Did dreams and premonitions contribute to Sawyer’s faith in Ti and Do’s continued presence?

The following is simply a question and answer that has to do with dreams and premonitions Sawyer reported and whether they contributed to his faith.


I’d be interested to know more about the insights and experiences Ti and Do have enabled you to have since Do and the crew left. In particular, I recall you mentioning that Ti enabled you to see discarnates or members of the Next Level for a brief time. You’ve also mentioned your premonition on the eve of September the 11th, 2001 and your dream in which Do and the crew visited you. Have you had any similar experiences that assured you of Ti, Do, and the crew’s continued presence?

More generally, to what extent has your continued faith in Ti and Do been reinforced by such experiences? Do you, like Thomas after the Resurrection, believe that Ti and Do were genuine primarily because you have seen concrete evidence that they were, e.g. your insights and experiences; or are you instead among the ‘blessed’, as Jesus called them, who believe without having seen concrete evidence?

In addition, what did Ti and Do say about so-called miracles, i.e. extraordinary occurrences inexplicable to humans, in the present day?

Sawyers response:

The short answer is yes, those experiences did help me come to terms with their continued presence. And yes I have had many experiences, especially when viewing the many events in outer space and with comets, etc. and looking back on the historic records of Jesus and beyond that all contribute to become for me concrete evidence. I think we all require evidence and if anything receiving more blatent evidence is a sign of one’s youth which is not a bad thing. It’s just contrary to what most might think about it.

My accounts of seeing discarnates because of Ti that began immediately after waking up from a dream of Ti were clearly not seeing members of the Next Level. Members of the Next Level don’t appear as spirits. They either come to us during dream time or in person which is rare but you can see a recent account in Rio’s book, Beyond Human Mind that I have written about on this blog, I believe, which took place in Tucson, AZ in 1995-6. Those same kinds of accounts were witnessed by Jesus and three students on the “transfiguration” mountain and at the tomb and at Jesus physical rising into the cloud that received him that no doubt had a spacecraft inside it and possibly those who came to Lot. Now discarnates can also come to us in dreams and do, so one should never base their actions solely on dreams. and the same with premonitions. Before that dream with Ti and the subsequent witnessing of spirit/discarnates I had had many dreams of students, another of Ti approving of my writing right after 9/11 and several of Do. However after I saw these spirit/discarnates, over the course of several months in different ways, such sightings ceased and over the next years I would only see much vaguer things I would equate with discarnates occasionally, but dreams with Do and/or students continue on occasion, usually to correct me, like when I was trying to start up a relationship with a young woman my vehicle was smitten with and Do came to me in a dream and said, “how about being faithful to me?” which has helped me stay on track in that regard ever since. It’s because of the relationship I had with Do, together with my desire to be in his service that he was correcting me and I knew it was him. Had he come to me to encourage such a relationship I would have known that would not be something he would do so it would have to be an incarnate, even though I could always justify it in some way. I wasn’t technically starting a relationship but I can’t deny that there wasn’t a subtle desire for such to come to pass even though it wouldn’t have been like the relationship I had for 17 years before that.

These dreams have all the power of Do’s mind in them so for me to ignore them would be a fall that would have consequences as they don’t need me – I need Ti and Do, that is if I want to be a member of their crew, a student in training for a future Overcoming classroom.

So in that sense, dreams have helped me have stronger faith. I never ceased believing in them but then that’s a degreed condition, as to believe but not abide by any of their teachings is hardly what that term was meant to mean when Jesus said it. It really meant to “put one’s trust and faith in all the Older Members taught”. One is doing that in degrees as they both accept all of their teachings and seek the strength to apply each lesson step while the Next Level considers what they know each of us is capable of living up to that is beyond the words. To those that much is given, much is required. If we don’t invest what we are given what we have already received is even taken away. Many chances are given, though should not be assumed as even the taking away seems to be gradual. Ti and Do said Lucifer was given many chances to reinstate a relationship with, as Ti put it, “the Lord”.

These dreams or premonitions don’t really add up to that trust and faith in our Older Members if we don’t allow the establishment of a substantial program of belief in everything they say, regardless of how completely, which we won’t know until we apply it and thus experience it’s truth built into proof and thus further faith in Their reality and lesson plan for us. Of course 2000 years ago the proof given the students like Thomas was a big demonstration of all Jesus had taught before then, but some of them needed that proof then. Those among them that returned in Soul form to take new human bodies to complete their overcoming of humanness through can’t be given that level of proof as then too much of their faith would be provided by convincing the vehicle when doubt is part of the footstool to rise above by our Mind’s recognition alone. Drawing in that Mind is what is happening when we adhere to all the Older Members teach during their incarnation which applies to those who come to believe in them after they exit as well. That’s part of why it’s framed as a “spirit/mind birth” being administered by the Older Members. One must draw in the Pure (holy) mind from their Older Member and make it their Mind/Spirit that completely washes the human vehicle clean of humanness, at least enough to be “viable” to be born into a Next Level vehicle or even an in between human and Next Level vehicle – a vehicle like the fallen angels had. Ti and Do said that the new graduates would be replacing those who fell away. It’s practical. If they tell us to stand on our heads and we do it, we are drawing on their Mind. If we stand on our heads for any other reason we are not drawing on their Mind. Ti and Do illustrated that a number of times by saying they felt they could simply recite the ABC’s and if we accepted it we’d be drawing from their minds. We would have meetings where Ti and Do would be talking about mundane procedures of how to measure the salt and flour. Some students, we learned by their questions/comments during the meeting that was indirectly saying they saw a better way of doing something. Ti and Do would often consider what the student was saying but then would come back to us in another meeting to make a lesson out of it, saying that they knew there were “better” ways we could come up with to do things but that they weren’t given to give us those ways. That became a big challenge to some. Someone who doesn’t believe in them at all sees much of the time spent on such mundane things as evidence that they were not so called “gods” and some of the students then dealt with those kinds of doubts, so it became yet another test for them to recognize it was an influence that had them entertain the doubt. It wasn’t a no no to have a doubt. It was a no no to let it linger in our heads for the longer it did the greater foothold it had on us and would eventually escalate to dropping out of the classroom.

And premonitions can also be generated by discarnates and/or the space aliens, so become a degree of proof of what we already are programmed to accept. For instance if I had been one who experienced the Fatima sighting or was abducted by space aliens and told something as a contactee and it seemed to have truth to it, I would potentially become a stronger servant of whoever provided that premonition or forcast. Ti and Do said that those that had the potential to become their students were not allowed to be abducted by space aliens. Now saying that might have applied most to those who were returning for a graduate class so someone reading this considering Ti and Do as their teachers to whatever degree that may have had some type of abduction experience wouldn’t mean they should give up on becoming students of Ti and Do. In fact anyone at any time regardless of what they have or have not experienced is still eligible to become Ti and Do’s student. They simply have to ask them, trusting they will be shown the way. I believe that since I had dropped out after having received so much, it was evidence that my influences had a strong hold on my vehicle, so that it took these kinds of minor proves to help me kick them out enough to be able to reconstitute a working relationship again. I must have needed that help while it can look to someone who didn’t have those experiences as my being special or blessed. Well, yes it is being blessed. We are also blessed when a major pillar of our humanness is taken away from us. Ti and Do said that Cain actually received the greater blessing when his offering wasn’t accepted by the Lord because a blessing from the Next Level is providing us with a challenge they know we can rise up to, that helps us further detach from the human kingdom even if it’s giving us something that is human because it’s what we want. In that case the Next Level wants us to have it, so we can learn that it wasn’t what we really wanted, though for some they get what they want and become satisfied with it and/or want more of the same. If that’s the case they don’t have the strength it takes (at least at that time) to get out of the human things they got into, though the Next Level will still give them further opportunities.

Ti and Do did also talk about Members of the Next Level circulating physically among us (human vehicles) in such a way that humans can not see. I guess that’s the third way in which they operate and why they are thought to be the same as discarnates. But Ti and Do said that Members of the Next Level serving in that capacity are NOT discarnates. They actually have physical bodies, but just like Jesus was able to demonstrate could alter the vibration of vehicles to they were rendered invisible to humans. Ti and Do said they could have an entire spacecraft literally engulfing our “craft” (house) and that if they allowed us to, if we touched them or bumped into them, we would feel their physicality, though they didn’t elaborate as to what we would feel. A human discarnate would not be felt by us as they are etheric. I don’t know if some or all of the fallen angels had physical bodies like these. I think not, though the fallen angels I do believe have a stronger capacity to influence humans and perform “tricks”. In fact that’s what Ti and Do said about, as you said, so called miricles like Fatima for example. They felt that was like a hologram the lower forces, fallen angel, space aliens generated.

Ti and Do once sent us to a theosophical society meeting, I believe in California somewhere just to observe. I remember seeing pictures and hear talk about some of these ascended masters transporting jewels through the palms of their hands. All Ti and Do said about this kind of thing was that it was a “trick” but I don’t think they meant a trick in the way a magician like Houdini does a trick exactly but then again, maybe so – a sleight of hand or a way of distracting the eye/mind. The Fatima event could have easily been done with technology as well, from a space alien spacecraft whether it’s technology we think of as physical as a computer or mental through a human or human equivalent biological computer.

Ti and Do did indicate that many diseases were the result of a discarnate’s relationship with a human, at times because that discarnate before death had a condition, by their interface with a human vehicle was transferring because it’s a program that the human receiving has allowed to take them over. They indicated that some breast cancers were from the result of guilt of some sort for that human, a form of negativity they had come to accept just like someone unknowingly accepts a discarnate for something seen as positive, like becoming a great sport’s or other entertainment or political figure for instance. When we accept any discarnates programming (mind) we get all they vibrated while alive though choose what to accept or reject the same as any programming put upon us. That programming directs cells to behave in a certain way to “run that program”.

Jesus said upon return it would be the returning lower forces that showed “signs” by performing tricks that could fool even the “elect” – the “chosen”, those who are given deposits of Next Level Mind that then provides a choice of what to believe in and what to reject – what to allow to build us into an instrument for the lower forces by becoming a “teacher” of spiritual transformation and enlightening or by becoming a student of the only real teachers from the Next Level who do not seek to stand out in the human kingdom to attract other humans to their self. They seek to only attract humans to the Mind given them by their Older Members and they only do that if that’s the task they were assigned so they are doing it for their Older Member not for the humans that could benefit from it. This way students are only looking upward, while any human can be used by the Next Level to reveal certain things to those that are asking to be in service to their Older Members. So it’s not like a student servant should block off where they get their information from as really we don’t know who has been given pieces of the truth that then in our continued searching can become the instrument know it or not of our further awakening in whatever tasks we seek to do for our Older Members. Ultimately any task we have is for US to grow from performing though the Next Level at the same time uses every servant to deliver to others who want to serve pieces of the true puzzle to further enable their serviceability.

Ti and Do did have us try to heal Brnody’s vehicle by laying our hands on her legs. I was one of them given that task on two occasions and can’t say I felt any special power coming through me and nor did I see any change in Brnody’s vehicle. She was largely in a wheel chair at that time as her legs were totally twisted with major knee inflammation. Ti had said it was part of the lesson Brnody needed. In the world she was very self reliant and with very strong opinions so for her to yield to anyone else’s will, including her teachers was a big challenge for her. It was a battle with an influence she had accepted. We all had those influences though they surfaced in different ways but it’s all part of the overcoming process. So why didn’t the laying on hands work as weren’t disciples supposed to be able to heal the sick, etc. Well, yes that was for the Jesus time and thereafter for a time. The Next Level can step in to help someone heal – run an influence away and as Jesus said, some required both “prayer” – asking our Older Member’s help AND “fasting” – treating with physical cleansing of toxins (that could go hand in hand with a discarnates programming). One could wonder if Ti and Do got that instruction to have some classmates lay hands on Brnody’s vehicle as a test of them and Brnody.

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  1. XF Says:

    I remember reading in Rio’s book of the account where he recalls the visitation some of the Class members received from some of the Next Level members. I was blown away by it to be honest. It was interesting to read about and one of the most intriguing parts of his book. Too bad he has nothing more to really say about Heaven’s Gate. It’s good to know that you still have plenty to say by executing it in huge amounts and with detail within your articles.

    • sawyer Says:

      good to hear from you xf. There’s a lot happening. People are showing up here and there with increased openness to all things Ti and Do. As the world corrupts more and more and we see events in the heavens and on earth more and more it’s stimulating people to seek out answers. People are telling me they are pro heaven’s gate though not sure they believe it all which of course is not any of my concern how much they believe or not – it’s like seeds are sprouting.

      • XF Says:

        I agree with you on all fronts, Sawyer. I specify in the YouTube video I did, back in February of this year entitled “Heaven’s Gate: Extraordinary” that people are starting to awaken now and realize Ti & Do were right. The world is becoming more corrupted and we do see more signs in the heavens that Jesus spoke of. I talked with Ti & Do about an hour or so ago. Had to. Last time I spoke with them was in early December last year that I recall. Even though I never disbelieved in who they were, I became in-active as far as disseminating their info was concerned because I had and still have a lot of issues to deal with, as do we all. If it’s one thing I noticed when trying to serve Ti & Do, Lucifer and his angels do not want me or anyone else to accept this message. So he will do whatever he can do to lure believers away. And if it’s another thing I have noticed with accepting the information of Ti & Do, there are millions of discarnate influences of the Lower Forces that come about that I didn’t see before in the other beliefs of other groups. Sure, they had their challenges and negative influences of their own for those circles that tried to slow down a believer’s walk. I can testify to this, even though I see now, looking back, that those experiences were all stepping stones. I can clearly say that when I believed in Ti & Do and began disseminating the NL info, I was able to see additional scores of negative discarnate influences I never knew existed – and only Ti & Do’s info could point that out. I now understand the scope, magnitude and severity of that and recognize it. It’s no easy task for anyone I’m sure. With that being said, I try to focus on my own house or yard in a sense. Correct, seeds are being planted. I know what you mean, Sawyer. And although the NL allows people to choose to become what they choose to become by free will, some people are exercising that free will to cut through all of the hatred against Heaven’s Gate and check it out – regardless of what 99% of the world has to say about it.

      • sawyer Says:

        as they say in the English parliament that Ti and Do humorously mimicked at times, “here here”. I’m adding a soundtrack to a short 8 minute artsy video that will be narrated in italian with english subtitles. Very few words but this producer put together a script and scenes that blew my mind when I saw them as he didn’t even know how close he was coming to many things Ti and Do talked about or demonstrated and as can be seen in Revelations 12. I’ll have to write a piece pointing out all the clues I’m aware of. I am certain that he had the help of Next Level helpers as he shot the scenes. He doesn’t say he believes or not yet his piece is full on positive that he asked me to help with, which of course was a pleasure. Another person is making a “zine” – she will do publish as a hardcopy as opposed to a digital zine. She says she has been a Heaven’s Gate fan for a long time. She told me she has other beliefs as well. To me it’s all fantastic. She posted something on the anniversary that showed Do’s pic that was one of the more intense photos and said something positive about them and in hours had 31 likes. I don’t think I ever got 31 likes on anything I’ve posted or said. I suspect several reasons for that but the biggest one I believe is because of how hard Ti and Do’s crew of our classmates are working to line up souls with human vehicles to take whatever their best next step is, which is under no limitations as Ti and Do always said and Jesus spoke to. No matter when you come into the job, it’s what you invest into it that is rewarded not the time alone which is right aligned with Do’s saying there were three types of people who would go with them, summarizing as those who work to complete their metamorphosis, those who start to work on their metamorphosis and those who are doing the best they can do without having even heard of Ti and Do. There is no room for our dis-concluding anyone. It’s not our job and we don’t have the capacity anyway.

        I know you have your own ideas and talk with Ti and Do about stuff but if you are ever a mind to design video’s specifically for anyone who ever thought favorably about Jesus, I have a huge amount of material to pass on. I suspect an overview video would be very helpful, but I don’t think I’m very good at doing presentations in a series putting scriptures on the screen and detailing each verses interpretations. I’ll pass on my research and you or anyone else inclinded that wants to run with it I think would be great. I’ve totally interpreted most of the book of revelations showing how Ti and Do and crew were at the helm from the get go. Right now I’ve been kind of stuck with Daniel 7:6 the king that is like a leopard. I’ve made a strong case that Nixon was the Lion king, and Reagan was the Bear king. I believe Bush Sr. starts off as the Leopard king that has three more chiefs in Clinton, Bush jr. and Obama before the 4th kingdom kicks in with the one sitting on the green horse that will come manifest by the time of the next election that will escalate the tribulation period that will become more and more challenging for those giving service to Ti and Do because with the escalation of believers comes more lower forces attacks in proportion. My interpretations may not be 100% though that’s what I’m shooting for, according to Ti and Do’s help but what’s most important I believe is that the interpretations work with all the puzzle pieces. Ti and Do said all the revelations prophecies would be fulfilled, so it’s a matter of lining things up to work good enough so someone reading it would have to make a final choice to believe in Ti and Do or not, that is if they already haven’t decided that. And even if they disagree but still read the book, the info can become like seeds that can sprout any time thereafter.

