Do and Crew’s instructions on handling storage locker content provided choices and thus Tests for All

For those that know of the dispute in the handling of copyrights of the materials Ti and Do and Crew left behind and the lack of dissemination of the remaining 266 or so of the 484 audio tapes Ti and Do had recorded over 20 years I am posting segments from the letters sent by Do’s Crew to those first offered the task to start that dissemination as I believe it puts to rest any concern with not having them. The facts speak for themselves that the audio tapes received no specific instruction while the rest of the info – the Book and content of the web site, the Beyond Human Tapes, the last video statements from Do and some students were all sent to different people and in some cases to more than one person to insure that body of information would be disseminated. After they left all the tapes that Ti was incarnate to record escaped from those that didn’t want to disseminate them. I have no doubt that was orchestrated by Ti and Do after they left as they wanted us to be able to hear Ti’s voice/mind with Do’s voice/mind. Influences continue to raise their heads to try to anger some of us, because of not having access to the remaining tapes. Those holding onto them know how a number of us feel about the subject but these segments in the letters prove that they were given the choice of what to do with them as they were part of the content of the “storage locker” Do and Crew left behind, which you will see referred to in these letter segments:

What follows is in response to a post by xf97 on his blog that mostly addressed the copyrights. Carlan worked for several months with Rkkody disseminating the 218 tapes that were digitized onto two cd’s:

I revisited the letters Carlan (crlody) sent to me that he got from Rick (Rkkody) who got them from Mark (Mrcody). One of the letters, describing their passing on the “purser task” had their names, “MRC/SRF” blacked out, but the letter with the quotes below had their names and they were not blacked out.

1) “We put into storage items that we would prefer the authorities not have access to. You can do with those items whatever feels right to you. The only exception to this is some exercise equipment which belongs to our landlord, Sam, and we suspect he will want at some point.”

2) “Pursers have included an additional document as part of this packet that further covers the disposition of our cars and this truck. So we ask that you refer to that document for details. It is our desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information.  Any of the funds you retrieve can be used towards that end and for the living expenses of those involving themselves in this project.”

3) Referring to a CBC producer/director named Debbie Geller, who wanted them (the class) to participate in a documentary, who worked out of the New York office, they wrote, “So, for this reason, we are recommending that they be involved to some degree in the coverage of this event, that is, if their attitude seems to remain somewhat objective and you find working with them not too difficult.  Of course, this is contingent upon whether or not you should choose to say anything to the media on our behalf. We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about.”

4) “Also we want to make it clear that we’re certainly not asking you to do these tasks if, after receiving this information, circumstances make It too difficult or other options seem more appropriate for you. We want you to feel free to exercise any available options with whatever timing feels right for your own next step. No doors are closed to you.”

5) “We also asked OSC to register the Heaven’s Gate book with the Library of Congress and that if he needed any funds to accomplish this, that you would cover it out of the project funds that you have on hand.”

6) In the letter addressed to RKK where he received their “hopes” of tasks he could accomplish, (i.e. the press release, updates to the web site and some people they had been in touch with) where they also  expressed that they were not asking him to do these things, just like they expressed to Mrc/Srf:

“Of course, this is contingent upon whether or not you should choose to say anything to the media on our behalf. We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about.”

Thus speaking on their behalf was part of what they hoped He and thus any who felt to participate in their “project” (that referred to after their exit) would do. It’s also interesting that there were detailed instructions on how to handle their video tape exit statements and the Beyond Human Video tape series masters, indicating their wish that they are to be distributed for the “widest coverage” but said nothing about the audio tapes in storage. (I think it wasn’t spelled out because it was meant to be a test for all involved then and thereafter)

This letter was signed, “The Class” and it included options with suggestions of involving Osc, Rkk, Jhn, Flx/Abl and Neo and possibly Soeren (who hadn’t joined the class but was told by Do to try to come to the U.S. He was in Germany at the time I believe and he did come here a few years ago and used the name, Nathaniel.  Do and Crew knew that Osc had offered Soeren a place to stay with him.  They indicated, “if Soeren continues to try to support us and to move in our direction that he can be included in events that transpire to whatever degree feels right.”  In the purser task letter there are suggested distribution of their cars and vans and truck among the names mentioned that included providing one for Soeren’s usage. (I say this to show that it wasn’t only long term dropouts that still wanted to serve that were included to help and receive funds as Soeren was never in the classroom. It was all about desire.)

