon, most put it out of their mind because it could not be possible that “He would come as a thief”, a curious coincidence of terms Ti and Do did nothing to fulfill in that way.

      4.) you said, “What would you be now if you hadn’t met them? Maybe a Mount Shasta variety Buddhist? It would be something unusual because I think that is part of your gig.”

      No, I don’t think I would have become a Buddhist. I did read up on such things. I didn’t join with the Maharishi Mehesh Yogi who had a regular recruitment in NYC because I would have had to stop smoking pot and I was 17 at that time and really liked my pot. I was fond of many of the spiritual books in 1968-1972 but I moved to British Columbia from NY to homestead but got deported for a stupid slip up on my part as I was living in Canada illegally. So I stayed with “Jesus freaks” in Yakima and they tried to convince me of what they believed and I told them there was too much in scripture that seemed “contradictory”, though I always thought Jesus was a hero though hated the Catholic church ways I experienced so ditched any membership in such an organization. Then when my friends were getting into meditation in Newport, Oregon in 1972 I tried it and would always fall asleep and so was bored. Then when one of my music buddies became a disciple of Sri Chin Moy and wanted me and my girlfriend to meditate with him on his guru’s picture I tried it and it felt weird to be looking at this indian fellow as someone to follow. I did try to study parmahansa yogananda’s teachings and remember wanting to be enlightened like him and then I was given the bhagvad gita by a krishna devoutee at an airport where I was working for food stamps, the program they had in San Diego I would read the stories and not understand what they were talking about but it felt holy so I continued reading for a while.

      So no, I suppose I would have continued with playing in bands and who knows from there but I doubt I would have become spiritual in any organized way. I was interested in “spirits” as reality and I had debates with Christians on the streets fairly often. So my “gig” as you call it, if it was unusual certainly wasn’t planned as you tend to suggest.

      5) You said, “What about intelligence? H & BL weren’t very bright… I would expect a “next level” mind to be at least bright and intelligent”.

      Even by your standard of intelligence why would you think they weren’t intelligent. Do you think being a nurse for preemie babies in the Houston Hospital system, with an interest in theosophy and astrology, who had a family of three girls, two of which were retarded was someone who wouldn’t have intelligence? And Do was a college grad who was in the military at white sands missile range as a communications specialist who tried seminary and dropped out because they were too limiting in what they would study and talk/think about. He was a professor of music and a star to some degree with lead roles in the Houston Opera. He taught at St. Thomas University and would eat lunch with Dan Rather who worked for CBS whose office was across the street. He mingled with high society types in Houston. He graduated with Farah Faucet (sp?). He was divoced and had children and was living a gay or bi lifestyle, though was not happy in it because he wanted a committed relationship. All the gay people I’ve met, for some reason seem to be quite intelligent moreso than many of the hetero brutes and I was never attracted to the same sex. Does any of this qualify his intelligence? If not then please explain why not?

      6.) you said, “Maybe they’d figure out a way to live within the law instead of having 30 people shacked up in a house against zoning laws? Huh? That is something they certainly could have controlled… but as it was, their “whole mission” could be jeopardized by one ODY telling a co-worker something… and that DID happen… Do was about as flustered as I’d ever heard him on the tapes… you could hear his desperation a little bit — or maybe it was exasperation but it doesn’t matter.

      So if srrody told someone at his job in the world where he lived and an investigator found out and got the police to come to our residence with charges trumped up because we did nothing genuinely illegal unless you of course believe all the laws are just and fair then wouldn’t it be a disruption of what they felt was their mission whether you agree with the mission’s validity or not? So was Do not allowed to be “exasperated” because it doesn’t match your idea of “holiness” you don’t believe in anyway?

      7) you said, “the whole mythology is just so ugly and convoluted and so undoubtedly made up”.

