The Ceres Base? A Sign from Ti (Father) and Do (Jesus) about phase two of Heaven’s Gate

This started as a response to the Ceres lights that look like a base on and/or in Ceres. So it was geared to try to communicate to those who may not be familiar with who Jesus really was and still is and who He Represented. The article about this Ceres base lights follows at the end of this post.

Jesus was from the Evolutionary Level Above Human, a physical kingdom of many members, that is why he took his body with him into the spacecraft behind the cloud cover to further demonstrate his physicality. The Next Level (Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven) keeps what their spacecrafts look like a secret until this time following the Revelations 11 Two Witnesses incarnate arrival and departure (1973-1997), which took place through those who went by the names Ti and Do of the Heavens Gate group. Most was kept secret during this time period because the first fruit returning “saints” had plenty of proves 2000 years ago and needed to take over human vehicles prepared for them, to finish up their overcoming of the human mammalian kingdom without additional proof as they didn’t need it anyway.

Giving more proof just  generates more followers but for this first classroom they already knew the amount of positions (seats) they had to fill. so more would have meant further filtering and they didn’t want to turn away more, though none that turned away have to stay turned away and they would have a second chance anyway after the graduation of the “elder” students – what were described as the “four Living Beings and the four and Twenty Elders” in what was also recorded in Revelations chapter 14 as the first cutting down of the stalks with the scythe as in a harvest, thus I refer to as the first fruit harvest.

At the same time Ti and Do before and after their incarnation this time knew the space aliens would have more of a free reign over those who were left after they exited and they would be showing their spacecrafts more and more as they negotiated with governments to swap their technology for certain freedoms to abduct humans for their hybird programs without having jets scrambled to intercept them. They knew they were vulnerable where the Next Level is  well equip to be out of sight, that is unless they plan to look vulnerable in their strategy as shown for some of the so called UFO Crashes in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s when they did choose to crash some of their primitive models.

Now during this next harvest phase that began after their exit in 1997, The Next Level Older Members did plan to be showing more signs of their reality so we have seen many, many photographs from the outer space telescopes that to those who want to know the truth do become a degree of proof of their real existence, though to others are seen as so called “natural” phenomena, human manipulations or space aliens, not realizing that the Next Level have physical bodies and use physical transportation and are evolutionary Above Human which is why the Older Members were called Supreme Beings, Elohim being a Hebrew word in the plural form because it’s a “many membered kingdom” where even the youngest is a Level Above the human evolutionary level.

So now we have passed the start of the war in the heavens, past the arrival of the Two Witnesses and Ti’s giving birth to Do to the throne so she could return to a vantage point through which she could help him finish his task of spirit (non-physical) birthing of their student body: (Michael is the same Older Member Soul who was incarnate as Jesus)

Rev 12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

Rev 12:8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

That war was also depicted as a “flood of thoughts” against Ti. Do said she burned out her vehicle dealing with the negativity against them all. Her exit was prophesied as:

Rev 12:16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

This was a way of depicting an earth based way of exiting her vehicle which is used in this context in Deuteronomy.

The last verse in Rev 12 shows the 2nd and last “war” (battle) of the remnant, which are those who come to believe in Ti and Do now and seek to be in their service disseminating their information:

Rev 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

The biggest part of this war doesn’t begin in earnest until after the “world Trade Center” shaking of the earth as shown in:

Rev 11:13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

Which goes hand in hand with the emergence of the Red – republican horse who has a Luciferian sitting upon known as George W. Bush who ushers in the first of two “falls” of America in the endless war on terror:

Rev 6:3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.

Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

This is followed by the second fall of America as the Global Financial Collapse as shown in:

Rev 6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

Rev 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

Together these two satisfy the official decent of what is really the New Babylonian empire and NYC as the new Babylonian city, while both are depicted as a Woman in:

Rev 14:8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

The conquering of the human world and the Luciferians (Dragon and his fallen angels)  by Ti and Do and their 42 students ushered in the physical manifestation of the first angel’s sounding as in this and the next angels sounding these events “follow” the sounding, though the sounding itself also occurred with similar events in the Tungusta event in the start of the 20th century:

Rev 8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

This is apparent as a huge increase in all ways of hail storms, forest fires and bloodshed (waring) and school and other domestic terrorism as mass shootings,  again after a time of relative peace on the actual shores of the United States.

Thus the next harvest phase begins. Oil and Wine do not suffer any loss of life at this point. Oil are those who may be nearing completion of their metamorphic completion while wine are those who are beginning their “fermentation overcoming” process and can both be considered to be among the second fruit harvest. Both leave their physical human vehicles behind, thus the bloodshed:

Rev 14:19 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.

Rev 14:20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

The saints are always those that come to believe in the current representatives, in this time Ti and Do, who were actually the Father and Son (Jesus in a new physical body, with the new name he said he would have (which was Do) and he said his Father would also have, which was Ti). The Saints are also all those who STAND UP FOR those they recognize as their Older Member(s) incarnate even though they know they will meet a similar fate of losing their life because of their stand.

Their newly born Soul bodies (as Jesus said would happen by saying they would need to be born again of flesh to be born of spirit/soul/Mind) left with the spacecraft traveling with the Hale Bopp Comet. It wasn’t a huge decision for them to choose to exit by laying down their human vehicles as they had given their human vehicles before, after Jesus left and then again when they came back via crashing of primitive spacecrafts.

They all said they were doing it for/with Do just as they did for/with Jesus. It always looks bizarre and sinister to those that are not yet awake while for some though it can still be difficult to adjust to becomes accepted as their transitional stage of birth.

Now is the time for the Signs Jesus said we’d see:

Luk 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

We have been seeing “signs in the sun, moon and stars”. The planets are all “stars” as lights in our sky, so Ceres is one of them, however faint. It’s interesting how Pluto is also being approached at this time by the New Horizons spacecraft to take pictures of it.  It has shown unusual characteristics that warranted reclassifying it a “dwarf planet” which Ceres is also considered to be and that Ti and Do had illustrated as having special significance in the movie script they tasked to a student committee to write that they directed starting in 1983 before Ti left her vehicle in 1985, after having completed her part of that phase.  By the way, Pluto was rawn and airbrushed as a type of base craft having it’s entire northern pole opening and closing like the way some steamer baskets have wings that overlap one another to allow all sizes of spacecrafts in and out.

The space aliens can’t actually leave Earth’s immediate atmosphere any more which is why they have been working so hard to get humans to build the space program to develop craft and life support and energy systems so they can try to leave as they have heard rumors from their own history that the planet will experience a major change again that will recyle the current civilization and dissolve what to the Next Level are the weeds, described as the Dragon (Luciferian fallen angel space aliens), the one world government and associated institutions and corporations, as led by the United States of America and the false prophet (the worlds religions and spiritual counterpart organizations).

The Luciferians see the Next Level as evil aliens as well as those who are of their mindset, which are most governmental leaders that know about all this. These are the remnant of the Luciferian hybridization programs past. Thus they are the weeds on Their (Ti and Do’s) Next Level Garden and naturally don’t want to be destroyed but are about to be before Do, using the body he has that was Jesus (Rev 19 – one that was dipped in blood) returns to throw all the weeds into the Lake of fire and brimstone, perhaps significant volcanic eruptions that may actually flood their underground city shelters with lava.

