Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate Hale Bopp Comet Anniversity in progress with A new highly unsual UFO Comet

As predicted and even like clockwork here is another Comet that has the folks at NASA and JPL and ESA and everywhere else as they say “Puzzling” and “scratching their heads”. And in this blub they are still calling it an “icy visitor” yet not much bigger than a “comet-boulder” another new term, so how does a ball of ice and rock survive Sun temperatures. They can’t claim it didn’t survive the sun as they did with the 2013 September comet ISON. (It did survive the sun though the media didn’t cover it as that’s not really supposed to happen to an icy rock).

First I will post what Spaceweather.com posted and then what I found on youtube that is much more revealing what even looks like a “flying saucer” shaped “comet”, but don’t take my word for it, look at the video and watch all the progress and reality deniers squirm to come up with explanations and debunking for fear of the truth. If it’s not a comet after all, then the FACT that it’s much smaller and doesn’t act like comets begins to make more sense.

And of course look when it’s happening. February 19, 2015 just as we saw quite surprising events in Feb-Mar of 2013 – meteor hit in Russia, the near miss asteroid and comet Pan Starrs with the OBJECT photographed flying AHEAD of it’s coma and then fireballs all over the world with most in the US and across the eastern seaboard and then Feb-Mar of 2014 also included a near miss asteroid, fireball and a very bright unexpected comet. That was followed by the of very unusual September-October comet ISON that when studied with software to uncloak satellite telescope images NASA disguised with software looked like a flying WING that came out of the other side of the sun and was no longer followed by the media but looked like 7 objects in a V formation. Then just last October with comet Siding Spring caused a huge visible explosion on Mars when it passed very close by to be seen at:

So here is what Spaceweather.com is saying about this new surviving sungrazer that came out of nowhere they have EVER seen before, they say:

*** spaceweather.com post: ***

UNUSUAL COMET DIVE-BOMBS THE SUN: Astronomers are puzzling over a comet that passed “insanely close” to the sun on Feb. 19th. At first glance it appeared to be a small object, not much bigger than a comet-boulder, doomed to disintegrate in the fierce heat. Instead, it has emerged apparently intact and is actually brightening as it recedes from the sun. Click to view a post-flyby movie recorded on Feb. 20th by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO):

Unofficially, the icy visitor is being called “SOHO-2875,” because it is SOHO’s 2,875th comet discovery.

Karl Battams of the Naval Research Lab explains what’s odd about SOHO-2875: “It’s a ‘non-group comet,’ meaning that it does not appear to be related to any other comet or comet family that we have on record.”

Most comets that SOHO sees belong to the Kreutz family. Kreutz sungrazers are fragments from the breakup of a single giant comet many centuries ago. They get their name from 19th century German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz, who studied them in detail. SOHO-2875, however, is not one of those fragments.

“Non-group comets like this appear a few times a year, so in that sense it’s not toounusual,” continues Battams. “But this one is relatively bright. The big question most people will have now is, Can I see it, or will I be able to see it, from Earth? At first I thought the answer was no. But I am very pleasantly surprised–shocked in fact! The comet has brightened dramatically and now is sporting an increasingly impressive tail. Visibility from Earth in a few weeks is no longer out of the question, although I still wouldn’t put money on it.”

“I’ll continue to tweet updates on my twitter.com/SungrazerComets feed, so folks can follow along there too.”

***end of spaceweather post***

Here is the youtube post that shows the comet surviving the sun encounter:

Humans are being dummed down. Many are incapable of critical thinking though they will quote the academics past and are satisfied with illogical answers to the many observations that can not be denied by someone with any intelligence.

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39 Responses to “Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate Hale Bopp Comet Anniversity in progress with A new highly unsual UFO Comet”

  1. gemunis Says:

    Unusual indeed. I have this overpowering, feeling , and I’t feels like, it’s coming from the next level, because it feel’s like a positive’ it feel’s right that; they aren’t all comets. Some of them have a certain peculiarity, to them, they even appear intelligent.

    • sawyer Says:

      I believe all of what we call comets come from the Next Level. The space aliens certainly don’t have any control over such things and they are locked in jail on earth anyway. Now whether there are Next Level members directing everything we consider to be a comet or not is beyond my information, though I do believe if one was going to impact the earth the Next Level would see to it that it doesn’t, that is unless they want it to.

      • Mark Worcestor Says:

        I believe that comets are keys to the earth jails imprisoning the space aliens here on earth… if one of these comets comes within a moon’s distance of earth — the space aliens will be freed from their jails and you will see that really, the space aliens are actually the “good” guys — and it was actually the beings of the Next Level that beguiled mankind into turning their back on their kindred “space aliens”.

        Duped by the Next Level, certain hippies from the 1970’s plotted to raise two Next Level space babies — that would kill the space aliens (humankind’s only true friends).

        Very few of the space hippies actually produced spawn — but these spawn are Next Level beings who are actively working to keep mankind away from their space alien friends. Under a full moon — these spawn will show their true form! The only way to purge the beings within them is to douse them with water continuously for the 7-days ending on a solstice. They cannot be allowed to dry during that time.

      • sawyer Says:

        That’s a good one! A nice twist – good for a movie and a spoof of the truth. I wouldn’t normally respond except for the few that visit this blog now or in the future, for as long as it lasts… I know everything Ti and Do taught is bizarre to consider and especially believe and some take offense that some believe in it. I understand fully how it’s seen as science fiction or delirium. Like Do said, in the first years while awakening that not a day would go by that he didn’t question his sanity. I understand that but believe it or not awaking to any degree requires that of us. That’s why it’s an “awakening” as we don’t even know we are asleep until we wake up and that’s an ongoing process. That’s why Ti and Do were regularily changing but mostly bringing more information that had more and more accuracy to it, while staying open to taking steps back.

        With that said, what one who really wants to dig into what Ti and Do taught to exam every aspect, they will see that it all directly links back to what Jesus taught that links back to what Moses taught and including what those taught in between those 3 major teaching periods, yet each in such a way that brought updates that those who embraced the misinformation sown after each representative often did not or did not want to try to see.