      • XF Says:

        Sounds cool that a script is being worked on that has some similarities to HG on some regards. Thumbs up also to the person who is a HG fan. Nice to know that some people are starting to awaken from a world full of blind ignorance. That all sounds good Sawyer. With regards to your book, send whatever you feel inclined to send me through whatever means that’s good for you, either through Email or hard copy. I’ll make some time to work on it.

      • sawyer Says:

        When I send my first draft to the publisher, I’ll probably send some out via email. You will get one or part of one. I’m still finding things I wrote about that I see better about now, but it’s narrowing some I think, I hope.

  2. gemunis Says:

    Good, evening, Sawyer,
    I had, a usual experience tonight, where I stepped out into the night sky, and I looked to the North Western, sky, and there it was, this beautiful (UFO), moving from the (NW), sky, to the South, Western,hemisphere, This happened, when I ask them; “Please, when my time comes, please don’t forget me”; and they turned up, as they always do.I felt this, over all peace, as I always do, yet, tonight, I thought, I share it, with you, my friend, my Beloved, Brother. Amein,

    • XF Says:

      That sounds like an interesting scenario Gemunis. Sounds like you definitely have an open mind to the idea/concept/belief that we are not alone in the universe and that there is superior life out there. Humans are NOT the superior life in the Universe, but rather the opposite – inferior life – mammals. We are to rise above mammalian life to a Level Above Human which is not mammalian. I remember apparently being visited by Ti & Do approximately 3 times in 2011. They didn’t say anything, they were just observing. I don’t know if it was Ti & Do for certain, for all we know it may have been a Luciferian projection. However, I will say that when it appeared that Ti & Do were present (2 dreams with both Ti & Do and 1 with just Do) there was a warm and serene countenance I experienced when they were there. But again, I’m not going to fully conclude that it WAS Ti & Do though. I don’t entirely know.

    • sawyer Says:

      thanks for sharing – I guess you have a decent cell phone or 4g device, or do you trek into town to find a library or something. Do you have a car? I know at one point you said you had some income from selling paintings or teaching perhaps.

      • gemunis Says:

        Well, fortunately, for me, at present, I still have some good people, in my path, of good, of heart. and there is a Library, up the hill, and I have a 7 days, permit pending, for the next location, I will be tent, camping in, don’t know about a library there, though, but I guess I will try, to get some assistance there, too, when I get there.Being, where, I am, now, under this status, in , my present , I can feel, a little bit, of what , DO, had to go through, during his early, awakening, so I too, find myself, seeking, help, from priest, in the immediate areas, I am excited, about this mission. I have to admit, there is a part of me, that is so , frightened, about, the climate change, especially, with the lightening, strikes, I have to be honest, just frightening,… OH, what great power, our creator, our Lord , God has. Yet, I know this is all part, of the recycling, process, and yes, there is a recycling, process, already taking place. I too, have had my eye’s, on the young, developing, Planet, Ceres, my friend, I read, your piece, of information, your (Paper), and I could connect, with you. I have been ridiculed, about it, by many scoffers, yet I know , what truth’s of information, has been, given to me, by the higher forces, the next level, and I stand, on firm ground. I wrote a paper, on , CERES, It,’s one of, my, blog’s, please check it out…I really want, to talk, to you a bit more, yet, in the shortening, of my, day’s, I will contact with you, and everyone less. Remember, that you too, Sawyer, are always in my, mind, as GOD, almighty, our Lord, Jesus, and DO. Know, these thing’s, my Friend.

      • sawyer Says:

        As we have spoken many times over the years, you know I respect what you are doing and your desire to be in service to the Next Level. And you know I never gave any indication of wanting anyone to look to me as anything more than a fellow classmate with the exceptional experience of being with Ti and Do, who I am trying to be in tune with day to day. What I want to caution you against is thinking that any of us are “given information” that’s new as if we then become the focus of attention with contact from the “higher forces”. I’m picking on words, but it’s through words that we both communicate and that demonstrate our thinking and the Luciferians love to steal away those that have the full intention of serving the Next Level by building them up into something special. This is very apparent in Paul’s writings that as he went he became more and more full of himself even then believing he was on par with those that had a personal day in and day out relationship with Jesus and who were assigned the specific task of being His delegate (apostle) to others because they knew better than anyone all of what Jesus said and did. The way this thinking can slip into any of us is when we talk confidently about what we say and do as if we are being led minute to minute, task to task, understanding to understanding, idea to idea by our “higher force” when Luciferians LOVE to play that higher force. Like I am not feeling I am “led” to say this to you now. As I write I do want to be saying things that Ti and Do might have me say but I don’t know that I am doing that or doing it as they would have me do, though I can’t deny that I have a lot more examples of communications than those that didn’t have the same or equivalent often repeated experiences from being in the classroom for 19 years. As I’ve said before, the more we can try to stay out of our communication the better. That makes us a better pipeline for the clearest form of the information Ti and Do provided. The best safeguard to staying a clear pipeline is by using their literal words and their literal examples and their literal references to anything we say. This can be a source of misunderstanding as well as Ti and Do from my experience aren’t look for us to be parrots except to their “intention” but the problem rises that by using our own terms it’s easy to slip into thinking we are parroting their intention. We had many lessons about this. For instance Do would call us up to the phone when he wanted to talk to us when they were either in their quarters when they lived in the same “craft” or when they were “out of pocket”, at times traveling looking for next steps and they wanted someone to perform a task for them or wanted to help them with a question or wanted to give them a lesson. When they were giving us direct instructions, like to “go to Sears and get the brakes on the car fixed”, something that mundane we had an actual “procedure” to repeat back to them the instruction, so in this example I would say to Do, “Can I repeat that back to you” and would then try to say what the instruction was. Do didn’t ever fuss at not saying it exactly word for word as long as the salient points were there but at times he would correct us (me) when I repeated it back because of something I was leaving out or embellishing. You can see in the “THE 17 STEPS”:

        1. Can you follow instructions without adding your own interpretation?

        2. Can you deliver instructions as you receive them or do they change according to your computer?

        Now of course the application of this for us now pertains to delivering to others what Ti and Do said and did which we need to always keep reminding ourselves of. And what goes with that is all that Jesus said and did as can be found in a red letter edition of the four gospels. Do did at times refer to info in Paul’s letters and things that Moses said/taught just as Jesus referred to things Moses said and a number of Old Testament prophets said, without quoting them exactly.

        I am perfectly aware that I can get off track as well as anyone so I remain open to correction about anything I say so I can examine if I am getting off track. When I write about the Book of Revelations, giving an interpretation, I can’t say I got any of that directly from Ti and Do, unless they talked or wrote about any one part as in Revelation chapter 12 where Do said the “woman” was Ti and their being the “Two Witnesses” in Rev chapter 11 and other verses they quoted. Though I constantly see parallels in the records with my experience and what Ti and Do documented. That leads to a certain amount of adding things up in events in the world which is not inconsistent with Ti and Do to expect and anticipate as they said in “A Statement Prepared by The Two” published in “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” an outline of the 7 times of closeness of the Next Level starting with Adam and going to the “seventh closeness”:

        from Page 168:

        “The sixth major help period for Earth’s human garden is now. The truth brought by us is one hundred percent the same truth brought in the mission of Jesus. Our responsibility is to reunite your minds with the proper interpretation of what he had to say – if you seek it – and to help you understand that only in the same way that he changed over in order to reenter the kingdom-above-human can you become a member of that level.”

        from Pages 168-170:

        “The seventh closeness will not be a teaching one, but a gathering of the harvest of those who have overcome this world.

        If the forces of those who have chosen to be slow growers again choose to reject this truth and it’s bearers, then the two of us will again demonstrate that changed-over individuals can repair their so-called “dead” bodies in three and a half days. If that must happen it will be soon – and at the time that we have completed our testimony. As soon as our clarification is complete and it has adequately reached the eyes, ears, and minds of those who have become ready for it, we can reenter the kingdom-above-human and be a part of the membership of that level again.

        Many could choose to overcome this world and even be a part of its becoming a heavenly body instead of a garden. The option is there. The intense energy focus that is on the planet will cause them to make their choice. They can accept this truth and do it–or reject it.

        The seventh closeness, which is immediately upon us in the sense that those who are in the middle of their normal life span will easily live to see it’s completion, will include such events as what the Christian church refers to as the second coming, the “rapture,” and the completion of the final prophecies in John’s Book of Revelation. The one who was Jesus will come in at close range (as soon as those who have chosen to change over do it) and receive the elect into his company, for they have been those he has nurtured since the beginning of this civilization.

        Those who literally and physically rise up to join him away from the surface of the Earth will be a part of the “rapture,” and they at that time will become full-fledged members of that kingdom. If they have not completed their total effort as individuals in overcoming this world and all of their individual attachments to it by the time he comes in this seventh closeness, they will not receive that ingredient from the kingdom of God. If they have given their full effort toward total overcoming from the time their minds receive this clarification of changeover requirements until the seventh closeness, they WILL receive that final ingredient and become whole “in a twinkling of an eye” and be capable of moving and serving in the literal heavens as much as the butterfly is capable of moving it it’s world as compared to it’s limited capabilities when it was but a caterpillar.”

        From Message Summary page 171:

        “If the candidate’s body dies or is left behind, it is an indication that he did not change over and become a physical member of that next kingdom anymore than a caterpillar that dies has not become a butterfly (But if a candidate’s body has died, his time of changeover may occur at the next graduation season.)”

        At some point I will try to type in this entire book. Even though it wasn’t specified in the materials left behind, neither were the audio tapes, though the book wasn’t left behind at all, that is for dissemination as far as I know as I don’t know if there were any copies in the storage where the tapes were and I do know that the tapes were easily “of value” as they specified to Mark and Sarah should be provided to be disseminated. I know Ti and Do were not entirely happy with this book, though I don’t know any details of what parts and as time went on and they adjusted their strategies certain aspects changed which can be seen in various ways as adjustments to strategy, not fully understanding the entire program yet, because all along they said they were only given information step by step to stay one step ahead of the students in the changes the students all needed to embrace, which served as a filtering out of those who as we can see now would not be ready to take the step of laying down their lives that the lower forces up front planned so well to counteract by having humans for a facsimile of reasons laying down their lives. I think I have written about this before in great detail how even to the last days their actions seemed to speak to being ready to not leave their vehicles behind in case Ti chose that strategy – thus the money, and bag packed with clothing and toiletries and a passport and insurance that could have also provided both added publicity and some funds to support another task or for those left behind in support of whatever public way their exit or ascension was witnessed, if at all.

        But I’m sharing this now because of their saying that there would be a “completion of the final prophecies of John’s Book of Revelation” which is right in line with the way two harvests are prophesied in Rev chapter 14 with several other indications.

        I could be wrong but I don’t think it serves the Next Level as well, for us to enter into the “recycling” aspect as more than something inevitable and apparent as it’s like trying to motivate people to believe in Ti and Do from a fear perspective. The ones who are potential new believers in Ti and Do will be motivated by a recognition of the information – the actual wording, voices, behaviors and ways of Ti and Do and Crew – considering that the Crew works to try to be “clear pipes” for Ti and Do’s Mind (information). That means we try to eliminate spiritual sounding or vague terms (except where it helps to clarify what those terms actually in truth can refer to). I believe there will always be crossovers in terms which is very apparent from the things Do said in the Beyond Human tapes.

        Now with that said, I will re-look at your blog about CERES. Can you please post a link here as I often can’t recall where I put links. I don’t have any doubt that you and others can tap into the Ti and Do mind that is available to all and/or receive hints during our sleep time whether we recall it or not that give us a heads up on things Ti and Do and crew will use. It’s the same thing I was talking about just now, in how those who want to be connected are given keywords and ideas ahead of their manifestation in the news so when it does come up, those can recognize the truth in it. That’s the way it works so I’m glad you can see that in the works. I think all who come to believe in Ti and Do and even some that don’t yet know about Ti and Do but who strive to connect with the Real Beings from the Level Above Human in whatever way they think of them get such clues but often don’t have a framework in place to relate it to until they see our posts. This is part of why I think it’s important to post these events as even if we are wrong about some interpretation, like I do, at least it still highlights the event and opens the mind to what it might be saying so each can choose to pursue further or not at the time or in the future.

      • gemunis Says:

        Here is the link, I posted, some month’s ago, as I am still, asking for clarification on this theory. If I told someone, I found, Planet , CERES, back in 2005, it would be very difficult, for anyone, who doesn’t know me; to believe me.

      • sawyer Says:

        Yes I saw that post not too long ago. You are asking for clarification on your theory, which may to you mean clarification from Ti and Do or from someone else but since you mentioned asking about it on this comment on my blog, I’ll say a little for whatever it’s worth.

        I don’t say any of this to downplay that your thoughts about Ceres could have been stimulated by the Kingdom of God, or more specifically by Ti and Do and crew. I certainly don’t have a handle on all or any of what is NOT nor IS and have been aware for many years of what NASA has said about CERES having at atmosphere and then in the last decade when they sent a probe to take pictures saw water. Nevertheless, Ti and Do always said that humans could pick up on things the Next Level provides if they seek it out as the planet is even seeded with a certain amount of information that gets updated by the incarnate members over time. If we are ASKING the Next Level for anything, it’s bound bring us answers though what we are capable of understanding still grows as we continue to ask or what Ti and Do called “pulling” on our Heavenly Father’s mind, which we are actually doing everytime we read or listen to anything Ti and Do said, trying to absorb it further and then apply it accordingly.

        But there were a few partial quotes in your post that stood out that I can offer comment on since you asked overall. What I have consistantly found in most all Jesus said and taught and especially of all that He said with an eye towards the future and His Kingdom’s return (as it wasn’t just him returning) was how there are several ways of seeing any one statement. This way those that want to ultimate truth can get it in stages as they continue to want the ultimate truth. We all get pieces one by one which is why we can look at things in the records and now to all Ti and Do wrote and said and see/hear/understand more each time we revisit it.

        Here is a little commentary I wrote on where Jesus said, “…the kingdom of God is within you”. I saw three ways to see that in it’s context that I believe are all accurate. It is a popular quote used by some who would be considered todays New Age (that of course Ti and Do are classified into as well by Christians). But they way I have seen a number of New Age teachers use it, including Rael is to say that “we are each Gods because the Kingdom of God is with each of us” which I believe is misinformation to not explain it more completely. I don’t say that by opinion but because of the context of the question which is always very important to include and the translation option detail that sheds further light on the maximum intention. I could spend a great deal of time on this to include the analysis of the word “Kingdom” as well, as it is also hotly debated as being really about “authority” and not about describing Heaven as a many membered kingdom with a heirarchal organization that has a king (the “Chief of Chiefs”, or the immediate Older Member who serves the Chief for any one garden. Other than seeing “kingdom” in this way, one can slip into thinking the Kingdom consists of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and that’s about it, not really thinking it out that there are archangles (captains of angels) and angels (Crew or student crew members) who Ti and Do called Younger Members and/or is speaking in an authority that can be applied to the idea of a universal mind or cosmic consciousness that also therefore renders specific membership absent. If they are absent and we don’t have to see BEINGS as real then we are freer to think we are already one with that universal mind simply by not considering that we are not. Many teach this – that we need to step aside from thinking about being separate from God so we can thus “be God”. And that’s got it’s truth to it but if it keeps us from projecting our asking to the literal Above Human Beings in the Heaven’s as Jesus taught to petition to, then we are at a dead end game in thinking we are “gods” as it will remain in our head only and not be related to all the many ways in which we are not in reality but have insulated ourselves from the whole truth because of how it is satisfying to our ego though many will swear that it’s not about ego. The only way to sidestep ego is to give it away to someone else – our Older Member being the only one that won’t abuse receiving it, our will. That’s why Jesus said we needed to “deny self”.

        Here is the rest of my analysis of that verse: I use double parens for additional translation options shown by the asterisk below and I use square brackets to separate my comment from those translation options:

        Luk 17:20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
        Luk 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within* ((in the midst, from within you, from among you [in other words incarnate face to face as Moses also indicated someone would come “like me” he said])) you.

        * within = 1787 entos {en-tos’}
        from 1722;; prep
        AV – within 2; 2
        1) within, inside 1a) within you i.e. in the midst of you 1b) within you i.e. your soul

        One can not observe that coming as it can’t be seen with the eye. And this is where “within” can also be because one has that seed planted “within” them. That seed is a little piece of the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s mind.