Before that there are to be 7 last plagues of Rev 16 that will include a meteor strike into the ocean, possibly the Atlantic that would take out the eastern seaboard.

The Creators are recycling their garden. They created it and all the life forms from scratch, genetic code and all the elements and systems upon systems and Lucifer and the fallen were cast down to earth which serves as their prison now. But to make a positive of the choice of the Luciferians to fall, the Next Level uses the prison to put potential new members of the Next Level to the test of whether or not they will side with the Luciferian prisoners or not. The Luciferians hate it all so have manipulated most everyone to either think the Next Level is a spiritual kingdom or is easy to get into by believing in a fantasy of Jesus or another religio-spiritual idea or doesn’t exist at all.

The way these Older Members from the Next Level, previously referred to as “Father in outer space (heaven), Jehovah, Elohim” come undercover is by leaving behind or sacrificing their existing physical bodies which was done this time in some of the crashes in New Mexico and Arizona and Texas in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s when they used primitive spacecrafts so to not appear different from the Luciferian space aliens that were also allowed to come out of their underground hiding places around that same time period as depicted in Rev 9:1 as the Dragon coming out of the bottomless depths (pit), perhaps a reference to some truth to the various claims in the records that there are ways to get under the North Pole and Antarctica and even may even extend throughout the core, thus having no bottom.

Those that stand against the “bestial mammalian governments and their pawns, not accepting their programming or markings they are increasingly using to identify those in their allegiance I suspect could become who Jesus called the “meek who shall inherit the earth”. They will probably provide the seed for the new earth’s planting of genetic seed as they will be of a mind (spirit) that sees through the lies stimulated by the space aliens, so they provide vehicles for the new or returning students to take for their next lesson steps toward graduating into Membership in the Next Level Above Human. Humans are not just plants or vehicles or containers if they received a Next Level deposit and chose to believe in the truth from the incarnate Older Members and thus begin to grow that seed within themselves as Jesus illustrated. But those who have that seed do not bring it to sprouting a bud by belief alone.

Do said and Jwnody the primary scribe of the classroom wrote that those who believe everything Ti and Do taught and are willing to “stand” up for Them and accept what comes as a result of taking that stand will be taken into their enviornment, genuinely “saved” by the Next Level, when they die so their souls can be brought back after 1000 years to see if they can overcome their remaining humanness to become members of the Next Level.

Those that begin their metamorphosis by separating from their human roots, behaviors and ways to abide by the behaviors and ways as taught by Ti and Do for their first fruit students and also stand for Ti and Do, when they lose their vehicles will be given a new physical body grown for them (as the Next Level don’t do mammalian reproduction, one of the reasons new members have to overcome their sexuality before being awarded a non-sexual vehicle (body) as otherwise their mind will not match their body and would be prone to abort as the Luciferians did.

Ti indicated that when she got back there would be changes. The Next Level learns from everything so from the Luciferian rebels and accordingly made the requirements to get into their real physical kingdom stiffer.

These who give their lives in service to Ti and Do will be part of the second harvest in Rev 14 spoken of as the tribulation time of great trouble winepress. (this giving of life is NOT a suicide. I suspect the Luciferians would rather see new students commit suicide of their existing vehicles than to see them “standing up for Ti and Do” so others can potentially learn about the only process to a genuine “spirit/mind birth”.

So new believers need their physical bodies so they can take them over, taking them away from their animal behaviors and ways which is in stages according to the speed in which they want to grow and Standing up for all Ti and Do taught and did.

There is no group to join, no one in a human vehicle to follow, nothing to buy that can’t be found for free by seeking it out from those who already have the materials.

And help is just a thought away by using the names Ti and Do in your asking for help and service and direction and strength to move forward as fast as one wants to.

New students should try to abide by all the governmental laws for the sole purpose of not being interfered with. This applies to anyone and everyone that wants to make their application no matter what they did or didn’t do in their life. Each of us needs to regularly ask Ti and Do to show them their next best step and then remain in listening mode expecting to see the answers come through any and all channels. People can start standing for Ti and Do in prisons and hospitals, in cities or on remote mountaintops in all languages throughout the world.

If you are struggling with accepting this and want proof, ask Ti and Do to show you the truth. It will always by your choice to accept it and choice on how to act upon what you receive. No one is graded by convincing others. It’s engaging the process of being of service to Ti and Do that we are graded on, not on what humans think about us pro or con.

The names Ti and Do with their location in the literal heavens (outer space) are an actual address or phone number to contact them. It’s not for frivolous conversation and not to be flaunted as if to show off one’s piety. Keep your communication petitioning with them private as Jesus and Ti and Do taught.

It’s all up to you. It’s not about giving all or nothing. That can be a ploy to keep you from taking the first steps. As you study the information from Ti and Do, don’t worry about not embracing every aspect right away. Give it time to sink in. This is very difficult for the brain to accept as we are combating generations of mis-dis-information programming. This is part of the “overcoming process” to experience. You are building your Minds strength and the more you take in the more you will be willing to discard human behaviors and ways as you are actually replacing human (Luciferian mind) with Ti and Do’s Mind from the Chief of Chiefs, the Oldest Member of the Next Level who Do said we would understand more about where he came from once we are members of the Next Level. The human brain doesn’t have the capacity to understand that.

As I side note I just became aware of:

On June 18, 1178, five Canterbury monks saw “two horns of light” on the moon’s surface, and it was later proposed they were witnessing the formation of Giordano Bruno crater.

Considering the first pictures, possibly from Hubble showed this group of 7-8 lights as two because of the distance away.


44 Responses to “The Ceres Base? A Sign from Ti (Father) and Do (Jesus) about phase two of Heaven’s Gate”

  1. XF Says:

    Checked out the link. Interesting find. More of these sightings and phenomenon are being exposed now. Ezekiel’s Wheel in the Bible gives a close account of what appears to be a space craft, on top of other elements mentioned in the Bible. EG: the burning bush, cloud of light and chariots of fire. These aspects were around from 5000 to 2000 years ago. And now, with more videos turning up that show crafts on the moon, or nearby planets or even in the sky (although some of them are CGI jokers, so caution must be observed when viewing those vids), the authentic/credible findings increasingly discount the age old one dimensional thinking of: “We’re all alone in the universe.” To those people I simply say: “Sorry folks, the world isn’t flat.”

    • sawyer Says:

      Agreed, but for whatever it’s worth I think this is far more than related to Old Testament sightings though I would be surprised to see things that would match some of descriptions. I don’t suspect the Next Level is doing as much in the way of on the surface sightings. I suspect those are mostly either space alien, governmental, private, photo shopped/cgi programs or misunderstandings or out right hoaxes so I rarely pay attention to them but do get the reports. I believe the next Level events are like the fireballs, the meteors that don’t act like meteors, the near miss asteroids, the comets, the objects in and around the sun, the object in and around the moon and perhaps around the space station. I saw some photos of some very strange clouds that look like the gulf breeze Florida spacecraft that Do was particularity interested in years ago that was witnesses landed. They have a name for this type of cloud that escapes me at the moment but it’s not that unusual of a shape except this latest one was photographed in Texas where they have never been seen before in an otherwise near cloudless sky. There was a pic of some classmates looking at one of these in California in 1994.