So it seems clear that Mrc/Srf were given the ultimate authority over the content of the storage locker but it was hoped they would work with Rkk/Osc, Jhn, Neo (Rio), Flx/Abl and Pyp who was also mentioned and Soeren and an open door extended to anyone who wanted to disseminate their information.

It’s also clear that they wanted the book to be registered in the Library of Congress, so I stand with my previous sense that Mark was truthful when he told me, in answer to my question, about Lggody instructing him to create the TELAH foundation as most likely one would need some type of organization to register something there and I suspect that is establishing a copyright as well. I don’t know if you can have a “common law copyright” if you register with the Library of Congress.

It’s also clear by the quotes here and several others in 6 letters Carlan sent to me that they wanted their information disseminated and wanted funds they provided and/or that came from the sale of one of the vans and other things in storage to “be available to those who still support the class and want to help get our information out”.  There were also  other references to Rkk receiving some master tapes because he was thought best to copy tapes and to know who to distribute them to for “widest coverage”.

So since they did not mention the audio tapes specifically it seems they wanted that to be left up to Mrc/Srf but that It was hoped they would work with Rkk, Osc, which to them was a no brainer so accomplished providing 218 meetings worth of tapes to us. In 1997 Rkk mailed me two cd’s with the 218 tapes on them. Carlan put them up on some years later where the remain.

So I conclude from this that though I believe it is the intention that all the tapes be made available, it was left undefined by Do and Crew because Do didn’t have instruction from Ti to do otherwise. That therefore set up a “test” circumstance that amounts to choices of Mrc/Srf and for all those who observe Mrc/Srf’s choices. The entire classroom experience were “tests” of whose Mind we would graft to, believe in and trust.

I choose to trust that we no doubt have all the information we need. I can fully understand wanting the remaining tapes to be available but if they are not, no one is going to miss out on the opportunity to make further application to serving Ti and Do right now by disseminating their information far and wide. Of this I trust that Ti and Do would never ever leave a prospective candidate disabled in any way, shape or form. That would be like choosing to not water the garden that because of, the plants would die.

Sawyer (swyody)



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  1. sawyer Says:

    Yesterday when I went to read comments to this post, I saw that my computer had contracted some kind of worm. It seemed to only infect recent comments from Carlan and XF and my own comments to this post so I deleted them. I did not delete them because of not agreeing with what was in them, so if Carlan or XF read this and want to re-comment feel free. I did edit my post to clearly state that I believe without a doubt that Ti and Do have seen to it that we all have ALL of the information from Ti and Do we would need to enter into their employ and grow to be a future member of the Next Level. If anyone has additional information from Do on this subject I’d like to see/hear it but otherwise I don’t care to enter into opinions of what Mark could should have done. I don’t condone Marks choices but I am not his judge anyway. He doesn’t answer to me, nor does anyone else and we know there have been new believers in Ti and Do that didn’t come to their belief via any of the tapes we even do have available. I have asked Mark on over three separate occasions why he was holding the remaining tapes back from the public and if I recall correctly the last time I asked in 2014 he said something about Do saying somewhere in one of those audio tapes how people can misinterpret the content of those meetings. That doesn’t wash to me because then why leave them behind at all, plus we know without a doubt that all Next Level info eventually becomes misinterpreted. That’s also part of the “testing” for each to face if they so choose to do so.