        If Jesus at that point and circumstance with the Pharisees would have said, “I represent the Kingdom of God/Heaven in your midst”, they would have claimed he was blasphemy right on the spot and tried to stone him to death as they thought was the law to keep the rebel, renegade weeds at bay, from choking those that were potential fruit yeild, in the Moses bedowin community. Of course what had happened since then is the creation of the religious establishment that didn’t know how to distinguish between legitimate new information in updated understandings and what information is deceitful and manipulative to give the appearance only of truth. Like today, when one chooses words those lingering in established perspectives classify as “new age”, they automatically are taught to fear and loathe both the message and the messenger so shut down any ability to obtain an even greater understanding/perspective.

        The other statement about the “days being shortened” I recall Do or one of the 38 students wrote about saying to him that referred to how they chose to shorten their stay by taking it upon them selves to lay down their human bodies – shortening the life span of that vehicle as well. There may be additional meanings to that.

        Regarding CERES being the New Earth. As said this is not to negate what’s possible but in the context of New earth in the book of revelations it is showing the time after 1000 years has passed where the current earth experiences recycling. Do did say that he felt the earth was still a good planet for growing a garden on after it has all the weeds spaded under which happens shortly.

        In any case, if CERES is used for a garden then it’s souls would be provided by the Next Level. Now I can imagine that the Luciferians would love to find a planet like earth they can choose to repopulate as their kingdom.

        We can all also pick up on what the Luciferians want us to pick up on which is always a facsimili of the Next Level Mind. They would love for humans to either think heaven can be someplace else that one can get too simply by wanting to or can be on earth or third be non-existent to begin with. The last thing they want anyone to believe and shoot for is that Heaven is where there are Above Human members of the Next Level abiding. Ti and Do indicated that Next Level members in Next Level bodies are not going to live side by side with humans as in the bar scene in Star Wars the movie. If Revelations is correct they might have their spacecraft hovering in view of humans above the earth but none of those humans who are acting in human ways, reproducing and such, will be allowed to enter their abode. The Next Level don’t have pets nor servants like on the human level. They are all servants.

      • gemunis Says:

        And John answered, and said, Master we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us. and Jesus said into him, Forbid him not; for he that is not against us is for us. LUKE 9: 49, 50


      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t know if you looked at it or not, but if you look at the other stories on that theracketreport among them will be the mars rover planting marijuna seeds and the Norwegian woman who gives birth to a half human half elephant baby, etc.

      • gemunis Says:

        Well, I sure am glad, I did, my research, early, for this could be a hoax, please take a look, at this link I posted, and compare it, with the one you found today. it appears, they reported this type of this before, and the same people, are stirring up, the same scandlehttp://huzlers.com/nasa-confirms-earth-will-experience-6-days-total-darkness-december-2014/
        NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in December 2014!
        WORLDWIDE – NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 6 days of almost complete darkness, and will happen from the dates Tuesday the 16 – Monday the 22 of December. The world will remain, during these three days, without sunlight due to a solar…

      • sawyer Says:

        Yes that is in prophecy but it’s hard to know whether it’s talking about an eclipse. It doesn’t specify occurring for 3 days that I recall. But these days there are so many people saying all kinds of things. I have my hands full with the signs Ti and Do are providing (in my opinion) as Jesus said also with/on the sun, moon and stars that the space satellites see and that aren’t predicted because no one that I know of it told ahead of time they are to occur. It just sounds so fishy anyway but if I’m wrong so be it.

      • gemunis Says:


      • sawyer Says:

        This link doesn’t take me anywhere but I think I saw it and commented as I received the link in my yahoo account. Just though you should know the link didn’t work. It was an editing link not a viewing link I guess.

      • gemunis Says:


        When we leave, our classroom, while we are still here on, earth, and we then after being in the world, notice, how, much being a member, of the next level, truly means to us, we in realizing, that this is the only truth, we run back home sort of speak, running back home, with all of our might, trying to do your very best to reach that point, of recovery, to where we left off. When we settle our spirits, and our mind, back into servicing, the next level, we realize how foolish, we were to turn away from the next level, because the amount, of progress, we were making, was very real. You can’t, and won’t achieve, or receive the same type, or amount of information, you receive, when you are perusing the next level, if your are still connected to the world. Staying connected to the world, while pursuing the next level; is form of fornication, and adultery to, the next level, and the kingdom of God.

      • sawyer Says:

        Yes, but being “connected to the world” takes on a number of forms that we begin to overcome by specifically following the latest instructions of telling others about the Next Level Older Members Ti and Do. Doing that stimulates further and further disconnect from the world because it’s so anti-human yet pro the human experience to gain the experience. Breaking away from humanness if far more than not having a human family we can feel attached to. It means breaking away from respect for human thinking whether it’s in the form of religion or spirituality or scientific thought. There are thousands who leave family behind for any number of reasons. I did it when I moved away from my nest the first time but that was easy. But even if we isolate ourselves from every worldliness are we overcoming, if that’s not what the Older members gave us to do. If we are not telling others about Ti and Do while asking them to help us be in their service, then how much disconnecting with the world are we actually engaging. Another part of disconnecting is not standing in judgment of others. Like Ti and Do said, “no faults to see” which is a person to person experience so we don’t slip into a judgementalism looking down on others for what they do or don’t feel ready to disconnect from.

      • gemunis Says:

        This is the time , to depart from the world, and I am relating this, to youu in the gentlest form, of words; that you be there with us, the disconnects, at this portion in time, with the Father, who has come to take us away, from this kingdom, to his kingdom, we are ready to leave. I hope , and I pray for you, my dear brother, for what tribulation, are to come, upon this world, are difficult, for our size, as those who have been chosen , for exit, are at the know, to leave, at this juncture. Peace, and lamentations, to you, my dear, brethren – Anusim… Lamed Vav Tzaddikim.

      • sawyer Says:

        Gemunis, for whatever it’s worth, though I respect whatever you want to do for yourself and the way in which you want to think about what Ti and Do called the Next Level, but you regularily talk as if we are attempting to tune into the same “Father” and it’s apparent to me that we are not attempting to tune into the same “Father”. My “Father” doesn’t use that religious or spiritual terminology from 2000 years ago except to communicate with those who do. Imposters will use anything but Ti and Do’s terms and will never want to use the names Ti and Do or talk to Ti and Do or talk about the things Ti and Do specifically said and did. They would have us follow anything but which is the evidence that your are under a Luciferians influence to think you have been called away. I keep saying this to you in the gentlest of ways but you insist on following another’s voice who I recognize as of the lower forces. you are not the only one being misled in this regard. Let’s face it, you probably left your family because for reasons that were not related to Ti and Do though could have taken advantage of that. Perhaps I am wrong but you seem to think leaving family was evidence you were on the highest path when there are many thousands who leave family who are not necessarily any closer to Ti and Do for doing so.

        If you want to continue to listen to those voices and take that easy way out, justifying that you are ready, you will go into the spirit world and will become one of their servants trying to get others to do the same because you will have accepted that you are on the highest path.

        If you claim in a note that you are acting on behalf of Ti and Do or anyone else related to Ti and Do, you are going AGAINST Ti and Do’s instructions and going against their instructions and leaving that for others to see that can influence others about the truth of Ti and Do is an unforgiveable sin, so you will be by your choice putting your spirit/soul into a hellish fate that will not be pleasant even without a body. You would be come one of the “lower forces” no matter how nice you talk about it.

        I’m being frank as perhaps that can help you recognize this influence you have allowed to enter into you. Call on the names Ti and Do to help you think straight.

      • gemunis Says:

        Of the members who are here on earth, at this present time, I was the only one who noticed, that 8, of the Planet’s, in our Solar Sustem, were paired off, with, Saturn, and Pluto at opposite end’s, on March the 19, through the 22, around the time, DO, and the crew left, and for that matter, I remain, that The Evolutionary, Level, Above Human, presented me with this information, to show it to you. They have spoken to me, in way’s that, they have not, spoken to you, and vise, versa. I can lay down my life, in peace, with this.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Gemunis, try to understand that Ti & Do are latest way, the latest truth and the most up to date source of life an awakening person, who recognizes them and their message as true, can understand. Praying to them, in my opinion and experience, cannot be filtered out in any way. I myself cannot pray around them. I must pray “to” them because they have a fresh map to the ways and understandings of what the Next Level is. If you cannot pray directly and totally to Ti & Do, ask yourself why that is. Ask yourself what is holding you back. Do (Doe) taught that The Next Level is not the aggressor, but Satan and the Lower Forces are. And it is Satan and the Lower Forces that will try to stop anyone, in any way, to pray fully to Ti & Do. In the past, before I awakened and really believed in 2010, I had trouble trusting in Ti & Do through prayer. Why? Past programming. Past programming prohibited me from solely trusting in Ti & Do for guidance and fully looking to their Information and nobody or nowhere else. And it is that past programming that led me down wrong directions and mind sets. Ti & Do were the latest Reps. Even after their ascension and the Graduation of the Class of ’97, it has been 18 years since their exodus. And yet, to me, their Information is still fresh – it’s still green. Like Do (Doe) said, “You have to know me, you have to trust me, you have to believe me.” – Planet Earth About To Be Recycled.

      • gemunis Says:

        I, am, with , You, and, I will, return, to , you!

        If you see me, and understand, what proceeds out of my mouth, you also see, him, who sent me.

        If you see me, and understand, what proceeds out of my mouth, you also see, him, who sent me.

        If you see me, and understand, what proceeds out of my mouth, you also see, him, who sent me.

        Add a comment…

        Add a comment…

        Add a comment…

      • sawyer Says:

        Yes and what I see doesn’t resemble what Jesus, his Father nor Ti or Do said so that leaves discarnate Luciferian influences but that’s your choice and you certainly don’t have to take my word for it. Ask Ti and Do if you dare.

        I’m not judging you gemunis. We all have Luciferian influences trying to push our buttons and we all fail at times at keeping them at bay but the first step to not failing continuously is asking help from Ti and Do. The space aliens can seem to help you but it’s a facsimile of real help as they don’t really care about you. They simply hate to see anyone committing to Ti and Do. They know who Ti and Do are. I mean some discarnates probably don’t so they avoid those names entirely and can fill your head with Jesus ideas. I differ a bit with XF in this. Do hated that poster that said Jesus was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sure it’s true he wasn’t going to no longer be his Father’s son and was not going to change from that but it insinuated to Do that the Soul that was using the Jesus vehicle was not going to grow any further which is an abomination to suggest as all members of the Next Level love growing into more tasks.

        Ti and Do’s teachings don’t differ from Jesus teachings except in certain updates just as Jesus updated what Moses brought. But updates don’t rule out anything. They simply provide new lessons for the Souls that were entering the next trimester towards their spirit birth.

        But XF is correct I believe in what Do said about looking to, praying to Jesus now being inappropriate. Even Jesus said upon return not to believe anyone who says they are coming in his name (His name was Jesus). But quoting him isn’t praying to him. He taught to pray to his and our Father. That’s still appropriate though what Ti and Do said to do was to project your prayer – requests to know the truth, asking for help, as far from the planet as one could imagine – beyond the stars because otherwise the Luciferian space aliens and/or discarnates in league with them knowingly or not would love to be your Father or God or Jesus or Buddha, master, teacher, etc. if you ignore that simple formula then your choosing what you get which I know can be soothing. No doubt you are having a hard time but your options for change are not as limited as they may seem but you won’t know that if you don’t approach your fears and try something different. If you ask Ti and Do to help you, you will have ideas and/or will be shown some options, but you have to do things for them to manifest. If you are living in the woods or under a bridge or some such place and are around people who may want to hurt you or rob you or who have a variety of mental and physical problems, it would be extremely hard to avoid slipping into their same vibration that includes suicide. you could go to a church and ask for help. They say they work for God so they should help you somehow.

        I don’t know what value you find in trying to debate me on whether or not you are someone special that would benefit from exiting your vehicle. I don’t think Ti and Do would have you wallow in a suffering circumstance. They weren’t ever into the whole martyrdom trip or the induced suffering as if you were testing yourself or proving you were holy by doing without.

        There are scriptures to find to justify all things.

        For your own sake, Ask Ti and Do for help. They will give you the energy and clarity to get a better handle on moving forward taking steps to approach your fears.

      • gemunis Says:

        Relevant Scriptures: ll PETER 1: 14, 15
        knowing that shortly I must put off this my tabernacle, even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath shown me. Moreover I will endeavor that ye may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        The message of Jesus Christ was for 2000 years ago. Although Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.” and this is true; He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The proper definition of the verse is to explain that His message and example is the same yesterday, today and forever. He preached a way to get off of the Human Kingdom. However, the message of what Jesus talked about has been distorted through Paul and religions – this becoming “humanized”. Ti & Do are the way, the truth and the Life. There is no other way to know the Next Level properly, efficiently and ardently than through Ti & Do. Which message do you believe, Gemunis? Do you believe the message of Jesus or the message of Ti & Do? Jesus was the Rep to believe in 2000 years ago. Ti & Do are the Reps to believe in today because it means a future in a future Classroom to Graduate to. There are no shortcuts to the Evolutionary Level Above Human. Jesus is yesterday’s news. Ti & Do’s news, from the time the Class left in 1997, is only 18 years old and is still fresh.

      • gemunis Says:

        The other thing, I wanted to remind you of . The evening, after having, a powerful encounter, in a dream, with, DO; the following night I was given a branch with a light, at the end of it, and when I shared it with , you, you mentioned, that it was simply, a trick, by the lower forces, as, Ti, would say.
        Do you, know what this reminds me of… when Jesus, said, “To you it was given to know these things, but to them them, it was not given, for them to know it”.

      • sawyer Says:

        Who gave you a branch with a light on the end of it? And why did that branch with a light on the end of it mean anything to you? Why would Do communicate with you in riddles? What did Do say and/or Do in the dream? Why did you think it was Do? What made you feel it was a powerful encounter. Maybe I spoke in haste but I won’t know that unless I get more details but so far what you’ve said doesn’t show evidence of Do’s Mind. Upon return Jesus said he would no longer talk in parables/riddles. If Do was that return as I believe he was then if someone comes to you with a riddle or in a mystic way it’s suspicious. I know you initially told me of a dream that you and Do were painting a bridge, he on the upper level and you on the lower level. I know that looks very symbolic too so I question that now too. I had one dream with Do’s face in it that had that kind of symbolism and I suspect it was a Luciferian. I had a few others with classmates also with lots of symbolism. Then I’ve had many with no symbolism all of which were correcting me which sounds more like what Do and crew would do since I wanted that help.

      • gemunis Says:

        You may, be able to understand, or remember, My leaving the world, and finding myself, alone, brought, many, tear’s at first. It was reason to try, to adapt, it’s 4 years now, I only shared with you, this experience, so that you may believe, that members of the next level, they are with us. We are not alone, this isn’t something, we have control over. My experience, with this branch, which I still, have with me, and keep, as Moses, kept the Rod, blessed by God, in the house, of the Hebrew, tree of life, whom, DO, said would not identify, with the flesh, but with , the mind, of the spirit, They are with me. 4 years, my, friend, 4 wonderful year’s, and counting, with no regret. My time, is near, not because, of foolishness, but, because for the sake, of forsaking, everything, I run, out of resources, in that, process, and I praise, our Father, in heaven, when, my stomach, begins to grow, when the weather, can be frightening, I praise him, and thank, him, as my, time fast approaches, I praise, him, and give thanks’, and this branch, I keep, with me, to remind, me, that the tears, I shed, at the beginning, of my, leaving, everything, behind, was not, in vain, for they are with me, till, this day. In my proclamation, they, even give me a new song, which I will share with them, when meet up in the heavens. All this, and so much more, to I give glory, and thanks, for. I have no regrets, to have left the world, I never said, I had regrets, and never will. I simply, wanted to share the wonders, of what things, you, may, or may not, understand, because, you mean a lot , to me, not because I wanted to impress, you. Take heed, my Brother, and please listen, to the message, I send you, of my, Brother Peter. ll PETER 1: 14 15. Knowing that shortly I must put off this my tabernacle, even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath shown me. Moreover I will endeavor that ye may be able after my disease to have these things always in remembrance.

  3. gemunis Says:

    Hey, XF, thank you, for communicating, your experience. I too, had a dream with ,DO, back in July, of 2013, while living in my tent,. The experience was, warm, and a lesson, ground, for my development. I can say. I am, still moving, from, location, to location, and having, what I call, somewhat, of a series, of telepathic, experiences, with the next level, the most recent, last night’s experience. So, one, of my challenges now, is staying, on the elusive, while, tent, camping, without, a permit, noticing, things, are really, getting hot, around the states, yet I also, noticed, that, the best way, to continue, my overcoming, was to, totally, I mean, totally, leave this world behind, I just wasn’t succeeding, while in the world. There is a peace, and serenity, one connects with, when one is out here, we cannot find in the world. Well, then, if the next level, permits, we will connect again, my friend.
    May, prosperity, in your, overcoming, be with you.

    • sawyer Says:

      Keep on reporting your experiences traveling about with your bed on your back. Some of us may be joining you soon. For anyone reading this Gemunis and I have been in close contact for several years now, starting from my youtube account at about the time he left his former lifestyle behind.