      • gemunis Says:

        REVELATION, 8:, 8, And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea, and the third part of the sea became blood.

      • sawyer Says:

        Yes I am aware of this verse and have examined it and all with a fine tooth comb and will present my findings in my book. Everytime I return to these verses I see where I could have done a better job so your bringing this up prompted me to seek a greater understanding. I’ve gone back and forth on so many of these prophecies with slight variations. I am incapable of seeing them 100% until the Next Level is ready to show us by the events they depict. For instance the 7 angels with sounding trumpets that Rev 8:8 is part of is mostly a series of “announcement’s and alerts to the arrival of the Members of the Next Level Older Members and students, and the lower forces Luciferian space aliens being released from their underground jail cells in the 1940’s and 1950’s. It has been mostly by backward engineering from the Two Witnesses time frame that I have determined this verse to be most applied during the time period of the 1910’s to 1920’s.

        With that said, here is my research to date on this verse: Like I said, it’s always a work in progress as we see more events. It does seem likley this is related verse of Rev 16:3 has a relationship to Rev 8:8 and therefore would suspect Fukashima and/or other reactors are going to be affected by future Next Level instigation of upturning the surface with quakes and perhaps objects from space hitting into the water though in this verse it says it’s “which how” a “rise” as a continent (mountain) is struck (cast) by (into) mankind (sea) so that a third of the world at that time is engulfed in bloodshed which can look very much like World War One.

        So it can mean all these things and I don’t doubt that is was meant to have multiple applications so only those who want to see how it was related to Ti and Do will be able to see them that way. That’s why I’m writing, to simply provide the option to see how the translation can legitimately be shifted to support Ti and Do’s mission. Those that have some of their seed will take notice where others will think I was a poor excuse for a theologian trying to make it as if to say I know more than the hundreds who have tackled these verses having astute credentials.

        So with that said, though I will be updating further as of this exact comment to your comment, here is what I currently have on this verse:

        III.C.2. SECOND TRUMPET – 1910’s – 1920’s

        Rev 8:8 And (the) second angel sounded, and (as it) were ((5613 hos= AFTER (that), (according), as soon (as), when(-soever), while, even as, likened)) (a) great ((3173 megas= WIDE (LARGE, MIGHTY) APPLICATION, LIGHT)) mountain ((3735 oros, probably from an obsolete oro= TO RISE or RAISE or REAR perhaps kin to 142 airo= LIFTING UP)) burning ((2545 kaio= that sets on fire [provokes passion] to kindle, that consumes, burns, lightens)) (with) fire ((4442 pur= lightning)) (was) cast ((906 ballo= ARISES a casting (out), X DUNG, pour, put (up), send, strike, THROW (DOWN), thrust)) into ((1519 eis= in, AMONG, at)) (the) sea ((2281 thalassa probably prolonged from 251 hals, the primary defintion of SALT)): and (the) third part ((5154 tritos ordinal from 5140 treis= third as noun= a third part [of the ORIGINAL STRAIN OF OVERCOMER (ISRAELI) PEOPLE and as a territory], or as adverb a (or the) third time, thirdly [AS IN THIRD TRIMESTER])) (of the) sea ((SALT)) BECAME ((1096 ginomai= GENERATE, AROSE)) blood ((129 haima= uncertain derivation, literally of men or animals, figuratively the juice of grapes [FROM WINEPRESS] or specially ATONEING BLOOD of Christ and by implication BLOODSHED, KINDRED));

        Just like in the First Angel’s sounding the initial indication was that whatever FOLLOWED the next stage of sounding the announcement of arrival of the Next Level crew and their efforts to uplift human vibrations of thoughts, behaviors and ways comes AFTER that sounding and is likened to a GREAT RISE OR REARING (mountain) that kindles (burns) as passion (fire) by the provision of lightening (as in enlightening) from the Next Level’s increased closeness of their vibrations (sounding) and even literally from the Sun through CME (Coronal Mass Ejections). This increased presence of “light” brings RISE (a primary meaning of Greek “ballo”) from out of the human (genetic) sea the further preparation of the human vehicles that will produce the offspring to become the vehicles tagged to be taken over by the Father and Son (Soul that was incarnate as Jesus) and that “third” group of students preserved for this time of the start of their Third Trimester.

        Despite the initial appearance of a literal mountainous object hitting the literal sea, though that may actually have occurred and we simply have no report of and/or such is slated to occur, “AFTER” this time period of the seven trumpets being sounded, it’s not a calamity meant to occur in the timeline that this prophecy is initially fulfilled. Plus as shown, for a third part of the sea to be the literal sea that produces bloodshed is yet another forecast of what might happen during the time period AFTER the Seven Trumpets sound as that is in line with the plagues that start soon thereafter.

        Then instead of the translation to “BECAME BLOOD” it might very well be at this time period the BECOMING of some out of the human sea being made KINDRED to the Next Level’s Family. After all for the human vehicle’s picked to be the vehicles for these returnees is giving them a boost in their own development as spirits beginning to adhere to the Next Level Family of Minds.

        Therefore this sounds very much like the “re-generation” period Jesus referred to, where the generation of vehicles that can produce offspring that could be equip to be prospective vehicles for the returning Souls to take over to complete their overcoming task through:

        Mat 19:28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

        This verse speaks to the regeneration and to the following resurrection (standing up) of the “third trimester student body” to LIFE that Ti and Do called their graduation out of the human kingdom as then and only then are they able to serve in the more advanced capacity of deciding who is among the remnant/remaining “wheat” verses who is a “tare” so they can be helped or pulled up from the garden.

        I can see the crew in my head right now. They are in spacecrafts and have all these lights lighting up on their computer console that indicate human’s seeking help and to what degree by the brightness as Ti and Do indicated was sort of how it worked. From that they have instruction to zero into certain ones and have certain procedures on how to handle certain circumstances. If in doubt whether they have instruction to handle something, they check with the Older Member in which they are assigned to operate under just like as a Captain (archangel) with their crew would do and from that they get new instructions. The fact that they are included in these kinds of processes is their participation in the overall decision making regarding the fate of each of those human “lights”.