      What about Ti and Do was myth. Can something be called a myth when it’s in progress. Doesn’t myth refer to a story of the past. Of course if you believe the records of Jesus life were made up even though there is considerable evidence of Pilot and Herod and the Jewish treatment of a person with that name and Josephus, a non believer in Jesus, writings that confirm he was a real person and other references with the addition of the manuscript discoveries in Qumran and the Nag Hammadi discoveries in the 1940’s and 1950’s, then what can I say – it’s your choice what to consider true or false about history.

      And what is it about Jesus or Ti and Do’s life that was “ugly”. Do not humans with belief systems of all kinds end up giving their lives to various causes. Thousands of U.S. soldiers died, many of which thought they were serving a truthful and worthy government. Many activists give their lives to bring peace and justice to their country and people. Emergency workers sometimes give their lives to save others. People do death defying things for thrill of it or to try to get famous. A case can be made that these are not worthy causes. Jesus follower risked their lives by talking about him and their belief in him. Jesus said that giving your life is the highest form of showing love for another. The students of Ti and Do chose to give their lives. There is no evidence at all that anyone was manipulated or pressured and some left even weeks before they laid down their lives and Ti and Do didn’t let some join them and sent others out of their group and sought to even pay some students to leave because they didn’t want anyone staying with them because it became comfortable. There was zero evidence of any abuses and there were over a hundred dropouts with only trivial complaints against them. eg. they didn’t like the procedure on the direction to shave (despite the fact that they didn’t have to follow that rule and why that became a rul to begin with – it was from someone asking how Do shaved. If anyone had a problem with a procedure they were free to state their problem and often an exception was made for them. I have dozens of examples, but part of the program was to learn to follow instructions no matter how small. This often separated those who were not committed enough for their program and Ti and Do regularly gave out airplane tickets and money and in one case a bus ticket to travel by bus for a year, to those that wanted to leave. I was given a plane ticket and $600 in cash when I chose to leave. Ti and Do never wanted anyone to leave. Even those they felt they had instruction to separate from their classroom they sought to stay in touch with if they wanted to stay in touch. They sent me a message through Rkkody to see where my head was at, if I had changed. I know the parents of some of those who joined in 1994 and one that joined in 1996 were most upset by the news of their loved one’s chosen exit of their body. But unlike the groups like Jim Jones and Solar Temple and Branch Davidians there were only adults in Ti and Do’s group. No children. I sympathize with those who lost loved ones. It is painful. I know it would be painful for me in their place. In fact when my partner broke up with me, even though I knew it was best it did hurt a great deal and when my daughter went to live with her mother I felt that root system pull hard on me for quite a while and still does at times. I can imagine that the parent of a son or daughter who takes their own life is a huge tug to deal with. But as I also have dealt with thinking I had cancer, it hurts but if we seek the help from the Next Level with our pain, no matter what we call those Above Human Beings in their kingdom, they will help us to deal with the fact that life in the human kingdom is temporary for all of us and there are no guarantees how it’s going to go, who is going to get sick and who is not and who is going to die before who. For those that don’t believe there are Creators with a plan, I don’t know what they can do to ease their pain, whatever it is from.

      With that said, I don’t know what was “ugly” about Ti and Do unless the fact that all life on earth is temporary. If that is ugly then I guess life is ugly to have in the first place as if you never existed you would never experience an end to you or others existence.

      8) you said, “heck you were jacking off long before you quit the group”.

      That’s not true. I first masturbated late in 1993, 18 years after joining. I never even touched my privates to try to stimulate excitement for those 18 years though I certainly could have done a better job in control of my eyes though on the thought level became pretty good at. I never thought about the sex act at all in those 18 years. I did feel attraction to females in the group but I never imagined myself being intimate with any of them. My battle was turning my eyes away and then of course cutting off the stimulant that even a few seconds of looking at something stimulated. After 18 years of celibacy it took next to nothing to start to become stimulated.

      9) You said, “you folks believed because you really wanted it to be true — you really wanted Do to be who he said he was… why not bet the farm on that he’s who he says he is???”