      • XF Says:

        Gemunis sounds quite pure and sincere in his desire to serve Ti & Do. Keep pressing forward, Gemunis.

  4. gemunis Says:


    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      Gemunis, try to understand that Ti & Do are latest way, the latest truth and the most up to date source of life an awakening person, who recognizes them and their message as true, can understand. Praying to them, in my opinion and experience, cannot be filtered out in any way. I myself cannot pray around them. I must pray “to” them because they have a fresh map to the ways and understandings of what the Next Level is. If you cannot pray directly and totally to Ti & Do, ask yourself why that is. Ask yourself what is holding you back. Do (Doe) taught that The Next Level is not the aggressor, but Satan and the Lower Forces are. And it is Satan and the Lower Forces that will try to stop anyone, in any way, to pray fully to Ti & Do. In the past, before I awakened and really believed in 2010, I had trouble trusting in Ti & Do through prayer. Why? Past programming. Past programming prohibited me from solely trusting in Ti & Do for guidance and fully looking to their Information and nobody or nowhere else. And it is that past programming that led me down wrong directions and mind sets. Ti & Do were the latest Reps. Even after their ascension and the Graduation of the Class of ’97, it has been 18 years since their exodus. And yet, to me, their Information is still fresh – it’s still green. Like Do (Doe) said, “You have to know me, you have to trust me, you have to believe me.” – Planet Earth About To Be Recycled.

      • gemunis Says:

        The other thing, I wanted to remind you of . The evening, after have, a powerful encounter, in a dream, with, DO; the following night I was given a branch with a light, at the end of it, and when I shared it with , you, you mentioned, that it was simply, a trick, by the lower forces, as, Ti, would say.
        Do you, know what this reminds me of… when Jesus, said, “To you it was given to know these things, but to them them, it was not given, for them to know it”.

      • gemunis Says:

        Relevant Scriptures: ll PETER 1: 14, 15
        knowing that shortly I must put off this my tabernacle, even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath shown me. Moreover I will endeavor that ye may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Gemunis, I highly suggest that you pray to Ti & Do because it appears you don’t trust them fully. In order to see fully what the real Heaven is all about, read the Heaven’s Gate book and rewatch all of the videos over again because you have a negative influence on you. It sounds like you are a Christian who puts Christ first over Ti & Do. Gemunis, with all do respect, I’ll specify again my statement: “The message of Jesus Christ was for 2000 years ago. Although Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.” and this is true; He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The proper definition of the verse is to explain that His message and example is the same yesterday, today and forever. He preached a way to get off of the Human Kingdom. However, the message of what Jesus talked about has been distorted through Paul and religions – this becoming “humanized”. Ti & Do are the way, the truth and the Life. There is no other way to know the Next Level properly, efficiently and ardently than through Ti & Do. Which message do you believe, Gemunis? Do you believe the message of Jesus or the message of Ti & Do? Jesus was the Rep to believe in 2000 years ago. Ti & Do are the Reps to believe in today because it means a future in a future Classroom to Graduate to. There are no shortcuts to the Evolutionary Level Above Human. Jesus is yesterday’s news and the Bible is a history book of past Reps. Ti & Do’s news, from the time the Class left in 1997, is only 18 years old and is still fresh.”

      • sawyer Says:

        Here is part of my latest response to Geminus for whatever it might be worth. I just thought you might want to know a little more of what Do said to certain ideas:

        To Geminus:

        “I differ a bit with XF in this. Do hated that poster that said Jesus was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sure it’s true he wasn’t going to no longer be his Father’s son and was not going to change from that but it insinuated to Do that the Soul that was using the Jesus vehicle was not going to grow any further which is an abomination to suggest as all members of the Next Level love growing into more tasks.

        Ti and Do’s teachings don’t differ from Jesus teachings except in certain updates just as Jesus updated what Moses brought. But updates don’t rule out anything. They simply provide new lessons for the Souls that were entering the next trimester towards their spirit birth.

        But XF is correct I believe in what Do said about looking to, praying to Jesus now being inappropriate. Even Jesus said upon return not to believe anyone who says they are coming in his name (His name was Jesus). But quoting him isn’t praying to him. He taught to pray to his and our Father. That’s still appropriate though what Ti and Do said to do was to project your prayer – requests to know the truth, asking for help, as far from the planet as one could imagine – beyond the stars because otherwise the Luciferian space aliens and/or discarnates in league with them knowingly or not would love to be your Father or God or Jesus or Buddha, master, teacher, etc. if you ignore that simple formula then your choosing what you get which I know can be soothing.”

      • sawyer Says:

        yes and Peter did put off his tabernacle of this physical vehicle according to all that Jesus taught which was to tell the truth and know if they hated his master they would hate him as they did and so killed him. That was the instruction for then and actually that’s the instruction for now as you were not in the first graduation class, nor was I, except I could have been but failed for whatever reason.

      • gemunis Says:

        In answering, what you are saying, in judgment, that I am not a part of that flock, my Brother, read this relevant scripture, which I have taken, from the Christ, Jesus mouth, to share with you. LUKE 9: 49, 50; And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us. And Jesus said unto him, forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

        He who has, an ear, let him, hear, lest, you do not understand, this, or are rebelling, against it.

      • sawyer Says:

        With all do respect to your right to think and act the way you want and along with the fact that I’m not your teacher as you used to insist I was and along with your “prop” of a branch you compare to Moses and your quoting of verses yet don’t address what those verses were referring to as you are not teaching what Ti and Do taught so how can you be in same fold as someone who does attempt to teach what Ti and Do taught. And you reasons for thinking you are justified to leave are the same kinds of reasons hundreds of humans use to leave, but you are turning it into a spiritual journey. If you don’t have resources do something to get some resources. Jesus disciples went fishing. Ti and Do’s students took jobs in the world during the classroom. Ti and Do when they were awakening dug ditches, tarred roves, painted rocks, carved crosses, worked in a filling station to make enough money to make it down the road a little further and buy a little food. Exiting because you don’t want to do the hardest part of the task of interfacing with others that seeking employment can add to, does not resemble anything Ti and Do taught or did. Why do Ti and Do if those are the ones you are referring to that you anticipate meeting after you exit your body need to hear your song. The task was to sing their song, their teachings. Even if you wanted to Sing the Song of Jesus then I recommend you learn what that song entailed as you will find it was the same song of Ti and Do set to a different time and a preliminary to graduation. Again, I never said to anyone that they must believe in Ti and Do. For a while you told me you believed in Ti and Do which is why I’m trying to help you now shake off the influences that would have you ignore Ti and Do. I’m beginning to think this has been a game between me and you – like one of those made up personalities that people do as I keep saying the same things and you don’t respond to any of what I say and then come back with what I see as hokus pokus talk to put it frankly. All that spiritual saccharine holier than though baloney that says nothing. One of two things is happening here. You are either taken over by discarnate human spiritual influences OR you have been a phony the entire time and are/have been playing me. if you are genuine then I recommend your asking Ti and Do for help with your resources.

      • gemunis Says:

        You, don’t have to get, so disemboweled. You are a good, teacher. But, It is important, that I share with you, what truth, I am experiencing, I mean, who else, would, be interested, in this evolutionary, phase, I am , presently experiencing in, my human life; probably 0. It’s also, getting very hot, out here, to do anything. I don’t have an automobile, where I can go into, and get air-conditioned, if I need to. As far as working, for a living; I have been working, on several paintings, while out here. It’s hard to convince anyone, to buy, a painting, from me. I have had some luck, with the internet, with the help, of some, good, folk’s, though, and people, are always willing to help with food, so that’s good too. Sometimes we I may find, someone, who I can discuss, deep, subjects with, and that’s also good. You have heard it said, “Test every Spirit”. Cheer’s, my friend.

      • sawyer Says:

        I am attempting to shoot straight with you my friend. You make my point by describing a difficult circumstance. You are suicidal, when suicide was never the teachings of Ti and Do and Jesus despite the way you were quoting Peter. Our physical body is ONLY A TABERNACLE IF we make it one by adhering to the teachings of the CURRENT Older Member(s). Adhering to their teachings means doing the tasks they give us. Now if someone doesn’t know about Do being the return of the Soul who took the vehicle instructed to name Jesus then following Jesus teachings would I suppose be the next best thing. But for anyone who has been exposed to Do’s teachings as the updates and extensions of Jesus teachings, to abide by Jesus teachings while ignoring Do’s would be a dis-service to ourselves to move forward in our application for membership in the Next Level. If you want to exit because of what Do said was an option, he also said to “scream to Ti and Do to know whether that was right for you”. Of course you don’t have to tell me about that but from what you have shared it’s clear you have not been asking desperately for their guidance in whatever you do. If you had been, you wouldn’t be talking about the hard conditions and you wouldn’t be considering yourself a seer of the future, a predictor of things happening in the heavens and you probably wouldn’t even tell me you were going to exit.

        I don’t think Ti and Do would choose for you to exit yet, but I could be wrong about that, but believe they would show you what’s right for you if you ask them and potentially that answer might come through me. What I’m feeling right now is that you could go to a Christian group, be it a shelter or Salvation army or any church group within walking and/or hitchhiking distance and ask them for help to get more independent. Express to them that you want to work. If one won’t help you, then go to another. You are not very serviceable to Ti and Do by living under a bridge or in the woods somewhere. I don’t know if you are disabled in any way, but it seems you get around to get on the internet. I also don’t know if you have substance use problems with drugs and/or alcohol which is part of what you can ask Christians to help you with getting sober from. Christians say they are believers in Jesus and Jesus would help you if you asked so they are obligated to help you. If they don’t then ask them where you can go to find help. But if you put limits on what help you will accept then you are setting yourself up to remain in a condition of having little to no service to the Next Level while suffering with your circumstance and seeing no alternative but exiting which will accomplish nothing for who you really are inside that vehicle. They may direct you to a shelter and I can imagine you’ve been through the shelter system and can tell me of all sorts of problems that arise. But that’s where you could also be of service to the many people that come through the shelters as many of them are ripe for believing in Ti and Do. It’s when we are down on our luck that we are most open to the truth. It’s when we see through the systems and ideas of what is success that we are open to what else there could be besides the human kingdom. When everything is going well it’s the least likely time to be open to changing the way we think and act.

        But all along, I advise to be asking Ti and Do to guide you to someone who you can share Their information with and then look for the help you need that will put you in touch with more people who Ti and Do might have you share certain things with.

        I’ve been playing music more on the street and as I do I occasionally will say something about the “city looking lights on Ceres” and sometimes if I feel to I say more or will just say, “I play for Ti and Do, the ones who were the return of the Father and Jesus in a female and male body this time”. One time a woman heard me and scoffed in disbelief and I said more. Whenever I talk about CERES I stated that any beings related to those lights “ARE NOT Space Aliens because the space aliens are the Luciferian fallen angels in the bible and they were grounded so they can no longer circulate in outer space.

        I’m not telling you this because your task might have more to do on the street. It might but it may not be the most effective place to speak the truth. I suggest you write down a few key things that Ti and Do taught exactly as they stated them. For instance that the Kingdom of God according to Ti and Do is a physical many membered Evolutionary Level Above Human – and that’s not Darwinian evolution. It’s Above human just as human is above animal and animal above planet and plant above mineral.” If you knew backward and forward “Statement One’s ideas that would be most of all you would need. Forget the mystic or spiritual, vague and abstract thoughts. They just sound spaced out, stoned and delusional and take away from the clarity Ti and Do provided by their terminology. If you have thoughts of being another’s teacher they are not Ti and Do’s thoughts feeding you those ideas. Members of the Next Level don’t want to be teachers to humans. They just are.

        Selling art is fine but is a longshot to gaining more facility to be of more service to Ti and Do. We don’t try to be destitute as if to show we are overcoming the world. Overcoming really amounts to being of service to Ti and Do that includes not being bound by our human roots of family. Luci and associates will twist everything even the idea of “leaving all behind”. Can you tell an alcoholic to change their ways while they are totally drunk. You can help them most if you find them in between binges and give them some help to not fall into the next binge. I am equating that with telling people they are going to hell if they don’t change their ways – judging people. For some it may be the best they can do, to become interested in Ti and Do. To play up leaving their family behind will go nowhere. If they grow closer to the Next Level Older Members there will come a time when they must leave all behind to be in an overcoming program with the incarnate Older Member. For some that can start now. I’m not saying there is any restriction to giving all we can give but should be done by showing the tolerance that doesn’t find fault in whatever way another feels is right for them to move forward. That’s what “fishing” is about and the bait is the current truth from Ti and Do’s mouth that is 100% in line with all Jesus and actually Moses taught.

        You can be a powerful servant for our Older Members, that is if you allow their power to come through you and that power then becomes our own and will forever increase as we thirst for it to.

      • gemunis Says:

        The sheep, when they hear, God’s voice, through us, they know, we are speaking from sovereignty. They do not confuse us with drunks, or drug, addicts, I mean, Sawyer that’s really is a low. A Son, of God, knows, a Son, of God, when, he hears him. What, have you come to depend, so much on form the messengers, sent, by God, that you have become blind, to the information, sent by God, through them. For even DO, said it , when, He said, ‘I am not saying, I am Jesus, but if you want to throw, stones at us, by saying, that I said I was Jesus, then go right ahead” He was telling, us that he was not, Jesus, and he even questioned, whether, he was , the spirit, who lived, in Jesus . Another thing, hear is that; I thank God, that we are different, “for we are as, Alien’s, unto the eyes of the world, in the sight of man”, because we don’t vibrate, at the level, mankind does. We are as beggars, for the sake, that, we not return, to our human, ways, and through our beggar-try, and our meager ways; we lose, our very lives, through our starving, the body, and of thirsting, the body, until, we are no more, thus leaving, our bodies, in the dust, my friend.
        May the peace, of, our, Lord, and our God, be with you, my dear brother.

      • sawyer Says:

        You quoted Do from the Beyond Human tapes countering those who would find fault with his indicating he was saying he was the same soul who was incarnate in Jesus vehicle. I know he questioned whether he was for a long while. But you apparently missed where he knew that he was the same Soul that used the Jesus vehicle for that task. You might want to read what he wrote in ‘Undercover “Jesus” resurfaces before Departure’, (included below) as it doesn’t seem you got the most accurate picture from the Beyond Human tapes.

        As he always said, He was NOT the same vehicle and the name Jesus was the name of the vehicle and the task of that vehicle that he was using. That’s why he put Jesus in quotes. It was a particular meaning of the use of the name/word that was not the “name” but a reference to the One who used that name/vehicle:


        A member of the Kingdom of God — the Evolutionary Level Above Human —
        I, who am called Do, acknowledge that:

        1. I am about to return to my Father’s Kingdom.

        A. This “return” requires that I prepare to lay down my borrowed
        human body in order to take up, or reenter, my body
        (biological) belonging to the Kingdom of God (as I did approx-
        imately 2000 years ago, as Jesus, when I laid down the human
        body that was about 33 years old in order to reenter my body
        belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven).
        B. The Evolutionary Level Above Human is a physical Kingdom
        Level in the physical Heavens or space, though individuals in
        that Kingdom identify with their soul – and its mind or spirit –
        and not the “flesh” or physical body they “wear.”

        2. This time, my Heavenly Father – my “Older Member” – came with
        me. In the early 1970’s, we incarnated into adult human bodies
        which were in their forties. Approximately 2000 years ago, I
        incarnated into a body that was in its late 20’s/early 30’s
        (not at the birth of that body, but just prior to – during –
        and following my baptism with John the Baptist).

        3. It seems that each time we, or others from the Level Above Human,
        come to Earth or leave, it is via a spacecraft belonging to that
        Next Level.

        4. My Father is an Older Member in the Kingdom of Heaven – the
        Kingdom of God – the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

        A. He actually gave me “birth” into that Kingdom – took me
        through the overcoming of a mammalian civilization – long
        before this present human civilization had its beginning.
        B. I have served as His student and apprentice during His
        relationship with this civilization.
        C. His relationship to this planet is as Chief Administrator,
        and is the One referred to as the “True God” in the early stages
        of this civilization.

        5. This time He came with me “undercover,” so to speak, in order to
        assist me in my task (picking up where this process left off
        approximately 2000 years ago) of the further birthing – “fathering” –
        experience with the ones who will be the next new “sons” or
        children in the Level Above Human. To allow me to gain more
        experience in the birthing process, my Older Member returned
        to that Kingdom in 1985, and continues to assist and
        communicate with me from a more advanced perspective.

        A. As part of the undercover program, my Father incarnated in a
        female body for His 15-year stay.
        B. Being “undercover,” which included lack of acknowledgment of
        who we were historically, was required for most of our task
        this time in order that we might, with as little recognition
        and interference as possible, round up the souls who were our
        students from the past. Even so, we were identified as a
        small, radical cult, just as we were 2000 years ago. And as
        was the case 2000 years ago, these prospective members left
        their families and relationships in order to follow or be a
        student. Now that I am surfacing again, I will again be hated
        for my “blasphemy” (of who I say I am) and hated by those
        families and others that are affected by all who aspire to
        leave with us, because this mission requires that they
        forsake all ties and binds to this world (family ties,
        responsibilities, and human-mammalian indulgences).

