Sawyer regrets leaving Ti & Do’s Heaven’s Gate Classroom but hadn’t overcome Ego and Sexuality

Sawyer regrets leaving Ti & Do’s Heaven’s Gate Classroom but hadn’t overcome Ego and Sexuality

I was asked these two questions:

1) Do you ever regret leaving the classroom?

Yes I do regret leaving, yet at the same time, I was not learning a major lesson by staying. I’m not saying I couldn’t have learned it, and it could have been that I could have left my body as they did, which I was fully engaged in doing for a long time, and then, as some others been assigned a task that would be an opportunity to learn what I yet hadn’t. Do said that there were some in the classroom, though they were fully committed, still had more to learn before they would be provided with a Next Level vehicle.

In case you havn’t seen nor heard me talk about what this lesson was for me…

I was simply too full of myself, though I didn’t know it and in most ways didn’t act it either. In my mind, giving my life was the act of a hero, a martyr for God, a zealot and though that can be a stage, as with all things human, it wasn’t a next level attitude because it is so focused on being “seen as special”. Before Ti left she gave many students, perhaps all, I suspect, a note that contained points that Ti said if not learned sufficiently would “keep you off the spacecraft”. In other words as Do later put it…You would not be accepted on Ti’s crew as long as you hadn’t overcome/conquered these human characteristics. I had three things on my list.

1) likes to be seen as something special
2) a little too pleased with self
3) sarcastic (mostly with humans)

That was it but I didn’t know what to make of these except for the last one. When I was at what we called an “out of craft task” meaning a job outside the classroom environment, thus among those who weren’t trying to exit the human kingdom as we saw it, then I would at times be sarcastic in regards to the behavior of some whom I worked with. For instance I would sort of lord over them with zealotry, in particular, at a job that was cooking dinner, when another cook would get all angry and start using 4 letter words with yelling at others and the waiters/waitresses, I would at times indicate they were out of place – not needing to be vulgar, etc. and I didn’t come accross to them in a helpful way, but a sarcastic way.

Ti knew of some of the instances as I reported some but in particular I was fired by a job or two as a result though perhaps there was more to it, but Ti didn’t need to see a lot of examples to know this was a weakness of mine, as I was not at the job to try to change the way others were acting, though if they were acting that way to me, it would have been a different story but still not one to be sarcastic about, as if to put them into their place, while I held the higher ground.

After I left for a period of time I remember being critical of Ti’s telling me I like to be seen as special. I recall thinking…”no Ti I want to BE special, not be seen as special, and what’s wrong with that”. It was nearly 10 years after I left that I woke up to what Ti was saying.

Here it is the reason I fell off the sexual abstinance wagon by allowing thoughts that resulted in masturbation was because I had screamed to Ti (while Ti was outside the vehicle she’d had – what was diagnosed as liver cancer that started in her eye several years before she left), that I wanted a task like Do’s, like Jesus had. I had become so full of myself from working so closely with Do on so many tasks, helping fellow students, being the overseer of groups of fellow students in the 1994 2nd public face to face offerring of the info, doing a bunch of the speaking on video’s and in public meetings and on TV and Radio and for news articles and helped edit Rob Balch’s book on behalf of Do and was in someways looked up to for my self control (though I always was far more permissive of my eyes and thoughts at time in regards to sensuality/sexuality), though in someways I also accomplished a great deal in that discipline.

However I didn’t realize that Ti and Do’s crew were regulating how much temptation I was explosed to, which I did have several times I became privy to understanding. I knew at least in theory, but from my own experience that if Ti turned up the heat, I could be brought to my knees with my self discipline so when I inside my head demanded of Ti that I have a more challenging task, it was like saying the task I had was too easy so lay it on me, which wasn’t a negative to request, but I was doing so with a type of arrogance. Having the thirst to grow faster and serve more is great but that’s not where my head was entirely as I was operating for me, for my sense of heightening my self importance/value status. This wasn’t the first time but I didn’t see this until way after the fact.

But it wasn’t even hours after I screamed to Ti to demand faster growth and a task like Do had, (that I was not even remotley capable of handling because I had no idea what influences/discarnates he was regularily subject to – I did have some experience with knowing when you become a figurehead, as in any human organization as well, there are more that want what you have so there is competition and so one must build a skin to handle the associated stresses of popularity, not to mention what one gets when lots of people hate you and wish you were dead, which Ti and Do both received mostly indirectly via thoughts and feelings from relatives of their students as well as all the criticisms from students and students discarnate influences, Luciferian advasaries – They are legitimately being attacked around the clock with doubts about who they are and what they are responsible for – as Do wrote in 88Update, “not a day went by that I didn’t question my sanity”. Ti and Do told us they ran off our influences from us often. They knew which thoughts were the influences that focused on them from the ones that were from their students. The ones from students were not that hard to run off but it’s like being in a forest full of mosquitos – after a long day of bombardment it’s exhausting as anyone with a mentally stressful job can attest to.

Well their jobs was mental stress to the enth degree as they were not at all satisfied with themselves. They were always seeking how to help each student with their overcoming and how to move the overcall classroom to their next step which entailed physical considerations as well as how each student will respond – not wanting to lose them while not wanting to short them on what they needed to experience either, helping them make up theri own minds about what they wanted, the classroom or something in the world. If people knew to what lengths Ti and Do went to be sure each student genuinly to the best of their abilty wanted to do, they’d have no choice but to be in awe of these two and yet one would see any sign of this with Ti and it was only after Ti left that we saw the toll this took on Do, though how he rose above the weights each time)
that I was having sexual images in my head that I didn’t seem to have any abilty to stop or limit or distract myself from. I didn’t even seem to have the energy to want to stop them so at that moment I was out of control, when I thought I was so in control.

And yet after Do noticed how I’d become distant from him and I told him what I was doing, which was perhaps a week into regular masturbastion He asked me what I wanted to do and how he could help. I said, I needed to expose my breaking of vows/instructions to my fellow students, a regular occurance throughout the classroom and then at one point Do said to the group about me, that perhasp the hardest lesson any of us can have is failure. But at that point it was like I wasn’t even there and though in our “major/minor offense list” my actions and the deceit of hiding it were both grounds to be dismissed from the classroom, to which Do said, because I wasn’t threatening others with my loss of self control and because he said I had a lot to offer the Next Level so didn’t want to “throw me away”….that can sound harsh but in reality he had at that point 30 something other students that he was for his Older Member Ti responsible to bring through their individual birth canal. If any one student jeopardized another classmate’s viable birth or the mission, then that one was expendible, meaning they would be dismissed and given a plane ticket to where they wanted to do, usually with the option of coming back should they want to take a new stab at their overcoming process, which actually did happen with 19 students once sort of that way, but with 2 others with exactly that kind of ultimatum – that they needed to leave but if they wanted to tackle the lesson that caused them to be dismissed they would be accepted back. And we had a half way house for a while as well.

So now I’m in this semi-comfortable position. I’ve pushed past my fears of getting reinvolved which took years and began to be public with my experiences for the last 10 years, escalating more and more with a number of what I feel are contacts from Ti and from Do and from various classmates in dreams and in a sense of a open phone line and in theory I’m prepared to lose my life to this task, (though I doubt anyone takes it seriously enough to want to do away with the likes of me), yet at the same time I know I can offer Do more but feel for the moment I’m still doing what he’d have me do. But I’m very clear that in the not too distant future some major changes will take place that will make the 9/11 attack that brought endlenss war with no tangible enemy (the red horse) and endless financial crisis weights and balancing (the black horse) that will make it very unwise to be seen as soliciting new cult members (which I am not, but that’s never believed fully by those who know nothing about Ti and Do’s efforts), yet I must continue and when the internet becomes too restrictive in so doing (if that is what takes place eventually) then I know I must go on the road with the information, even church to church which can sound like a noble effort to some and to me in times past – you know that martyr/zealot syndrome that I don’t want to do, but I would not be able to just live out my vehicles days keeping what I know about Ti and Do bottled up.

So in some ways I do wish I would have stayed with them and left with them as I thought I was ready to do but as I have some roots re-established that are often fragile, I do feel further testing of my resolve and trust in Ti and Do will present itself which I really don’t feel that strong to deal with, but all I need to do is ask Do for help and I will get it but then I have to impliment that help. I still have the same lessons to face and in a way they are harder now, having failed once.

2) Why did you leave the classroom?  I hadn’t overcome Ego and sensuality in the form of Sexuality thoroughly explained:

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  1. jpitts1289 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I had wondered if you had regrets, I assumed you would, being as involved as you were. I am grateful for a kindred voice to still be here, your insight is encouraging.

  2. TMM-spoa-dee-oh-da Says:

    dude… Ti wore makeup. Don’t you see the contradiction?

    On the tapes, Ti demonstrated all three characteristics in spades!

    Her whole manner of speaking betrayed the first two — listen to her and you immediate detect her conceit.

    She herself was sarcastic with humans. There are several episodes on the tapes where she describes this. I think 3 episodes. 1 at a store where the checkout lady was nice to her, 1 at a pizza place with Herf, and 1 other one I don’t recall beyond her disparaging the plants (humans).

    Do you ever listen to the tapes? listen again, okay??? Her conceit is like a giant black wart on her forehead. She oozed conceit.

    • sawyer Says:

      I actually know what you are seeing that way though it seems like you fit the bill, thus see it that way in Ti when for her you actually can have no idea. Conceit is defined as: excessive pride in oneself. One instance you might call conceit was when she laughed her head off over the fuss many were making about the shroud of turin that Ti said may have amounted to being a snot rag. Was that conceited. If she sent back her food at a restaurant because it was supposed to be served hot and it was cold, is that conceited? If the clerk in the store was rude was that conceited to inform her manager? Now you on the other hand are calling her conceited. How do you know she is showing pride and even so whether it is excessive? What words did she used that showed she was proud of herself to an excessive degree. On the other hand, you claim Ti was contradicting herself by what she said to me. Did she say she didn’t have any of those behaviors? Was she comparing herself with me? If she was the captain of a football team and wanted her team to think and act a certain way, why wouldn’t she have the right to set the standards. When does that become conceited to do as opposed to being direct with what she wants to see. You on the other hand use stupid exaggerated analogies to try to put her down. You must be very proud of your opinion to talk down to someone like that and given the frequency you like to use such analogies appear to me more potentially conceited.

      And what does wearing a little eye liner have to do with what she gave me to work on? Explain the contradiction? I don’t see it.

      not conceit – it’s calling a spade a spade and there is a difference. Like I know I’m not a big shot about anything though think I play some instruments well. But when I see someone make a statement about something my experience has shown them to be wrong and I call them on it, am I conceited for calling them on it.

    • crlody Says:

      Actually the only one I see “oozing conceit” is you. We will often accuse others of the very things that we are guilty of. You still haven’t found anything better to do after all this time? Is that you Dave G? How many accounts have you created on this site and facebook? Do you get paid for this? You should considering how much energy you put into it. Do you do anything besides waiting for SWY’s next blog entry?

      • sawyer Says:

        He’ll just come in with another name and it affords us the opportunity to try to answer as Ti and Do might to address his accusations however narrow minded so that others might benefit. I can count on his thorn in my side that I don’t enjoy having but like the way the Next Level allows and even provides the Luciferian mindset to help build strength in those who choose to become students, this individual can be made a positive use of. I think of the Christian blogs and channels I’ve been banned from commenting on for fear I might infect their readers. If some reading this blog can be affected by what he says, then perhaps it becomes a filter to have. But it has been tempting and when he used ody names I did and would do so again then.

    • XF Says:

      Hey, “TMM-spoa-dee-oh-da”, don’t talk about “conceit”. You are a master of it. So be quiet. Furthermore, does the University know what you are doing? You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? I think you do. I think you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Don’t think we don’t know who you are. Does the University know you are consistently harassing Sawyer like some kind of sociopath? Do they know you have a history of this? Stop using their different computers to pose as different people on WordPress. I’m sorry that your own life is so void of any definition that you have to make it meaningful to be obsessed over and abuse the lives of others who DO have meaning. It’s quite prevalent that you have no life, otherwise you wouldn’t try to become such a nuisance in Sawyer’s life by disrupting these articles and causing a disturbance like some 5 year old child in a meeting of adults. You are pontificating, nothing more. Grow up and get help. Seriously. You obviously have unresolved issues. So talk to the counselors in your institution, tell them you have major unresolved issues, tell them you aren’t normal, tell them what you are doing and get – HELP. Your condescending behavior is adolescent, absurd, disturbing and just down right juvenile. Your reasoning and attacks take quackery to a whole new level. Get this straight: You won’t sway us, EVER. So stop even trying to change our minds by buzzing around here like some annoying little fly. You don’t believe? Your choice. Don’t make your psychologically arrested behavior our problem. It’s Luciferian inspired and you KNOW IT. And I don’t think any of us are interested in your willfully arrogant inability to recognize it. Identify your blight and tackle it. If not, again it’s your choice, so be it, but at least do one thing for your own peace of mind: get a life. Now, you CAN change, but your own denial and foolish pride prohibit you from doing so. To each their own. However, in the meantime, know this: Adults reside here, not little children. We have work to do and have no time for your epic Kindergarten dreck. Now run along.

      • jim Says:

        My friend — I am not associated with any university. I do live in a university town, though. I’m in the private sector. I’m a wage slave!

        Truth has to be challenged — I’m here to make you understand the roots of what you call “true”. Religion is NOT in the realm of “truth or falsity” — religion is in the domain of faith.

        You know — Sawyer might have some issues with the “way” you are saying things on your video. You need to do more of the “I could be wrong but” stuff. Do you agree Sawyer? But he is more of a layman… so it is probably okay.

        Why don’t they release the rest of the tapes by the way. Have you listened to them?