      But in deeper space, unless it’s a total hoax, I think we can be sure it’s Next Level doing it – letting humans see some of their activity or even staging their activity. Ti and Do are going to continue to show more and more things that defy explanation but that will be shown us because I believe it serves a purpose for the humans to do – to rally support against their belief they are space aliens with evil intentions and to foster unrest that helps them justify the security state’s expansion and how it just stimulates more controversy that at this point for many is all too hard to consider as real so becomes another point of confusion. I think these are very important to highlight when they occur. They are planned and the reasons are to help provide the needed uplift to all humans who are willing to pay attention to them and consider who is at the helm, as Ti and Do.

      I also believe these would be an excellent subject for a documentary because so many times these things are available for a few days and then leave the airways are are missed or forgotten. When people see the abundance of them over the last 10 years they can begin to have more and more weight and especially when we have a potential interpretation to some of them as I have tried to provide, right or wrong no matter. As with the book I’m writing there will always be plenty of people that will say my translations and interpretations are not valid but to those who have some of Ti and Do’s mind in them, if I’ve hit the mark Ti and Do wanted me to hit, then seeing an explanation they were also prepared to hear could be all it takes to help them wake up to Ti and Do as who they said they are. I have a lot of the footage though much is still available on youtube. You are such a good filmmaker, you could put things together. I don’t think you need to be concerned about copyrights on these if you’r not selling. They are almost all from NASA satellites so I believe are public video’s and images since NASA is a public agency.

      Now this one on Ceres I didn’t say much about though it’s having close to 8 parts is interesting as if the big round sun like one is the throne and the 7 others are the seven spirits before the throne in Rev chapter 1. I do believe Ti and Do are providing configurations we can relate to prophecy in some way, by the number and size and shape and relationship of objects.

  2. Jim Says:

    I hope they are alien bases because that would be absolutely cool beyond belief!

    I’m thinking impact craters exposed a material with a very high albedo… maybe a mineral of some kind.

    If Ti and Do were leaving a message for earth, I would think it would be a giant Honeymooner’s-esque image of Do’s face on the moon.

    You know — something more certain.

    Quoting you:

    “Ti indicated that when she got back there would be changes.”

    On all the tapes I’ve heard, Ti never said she was coming back. She and Do both always talked about how they couldn’t wait to leave and how if things worked out they’d never have to come back again….

    where does she talk about coming back ?

    • sawyer Says:

      It was pre-audio tapes that Ti said that. And she was referring to getting back to her Next Level position, not back to Earth.

      So alien bases would be cool…i guess as long as they weren’t the Creators and they didn’t come incarnate as Ti and Do!

      That’s what some NASA people said as well. Wait until they change the design. Then they’ll say, it must be due to a shift in the blachetorian nectar enhancement or a blip in the camera or a problem in the transmission. I’ve been seeing lame denial of what’s possible for 40 years now. I guarantee some at NASA know well that such explanations are purely PR so people can have something to attribute it to that doesn’t rock their world.

      • Jimbob Says:

        Nasa has a sight asking folks to weigh in on what they think it is… I didn’t see anything about an impact crator exposing high albedo minerals…

        Several of the options mentioned ice — I will eat SRRODY’s left nut if it turns out to be ice…

        No… if it turned out to be anything interesting I would love it… alien space base, a bigfoot colony, do and ti all illuminated up… that would all be very neat and would require me and science to rethink many many things.

        It won’t be.

        Plus, like I said — if Ti and Do wanted to make a display, wouldn’t putting Do’s face onto the moon be pretty much a failsafe mechanism to get the word out?

        Again, if Cere’s was Do’s plan… err, he sort of got it wrong again didn’t he?

        I just checked up on Ceres… they are saying water which makes no sense to me… but now they are saying it could be some sort of salt.

        I don’t know what kind of light they are using … I bet they already have a pretty good idea of what it is, but the mystery is good for their business.

        Sherry Shriner thinks that the lizard people took our moon and replaced it with a fake moon. Something for you to wonder about.

      • sawyer Says:

        No, I’d guess it would put a hault on getting the word out. The word is already out. At this time I believe it’s about providing choice of who to show our allegiance to, as Jesus said between God (The Next Level Older Members) and Mammon, the human kingdom and whatever we consider to be it’s wealth. To continue to provide a true choice they would be defeating the purpose to be blatent, so they do little things and watch the humans on one side of the fence run to explain it as anything but what it could very well be or hide from it entirely or as a last ditch effort attribute it to space aliens. Some will say it’s a sign from God but they won’t know what to link it to because Jesus said there would be such signs but didn’t say exactly when as most don’t see the handwriting on the wall that demonstrates the Two Witnesses as The Father and the One who last served as Jesus. I haven’t seen anybody actually suggest that even though their is plenty of recorded evidence that he returns incarnate (son of man = offspring human). You know I’ve continued to respect you in allowing most of your comments and replying as best I can to most of them when there is something said in them, but you continue to try to taunt me by using names and email addresses or whatever that are misleading. You don’t believe anything about Ti and Do and what they said and did so why do you insist in appearing like you do. It doesn’t really matter to me that much but tells me more about you. I’m not approving comments from here out that have any insults in them or use names I see as misleading. I keep insinuating that and then change my mind some. I don’t think you care that much obviously so it’s not a threat by any means.

        That thing about the moon is typcial Luciferian propoganda as the so called “lizard people” don’t have any capcity to change much of anything on or off of planet earth except people’s minds and they probably already own most of them.

      • Jim Says:

        You’ll love this — I AM a Luciferian space alien. 🙂

        Ain’t I providing a perfect sounding board for you to convince the billions of people of earth that Ti and Do are Christ or whatever?

        Think of it — you have your very own Luciferian space alien at your disposal. You can ask me questions, too! I was going to say that I was a “booger” assigned to try to make things difficult to you (maybe I am?) but I don’t like the sound of that title… winks.

        I’ll tell ya one thing… I’m learning a LOT about Ceres! How does a dwarf planet 598 miles in diameter have enough gravity to keep ice from sublimating into space?

        It has been 30 years since my astronomy class (which I aced!) though and TONS upon TONS of new information has been discovered and tested and retested.

        I’ll find out why Ceres retains her water… and try to find out how comets rejuvenate their volatile solids because I just don’t know. You know? Sometimes you just don’t know and this is one of those cases to me… and I’d like to see if we know. There is a chance that we don’t know, you know.

        See ya brother! Ask me questions about being an LSA…

        I’ll stick to using Jim .

      • sawyer Says:

        their a dime a dozen

        I don’t know enough science to have a science based response to ceres keeping ice on it. I do believe it has ice on it as NASA states because I can’t see any reason to hide that kind of data or make it up. I don’t recall if they sent a probe to try to get a sample of the ice structure or can they tell that largely by their spectrometer analysis?

        Just a chance “we” don’t know huh? You really have a lot of faith in “them” and considering the hundreds of times they have been wrong, it’s another puzzle I guess like with the people that think the next president is going to solve all the problems or that by imposing a tax on how many miles we travel will somehow be an incentive to reduce carbon emissions or have funds to reduce carbon emissions. I’ve seen so much tom foolery on this planet in the last 50 years that I’ve been watching that I’d be a fool to trust what any of the authorities tell us out of hand.