        6. These prospective new “sons” (speaking of soul identities, for
        they occupy both male and female bodies) were gathered at two
        different time periods – one, in 1975-76, under the guidance of
        both my Older Member and myself, and the second, in 1994, after
        my Older Member had returned (these were all souls that had had
        a previous relationship with me before this incarnation).

        7. These “students” of the Next Level/The Level Above Human were
        offered the opportunity to bond with me and my Father, as a
        bride would bond with her husband, though –

        A. Since the Evolutionary Level Above Human has no mammalian or
        human members, they had to become “new creatures” who bonded
        in mind, spirit, and behavior – void of human sexuality,
        human binds, and addictions of this world and this
        civilization. Some in the class have chosen on their own to
        have their vehicles neutered in order to sustain a more
        genderless and objective consciousness.
        B. The students/disciples who successfully bond to the Level
        Above Human through me and my Father must also prepare to lay
        down their human bodies as we go to the Kingdom of Heaven, in
        order to take up bodies appropriate to and belonging to that
        more advanced Kingdom Level.

        8. As we prepare to “lay down” our human bodies, while declaring
        that entry into the Kingdom Above Human is available, there may
        be many humans who have been recipients of “souls” in “deposits”
        who may exercise their free will and separate from everything of
        their world in order to go with us.

        A. They will attempt to rid themselves of their old minds, and
        identities, in exchange for the mind that flows through me,
        as they attempt to be accepted as one of my “children.” It
        will “cost” them everything of this world – which they will
        desperately desire to quickly be rid of.
        B. If they expect to go with me, and I’m leaving very soon, they
        must look to us (me and my students/disciples) for all their
        needs to the best of their ability – align themselves with us
        – break their human bonds – and if their declaration that our
        presence is from the Kingdom of God leads to the “laying down”
        of their bodies in pursuit of the Next Kingdom as well, then
        they, too, will find themselves in the safekeeping of that
        Kingdom, and in line to be recipients of further nourishment
        from that Next Level toward membership in that Kingdom.
        C. If my Father does not require this “disposition” of us – He
        will take us up into His “cloud of light” (spacecraft) before
        such “laying down of bodies” need occur.

        9. Humans with deposits containing souls can likely be
        identified at this time as some of those who are rapidly losing
        respect for this world or its “system.” They are, from the
        establishment’s point of view, being irresponsible or anti-
        social – and will be seen by the world as duped, crazy, a cult
        member, a drifter, a loner, a drop-out, a separatist, etc.

        10. In essence, it ultimately matters little what your
        “visitations” from the Level Above Human (the last two being
        2000 years ago and now). The important issue is – the Kingdom
        of Heaven is here NOW in ME and these students of the Next

        11. Evidence that we speak the truth is:

        A. That our information and our actions match recorded accounts
        of the presence, conduct, mission, and departure of our
        previous visitations from the Level Above Human offering
        membership in that Kingdom.
        B. Any soul of this civilization who has known us in previous
        visitations or has had any genuine (physical or personal)
        relationship with anyone from the True Kingdom of God, is
        present now, and is potentially capable of knowing or
        recognizing us and this information again.
        C. It appears that even the staging of some of the crashed
        spacecrafts (which we suspect some of us arrived in) was in
        order to help the skeptics realize that they have “visitors
        from another world.”

        12. As true today as it was 2000 years ago, no one (of this
        civilization) gets to my Father or enters the Kingdom of
        Heaven except through Me. There is no other Son of His,
        or Representative from His Kingdom, incarnate. Connecting
        with that Kingdom occurs only while a Member is incarnate, as
        I am today.

        13. There are space aliens (humanoid remnants from other
        civilizations) who travel in the nearby heavens. They are
        dependent upon Earth’s atmosphere for harvesting hybrid
        bodies to “wear” and they recruit the “souls” who fail to
        become children in the Kingdom of God. We call them
        Luciferians because of their lineage.

        14. These Luciferians (space aliens) “jump in” immediately after
        Representatives from the Level Above Human leave. They fill the
        “patriarch(s)” of the resulting new religion with mixed truths
        and misinformation, which reinforces the fact that accurate knowledge
        concerning that Kingdom seems to be available only while
        Representatives are incarnate.

        15. The Kingdom of God sends crews to “tag” or make “deposits”
        in human bodies and their minds/spirits just prior to and
        during the time Representatives from their Kingdom are
        incarnate “offering” birth. These deposits offer their
        recipients “recognition” of the Representatives and, to some
        degree, recognition of the “information” from the Kingdom of God.
        They also act as “homing devices” to lead the recipients to those
        Representatives and that information. Without these “deposits” of
        “recognition,” no choice of becoming a student is within the
        will of a human.

        16. It is our understanding that all souls of this civilization who
        ever received deposits from the Level Above Human have returned
        at this time, the close of this Age. As part of our task, the
        Level Above Human is using us to test them. How they/you respond
        to me, my students, and our information will, in fact, judge you
        as to whether you will or will not have a further relationship
        with the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, coming in contact
        with this information will force a decision, and with the stand
        you take, you judge yourself. Some, by their choice at this time,
        could be redeemed. Those who accept us and endure until we leave
        will go with us, and not need to experience the “spading under”
        or recycling of this planet – and will in the future become beginners
        in the real Kingdom of Heaven.

        Believe it or not – Your choice – Your judgment.

        I hope this will assist you in whatever you might be seeking.

        Section 1 – Page 2

        Then what you said about being a beggar. I don’t know where you got that but it wasn’t from Ti and Do’s mind. You’ve accepted quite the mix and talk more and more like you think mighty great about yourself – “Son of God”. Members of the Next Level aren’t full of themselves. I’m not saying I don’t have a certain amount of myself that gets in my way but when I see that “face” I send it packing as it’s only a Luciferian discarnate influence trying to capture my vehicle for however long he can hoping to take it over completely inch by inch. You are also subject to that kind of attack though it can come looking so sweet and peaceful and kind and humble and filled with having made all the highest sacrifices like the Yogi’s in india starving themselves to prove they are holy and wise or because they don’t vibrate as the level of man, except in how they are full with the vibration of their own self importance and spiritual blissfulness.

        That’s fine to choose that direction of course but as long as your in touch with me I’m calling it as I see it and if I learn that I’m seeing it wrong in some way, I’ll change my tune but I will have to see it in Ti and Do’s words or writing to change my tune as I know there are no better words. So I wish you luck with whatever you want in life.

      • gemunis Says:

        Speaking to you is difficult. I would like to express, my experiences, without you analyzing everything, I say. How ablaut, good morning, or, good afternoon. God, is with us, and as long, as we are working, on overcoming, the flesh, he can only bring good, thing, to each and everyone, one, who seeks, to overcome this world. Be of good, cheers.

      • sawyer Says:

        I am not trying to create friendships or brothers and sisters. It’s not that I don’t want to be friendly. I do and I believe I am, but that’s not my job right now. This blog is Sawyer standing at the door to Heaven’s Gate. There is no use for this blog or my saying anything if it’s not related to Ti and Do. Salutations are fine in the market place and with those who we have little to nothing in common with, who are not asking to know Ti and Do better. But if you are not asking to know Ti and Do better then this blog is not for you. I’m not saying I say everything right but if I don’t give it my best shot to correct things I hear/read that to me are less than the most accurate truth in scripture and/or in what Ti and Do said and did then I’m not giving you or others that read these comments a chance to know Ti and Do better through my experience with them.

        The pressure increases on all of us to come to the table to feed off of what Ti and Do serve. It never gets easier unless we compromise and compromise and/orignore the next steps we all need to take to make Their grade. There is a minimum to the grade we need to qualify for. I don’t know what that is exactly except for that was written and said by Do in many statements. The maximum is to give our all and to think that’s being accomplished by leaving one’s family and/or exiting one’s human life is not necessarily so but again not for me to know for sure as it depends on each individual and the real reasons they leave their family and the real reasons they choose to exit their vehicle.

        I doubt I will ever give someone the go ahead, if they ask me for it, to leave their vehicle. I don’t have that authority. The best I can do is tell them all the criteria Do laid out for who will be saved from the spading that is to come and that is in progress ahead of the complete recycling of the civilization. At least three times you have told me you wanted to exit. I take that very, very seriously. It’s no game to me. If you don’t like my answers then don’t ask me or tell me of your plans as telling me, to me is asking. Otherwise why tell me unless it’s all been a hoax or is just a casual thought in the midst of depression because something didn’t go well in whatever you were doing. If you want someone to talk about the weather I’ll do that but don’t include anything else. Just say, hi sawyer, how are you if you want to know. And as I do with others, I’ll say hi back and it won’t be artificial but it won’t help you to grow any closer to Ti and Do so is not really in my interest. And I’m not saying anyone needs me to grow closer to Ti and Do. But what I do know is that it won’t hurt to relate to someone who has that direct experience and is trying to be of service to provide it as it’s very, very hard in this world filled with discarnate and Luciferian influences to SEE what’s most real.

        So I am sorry that it’s difficult to speak to me. I know I can always do better but if your expecting someone to extend salutations, I’m not your guy. I’m a guy that received a box of smelling salts from Ti and Do. They are administered by the use of “words”, Ti and Do’s words the come from their Mind that is the same Mind that Jesus had coming through him, except that it has continued to expand. We don’t keep up with the expansion if we don’t fluff off the old mind. The old mind is enshrouded in the old terms that no longer represent their source because at best they were for the previous classroom grade level. We can’t grow to our next grade level by insisting on staying with the old terms. It’s like a computer program still talking the language of a 8 bit 1980’s apple macintosh trying to communicate and interface with a 64 bit computer. It may be even a bigger gap we need to bridge to have Ti and Do’s new mind interface accurately.

        there is no overcoming the flesh if we don’t overcome the use of the old language. there are people all over the world that have left their families and are celebate and in regular meditation and prayer. Perhaps some of them will catch the eye of Ti and Do and Crew. If so, that’s great for them. But for those of us who are in the trenches there’s lots more to overcoming. Yes, separating from family and human behaviors is big on the list but it’s still a second trimester lesson that needs to be repeated in the third trimester along with all the lessons.

        Giving our life in service to the current Next Level Older Member Do’s instructions is the greatest application of overcoming.
        The overriding criteria to be saved is to take a stand for Ti and Do by learning all they taught, believing it and sharing (standing up for them) it with others and accepting the ramifications of doing so that will cause us to separate more from our human relationships, behaviors and ways.
        That’s becoming a parrot of their words and aids in overcoming our humanness (flesh).

        So may Ti and Do’s words be with you.

      • gemunis Says:

        I do know my place.
        I didn’t, become involved, in overcoming, everything of this world, because, I thought, it would, bring me fame, or because I thought, it was cool, or because I didn’t know who I was, or because I was a confused individual. The reason, I came into overcoming, is because, back in 1987, before I knew who, DO, was, during, a meditative state; I had a vision, in where, I, and a group of people, left, everything of this world, behind. This group of people, and I went into the wilderness, where we chose to be celibate, and where we chose not to speak for a long period of time. We then proceeded, with fasting, and dedicate, prayers, to the Father in heaven,. We had abandoned, sex, human habits, sensual behaviors, addictions, to all chemicals, and foods, idle thinking, television, etc, even thinking, these are just some of the, things, on the list, there is more. We chose to shave our heads, and our eye, brows, so that we would not be focusing, on the appearance of one another, to sever attractions. We also wore light colored closing, also very light in weight, to protect us from the hot weather. Through our abandonment of this world, we would in our daily practice, write our prayers to God, in our own individual, dairies, while we fasted, and prayed. As the day’s grew and after slowly minimizing, our water intake, with zero food in our diets; one after the other; we would, one by one, lay down our lives. We would then bury the, dead, and continue, with our fasting, and our prayers, along, with writing, our dairies, and again, through fasting, and less intake, of water, we would lay down our lives. As each person’s body, would decrease, we would bury them, until, the last person would remain; who would also, lay down his, or her life and eventually, being the last. I have written, to you about, this experience before, to share with you, the similarities, in my meditation, experience, to what Ti, and Do, had presented, as a formula, but, you never, acknowledged it, boy, you must have thought, I was putting, on quite a Show.
        I didn’t, have to open, myself up to you, and share this with you, this wonderful experience, which I had. The point I am trying to make, is, that we are all approach in similar way’s by, the next level, yet with individual characteristics, for each group, for each batch For who known’s how many chambers exist, in our universe, in where each group, has a large, responsible role, to each sector, of space.
        I have shared this with you so many times before, and again, you never acknowledged it, or even, spoke about it in any, of your blog’s, as though you prefer, to remain, closed minded, about it.

      • gemunis Says:

        We can’t understand, everything, the way, God, understands, us. Even, DO, would have been humble, enough, to say the least, to admit, that. I believe, that our Father God, is our father God, there for we, as overcomers, of this world, through the faith, we have in him, God our father; this would automatically make us his Son’s, and his Daughters, for we are God’s, children, not the children of mankind, I can say, with confidence, that I am, a son, of God, for I have left, my, Father, of the genetic, flesh, to take up, my, Father God, of the the spiritual, tree of life, essence.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Gemunis, I understand your convictions and the focus of your path. However, this exchange between you and Sawyer seems to unfortunately be going around in circles. Do you believe in Ti & Do as Heaven’s Reps with updated information? Do you believe Ti & Do as the way, the truth and the life – totally? Partial belief in Ti & Do is certainly a start but wouldn’t it be better to trust in them fully to assist you in your day to day conducts and disciplines, instead of the constructs and corridors of another gospel? It appears the light you follow is dim and the occupants, within that light, won’t allow you to embrace the Ti & Do message totally for full results. What is holding you back from metaphorically stepping across the line to the full recognition of Ti & Do? Just food for thought. We, those of us who believe, recognize the Chief of chiefs in the sense of who He sent because without the Reps he sent between 1975 and 1997. For without those Reps, we would not be able to recognize the true scope of what Heaven really is and that there is pipeline of Fathers (Older Members) that lead up the chain of command to a Creator that is constantly evolving. Up until the event of the awakening in the early 1970’s and the execution of a Message, brought forth by The Two Witnesses, a Spurious Messiah has distorted the Next Level Message since the ascension of Jesus Christ on a Cloud of Light (UFO) – 2000 years ago. The Spurious Messiah is the Anti Christ that Do (Doe) talks about in “Planet About To Be Recycled”. Christians believe that when The Anti Christ comes, this will be when Christ returns. This is incorrect. Do (Doe) clearly specified that the signal was given to bring the Mind of Christ, with his Father, back to Earth once the Anti Christ began his reign of distortion post Christ’s ascension 2000 years ago. The return of the Mind that was in Christ (not Jesus Christ himself) was to transpire once civilization was ripe and barbaric enough for a harvest of souls. Thus, a training program would begin and commence in order to refine and to take those awakened souls back to the Level Above Human. None of these things are taught in other groups or belief systems or ideologies to the full capacity of what Heaven’s Gate taught. These others systems are trappings. They teach partial truths, but not the whole truth. So like I said: Do you believe in Ti & Do as Heaven’s Reps with updated information? Do you believe Ti & Do as the way, the truth and the life – totally? Partial belief in Ti & Do is certainly a start but wouldn’t it be better to trust in them fully to assist you in your day to day conducts and disciplines, instead of the constructs and corridors of another gospel? And lastly, what is holding you back from metaphorically stepping across the line to the full recognition of Ti & Do and spreading their Message to those across the land?

      • gemunis Says:

        I do know my place.
        I didn’t, become involved, in overcoming, everything of this world, because, I thought, it would, bring me fame, or because I thought, it was cool, or because I didn’t know who I was, or because I was a confused individual. The reason, I came into overcoming, is because, back in 1987, before I knew who, DO, was, during, a meditative state; I had a vision, in where, I, and a group of people, left, everything of this world, behind. This group of people, and I went into the wilderness, where we chose to be celibate, and where we chose not to speak for a long period of time. We then proceeded, with fasting, and dedicate, prayers, to the Father in heaven,. We had abandoned, sex, human habits, sensual behaviors, addictions, to all chemicals, and foods, idle thinking, television, etc, even thinking, these are just some of the, things, on the list, there is more. We chose to shave our heads, and our eye, brows, so that we would not be focusing, on the appearance of one another, to sever attractions. We also wore light colored closing, also very light in weight, to protect us from the hot weather. Through our abandonment of this world, we would in our daily practice, write our prayers to God, in our own individual, dairies, while we fasted, and prayed. As the day’s grew and after slowly minimizing, our water intake, with zero food in our diets; one after the other; we would, one by one, lay down our lives. We would then bury the, dead, and continue, with our fasting, and our prayers, along, with writing, our dairies, and again, through fasting, and less intake, of water, we would lay down our lives. As each person’s body, would decrease, we would bury them, until, the last person would remain; who would also, lay down his, or her life and eventually, being the last. I have written, to you about, this experience before, to share with you, the similarities, in my meditation, experience, to what Ti, and Do, had presented, as a formula, but, you never, acknowledged it, boy, you must have thought, I was putting, on quite a Show.
        I didn’t, have to open, myself up to you, and share this with you, this wonderful experience, which I had. The point I am trying to make, is, that we are all approach in similar way’s by, the next level, yet with individual characteristics, for each group, for each batch For who known’s how many chambers exist, in our universe, in where each group, has a large, responsible role, to each sector, of space.
        I have shared this with you so many times before, and again, you never acknowledged it, or even, spoke about it in any, of your blog’s, as though you prefer, to remain, closed minded, about it.