        However, pertaining to how this seems to also be like an alert to some of what is going to happen later in the timeline, actually during the “tribulation time” as defined as after the first fruit student body were harvested one can’t help but compare it to:

        Rev 16:3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became ((1096 ginomai= caused to be generated, arise, brought to pass)) as ((5613 hos= which how, even as, with all speed)) the blood (of a) dead ((3498 nekros apparently from primary word, nekus= a corpse)) (man): and every ((3956 pas= all (manner of, means))) living soul ((5590 psuche from psucho= to breathe)) died ((599 apothnesko= to die off, be slain with)) in the sea.

        “caused to be generated (became) with all speed (as) blood dead” – or more easily understood perhaps as saying “dead blood” as the word “man” was entirely added. In other words it could be said that the blood in these living creatures was being caused to die so it brought about the death of these creatures.

        “every” – is not necessarily so all inclusive when one chooses a primary translation option to “all manner of”

        “soul” – is in contrast to the Greek “pneuma”= spirit and breath”, here instead referring to the “animal sentient principal that all living beings “breath”. Soul was not very well understood in times past. The word “spirit” was used coming from pneuma for when Jesus spoke about his disciples needing to be “born of spirit”, which Ti and Do said was synonymous with “Mind” which is another translation to pneuma, neither of which are used in the translation of Greek psuche so Soul therefore seems to be totally inaccurate to use here but referring to the living who are breathing, now that would refer to many different creatures in the sea.

      • gemunis Says:

        Hi, sawyer. Great delivering of information, the Next Level, has given you, to share with us. In this link below, is something I created, just for fun. I wonder if after, you view; you woulld find the time, to help me title it. Though I gave it a tile, I don’t know if this is the appropriate tile. Please help me, find a tile, that would better fit this video, I created.

      • sawyer Says:

        So I don’t have any ideas on a name but since you asked, at this time especially if we are going to associate the Next Level with things we do I suggest making as accurate as you can, researching exactly what Ti and Do taught and using their terminology and not short cutting on descriptions. I know I am very wordy and I’m not saying it’s necessary but I want to be accurate in a world filled with half truthes and inuendo and lies and deceit in the distortion of terms, which I don’t want to add to. Ti and Do called themselves “links” and “pipes” and spoke about being a pipe that had none of them inside. I’m not saying there aren’t a whole host of terms that would be just as good as what Ti and Do gave us, but if I’m going to use other terminology which I do, I make it additional to the exact terms they give, that is if I feel I must use additional terms to have a better interface with someone who might respond to different terms. But in a real sense Ti and Do’s terms are like keywords in websites that might be part of that “chip” so when a human with that chip hears those words, they perk up to be interested. That eventually dies off as the Luciferians adopt the terminology and it get’s incorporated into life usually via commercialism so that they are no longer unique as when the Older Members presented them. So our job if we choose to take it is to spread the real terms and state where they came from and what they meant for as long as possible as we can’t assume when the harvest option will be cut off. But with that said, I encourage you to use your creativity as even if it doesn’t mimic Next Level, it can stimulate talk with others who come across it and then that can lead to sharing more about Ti and Do if they are thirsty for it. So it’s all good. I use my musicality that way and I believe Ti and Do approve of my doing so, though at the same time I could be trapped into it. I have to be ready to chuck it all at any time and I actually have been through that a number of times.

      • gemunis Says:

        Sounds good. I too want to be accurate, in animating, only the truth, in hopes to get, the Next Levels, message across. I want to get as much out there as I could, before leaving this environment.

      • sawyer Says:

        For instance, saying “next level” is of course Ti and Do’s terminology. It’s used today quite a bit by people who have no idea where it came from. It also goes into the ethers for people to pick up on. But saying it by itself is not very effective unless you tie it into the names Ti and Do. Those names are essential today as even if they become common place, it still points to them. So it’s “Ti and Do’s Next Level” or Ti and Do’s Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human. Also throwing in the world “physical” is very important at times as so many are programmed to think of the kingdom of god or next level as a spiritual kingdom. Then of course when we say it’s physical we often have to qualify that we’re not talking about space aliens and when we use the word evolution need to quality that it’s not Darwinian evolution. Yes, it’s complicated but that’s the world we live in so to interface the truth takes almost a redefinition of every term over and over and over.

      • gemunis Says:

        It’s easy at times, and I mean some times; to allow others to frustrate my sense of giving, and sharing the next level, with others, without them becoming offended, and have them say thing like, well, you know ,my God in the bible says, that it’s like this, and like this, and well, they get offended, at the next level information, but I ask for strength, and guidance, and hope that, even though, I may have, not convince them; I know that some time in their lives, the information I share, with the humans, will resurface in them, for a better good.

      • sawyer Says:

        Well said. One can never tell what each will experience in the future and who the Next Level crew will decide to give even greater opportunity. So simply by sharing a few words can probably be far better than hundreds which can easily overwhelm someone. You are becoming a “johnny appleseed” and we have no idea how each seed may sprout and when.

      • gemunis Says:

        Sawyer, Do, wasn’t wrong, just look around you. Listen to the voice of the, world. All of the the signs, point to the end of this civilization, as he mention. He is the voice in the wilderness, and we should be also be that voice, as the trumpets, that come down from heaven.

      • Mark Worcestor Says:

        I didn’t mean to contradict what you believe. This is just what I believe. Sorry to push a button. You are mocking my truth in a way. sorry.

  2. gemunis Says:

    Such a big place, just in our realm alone, so imagine how much more there is out there, that we are yet, to find.

  3. Woraufhin Says:

    You mentioned in your videos that Do suggested that Pluto might be a Next Level base. Can you say any more about Do’s position on that issue? Thanks.