      Shooting in the dark – I understand. Don’t want it to reflect the truth – that’s the choice you seem to want to take and that is fine. There is no value to convincing anyone anyway, but belief because of some need to believe doesn’t make any real sense unless it is to escape the life we have which if you actually look at the lives of the students you won’t find much if any of. Do the research of dropouts. See if they joined to escape something in life they were ashamed of or were running from facing. Then perhaps for that one, you could make a case for their belief because they wanted/needed to believe in something so to not deal with who they were or what they had done.

      10) you said, “20 years and nothing? Earth about to be recycled? Life goes on.”

      Sorry, but Life doesn’t go on indefinitely for anyone and the Next Level are not on our earth based time frame. If you live a short time more you will see more and more of the recycling. Global Warming is fairly telling and the prophecy says the human kingdom (earth) will be destroyed by “fire” this time. It seems that will be stimulated primarily by the way the Next Level has control over the sun, the reason Al Gore had his satellite just launched to just look at the sun as other satellites do because they have seen many very unusual things on the sun even without the satellite telescopes. But the “fire” I suspect is also a death because of “passion” whether by unbridled sensuality in all it’s forms; sexuality and related responses in disease, mental and physical or from anger and hatreds and negativity and war.

  6. crlody Says:

    As usual baldtim you are expending huge amounts of energy because you do not respect Sawyer enough to let him make his own choices. You strike me as an arrogant, self-absorbed, pedantic individual who assumes everyone wants to hear what he has to say and who probably turns people off within seconds of interacting with them. Guys like you are a dime a dozen in the world. You think that you know what other people should be doing and you seem to be physically incapable of shutting up about it. You have no respect for the free will of others and therefore you really have no respect for yourself, hence all of your Internet bravado as a compensation mechanism. You’re obsessed with Sawyer and constantly judging him and Ti and Do and you don’t even know why, it’s like you can’t help yourself, “Oh, I hope Sawyer wrote in his blog today so I can rip into him again, he’s such an irrational fool, maybe if I insult him and Ti and Do again I’ll get through to him and he’ll think like me like he should be doing”. You say what Sawyer is doing “irks” you. So what, who cares that what someone else is doing “irks” you? Quit whining about it and do something else with your existence besides being an Intenet bully/troll. You condescendingly ask me if I have a job when judging by how much time you spend attacking Ti and Do and Sawyer I probably should be asking you that question. Here you are after months and months and still doing nothing but attacking, attacking, attacking and still assuming that you know what is right for others. You are addicted to negativity and typing the word peace at the end of one of your replies is as meaningless as it is disingenuous. Of all the things that you could be doing with your time is this what you really want to be doing? It wouldn’t matter one iota what I or Sawyer or Ti and Do or anyone says, you will continue to find fault with it because you are addicted to finding fault with others. Sawyer is not the only one on this planet who recognizes Ti and Do and it’s not a religion but you know that he isn’t the only one and yet you make disingenuous statements like, “you’re in a religion of one”.

  7. Mark Cannon Says:

    “When the present “away team” leaves (which will be very soon), the Truth will go with them. ”


    “It can only be your future if you “reach out and grab it” while it is offered. ”

    Do was pretty certain on that stuff wasn’t he?… the “Truth” is gone buddy.

    You didn’t “reach out and grab it”, SWYODY… and that was the “ONLY” way it could be your future.

    You shouldn’t be splitting hairs or misinterpreting what they said — take them at their word. You didn’t overcome. You are the same as everybody else. You missed out. You’re just a human.