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      Sawyer, you stated: ” It seemed to only infect recent comments from Carlan and XF and my own comments to this post so I deleted them. I did not delete them because of not agreeing with what was in them, so if Carlan or XF read this and want to re-comment feel free. I did edit my post to clearly state that I believe without a doubt that Ti and Do have seen to it that we all have ALL of the information from Ti and Do we would need to enter into their employ and grow to be a future member of the Next Level.” Thank you for clarifying this because there was an influence with me who thought you were evading the issue of the 486 cassettes being hidden away by the influences on MRCody. I’m glad you did delete my comment as some of my statements in that comment were out of order which then overshadowed the regular comments I also had in my statement. Especially the section of your comment where you specify, “I did edit my post to clearly state that I believe without a doubt that Ti and Do have seen to it that we all have ALL of the information from Ti and Do we would need to enter into their employ and grow to be a future member of the Next Level.” This assessment is, of course, something you arrived at on your own accord, no doubt after thinking about it. Although I could be wrong, I do believe that the Class didn’t want just part of the Truth to be released to the General Public while hiding another part. If so, I believe Do would have said something about selective or partial dissemination. I say this because in “Do’s Final Exit”, Do did a Q&A portion of the video where students asked him questions and he gave answers – including what the ring on his left hand was for. He specified that he was sharing these small tidbits with the public to demonstrate there was nothing to hide. Secondly, in the Heaven’s Gate book, not only does the Class contain transcripts of their Beyond Human series and documents such as posters and flyers etc, they also contain papers they did “not” release to the public. So in other words, they held nothing back. So, for 486 audio cassettes to be held back by The T.E.L.A.H. Foundation makes no sense to me and goes contrary to everything the Class worked hard for. RKKody and CRLody executed the same formula of dissemination tactics by disseminating the 1982 to 1985 audio tapes because, in my opinion, they recognized the call to get them out. That’s what I’m simply saying, in that they abided in that call. Maybe MRC was also called by the Next Level to disseminate the 486 audio cassettes and willfully chose not to. If that it is the case, I do not believe that you, me, CRL and others will be penalized for not having remaining elements MRC won’t release because the Next Level knows it is “not” our fault. Instead they will penalize MRC for it. Just my thoughts and take on the matter. It has been my theory all along that if Lucifer and the Lower Forces cannot cover “all” of the Truth, they will try to cover at least “part of it”. The Lower Forces aren’t stupid. In “Planet About To Be Recycled”, Do did give the statement, “When Jesus left 2000 years ago, or the one who was in Jesus, or when I left 2000 years ago, only a very short time after that, Truth was significantly corrupted.” One has to wonder if MRC’s actions are unknowingly playing right into that statement with the 486 tape cover up as just one example. There is no harsh or angry undertones in my statement here, just to be clear.

      • sawyer Says:

        The FACTs speak for themselves. Re-read them. Mrc/Srf were given the task to decide what to do with the tapes, not us. It’s obviously a TEST or we would not be upset by Mrc/Srf’s choices they were given. Ti and Do saw to it that we each have ALL we need. I choose to see it that way. Now If Ti and Do had said, divide up tapes between all those who want to help in this project it would be a different TEST. That’s not the test they gave and I don’t believe Ti and Do made a mistake.

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      Well, suffice to say, a cover up is a cover up and being selfish is being selfish – his choice. All I’ll say on this is, “whatever tickles MRC’s chin – to each their own”. If he wants to keep 486 cassettes all for himself, so be it. I’m not going to answer to the Next Level for his in-abilities and I’ll agree with you that his reasons for not releasing them doesn’t wash with me either. He has his reasons though, but it doesn’t mean they’re correct. It’s a strange reason if I ever heard one. MRC has his views, you have yours, others have theirs and I have mine, so I’ll leave it at THAT. No believer answers to the other here. In the end, each individual believer answers to Ti & Do of the Next Level.