        However, I’d like to know what you find out. Also while you are at it if you want to I’d like to know why it is that some think the moon was unnaturally placed and there is something else about our moon’s size and how it’s not supposed to be able to stay in orbit or something like that or that it’s size is exactly what is required to stay in orbit – maybe that’s it. I like that kind of information but it’s all good – like the weather balloon that crashed near roswell that didn’t exist at the time of the crash that the fbi posted on their web site some years ago when I researched why they changed the initial report data and kept revisiting the subject for the umpteenth time when there was nothing to it.

      • sawyer Says:

        oh I like jiminy so no speeches from me on that one.

      • XF Says:

        “Jimini” sounds pretty good for “Jim”. I prefer “Pam Spam” myself.

      • JIM Says:

        You said:
        “you really have a lot of faith in “them” and considering the hundreds of times they have been wrong.”

        By Jove, I think you’ve got it! Science is always about being wrong and then finding out why… then being wrong again, then finding out why again…

        Science is very humble! It invites you to make it topple!

        Science has been wrong millions of times… that’s how our knowledge gets better and better!

        Maybe you think the Ceres spot is actually a beach party that Herf and Bonnie Lu are throwing for their NL buddies… Okay, prove it.

        NASA probably has a good idea of what it is, but the mystery and speculation is good for SCIENCE because it gets people interested… there is nothing wrong with them withholding their opinion until they have more proof… some might call that disingenuous, but if folks are having fun with it more power to them.

        NASA will produce tomes of data and documentation about what the thing is and why… you can read the tomes… you can study the same data… if you disagree, then you can explain it in a different way… but you’ll have to prove it. Millions of folks out there will hold NASA’s feet to the fire if they say something that isn’t supported by the data… NASA is closely monitored by millions upon millions of scientists just waiting to make a name for themselves by proving (PROVING) nasa wrong.

        Hey… You and XF have a great day… it is a beautiful spring here!

      • sawyer Says:

        Isn’t proof also a moving target and the eye of the beholder whether through a microscopic lens or the lens of one’s senses? Millions of people also have had all kinds of experiences with premonitions, dreams that came true, recognition that the dead aren’t entirely dead, communications with animals. Are they all not part of SCIENCE to understand if they are a human experience or do they have to be described under specific rules that admittedly by those who count themselves scientists are always changing anyway, to have a relative credibility? So I could have an experience of seeing a spirit say 100 times under certain circumstances – certain lighting, certain time of day, certain degree of alertness over a certain timeframe and with the experiences have a sense of what it could be and I could be hooked up to a machine that measures electrical current in the brain and one could document that there were different parts lighting up during the time I was seeing whatever it was. The only thing that would be proof would be that something was taking place either inside or outside the body or both that was measurable. But if you do that test with 100 people and they all come up with similar stories though in slightly different ways and you then see that in historic records there was similar stories in every culture, doesn’t that start to add up to more proof that what was happening COULD be PROOF of what COULD BE, enough to where someone wouldn’t be able to just write it off as quackery?

        Anyway, acid trips are actually a good example of this – seeing things that may or may not be externally real in some way however magnified – like trails of energy for instance that we could actually come up with a scientific explanation for the existence of swirls of energy and particles in our electromagnetic sea but that one needs to change the chemical structure of what the brain receptors otherwise receive to see.

        Dreams are really a good proof that there are things happeneing in the brain that could be the basis of proof of something beyond our otherwise perceivable ability to know and understand more about.

        Oh, I got what might be an answer to your question about the size of Ceres ability to hold water on it’s surface. I got it in a half sleep state and it felt like it was in response to your question – that sense came with the answer for whatever it’s worth. The answer was, “Mass is more relative than size”.

      • sawyer Says:

        I’m going to slightly exaggerate to say you always exaggerate and what is wrong to you, when one really wants to know the truth doesn’t remain looking wrong but again it’s in the eye of the beholder, those with eyes to see.

  3. XF Says:

    Well Sawyer, at least Jim confirmed he’s a Luciferian Space Alien with his latest comment. It’s about time he confirmed that he was dispatched by the Lower Forces anyway. Most of his comments this past year would seem to be evidence of such; especially with his comments here, which again and as usual, have nothing to do with the subject at hand except to cause disruptions. His latest rogue comment is just another trinket of spam from his bottomless bag of junk. It’s obvious that he is simply here to disrupt the peace and cause a disturbance with harassment. Ti & Do can help him if he genuinely asks, but he obviously refuses to do so. Instead, he remains adamant with his allegiance to Lucifer. Can’t help someone who ardently thumbs their noses at Truth yet insists on being heard anyhow for the sake of pontification – which is a sad scenario such people choose to undertake in. One of the catalysts to such rogue behavior is by having too much time on their hands. However, it’s their choice, to each their own. Either way, he is simply a spammer.

    • sawyer Says:

      You know after my being thrown out of many christian sites simply because I use scriptures to challenge their limiting belief about Jesus and they see some of their readers paying attention, I can prove that I’m not afraid of being challenged by relating to those that don’t believe as I do. It has stimulated opportunities to address viewpoints that many have. Sure I don’t like the crude talk and when he makes statements that are lies about Ti and Do, that I don’t think he thinks are lies, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he sometimes just likes to see if he can get under my skin, which at this point is hard to do. But if he shoots straight I got no problem with the man. Never can tell. Maybe Do will come to him in a dream and tell him to butt out. Jesus certainly shocked a few into a degree of belief or he’ll have one of those alien ufo sightings when he’s not tripping or maybe when he is tripping.

      • XF Says:

        I understand what you mean. Good answer. Even though Jim as proven who his allegiance is to, you have stated some good points in response to Jim’s flatulent statements.

      • JIM Says:

        Sometimes I think you take some of the hyperbolic satirical things that I say as assertions I am trying to make… I try to convey the satire using outlandish terms so it is clear … I’ll try to make that more clear…

        Like when I talk about Herf and Bonnie Lu having a beach party on Ceres… that is satire… I’m not sure what you think the spots are exactly… but by using the image of a beach party in place of that, I don’t really think that is what it is or that is what you think is happening (right? i hope not)… I’m using it as a satirical spacer to fill in that gap. And hoping to add levity (it is a funny image, right) to what could otherwise by a rather dry conversation…

        Peace out bros!

      • sawyer Says:

        If you will note I never said what they were exactly. I only wrote about what I suspect they might be as another sign from Ti and Do. I don’t care about your satire and sarcasm. It’s typical to popular culture like the Daley show and lots in Hollywood, etc. It’s the mockery of things you have not experienced as if they have no basis of truth that is disturbing to hear but I have grown accustomed to as today’s pop culture to do so I understand it. I have a friend who I would say has some masterful use of sarcasm. I’ll send you some of his writing one of these days and it’s largely about religious stuff but he doesn’t exactly know all I believe though invites me over to his house to talk about stuff because it fascinates him while seems too complicated to reflect reality. He feels everything is an illusion and everything is shit and I don’t necessarily disagree with him except like I say to religionists and spiritualists and scientists alike is that I agree with you….but there’s more to be seen that I know I’ve been given to see. I just so happened to be on the receiving end at a time when I was open to seeing more and I took it in and went with it and thus got to see more of what is otherwise not readily seen and that told me in no uncertain terms that there was yet a huge amount of additional things to see, literally and figuratively because as Ti said, FREQUENCY was that huge keyword you should have heard mentioned in at least one tape. Change the frequency on any electromagnetic device whether silicon or biological circuitry and you potentially get an entirely new picture of reality. Things that you could’t see before are literally visible and things you couldn’t hear before are literally heard, as a dog hearing tones the human ear can’t hear and a bird seeing detail in a way the human eye doesn’t see as some of the tiny few examples. The bird that can navigate across the globe to the same nesting ground has a radar humans don’t seem to have yet humans are supposed to be at the height of the evolution of microorganisms from the seas. There are hundreds of examples of that and a certain amount of common sense some just haven’t been given or nurtured and that’s not a put down of anyone or a put up of anyone because it’s not about what we do or don’t perceive – it’s about what we do with what we are given going forward that is the real measure.