    • sawyer Says:

      The away team hasn’t completely left if there are some who are their believers. Who were they after all, the vehicles? No, the ones who were on the mission are Minds from the Next Level ,Older members and student members. There is no splitting hairs needed. There are MANY things Ti and Do said plus they said all the prophecies would be fulfilled and they haven’t all happened yet as they said for those after they exit their vehicles that come to believe in Ti and Do will be among those who “go with them” when they leave the planet entirely. Right now they have a crew assigned to provide the support to those that come to believe in Ti and Do and it’s all spelled out in both the many ways Ti and Do have said over the years while they were incarnate, to include their exit video’s – the exit of that phase of the overall harvest return. This is very substantiated, not that I need it to be, in all Jesus prophecy whether one wants to believe it or not. That is the question. Who cares about me and what I am or am not. What about you!

  8. Mark Cannon Says:

    Huh: you say “The away team hasn’t completely left if there are some who are their believers.”

    — doesn’t the fact that they didn’t leave with the older member mean that they weren’t part of any “away team” to begin with?

    Are older members currently on earth? If so, you’ve been in contact with them then, right? If not, doesn’t that sort of mean you weren’t/aren’t part of any “away team”(?) — certainly they would have contacted you in some way.

    And if there are no older members currently on earth — doesn’t that also mean that you weren’t part of any “away team”?

    Either that– or you are an “older member” which you vehemently deny to be.

    • sawyer Says:

      Exiting completely is in stages. They exited their vehicles, but that was like changing clothes and didn’t mean the left the task. When they left their vehicles they were in the unseen world to us but very much still a real living world to them and not the same as the spirit world where dead humans go when they die. They had transformed themselves into a new being, like the butterfly that leaves the caterpillar cocoon/chrysalis behind.

      At that point after some briefing time they seemed to remain for a short time – some human years before leaving to be issued new physical bodies. Then they returned but primarily operating from their spacecrafts nearby to earth as they had many tasks to do to help prepare for the next “harvest” which is not by students “laying down their lives” in the way they did and without an incarnate Older Member. The task was to line up human vehicles with those who were still in the “spirit world” environment who were wanting to take their next step in their classroom. This time the entire earth is a classroom and the teachers are still Ti and Do but at a distance and by primarily accessing all the information their left behind and deciding how much to try to live by their behavior and ways while giving service by disseminating to others their info.

      The away team consisted of elder students who had physical bodies before they came to earth to incarnate (take over a human vehicle prepared for them) and some who did not have physical bodies of a next level design, having been saved after they left their vehicle while in belief in what Jesus taught and did. They are also part of the away team. There are a number who have become believers in Ti and Do. I don’t keep track of them as there is no need to do so as there is no plan for a new group (cult) as they each are connecting to Ti and Do by their own thoughts and desires and pace and have the same task of providing the info Ti and do brought to others. if they continue to take a stand for Ti and Do, when they exit their vehicle they will be taken onto a spacecraft and some may even be awarded a new physical vehicle to use until it’s time to come back to the planet to have a graduation experience. Prophecy indicates that will be 1000 years from when the judgement time is finished.

      No there are no Older Members incarnate. But they do have ways to be in touch with those they want to be in touch with, who want to be in touch with them. Dream time is one of the ways they can be in contact with us, whether we recall the event or not. If you genuinely want to see if what I’m saying is true then start talking to them. Use the names Ti and Do or just project your asking as far away from the planet as you can imagine seeking the highest being from the creators kingdom you can imagine reaching. If you are genuine they will let you know they have heard you. If you don’t feel you got that communication ask again. They don’t need us so they require us to prove to them we want them. If you ask for human things they may send you a human level spirit to answer your request.

      Right. I am not an Older Member. I don’t know what I am except a student who knows my teachers and wants to grow to serve them with my entire being in whatever ways they lead me into.