      • sawyer Says:

        Everything that a decided student of the Next Level Older Members engages or not ends up being a test. How we respond to what another does is our test. As Ti often said, “will you respond as a member of the Next Level” or as a human. A human response is one that casts judgement on others, as Jesus also spoke to as it’s the same lesson – remove the log in our own eye before removing the twig in a brothers eye, or “whoever is without sin cast the first stone”, forgiving one’s brother 70 times 7 times not just 7 times. Yes Jesus as Ti and Do taught to bring things up to fellow students but those were students that said they wanted that help from their partners. That was within the community. Our community is obviously not the same if at all, but where we have the teachings from Ti and Do to express ourselves for or against another’s words and actions or inactions is relative to what Ti and Do and Crew said. So on that basis, you, Carlan and I and others have tried to let it be known to Mark/Sarah what we think. So I would say our saying something was also a test of us and for him/them to hear. How we handle it is the test – in a Next Level way or a human way. There never has to be name calling and talking in terms of who is or isn’t serving Luciferians or who is or isn’t living by Ti and Do’s behaviors and ways. I believe that’s where it goes way into the “gutter” of human behavior and ways, while just sticking to the facts of the intentions as expressed in varying ways has to be a Next Level way because those intentions were spelled out and available, though with the option to not see the same. To think it’s an accident that the options were not spelt out precisely is to think that our teachers didn’t know what they were doing which I know is not the case. There are a number of humans that see Ti and Do as not possibly who they said they were because they changed things they said or set up a pickup that didn’t happen, or perhaps left a note for the use of a hotel room without paying for it with human dollars. Even if Ti and Do would say, “we made a mistake” about this or that, to the student it was far from a mistake. Thinking about that practically takes us to how the entire operation of the Next Level is also a “coverup” to where even the Two incarnate Older Members who set up the experiment set it up in a way that they wouldn’t appear to others to be who they said they were. In other words they were willing to be seen as “wrong” as this then presented a “test” of whether or not someone had a strong enough graft to their Older Members mind to not be phased by the appearance of being “wrong”. In other words, when they said for instance that we would be picked up by a spacecraft and it didn’t happen the way we thought it was to happen if that made them unworthy of putting our trust in them, then it was a test of that student to choose to push through or not. In other words, Ti and Do could really do no wrong to us. Everything they did and said and wrote and approved was perfect. Many will say, that’s Pollyanna belief or blind faith and that’s what we must be faced with just like they as with Jesus and his disciples were considered insane. It’s only by becoming “insane” to humanism that we can hook up more and more to Ti and Do’s non-human Mind.

        Believe me on this score, that it’s all a test of us, regardless of how others pass or fail their tests. To even talk about how others pass or fail tests is part of our test. It’s not our business what they pass or fail. If we can get this in our heads the better we will be for it, that is in relationship to continuing in a Ti and Do classroom, now in this context and then if we are accepted into future classrooms.

        That’s where the whole idea came, “help me have no human ways, no thoughts of self, no faults to see”. We don’t have to find fault with mrc/srf to express to them a desire to have the tapes. We just want the tapes for our own use and to add to the overall provision for others to know more in depth about Ti and Do and Crew as they said in the letter and in other ways they hoped would be the case. We could ask 100 times for them and still not be finding fault with them. It’s not easy to stop the thoughts of judgement, resentment, jealously, vengeance, etc. but it’s necessary to “change out that part of our human mind” just like we have to change out all form of human sensuality to pass all our overcoming tests, whether now or in a future classroom.

        In so doing we are converting negatives into positives. Can we imagine genuinely forgiving the trespasses of others against us, as what Jesus taught to include in our petitioning for help from our Older Members, and how the end result is not even condemning those that hate us or even might want to kill our vehicles. Forgiveness is for us but can also have a positive for those we forgive. We are all in need of forgiveness from the Next Level or we would never become members of the Next Level, thus that’s apparently part of the test for us now.