    • sawyer Says:

      The relationship to Pluto I was talking about started in the mid 1980’s before Ti left her vehicle when they started a project to write a screenplay. The project went to three students; Cddody, Ollody and Dncody. I became a proof reader for the script. The story was from a Next level perspective and their base or mothership was Pluto. Pluto was mostly hollow and filled with laboratories. One large laboratory and actually the only one they detailed was the “earth lab” which was an actually a fully functional to scale earth that I imagined to be as tall as the highest skyscrapers. Around the outside were levels of walkways with technicians in different places observing something and discussing. This was done via an illustration Ollody as an artist did and made into a air brush painting along with a number of others. The top pole of Pluto had a huge circular louvered door to allow smaller spacecrafts to come and go. That’s really all I recall. When I started writing and came across the New Jerusalem description, reflecting on this movie script did a few calculations and it seemed pluto and the new jerusalem were very close together.

  4. gemunis Says:

    Hi, sawyer. Great delivering of information, the Next Level, has given you, to share with us. In this link below, is something I created, just for fun. I wonder if after, you view; you woulld find the time, to help me title it. Though I gave it a tile, I don’t know if this is the appropriate tile. Please help me, find a tile, that would better fit this video, I created.

    • sawyer Says:

      Interesting video. It looks like the star trek show where spock gave his mind to kirk, sort of. But since I try to be as correct as I can be to what I believe was shared with us from Ti and Do but that didn’t go into much detail as it wasn’t necessary, I have to say I don’t think that is the way the “chip” is given to a human. The idea is certainly there in the overview that is’ coming from an Older Member to another. First off, Do felt it was something that happended soon after birth, that is the “chip” install part. But or seed the way Jesus talked about it, isn’t activated or stimulated to come to life until one who has that seed/chip comes in contact with recent Next Level information. It’s like what it takes to “sprout” that seed and then of course it may not survive sprouting, though it can take years in the germination process as one is going to be mostly an young adult before sprouting time and still the vehicle needs to experience things in life that because of having that seed shows them what about the human norms isn’t for them – they just don’t fit, are not motivated, rebel from authority and committments on the human level and of course can get into all kinds of ruts still – drug addiction, prison, relationships and even the positive looking ones of finding a niche that they become successful in that they will have a hard time discarding when the Older Member signals it’s time to disconnect (though the Next level helps a great deal with that, so it’s doable without too much tramua to their seedling and/or to the humans being left behind, whether in mind and/or body.

      Also Do described the soul as one type of “deposit” not necessarily given at the same time as a “tag” and there are different types of “deposits” too. But he described the human body (vehicle/vessel) as a glass vase and the deposit as a baloon that comes off the head and grows accordingly by the receive of more and more Next Level mind while alongside it another balloon that is filling with human mind, actually luciferian fallen angel space alien mind. That mind balloon must deflate while the Next Level balloon must inflate. This is the “body” they spoke about in the beginning that they said wasn’t going to die to go into the next level. And this is what they said were “body changes” though they only came to understand this better towards exit time.

      • gemunis Says:

        I pretty much see as it is written in this verse I found; very close to the theory, DO, explained, about the vase. As shown in this verse below.
        3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

  5. x11hgseeker Says:

    What does all this “comet talk” have to do with Bo and Peep?

    Have you ever considered that the whole thing was just a ufo suicide cult? To all outside observers that is exactly what it appears to have been.

    I’m just curious if you have ever considered that? The whole affair has been relegated to footnotes in psychiatric textbooks.

    We’re always discovering new and unexpected things in the sky — our telescopes and equipment keeps getting better and better. Unexplained events aren’t proof of anything except man’s ignorance.

    In the caveman days, lightning and thunder were mysteries. I can imagine cavemen cowering in the back of the caves trying to explain lightning and thunder in the same way you are trying to explain unexplained events in space. There is an explanation, we just don’t know it yet.

    I’m curious: where are the procedure books the group kept? Like the Nutralab procedure books? There were many, many of them.

    • sawyer Says:

      That’s right, there has always been more to discover. And there have always been those that seek to discover. The rest just follow along watching the grass grow. If you don’t look for more you don’t get it. I don’t know where the procedure books are. They are not relevant anyway or I’m sure Do and Crew would have made sure they became available just like they made sure a significant portion of the tapes were made available.

      Comets are what Jesus described and are part of the “signs in the sun, moon and stars” Jesus and Old Testament prophets spoke about and that Moses wrote in Genesis about. It has everything to do with the remaining stage of “judgement” – where each of us can judge for ourselves to whom to give our allegience, between the Next Level (Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens) or as Jesus was translated to have said, “mammon” which is “human mammalianism treasures – all that is considered to be human level wealth, money, gold, fame, intelligence, art, scientific, spiritual, environmental, etc.. Bo and Peep came with the sign of comet kahoutek and exited 12 years later for Ti with Halley’s comet and then 12 years later with hale bopp comet and photographed by japanese plus others as having a companion and then marked the end of the “hour” (40 years of 1973-2013) with a vast array of signs from the heaven’s – meteors, fireballs, near miss asteroid, pan starrs comet with object in it’s coma.

      • x11hgseeker Says:

        If there was a companion, there would be literally thousands upon thousands of crystal clear pictures of it.

        All the colleges on earth would clamor to be the first to publish them. Every amateur astronomer with a decent telescope (say a million dollar telescope) would try to publish their findings and would have instantly become a household name worldwide.

        Telescopes of all kinds that view the entire visible spectrum frequencies, radio frequencies, ultra-violet and infra-red — there would be no place for a companion to hide.

        Not a single academic paper has been written about “it” — not one. Out of the hundreds of thousands of research papers written about that comet, not a single one mentions a companion.

      • sawyer Says:

        not correct. I don’t know about thousands but I know there are at least two, but you are thinking there is no censorship in this country. Sorry but that’s a balloon you have yet to pop and it’s a huge one.

        Hiding is easy for the Next Level. They have technologies to be physical right in front of someone and not be seen. It’s like a different dimension. You are far too convinced that humans have the height of technology when it’s actually quite primitive at best.

        You talk like you know about academic papers but have you searched for them. Do a search on Hale Bopp Comet and don’t stop until you find the NASA/JPL related conferences that still go one every year where they try to answer the many questions hale bopp surfaced. If you are waiting to see it published in scientific american, that’s unlikely but how would you know anyway? Do you follow all such journals or are you actually the one making stuff up?