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t know what they are. They could be a lot of things I suppose. Have you looked at those Sun “objects” that streetcap4 posts all the time on youtube that he gets from NASA images he digs through to analyse? Very wild configurations of shapes and sizes. Interestingly those “spots” as you called them, if you just took their outlines in dim lines, they might look similar to many of those sun things – at least as I’m thinking about them now. To even think that NASA people KNOW what they are is in my opinion weak science of mind to believe just because they have people scrutinizing what they say publicly. There are just as many if not more that are depending on whatever their explanations might be so they don’t have to wonder if their “world” is crumbling before them. However, I will make a prediction that whatever they are we will see more of in some shape or form we can’t predict that will be just as mysterious and yet just as deniable as being whatever it is we don’t want to consider they could be so each person then is building their own level of proof criteria that they then see their world through.

  4. sawyer Says:

    I re-read some of this post and need to fix it up. In looking at the title, I guess I am suggesting this might be a base although I told a commenter I wasn’t saying that. I don’t know if it’s a base, I’m not pretending it is or isn’t. I think that is expressed in the post, but to me I’m taking a chance on a positive for the sake of those who are willing to consider it. To anyone else it doesn’t mean much what I say anyway. What I do feel certain about is that Ti and Do are very much alive and are orchestrating this end time as we speak to give people a chance to choose whether to believe in them or all or any things that are human to include the space aliens who demonstrate human behavior and ways as well. So for those that think I’m full of myself or trying to act like a prophet or something kin to that by saying this is a base, instead of qualifying such statements, they can think what they want of course. Sure it could be painted rocks but then who painted them. Maybe a “natural occurance”, but then what if they change their design or such is also seen on another object in space or seems to look like some of the objects photographed on/in the sun over the last few years. Pretty soon, we are all faced with the challenge that it could be what I am suggesting which will never be proven I don’t think but nevertheless is a sign of the times as the rest of the post talks about.

  5. crlody Says:


    Maybe it’s time to stop feeding the troll. (JIMBOB, Todd Beakman etc.), the guy who can’t seem to stop obsessing about you and the Class. Everything he writes oozes condescension, disrespect and conceit. He lives to get a rise out of you because he obviously has nothing better to do with his time or his existence except to hurl negativity. It’s sort of like the child who acts out for the sake of getting attention. Maybe you want to just ignore him and any others who use the Class and Their existence and Teachings as a method of garnering attention for themselves. The guy thinks that you need to prove something to him and he will never stop harassing you as he has very little going on for himself except waiting for your next blog entry. Paying attention to him and responding to his constant barrage of insults and egotism will only perpetuate the petty little game that he is playing. I’ve known many individuals like this who live off of any friction that they can create with others. They do so not because they believe in any of the things they say (or anything for that matter) but because they need constant validation by arguing and creating conflict.

    • Jim Says:

      Sawyer… I’m not a troll… I talk to you exactly the way I would talk to you if we were hanging out… sometimes I may get in a mood and drive a barb home with too much relish… but generally speaking: I am respectful… satire isn’t meant to be condescension or scorn… satire is just that — satire.

      I bring up stuff as it occurs to me…

      It strikes me as odd that the other mysterious two really don’t like me posting here. I think they would rather you just responded to them.

      I think it is odd that they label me as a “troll”… labels, you dig? (satire) Labels are a very “this world” sort of trick. Labels instantly categorize someone into a group — and in this case — a group that doesn’t deserve any consideration because by definition a troll can not add to a conversation (that is antithetical to what a troll is).

    • Jim Says:

      Back… I guess it seems like you are losing clout with the other Moonies (satire will make sense below!***) because you choose to converse with me about stuff.

      That’s not exactly Next Level behavior from them, is it?

      Maybe the Next Level is using me (yet again) as a way of showing that even believers aren’t 100% overcoming all of the time, right? And that’s okay, I think.

      None of our conversations occur without a reason. Be that as the next level using me to give lessons to the world; or me being a “booger” to just keep you moving… annoying but harmless; or me being a Luciferian Space Alien… which is probably the oddest thing I’ve ever been referred to as…

      Or me teaching: Ceres isn’t a “moon***”… so the spots can’t be a “moon” base. They refer to it as a “dwarf planet”. Probably just:

      “The Ceres Base – a Sign from Ti (Father) and Do (Jesus) about phase two of Heaven’s Gate”

      If Ti is the father and Do is the son… who is the Holy Spirit? One of the ODIES? You’d think the congruence wouldn’t stop at just two parts of the triune, right? I’ll search to see if you’ve talked about the book of Acts…

      Also, doesn’t “Chief of Chiefs” seem like an odd title? It was literally the title Do and Ti used (that and just “the chief”)… the word “chief” has a lot of very non-next level connotations. I would think they would have chosen a term with less baggage, right? Sure it is a play on “Lord of Lords” (which has even more baggage)…

      Maybe “Prime Being”… “First Being”… “First Mover”… do you see how these terms even have connotations?

      Do you think Ti and Do chose “chief” because they wanted folks to see the things that word denotes/connotes? The word chief makes me think of “boss” — or head of a group. The term is at once too much of a “ruler” and at the same time “too small of a group”. We never call someone truly important a “chief” (except on get smart!) Chief is almost a “tribal” term in a way… Does that imply that Do and Ti were saying that even though this being is “the chief of chiefs” — that, as is the essence of chiefdoms, there are others “chief of chiefs” out there… we’re part of a particular group of whom there is a c of c… but there are other c of c’s.

      It is just the word chief… I’m wondering if they truly thought about the connotations or if they just chose that word as a convenient shorthand to avoid the philosophical quagmire involved in naming higher powers, etc.

      Food for though.

      Peace to you!

    • sawyer Says:

      I think there is room to make a positive out of some of what Jim says, even if it just adds examples of how most others probably think, that I (we) can learn to respond to better.

  6. XF Says:

    Sawyer, Jim can change from his evil ways and see the light, but his problem is that he figures he doesn’t need to change when, most likely the world around him, will tell him otherwise. Now people can change and grow for the better. I believe in that and I believe in giving people a chance, but Jim is in thick denial over his own critical errors. Jim chooses not to change and there lies the problem. He made a decision to remain stagnant in his own world of deception or to simply digress in that same world without Ti & Do. I’m sure he has his fair share of good qualities, as people usually do, but unfortunately he chooses to execute the opposite as a prevalent theme for his comments. Negative energy seems to be his primary choice for consumption. He consistently tries to turn you off of the Truth, deny his own faults while finding faults with Ti & Do instead and hopefully pull you back into a world of lies through some “one man intervention” of his. Given who and what he represents, it doesn’t help his case. He’s just another example of a “hum drum human” who is “pissed off” at the Information of Ti & Do, simply because his own insecurities are threatened by it. Deep down he knows the NL Info is right, otherwise he wouldn’t try so hard to fight it by obsessing over your Blog. However, the Lower Forces won’t let him acknowledge that, except through sarcasm, condescension and elementary reasoning. It is painfully clear that he is not interested in the information of Ti & Do, nor does he even try to absorb it, unless it’s for a means to simply mock. What”s even worse is that he thinks he has some warped authority to judge Ti & Do and the NL info, when he has no authority at all.