  9. Mark Cannon Says:

    You made this up:

    “Then they returned but primarily operating from their spacecrafts nearby to earth…”

    Do and or TI never ever said anything even remotely like this …

    • sawyer Says:

      They weren’t telling the future while they were incarnate. The future was already laid out by Jesus though his time with his students and then to John in the “revealing” that Jesus said would be taking place. I am not at this time spending a great deal of time talking about the three ways in which I arrive at an approximation of what I think is being shown in those forecasts from Jesus. A great deal of it can be found in some of what I’ve already written in this blog and posted as videos on youtube: 3spm. Do did lay out a huge chunk of what the future would encompass by revealing the truth about the fallen angel space aliens activity. Look for the USA Today InfoAd Do and Crew bought on May 27th 1993 that’s in the purple book. We are currently in the stage of the “3rd horse”(a Next Level perspective of a human vehicle), the black horse. This is Obama which was confirmed to me in a dream before he came into office by Dstody in a dream in response my question of who to vote for. Each of these stages are depicted as “seals” which are “affirmation periods” where some come to recognize Ti and Do’s reality and seal also means the release of more and more revealing takes place that the Next Level crew that Jesus said would be returned to determine who wants to apply to be on their team and who doesn’t and to help those on the fence. Ti and Do both anticipated a time when they anticipated that their information would be made available to the public. All of it, to include the meeting tapes though Do also knew that some would twist or not be able to see what was in those tapes Do you remember all that was talked about in those tapes and the video’s and the beyond human series and the statements on video and written in the blue or purple books? I don’t and I try to. Even if you were a student of theirs at one point, you missed a lot. I’m sure of that. And I have had many dreams that I feel were given so I could ADD to what’s in the records, termed prophecy, which by the way all are linked to a number of Old Testament Prophets and what happened in the Moses classroom and can be seen in a number of the historic records, probably most if not all, though the pictographs in what we call mythology in non Judeao Christian Islamic records, anceint drawings that often all provide pieces to one picture that includes the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens and human contactees and devoutees. Then there are the events in the world over the last 15 years especially that also demonstrate relationships with Ti and Do and crew’s combined 24 years. I am writing this all out but that shouldn’t stop anyone from digging for the truth IF they feel driven to know the truth. Relatively few are interested but the Next Level was never about big numbers of believers though they would love it if there were. Now I still haven’t shared many specifics but like I said I’m not talking the time to do that for each person and meanwhile there is still plenty to absorb for anyone interested. Of course another can look at the same bodies of information have a variety of interpretations. That’s how much The Next Level respects our free will – to let us believe what we want or not to believe in anything beyond humanness if believing in that much. I know they operate out of spacecrafts. I know they are still engaging. The many signs by comets, asteroids, meteors, fireballs, sun objects, and the many unusual ways these all come and go and have varied characteristics – all provide evidence of their current task as well.

  10. mary martin Says:

    so, you are saying that the word of do and ti can be re-interpreted by using the bible. derp — how often did ti and do refer to the scriptures as THE BLUEPRINT for what they were doing.

    Right? If anything, they only referred to the scriptures as a human interpretation of the previous classes incarnation.

    • sawyer Says:

      What words of Ti and Do am I re-interpreting using the bible?

      I don’t know if Ti and Do ever referred to scriptures as a “blueprint”. They did say that what Jesus said was of value towards their waking up.

      You talk like you have personal experience or read something or heard a tape but don’t provide any quotes I can actually address if I can. They always said that the most dependable records that pertained to our task were to be still found in what was called a “red letter” addition of the new testament.

      They didn’t say that there was nothing else. In fact Do provided us with the dead sea scroll translations and the nag hammadi library, lost books of the bible and a number of less popular bible translations like Dakes and Youngs, and amplified and companions and parallels.

      Of course all the records are human interpretations. So is the Rev 11 talk about the Two Witnesses they felt they represented. That doesn’t automatically mean it’s not a correct interpretation of what was intended but in many cases I can show that there are many cases of there being more accurate interpretations but then that will be my interpretation.

  11. Heaven’s Gate, DO speaks about “Days Being Shortened” | Sawyer Stands for Ti & Do's Heaven's Gate Says:

    […] Full document: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/do-returned-jesusmosesenoch-writes-ufo-cult-resurfaces-wit… […]

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