        This will continuously come up. There will be others who stimulate the judgementalism against mrc/srf and others. It’s the human way we can easily get caught up in and be blinded to as we justify our thoughts and actions. Believe me, there were a number of classmates who had big challenges in this direction. Some dropped out because of finding fault with Ti and Do as well as with fellow students. Before the classroom began, during the initial years there were many, many incidents between students. Certain students could not be partnered with other students because it was too hard for them to function positively with another while the opposite was true as well to where some were too attracted to one another so they would never confront someone with behavior and ways or breakages of procedure that we were taught to bring up to our partners if we saw, that we were supposed to continuously ask our partners for. Some were so intent to “keep the peace” when “salt” was the lesson plan – stimulus of accelerated growth that only comes when we are exposed and faced with the ways in which we are not like our Older Members in vibration, behavior, ways according to the 17 steps and later the major/minor offense lists. Some never saw faults or would block them out like I said, to keep the peace while others constantly saw faults. I experienced some of both.

        What I believe doesn’t happen is that a student would be blocked by the Next Level from doing the most right thing by the intention of Ti and Do, in order to stimulate a test of another student. And a student wouldn’t decide on what to do or not do to test another and nor should they test themselves. One example Do used was for an alcoholic to decide they can handle mixing with their old crowd that were all engaged in alcohol usage to see if they could hold their own, may be a big mistake to stimulate that kind of test.

        It will come up again. I’m sure of that. All lessons for all of us come up repeatedly in some ways.

  2. XF Checker 97 Says:

    I read your response and will have to agree on basically all of the points you touched base on, especially your statement: “That’s where the whole idea came, “help me have no human ways, no thoughts of self, no faults to see”.” and another statement of yours, “It’s not easy to stop the thoughts of judgment, resentment, jealously, vengeance, etc. but it’s necessary to “change out that part of our human mind” just like we have to change out all form of human sensuality to pass all our overcoming tests, whether now or in a future classroom.” Those are areas of the vehicular faults I get control over and other times fail against. Nevertheless, I have many facets of overcoming to do. It’s a slow process but I have to get control and maintain control over the vehicle. Agreed, this is a test, if not, it’s more than a test – it’s a number of tests. I guess if some of us didn’t care so much about the Information of Ti & Do, we would not have reacted so strongly to what was transpiring around us. Again, how we respond, whether rationally or irrationally is all part of the plan – the tests as to how we respond and why.

    • sawyer Says:

      I would like the tapes to be released for obvious reasons that they were left behind and give more knowledge about Ti and Do as they said they hoped others could have, but most of all to date to verify things I remember during the years after Ti left that Do said. Some huge percentage are consolidated into the purple book. I am confident that rereading that book over and over would yield plenty of food for thought that started with those tapes but hearing it spoken by Do is certainly special. Perhaps when the tests have run their course that Next Level might give mark/sarah a change of heart in some way. I trust if Ti and Do want us to have them, they will become available and I’m not saying how that might happen. The lower forces may even be used to get them. I wouldn’t support that in any way, shape or form but I suspect it’s possible.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        In your statement, you said: “I trust if Ti and Do want us to have them, they will become available and I’m not saying how that might happen.” I believe that Ti & Do want us to have access to everything they did, otherwise why record a bunch of things if they were to be locked up in the end. With Ti & Do, based on what I studied of their message, it was all about getting the word out. To me, they didn’t leave behind a message of odyssey, they left behind a choice. This is just a theory but it may be possible that MRCody knows that Ti & Do would want the world to “hear it all”, but due to the influences of the Lower Forces who “don’t” want us to “hear it all”, they are covering his eyes and ears so he does “not” see and hear the call. It’s possible he was already spoken to by the Next Level and by Ti & Do about the matter but for his own self serving purposes, chose to reject it. Again it is choice, but with choices, good or bad, comes ramifications. And in the End, the consequences may be dire by the Next Level, who knows? Only the Next Level knows for certain what will transpire. However, it may be possible that, one day, MRC may finally come to his senses, realize what he is doing is wrong and do the right thing by releasing all of the 486 audio cassettes. A person can only change if they choose to change. Nobody can help someone in denial if they are in denial to begin with. I do agree that the book contains scores of valuable information, as do the video tapes and the 218 or so audios that “are” available.