    • Jim Says:

      “evil” is sort of a value judgment. I’m not pissed off at the information of ti & do… I just tend to not believe stuff unless I can independently verify it.

      I think the NL information is unnecessary and needlessly complex and inelegant. The universe and existence are much more elegant with out them. Theirs was a strange soup of biblical prophecy (which is Jew only btw) and 70’s ufo hippy cultism with a small sprinkling of new age spice.

      I’m not fighting it. I’m not obsessing over Sawyer’s blog — I enjoy it. Heck, he was in one of the most bizarre cults in recent memory — just because 99.9999999% of the planet has no idea there was even an HG cult, doesn’t make it uninteresting.

      I’ve learned a lot from posting here. Did you know Do got upset with them for watching Remington Steele episodes instead of listening to the tapes? That is interesting.

      Did you know that TLLODY for a while was supposed to ring a bell every hour so they could stop what they were doing and meditate.

      Did you know LLYODY was in a semi-famous band? That OLLODY was mr. moneybags? DSTODY was Uhuru’s brother? DVVODY had just joined abandoning her kids just weeks before committing suicide with them? LGNODY was in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid movie?? EVNODY was STLODY’s sister? That QSTODY was a bus driver before becoming a cult member?

      One member I don’t know a lot about is DMMODY… Sawyer, do you have any interesting info?

      See? I’m interested… I pick up on the details… there’s no bitterness. I would never believe any of the Do and Ti mythology just like a sponge won’t absorb rocks… but I am still interested in the myth itself. Do and Ti literally made it up as they went a long– which is completely different than how “The Mysterious Two” portrayed them (which is interesting to me).

      I can judge them and they can judge me if they like. You can judge me — although I sense a lot of anger in you. This stuff is only religion, dude, nothing to be real serious about… I mean look at all the people killing each other in the world over stupid myths.

      Be happy! It is spring… wouldn’t do and ti want you to be happy? Frolic! Make Merry! Sing and harvest and rejoice in the Sun. Gather your children around you and teach them about how wondrous the universe is! How awe-inspiring it is!

      • Jim Says:

        just thought… do you remember on the tapes where Ti was talking about how a “next level” being would have a cold? I think it was pretty early on and it regarded maybe someone being a bit too overt about blowing their nose or skulking about or feeling bad cuz they were ill…

        Occurred to me: when you are ready and have completely “overcome being human”, would you ever cry? would someone who overcame being human ever laugh or smile (emotions are very very very human… heck, animals have emotions even)…

        Do announced that they were all ready … that they had all overcome (even DVVODY oddly enough) being human.

        I sort of think that part of LVVODY’s tears were that she knew she hadn’t overcome… deep inside she KNEW for a fact that nothing had changed in her … and part of her tears was realizing the whole thing was a charade and her whole time in the class was for nothing — a big lie. For if she had truly overcome, she knows she would have been different.

        Part of LVVODY’s tears were accepting the folly of the mistake she made and knowing there was no going back. She’d already run away before and come back … she had nothing to go back to anymore. She had thrown in her lot with Do and Ti and truly wanted to believe — but at that moment when she was crying she knew that if Do thought she had graduated, then the whole thing was a lie.

        I have a lot of empathy for LVVODY… I think a lot of the class were “on the spectrum” if you get my drift — they weren’t real emotional to begin with … but LVVODY was more of a normal well adjusted human being.

        I can’t help but think that those tears were also for herself.

      • sawyer Says:

        Next Level members are not without emotion. They are sad when they see people choosing to reject what they know and have. Ti and Do told us that upon getting back there would be a celebration. They do feel joy and appreciation and have a sense of humor (laugh) and have “fun” but I don’t know how visible it would be to anyone else but then who cares if it’s visible. They also said those that returned having failed would feel embarrassed because of how they let such relatively little things stand in their way. Other members wouldn’t be making them feel embarrassed. It would be an internal thing.

        Giving your life is a huge step and not easy to do in that setting as one isn’t depressed or seeking revenge upon others that harmed them in some way. It’s only human that would see it as something terrible because for a human without a connection to a genuine Older Member, they don’t know what else there is, so it seems like a waste.

        Do said that some would have to return to completely overcome their humanness. Whether dvvody was one of those, I have no idea.

        Lvvody’s tears were not unusual and nothing wrong with. And you might note that they didn’t censor that part but I’m sure they knew some would see those tears the way you are suggesting – that gives everyone yet one more reason to not believe in who they all really were/are as the Next Level doesn’t need believers. They like to see believers because they know what they have to offer and they are sad when some turn backward.

        I remember well a number of talks about how a member of the next level would handle a cold. They wouldn’t let it bring their vibration down. They would do what they needed to do to deal with the symptoms but they would use their mind to push through the lethargy or drowsiness common with colds and they would take measures to not spread it. Ti was an excellent example of dealing with illness. One never knew what she was dealing with before her eye removal and it wasn’t until about two weeks before she exited her vehicle that she didn’t come with Do to give a meeting.

        Maybe others knew more of what was happening to her. I did know for quite a while that she had some trouble consuming certain things and that sometimes tea and toast was all she wanted. But as far as I knew when she was living in the same “craft” with us, for a short time in the Bandara craft near white rock lake, I believe she had full plates of food supplied to her and Do in their quarters nightly, but I didn’t do that delivery nor the pickup of the dirty dishes so I have no way to know if she ate everything, though she would come into the lab (nutrilab and yeastlab) often to see if we had questions, help us with recipes and share whatever came into her mind with whoever was present. There were often spontaneous meetings that formed around her and Do’s informal solo talks. Often they would say they wanted to have a full meeting to bring up some of the things that came up, so those who were doing out of craft tasks of any sort wouldn’t miss out.

        When Ti would talk about how a member of the next level would handle something, she wasn’t distinguishing between a Member who is in their Next Level vehicle from one that is in a human vehicle as she and Do were and the students were attempting to be, because it’s the same Mind that is driving the vehicle in either case and that is what she based saying that on as she knew what a Next Level Mind would do and she and Do were ALWAYS examples of all they said, to include feeling lost when they felt their older member was distant from them (as jesus seemed to express for a few moments while dying – reciting the psalm about feeling “forsaken” (absent from his consciousness), which I also saw Do experience several times that included tears. In fact Do shed tears of both joy and sadness at varying times. I feel strong emotions when I say or think something about what Ti and Do said or did. Those feelings are not wrong to have. They never were. If we laughed often in the classroom, we could be sure to have plenty of times of laughter in a next level body as well. It’s just mis-dis-information that they have no emotions. Ti and Do even answered that question about “fun” in 1976 – Is there fun in the next level and they said, well, yes but it’s like when you see horses running around and having fun, it may not seem that much fun to a human for them to do that – and so it is with Next Level members who have their own kind of fun. It’s fun any way you slice it and that’s an emotion.