      • XF Says:

        First off, my comments to you do not reflect the opinions of other HG believers – just me. You say you are in a town that has a University in it? Sorry, but no. I don’t believe you, that’s a lie. A “University town”? What town might that be? What state? Listen “Jim”, “Tim”, “Tmmody” or shall I say “TMM-spoa-dee-oh-da” and the constant other identities you use because you “think” we don’t “know” who you really are: I don’t think I’m always right. I do specify, when I can, where I can, not to take my word for what I say but to go to the PUREST source which is the information of Ti & Do. I’m not trying to change it nor add or subtract from it. I always tell people to go straight to the HG info. I’m nothing to write home about, none of us are. I have my issues like everybody else. I deal with discarnate influences like other HG believers do. When I speak to people about the NL info, I DO use the term “I could be wrong”. So, with all do respect, don’t tell me how to operate. You are NOT qualified. You are a NON believer. Sawyer and others ARE believers, so their constructive criticisms or admonishments of my actions carry a bit more weight or validity than yours. Now there ARE non believers out there who DO have good insights and helpful tips and I take what some of them say to me into consideration – whether they be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or most other faiths. That’s fine. However, I see no such avenue with you. Unless I’m mistaken, I see no such avenue with you at all. To me, your criticisms carry nothing but deceit and one dimensional elementary school ethics. Sorry, but that’s a fact. To me, your words are nothing but basic addition and subtraction. I’m not saying you are 100% evil. To say otherwise would be ridiculous. We all have good points and bad points. That being said, in reading your past history on these blogs and especially with the onslaught of different personalities you so ardently use, quite a number of your comments are from that of a deeply tormented man. You have issues. It also seems that you have no life. What’s worse is that you are in denial about it. And since unfortunate vessels like you come on here and raise trouble, with NO intention of ever believing but to simply “mock”, many of us are not interested in arguing with idiots. Those who do NOT believe and do nothing but attack are allegorically likened to dogs or swine to which pearls get cast over. To me, a number of your comments are spam. As I said before and I’ll say again, “Jim”, “dude”, get professional help. I KNOW you are a bunch of these other identities. And I’m not the only one who knows that btw. You have serious discarnate influences that play hopscotch and take turns with your head. Your actions seem to demonstrate that of a troll and FYI, trolls are narcissistic sadists. We KNOW you use a flurry of these other “names” you come on here with. Don’t deny it, don’t fight it, just “man up” and admit it. It seems to me that a majority of your mindset revolves around one unfortunate FACT – to mock. If you have any goodness in you – ANY at all, you will STOP all of this rogue tripe you are pulling with the seemingly “ongoing onslaught” of spam you are harassing Sawyer with. You are just a constant re-run. Now this is where YOU say “Oh, look at XF, he’s acting like a hypocrite.” Really? See here on that: Everybody is a hypocrite, nobody is infallible on this planet. Secondly, the worse hypocrites are trouble makers who attack others with hideous comments like leeches and when the person being attacked turns to fight, they are quickly labeled a “hypocrite”. I have seen your type before. Scores of these types of species exist. They can dish it out but they can’t take it. That makes this insidious breed the WORSTE hypocrites around and worse than human in my opinion. Just admit it and fix it. Like I said, I don’t speak for anyone here except myself. Lastly, why are you asking ME about the tapes? Ask Mark of He’s the one who possesses 486 audio tapes and is covering them up. So ask him. Just out of curiosity, see what he tells you, but I already know what his answer is going to be. There is legal proof that there is such a number. As I said before and I’ll say again: You will NOT sway ANY of us. So please refrain from trying to act as a “man of reason” when what you demonstrate, with a number of your comments and identities, simply shows us a “man of carnality”. You CAN change that. Like I said, we all have good points and bad points. But good God man, smarten up and stop with the inane behavior towards those of us who believe. Here is one of a flurry of your negative comments btw – an example of the serious vanity behind your attitude. It’s simply spam. You, “Jim”, said: “dude, it was just a bad 70’s made for TV movie… I bet only a handful of people thought it was about “you folks”… someone probably saw an article talking about Do and Ti and hot batshit crazy they were — and thought, you know… this would make an incredibly bad made for tv movie.

        “The Mysterious Two” is not a B-grade movie… it is a W-grade movie — some have called it the last great horrible movie of the 70’s (it was made in 79, broadcast in 82).

        Do and Ti didn’t “teach” anything — and if you count The Mysterious Two or any of the hit pieces the press did on two obviously very insane individuals as circulating information, then you are more deluded than even I thought.

        Do and Ti taught nothing. What great truth did they ultimately teach? There is a “next level” and we need to commit suicide to reach it? If he would’ve just waited he’d be dead by now… there was no need to commit suicide.

        The truth they taught is by example: There will always be people willing to follow nutballs into the grave. But that’s a lesson we’ve learned thousands of times over.

        Did your parents watch the movie? Did Hotpants or Bonnie Lu consult on the movie?” WOW, “Jim”. Do you sit there and think these things up, or do they come to you in a flash? Now you can respond and you most likely will because you have nothing to do with your life, but I will NOT respond – not because I have nothing to say which would make you “think” you are “victorious”. I will not respond because you are nothing of any value to speak to. Later, “D”.. Thank you.

      • XF Says:

        Correction: I said I didn’t believe you when you said you are part of a University town. What I meant to say is that I don’t believe that you are NOT associated with a University. If I AM wrong, my apologies up front. Just my take on things.

      • sawyer Says:

        I’m not my brothers keeper. If he said things I can prove are not what Ti and Do said or taught and he wants to know by asking me for that help or by sending me the link, then I’ll offer what I can for whatever it’s worth. There are no priests and layman. That’s religion.

      • jim Says:

        No apology necessary! I didn’t call you a hypocrite.

        How did you figure out who I was? Please don’t tell “you know who”, okay?

        I’m sorry to both you and Sawyer for all the great times.

        I have money — can I pay you money to hush on this? If they find out, well: you know what will happen. I’ll lose everything. What can I do to make it so you won’t destroy my life?

        Also, where the frick are the rest of the tapes? Is it a cash thing? I’ll pay cash to be able to listen to the unreleased ones. I want to have the 100% complete picture.

        You mixed your comment with mine…. Make it clearer where my comments begin and end if you are going to quote me.

        I loved the movie. I own it now. They say it was the last really bad 70’s movie made which is a place of honor really because there were so many bad movies made in the 70’s. I just watched “Million Dollar Ripoff” with Freddie Prinze from 1976 — and, to you folks credit, it was worse than the mysterious two. so, take heart in that.

        Check this out… you are an agnostic! Exciting, huh? The evidence in this world makes me atheistic in my beliefs… and you look at the exact same evidence and you are theistic in your beliefs in that you believe there are invisible space aliens and armadas of space ships and “boogers” (ask SWY about that one if you don’t know) and implants and plants and stuff. But as far as knowledge goes, brother x, we’re both agnostics because we can’t “know”. And “faith” doesn’t equal “knowing”.

        You and me, kid? We’ve got some common ground.

        Please don’t contact the university. I will write you a check right now and send it if you promise not to destroy my life.

        It’s Friday!

        Sawyer — you don’t need a sycophant who parrots everything you say… you need me! I’m Hylas, friend. People who visit your site learn more from your responses to me than they do your responses to him. With him you have to always worry about whether you will cause a schism. with me, I’m a true friend — X doesn’t understand is all. You’ve said yourself that I’ve caused you to think about things. Isn’t that what life is all about? This guy is a Johnny come lately who is probably just trying to piss off his family by acting crazy… he’s just an attention seeker.

        Have a wonderful beautiful Friday! He’s been one hell of a spring for morels… hope you got some. It is going to continue to be a great spring and summer… I feel it in my bones.

        Man or Astroman?

      • sawyer Says:

        If we choose to, we can and will learn from or through everyone. I would say to think otherwise is self fulfilling. No one said it was easy for anyone when they break from the norm and dance to a different drummer, whether it’s the dancer or the ones the dancer left to dance to a new tune. We can tend to think that these human beings we participate in stimulating to life are ours and that we are forever beholding to them but that’s not the way it is even in the animal kingdom and when a parent dies from a predator or from disease others from the herd, tribe step in and that child is not automatically scared in a way that can not result in even a greater being than they otherwise might have become. I’m not saying putting the shoe on me would hurt any less than when it’s on another that I don’t know, but as Ti and Do said, if all involved rise out of the hurt enough to seek solice from the Next Level then they will receive the help they need. Of course if one is resigned that there is nothing above the human kingdom then of course they can’t very well get that solice. In that way, perhaps it doesn’t look like a fair kingdom but the bottom line is that we are not in a position that can really tell what is or isn’t fair. We’d have to be the ones who designed it just like in the human world. If you write the code on a system then you know the directions the code can follow or not. But from each component’s point of view they only can act upon their programming.

        Saying xf is parrotting what I say is not grounded in facts at all. Look at his movie. Did he quote me, maybe once and I hope it wasn’t me but my saying something that came from Ti and Do, that I know I am not perfect in doing but continue to seek correction when I don’t.

        But I’m glad you two are communicating if one wants to call it that.

        Actually I thought Mark gave you the remaining tapes to digitize. What happened there if you can enlighten us? I recently confronted Mark on the whole issue again, after he brought it up as I was seeking his help with certain early memories of the classroom for the sake of my book’s accuracy. He told me all the tapes were digitized. If it wasn’t you then I suppose he found someone else to do it.

      • sawyer Says:

        I know you are not responding to me, but neither XF nor I have the tapes that have not been released. Send an email to Those running that site who you already probably know of have the remaining tapes. Make them an offer if it means that much to you. I don’t know how to get them released though I have tried many times to talk sense to them. Maybe money will talk. I don’t know.

      • XF Says:

        There are 486 audio tapes that are supposed to be available to the general public. If we had them, they would have been released by now and not held under lock and key. Talk to for details.

      • XF Says:

        In my opinion, it only proves all the more that HG is the Truth because Luciferian discarnate influences infiltrated Mrc’s vehicle and put a huge virus into his software. They do not want all of the information to be given out and they have made sure that Mrc adheres to that. So far, he s doing a good job of that and has kept at it by hiding them for 18 years. Sure, he has disseminated some NL info, but just “under the table scraps” for the public while keeping “the full table of food” for himself. That’s pretty selfish if you ask me. I told him months ago, via email, that hackers got onto the website. What happened was that you wouldn’t be able to access the website from any Web browser because if you did, you were automatically redirected to a Nike site instead. I told him this, he didn’t respond, however he did have the problem rectified weeks later. If he didn’t care entirely, the website would have still been infected. So it only proves that HG is the Truth if Satan is trying to prevent that truth, in its entirety, from ever reaching the public. The 486 audio tapes will not be released. That’s just my own conclusion on the matter. It wouldn’t matter if me, Sawyer or CRL put our funds together and offered a huge sum of money to buy those tapes from Mrc to digitize and disseminate. It wouldn’t matter at all. Mrc dug his heels into the sand, it not releasing the tapes and “that’s final”. Lol, the Next Level decides what is “final”, not “him”. Now I WAS offered the tapes, however I was told by Rio that I would have to “sign some release forms” or something like that. Those release forms most likely had conditions stating not to redistribute those tapes to anyone and to keep them all for myself like what Mrc has done. I also knew that this meant not giving copies out to CRL or Sawyer. Sorry, but I was NOT about to do that to them. So I said “forget it”. Forget about the tapes. The decision has been made, Mrc made it, that settles it. The tapes will not be released. If Mrc has any serious NL mind in him, he WILL release those tapes. If he believes Ti & Do are true, he will have to prove it by releasing the tapes and not lie to interviewers by saying that there are no tapes. If he believes Ti & Do are NOT the Truth, he will NOT release those audio tapes. It’s just that simple. So if the 486 tapes do not exist, we have a situation: either Mrc is lying, or the agency that has legal records of the info being left behind are. It’s not the latter, but the former who is lying. However, at first I never heard of the 486 audio tapes before deciding that Ti & Do were right. I accepted Ti & Do as correct based on what little WAS made available. Needless to say, the owners of the HG site are being very irresponsible with those 486 tapes by not releasing them. There’s no excuse for that in my opinion. It is their choice though. They will answer to the NL for that. I must say however, I have never heard of any other group or belief system that has held back audio tapes from its own people before – for possibly the dumbest reasons around. To be honest, it’s embarrassing.

      • sawyer Says:

        I deleted several posts from muff or jim as I told him I would if he was just in my opinion saying nothing of value. If anyone has a question or wants to make a comment related to what I write about, I’m fine with that and any debate that follows. But this is far too old and bantering back and forth provoking one another is just in my opinion an avenue to vent and not productive. If someone wants to challenge what I write, fine, but be specific please and if it’s not hashing over the same stuff as the many faces of jim, muff and the rest of the names that person uses has done over the last year or so, I’ll bring what I can to it.

      • XF Says:

        Agreed. Thanks for this thorough article Sawyer and its serious and pure honesty. It was a good read.

      • XF Says:

        On the topic of the 486 HG audio tapes, I just wanted to conclude that the above response was to the rogue user who consistently uses multiple aliases – “Jim” being one of them, who comes on here to spam Sawyer with a number of valueless comments and cause a disturbance. I know the tapes are a dead issue and Mrc won’t ever release them. “Jim” was just whining about it and I responded is all. My apologies Sawyer if it has caused any upset. In my observation of “Jim’s” comments, plus comments from all of his other seemingly endless identities, I have no choice but to conclude that he is an agent of the Lower Forces who is sent simply as a virus – a distraction to your efforts and work for the Next Level. Peace.

      • jim Says:

        It isn’t spam.

        My question was simply: If Do, Ti, and the class went to such great lengths to ensure all the information was available to us plants after the suicides, why aren’t all the tapes available?

        What sort of “next level” is the “Next Level” if a couple of dipshits can prevent more than half of the tapes from being disseminated?

        I also made the point that poor old Do seemed doomed to failure at almost every junction in his entire life. And that even in his death, he got the most mundane elementary things wrong.

        Do believed the entire world would be clamoring for every scrap of information they could get about the “truths”! I remember when he was having class members write stuff — he said that people will pore over those documents like they were the most sacred scriptures ever written. He was wrong there as well… nobody except a few weirdos like me even give a crap about hearing ANY of the tapes… let alone all of them.

        This isn’t spam.

      • XF Says:

        See what I mean, Sawyer? Inane spam and epic trolling from a Luciferian sock puppet who parrots a blind ignorant world that is operated by Lucifer.

      • XF Says:

        Why are you even bringing this up anyway? It has nothing to do with the Sawyer’s article. You are causing a disruption. And I do not use the term “spam” and “troll” loosely. Just look at the flurry of erroneous and absurd comments you left by the flurry of multiple personalities you have and use. I have listened to the tapes. The fact that “you” listened to the tapes are of no value to me. A Luciferian listens to the tapes. Big deal. And your point is what…? It’s of no value because you observed the tapes with a rogue mindset. Your mind was already made up. You had no intention of believing in the first place. So your sarcastic conclusions in some of your multiple comments, from your tape observations, don’t count for anything except flatulence.

      • Captain Mojo Says:

        The conversation just sort of went there. I don’t think I’m causing a disruption — just because I’m not a believer and have a different view doesn’t make be a troll.

        You conclude that I am a Luciferian. How nice of you.

        Do and Ti endeared themselves to me while I was listening. I was listening to really understand their gig. I would discuss what I had heard with Sawyer and those discussions seemed to remind him of things and he seemed grateful.

        Obviously I could never believe in any of this stuff.

        Do and Ti were so miraculously normal… so human! I could empathize with them. I could empathize with members in the class, too, because they were human.

        Damn.. I’m forgetting my odies now but I believe it was JMMODY who would fall asleep in class… and god bless Do he didn’t whip him for it but was very human and understanding.

        Ti had a bit of an attitude (in my opinion). She sort of carried the “o ye of little faith” aspect of the teachings. Do bridged the gap and sort of prompted her as they were “getting information” which was neat because Ti drove the car, but Do kept it moving… in my opinion.

        What else should I share… I am bald. Sawyer is probably my most famous acquaintance — dare I say friend? I met Tom Brokaw once… and Timothy Leary… and Graham Chapman from Monty Python. My sign is Cancer… I like Gilligan’s island, Shakespeare, and hallucinogens. George was my favorite Beatle. I’ve been listening to Pussy Brats cd a lot lately… great 70’s porn music. I dig… I just got The Meter’s Cabbage Alley album. Recently saw Exterminating Angel… a Luis Buñuel film from 62… didn’t really care for it.

        Be happy, it is spring! Peace to you both.

        Signing my name as “Captain Mojo”… because it makes no difference.