      • sawyer Says:

        They recorded them for their immediate classroom. That is very plain though they were available to the new students that joined in 1994 I believe. Carlan may know better whether those audio tapes were encouraged to listen to. I know for the years I was in the class they were encouraged to listen to often. There will be examples in those tapes that are not used in the next classroom but we will get the equivalent examples in the next classroom.

        We have all we need. I guarantee there were things Jesus said that he either instructed to not pass on or were not preserved for whatever reason. During the time of his 40 days after healing and his body changing over it was recorded that:

        Joh 21:25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

        This seems to me an exaggerated way to say this, but the point is that he said “many other things”. Who knows why we don’t have those records if records were made but I guarantee we have what we need. That’s the entire point.

        Jesus also said more to his closest students than he said to others. I know I heard things from Do others didn’t hear, especially when I was alone with him but also in regards to the task I had as overseer that were not shared with the entire classroom and I know others heard things I didn’t hear. It’s not like it has to be one way – have all the info or not. The Next Level operates with each student in an “need to know basis” with the Older Member deciding who needs to know what at any given time. Do also had us erase parts of those tapes. I know it because I was the secondary with Srrody assigned to that task. Srrody and I located the spots and timed it and hit the record button to erase what Do didn’t want to remain. It usually had to do with talk about a classmate who left with students sharing some of the signs of someone’s questioning being there.

        Students don’t have an “even steven” relationship except when the Older Members want all in the classroom to hear the same info which is the majority of all they said. They often would circulate in the craft, help departments with their questions, solve problems like why the bread wasn’t rising, for instance and inevitably Ti or Do (as they often did that separately) would give examples of Next Level thinking that would turn into an impromptu meeting but often when Out of Crafters were not there. They almost always said they would have a meeting about this and asked the students that were there to bring up the subjects talked about.

        Every student must arrive at a place of total trust in their Older Members that they provide us exactly what we each need, even more than we need. To linger on thoughts otherwise is a degree of doubt in who they are. It’s not a missing of the mark to doubt. One will not see that on the major or minor offense list or 17 points, like “thou shalt not doubt”, but doubt does create separation from their mind and perhaps one of the biggest impediments is “trusting our own mind” verses trusting their Mind. If they said the tent was polka dot decorated, if you said to yourself “it is not”, you were holding onto doubt. If you couldn’t figure out how they saw the tent as decorated with polka dot’s, that was a step in the right direction to not discount what they saw because perhaps they were covered in polka dots that for whatever reason you were simply blind to seeing. Everyone doesn’t see equally and see is also understand. Trusting them is acquired step by step. They gave us that polka dot example. It’s probably on one of the 218 tapes as I know it was when Ti was still in her vehicle.

        I am confident that if you never hear those tapes you will not be shorted at all, not in any way, shape or form from becoming all you want to become in their service. I know that can sound like “blind” faith but it’s the truth.

  3. XF Checker 97 Says:

    Well, I will agree with your statement “I am confident that if you never hear those tapes you will not be shorted at all, not in any way, shape or form from becoming all you want to become in their service.” Like I specified before, I didn’t listen to all of the tapes before deciding that the Message was right. I got my revelation in and around May of 2010 when I started viewing the videos again. It was “Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled” that made me realize that “Do” was the One who He said He was. I just couldn’t deny it by this point. I have studied and even been in many truths but the Heaven’s Gate Message is, for me, the Truth of all truths. It is set aside from all other teachings, doctrines, creeds or ideologies here on Earth. Nobody can come to that revelation and realization without an a purely open mind. The Next Level cannot work on a closed mind. A seeker must be open to advanced recognition of a Truth above all other factors that claim the truth. If one truly seeks the Answers of all answers, the Message of Heaven’s Gate is doorway to just that. However, all any of us can do, who believe, is show others the door. They have to be the ones to walk through it on their volition.

    • sawyer Says:

      as Ti and Do would say, probably to be found in the tapes we do have, which was taken from the way the English in parliament expressed themselves when supportive, “here here”.