        I don’t mind if you think I’m up a creek with out a paddle or full deck or whatever you may think or if you are simply trolling me or trying take my time. I have my opinions and for as long as I can I will express it on this blog and everywhere else.

      • sawyer Says:

        that’s like saying nothing is hidden from anyone, like there is no Q Clearance, like there is no intelligence services or propoganda machines or business conspiracies to make money and hide things that can affect the bottom lines. That’s like saying the textbook accounts of history are the whole truth and nothing but the truth and that science actually answers all our questions and that people in school because they can memorize stuff and learn to do interesting things and fantastical things know it all and know the ramifications to many of the things we do. This would be to say there are no whistleblowers who end up prosecuted and are in jail or framing or murders for hire or drug deals by agents or police that shoot because they are mad and get a slap on the wrist or politicians that are paid off, or things happening on the sun that boggle the mind that just so happen have their cameras shut off at the moment of the unusual images or that there are no conspiracies or hidden agenda’s. Sorry but a lot of people know better. Oh and I forgot the biggest one. No one really wants to lose their job over an opinion that doesn’t go along with the other end of our leash. That’s the biggest impetus to shut up in addition to many other ramifications for talking truth to power as they say.

      • sawyer Says:

        With all due respect you see a different world than I see.

    • x11hgseeker Says:

      You can’t censor amateur scientists or grad students. They would race to get the info out right away — they would scream from the highest mountain: “I’VE DONE IT! I MADE A DISCOVERY!!!!” Every scientist, amateur and professional alike, yearn to discover things!

      I don’t follow all such journals. But beyond any doubt — if there had been a companion spaceship behind the comet, and in light of the mass suicide from you folks — you can be sure as heck that if there was anything that even remotely pointed to their being a companion would have blown up all over the media, the internet (which wasn’t nearly as censured as it is today)…

      Every religious group on the planet would explain it in terms of their religious views. Every college student in the 10s of thousands of colleges around the world would clamor to see/witness the miraculous event.

      You can’t censure that sort of knowledge. It would have been published in Scientific American in the next issue if there had been a companion. There are tens of thousands of amateur astronomy groups all over the world — their number one topic of conversation to this day would be “the companion” behind hallebopp. But nothing.

      Thought experiment:
      If they didn’t want to be seen, why would they be seen at all? And why by only a couple of people?

      If they did want to be seen, why are there no credible pictures at all when there should be thousands upon thousands of incredibly detailed pictures and video’s of “the companion”.

      Even the cult bought a cheapo telescope (around 60k was the figure I read), but they returned it as faulty because they couldn’t see the “companion”… Rather than take the logical route, they assumed the telescope was busted. So Do obviously thought people could see it with a telescope–otherwise why allow the cult to spend that money.

      • sawyer Says:

        There is actually current talk in some astronomical organizations I have visited on the web specifically about the anomolies that hale bopp comet stimulated but I’m not trying to prove that as it won’t matter to most anyway as most don’t care and I don’t care whether they care or not.

        You talk as if you know it all, so what’s the use in commenting. What “should be” is your opinion and what is a “credible pic” is going to be for you to decide. I guess the Japanese photo isn’t evidence to you, nor the original Hawaii photo from a different angle and the amateur astronomer reports that I only read one of but in it said a number of people were able to see the companion from the ground with amateur telescopes and perhaps binoculars. Don’t forget the idea of a companion started long before that even while I was still in the group we were hearing reports of an object outside the orbit of Pluto that was showing strange signs of changing directions and speed. I don’t know if that was hale bopp but hale bopp wasn’t linked to a know comet and there were a number of very unusual anomolies with it, to include 7 jets and three distinct tails.

        Your logic on all the thousands that would be clamoring about is all based on having access to the truth in no uncertain terms. If what is observed isn’t obvious or isn’t released then only those who are privey get to see it. Of those some will look at the photo and thinking of it as a companion spacecraft is not probably going to be be their first thought. That’s also evident in the hale bopp conferences I just referred to that are still ongoing. How many people do you think know that James Earl Ray was exonerated from killing martin luther king, in a toronto court presided over by Sandra Day O’conner? It never made network news and the King family didn’t want it publicized though I’m not sure why but that’s what was reported on “Democracy Now”. Many people don’t listen to “Democracy Now” as many people don’t want to hear certain things that force them to consider alternative explanations for certain things. I know this from talking to people in my family and friends and causal acquaintances that don’t watch the news as it’s too depressing, etc.

        Where did you get information that they returned the telescope because it was faulty BECAUSE they couldn’t see the companion? How do you know what was in Do’s head? Are you claiming to be a psychic magician? Rio if he will talk to you might know why they returned the telescope and/or why they thought it faulty. I wasn’t there so don’t know but what I do know is that they didn’t base their exit on whether a companion was there or not.

  6. . Says:

    I shouldn’t be doing this. Follow the dots.

    Biblical references to LOCUSTS = ALIENS — they didn’t have a term for them, but they looked like big locusts and came in swarms.


    • sawyer Says:

      During the time of the Moses classroom when the Next Level was trying to get Pharaoh to let his Hebrew slaves go free, when Locusts were sent as one of the plagues I do believe they were actual insects.

      But the “locusts” in Rev 9:3 that come out of the bottomless pit, being a representative prophecy not talking to the facts of what Moses did, I agree is referencing the space aliens. I believe the “bottomless” pit is also referred to in scriptural records as “under the earth” and/or “under the sea” to where sea can also mean “ice” as the polar ice cap is frozen sea. That brings us to both the stories of Admiral Byrd and the Nazi’s during and after WWII expeditions. I did not come upon this from watching documentaries or other’s writings. I came to it by taking apart prophecy verse by verse with the knowledge that Ti and Do were the Rev 11 TWo Witnesses and backward interpolating the time frame of Rev 9:1 to the Fifth Angel’s soundings that to some degree corresponds to the 5th decade of the 20th century. A few years ago I started to become aware of documentaries like the Russian one that brought to light many potential evidences of space aliens and the Nazi’s underground base development in Antartica, with other smidgets of potential evidence that the earth doesn’t have a solid core that potentially goes from pole to pole that the Next Level can open and close so serves as the space aliens prison cell when the Next Level doesn’t want influencing humans in a big way or in any way. I’m not saying it’s the only underground hiding place/prison cell for the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens as probably there are some in volcano’s with entrances from the sea, the way the Nazi’s (SS) allegedly found a fresh water lake beneath antartica that some attempted to flee to and would up in Argentina. If this is try about the “locusts” representind the space aliens, then it shoots down Christians objection that Ti and Do can be the Rev 11 Two Witnesses because they say those 7 angels with trumpets haven’t sounded yet and since the Two Witnesses perform their prophecy period during the sixth angel’s sounding. I have tied this all together without stretching translations and interpretations of Revelations which will be available in my book in a few months I hope.