      • sawyer Says:

        As you said, that was a “vision”. Ti and Do are real. They walked around and spoke to their students and showed them how to overcome the world entirely. I have no problem with your living your dream/vision but at best it can only be according to your interpretation of it and of course how it made you feel. Everything Moses and Jesus taught and that Ti and Do fulfilled and brought to it’s conclusion for each student is driven by eye to eye experiences, mouth to ear experiences, witness testimony by the Older Member(s) to the truth and reality of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens, Evolutionary Level Above Human.

        Although Jehovah communicated with Moses, Aaron and Miriam the differences in his relationship with Moses verses Miriam for instance, saying to Moses he communicated by words by mouth. (And Yes, Jehovah had a literal mouth. He was a physical being though remained cloaked). Now there is little evidence that Jesus received information via his Older Members mouth, though Do thought he did have some physical interface and perhaps that was mostly on what’s been called the Transfiguration mount where he was witnessed by John, James and Peter to be “talking” with two men wearing bright apparel and on that occasion there were also literal words heard by the three disciples as there were at least two other times when literal words were heard from the sky that told who Jesus was as the son/offspring of his Father, though some thought it was thunder they heard while others heard the words. (Jehovah also spoke literal words to the children of Israel).

        Dreams and visions are often the same thing. In Daniel he describes what he received as “night visions”. I never had visions of any kind in my youth unless I had taken some form of hallucinagen (i.e. acid (LSD), mushrooms, mescaline, peyote). During the classroom dreams were taught as lesson time but we were cautioned to not treat them as instruction. Ti and Do said instructions come from their mouth, 100% consistant with all Moses and Jesus taught/illustrated, though Jesus as with Ti and with Do received communication from their Older Members outside of a mouth to their ear situation. But with Ti and Do they said they didn’t trust entirely all they received but when they both got the same impressions at virtually the same times that they only learned about when they came together to talk about those impressions (that were in thought/idea form, not as pictures left open for interpretation).

        Now we know John who was a close disciple of Jesus with him for the entire time of his ministry who witnessed Jesus on the transfiguration mount, and in many circumstances, after Jesus left was used to set up the forcast of the events that would mark the return of his Older Members (Father and Jesus) and those were given to him in the form of dreams/visions – probably in a dream time, though I’m not discounting a type of meditative state. Maybe this is part of the reason I was helped to reawaken by dozens of dreams, next to none of which were pictures to decipher. The most reliably from Ti and Do and Crew were as if we were in the same room talking though I was 99% listening though there were observations outside of listening but they weren’t the primary message I was being given. I think I needed those types of communications to re-awaken as I, my vehicle had been more or less taken over by the Luciferian space alien, probably the one Do told me was assigned to be my advasary (satan) as all my classmates had assigned to them as well – a different advasary they called a “booger” for each student.

        Recently I have had a number of dreams that were what I believe people are calling “Lucid dreaming” to where it starts during the sleep state but then continues at will while awake. I could even get up and get some water and be aware of the dream details still being quite apparent and real looking with tons of details as if I was with certain people doing certain things that are normal in life and I could lay back down and it helped to focus to close my eyes and go back into the dream progression as if I just took a break from it the same way I would take a break at a job, leave the room and come back to witness the same things I was witnessing before. I think these were astral traveling though I did nothing to try to stimulate it. But come to think about it now, I suspect these were given to me so I could address them from a point of experience rather from having read or heard about them for the sake of those that have similar experiences. And some of them did have Do in them but it was a different Do in looks only. It had none of his vibration. I don’t know if it’s possible to differentiate if you didn’t have that personal relationship. Other wise we so easily think we know someone but having no literal experience with them, it’s just not the same thing though for those that are now coming to know Do from his video’s and writings and audios, they are beginning to create that “knowing him” so when they have a future classroom opportunity they will recognize him in his new vehicle by what he says – his “voice”.

        But I believe the evidence all points to being the recipient of information by dreams and/or visions can only be counted on at all for those that already had a physical relationship with the Older Member, to identify his thought processes, his ways, his demeanor, his behavior and ways as all those things go into his person and I don’t think can be faked, as opposed to someone being wowed into an awakening by a vision and/or dream because then it’s somewhat artificial, perhaps like feeling a movie woke them up. It can certainly help but awakening isn’t like taking a drug. It’s gradual even though there are take off points as when one literally comes into contact with the incarnate Older Member’s “truth” and “person”. I think without exception each student of Ti and Do had to hear some words expressed via the media or from a poster or from someone telling them about what they read that triggered their going to a meeting and/or looking for the source of that information they recognized and then their awakening continued from there for every day that they were their physical student.

        So in my opinion, in case your vision was an exception of some sort, perhaps it could have served as a type of wake up call to prepare you for Ti and Do, but there’s a big problem seeing it that way because you said nothing about seeing the Older Members which is such a huge piece of the puzzle toward determining who it’s from as one CAN NOT awaken for real, wake up to the reality of the Next Level without the Older Member from that Next Level. So why would they wake you up to no teacher’s presence? It then sets you up to think you don’t need a teacher which is the Luciferian way of thinking.

        The true telling of where such a vision/dream originated from is in the details and though your vision you told me about has some similarities it missed the essentials of having Older Members talking you into the wilderness and giving you the lessons to change your appearance, though not in a way to stand out more from other humans but in a way to blend in with other humans so to not draw people to us or take on a “holy” programmed look.

        So to be honest while not wanting to hurt you in case what I say means something to you as at first you said it did, if you choose to receive it I believe your vision was a facsimile of the Ti and Do classroom awakening. If that makes me closed minded then I guess I am but I could further list my reasons for saying that but you haven’t asked me to do that.

        In many times past I have volunteered reasons I feel are from Ti and Do’s (and Jesus teachings) that breakdown and yes sort of analyze what you said, thinking you had expressed to me feeling like Ti and Do were your teachers. And they could be still but you will have to begin to look to them exclusively instead of your idea of overcoming that has similarities but seems similar to what has been taught that Gautama Buddha experienced in his awakening which for his time and culture may very well have been an Older Member of the Next Level incarnate. I say that because Do considered it and Jesus said he had more than one “fold” and both folds would come together upon his return which we can see accomplished by the influx of Hindu/Buddhist thought and disciplines starting mostly in the U.S. in the 1960’s. and 1970’s in time for Ti and Do’s awakening and gathering of their flock.

        It’s interesting that we did much of what your vision/dream indicated and even began to fast on air that turned into water after one day and then lasted for another 12 days before Do felt it was not instruction to continue. I remember climbing into my bunk and thinking, perhaps this will be the way we leave, but just curling up with no energy until our bodies expire and I was fine with that.

        But that’s not in the cards for now. If you don’t believe that, fine – go your way – but if you want to tell me about your way I’m going to point out where I think it’s off from what Ti and Do taught because I am a disciple of Ti and Do not whoever gave you that vision. I say they are different because of how the vision is keeping you from SEEING fully all Ti and Do are and represent. If the vision was from Ti and Do then wouldn’t what they said to think, say and do now take precedence. They always said, (paraphrased), “if we could administer the classroom, teach the overcoming process without being incarnate we certainly would because we don’t like it here”.

        I believe you are ignoring the truth by choosing your vision and even though I said I wouldn’t do this, I must for your sake. The clincher that you are being tricked by a Luciferian space alien creating a facsimile to Ti and Do’s classroom in appearance only, as you have shown me many times by what you have said that you don’t seem to be open minded to is shown again when you said:

        “The point I am trying to make, is, that we are all approach in similar way’s by, the next level, yet with individual characteristics, for each group, for each batch For who known’s how many chambers exist, in our universe, in where each group, has a large, responsible role, to each sector, of space.”

        I don’t know why you use Ti and Do’s terminology of “Next Level” but then don’t care to talk about the many things they said about their task and what we as student were aspiring to. They NEVER indicated different groups, or batches or chambers in the universe with different ones having different responsible roles, etc except in relationship to the way the Luciferian space aliens think. They said it’s the space aliens that want to capture souls for their use and would have those souls they attempt to capture believe anything but what Ti and Do teach yet will come very close in a number of ways. That’s what a facsimli is. It’s as Ti said about the space aliens, they create a “copy that isn’t real”.

        If you are feeling angry or upset by what I am saying, or think I’m missing the point or misconsruing your words or don’t see how it’s the same as what Ti and Do taught then that’s another sure sign of an influence with you that just doesn’t want to change. We ALL have such influences. All the souls who are back to complete their next lesson step have these influences to contend with. The influence affecting you is a big guy in his limited realm and believes all he is telling you. The Next Level does have operations all over the Universe and that’s where some of the space aliens came from because Ti decided all who had not yet graduated from their human or human equivalent evolutionary kingdom needed to be put to the test so they would not fall as Lucifer and his associates did. To date they think the Next Level are just another group like them, who just have better technology. They don’t know that the Next Level are the creators of all the planets and systems and life forms unlike the space aliens who at best try to mimic the Next Level’s design and development. When Lucifer and his associates that sided with him “fell” it was because they thought they didn’t need the one who had been up until then serving as their “Older Member” or “captain” or “admiral”, whatever the case was at that time. They thought they could do the same kind of creative work, tap into the universal mind or cosmic consciousness or “mind of god”, where God was no longer another Being, the Chief of Chiefs as Ti and Do said, but the sum total of all that exists, each component having that god mind in them so therefore all are god. The problem with that is that the Older Member in charge of Earth doesn’t need tiny souls who think they can compete with the Them but being compassionate gave them other chances to wake up to reality that they were at best students.

        I believe that this third trimester time was yet another chance for the Luciferian space aliens to relinquish their ideas of grandeur thinking of themselves as equivalent to that Next Level Older Member, because Ti and Do said they were given the chance to leave their existing bodies to come to earth to be part of the overcoming classroom led by Ti and Do and some did and others did not. Those who did not had thus sided against the Next Level as there is no middle ground when it comes to the Next Level’s garden/school.

        Thus the Next Level once again cast them to earth to be forced to try to take over human vehicles for their use and that was then used by the Next Level to put those that did want to be in the overcoming program the chance to overcome that same Luciferian rebellious mindset.

        So for the Luciferians to draw in the souls that were returning to overcome they fostered many avenues that when those souls took vehicles, would encounter and be lured by and one of them was the spiritual path, even to the degree of leaving all behind, fasting and praying, shaving one’s head, even perhaps going barefoot and even perhaps wearing robes, etc. And these vehicles were of a meek nature – peace loving, kind, compassionate as those are Next Level ways so those where the characteristics of the vehicles that returning souls would take to join Ti and Do from. So in the 1970’s was the first wave that started in the 50’s with the births of those vehicles who would be more prepared to be in Ti and Do’s initial classroom.

        The second group were prepared during or after that so to be prepared for the next classroom though some from the second preparation joined the classroom with Do in 1994. You, the vehicle had to be among those prepared or Ti and Do wouldn’t have been attractive to you at all.

        Not all who are seeded by the Next Level put up a shoot (sprout) and not all that sprout grow into a tree but all who keep on asking Ti and Do for help get it but they have to apply the help they get or they lose whatever they once had.

        There is no other classroom on earth and Ti and Do thought no other like this in the immediate heavens, even suspecting this to be the only one at this time so having a job in some other chamber of the universe is not reality though certainly the space aliens think it is so they are trying to get the U.S. government to build spacecrafts they can use to leave the earth as they know otherwise they at best will be locked up for another 1000 years.

        So it’s Do or nothing just like…

        When Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the light, no one comes to the Father except through me” that left no other room for another teacher. Do said the same thing, that if you want to become a member of the Next Level you’ve got to go through him and that’s lock, stock and barrel to the best of your ability which will vary person to person but must include at least beginning to separate from the world to start one’s metamorphosis though can entail full steam ahead in that metamorphosis.

        So if Do said to go into the desert and stuff yourself with banana’s and tahini for nourishment, that’s what we do and that’s all we do regardless of what other notions we had about overcoming. That’s what it means to as Jesus said, “deny yourself”. One can not deny themselves unless they have someone to give theirself to. Othewise we can’t overcome the world no matter how hard we try, because the next instruction might be to eat hamburgers from mcdonalds and wow would that put a bunch of those in the diet and health regimen to the test to accept.

        Further, part of the reason we have the records of previous classrooms preparing for stages of the overcoming process is so we have those stages to refer to as those experiences are all in our genetic history. And that history is most evident through all that Jesus taught and before that all that Moses taught. So where is starving your vehicle to death in those examples?

        What examples do we get from what Jesus taught. His disciple were required to shed their blood for him just as he was shedding his blood for his Father’s instruction which would be for them as their sheep.

        So when I have said to you many times, tell the truth about Ti and Do as the way to exit your body is that not the same lesson step Jesus taught.

        Ti and Do said many times that theirs was “not a martyr trip” yet you want to play the martyr. I understand that. I too wanted to play the martyr and that’s why I didn’t graduate as it was the wrong motivation. The martyr trip is a way to elevate self as with starving yourself or the ascetic route. Jesus taught to wash your face and not dress to appear holy or look to others as if you are holy by reciting prayers outloud and taking the holy seats in the temple, etc.

        The Luciferian space aliens would love for you to exit your vehicle. They will probably meet your soul and take you to their “chamber” as they, having souls can go places human mortal, aka spirits (without souls) can’t go (Do said). They can then use you to go to other potential students of the Next Level, human vehicles with souls, to lure them to their camp just as they did you (that is IF you abide by their vision for you until you exit that vehicle). Thus you would in some shape or form get the content of your vision as you will help manifest that vision in others and then when it’s done you will be recycled so any overcoming would have been for naught.

        Many thousands have been tricked so it’s not your fault as we don’t know any better, though when we can know better and we choose not to, then it’s a different story. I understand that if someone was telling all this kind of information to me, directly telling me I’m off the track I think I’m on having been tricked it would probably make my head hurt to consider. But I’d like to think you have enough of Ti and Do’s mind in you that it might nag at you that I’m telling the truth. If it nags at you enough, perhaps you will ask Ti and Do for help

        Ti and Do don’t give us “wonderful” visions, at this time as they know the space aliens would be doing plenty of that which is all in prophecy to see. Visions are very intoxicating and as Do said, “soothing” in their affect on us as with all spirituality and religiosity. Becoming a Member of the Next Level is hard work. The classroom was filled with Ti and Do correcting every student. The pats on the back were far and few between, yet they weren’t ever harsh or unpleasant even in their administration of correction. They told us they know we did many things right but to overcome we each need every note on the piano roll to be played in the overall “song”.

        I’m sorry if what I say hurts you but if you don’t believe me, ask Ti and Do if what I am saying is the truth, using those names and thinking about them in the literal heavens. Anyone else, whether they go by “Father” or “God” or whatever label is a liar as the only updated names are Ti and Do.

        I hope you will really consider what I am saying – for your sake as it’s not for me. As you know from years of interface I’m not gathering names for a group I can then be the leader of or for any other reason and even if I was, no one needs me when they can go directly to Ti and Do, though some have told me when they asked questions of Ti and Do they were told to ask me their questions which certainly puts me on the spot to try to represent my best shot at what they might say.

        So I hope you find whatever you are looking for.

      • gemunis Says:

        Thank you, Sawyer, this information has been great advice.