      • XF Says:

        You only have one meaning, to cause disruptions for the sake of attention. You want attention, that’s all. Well, we don’t have time for childish games. It’s obvious you aren’t man enough to reveal your real name. Later, Dave…

      • XF Says:

        And if you’re not man enough to admit who you are and give us your real name, “Captain ‘Jim’ Mojo”, in my opinion that raises a RED FLAG. I hope Sawyer gets a red flag as well from your refusal to give us your name. You knows ours, yet we do NOT know yours. That tells me outright, that you are trouble. OUTRIGHT. We all make mistakes and have hurdles to jump over, but you’re not even trying to believe in Ti & Do. Furthermore, you obviously are so dissatisfied with your own life, you have to make yourself a burden on this blog. And for what? Your own satisfaction? As far as calling you a Luciferian, here you say that it’s not “nice of me to say that” to you. Really? I see.. Yet, what about the flurries of crude remarks you threw at Sawyer through your seemingly endless array of diversified personalities? Is that nice?? You insist on coming here to make yourself known. Why, boredom? Your actions are that of a rogue individual sir. Plain and simple. And btw, I am not an Agnostic. That’s all too funny that you even said I was. Don’t try to define me through your own misinformed and blind ignorance. In my opinion, Agnostics are confused. They don’t know “what” they believe, unlike Atheists who don’t have any belief at all compared to believers who worship a higher power. I know what I believe. It’s obvious you don’t. You are really in a sad predicament my friend. The Truth really hurts you badly if you are laboring to debunk it because you are so threatened by it. Whatever works for you though. Whatever turns you on. It’s your choice.

      • sawyer Says:

        xf, I don’t care what name he uses. I don’t want to know anyone “real” name. Most everyone I correspond with can be using a name other than their vehicle’s name. I do the same. I don’t believe working for Ti and Do is about battling people. Battle any lies about Ti and Do that they say. which at times they don’t even know are lies so we can point them out by quoting what they did say or do. Remember how Jesus said it was not a sin to attack him personally but it was a unforgivable sin to spread lies about the information he bore. With that in mind, he or anyone can call me names and I can’t say I like it and I can’t say it doesn’t affect me but to then respond back in the same kind of way, whenever I would see myself doing, I would most of the time hit the delete key and instead just address any things said that are questions or facts that I believe I have a more accurate view of based on what Ti and Do taught/said or was in the historic records. I know he pushes your buttons but that’s actually in your favor to try to get ahead of an equivalent response to instead hit that delete key. I’m glad for you to help out here by participating and this fellow has certainly been a nuisance at times but at the same time he shows how difficult it can be for any of us to cut through all we’ve been programmed to be for or against. I have been going at this for a number of years now. One never knows when someone’s light might turn on, not that I need to see that happen but how great is it if we don’t assume it’s not possible and this is what they are fighting through to get to a point to where something happens in their life and they choose to reach out beyond the human kingdom even on the outside chance someone would hear them that could have been helped by the way we responded to them. I suggest reading Ti’s “power of goodness” over and over. I know you know of what I am speaking to, so it’s yet a reminder to us both as I need the same restraint at times.

      • XF Says:

        Yeah, the thoughts I was getting, from a conscience perspective, as well as self analysis, was there was a Positive Influence with me that explained one matter with my retaliatory remarks to Jim and his other identities: it was explained to me mentally that I was “trying to be a hero”. At first, I felt that I wasn’t, but when I thought about it, I agreed and wanted to quickly change my tune – once I realized what was going on and the underlying tone of my defensive remarks. The Bible even specifies “not to rebuke a scorner.” I understand what you are saying about Christ and those who were against Him and the NL information He promoted. Jesus wouldn’t have cared for personal insults against Him, but to knock the Message He represented was an entirely different matter. If anything, he criticized doctrines instead of the people in a sense from what I read in the Scriptures. I also know what you are saying about Ti’s “The Power Of Goodness”. It’s something that should be read on a regular basis as exercise to me, in my opinion and not just read once or twice. The same thing can be said of the BH Series, the Recycled Videos, Do’s Final Exit and Student Final Statement videos. They all have their fair share of fruit, depending on what the mind within the vehicle chooses, via Free Will, to take in. The same thing again can be said of the 90 audio tapes CRL has up on his File4Shared site. I try to ask for Ti & Do’s help through the day for matters but not in an manner of overkill. Thanks for your insight on this matter. Negative Influences have their jobs to do as far as tripping me up are concerned and I have lots of work to do, as do we all. It’s all part of pressing ahead for the Next Level which isn’t easy, as those who believe in Ti & Do I’m sure will agree.

      • sawyer Says:

        One main reason I don’t use my vehicles birth name is to avoid having to deal with people like you and even moreso, so those of this vehicles family or past relations don’t have to deal with people like you. Now if you are the one xf seems to think you are, I once trusted you and gave you a phone number and you called me several times, which I count a mistake to have done. It’s part of the territory to deal with people who seem to have only one purpose, at least pertaining to this blog but to try to be a thorn in the side. I don’t mind that to a point and we have long passed that point so I will continue to delete posts and unapprove you in whatever name you use as it will be easy to spot your mindset, if not right away after a little exposure. It’s just outright boring and yet I keep on being respectful of you while you insist upon being anything but.

      • Captain Mojo Says:

        I got your name from XF… he mentions it in his video which is well done but creepy… I would think it should be more jubilant. My 2 cents. You are interviewed in the video.

        I’ve never called you. And I never would call you unless you invited me to do that.

        So, I bid you peace again.

        Captain Mojo

      • XF Says:

        First off all, the suicides or NOT suicides. You call it that because you don’t know any better. You parrot what the world tells you, yet they don’t know what else to call it because they are committing suicide everyday but mistake it for life and serving Earth as a Divinity. Secondly, the reason why I used the names of the vehicles in some of the trailers and Higher Source doc, was for professional reasons. I was told by another film maker that the project wouldn’t look as serious or taken seriously without providing actual names on top of the handles (nick names). Stephen Pavel and Blake T. Plecity a.k.a. Austin Plecity are vehicular names. In the video, it’s to say that “this” is our “vehicular name” that “world” knows us by, but we don’t go by those names as a “be all/ end all” thing.

      • XF Says:

        So you know our real names. So now, out of curiosity, what is YOUR real name, “Captain Jim Tmmodee Mojo”?

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t know about any video xf made where he used my vehicles name. I doubt he would do that and I don’t trust what you say but if you can give me a link or the name of the video or some way to identify it, maybe xf can speak to what you are talking about.

      • XF Says:

        Actually in the 2hr cut I added our vehicular names along with our handles as well because I was told that the doc would look more professional this way. So I ran with it along with seeing other docs use real names of people plus their aliases as well. Some trailers for the doc I did use our vehicular names, but as I explained to Jim (Captain Mojo) that although the world knows us by our vehicle names, those names are not the “be all/end all” of who we are to the Next Level. When he addressed you here as “Stephen Pavel”, he was being blatantly sarcastic and disrespectful with condescension. I would have simply deleted his comments. Then I asked Captain Mojo what “his” real name is.

      • XF Says:

        However, I’ll use your handle or name that Do gave you from now on. My apologies if the matter has caused any measure of inconvenience, Sawyer. I didn’t think it was a big deal if in fact it is one. I was not intending to be offensive about it. I was just mirroring what other docs have done to an extent and was also told that this is a common method/procedure when doing interviews.

      • sawyer Says:

        It is a big deal to me. I hope you delete that off of anything you’ve done with my vehicles name in it. I know when I was providing you with material I’m fairly sure I indicated to use Sawyer. Even if I didn’t, you never saw me use that other name in public, even though I know it has been used by others but that was against my wishes that the reporter ignored. If you can’t remove it then delete the doc and please don’t do that again. It doesn’t matter if nothing ever comes of it but I assure you this task is not over and though I could be wrong is going to get hotter for anyone who demonstrates dissident behaviors and perhaps in particular the promotion of Ti and Do belief. I know it’s kind of hard to imagine when we’ve gone years with relatively no public information about Ti and Do in the media. It sort of just stopped cold it seems. For instance I was contacted by the BBC before this latest anniversary to help with a documentary and the woman reporter who contacted me just dropped the project. That’s not normal. For most every year before that there were regular articles about the evil cults. I don’t know if you pay attention to the MANY things that have happened in space, with the Sun, on the moon, one Ceres, near the sun, with Mars, with comets, with the comet they landed on, with the international space station, with near miss asteroids and this new phenomena since that Edmonton fireball of fireballs that don’t act like anything witnesses before. “signs in the sun and moon and other objects that look like stars”. They are coming back one more time, not incarnate this time but for every eye to see and when they do they will be seen mostly as evil space aliens. Sure that’s all an illusion to much of the unaware public still chucking around the subject, but we are coming into the period of time of the 7 plagues that kind of match the ones that Moses and Aaron were given to help Pharaoh do the right thing by Jehovah (Ti). The first one is “sores” inside and outside the human bodies of those that give their allegiance to the governmental/corporate secular/religious spiritual beast. And part of that same first plague includes a diseased thinking, perhaps increased mental disorders and acts of violence that don’t even have rhyme or reason – just the actions of someone who is being driven by influences as all this unrest only helps put more money into the security state that can put more clamps down on free speech and thus what we are still able to do right here.

        There will be more who believe in Ti and Do and with that more who will hate hearing about Ti and Do – from every angle. I don’t anticipate staying in one place very long when I get the signal it could be a negative to my vehicle’s family. And I am 100% okay with it never being a problem and everything kind of seemingly being low key. There are other reasons for all believers who are talking publically about Ti and Do to keep their human vehicle’s name out of association with them. I have been advising that for years yet some choose not to pay it any mind and that’s fine as I could be wrong. But Ti and Do were always security conscious and I know they were criticized by rthody for that on one doc as if they never had any investigators looking to pull some out of the group or disrupt the group or bring charges against Ti and Do. If Ti and Do and Crew choose to keep negativity away from those serving them, that’s fine, but it’s our job to never assume that. We treat it as if we could become sought after criminals. Ti and Do used to teach that we needed to grow keen enough that we could drive cross country with no licence and not have our task be in jeopardy because of being stopped for something. When we worked jobs in the world, we didn’t use our legal vehicle’s name. We gave them our social security card number but used a middle or nick name for the first part of our name. Two reasons. One to cease associating with that old human identity and two as one more impediment to an investigator. We never gave out our address. We always used P.O. boxes and often in a town that was distant from where we were that we would have forwarded or have a crew go pick up on occasion. Or we’d have a p.o. box during the time we needed one like for new jobs and then change it after we all had jobs. We’d pick a p.o. box that had a street address as sometimes a p.o. box wasn’t permitted on a legal form. The same with drivers licences. I used my vehicles middle name in place of my vehicles first name. So even though I’m not in that classroom if I’m serious about increasing my service then it would be the procedure to incorporate all of the lessons that could apply to today or all of the lessons (period) as that would be using Ti and Do’s mind instead of my own. So if you choose to accept it, this is one of those lessons that I’m sure there are audio tapes that talk about in some ways though this wasn’t the kind of info they wanted to broadcast but in this setting I want any would be believer to have a chance to know about, so this then serves us as a positive. I’m not upset but to me it is serious because of the seriousness I witnessed Ti and Do put on the same equivalent kind of security that was simply their way to become keen to. Thanks for letting me know.

      • XF Says:

        Thank you for your concern, Sawyer. It has been noted and the problem has been rectified. Your vehicle’s name has been removed and your handle (Sawyer) is used only.

      • sawyer Says:

        thank you xf – it’s a pleasure to work with you. I look forward to doing so further. Let me know in what ways I might help and if you question whether any of what I say is coming from Ti and Do’s mind let me know and I’ll examine it.

      • XF Says:

        No worries. Likewise, Sawyer. We’ll put our heads together and see what we can do to get the information out while trying to stay in tune with what Ti & Do taught. We’re not perfect and will make mistakes of course, however people can always study the source which is the information of Ti & Do as the purest source. Peace.

      • Jim Says:

        My name is Tim… hence my original TMMODY… but that burned the heck out of sawyer for someone to use an ODY name that wasn’t bestowed by Do.

        I’m cool with that.

        Swyody about not using your real name:

        #1. Nobody cares about HG. Cults hold the public interest for a while then it dies down. In your case, the cult erased itself from earth … so, literally … they are gone… so nobody and I mean NOBODY cares about it except as the odd footnote to history. Oh, and a few oddballs like me!

        #2. Wouldn’t Do want you to fulfill biblical prophecy and get killed or something? [Note that all biblical prophecy only refers to Israel… that’s a pretty fundamental reading of that particular myth… unless you are Jewish, Paul is your savior a-derp].

        You are harmless… you don’t threaten anyone. I think most people are pissed by the mainstream religions and their wars and stuff, but to my knowledge yours is a gentle sort of thing… you don’t hate gay people or blacks or discriminate… you don’t really even blaspheme in the sense that people would want to stone you … you just have an absolutely and I do mean ABSOLUTELY unique interpretation of x-ianity.

        Your deal isn’t exactly about joy or anything. I would say it has evolved (devolved?) into a form of Buddhism without the nifty monk’s clothes. You are focused on the Next Level (not this world)… you are trying to “overcome being human” which in at least the few buddhisms I’m familiar with is similar to like hinayana…

        to you this world is filled with evil space demons and you shouldn’t empathize with the “plants” here, etc. It is very much hinayana Buddhism.

        Unless you were to immolate yourself (which is a very non-Buddhist thing to do by the way), people would notice you … but otherwise, seriously folks will just leave you alone… you shouldn’t even are if the words of ti and do get out (they won’t anyway)….

        peace again!

      • sawyer Says:

        How can you second guess what someone would think or say without knowing them, except to the very highly limited degree of hearing some talk on the tapes, while in my opinion missing most of what could have been heard. I don’t fault you for not hearing but for thinking that you know it all and can think you can second guess what Do would say.

        Further, it doesn’t matter to me. If you read my response to xf you would see all the reasons behind my feeling on the matter regardless of what may or may not happen.

        The entire subject of getting killed does not appear to be one you can speak to objectively anyway, at least from what I have thus seen.