        Your opinion stated as fact doesn’t make it so about lvvody though it’s understood that the whole enchilada is otherwise quite puzzling unless one wants to know the truth and seeks it out from the highest source that would have to take you far into the distant heavens to find. If you really want to “KNOW” what lvvody was feeling, you might consider asking that question and sending it into deep outerspace as a query and see what comes back. I could be wrong but I believe if you took that chance you will be surprised with the way you get an answer. I’m not saying you will all of a sudden have an epiphany and then be a believer, so don’t think you need to fear that – but it will I suspect come with a sense that you received an answer and yet I also suspect that sense will be easily dismissed thereafter but at the moment hard to ignore as something real.

        Human beings without the Next Level are the ones living the charade. Even a non-believer in Ti and Do or the Next Level can see many examples of that. Look at any field of human endeavor and you will see what the public sees and then there will be what is otherwise kept private though mostly comes out over time – that becomes proof that what we hear and see now is by far not the entire picture as it’s mostly dependent on what we seek out. Like that old computer axiom “garbage in, garbage out” where the Next Level, though in stages is WYSIWYG, though what you see is in the eye of the beholder as what we are willing or want to see boiled down to the truth or the mis-truth.

      • sawyer Says:

        It’s always interesting to see someone saying that people are killing themselves over stupid myths and thereby assigning the label of myth to what is believed to be Above Human. When you actually look at the many details as to why humans kill one another, it has nothing to do with even the distortions of the truth that are in fact myths. But people hear this idea that the distortion of the truth is a myth and repeat it as if the truth is the myth. Go into history and really look for the root causes of ALL the wars and tell me what is the overriding cause that is evident to date. Iraq war that elder bush was instrumental to start was why – because of religion. No, it was because of sadaam’s going into Kuwait right but why did he go into Kuwait and what other reasons were there to go after sadaam. Have you really investigated that? And why is it that even the crusades had nothing to do with anyting Jesus taught, yet it was all about the myth of religion and that is actually in part true because religion is the myth but the truth is what the religion came about because of.

        Yes I remember tllody’s task to ring the bell. We had a very brief time of that meditation. The bell was a notification. And there was a tendency to get drawn into human things too much, for some to where if they had the option to watch TV, they were always there, but when it came to pressing on in their overcoming by better seeing the formula as provided in the tapes, that would take a back seat, so Ti and Do at times certainly corrected us but you might want to describe what he said and how he said it as it wasn’t in a human way that’s for sure, but that can be hard to see if one doesn’t know anything but human ways.

        I know many things about most all of them but far less about their lives before awakening into Ti and Do’s service as overcomers the real meaning of an “Israeli” = “one who prevails [above humanism] as [in the ways of] the Existing [eternal] one (Jehovah)”

      • Jim Says:

        I don’t “know” how LVVODY felt … I was only speculating obviously because I can’t know. Normally folks don’t preface speculative remarks with “I could be wrong but” — that was more of a “class” thing you folks did.

        Weird to see you defending religion… religion is at the root of all the human induced misery on this planet. Either different tribes of believers killer each other — or the intelligent folks (generally the educated and hence rich) using religion to incite the masses to evil.

        I wonder if it would be possible for cultures to advance to our level without the cancer of religion causing them to destroy themselves.

      • XF Says:

        Hey Jim, shut up. Seriously.

      • sawyer Says:

        “advance to our level” – you mean to a notch above primordial. You do know that apes can be trained to use computers and thus talk and sound intelligent and I bet there are animals in each species that think they are at the top of the heap in all ways in their own ways of thinking/acting? Humans are only above animals because they can choose not to act like animals. Animal behavior has nothing to do with religion. Any behavior that is above animal behavior was come by because the Beings that are Above Human gave the direction. It is very, very clear that the human intellect isn’t an example of adaptation to ones environment. To the contrary the so called most evolved species is destroying the environment they are supposed solely evolved from, an oxymoron – that’s oxygen for a moron.

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t agree that you “can’t know”. Why can’t you just watch the tape and see what she says and read the document she wrote that’s in the purple book. I’ll post it. It’s very good. You don’t have to even agree or disagree to believe that at the very least she believed in everything she said. Do you think she had no opportunities to leave? If so, think again. It’s easy to go along with the mindset that they were naïve followers of some mastermind manipulators. She actually is the one who did the operation on Srrody’s testicle removal. I almost fainted and it wasn’t because of the sight of the little amount of blood. It was just the scope of the whole deal. We did so much soul searching in the group, it’s hard to imagine anyone being there for any other reason but believing with all their might in Ti and Do and the process they taught. They would periodically instruct us to think about if there was something in the world we wanted. We were sent back to visit with families twice. Like you’ve said, there were changes and believed pick up dates that didn’t occur. Others left. They were offered money to leave so they wouldn’t stay because it’s easy to just coast. Lvvody once met with her vehicles brother. Do didn’t know about it. I don’t know how she found out that he was in the area, I believe in San Diego at the time, but she left one night without telling anyone. I never did learn much more than that. She reported it later as a “slippage”, but I think she was trying to not have him find the craft or something of that nature. That was a major infraction as it involved a certain amount of deceit. However, it didn’t sway her commitment to Do. Sure she was emotional on the tape – joyful emotion, while I’m not saying she wasn’t also feeling compassion for those from her vehicles family who she knew would be watching the video and thinking what they might be thinking. But that doesn’t add up to doubts. It just means she felt that tug on her severed root system that could have easily been combined with some of the frustration in knowing that she couldn’t really help them. The horse can be led to water but we can’t make the horse drink, unless it’s our own horse.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Nobody has any authority to try to configure what someone else is thinking during any moment. We all do it sometimes, maybe some other people don’t do it anymore, but still, nobody is supposed to “assume” what someone else is thinking. Jim “thinks” like most “Gen pop inmates” think – which is ignorance and quackery. He knows what was going through everybody else’s mind in the Class. I could turn around and say that he suffers from Turrets, is a psychopath and was a burned out “so and so” Satan worshiper and he wouldn’t like it.

  7. sawyer Says:

    Here’s a little section from the Disclosure project – testimony from two x-NASA employees. For the skeptics. I did watch this live on cspan in 2001 when these testimonies were given. There were over 30 mostly military personal testifying to their experiences with UFO in a variety of circumstances and what they were told to not talk about further. But this segment from that project talks about some who said the moon astronauts saw “ufo’s” on the moon and that they have photographic evidence of structures on the back side of the moon that are routinely airbrushed out before they are sold to the public. This just adds more data to several prophecies of Jesus and in the book of revelations that the Moon and perhaps Moons as in Ceres have functions beyond the obvious but that the Next Level uses that they wanted us to know existed via prophecy so we could have more proof for those that really want to know the truth:

    • JIM Says:

      Sawyer… a hell of a lot of smoke, but no fire… why would nasa even allow anyone to ever see any of their pictures if they were trying to suppress information.

      I don’t think you really understand when you say “more proof”. There is no “proof” at all. There is suspicion on a lot of people’s part. I’d like to believe there are space aliens under the sea and spaceships on the moon, but everything posed as “proof” is dubious at best or gets resolved for what it is/was and then nobody speaks of it again.