  7. la Says:

    why did they all kill themselves?

    • sawyer Says:

      They had completed their task, except for literally “giving up their vehicles life”. Until then they had given their lives in the sense of having severed their human root systems and overcome/conquered any desire for anything in the human kingdom. They all came to know they were not going to be dead. They trusted and loved Ti and Do as even for those that never were physically with Ti, they knew her through Do as they operated as one mind, though were distinct individuals. They saw for themselves that Do was 100% true to what he and Ti taught. They saw themselves change through applying what Ti and Do taught and demonstrated. Most of them recognized their information and even them personally when the first came in contact with it. It seemed to them they were remembering a past relationship. Some had a sense of knowing they had been with Do 2000 years ago, though that was not considered to be an ego elevation. If it was then they had to overcome that as Ti and Do always said, what’s important is who/what you are now, not what you were. Gravitating to thinking of ourselves as a reincarnation of a biblical figure was like saying we haven’t grown. Do always disliked that bumper sticker that said Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow, even though in terms of knowing where he came from that was certainly true. It just gave the impression that growth wasn’t continuous for everyone, as if you could arrive at a condition and coast thereafter. Members of the Next Level thrive on growth in service to their Older Members who give them as many challenges as they want.

      The manner of their exit from the Earth and human kingdom of life was always something Ti and Do strove to answer. Whether it was a foregone conclusion that they would have to exit their human bodies before leaving the Earth’s surface, they didn’t know it. They always said they were only given instructions one step at a time and according to what the entire classroom were ready for. Thus if one student was dragging their feet in their changeover from the caterpillar (Human being) to the butterfly (Above Human Being) aka conquering or “prevailing as Jehovah” (meaning of a true israeli, Do called an Overcomer), the “process” to yield the “mind(spirit) birth” of a new physical body that began it’s growth inside of us through our directed efforts to abide by all the instructions provided by our current “midwife” Older Member technicians, then Ti and Do could not move the class forward in that process. Thus there was prodding to test our resolve to change our minds and behaviors and ways, but never ever with any degree of cruelty or disrespect or abuse or punishment or threats or guilt, though Ti and Do had high standards and every student was expected to try repeatedly to come up to their standard thus one had to WANT CORRECTION. Ti and Do did not pat us on the back but a couple times in my 19 years their student, though they were not harsh or angry or condescending towards any of us ever. They did get frustrated and exasperated with the pace of our growth at times. The students who stayed the course knew Ti and Do were not of this world (their Minds upon awakening) as they often surprised us by their responses. They were not dictatorial or commanding or stern or demanding, yet to their students we knew they were significantly older, wiser and more in control of their vehicles. At that same time they were not showy of piety or spirituality by their dress or manner though they were always soft spoken, to the point and honest though didn’t feel obligated to prove that to us as certain things about their own privacy was none of our business.

      Anyway, it’s next to impossible to really convey these two. I suggest for anyone that wants to know more of their dimeanour to listen to the meeting tapes both Ti and Do are on. Here is a link to one:

      Ti, but mostly Do had to eliminate all the other exit methods before accepting the one that they took. During the second period of 9 or so months of giving meetings in cities all over the U.S., the first being 1975-6 and the second 1994, Do had us increase our boldness in saying we were the expected “second coming” of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven – the same soul who was Jesus (with his Father incarnate) and the same students who had become the Saints for giving their lives in service to Jesus then. He gave no public meetings. As it ended up it was as prophesied the “angels” doing the delivery of Their information this second time. Do didn’t know if getting bolder would result in some hating what we had to say enough to try to be the instruments of our exit from our vehicles. Do also had us examine provoking the government to cause our exit as occurred for the Branch Davidians, though we were going to have blanks in our guns. Do had us consider taking a boat out to sea where we might either get picked up by the Next Level or to sink it and exit our vehicles that way. (I don’t know if Do actually mentioned sinking it, but for some reason I at the time considered we might exit in that way.) This was following the movie “Cocoon”. The entire modus operandi of both Ti and Do and after Ti exited was one of trial and error and a trial would never be something that could not be reversed until they were certain. Do took us to the desert to begin a fast on air that turned into a water fast for 13 days before calling it off. Some knew this was to see if Ti would pick us up or whether we would continue the fast until our vehicles expired. (At least one who dropped out (AND) later told me he had no recollection we were considering exiting our vehicles by that fast. At my last exchange with him he made it clear he didn’t believe in Ti and Do. I was not confronting him with that question. It just came up somehow. It’s none of my business who does or doesn’t believe in Ti and Do unless they tell me one way or the other).

      Do considered that we might end up exiting like Ti did, one at a time and that was an unbearable thought as he didn’t feel there was any need to stay here if we had done all we could do in our overcoming and/or in service. So he engaged several more service stages by putting out their information to the public. (These were the seven thunders (roars) uttering their voices by the lion of the tribe of Judah spoken of in Rev 10:3).

      When the responses were either non-existent or totally negative he knew there was no service they could offer even though he and Ti did experiment with setting up a “church” at several points. One was called Astrologics when Ti was still incarnate and the other was, “The Anonymous Sexahaulic Celibate Church” (ASCC) and another was “Total Overcomers Anonymous” (TOA), one or both were examined to be made into a non-profit. (I don’t know if either became a non-profit).