      • sawyer Says:

        You don’t know what you don’t know? How many people was he referring to as pouring over the documents? Did he say? Then how was he wrong? At what point is he wrong? Is it only from your window on the world that he will be wrong? What’s your motivation to hear those remaining tapes, so you can try to mount more evidence of what you say he was wrong about. I suspected long ago you were mostly interested in looking for dirt – i mean real dirt that would show Ti and Do to be charlatans, perhaps so you can write your book. Well, there is no such dirt BUT if you insist on seeing dirt you will convince yourself of it so you can justify what you want to believe.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Jim, you said: “What sort of “next level” is the “Next Level” if a couple of dipshits can prevent more than half of the tapes from being disseminated?” Good point. A bit colorful and not necessary, but a good point on some levels. And have you complained to these two “dipshits”, as you call them, to put them in their place? No huh? Sure, Mrc has disseminated “some” NL info, but come on. He is disseminating what Sawyer, Crlody and myself already have. Mrc “knows” what he really needs to disseminate. He knows but the discarnates on him make him not care. I think the reason why he won’t release the tapes is because he’s afraid a bunch of people will believe it’s true and commit suicide. Then “the Feds” will come and “get him”. So what? If they do, so what? Serving the Truth entails martyrdom, does it not? It doesn’t entail kissing the bare bottom of the enemy. It doesn’t entail believing in something with a tail between the legs. Just my take on that. He knows he must disseminate what people DON’T have which are the 486 tapes. Sawyer says that Mrc has digitized the tapes. Really? Ok, where are they? I don’t see them anywhere. Where are they? They should have long been released by now. Mrc has the biggest piece of the pie but is keeping it “covered up”. Why? So, he just gives out what we and the world already have, which at times I think are “under the table scraps” for the public (sorry to say), while keeping “the full table of food” solely for himself? And like I said before, that’s very shameful, irresponsible and inexcusable to say the least. Mrc doesn’t know anything about marketing strategies in how to get the information out either. He should know all of this stuff if he runs “The TELAH Foundation”. He should have had the book printed off in other languages by now, as just one of many examples. That’s ok, I’ll do that eventually myself since he obviously won’t. I already have 100 copies of the purple book etc and I’m just getting started. Well then, if Mrc can’t handle what is required as far as what he must do, then he can give the Info over to somebody else. Jim, why don’t you tell Mrc that if he can’t handle the “big 486” and that large a piece of the pie, maybe he should let somebody else who can? Why don’t you complain to which Mrc occupies and complain to him about it? He’ll most likely tell you there aren’t any audio tapes, especially 486 tapes and will most likely tell you that I’m making the whole thing up, which I’m not. Legal records don’t lie, sir. Look it up if you don’t believe me. But as I said before and I’ll again, I never heard of the 486 tapes before believing Ti & Do are right. Just on the strength of the Information from the book and videos were enough for me to believe it is True. Salvation won’t be gained through the audio tapes in my opinion. Only additional knowledge and awareness will be gained. I could be mistaken on this, but Salvation may be gained IF the Next Level allows a soul to be replanted into a future Classroom and the replanted individual then Graduates to the Next Level. The first step in this process however is to fully believe in Ti & Do. The Next Level will decide who is genuinely sincere and who should be replanted in another incarnation at the Human Level.

      • sawyer Says:

        It was good to see you deal directly with Jim’s statements but something really stood out that I have to comment on emphatically, I believe on Ti and Do’s behalf. When you called the info we have from Ti and Do, “under the table scraps”, it shows that you don’t trust them. I know you don’t mean it that way but think about it. Do Ti and Do depend on me, you or mrc or anyone else? Didn’t Jesus say he could raise up believers from the stones if he wanted to? We do not need those tapes in any way shape or form. This just continues to be something you can let the boogers get your goat about – finding fault with mark and sarah. We are not our brothers keepers. We can not judge them at all, not one of them, not for one moment or we then are showing how we will be judged. If we want continuous chances to change shouldn’t we genuinely want to extend that “forgiveness of” others trespasses against us. Help me have no human ways, “No thoughts of self no FAULTS TO SEE”. I know you can hear this. Let it be a motto whenever we feel our feathers ruffled. I’d love help to shoot down the mockers and all we deal with but lets do it by showing them the truth no matter how much research it requires to feel confident we are sharing what’s been shared with us, rather than slipping into the easy path of condescension and judgementalism. If we needed those tapes I am 100% sure we would have them all. The purple book, the beyond human tapes, the videos and articles and the pre Ti exit tapes are plenty to accomplish the task at hand.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        You are right on all points, Sawyer. Using the term “Under the table scraps” was not a good term and I was out of line. It was an influence. I should not have said that. Thanks for bringing this and other valid points to my attention.

      • sawyer Says:

        yeah, I think we’ve got the filet mignon and if they want to add to our plate a further serving they will go to mark in a dream and knock him off his socks so he will know to release those tapes. Meanwhile it becomes a test for him and for us to not let it become something that influences can play us by.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        I know what you mean. Like I mentioned before, I didn’t listen to those tapes before deciding on believing in Ti & Do. Sure, I listened to some audios, but it was mostly the book, documentaries and videos that influenced my decision to believe.

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t like labeling people and calling people names or judging them as agents of the lower forces. I believe we can all be agents of the lower forces and in some ways are, because we are all in the jail and are subject to them and can be tricked or have our buttons pushed by them in any number of ways. You have not offended me but I deleted one of your comments because it just seemed filled with too much of the same kind of sarcasm jim or whatever his names past have been uses, but he doesn’t claim to believe in Ti and Do and Their behaviors and ways, while you do and I know you want to get a better handle over that part of your expressions while I don’t think he cares. You have asked me to help you in this regard, if that is still true, as a type of partner – otherwise I probably wouldn’t offer what I can.

      • XF Says:

        Agreed, Sawyer. Thank you for deleting that comment if it was inappropriate. I guess labeling “Jim” as an Agent of the Lower Forces was too strong a label since anyone of us can also be at risk of falling as well. By all means, your assistance, based on your experiences with Ti & Do and the Class is certainly welcome. Peace and wellness.

      • Captain Mojo Says:

        I assure you that I’m just a regular plant… I only believe in what we know… I don’t believe in stuff that is just made up by other people.

        I’m the opposite of you I guess — you are addicted to religion as you say… I am only interested in religion in the sense that it functions as an x-ray whose reflected shadows reveal the inner crystallography of the human psyche.

        Life should be happy! Be happy! Don’t find luciferian space aliens in every flower or child… don’t see the moon and think the devil lives there! Don’t look at stars and see doom… the universe is wonder! Wonder I say… don’t let religion take that wonder away. Everything is outlandishly wonderful. Don’t reduce it to the gossamer interpretations of mere mankind!

  3. jim Says:

    Did you ever see another class members fixed genitalia? Were the testicles simply removed or were the scrotum and penis removed, too?

    Was there a procedure in your books for this process?

    • sawyer Says:

      Actually, yes. Srrody was the first one to experience being castrated and I was present for the procedure and with him afterwards as well. I was supposed to be next to have the procedure because he and I were the students who pressed Do over a years time to allow us to have the operation. Do cancelled my having it because of a minor complication in Srrody’s operation. I wrote about this in another blog entry you can probably find by searching for “srrody” or “castration”. Yes, it’s the testicles that are removed not the sack (scrotum) or penis. The sack is what is cut and there are two little tubes or veins that are like umbilical chords to each testicle that need to be cut and cauterized to stop bleeding. Then the sack is stitched back up but not completely, leaving enough room for a small tube to be inserted that allows for sack to drain. Two incisions were made, one for each testicle. The operation was performed by Lvvody with Jnnody assisting and me and Do in observance. Because the sack wasn’t draining it blew up to near the size of a baseball so I ended up taking Srrody to hospital where they quickly and easily solved the problem and he was released the next day. At the time Do and Lvvody could not find a U.S. doctor to perform the surgery. Lvvody was a registered nurse who had worked for many months for a doctor who performed this orchiectomy for testicular cancer patients.

      No there was no “procedure” for this process. It was NOT an instruction. It was completely optional, as Jesus indicated was an option for some as well, as was being in the group, as was laying down one’s life as they did which there exists dozens of direct evidence of throughout their 22 years. Subsequent castrations did have a procedure though, that is for those that wanted to do this. The student had to leave the classroom and go to a town nearby where a doctor was found (some 3-4 years later) and live there and get a job to pay for it. This way one could not make a case that it was forced in any way, shape or form. Do ended up abiding by the same procedure and I believe got a job as a janitor. Do did experience some health complications but I don’t know the details.

      • jim Says:

        Do you remember what town Do worked as a janitor in? That seems bleak — couldn’t OLLODY have helped with the cost? Did Do have his genitals completely removed?

        Wouldn’t having your testicles removed defeat the point of overcoming? It would be easier to not lust if your testicles were removed — he must have struggled mightily with his urges for sex.

        He didn’t really overcome his sexual urges, he eliminated them. Like the class didn’t overcome being human, they just committed suicide — destroying their human form. That isn’t really overcoming anything.

      • sawyer Says:

        No I don’t know what town he was in. Nothing bleak about it. What does Ollody have to do with anything in this regard? It wasn’t about money. It was because he was living up to the same standard he was expecting his students to live up to and that was that if they wanted the operation they had to do it on their own steam so the haters of them would have one less way to criticize them. I already said, just the testicles were removed.

        Do was concerned that removal of the urge was shortcutting the needed strength of overcoming. This was part of the reason why he didn’t approve of this procedure years before. I don’t know if you have any experience overcoming humanness. Perhaps you do, but if you are a sexually active person and you choose to stop being sexually active the urge doesn’t go away. So for at 20 years for most of them they overcame those urges. If that’s not significant overcoming what is? You are making statements that you don’t seem to know anything about as if they are facts. And by the way sexuality isn’t the only human behavior they had to all overcome. If you want to see the list, go to and download the free text file of the purple book and look at the list of “major and minor offenses” and that will show most of what one would need to work against and do so consistently over years. They may not seem to be difficult but so many are like ingrained behaviors and are not even negatives for a human but to prove to the Next Level you want to leave the human kingdom, these are what each student must meet the challenge of and do so under constant bombardment by the lower force discarnate influences who are programmed to stop you. Humans don’t have that kind of attack, but an example of how humans do have opportunities to outgrow their humanness is with things like overcoming addictions whether it’s to sexuality, or substances or having to go get a pizza whenever you want it or to try to conquer things like obesity or other physical and/or mental challenges. There are many and I’m not making like of what many humans have to deal with and often do, but for a Next Level classroom it’s those things plus a whole bunch more though the strength a human builds from overcoming some of their challenges can certainly contribute to all the additional challenges. In this way, even the ones who joined later could have already overcome many things the ones who were there originally needed more time to work on.

        You make it sound like “suicide” was an easy out. Maybe in the human world for some it is. But they were actually for all intents and purposes from a human perspective quite happy. I’m not saying many weren’t even more happy to exit but when the vehicle is happy the last thing the vehicle wants to do is die. The vehicle can become content without a lot. Look at people who are undergoing all sorts of hardships and how they still don’t want to die.

        Of course if one doesn’t believe in anything they believed in then none of it makes any sense so you are welcome to your opinion. Maybe you are experienced in overcoming humanness so you can talk about it with personal experience.

      • sawyer Says:

        I know the common thought is that, Do guided everyone to lay down their lives because they say he was distraught over his homosexual urges. That’s about as stupid a conclusion as any and there are many I could choose from that the experts are certain about where they are proved to not know what they are talking about.

        Do had begun to overcome his sexuality even before meeting Ti in 1972. Their exit had nothing at all to do with Do’s sexuality and I can prove that and have written about it on this blog but you will have to search down the facts as I don’t know if I’ve compiled all the evidence into one post yet. I don’t really need justify it anyway as the same critics had nothing else they really could go on to explain what happened over their 24 years unless they were willing to consider that they were exactly who they said they were and that’s going to be the farthest from most of their minds. That’s to be expected as if one is not given that seed of recognition none of this makes any sense. Now who does have that seed is also not easily apparent. Sometimes the biggest objectors have that seed which is why they try so hard to knock it down. None of us stand a chance to see the truth unless it’s shown to us and we are the recipient of regular help in that regard. If all we can do is ask for the strength to see one piece of truth and when we get that strength hold onto it and ask for the next piece, then we will start to build up a reservoir of truth to help them build it further and further. If we never make that effort to ask them for that, then the help comes in a more difficult way, though we can still rise to the occasion and begin to ask help from experiencing. That help comes when we lose things or people we love and we feel empty inside from it. If we ask the Next Level, the God – creators of the Universe for help to deal with such loss, then we’ll get it. But who knows what happens if we only ask when we are at the end of our rope in some ways. It’s up to the Next Level of course whether to and how to help any one of us, but we don’t know what form that help will take as even if we die so it would look to others that we didn’t get help we asked for, we don’t know if that spirit or soul was kept for a future opportunity because they asked in the last moment of their lives, sort of like the thief on the cross executed with Jesus.

      • jim Says:

        Did the group take out alien abduction insurance? I read they did. Also, did Jesus have his testicles removed?

        Jesus accepted the horrors that were to come. Do was always worried about the family and Cult Awareness Network and cops — avoiding stuff.

        What sort of inspiration would Jesus have been if he and his disciples had taken the easy way out?

        You don’t remember what town Do worked in as a janitor for 3 or 4 years to pay for his neutering? Do you remember what state?

        Did Jesus abandon his wife and kids? Jesus certainly didn’t abandon his mother whom he loved to the very end.

        How could they be the two witnesses and be the second coming of Jesus at the same time?

      • sawyer Says:

        Yes I read they took out alien abduction insurance. I don’t know Do’s thinking on that but here’s what I came up with for whatever it’s worth. It was very like Ti and Do to cover their bets. Do didn’t arrive at the way they completed their task by receiving a detailed list of how every aspect would go. That was never the motus operandi. I believe they packed a bag and had their passports on them in case Ti wanted to take their vehicles, heal them from what they ingested and have them perform a task somewhere else. Since they could get the insurance, if Ti did take them and wanted to stage it so it was witnessed by the world, for instance along the lines of what Christians misthink about the “rapture” being a physical ascension, then the world would witness it and they would have to pay up and that could help those left behind tell their story and even bring more publicity in case their exit was covered up, that is if the Next Level let the humans do so as a part of the greater strategy of providing doubt.

        I’ve seen nothing in scripture that suggested Jesus had his testicles removed. If he did spend time with an original Essene group as some suspect then he could have, but just like he didn’t insist on his disciples being celibate (at least in a publically acknowledged way that was reported that way), he also didn’t do more than hint in the records that self castration was an option, paraphrased as, “make oneself a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake”.

        What about the first 3 years of Jesus ministry. How many times did some try to stone him and catch him. If you think he paid no attention to the ways the lower forces were trying to use humans to stop him from completing his task, then I think you haven’t really examined the records with that reality in mind. To some degree Jesus was always on the run though was adept at hiding and in those days I’m sure could blend in fairly easily. And to say Do was “always worried about the family” is a huge exaggeration just because he and Ti were always “security minded”. Maybe your clinging to what a former member who turned against Ti and Do said on one of the documentaries about that. Well he eggagerated a great deal. Let’s face it the biggest critisims against Ti and Do that came from dropouts was that they had a procedure to shave in a certain direction. Wow that’s a terrible crime. And it wasn’t even a static procedure. If he shaved in the direction given, which came about because a student wanted to know how he shaved because they wanted to become one with everything he did, and had a problem with doing so, then he could write a note and say, he had this problem and Do would have addressed it in some way. In our notes to Do we had an instruction to not provide solutions to problems we encountered. This way, we wouldn’t be using our mind as we were agreed by being there to abide by what came from Ti and Do’s mind, right down to every nitty gritty seemingly insignificant detail. However, they said there were things they didn’t want us to mimic in that way though they appreciated those that had that desire as they were doing as Jesus taught as well to “deny self” and “give their will to the Father” – specifically to the incarnate Older Member providing the lesson criteria.

        I never meant to say he worked as a janitor for 3-4 years. I’m not sure where you got that idea, but perhaps I misspoke. I suspect Rio could better speak to that so one of these days I’ll shoot him an email, though the last time I spoke to him he said he didn’t want to be involved in the Heaven’s gate story any longer as he felt he did all he wanted to do with his book. But I’d be surprised if it was even as long as 3-4 weeks. No I don’t know what state but I suspect either Arizona or New Mexico. I was invited to do the Geraldo Show in the summer of 1997 which was staged in NYC. Before we went on the air, I had some interaction with some of the other guests. It was a show mainly about UFO’s and Allen Shargel (if I recall his name right) was telling me how he met Do and that he was I believe a janitor and he was staying in a motel, I thought in Arizona. But the memory of the conversation is foggy. Shargel if that’s spelled correctly I think is somewhat active in UFO convention circles. He’s an author and had his publicist with him on the Geraldo show and frankly I didn’t believe him though then heard that from another source that Do also left to have the procedure so I then tied that into the Shargel story.