      • sawyer Says:

        Hi Gemunis, I’m glad you are pressing on in this troubled mixed up world that it’s easy to get lured into in various ways. Speaking of dreams, I recently had a couple, one with Do and another the day after with Jnnody and Smmody that sort of verified them. They were in response to questions I’ve had about whether my slowness to complete my book was because I was still engaged in a degree of human behaviors so that I was losing having Ti and Do’s mind in me. Do verified that I was barely awake. I was sitting at a long table with others on both sides of me and accross from me, people I didn’t know and Do was sitting at the top of the table as if in a meeting in a corporate board room and I could barely keep my eyes open enough to see Do. It was wierd the way I woke up from the dream and I had a most unusual time opening my eyes and waking up to go about my day, so it affected my vehicle physically and mentally and troubled me since but showed me how easy it is to slip into humanness more while thinking we are being of service. I know that can become asleep while even talking about Ti and Do just like we see among the religious. The only way around it is to press on – seeking how we can be of best service everyday by asking them to lead us to use us as putty in their hands. Things in the world will spiral downhill really fast in all ways yet for many it will come upon them like an earthquake – even literally. So my advise for whatever it’s worth is to assume nothing and ask, ask, ask Ti and Do for help and then take steps towards what we feel. If it comes easy I’d question whether it’s from Ti and Do’s mind and would ask them often to verify with each step we take. Looking to Ti and Do is never going to be the road well traveled, but nor do we try to make that road harder either. It must be a process of giving our lives to their service. There is no quick path or quick fix. Often they will in a sense help us have more humaness by sending us influences who can provide it to us, that is if we are asking for such while they hope we will see that it’s not fulfilling so can help us further seperate from that humanness. In other words, they are not encouraging our indulgence in humanness but if we keep on showing them it’s what we want they might help us have some. They don’t directly provide such. Since they are monitoring all who want to be monitored, they know our thoughts so know what influences we are entertaining so will allow certain boogers to come closer to us as a test. I am seeing this more and more in my recent days and it’s troubling to my influences which is a sure sign it’s further in line with Ti and Do’s mind as they are like oil and water – they don’t mix – Ti would often say.

      • gemunis Says:

        It made a lot of sense, when you mentioned that it isn’t the same to see Do in a dream, than to actually having known, him in person, listening to him speak, watch him problem solve, his behavior, and so forth. It makes sense.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        I must say that I had a dream a few days ago where I saw Ti & Do approach me. Now I’m not saying these two individuals WERE that of Ti & Do. For all we know, it could have been a Luciferian projection, so I don’t know. I will say however that I was calm, relaxed and didn’t want them to leave. Perhaps it may have been wishful thinking the Class were still here because I think that way sometimes, so that may have been why I didn’t want them, if it was in fact them, to leave. I had another dream a month ago where I was visited by 2 students of the Class- if it was in fact them and not a false projection. Needless to say, dreams are one thing, personal interaction is another. In a personal interaction, especially in monastic situations, people are in closed quarters and see each others responses and actions up close. Being that Sawyer was in the Class for 19 years, he saw Ti & Do in great detail as to how they did things.

      • gemunis Says:

        I too had dreams with Do, and it meant a lot to me. I felt that, the dream came in a time in my life, when I really needed to see him.
        Your right, it’s not the same seeing them in videos, Ti,and Do, than to have actually known them, in person, watching how they handled things around the students, and so forth. Seeing Do, in videos is one way of knowing him, and being in the actual class room with him is quite another thing; the two are so different.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        I remember back in 2011 or so I worked retail part time as a 2nd job and met one customer who looked and sounded 95% like Do or the Marshall Applewhite vehicle. I was pretty quiet and no doubt the customer was wondering why I looked at him the way I did. I was giving a look of familiarity – as if to give the impression that I “saw this man before”. It was strange. It was like I was almost looking directly at the Applewhite vehicle. As for having other dreams of Ti & Do years ago in 2011 especially (if it was in fact them), I do recall every time I saw those two, I was always calm and serene. I was not tense, frightened or confused. The projections I saw were them in their 1970’s incarnations. But when you watch the videos and listen to the tapes, you, I or others get just a taste of Ti & Do. At least it’s something in my opinion.

      • sawyer Says:

        I would not limit the ways in which Ti and Do could give any of us hints or clues or a little smelling salt or reward or whatever one wants to call it. I recall Ti telling us that when they were in Portland area or maybe it was seattle, around 1973-4 I’d guess, they were in a bookstore and Do saw Lucifer, his assigned advasary and it really freightened him. About 18 years ago I met this man who played a little flute and we sort of became friends and he came to my house in stony brook, NY and he gave me a little pot to smoke, which I did and I think I almost died from one inhale – I could not catch my breath – I was hyperventilating like never before and I looked at him while he was laughing and felt like I was seeing my advasary, even though at the time I hadn’t re-stated my committment to Do’s service and I was quite distant from providing much service. I suspect Do would protect us from luciferians posing as the applewhite vehicle to us, but maybe not. I know those who were deposited were for a while at least protected from the Luciferian space aliens abducting our vehicles. The key to any contact we believe we have is, what did we feel and/or what was the message imparted and does it sound like something Ti and Do or crew would say, which can only be determined by knowing as much as possible about the things they did say. We won’t get new instructions via dreams though they may give us lessons we need to learn – I say because I have had a number of those. It will depend on what each person needs but I am also quite suspect of a few of my dreams that they were luciferians because the message was so strange or unclear or human our out of step with what I know about the Next Level.

      • sawyer Says:

        I have had a number of dreams like you describe that seemed to come after I’d been “wondering” about this or that related to serving them in some way…trying to know whether such and such was a sign or not or was somethign jesus said would happen or not but even more casual things. my last one was whether or not I was dragging my feet or whether I was awake. I had a dream I was sitting at a table with maybe 10 or so others around the table whom I didn’t recognize and Do was at the head of the table and I could barely keep my eyes open. When I awoke that morning I could barely open my eyes. I think I got the message – I’m barely awake. I can’t imagine what advantage a luciferian would have to impart that kind of message to me. It felt like Do and looked like Do and sounded like something he would do/say to give me that answer I wanted.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Now that I recall a bit further, regarding that dream I had where I was approached by Ti & Do (again I’m not concluding it was or wasn’t them – only the NL knows), it looked as though they were not happy with me but instead appeared disappointed. Perhaps they’re not impressed at me being a sympathizer or supporter instead of an active believer. I don’t know. Hard to say, but I can only do and be who I can be until I work things out in my own mind. I have my issues as does everybody else.

      • sawyer Says:

        I think I can say with 100% certainty that we each get exactly what we need when we seek to be putty in our Next Level Older Members hand – which is all a process. In a dream we can easily misinterpret what he is saying though I believe leaves us with at least one major feeling and thought we will probably grow to see more of as we ponder.

        I believe Ti and Do spoke about how seeing them in human vehicles was also a challenge because the vehicles are then filtering their Mind, though is necessary to step down their frequency to us, but is also challenging us to sort of meet them halfway by raising our vibration. For instance when in Do’s physical presence for some more than others, and in degrees students are often challenged to see him/them in a human way. For instance thinking, he could have said that better this way, or could have made a better procedure to address a problem, or that we know better because we actually studied such and such a subject i.e. auto mechanic as a few students had major lessons in seeing Ti and Do not as able to troubleshoot a car problem. The lesson was that They have the link to the technicians that provided the expertise that humans then began to use to build cars. On a number of occasions a student would ask Do to help him troubleshoot the car problem. So Do or Ti and Do would go listen/look at the engine. At one point Do said he thought it was related to something on one part of the engine and I recall alxody didn’t think that added up with other symptoms. It meant alx for that moment didn’t know who he was standing next to and how real their connections really were. This kind of thing happened in every “lab” because all these craft functions were designed to be the lesson ground. I didn’t see Ti and Do correcting people on the spot. I’m not saying students didn’t feel reverence for Ti and Do, we did and I still do of course though I didn’t conquer my boogers so I’m tardy and need extra help that has sometimes come in the form of dreams.

        It certainly was special to be in their physical presence but for me I think I had a little too much of a “spiritual reverence” that made the true relationship less real to graft better. For instance for me to project my silent asking of Ti to be “given a harder more challenging task that was linkened to the task Do had”, means I thought quite a lot about myself and my accomplishments in the classroom to date. And it was like putting Ti and Do down – as if they were humans so act like the lessons I had were simple for me to adopt – as if the classroom was a breeze which was another self absorbed illusion.
        We can see then as standing in front of a car looking at an engine

        They know what they know and they know what they don’t know and that they know where they can go to learn what they don’t know).

      • gemunis Says:

        I wonder, where Ti, and Do, might be today, and I also wonder how , and if they can hear us, when we have questions. My questions are many, and I ask them, as though they were here. I also wonder if some of the students who left with Do; are also assign to us, to help us in our over coming, and if that is at all possible. I suppose that Do being the teacher that he was, and overcoming this world; would have put him in the position of being excepted by the next level, while at the same time still being that figure we can go to, when we have questions; all by the authority of Ti, and up the latter; or does the authority come directly from God, given to Do. If you could answer some of these questions, that would be great. I can only think that Do has earned his place in the next level, through his faithful service to Ti, and the chief of chief’s as Do would say. Please help me understand these things.

      • sawyer Says:

        Maybe you will think I am guessing, and I can’t say how I know but I know they are in whatever spacecraft/base they dwell in for whatever tasks they are working on at any given time. How are they wherever they are? It’s because they never died. Only the human vehicles they took died and they existed long long before even the earth so they simply “put on” the vehicle they either had before or grew a new one. Do said long ago he had put his Next Level vehicle “in a closet”, while he said, Ti had grown to operate more than one vehicle at a time. I don’t know if that meant she split her mind to bring a portion here. But Do did say she didn’t need all her mind to do this task and he also indicated it was part of her own mind that was monitoring their task from their spacecraft. Ti and Do said they were from “headquarters” so that would be another guess as to where they are now but that’s all relative to our limited viewpoint of course.

        Questions to them are fine of course but what’s more important are the quality of the question rather than a curiosity. Ti and Do always depicted their seeking of answers as like picking up the phone to ask. Sometimes there would be no answer. Sometimes that would be because of their question – it wasn’t the right question pertaining to the task they knew they had. That didn’t mean they wouldn’t ask that question again but they were also careful not to be asking too many questions – in other words not taking for granted they would approve of our questions. Ti and Do said that getting no response could also be saying, rephrase or ask at another time. They are also not going to probably answer a question they have already answered in their writings/audio’s and video’s as we need to work for answers rather than have everything laid out for us. They are also not interested in philosophical questions. They are looking to help us become crewmembers so we need to learn to stick to the task at hand. The task at hand has been spelled out for all of us. If that doesn’t register then I suggest re-reading all the statements written by Do and jwnody to start with.

        The term God means in the greek a “deity”. Jesus described the Next Level as a Kingdom because as Ti adn Do said it’s “many membered” – Older Members and younger. Every member of the Next level is a “god” even compared to the greatest human because they are a kingdom level above human and one can’t get there unless they overcome all their humanness, though they can become student level members.

        Ti and Do said they were links in the chain of mind that went to the Chief of Chiefs. At one point Do said that Ti was “chief administrator of earth” so I guess He (not really a she) is one of those chiefs.

        You can’t read and re-read and listen and watch all their materials too much. It is only by doing so that more and more will clarify. That’s a big part of our task to know everything they said and believe it. The more you read it wanting to believe it the more you will. It is a self-brainwashing – getting rid of human misinformation and replacing it with true information, which grows our mind because their information is the formula to having LIFE in us.

        I know for me, just studying can be very hard without an application. I’m not saying not to study but one thing that helps me is trying to answer others questions – mostly referring to things in the bible. I have to then study what was said and look into the meaning of the words and the context and look for what Ti and Do and crew might have said about it or related to it.

        You might consider starting little projects of being able to answer someones question about reincarnation basing you answer on what Ti and/or Do and/or the crew wrote and/or recorded about it. The purple book is in text format so can easily be searched for combonations of terms. if you do such a think and want to run it by me, I’ll see if I can add to it or point you to where they said more. There are many such subjects to approach with that kind of mission that then can be used to help others with the same questions and you will then be drawing Ti and Do’s mind through you. When you then give it away to someone else you actually make room to receive more – Ti and Do taught us that and I’ve experienced it many times.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Gemunis, have you ever felt compelled to do your own YouTube show about how you feel about Ti, Do and the Info they left behind. I do videos and so does Sawyer. I do video shows not to feel good or special, but to simply say my piece as does everybody else for whatever they believe in or support on YouTube. I always make sure to mention that the NL Info is the purest source and not to judge what I say at face value. It would be good if others did videos as well to speak their support of what the NL info means to them. But of course, each individual has to feel a pull to do videos in the first place – their own desire to do so. It would be interesting to see you, JP and Diode do your own HG video blogs. Who knows? Only time will tell. Just a thought.

      • sawyer Says:

        Curiously, are you hunting to see if Gemunis is what’s his face – Dave? If so, please take your suspictions somewhere else as I could care less. For that matter you could have been Dave all along. I don’t think so but I could be wrong and again it doesn’t affect my relationship with Do. If that is not your intention by your comment, then since you are talking about showing support for Ti and Do, maybe you could take your own advise and find out what Ti and Do suggested of us to show Them our support of Them rather than try to influence another to do what you think is good to do. It would be different if someone had asked you or run something by you, another form of asking or if they said something that was inaccurate to what Ti and Do said.

        This comment just smelled fishy to me but I could be totally off from how Do might see it. If we had not an ongoing relationship I think I wouldn’t be responding, so as partners would react to one another, if the shoe fits you can choose to wear it. If not then don’t try to wear it.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        No, lol, I’m not hunting to see if Gemunis is really Dave or Pastor Mike. And I resent your speculation or theory that “maybe” I’m Dave “all along”. You said you could be wrong with that speculation. Well, you are. Now you’re talking trash talk with that “over speculation”. Look at the picture by my name and click onto that name. It takes you right to my blog, Sawyer. My statement to Gemunis was a simple and humble one with no rogue conspiracies up my sleeve of any kind. Sure, we should follow our own advise we give others. This is true. Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t or sometimes we won’t. It depends on the mindset of each person and where they’re at.

      • gemunis Says:

        This is very helpful, Sawyer.

      • sawyer Says:

        Yes it’s special to be with our Older Members but that also depends on how awake one is. I was always in awe of them but I also slipped into familiarity and a form of competitiveness without even knowing it. Do brought it to my attention once. And then when I fell it was as if the one who was Swyody before we no longer around and I felt nothing. I let my vehicle cave in to my booger’s will though not knowiung what was happening I went through the motions during the 1994 meeting schedule when I was actually a group overseer and primary speaker at meetings and to the media during, while I was having a side affair with my advasary in the quiet alone times which made me a huge hyporcrit and certainly affected my task performance.

        But being in person in the best of circumstances for some is an very hard test because they don’t look like they know stuff to some who would see through their boogers eyes. Or they could be better managers of the class or they could dress differently or how can they drive a cadilac or why did they buy the class cyrstal goblets for water one year and why celebrate christmas one year with a pagan tree. I mean there were hundreds of things some found fault with and I would say most of those eventually left on their own. I left for other reasons though in a real sense related to seeing them in too much of a spiritual light that boosted my own ego to be like them rather than to be like them because i loved them though I can’t say I had none of the later – it just was a mixed bag I didn’t even recognize I was entertaining.

      • gemunis Says:

        I am really looking forward to your book, for me. I am excited to have had a chance to know you through our messaging. I hope that you will continue to receive inspiration from your experience, and from the next level. I look forward to meeting you one day. I think with my steady income I may able to offered greyhound to visit you, when the time comes, but for now messaging is great, and my continuous journey will continue to be a part of a lot that I will be looking to do in hopes to please the next level. As I am getting older I wonder if there is enough time in this life to complete as much over coming as possible, and lean towards getting closer to the next level, one day at a time.

      • XF97 Says:

        Yea it should be an interesting read. It’ll be a pretty big book.

      • sawyer Says:

        Nothing stands in your way from hitting a home run out of the park, as far as being a player in the Next Level’s team. It’s 100% up to you. Like you said as a question I didn’t answer, from what you are saying you definitely have a crew assigned to help you, but it’s never about acting robotically though the best students want nothing more than to be their Older Members puppet. To that our Older Members says you must exercise your mind to make choices, to recognize when you could have made a better choice, a choice closer to what our Older Member would have us make but doesn’t force us to do so. We then can become additional ears and eyes on earth for Them – not that they need us in that regard, but which they can take advantage of to offer their mind to others through your service as you ask day by day. I think if we are to meet it will be someplace other than where I am now but I could be wrong about that.

      • gemunis Says:

        Please let me know when you will release your book, what link I can download it from, or what book store may carry it, when it’s ready.

      • sawyer Says:

        I certainly will and will also provide it for free download. It’s supposed to be on amazon and I don’t set the price but suspect it will be the highest price of $10 that I will supposedly get $5 from. Hardcopy will only be available through the publishers site which I will disclose after it’s published. It will be huge so will be expensive – 8 1/2 x 11″ so like a ream of paper. I wish I could say it’s all good but I know at first I was way to verbose, but if I try to edit it all, it could take me another year so it will be rough with a type of progression of thinking/interpreting/translating as it makes it’s way to the last book in revelations.

      • gemunis Says:

        I am really looking forward to it. I suppose that the next level has provided you with the latest of information; that they are even guiding you through it. This will be as an upgrade of information, for the many questions we have. I’m thinking, that this could be the reason, you are here at this present time; to help us understand it all the better; more clarification.