      Simultaneously Ti and Do and then Do periodically challenged students to continue or not in the classroom by sending them to visit their vehicle’s families on two occasions. Once a year or so Ti and Do would have us spend 10 or so minutes actually trying to think about what we might want to do in the world. At one point Do offered any classmate up to $2000.00 if they wanted to leave the classroom but were not because they had grown comfortable with our communal life style. After all in some ways we had it much easier than most in the world. We lived in mansions sometimes with built in swimming pools we could use under certain guidelines – for example we were largely clothed and it wasn’t for just lounging around it. It was for exercise mainly so we could do a few laps but not so much that it became another avenue for the expression of passion as all our passion was supposed to be directed to the Next Level.

      In 1994 Do realized we might have to take it upon ourselves to exit. He talked about it as a group twice seeking to know if any student had reservations while explaining the method of ingesting a strong barbiturate that would basically put the vehicle to sleep permanently. A few did choose to leave after that. But the timing of when to leave was still in question and especially since there were new students in 1994 so he didn’t want to rush them into something. Do felt these new students didn’t need the same amount of time to learn the lessons they needed because the students that had been with him and Ti from 1975 had laid the groundwork for, so was helping them move faster in their own changeover if they could keep up with the pace.

      A type of confirmation that the student body was ready came while they were in Tucson, Arizona in 1995. Here is an excerpt from my soon to be published book:


      One exception to the Next Level Members allowing themselves to be seen occurred in 1995 when the group was living in Tucson, Arizona. It was reported by a student named Neody in the book he wrote after he left the group entitled, “Beyond Human Mind-The Soul Evolution of Heaven’s Gate”. He was the last student to leave the group, just weeks before they laid down their bodies in March of 1997. (Note that Neo’s experience was what he believed was a “dream” while others were wide awake when they saw these two). He writes:

      “One night I had a dream that we were visited by “Next Level Helpers.” They looked like six year old, hairless, little boys. Glowing like white phosphorescence with a blue tint and wore one piece, form fitting outfits, like Olympic speed skaters. In the dream they were walking around our bunks checking the Soul development of each student. Some students seemed to be doing better than others. They would seem to communicate by thought and just look at each other nodding and smiling. I was fascinated and elated at the same time.

      The next morning we all got up like normal. But this day was different. People were grinning with a secret knowing in their eyes and many were whispering with the overseers. Before consuming first experiment [my note: what they called breakfast as it didn’t stimulate the same old human memories the term breakfast did. This was typical of most all their terminology] DO came over for an emergency meeting. He was smiling bigger than usual too. The rest of us were wondering what was going on.

      As the meeting began DO said that He was very pleased with everyone’s efforts in raising their vibrations. And because of it we had a little surprise last night. It seems as though three of our classmates saw our “Next Level” helpers. They all saw them at the same time at different angles. One student saw them standing next to someone’s bunk. Another student was walking back down the hall from getting a drink of water late at night and saw them crossing the hallway. The third saw them standing face to face next to her bunk. The descriptions were precisely the same and accurate to each other. We were all very excited at this obvious indicator that we were on track with our lessons. Two other classmates also had dreams like mine and DO said it was likely from our descriptions that we saw them too, but were asked by them to go back to sleep, so it seemed like a dream. Two weeks later at another meeting with DO, He mentioned another reason our “Next Level” helpers were seen was to show a new student that was having trouble accepting DO and the whole concept of the “Next Level” and ascension, that they do exist. One week prior the student in question left the group. I saw then, even with proof it is tough for some to believe.”
      ***End of Neo’s book excerpt***

      Neo was the last one to leave the group just weeks before their group exit. He knew well all the plans for the exit. He reports he just woke up one day feeling he had another task to do and asked Do about it and Do agreed he could perform a task for him. That task in part at least ended up with his being the one to find their deceased bodies and anymore he wanted to do thereafter. So it wasn’t like Do came to him with an assignment to leave the class. Do simply made a positive out of what was a negative as our primary task was to graduate and we don’t graduate by dropping out of the classroom, that is unless after we drop out we continue to want to grow in service to our Older Members.

      So now that the students seemed ready while they were aware of the Hale Bopp Comet, they felt the timing was answered by it’s unusual nature/size and activity and arrival on the vernal equinox and Passover time, a time Ti and Do had a long history of watching for major steps in their awakening and tasks.

      Yet even still they prepared themselves in case Ti and the last minute decided to take their vehicles with their Minds/Souls. They packed an overnight bag. It was always like Ti and Do to assume nothing. If the Next Level had a use for their vehicles they wanted to be sure they could be used for a task on Earth. Practical – they wouldn’t need to try to find period clothing to wear. Ti and Do had once talked about Members of the Next Level that may have been responsible for some of the interfaces with Beings in certain social settings and how the report would describe them as wearing 1920’s clothing in the 1950’s or 1960’s. It was humorous and also revealing to think about the Next Level as that real. After all why would they have the latest J.C. Penny’s clothing line if they had a task to try to blend in. It’s not a spiritual kingdom. They aren’t going to necessarily float down from a spacecraft behind a cloud even though they could if they wanted to.

      Ti and Do said from the beginning that followers didn’t have to die to go to the Next Level. Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus all went back to the Next Level with their bodies. (Ti and Do felt Moses did too though I know that’s not widely believed from the tiny amount of documentation, though often it’s read into those records that he died and was buried.)

      The problem with that part of the record is that the Book of Deuteronomy’s was said to be written by Moses so how did Moses write about the details of his own death. I guess he could have done so as a forecast but it’s not like the Next Level to mislead as he didn’t write the account of his death as a forecast. Some think Joshua whom he passed on his leadership position to finished it but then why wouldn’t he say so to again be honest about it instead of appearing to be Moses. So I suspect it was added by someone after Moses left and their hand was guided by the Luciferian influences and that the Next Level didn’t want to demonstrate his exit with his physical body at that time. But then again, I believe in Ti and Do as more of an authority than those records though I find that those records almost entirely complement all Ti and Do taught.

      So exiting in that way was not necessarily absolutely required unless one wanted to show the Next Level they fully trusted in them as they had been saying and demonstrating in degrees for the entire time of their use of human physical bodies.