        I never saw any evidence that Jesus had a wife or kids. I know that book Holy Blood, Holy Grael seemed to suggest such though after he supposedly staged his crucifixion and went to live in France with Mary Magdalene. I never read the whole book or the other books that make such claims based on tiny shreds of things, ignoring the 99.99% of the record that indicated he did nothing of the sort.

        What does that mean “abandon his mother”. You know of course that he was quoted to have indicated that the woman who gave birth to his vehicle was NOT his mother and the sibling of his vehicle was NOT his brother BECAUSE his “mother, brother – Family were now ONLY those that were grafting to their NEW family, a family with a bond in their Minds (Spirits) consisting of those who trusted in, have faith in and thus the true meaning of “belief” in his Father who abide by their teachings. You can look up the exact words in the record but that will be what is said I believe can be proved.

        Did he love that human who was the mother of his vehicle? Certainly that is indicated and especially when he was dying as he demonstrated in suggesting she become the “mother” to his disciple “John”. Wouldn’t that be impossible unless it was saying to care for one another in that way of such a family of believers?

        The TWo Witnesses are described as “anointed” before the Lord of the Earth – in Zech chapter 4 where they are also compared to being Olive Trees and Candlesticks both directly related to the origin of Oil from Olives as the “force” squeezed from the olive and used to generate “light” to provided englightment to others. That is the CHRISTING PROCESS that is also the OVERCOMING PROCESS that every student must complete to the satisfaction of the Older Members before they are awarded with a new physical Next Level body and an eternal life. Jesus said upon his return he was not coming in the name of Jesus. Rev 3:12 says he will have a new name and Rev 1 describes him as having a white head and white hair and fire (passion) in his eyes and metal (strong) legs to STAND UP ON, standing up for his Older Member’s Mind. In John’s gospel Jesus says that his Father also loves the students and they would be able to communicate directly with the Father upon his return. He also says in that same part of the record that both he and his FAther would “make our abode with you”. Abode was a physical dwelling which also corresponds to his saying he had to prepare a place for them so they could dwell where he dwells in his “house” translated to “mansion” apparently a spacecraft in that context.

        He said he would come in such a way that is secret – not to be observed by the eyes and as a “son of man” which is an “offspring of human (mankind)” which is in-carnal – latin carne = flesh, as a “thief in the night” that if some are “watching” for will not be caught off guard and miss him while those that think themselves first to recognize him will be last to recognize him. That’s largely the Christians. But Last is just as good as first. It’s only not ever recognizing him when we have the chance that is a path to destruction in the lake of fire to come.

        He comes with the clouds, from the clouds, where clouds were always used as a “cover” as humans aren’t allowed to see the Next Level members or their spacecrafts directly unlike the space alien spacecrafts that even pose and show their nuts and bolts primitive construction in comparison.

        He said upon his return he would speak plainly about the father and no longer in parables so no stories but that’s a face to face experience.

        It really never was a “second return” of that Older Member from the Next Level Kingdom of God, kingdom in the literal heavens as some Christians even believe it was the same individual who was Adam and Michael the ARchangel and Jesus. Ti said Do was adam, enoch, moses, elijah and jesus.

        However, where the second coming is correct is in two senses. In 1987 Do told us we had to all be who we were, in other words the return of the same Souls who were Jesus and his disciples incarnate then, incarnate now as Jesus said would happen. So that began the second public offering of Ti and Do’s information starting with the “88 update” Do wrote to set the record straight as to Ti and Do’s beginning as the Two Witnesses followed in 1992-3 with the Beyond human Series that was Do, but still not saying he was the specific Soul returning though we knew he was. These were the 7 thunders (roars) of Rev 10 in progress still a part of the 6th trumpet sounding that ended with “UNDERCOVER “JESUS” SURFACES BEFORE DEPARTURE” which was just an internet usenet post that proved to them that part of the task was just about over followed by the 7th roar of the Heaven’s Gate web site and book and their exit. But the second part of the way in which it was a “second coming” is yet to occur and is described in Rev 19 after the “marriage” of the remaining students who give their lives, this second phase by spreading the words of Ti and Do in what is depicted as the “winepress” of Rev 14. They don’t lay down their lives in the same way as the first fruits did with their Older Member physically present to guide them through as it’s not reversible so needs to be according to day to day instruction to make sure all students are doing so fully voluntary as evidenced by Rio’s dropping out two weeks before they exited. He wasn’t ready.

        But there were still more to be married to Do though their test was whether they would also give their lives but by disseminatiung the information that will build to hatred against them as more and more come to believe in Ti and Do and parents, etc. of those who choose to believe look to those who continued to share the info as responsible so seek them out to stop them. (It may happen in another way as many who are seen as dissident will be subject to the unrest that is building to where the government “bestial” humans and loyalists think they are doing the right thing to rid society of all dissidents and especially those who don’t agree with their atheistic religious ideas that is what many Christians actually become though they still use the name of Jesus as their savior. In practice they justify getting rid of dissidents the same way it was done to Jesus and his disciples by the Jews and associated state operatives who many times are in bed together.

        So in Rev 19 it shows the 24 returning after having “fell down and worked for(worshipped) the Next Level (God)” on white horses, in this case not their physical vehicles but their spacecrafts (. (Ti and Do called our cars horses.) These have new physical vehicles described as his army on “white horses” while they are “arrayed/clothed in fine linen, clean and white” which is both the fact that they are “pure” and actually literally “white”. They are following the one whose is “clothed with a vesture dipped in blood” which is the same physical body Jesus changed over into his Next Level “glorified” body that he demonstrated was physical and took with him into that spacecraft behind the cloud cover that was witnessed by at least the 11 apostles.

        I don’t know if there will be some way the people on earth at that time will be able to literally see his face but I suspect they will from other prophecy as this will cause the end as the 6th seal that sets into motion the recycling that becomes a rest time for 1000 years, half an age.

        So Christians will get the return in the clouds but Do didn’t think they would be seeing his scars, etc. if they are even still on that vehicle anymore.

        There is a lot more I can say about this but this is the jist for whatever it’s worth.

      • sawyer Says:

        Also, overcoming is ongoing. Just because one refrains from sex for years doesn’t mean there are no hormones in one’s system to stimulate the past habits of thought and action. One can grow to see the “influences” toward sexaulity coming and even cut them off before they become full thoughts in one’s head. You kind of develop a radar, Ti talked about as something she could “smell” though I don’t know how literal that is, except it is well known that thermones are smelled by animals, as humans whether we are aware of them or not. I have experienced this and degrees of it, like seeing something that could stimulate arousal and cutting off associated thoughts before they register completely like mid sentence. And I have experienced not letting the thought register and plenty times I did let the thought register and saw how I could literally feel it stimulating a glandular response that would eventually cause a build up until it seeks to be released in a nocternal emmission of via masturbation or having sex with someone. In the group these resulted in nocternal emmissions that we did have a procedure to deal with and they didn’t include feeling guilty about. If we didn’t do anything to stimulate it, then Ti and Do considered it like an “energy” being released “off the top” as in a pressure valve. So one can get so experienced and able to cut off thoughts or smell them that they no longer pose a threat to the behavior they want to maintain. But that doesn’t mean one would drop their sheilds, what Ti and Do called putting up the “blank card” in our mind. They taught that as long as you are in the human kingdom you are subject to attacks of such human behaviors and ways though they can cease to cause you to give into them, that is unless you let it happen. Even though Do’s vehicle before he was awakened had become attracted by both genders, in the 1990’s he told us that when he sees a womans breast on a movie it solicits no more or less response than seeing a “grapefruit”. However, in the 1990’s he also told me that part of the reason his “helpers” mostly had female vehicles (lvvody and jnnody and sometimes Jwnody) was because he found he wasn’t quite as objective with some of the students who had male vehicles and/or wanted to remain diligent in his guard. I think it had a lot to do also with the degree of amour of the student, male or female. Lggody, a student in a male vehicle, when I was his partner told me he didn’t have any problem with sensuality. He ended up being the most consistent student helper in an male vehicle for both Ti and Do and of Do aft3er Ti left her vehicle.

      • jim Says:

        Pheromones — not thermones.

        But I get your point. Do was just like Jesus in that Jesus had his testicles removed to avoid thinking about sex.

        Plus, like Jesus — Do spent a lot of time preaching to people in public. Do had a message and he was going to let the world know about it if he had to go to every city in America!

        Do talked a lot about how much he loved the children — just like Jesus, too!

        The parallels are … perplexing.

      • sawyer Says:

        I treat people as if their questions are real until it proven they never were which you have shown. So what is it you want as sarcasm and the creation of lies just to be heard is to no one’s advantage. If you have a legitimate argument present it and we can have an exchange. Otherwise it’s a pissing contest and frankly it doesn’t interest me as I have nothing to gain, though I think it’s good to some degree as it shows those with genuine questions and concerns how they might choose to address the likes of your comments should they choose to come the way of Ti and Do. Thanks for the spelling correction but I’d prefer you leave me alone unless you have a genuine question or comment that shows a little more heart in it.

        But since you brought it up, I guess I might as well throw in that Do certainly did love the children – his. If you watch the exit video’s you will see his children. That’s exactly what Jesus was saying when he said that his students would become like these children as cleaning you house (vehicle) part of the truest meaning to baptism was getting rid of all the intellectual chatter and criticisms of others, arrogance, condescension, sarcasm, railing, judgmentalism, deceits, guilt, hatred’s, intolerance that human children generally don’t have until it’s taught them, though they get those characteristics from their genes though are not often expressed if those in their environment don’t stimulate their expression.

        And since I’m now responding to your comment, I’ll have to respond to the first part so that there is no question that I never said anything about Jesus having testicles removed. I said I saw no evidence of that in the records.

        If you think Jesus had more circulation of his message than Do, you must not know about all Ti and Do and Do and Crew did over 24 years that involved global wide broadcasts to millions on numerous occasions that I can document but anyone can still find a great deal of the evidence of.

        I do agree. The parallels are perplexing and I could write thousands of words that are directly evidence of those parallels that include a great deal of the Old Testament records. That material is yet to come.

      • jim Says:

        Ti and Do did “global-wide broadcasts to millions”? Please post links!

        “Children” is used literally and figuratively throughout the bible. Jesus used in both contexts — but there is no doubt: he literally loved children — and by children I mean literally “children”. Do abandoned his children.

        So, what I’m trying to show you is that Do was nothing like Jesus in any way, shape, or form. To compare the two is a stretch beyond imagination.

        You — a believer if you will — find parallels in everything you read. Nobody else sees any parallels at all. Doesn’t that give you a clue to your fantastical thinking?

        Jesus didn’t bugger his students. Herf did. Jesus knew exactly what was happening; do and ti didn’t have a clue… they hedged as you say. Jesus performed miracles — Do and Ti didn’t perform one — not one! Jesus was brave, Do lived a scared life. Jesus’ death demonstrated something important to mankind, your group just committed suicide–making Do an eternal punchline to jokes about wild-eyed cult leaders until the end of time itself.

      • sawyer Says:

        Search on these keywords to find the links as I never compiled them all but suppose I should sometime:

        New York Times front page of the magazine section, international edition – 1976 – Phelan was the writer. Look up the circulation!
        CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC both in 1975 and 1997 – as the UFO Cult and Heaven’s Gate
        USA Today 1/3 of a page info-ad, international and national editions – May 27, 1993 – Circulation?
        44 ads in alternative newpapers published in most every big city in the U.S. and Canada, England, Scotland, Austrailia and New Zealand.
        Internet usenet postings in 1996
        Heaven’s Gate web site, still receives hits
        Documentaries – At least 4 I was in
        CBS 60 minutes – that I was in
        Larry King Live that I was in
        Geraldo Show that I was in.
        Articles in many western NY cities during the 1994 public meeting tour
        9 months of public meetings with one every two weeks times four or five groups in 1994, meeting list is in the purple book.
        9 months of public meetings in 1975-6 by 5 or so groups all over U.S. and Canada also listed in purple book.
        Movie, the Mysterious Two
        Several Articles in Time, Newsweek and psychology today both in 1975-6-7-8 and 1997.
        National Geographics Channel 2008 – Final Report: Heaven’s Gate which I say is the beginning of the 7th angels trumpet – circulation in millions perhaps?
        Many Radio and some local TV station coverage both in 1975-6 and 1997 that I was apart of some of. I did a TV spot in Dallas, Tucson at a public access station and the local CBS affiliate there.
        Chapters in Books are still being written. I’ve helped no less than four authors with material.
        Book: UFO Missionaries Extraordinary – still in circulation
        Beyond Human video series broadcast on Satelitte in 1993 and has been on youtube for years now along with the exit videos.
        Most every year some media does an article on them
        Blog posts galore by critics in 1997

        – Jesus use of Children was almost entirely referring to his students as children as in:
        Mat 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
        Mat 18:4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
        Mat 18:5 And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.

        The other primary use of children was referring to those who forsook their children for the kingdom of Heaven’s sake which is what Ti and Do and some others did and it wasn’t abandonment of care of them as in every case another parent took care of the children so they were not without love and support:

        Mat 19:29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.

        Here is the only time I am aware of his having direct contact and interactions with children and he used them as an example of what we must become which goes together the many times he compared disciples as his children:

        Mat 19:13 Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.
        Mat 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
        Mat 19:15 And he laid his hands on them, and departed thence.

        So you have shown me again how Do is exactly like Jesus with updated terminology and a more advanced lesson plan for the graduates just like Jesus provided an updated lesson plan from what was provided when he was incarnate in the vehicle named Moses.

        Point out please how I have stretched the imagination?

        There are others that see the parrallel – you just don’t know them I suppose but I do know some and that number keeps growing because the truth can not be held down when the Next Level wants it exposed.

        Finding parrallels have come to me gradually and you are right I do see them in most all of Jesus quotations and throughout Jesus prophecy, but wouldn’t that be the case if Do was his return. Wouldn’t all the parrallels be apparant but only for those who have the eyes to see as he said, those who have his light in their lamps at least enough so that upon his arrival they don’t miss him?

        I agree it is fantastical thinking but all information from the Next Level is fantastical thinking in my opinion and it affects me that way and for those that fear the truth it seems like fanciful thinking or disturbing thinking or something of that nature. The children of the kingdom that choose to be the children of the kingdom recognize his voice and can’t deny it. Anyone can ask for that recognition if they want to put it to the test but you must do as Jesus suggested and talk to the Father in the literal heavens with our request to know the truth and then be prepared to drop all our preconceived ideas that discount it. Those thoughts won’t go away but by choosing to override them builds strength and we can also ask for that strength from the Father in the heavens.

        I don’t know what “bugger his students means” so I can’t address what you said Herf did or didn’t do. Please provide one example of how Herf “buggered his students”?