      • sawyer Says:

        I do know I’m being guided because I seek that guidance and get chunks. That doesn’t mean I get everything right but it will hopefully be right enough to serve Ti and Do. From my experience with Ti and Do, this is NOT the reason I am here. The reason I am here is because I failed to make the grade to graduate with my class BUT I didn’t fail so bad that they threw me away so they gave me another opportunity to serve which is a task no doubt they could and perhaps have had others do, whether we know about them or not. Anyone who seeks to be in their service is given help to do so. The Next Level uses every negative (my flunking out of their program) as a positive. One can see that in the way the Luciferian space alien souls are used by the Next Level because of their own choices, They make a positive out of because those who seek help to overcome the luciferian misinformation mind are that much stronger for it and thus closer to graduating the human condition. The Next Level didn’t plan for Lucifer to fall and he was given many chances (Ti and Do said in the blackhawk tapes) to get back on track but didn’t take them, so the Next Level figured out how to use his and his associates choices for the benefit of those souls “coming up”. Yes, it’s clear in the Revelations prophecy that there was a task to assist in bringing greater revealing of the truth by addressing the “backside” of the BOOK as shown in Rev 5:1, where the front of the book was written from WITHIN THE THRONE – in Ti and Do’s classroom. That backside is addressing the history in the records that includes the fulfillments of all the Revelations prophecy. I believe They have a crew assigned to help anyone who has a desire to understand what was in those prophecies, although some or all of it may just be provided when they came in the 1920’s so that anyone could tap into aspects as some did, but that without the teachings of Ti and Do could not really bring out the most accurate interpretations/translations.

        The more we get everything Ti and Do taught into our heads which takes reading and re-reading, listening/watching and re-listening/watching tapes while accepting it all, along with trying to get their help to understand better when we are confused, the more we can be their servants of the delivery of Their Mind to others, whether now and/or in the future.

        I know I can’t say things better than Ti and Do. If I wanted to I would be giving into that corrupting influence but it’s by our exercising our “computer” as Ti referred to our brain/mind connection – speaking and writing all we understand came from Ti and Do that we are building our “word processor” (as Ti and Do referred to that computer) so that we can become a clean pipe for their Mind to others. We weren’t instructed to “memorize” what Ti and Do said, though I don’t think there would be something wrong with doing so but they always encouraged students to take it all in and then to send it out via our own instrument and as we do it keeping an ear to Their Mind looking for correction should we get off track and then correcting what we’ve said and updating our computer – all a process that grows our mind to fill our soul container with their Mind. By sharing with others we are actually opening up to receive more of Their Mind they compared with “priming a pump”. Ti and Do taught that each student is connected to a “strain” and that our thoughts, behaviors and ways are sent out to that strain, so we want to try our best to send out the purest Mind from Ti and Do we can, which of course is by sending their ideas, concepts, ways of saying things, exact words, though according to what’s drawn and how we can relate to what others are asking. It’s not static. If someone comes to us with a question which can take a number of forms that are not so obviously a question, to just say, “go read this” or to even “quote Do or a classmate” may not be the best we can do for that person. If it was that easy then Ti and Do wouldn’t have had to come. They could have just had someone write everything down and told everyone to memorize it and not change one word – and walla, then we see what that becomes… a bunch of scripture quoters who can do an amazing job at being an encylopedia but lose the needed immedieate Mind interface, by listening to what’s asked and thinking, how would Ti and Do express this and then giving it a shot. Ti and Do taught that each of us have a unique capacity to interface with our “strain” – in other words, some may identify with you and what you say and your experience and manner far better for them than what I would offer and visa versa. This is why it works best for those closest to those coming up to be the ones to deliver Ti and Do’s mind to others. We are automatically scaling down the potency because our mind is less potent than our Older Members but for some our Older Members Mind may even be out of reach – too challenging to receive directly. We don’t intentionally try to scale down. No, we try to deliver exactly what we think Ti and Do would say to any one person who is asking. But that requires the on the spot asking of Ti and Do to help us with that interface and when we realize we are interjecting our human mind, correct it at next opportunity if it presents itself or for the next person who asks.

      • XF97 Says:

        Your work should be quite the interesting book to read. No doubt about that.

      • gemunis Says:

        One thing I can say for sure is, it is bad to leave the next level, and return to the world; we wind up helpless when we leave the next level, we realize that we can easily be attacked for all angles , and then we can see how severe the attacks are from every angle. I am speaking for myself here. This is an experience I went through. When I realized that I left the next level, I had to learn from this experience. I realize now that keeping within the next level ways is very important, for it is our protection from this viscous world.

      • sawyer Says:

        I hear you. I would say it’s like Jesus said of a person who sweeps out their house (of their discarnates from their vehicle) and then returns – looks back like also in the story of Lot’s wife, and when they return they have 7 demons that were worse than they had before. The hurray though is returning to continue to plow one’s field and sweep out the house again which will be harder to do but the Next Level provides the balance to still be able to succeed. We are not to judge ourselves. Ti and Do said many times that the task is to keep to the battle against the lower forces. Keep getting up and asking for help is a huge necessity to getting up again and pushing on. Do once compared this process to someone who is hanging on a cliff by their fingertips. When he said that I didn’t relate to it being that hard because my influences still had my vehicle in some ways. I mean I did experience a degree of that. It just wasn’t as consistant as it could have been yet for all intents and purposes those boogers stayed hidden until I believe Ti put me to the test and I flunked without even without a fight having thought of myself subtly, mostly subconsciously as a good student. I was a good student as Do even said on the Beyond Human tapes about those helping him but the object is to be faced with a bigger “booger” which the Next Level was working me up to dealing with by giving me more and more responsabilities and positions with some authority, working closer and closer to Do, which I wanted but was not exactly what a progressing student should want. They should want to do the best job they can with what they are given and be happy in whatever task that is. The Next Level will never waste one’s motivation and drive to serve their Older Member however they choose to provide service to them. Ti nailed it when she told me two of the things that would keep me off the spacecraft were, “liking to be seen as something special” and “a little too pleased with self” – those were exact words she wrote down in a note to me. Isn’t that interesting in light of how Jesus said to the Jewish priests how they liked to be seen giving alms, taking the highest seats in the temple, wearing clothing that elevated their stature among humans.

      • gemunis Says:

        The people I am surround by are being controlled by the lower forces, and I realized that ,yet they don’t realize that. It is hard to hang in there, yet for now I know that I have too; until eventually I will have to move on. People don’t know whey are being used by the lower forces, and that is a problem when we are living under the same roof with them. I wonder what your advice is for this type of problem. .

      • sawyer Says:

        I can’t imagine lasting in any one circumstance very long unless you mostly button your lip – that is unless you are asked what you think about something. I don’t live with anyone so am not faced with that but I do have a handful of friends that know of my belief and attempts to live as an active student for Ti and Do but when with them I rarely say anything about Ti and Do unless they bring something up that stimulates it and I’m rarely in that kind of setting anymore anyway. But I would never tell them they are under the influence of the Luciferians as who isn’t anyway so why try to remove that twig from their eye while we still have even a log in our own. It’s negative to preach at people or lord over them. Show them by your behavior that you have somethng special though that should not be your motivation for that behavior – to show others – it’s to abide by the Mind from our Older Members.

        I recently was given an opening to get really good paying gigs so I put a band together of some of the people I have played with over the years and invited them and booked a number of gigs. I am not a band leader as I don’t sing much or play a lead instrument like guitar or keyboards so I actually need other players of those things to put on a show for a venue. Anyway, it lead to degrees of competitiveness and the soloist players sought their own gigs from the venue which I knew would happen and didn’t try to thwart anyway. It’s a long involved story but with one or two of the band members I was tired of their double booking and playing the numbers game of which gig paid the most, etc. and such and I found myself telling my woes to others – more or less bad mouthing these two while not to their face (though not entirely hidden from them either). I found myself slipping into speading many minutes several times a day going through conversations with one of them in my head that were negative – something that in the classroom would have been abhorant to do. Any gossip or negativity was a breakage of procedure and a slippage to change. We can easily get into these kinds of threads of negative thinking about others that can dominate our own vibration.

        This came to a head with me a few days ago. I had been bitten by a tick and had a huge ring around the bite so am pretty sure with other symptoms that it is lymes. The symptoms at first were not bad but I tried change my diet some to combat it and improve my immune system to fight it off better, but when the symptoms went away I slipped back into my own dietary patterns that were all recommended against by the naturopathic doctors on line that I have frequenlty relied on over the years (though my biggest reliance is on the “Transfiguration Diet” Do and Crew wrote and published and sold but is still available on line).

        Then I got a minor injury to my knee and it nearly crippled me but then went away in large part and then out of the blue my other knee that was never injured acted up and went away and then they both acted up so that I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and couldn’t bend them much as they were swelled up and I was almost a total cripple.

        I could see why dying would be desirable rather than being imobile and in pain but at the same time I still had the book to finish so I pressed on while asking Ti and Do what to do and why this was happening and I kept getting the idea that my bad mouthing a music friend was because I’d attracted an influence – a discarnate that was having their way with me and their vibe was also passing on whatever physical ailments they had before they died as well as their negativity about what others should or should not be doing.

        Ti and Do taught of this link of entertaining discarnates leading to aquiring their physical and mental ailments – diseases but I can’t say I had that first hand experience. Now I think there was also too much resistance in changing my diet which again can be another or the influence that would have me stay with doing something that is unlike what Ti and Do would have me do. I had the book so why not dive into it? Am I that attached to my morning coffee with cream and sugar and the bread products I love?

        As soon as I started correcting my thoughts about others – cutting off any negatively towareds them and got on a healthier diet my pain and symptoms went nearly away. yes they will come back again but I can run them away again – over and over. I awoke this morning with the idea to post the document called the Power of Goodness on my blog, a document Ti wrote. I’ll re-post it.

        People need to come to changes according to their own thirst. The Next Level will help us, which is even built into the human kingdom when we have accidents and trauma and breakups and fights and get sick and have money problems, etc. These are all lessons that dealing with in a Next Level way builds our Soul/Mind muscle enabling us to deal with more even though we might not see ourselves as getting stronger because the Next Level has ways of turning up the heat on us so we have more challenges. Of course is we aren’t in that “classroom” then we may be anestisized to everything until we are hit with a hurricane or something. But if we know we are in the program then everything that happens to us is a test of our resolve to push through it by drawing in the Mind from the Next Level by askign them for help each time and by reaching out in various ways online and/or of course to anything Ti and Do and Crew might have said about it, that sometimes I can help with.

        By the way the Transfiguration Diet wasn’t the last form of dietary experimentation but it’s the only one the group published so to me it’s a great foundation but as is the way of Ti and Do could be modified rather than treat it as all or nothing. I suggest getting it. It also has suggestions for positive thinking in it and a bunch of great ideas Do and his two helpers, Lvvody and Jnnody and others helped sort out from their reseach from what humans have published about the subject. When Next Level minds are incarnate and/or were incarnate they deposit their Mind in the atmophere in ways that any human can draw upon to solve problems. So in that way the Older Members don’t have to start from scratch to solve problems but they do have to sort through what they FEEL is coming from their Older member or not. They do that by asking and the not waiting for response but reseaching the data that’s available and trying things and changing things according to how they feel while continuing to seek to know their Older Member’s mind on whatever the subject.

        However, there would no doubt be circumstances that things have gone so far south so to speak that changing your environment might be the only way to get a fresh start. No matter how one slices it, it’s going to be difficult and challenging to be with others much but another thought I’ve had about it is to allow others time to digest things you have said, that is if they are based on Ti and Do’s mind. We all need time. When in coversation I try not to ever tell someone they are wrong. I might say I don’t agree with that but it’s not generally in a confrontational way, but especially back off if someone becomes aggressive in their opinion or actions as I don’t think that’s worth it.

      • gemunis Says:

        Keep on trukin, Sawyer

      • sawyer Says:

        thanks gemunis – same sentiment to you.

      • XF97 Says:

        It’s a day by day process Gemunis, with it’s fair share of tests or trials, accomplishments and failures. As far as I know, as long as the person is giving their dead level best, the Next Level will see that and acknowledge that. Does not the saying go as, “Ask and you will receive”? If the Next Level sees a person’s genuine interest in them, they will intercept to make sure the seeker gets some kind of help. As I understood the HG information, if people don’t finish their overcoming in this life, they will finish it off in the next human incarnation but will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless it’s through a Classroom circumstance with a Rep or Reps.

      • sawyer Says:

        Do indicated that some of those with him, among the 38, he thought would have to return to finish their overcoming. From prophecy I believe they still get a next level vehicle but it’s not an adult model. In other words these can still fall. Since Do said that it’s made a lot more sense seeing in prophecy that even some now until it’s “done” can “wash their robes” (current vehicles) and make them white in the blood of the lamb which I believe means giving their life in service to Ti and Do that will be met with the same kind of hatred Jesus and his disciples were met with that got them killed. In prophecy these too receive a “clean, white linen” vehicle. So I believe these are all in the category 2 Do spoke about of who would “go with them” and have some service in the Next Level. It can seem now that there will never be the kind of hatred against Ti and Do followers that there was against Jesus followers but that’s because it wasn’t time yet to allow that door to open. It starts with the 4th seal opening which is represented by the next presidential election. The fifth seal seems to have the biggest hatred against those who stand for Ti and Do. The Next Level can easily set the stage for what I am talking about but for any who are ready to go all the way, they will have to stick their necks out more and more. I could be wrong but the way I see it right now, this book may have something to do with escalating the enemy against us. Imagine the Next Level preparing somewhere around 144,000 vehicles to go with them. They may be waiting to get a hold of the evidence that Ti and Do were the return of the Father and Jesus, my book could help with. When these are given some smelling salt, and they begin to seperate from their human world it will cause a new resurgence against Ti and Do and anyone standing for them publcially will be targeted to be stopped. The Christian leadership will head those attempts to stop the truth from being told. The truth was already told extensively by Ti and Do and crew, even beginning to admit they were the return of Jesus, His Father and their crew but they didn’t address the way the records show the evidence which is what Christians rely on seeing and rightly so as this would be their stage – the LAST harvest stage and it will be for or against.

      • gemunis Says:

        It must have been quite different to have known Do as you did, in person, than to see him in video’s. You know how he spoke to the student’s in real life, when he was present, and you were there, when he was teaching you, and guiding you through your metamorphosis, I can only say that I only know Do, by way of video, and it’s not even close to the experience that you had with him. Thank you, for pointing that out, Sawyer.

      • sawyer Says:

        He didn’t speak to us in person the way he spoke in the beyond human video’s but it wasn’t far different. Like anyone there were serious times and silly times, casual moments, happy and sad moments, frustrated times and very focused times. Talking to the general public was much different from talking to the class in a meeting. Listening to the audio tapes in my opinion would be the most important part of getting to know he and Ti’s mind and of course reading all the materials. you will have many chances to have that personal relationship with him if you continue to want it and seek to be his active student.

      • sawyer Says:

        Ti was God the Father. I don’t expect you to believe that but Do was very clear on that wasn’t he? So if you quote Do and then talk about what God understands what value is the term God. It’s ignoring the truth so you can have what you want. It’s not hard to do. I am not above the same justifications, just in different ways it seems.

        Your talk is 2000 years old and is filled with misinterpretations of terms; “spiritual”, “tree of life”, “Father God”, we are his “sons and daughters – children, not the children of mankind”. Anybody can quote the bible and anyone can put their own spin on what they quote and anyone can think they have it made for this or that reason but unless you surrender all of it to what Ti and Do taught in exactly their terms, you won’t qualify for any of what those Bible verses refer to because you won’t be seeing them realistically. As you know I have no personal interest in your belief in Ti and Do exclusively, so go your way and I hope you find all you want and perhaps I’ll be wrong about some of what I’ve been saying to you.

        I don’t agree that we can’t understand the way God understands us. I know that was the Christian view and for them I can understand their feeling that as it was said over and over that God was a mystery. And many say that it’s not until Jesus comes back that the mystery will be revealed which is true.

        Well, he came back. He took a new vehicle and eventually called it “Do” and he spoke very “plainly” and “boldly” about the truth of the reality of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens. Thus a huge chunk of the mystery was revealed to all those who are willing to understand what he and Ti said and did.

        And frankly whatever was left to be revealed that is more kin to specific prophecies was left for now and though many will not believe this, I have the task to do that – to bring all the mysteries to the forefront so those who call themselves Christians can have a last chance to see the truth about Ti and Do as all the prophecies were designed by them and are being fulfilled by them. I have given some huge hints. I don’t know if you read all my posts about scripture. There’s a great deal I haven’t clearly shared but it’s been a long road to feel I have it right enough to leave behind for those that want it after I’m gone. I’m not saying others don’t have the same task I have. I just don’t know about them. And I can’t prove I have this task. I didn’t leave the class to have this task. I flunked but still believed and showed it enough to where Ti and Do and Crew helped me back at least to the degree that I could serve in this way.

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