      The “inquisitor” is not a place that someone like you (respectfully) should be getting your news. You are a bit susceptible to not thinking critically. I hope you haven’t sent any money to Nigerian princes. If I told you that our moon is hollow and that Bigfoots live inside baking cookies, you’d say “well, it could be”… You need to keep that perspective in mind when you take in any information: you don’t have a strong filter between what is hard truth and what is hogwash… they all appear equally feasible to you.

      The inquisitor gets its clicks by reporting just about anything that is “trending” online… if people are looking, then inquisitor wants to be the place they find stuff. they don’t vet any of the stories. They are feeding the internet what the internet eats… and making tons of money doing it.

      The “true” news outlets — sort of an oxymoron — are competing to show how accurate their news is — that’s how they make their money. If any of them “get it wrong”, then everybody CRUCIFIES them. I know you see conspiracies behind every door — but you can truth the weatherman… cuz he’s just trying to outdo the other guy…

      Hey — thanks for the honest conversation…

      • sawyer Says:

        funny how you think about proof. No I don’t see conspiracies behind every door, I know they are behind most doors of the power centers. I have even experienced them first hand in minor business ways so to deny this is just not conscious to how they are the norm, not the exception. Do you remember the phrase, “national security” and how many times Bush used that. Nixon lied through his teeth over and over while saying he just wasn’t telling the truth and how you have to lie to get things done. It’s normal and NASA is part of the DOD – I guess you knew that, so are they going to share everything they get if they don’t have an agenda to share it. It’s not for entertainment that they exist you know.

        Do you know what kind of list can be constructed from all the things that are hidden from the public? It would spin most heads and that’s why so few want to really know except people that don’t have a preconceived interest in not knowing. Making money is one thing. But keeping on with the various hidden agendas is another and even a bigger deal really as money is nothing to many in the upper echelons of power.

        Have you watched the tapes of the disclosure project that was on CSPAN in 2001 where NASA employees testified how they became aware of certain things regarding some kind of base on the backside of the earth moon and how the astronauts saw ufos’ on the moon and other stuff. That was CSPAN and they gave names and places and said they would testify to congress and knew they were breaking the law to state what they experienced but were gambling on doing the right thing in their minds? Do you think those 30 military personal with their wild stories were all made up. If so then wouldn’t that also be a conspiracy. Isn’t the Jesus story a conspiracy in your mind, something made up to trick the masses into believing in an agenda to where they can be led easily. Maybe not, though even though the real Jesus was 100% the real deal, it’s interesting that the Christian religion has next to nothing of his real teachings so isn’t that also a way to see as conspiratorial in support of the atheist view that he never even existed to begin with? Yet you insist on saying we who believe in Ti and Do are a “religion”. Yet where is the proof that we are a religion? Where is our organization of members? Where do we meet? To whom do we give donations? Who are our priests and clergy? What do we promise anyone? Where are our rituals? What is our dress code? What do we say you MUST or SHOULD believe to be one of us?

        Yet all those questions could be answered as pertaining to each and every government institution and agency and corporation and each and every of the real “institutional belief systems”. I know it’s chic to look down the nose at people who talk about spirits and jesus as wacco’s while many of them sit in lotus positions doing yoga while pointing their hands to the sky that has the universal mind in it thinking that all these major earth changes that are happening as we speak are ushering in the NEW and wonderful energy from the universe that will heal everything and make heaven on earth. That even looks like the soylen green mindset of pleased to go to ones grave on the belief true life starts in the spirit world.

        Understandably it’s all very confusing anymore so I sympathize.

        Hey, I’m well aware that the inquisitor isn’t an absolutely reliable source of info, but then again why can’t they be a decent source to consider piece by piece? Is that impossible? When the Japanese posted pictures of the companion object with hale bopp and the Hawaii pic was released before that that corresponded with it that science could evaluate as an object that was as close to the earth as the comet was so couldn’t be a background star because of the shape of the images – stars look oblong, isn’t that “proof” of something other than the stock story. Do you think it was in NASA’s interest to cover up those facts and airbrush out that object from that photo? Do you know how fearful Art Bell was at that time that there would be a rash of suicides like heavens gate? It’s very strange that you have such interest in my little old blog when you seem to have so little interest in what very well could be going on behind the scenes as almost all Ti and Do and Crew were about was about what was behind the scenes in multiple ways. Maybe a part of your mind is saying… well, I don’t really know and it doesn’t matter to me really anyway but you never really shoot down anything I say. You just talk about how it doesn’t make sense as if you have a handle on all that makes sense. I don’t claim to know exactly why many things are hidden, except from the Overview Ti and Do supplied us about and what I’ve accumulated over the years from then on, hopefully with their help.

        I mean, you don’t think there is any reality to spirits or ufos from other worlds or aliens to some degree among us or clandestine projects by governments or shady dealings from governments and scientific institutions so we really have nothing in common except in how it apparently irks you for some of us to believe these things exist.

        You keep saying the same things that show you don’t digest anything that you can’t come upon from what many now call the “lamestream” media that I’m sure millions and especially when you add up all the other countries that see right through much of the U.S. propaganda machines know is at best just touching the outskirts of what is actually true on most any mainstream story. And of course there is the other side of this propaganda machine that appears to be another all knowing source like Alex Jones, etc. that is actually bankrolled by the owners of ABC news, Disney, Inc. that really see everything as even harder to believe. Yet some are so programmed to know the lies exist they go to the other extreme and think everything reported is a lie. For instance “false flags” is the latest key phrases that some say was the Sandy Hook school shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing – and they have all their evidence of conspiracy in those events and many others.

  8. XF Checker 97 Says:

    I guess the point I was trying to make in my previous post but forgot to put it in, was that Jim has no right to “assume” that he “knows” what was going through the minds of Class members and Ti & Do. He has no authority. Nobody knows what goes through a person’s mind 24/7. That’s like a bunch of people “assuming”, through their “convoluted logic from a Luciferian world”, that Do (Doe) “committed suicide” because he was “conflicted with his homosexuality”, which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If I was to call Jim a Pervert and Sadistic Psychopath with Turrets, I would be out of order because I would be “assuming” what he is, where he has been, what he’s thinking and what he does. That’s the point I’m trying to make. But I maintain my main point, which is that Jim as no authority to assume things for others, even though he continues to do that without any care in the world except to waste everybody’s time with senseless babbling spam.

    • sawyer Says:

      understood and agreed. For him it’s just fun to make assumptions and maybe get a razz out of me or us.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Many people think they can justify what the Class was thinking and who Ti & Do were without even examining what they taught, who they were etc. The reasons why so many people express ridicule or sarcastic junk with wrong labels on the Class and the material is because people, in “the world of ignorance” need to justify their own insecurities. If they bash something that is true, they don’t have to give up their lie which is a lie that’s too good to give up. Ignorance knows no boundaries.

      • sawyer Says:

        what jesus called the “cares of the (humana) world”.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Agreed. Bible also points out that there will be those who be “lovers of themselves” and “lovers of pleasure and evil”. Another verse mentions that speaking to them about Truth will be like “casting pearls before dogs and swine who argue, trample over those pearls and argue all over again”. Those of ignorance think the Class were naive and inept individuals who “looked for a way out”. In actuality it is “they”, the “ones of ignorance”, who are naive, inept and who are looking for a way out of commitment to the Next Level. Sure, it is their choice and the Next Level gives them the choice to revile the Truth without so much as giving that Truth a proper examination with an open mind. However, their inept decisions won’t be free of the critical ramifications that will follow.

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