        You said “do and ti didn’t have a clue [what was happening]” another vague accusation. Have you studied any of this history? Were you with them at all? Did you talk to anyone who was? If you are referring to the way they changed their perspective and to the few times they thought something MIGHT happen and didn’t in the way they thought it might, then you are missing their modus operandi which was to follow their instructions regardless of whether they came out in the way they thought the MIGHT and how by doing that, the filtered out those that were not engaged with them for the most right reasons so would not be able to make it through the entire lesson step to graduation. I’m not making this up. I and at least 23 other students with them from the beginning weren’t phased at all by the changes they made and the appointments to exit they felt might happen that they were instructed to treat as if they could. And there is no evidence we 24+ were brainwashed in the way humans think of that term that even Professor Robert Balch, the psychological authority on the group that most look to saw evidence of.

        But did Jesus say upon his return he would perform miricles? To the contrary he said it would be the false christs and false teachers that would be showing “signs and wonders” to fool even the elect. What he said was upon his return he would speak “plainly” and “boldly” about his Father and their Kingdom and that his disciples would be able to ask the Father in person questions.

        My book documents all of this and lots more by many direct pieces of contextual documentation. Stay tuned to have access to it.

        I don’t deny that Jesus was brave but to insinuate Do was not is just not aware of reality. Read 88 Update and you will see examples of bravery in leaving their world behind, having to deal with feeling crazy, even every day, not liking the idea of telling others they were the Two Witnesses knowing how that was seen a blasphemous for the religious to hear what they would say.

        In fact at the meeting where I met them in Waldport, OR a woman from the back of the room yelled real loud, “you ought to be shot” right after they said that you couldn’t join with them and bring children. When you are called a dangerous cult leader compared to charles manson and later Jim Jones, do you think it’s a sign of a coward to stand up to that and keep on keeping on. Do you know how many parents hated them? Do you think they relished the idea of being killed, yet knew they must continue. When the FBI showed up at the first oklahoma city meeting thinking their group (cult) might have been responsible for cattle mutilations was it cowardise to out the back door or smarts knowing they have the power to stop their task even on a whim?

        Where is the evidence that Do lived a scared life? You keep saying that but you have no evidence. It’s just your opinion and that’s fine to have if that’s what you want to cling to. Have you asked your Heavenly Father for the truth about Ti and Do. Don’t answer that for me – it’s none of my business to know the answer but if you haven’t and didn’t do so really wanting to know the truth, how can you feel qualified to leverage all these shallow arguments against them? They are shallow because none have any evidence that holds up to the truth as I have tried to provide you. Repentance really means to “change ones mind” – a literal changing of the way we thought before, though includes actions as well.

        Do you think Jesus wasn’t made the brunt of jokes. what do you think that crown of thorns was and the purple robe and the king of the jews sign and the artificial bowing and scraping the guards were recorded to have done. If they did that how much more was that done in the Roman theatres and parties potentially as I don’t know the evidence of it but I’d bet there was plenty of it. Most thought he was a nut.

        Why is it if someone has intensity in their eyes that’s considered “wild”. Wasn’t that also in scripture that he would:

        Rev 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

        “Eyes were as a flame of fire” sounds pretty intense and “wild” to use your word. And to boot, he has white like wool hair as Do had upon going public in his vehicle’s mid 40’s and a white head and these are compared to things with color so at this point are not talking about light or purity.

        Many Christians understandably have a Hollywood and/or religisized view of Jesus. That’s why it’s hard to get past that and I don’t fault those for it. A better understanding was not available until Ti and Do came along and shed new light on the entire subject and even still we are all in grades in this great school on earth so all are not going to be ready to graduate at the same time. I flunked out of the graduate course but that doesn’t mean there aren’t second chances for any of us. I know it’s troubling to consider what is being shown. I can talk to how troubling it was for me to come back into the amount of belief and faith I do have now. They helped me a great deal to come back into their Mind’s awareness and there is still plenty of room to grow more in that awareness, behavior and ways.

        The battle you are going through is what it takes to deal with to climb up another notch out of the human kingdom’s sea of confusion but you are not alone but must ask to get their help.

        I know Do and Ti and I know they are every bit worthy of who they say they are – Older Members from the Level Above Human, Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens. You can know that just as much if you allow it to happen by surrendering to your Heavenly Father who is in the literal heavens.

      • jim Says:

        Links??? I can’t find anything on it. I know the times did a piece on how nuts they were. I could wear a pink tutu in public and probably get some press on it — but that’s different than broadcasting to millions worldwide.

        Broadcast means radio or television. Send me links to them. If I understand you correctly, this was the MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!! Certainly, they are available.

        I’ve only seen about 5 b/w pictures of bonnie lu — but apparently she was broadcasting her message to millions and millions of people worldwide!

    • jim Says:

      OH MY GOD! “The Mysterious Two”… LOL — I just watched some of it … holy smokes! Please tell me that Herf was a consultant on that movie! Please please…. did he meet John Forsythe?

      Going to watch the whole thing… it looks absolutely horrible! I can’t wait.

      You can look up the word “buggering”… just put “define:buggering” into google you goofball. For a spaceman, you really don’t get technology.

      • sawyer Says:

        Well thank you for finding this data so I could share it with others so when they encounter other’s like you, they will be able to explain the truth as well. In this way all your negativity serves us well. People like you are a dime a dozen – not paying attention to anything beyond your grasp out of fear. So I deleted most of your comments as I don’t have time to play your games, beyond this comment. I showed you where millions have been informed and since that shot down your argument that they hadn’t circulated their information to millions you have nothing left to do but pick the mysterious two grade B movie as an example of what – a typical attempt to shoot down what they taught, but what you don’t get is that even negative publicity works in the Next Level’s favor because of how the media is being shown to be so in bed with the propagandists rendering all they say as potential lies even while they don’t know it.

      • jim Says:

        dude, it was just a bad 70’s made for TV movie… I bet only a handful of people thought it was about “you folks”… someone probably saw an article talking about Do and Ti and hot batshit crazy they were — and thought, you know… this would make an incredibly bad made for tv movie.

        “The Mysterious Two” is not a B-grade movie… it is a W-grade movie — some have called it the last great horrible movie of the 70’s (it was made in 79, broadcast in 82).

        Do and Ti didn’t “teach” anything — and if you count The Mysterious Two or any of the hit pieces the press did on two obviously very insane individuals as circulating information, then you are more deluded than even I thought.

        Do and Ti taught nothing. What great truth did they ultimately teach? There is a “next level” and we need to commit suicide to reach it? If he would’ve just waited he’d be dead by now… there was no need to commit suicide.

        The truth they taught is by example: There will always be people willing to follow nutballs into the grave. But that’s a lesson we’ve learned thousands of times over.

        Did your parents watch the movie? Did Hotpants or Bonnie Lu consult on the movie?

      • sawyer Says:

        fine but it had the circulation and were available to millions to see and look into further on a number of occasions over years.

        who cares what grade it is.

        Ti and Do taught me many things.

      • jim Says:

        Name one.

      • sawyer Says:

        How to take control of the thoughts I allow in my head which can be relative to everyone in any circumstance believing in Ti and Do or not.

    • jim Says:

      Name one thing they taught you.

      • sawyer Says:

        How to take control of the thoughts I allow in my head which can be relative to everyone in any circumstance believing in Ti and Do or not.

      • jim Says:

        The first part: “how to take control of the thoughts I allow in my head” — that could more easily be done through meditation or what psychs call “Thought Stopping”.

        The second part — “which can be relative” is basically saying that they taught you how to believe in them regardless of anything.

        The first part isn’t really a Ti and Do lesson — any hippie in TM could have taught you that.

        The second part isn’t really “teaching” because they are basically shutting down your ability to “learn”. They made you into a human that no longer has the ability to think for itself… like a plant.

        It is ironic because I thought the rest of us were plants.

        So, instead of giving up your testicles — you gave up your brain.

        Like it or not: your message could very easily be the textbook definition of “brainwashing”.

        So that doesn’t really count as something they “taught” you.

        Don’t waste your time trying to think of some real tangible thing they taught you — because they really didn’t teach you anything. Thin gruel is the way I describe their cult info. Very thin indeed.

        Especiallly, if the first thing you mention that they taught you was how to accept without questioning — or be brainwashed.

      • sawyer Says:

        I actually predicted your response. I didn’t say this was not taught by anybody else. You asked what I learned from them, but you can’t stay on topic very well it seems.

        I chose not to join TM when I was 18 as I didn’t want to stop smoking pot.

        we’re all plants.

        not teaching to you but to me Ti and Do taught me a lot. It’s my prerogative what I consider to be something I believe I was taught.

        I didn’t give up my testicles. I fathered a child after leaving the group and have raised her and am not telling her what she should or shouldn’t think and if you asked her what she believes about Ti and Do, I can bet she won’t recognize those names as she will come into belief on her own if she ends up being a seeker of the truth.

        Again, you assume and think you know so much, but if you did you wouldn’t waste your time with my blog trying to show me what you don’t know. If I was so brainwashed how come I left and how come I didn’t get a deprogrammer to talk me out of my beliefs or cling to some other belief like most of the other dropouts. It’s because I didn’t wash my brain enough as they didn’t do the washing – they just showed us how by teaching and demonstrating.

      • jim Says:

        Dude — I didn’t say you chopped off your testicles… I know you didn’t do that — I merely said that instead of chopping your testicles off, you had your BRAIN removed.

        I asked you what you had learned from ti and do and you basically said you learned how to meditate and how to not question your cult leaders.

        That doesn’t seem like very much. What else? What things of “substance” did you learn? What grand truths?

        What did Ti and Do teach you?

      • sawyer Says:

        If I feel I learned something from Ti and Do, whose to day I didn’t or that it was not something of substance? Ti and Do didn’t teach philosopy or intellectualism. They taught us how to take over our own physical vehicles so yes, part of that was to accept what they told us. I chose to be with them. They didn’t choose me exactly. If I went to University and chose to take chemistry and this is costing me all the money I have and the teacher insists that in their course we abide by their instructions and that if we don’t we will not get a passing grade, you better be sure to know I would try my best to abide by those instructions, otherwise shouldn’t bother and should find some other teacher or course.

        I was practicing meditation before I met Ti and Do and yet had nothing that I wanted to meditate on or about. The teachings of Sri Chin Moy and the Maharishi and Yogananda were interesting and I wanted to acheive enlightenment but their mediation ideas didn’t made sense to me, but perhaps I never got into their teachings enough, so perhaps they were not the teacher I wanted. I tried focusing on their picture or on nothingness though from Ti and Do I learned, in my opinion what that idea of meditating on “nothingness” came from.

        I believe Ti and Do would have equated it with the practice they called, “putting up a blank card”, in other words as if the thoughts going through one’s mind are like cue cards for a theater performance and if there is one that you decide you don’t like, to replace it with a blank cue card and you have no thoughts in your head for as long as you choose to hold that card in place. One can do that for as long as one wants to and go about their business, chop veggies for a salad, drive to the store, whatever and keep a blank card up. I stops all that automatic impulse chatter that can inhabit our mind. Now they didn’t actually teach us to hold this blank card up more than the time it takes to change our focus away from that which we don’t want to think about. So if it was related to staying celebate in mind and body, when one saw the signs of that influence, they could employ the blank card and then not wait to see if it’s gone as that is like inviting it back. But instead, focusing on the task at hand whatever it is. They didn’t teach us to daydream. In face that too would be seen as an influence. They taught us to actually think about every step we take as if we were telling the vehicle to take each step. It would have been a distorted extreme to pause our steps until we knew we had thought about telling the vehicle to take a step. The application was to walk as quietly as possible which forced the brain to think about each step. The same held true with closing of doors, and cabinets – all as exercises that in so doing were taking full control over our physical vehicle.

        A lot of these things were called having “restraint” of mind and body. Restraint in the noises we make. I have a booming voice. It’s not deep and doesn’t project well but it has this quality of sounding loud, except not to where anyone can understand better what I say because of. But it went through walls and I was reminded often to whisper. When we were working on the whisper lesson, some could whisper louder than others would normally talk.

        They taught us how to listen. When in a meeting but really when anyone was talking to us, if we had any other thoughts in our head while they were speaking we weren’t listening to them. That can be practiced while reading too. That meant, not judging what they were saying as worthy of my attention or not. Just hearing the words. It didn’t even mean understanding them at the time, but then they would ask for questions or take questions after the meeting because we would have a good memory of what they actually said. That mode of listening is like having a blank card, except the blank card is a filter instead that just lets one persons words enter our mind.

        I’m going to post the first lesson plan they gave us. This wasn’t all they taught and of course if we didn’t abide by it and accept correction when it was learned that we hadn’t then we would have never abopted that lesson as much as it could be adopted.

        And yes, this was all part of “washing our brains” of human behaviors and ways but not to have nothing going on as they were replaced by Next Level behavior and ways according to what Ti and Do taught and mind you, demonstrated.

        Here are the 17 Steps:

      • jim Says:

        I rest my case.

      • jim Says:

        Here’s my version of meditation:

        Sit in a comfortable position…. or even lay down… just get comfortable. Take a couple of deep breaths. Then: focus on your breathing. Listen to your breath going in and then going out. Your brain will pretty quickly try to focus on something else (maybe a problem or a conversation or something else– you get the idea) — but each time you realize your attention has strayed from your breathing, take over and concentrate on your breathing again.

        Do that for however long you’d like — 5 minutes, 30 minutes… it is up to you. Don’t sweat it when your brain strays– just take control of it.

        This is a great exercise for your brain — literally EXERCISE! It trains your brain to behave and to focus. Studies indicate it raises your IQ.

        If you happen to think of anything else you learned from the mysterious two, let me know… I can fill in anything they left out.

      • jim Says:

        Somewhere IRSODY mentions that you folks were like monks. Either she wrote it or told her parents–I can’t remember for sure.

        When you take a chemistry class, you are learning truths that have been painstakingly discovered over thousands of years — the instructor needs you to learn what we currently know about chemistry–but from day 1, if you were able to demonstrate conclusively that anything in the textbooks was false, you’d become an instant chemistry star to the entire world. You don’t have to accept any of it to pass the class — but if you don’t accept it, you’d better have a very good demonstrable reason why because otherwise you WOULD fail and rightly so. Science invites you to prove it wrong. That’s what science LIVES for is to be proven wrong.

        Anything in an introductory chemistry textbook has been proven so many millions upon millions of times that it would be foolish to doubt it — BUT GO AHEAD.

        The mysterious two just offered you folks another religion — yet another religion that you had to accept SOLELY on faith.

        But, the only proof you folks needed was that they seemed sincere.

        Name one thing they taught you.

        You can’t — and that’s because they did the opposite of “teaching”: they did “preaching”. And preaching only requires faith. Preaching is interesting to us normal people in the historical sense — it is information about what you believed.

        You could “learn” about comets or the history of the knowledge of comets or the history of known comets. You literally could! But instead, you just have faith that “comets are space ships”… and that is that. But it is all “pretend” and lacks all relevance to reality.

        When you want to learn about comets, you google “comets spaceships” and see all the other nutbags out there who have competing insanities about reality. You could see pictures from an unmanned craft that landed on a comet. But that isn’t enough — you need the mythology.

      • sawyer Says:

        That view of someone coming along with a new idea about how something was said or taught for hundreds of years being praised is just not historic. In face every major advance came with a huge backlash from the existing status quo whether it was in the field of science of physical matter or the science of mind. The religious leader and the scientific leading edge thinkers were ALL hated and discredited in their day.