      If one reads or watches the classmates video testimonials you will see where their heads were at and why they had all decided it was their free will and desire to do what otherwise is unthinkable – to be joyously ready to exit one’s human vehicle knowing for themselves it was their next best step towards further service in the Next Level as they had also grown to genuinely love their Older Members, Ti and Do.

      The last reason which is not by any means the least reason was in how their exiting in that way would certainly be covered by all the mainstream press thus bringing attention to their teachings in a way no other exit could have done. If a spacecraft had come down and posed and each walked on board or floated up to it and it was all on camera, how many people would believe on that basis alone, when the prophecy said no such sign would be given as it would be the Luciferians giving the signs and wonders at this first fruit harvest/graduation time. It doesn’t really say the Two Witnesses in Rev 11 ascend in their physical bodies, that is if you actually take apart every word. It’s apparant that there was a “subduing” and in the future a “exit by dying themselves” as the most accurate interpretation in that context of the Greek word, “apokteino”. Other words to support what the translations all say about their being killed were added to justify that interpretation. I have documented much of this on this blog if you want to search it down.

      And Rev 11 does talk about how the four and twenty elders “fall on their own faces” which is supported by several of the revelations revealings. And Jesus was very clear that he was “laying down his life” for his sheep, the greatest way to show love for another. He said, “no one takes it from me” speaking about his life. And he also says his Father loves him because he lays down his life, (according to his instruction for the task he agreed to do ahead of time, as did these). Next Level Members know they are not dead when they take off what to them is like a suit or clothing. Since these who had come back already had “white robes”, they were awarded when they gave their lives in service to Jesus, they were laying down those bodies in the space craft crashes that is also described in the Revelation’s prophecy in several stages as part of the first 6 angels with trumpet soundings.

      • Johnny B. Says:

        They felt that they were the next installment of the class that happened 2000 years ago with Jesus and the disciples.

        So it was natural for the HG folks to leave the way that Christ and the disciples did — by drinking vodka and applesauce laced with Seconal LVVODY swiped from her job.

      • sawyer Says:

        I believe that is a lie. I have no reason to believe Lvvody had an Out of Craft Task after I left. Even if she did I find it hard to believe Do would give her instructions to steal barbiturates. It was reported that some went to Mexico to get them. I doubt they would have risked getting them by stealing them. Stealing wasn’t ever their way anyway. Ti and Do were very particular about following the laws even though many of them were Luciferian laws as Lucifer and his followers certainly want to have an orderly society as Ti and Do indicated in the first Blackhawk tape. For instance we were instructed to follow the speed limits but could go over it by 3 mph. It wasn’t a morality to follow the speed limit. The Next Level didn’t give that to humans. They didn’t want to get stopped for speeding as if an investigator was out looking for them, that could potentially be a way to find them and disrupt their lesson plan and we do know there was at least one investigator.

        I never heard the drugs they took were “Seconals” but perhaps that is true. Where did you get that idea from? Was it reported by the medical examiner? I thought I recalled that not all the drugs came from Mexico. Also where did you come up with accusing Lvvody of stealing them and where was she working at the time? It’s easy to make up or believe everything that’s been put out to include complete fabricated storeies about Ti and Do and Crew. I know Lvvody could have had a job during those 2 1/2 years after I left. If you have evidence of what you say then provide it. Otherwise it seems like a lie though you may be repeating someone else’s lie so I am not calling you a liar.

        Jesus and his disciples willfully challenged the religious and the government that was in bed with the religious by telling the truth Jesus was the instrument of for his Older Member (Father). Had they feared dying more than they wanted to please their Older Member they would have kept their mouths closed. So they voluntarily laid themselves open wide for death at their enemies hands just as Jesus did and just as Jesus said they would also do. Isn’t it interesting that Jesus used the “cup” filled with a drug alcohol in the wine) and identifying it as resulting in his and their bloodshed, not a far cry from drinking vodka (alcohol) in applesauce (fruit like grapes that make wine), but with the addition of the powerful permanent sleep inducing agent. It was completely voluntary for Jesus and Jesus students as it was completely voluntary for Do and Do’s students. And it was just as bizarre and even criminal looking for those that couldn’t or didn’t want to make any sense out of what Jesus was teaching as for those that observed what Do and his students did. And for both it was fully consistent with prophecies from Moses and the so called Old Testament prophets (not necessarily all of who are listed in the Old Testament and other materials not included in the OT as it has also been consistent with Jesus prophecies and the revealings he gave to John to record that I can speak to in great detail now more than ever.

  8. Johnny B. Says:

    My point was that: Do and the folks chose suicide just like Jesus and his disciples did. LOL.

    Joking… I have no idea why they chose mass suicide. I think Do was tired … nothing had worked out as he had thought it would and he simply needed an out. He looked so horrible on the final tapes. The folks needed an out too. They had to believe — so, suicide seemed like a good idea. The alternative would be to admit they were idiots and go back to being adults — something you still can’t do even though the whole recycling suicide gig was a complete bust. It was noted, then quickly faded from the public’s mind. They were just one in a long long list of suicide cults.

    The public was mostly interesting in the complete and utter ridiculousness of how deluded you people were. You are perfect examples of the lengths people would go to believe ANYTHING no matter how baffling.

    The mass suicide had nothing to do with the bible or Jesus.

    • sawyer Says:

      I am very clear that you were joking sarcastically with condescension, but there are some who read this blog, however few that might want to see what I say anyway as a lie is a lie whether it’s framed as a joke or not. I could talk until I am blue in the face with dozens of examples of why they chose to exit by laying down their bodies, called mass suicide by most and it wouldn’t probably make a difference to most. Your logic doesn’t take anything they said and did and represented into account so naturally as they say with computers, garbage in, garbage out.

      So are you an authority on the Bible. If so, then what does it say about “suicide”? Ti and Do and Crew nor I am in favor of suicide anyway, but to define suicide by Jesus standards wouldn’t one have to define “life” and “death” by Jesus standards. If you know the bible then surely you should know what Jesus meant by the use of those two terms. If you don’t want to engage in the details behind your statement of knowing, then I’ll spell it out at some future post.

  9. la Says:

    Thanks, Johnny.

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