        Now perhaps you don’t think there can be a “science of mind” – literally plausible explanations for the many instances that science of body don’t readily provide feasible answers to. To discount such a science because it’s not in the textbooks is just ignoring a body of information that both opens one up to amazing new ways of thinking about our realities.

        Yes, monks, what’s wrong with saying that to parents who were grasping at straws to deal with their daughters strange choice? And it was true 100%, though it didn’t conform to the religious practices unless you go back to the foundation origins of said religion and find that what was taught then doesn’t even resemble what is taught using the same label, whether Hindu, Buddhist, Judaic, Christian and Islam. Also when you explore the origins of these now corrupted from their origin ways of thinking and acting, one can see how they were also interwoven with the so called sciences of mind and matter.

        But all in all, what matter does it make what I think, as you have what you choose to believe and I have what I choose to believe so what’s the point. I’m not trying to change anyone who doesn’t want to change while you seem driven to think you can change me in some way. Who is the evangelical extremist here really?

        I’ve had this same conversation if you want to call it that with many and in the present you are probably the same person coming back with different names or if not then from the same mold of thinking that I just don’t agree with. As with many Christians, I see your points. They are not without merit but what I say to them often is that in my opinion there is more and I believe it was Ti and Do that pointed it out in the current age, though it just so happens to be very consistant with all that was taught in past ages along the lines of thinking and acting from the writings attributed to Moses and then to Jesus.

        But when I bring up those consistencies many times with Christians and atheists and pagans and whatever they call themselves it always ends up, they are ranking me out, calling me names, saying I’m from the devil, naive, listening to a lunatic cult leader, brainwashed, and the whole gamut, while a tiny few know exactly what I am talking about. So the Christians are afraid of giving me any time challenging their teachings (saying there is MORE) not saying they are wrong, unless that is they are full of quoting paul of Tarsus and then I do point out how he and thus they are wrong about how they are seeing the whole picture because paul didn’t have the picture, as can be proven by the records.

        Now with those of a spiritual inclination, it’s seldom they want to debate at all. You seem to be somewhere in between, at least from the way you talk but I don’t know what else to offer you. You just call it mythology as if mythology wasn’t a depiction of some form of reality, as if sci-fi has no depictions of reality, just realities we may or may not arrive at knowing can be reality.

        All our physics can be totally right for Earth but totally wrong for X planet in X galaxy, if only in the flipping of one bit on the grand scale of what we can or can not perceive of that reality. I’m not saying the matter is necessarily different. But our ability to perceive that matter if it’s in a different format can render it invisible to our eyes and instrumentation. And thus we can call the Next Level a different dimension because they know how to flip that bit on the light spectrum/sound spectrum humans can see/hear.

        Perhaps if you had experiences you could’t explain you might be open to more and you could take offense with my saying that as if I’m thinking I’m way above you because I have had many experiences I could not explain, though I was open to understanding them and in time began to and that was because of the help I was given to understand them better while I still don’t necessarily understand them. I just understand enough to help speak the same language with others who have had such experiences. But as to having experiences being some measure of stature or wisdom, they are NOT unless I keep on seeking to grow toward knowing more which only comes as I adopt the lesson steps I’ve already been given. Thus anyone at any point can be way ahead of me in this process and yet may not ever talk about it the way I do or in terms of Ti and Do, though when they are provided with the reality of what Ti and Do did teach, I do know that then they are being tested. The entire earth is a classroom in that regard and three are many grades and whose to say where the near graduate students are at this time though I suspect most are still in the U.S. because this is where the professors came to teach their graduation criteria.

        Did you have any comments about the 17 steps post? One can say, they aren’t teachings, but I did not give any of those things any time in my mind/actions before I was in Ti and Do’s classroom so when I tried to put them into motion I saw how they were behaviors and ways I stood to learn better – why – because I believed they were the lessons from my teachers whom I recognized and wanted to follow. When I joined I did not need to follow someone. I was building a teepee house out of logs on a plot of land in a small commune with no real spiritual leaning in particular, playing percussion in a really cool original band, making a few dollars and food and drink and fun, living on next to nothing, hitchiking around when I would lose a car, having traveled cross country 4 times by then, having tried to move to Canada to homestead in the bush at the foot of the wells gray provincial park, where I tried to hunt to live and did leather work and worked on ranches and did odd jobs, mill work, etc. I’m not saying there were not those with much more life experience than me and I was not that versed in history or the sciences and nor was I prone to just take off with any guru that came along as there were many I crossed paths with. Why Ti and Do struck a chord with me, I do believe I know but it’s not something I can prove but even tried to deny it, in a sense when I left and started a family and sought new ways of making money to pay the bills, etc.

        It’s not like the status quo sciences do a very good job of explaining where dreams come from or why someone can actually see something in the future or at a distance from where they are or feel they can see certain stuff that have no otherwise logical explanations unless someone considers the more ancient records and/or other peoples equivalent encounters. I think the Next Level and the lower forces can both give humans such experiences and that even the Next Level will let the lower forces give such experiences to some humans so they can be used as a learning experience to simply know there is more to what any of us think, say and do.

        A lot more, of that I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt.

        As Ti and Do often said, They know what they know and they know what they don’t know and they know where they can go to learn what they don’t know. Even though they said things that changed, what most don’t know is how they thought about those things at the time. I actually have evidence that they never were 100% sure there was going to be that “demonstration” in the way they thought about it. They said, “if it’s to happen…” then…

      • jim Says:

        I did review the 17 steps. A lot of them are just common sense. A lot of them seem like questions one would be asked when applying for a job at the post office.

        Thin gruel.

        IRSODY’s comment was a nice way to communicate what she was in. I heard a story that BRNODY (who must have lived in an apartment at the time) told her neighbors that she was from space like those people on star trek.

        What’s next? It’s been 20 years since Hotpants took his last breath. Nothing has happened. The world is just as screwed up as it has always been. I didn’t leave with them, but obviously there was no real hurry. When is the great unveiling?

        What was the big overarching revelation? What truth was shone?

      • sawyer Says:

        You know that is exactly what this is all about – applying for a job, except it is to be on Ti and Do’s crew in a lab in a spacecraft large or small trusted with certain tasks new members grow into performing and then get more tasks. It’s a life with never dull moment. But to qualify we need to give our all, though one step at a time. The step now is to disseminate their info to others – “stand up for Ti and Do” and accept the ramifications. Then add all the overcoming of human ways and replacing them with the Next Level ways spelled out in the 17 steps and a new crew member can be born.

      • jim Says:

        If you get the job, that means when you die of old age with your children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren at your knees, you’ll go to the next level or something, right?

        Or does it mean a UFO will come down and pick you up like the class always thought might happen?

        You seem a bit focused on comets is all. You know we landed on one… it is basically a rock with gasses and stuff frozen in it.

        “You and Your Next Level Ways”… sounds like a song title about a woman who is becoming detached from her family? Maybe you could write it… a sensitive ballad about how a family deals with that sort of abandonment… it is ultimately redemptive because the family watches the mom get onto a spaceship and fly away like at the end of Close Encounters.

        What do you think?

        Put — you should be painting. Paint what you see of the next level. I’d buy them!

  4. Woraufhin Says:

    I’d be interested to know more about the insights and experiences Ti and Do have enabled you to have since Do and the crew left. In particular, I recall you mentioning that Ti enabled you to see discarnates or members of the Next Level for a brief time. You’ve also mentioned your premonition on the eve of September the 11th, 2001 and your dream in which Do and the crew visited you. Have you had any similar experiences that assured you of Ti, Do, and the crew’s continued presence?

    More generally, to what extent has your continued faith in Ti and Do been reinforced by such experiences? Do you, like Thomas after the Resurrection, believe that Ti and Do were genuine primarily because you have seen concrete evidence that they were, e.g. your insights and experiences; or are you instead among the ‘blessed’, as Jesus called them, who believe without having seen concrete evidence?

    In addition, what did Ti and Do say about so-called miracles, i.e. extraordinary occurrences inexplicable to humans, in the present day?

    • sawyer Says:

      The short answer is yes, those experiences did help me come to terms with their continued presence. And yes I have had many experiences, especially when viewing the many events in outer space and with comets, etc. and looking back on the historic records of Jesus and beyond that all contribute to become for me concrete evidence. I think we all require evidence and if anything receiving more blatant evidence is a sign of one’s youth which is not a bad thing. It’s just contrary to what most might think about it.

      My accounts of seeing discarnates because of Ti that began immediately after waking up from a dream of Ti were clearly not seeing members of the Next Level. Members of the Next Level don’t appear as spirits. They either come to us during dream time or in person which is rare but you can see a recent account in Rio’s book, Beyond Human Mind that I have written about on this blog, I believe, which took place in Tucson, AZ in 1995-6. Those same kinds of accounts were witnessed by Jesus and three students on the “transfiguration” mountain and at the tomb and at Jesus physical rising into the cloud that received him that no doubt had a spacecraft inside it and possibly those who came to Lot. Now discarnates can also come to us in dreams and do, so one should never base their actions solely on dreams. and the same with premonitions. Before that dream with Ti and the subsequent witnessing of spirit/discarnates I had had many dreams of students, another of Ti approving of my writing right after 9/11 and several of Do. However after I saw these spirit/discarnates, over the course of several months in different ways, such sightings ceased and over the next years I would only see much vaguer things I would equate with discarnates occasionally, but dreams with Do and/or students continue on occasion, usually to correct me, like when I was trying to start up a relationship with a young woman my vehicle was smitten with and Do came to me in a dream and said, “how about being faithful to me?” which has helped me stay on track in that regard ever since. It’s because of the relationship I had with Do, together with my desire to be in his service that he was correcting me and I knew it was him. Had he come to me to encourage such a relationship I would have known that would not be something he would do so it would have to be an incarnate, even though I could always justify it in some way. I wasn’t technically starting a relationship but I can’t deny that there wasn’t a subtle desire for such to come to pass even though it wouldn’t have been like the relationship I had for 17 years before that.

      These dreams have all the power of Do’s mind in them so for me to ignore them would be a fall that would have consequences as they don’t need me – I need Ti and Do, that is if I want to be a member of their crew, a student in training for a future Overcoming classroom.

      So in that sense, dreams have helped me have stronger faith. I never ceased believing in them but then that’s a degreed condition, as to believe but not abide by any of their teachings is hardly what that term was meant to mean when Jesus said it. It really meant to “put one’s trust and faith in all the Older Members taught”. One is doing that in degrees as they both accept all of their teachings and seek the strength to apply each lesson step while the Next Level considers what they know each of us is capable of living up to that is beyond the words. To those that much is given, much is required. If we don’t invest what we are given what we have already received is even taken away. Many chances are given, though should not be assumed as even the taking away seems to be gradual. Ti and Do said Lucifer was given many chances to reinstate a relationship with, as Ti put it, “the Lord”.

      These dreams or premonitions don’t really add up to that trust and faith in our Older Members if we don’t allow the establishment of a substantial program of belief in everything they say, regardless of how completely, which we won’t know until we apply it and thus experience it’s truth built into proof and thus further faith in Their reality and lesson plan for us. Of course 2000 years ago the proof given the students like Thomas was a big demonstration of all Jesus had taught before then, but some of them needed that proof then. Those among them that returned in Soul form to take new human bodies to complete their overcoming of humanness through can’t be given that level of proof as then too much of their faith would be provided by convincing the vehicle when doubt is part of the footstool to rise above by our Mind’s recognition alone. Drawing in that Mind is what is happening when we adhere to all the Older Members teach during their incarnation which applies to those who come to believe in them after they exit as well. That’s part of why it’s framed as a “spirit/mind birth” being administered by the Older Members. One must draw in the Pure (holy) mind from their Older Member and make it their Mind/Spirit that completely washes the human vehicle clean of humanness, at least enough to be “viable” to be born into a Next Level vehicle or even an in between human and Next Level vehicle – a vehicle like the fallen angels had. Ti and Do said that the new graduates would be replacing those who fell away. It’s practical. If they tell us to stand on our heads and we do it, we are drawing on their Mind. If we stand on our heads for any other reason we are not drawing on their Mind. Ti and Do illustrated that a number of times by saying they felt they could simply recite the ABC’s and if we accepted it we’d be drawing from their minds. We would have meetings where Ti and Do would be talking about mundane procedures of how to measure the salt and flour. Some students, we learned by their questions/comments during the meeting that was indirectly saying they saw a better way of doing something. Ti and Do would often consider what the student was saying but then would come back to us in another meeting to make a lesson out of it, saying that they knew there were “better” ways we could come up with to do things but that they weren’t given to give us those ways. That became a big challenge to some. Someone who doesn’t believe in them at all sees much of the time spent on such mundane things as evidence that they were not so called “gods” and some of the students then dealt with those kinds of doubts, so it became yet another test for them to recognize it was an influence that had them entertain the doubt. It wasn’t a no no to have a doubt. It was a no no to let it linger in our heads for the longer it did the greater foothold it had on us and would eventually escalate to dropping out of the classroom.

      And premonitions can also be generated by discarnates and/or the space aliens, so become a degree of proof of what we already are programmed to accept. For instance if I had been one who experienced the Fatima sighting or was abducted by space aliens and told something as a contactee and it seemed to have truth to it, I would potentially become a stronger servant of whoever provided that premonition or forcast. Ti and Do said that those that had the potential to become their students were not allowed to be abducted by space aliens. Now saying that might have applied most to those who were returning for a graduate class so someone reading this considering Ti and Do as their teachers to whatever degree that may have had some type of abduction experience wouldn’t mean they should give up on becoming students of Ti and Do. In fact anyone at any time regardless of what they have or have not experienced is still eligible to become Ti and Do’s student. They simply have to ask them, trusting they will be shown the way. I believe that since I had dropped out after having received so much, it was evidence that my influences had a strong hold on my vehicle, so that it took these kinds of minor proves to help me kick them out enough to be able to reconstitute a working relationship again. I must have needed that help while it can look to someone who didn’t have those experiences as my being special or blessed. Well, yes it is being blessed. We are also blessed when a major pillar of our humanness is taken away from us. Ti and Do said that Cain actually received the greater blessing when his offering wasn’t accepted by the Lord because a blessing from the Next Level is providing us with a challenge they know we can rise up to, that helps us further detach from the human kingdom even if it’s giving us something that is human because it’s what we want. In that case the Next Level wants us to have it, so we can learn that it wasn’t what we really wanted, though for some they get what they want and become satisfied with it and/or want more of the same. If that’s the case they don’t have the strength it takes to get out of the human things they got into, though the Next Level will still give them further opportunities.

      Ti and Do did also talk about Members of the Next Level circulating physically among us (human vehicles) in such a way that humans can not see. I guess that’s the third way in which they operate and why they are thought to be the same as discarnates. But Ti and Do said that Members of the Next Level serving in that capacity are NOT discarnates. They actually have physical bodies, but just like Jesus was able to demonstrate could alter the vibration of vehicles to they were rendered invisible to humans. Ti and Do said they could have an entire spacecraft literally engulfing our “craft” (house) and that if they allowed us to, if we touched them or bumped into them, we would feel their physicality, though they didn’t elaborate as to what we would feel. A human discarnate would not be felt by us as they are etheric. I don’t know if some or all of the fallen angels had physical bodies like these. I think not, though the fallen angels I do believe have a stronger capacity to influence humans and perform “tricks”. In fact that’s what Ti and Do said about, as you said, so called miricles like Fatima for example. They felt that was like a hologram the lower forces, fallen angel, space aliens generated.

      Ti and Do once sent us to a theosophical society meeting, I believe in California somewhere just to observe. I remember seeing pictures and hear talk about some of these ascended masters transporting jewels through the palms of their hands. All Ti and Do said about this kind of thing was that it was a “trick” but I don’t think they meant a trick in the way a magician like Houdini does a trick exactly but then again, maybe so – a sleight of hand or a way of distracting the eye/mind. The Fatima event could have easily been done with technology as well, from a space alien spacecraft whether it’s technology we think of as physical as a computer or mental through a human or human equivalent biological computer.

      Ti and Do did indicate that many diseases were the result of a discarnate’s relationship with a human, at times because that discarnate before death had a condition, by their interface with a human vehicle was transferring because it’s a program that the human receiving has allowed to take them over. They indicated that some breast cancers were from the result of guilt of some sort for that human, a form of negativity they had come to accept just like someone unknowingly accepts a discarnate for something seen as positive, like becoming a great sport’s or other entertainment or political figure for instance. When we accept any discarnates programming (mind) we get all they vibrated while alive though choose what to accept or reject the same as any programming put upon us. That programming directs cells to behave in a certain way to “run that program”.

      Jesus said upon return it would be the returning lower forces that showed “signs” by performing tricks that could fool even the “elect” – the “chosen”, those who are given deposits of Next Level Mind that then provides a choice of what to believe in and what to reject – what to allow to build us into an instrument for the lower forces by becoming a “teacher” of spiritual transformation and enlightening or by becoming a student of the only real teachers from the Next Level who do not seek to stand out in the human kingdom to attract other humans to their self. They seek to only attract humans to the Mind given them by their Older Members and they only do that if that’s the task they were assigned so they are doing it for their Older Member not for the humans that could benefit from it. This way students are only looking upward, while any human can be used by the Next Level to reveal certain things to those that are asking to be in service to their Older Members. So it’s not like a student servant should block off where they get their information from as really we don’t know who has been given pieces of the truth that then in our continued searching can become the instrument know it or not of our further awakening in whatever tasks we seek to do for our Older Members. Ultimately any task we have is for US to grow from performing though the Next Level at the same time uses every servant to deliver to others who want to serve pieces of the true puzzle to further enable their serviceability.

      Ti and Do did have us try to heal Brnody’s vehicle by laying our hands on her legs. I was one of them given that task on two occasions and can’t say I felt any special power coming through me and nor did I see any change in Brnody’s vehicle. She was largely in a wheel chair at that time as her legs were totally twisted with major knee inflammation. Ti had said it was part of the lesson Brnody needed. In the world she was very self reliant and with very strong opinions so for her to yield to anyone else’s will, including her teachers was a big challenge for her. It was a battle with an influence she had accepted. We all had those influences though they surfaced in different ways but it’s all part of the overcoming process. So why didn’t the laying on hands work as weren’t disciples supposed to be able to heal the sick, etc. Well, yes that was for the Jesus time and thereafter for a time. The Next Level can step in to help someone heal – run an influence away and as Jesus said, some required both “prayer” – asking our Older Member’s help AND “fasting” – treating with physical cleansing of toxins (that could go hand in hand with a discarnates programming). One could wonder if Ti and Do got that instruction to have some classmates lay hands on Brnody’s vehicle as a test of them and Brnody.

  5. Glaive Says:

    “…yet I must continue and when the internet becomes too restrictive in so doing (if that is what takes place eventually) then I know I must go on the road with the information…”

    Don’t worry. Should it happen, Deep Web will welcome us all.

    • sawyer Says:

      What is “deep web” and by the way how do I pronounce your name? And does your email address have anything to do with the Islamic haage?

      • Glaive Says:

        Deep Web is a hidden part of the internet, where standard search engines cannot reach. Where only so called “darknet software” (like TOR browser, f.ex) provides an access. It’s a strange place, but free from government control, at least.

        My name is pronounced as written. And no, nothing Islamic. I picked this one lately simply because it looks and sounds outlandish. In the end, the way I may call myself is irrelevant, I went by many names, and when you have that many names, in the end you have none 🙂

  6. XF Checker 97 Says:

    Good article. Thanks for your honesty and humble focus. In one section, you said: “….not to mention what one gets when lots of people hate you and wish you were dead, which Ti and Do both received mostly indirectly via thoughts and feelings from relatives of their students as well as all the criticisms from students and students discarnate influences, Luciferian adversaries – They are legitimately being attacked around the clock with doubts about who they are and what they are responsible for – as Do wrote in 88Update, “not a day went by that I didn’t question my sanity”.” Man, that’s a loaded statement, but it’s true to say the least.

    • sawyer Says:

      I know you can relate to this, but when I say things even on the internet to some, I at times worry about how they could become angry so when I log back into the media site where I said such and such, I do so reluctantly as it’s difficult to take the negativity. But that worry or anxiety I believe is a glimpse of what discarnates are directing to us. Anybody that goes against any grain experiences this. It comes to you when you put yourself in the public eye because for every human there are who knows how many discarnates that have their opinions and use humans to express them. They can be good opinions but they are often savage. It says in Rev 12 that the dragon sent out a “flood” after Ti and Do and crew and the only way they got out from under that flood was by exiting.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        I know what you mean. I know that there are individuals who will ridicule you, me or anybody else for our blogs or videos. However, for example, I do videos and talk about Ti & Do now not to be special and say “Look at me and what I believe!” That’s not it at all. Many people do videos to talk about what they believe, whatever those beliefs are, and put themselves on the firing line with no real concern about the firing line.

      • sawyer Says:

        right, it’s not about us hopefully, it’s about showing others Ti and Do. It’s hard for many to think that can be one’s motivation when they don’t know they existed and still exist and that they run the show making it a privilege to share what they provided.

  7. crlody Says:

    In less than 2 years after this is published Sawyer will deny that he used the terms “contacts” and “open phone line” in relation to Ti and Do. And yet here it is etched into Internet stone. Sawyer accused me of “making up lies” when I pointed this out to him and yet here it is, on his own blog. We have to ask ourselves if Sawyer knows even what it is that he is doing. If he’s here having “contacts” with Members of the Next Level how is it that he could forget so quickly what it is that he is saying about the NL and those contacts? He said I “owe Ti and Do” for what Ive been saying about him and yet here I have caught him red-handed denying things he’s stated and even accusing me of making it up. This, to me, is not the behavior of one who has “contacts” with Members of the Next Evolutionary Level. Perhaps it is he who “owe(s) Ti and Do” for not keeping track of the bs that he spouts and then finding fault with me for calling him out on it? Maybe he owes Ti and Do for bringing them into it at all considering that this whole thing was never about Ti and Do, its about Sawyer wanting attention and recognition for being Their special guy with the “open phone line”. He cant talk his way out of this one and like Ive said before I wouldnt want to be in his shoes when he tries to explain to Them why he did all these things while claiming to be on a mission for Them.

  8. sawyer Says:

    I did the search and did say those things and stand by them. We all have an open phone line to Ti and Do if we choose to use it. And we all have contact with Ti and Do if we choose to want it. I never said you made it up – remembering those sayings of mine. What I said was that perhaps you were thinking of when Neo said he had a “ticker tape connection” with DO, but then after that I did the search of my own blog and found the two occurrences you remembered and showed that the context of one wasn’t even talking about me having that open phone line or contact.

    Let’s face it. Have you called me a fraud? Have you called me a “charlatan?” Have you told me you were going to “stop me” or that I need to be “stopped”. Have you claimed that I was trying to “replace DO”? Have you said that I’m doing something wrong to “talk about my 19 years in the classroom” or was that the other person who sort of joined you in this evidence less condemnation of me and what I say and do and write. Have you ever put words in my mouth in print in these comments. Do you ever quote Ti and Do when trying to justify your accusations against me?

    And that’s just the start of years of your empty accusations I have in my records but have no need for as perhaps your mind is set in your illusion.

    Can you stand by what you have said many times in these regards and others OR admit they were mistakes to say.

    Or are you going to justify following me around throwing up lies in the places where I post things?

    I’ll continue to allow it so far but I may have to just have a stock reply or maybe I’ll put all of it into one big document and just give people a link to it so they can choose for themselves whether you have a legitimate beef or not.

    I’ve never been opposed to examining everything I say and do in relationship to Ti and Do and Jesus teachings, etc. as I know I get things wrong at times or could always improve and have nothing to lose by admitting those times and growing from seeing how influences can use me. I’m not without influences and I’m certain (from Ti and Do) that you aren’t either, so it’s really a matter of how we are being used so we can recognize them, right, with the idea of not being used again.

    So I’m suggesting that you are being used by influences to mount this campaign against me. If it wasn’t influences your accusations would demonstrate the solution to their influence from things Ti and Do taught and said and taught and said in history – Jesus, Moses, etc. That’s our only way to safeguard against giving into influence attacks we know we each get.

    Let me know if you disagree and why so I can examine that as well.

  9. Keith Kampfen STWody Says:

    Hi sawyer. I know why you left off the ody. It is part of your TRUE name and no matter what anyone here says, it is YOUR name. GOD given as a matter of fact. My name is steward. STWody. I was in the class from nov. 75 to oct. 76. I was in Tand D’s camp in Wyoming and Provo ( where I left of my choice). I got everyone up in the middle of the night the night I left and told the main group that it was not fair to the others to stay if it was not what you truly wanted. Perhaps you remember. I had the shortest male vehicle of the entire class and lived in T and D’s camp as one of the origonal 24. DNCody and his partner drove me to Provo that night to a western union and dropped me off. I was the first to leave their camp and cried the entire time. I was with RKK ody, JHNody, and CRLody to hold the meeting in Aug 1997 in Berkeley. Even though we left the class physically, you and I never really did. We learned in a much more difficult manner. I agree, it is time to make a stand. I’ve tried with Rio, RKK, JHN, M and S, CRL in the past at different times and without them realizing it from their words and actions. You are correct. Take the STAND no matter the consequences!!! I never quit believing and was tricked as you were. I saw in your face how much you have been through. i am so sorry it had to be that way and yet I went through the same thing almost note for note. I worked so hard one on one with whomever was interested to share all I knew about our older members, classmates, and the NL. It is obvious that you have learned and grown substantially since leaving. Which means YOU the soul never really left. You just had to do it the harder way. It actually has strong benefits as you well know. Not that either of us would ever advocate leaving the class, yet look what we found out. As TI once said ” if one individual pulled and put forth enough effort, that he could pull this entire solar system into a position in this galaxy to open the door again. Remember “Ruffles, snacks for thinkers?” “Nothing is I’m possible if even for an instant you believe it isn’t”. You are my true brother and can decide for yourself with T and D’s assistance if I am full of garbage or the real deal. I am your advocate and will defend you to the end no matter what the consequences are. Believe it or not, I know what you have been through and are stil going through. I admire that because it shows the seed took a graft on the vine of TRUTH. What did the vehicle TI used this time do in this world? Worked with the premies!!! Hi premie. As one premie to another, “let’s be adults”. We have all the help we need. We still have enough NL mind in us to succeed or else we would not want so desperately to still serve the NL! Remember how ANLody would not get out of the car even though it was announced that the harvest was over? Are you going to let them get you out of the car? If they say it can’t be done, then let’s prove the wrong. What do we have to lose? I have tried 3 times to exit and all three times it failed for very odd reasons. So am I afraid to exit this vehicle? Not hardly. I am a cowboy who gathers strays not mavericks. I should have said something to the few (2 or 3) individuals at the Berkeley meeting in Aug of 97 who exspressed a true desire to know more. They were told the usual by you know who that here is the book and tapes and you are on your own. Deep down I knew I should speak with them. I should have stood up to R,C, and J and shared what I knew. I have had clear instructions now for over a year to “show them what we are like STW”. I put it into motion and it works. It amazes them that we are so positive about everything that comes our way and care so much and can turn any negative into a positive. Well of course silly. It is our nature. The NL has always let it be difficult at the opportunities for growth and I appreciate it. Yet we both know it was not that difficult when we realized all of our difficulties were the negatives hating to let us have the NL’s will done which is our will too. We had just forgotten. I tihink I can, I can, I am DOing it. If it seems impossible, so what. Who birthed the CHIEF OF CHIEFS into the NL? We have a lot more help now than he did. Imagine what HE went through. We are stronger than we think. We have an entire Kingdom Level who love us and are willing to give us all we need to be the best servants we can be. I sure hope I am preaching to the choir! Your loving brother, STW.

    • sawyer Says:

      Amen brother. You’re “preaching” Sounds like the same SONG to me – the teachings from Ti and Do’s Mind.

      It’s great to hear from you again and it’s also great to hear something new that TI said that you recall. I can recognize Ti and Do’s Mind in that sentence, ”if one individual pulled and put forth enough effort, that he could pull this entire solar system into a position in this galaxy to open the door again.” Reminds me of the document TI wrote called “The Power of Goodness” (posted here on my blog or in Heaven’s Gate Book). I hadn’t recalled that but “sounds like something Ti might say” (what DO said to me after he instigated students trying to talk directly to TI, (years after she left her vehicle), after I tried and thought I felt a response (that I don’t recall now), but reported to DO). Yes I remember ruffles and distribute it in the packets of all their info that includes my book, “TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses”. We traveled around for many years carrying several boxes of them. I don’t recall ever using them but I certainly like those sayings – just havn’t spent much time with them. It also reminds me of when Jesus said if you had the faith you could move mountains.

      The way I recall DO’s response to the question, “Who birthed the CHIEF OF CHIEFS into the NL?, I thought he said we wouldn’t know more about where the Chief of Chiefs came from until we became Members of the Next Level as the human mind isn’t capable of comprehending that.

      I have a vague memory of: “Remember how ANLody would not get out of the car even though it was announced that the harvest was over?” Did you mean to imply someone was expecting him to get out of the car? I remember after TI announced that on I believe April 21, 1976 (but I could be wrong) that someone did join after that and some in my group were concerned, as we put on another meeting in Fayetteville, AR. That might have been Anyody, which I guess you are also saying as she changed her name to ANLody, if I remember that right, as I know I can get things like that mixed up.

      re: your talking about what someone was saying to people, I guess referring to soon after the classes exit in 1997: “here is the book and tapes and you are on your own” – if that is what you are referring to, you wanted to talk to some about, I’m confused what would be wrong with saying that to people, especially at that point. But perhaps I misunderstood you.

      Did you mean to say Impossible or I’m possible. I only say these things for the benefit of those who come upon this part of this blog.

      Oh, by the way, I removed your phone number but retained it and will call you tomorrow. There are some who seem to follow this blog who I’d rather not have access it.

      For more private email communication my email is

      Please let me know if you hear or read me saying anything you might question as coming from Ti and Do’s Mind.

      • STW Says:

        I will explain all I can on the phone. The phone number was to show my trust in you and TI and Do. You did exactly what they told me you would do with it. I’m not scared which means neither are you. I am so excited 😇. I have been waiting for you for 42 years. STW

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