  4. crlody Says:

    Yes, the facts do speak for themselves. RKK and OSC retrieved the tapes because MRC and SRF wanted NOTHING to do with any of the tasks that Ti and Do offered them until after they had spoken to a high-priced lawyer who had filled their heads with the idea that there’s “millions of dollars here”. MRC promised RKK he would make the tapes available and he has continually refused to do so and made excuses for this and then tried to prevent us from distributing them. It was clear to RKK and I who MRC was serving from the get go and nothing he has done since then has shown me otherwise. The Class clearly wanted the contents of the storage locker to be divided among those who want to “get our information out”. The audio tapes were the information that was placed in the storage locker(not the guns or the exercise equipment or the computer equipment) and anyone who refuses to acknowledge this is willfully choosing ignorance. Those audio tapes contain the core Teachings of the Class and are always going to be more important and contain much much, much more pure and undiluted Next Level Mind than anything that you SWY or anyone else has to say about Ti and Do and the Class. It’s highly likely at this point that the tapes that dealt with MRC being kicked out of the Class have been destroyed and possibly even any tape or tapes that would have addressed Rio’s leaving the Class not to mention Their thinking right up to the Exit. If the Class didn’t want them distributed then why were they placed at the front of the locker and why were they hauled around for fifteen years and why does Do address individuals on the tapes who may be listening after They have gone and why does the Class repeatedly state that they want their “information” to get out and that They want the contents of the storage locker to be divided among those who want to get this info out? Just because MRC is doing whatever he wants with the tapes doesn’t mean Ti and Do approve of his actions. The bottom line Sawyer is that you are NOT the arbiter of what the Class was about and your blog entries and videos are a bunch of non-sensical garbage compared to what is on those tapes. If you think it’s more important for individuals to watch your videos and read your blog entries than to listen to those tapes (and all of your actions demonstrate that this is so) then you are NOT in service to the NL as far as I’m concerned and if you’re not in service to the NL then there is only one alternative. Do is a Member of the Next Level and you are not and He wanted those tapes to be produced and distributed and I don’t recall Him saying anything about you needing to stay behind and attract followers and proclaim yourself the “most outspoken” supporter of the Class. How dare you think that you’re here on a task for the NL and that the suppression of the audio tapes is not important. Your ego and self-importance are out of control. You don’t represent the Class, Sawyer, you represent yourself.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m sorry that you feel that way, but for the sake of any who read this blog, if someone wants me to address any of the specifics in Carlan’s comment I will. Otherwise there is no point as with all of us, we only answer to Ti and Do, that is if we seek to. If we don’t seek to then we get what we do seek and I don’t believe the chance to seek them is over until we exit our vehicle. As Jesus said so well, which I believe is a good example for any of us:

      Mat 12:31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.
      Mat 12:32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.

      Even so, I don’t think any of us are instructed to sit in judgement of any others. What Do said to me once when I was upset because I said some things to Alxody, who was my partner at the time, that might have hurt him, (partners were encouraged to often ask one another to bring things up if we were saying or doing anything not taught by our Older Members), which was always difficult for me to do, thus I was questioning apologizing to him about, “Are you sorry you said it?” to which I had to face that I wasn’t. For some the greater lesson is to provide the correction we believe we see (that is asked for). I have actually asked Carlan to tell me his observations even though we don’t have that same kind of classroom now and we are not “partners”, though both having belief in Ti and Do, is in my opinion the next thing closest to such partnerships so as Ti and Do said when someone brings something to your attention, say something to the affect of, “thank you – I’ll examine that” and “if the shoe fits” then wear it, otherwise don’t try to make it fit (as some would automatically make things fit – another type of lesson.

      And to that, I have examined some of what Carlan said here before, not saying there isn’t more to examine, but in particular I do recall a year or two ago sinking into trying to impress someone (with my experience in the class) and said I believed myself to be the “most outspoken”. Carlan saw that some time later and brought it to my attention and I apologized and said that I let my vehicles ego get in the way to say that. (It’s not a Next Level way to be competitive or to put self on a pedestal in any way). One is not putting self on a pedestal when they “stand up” for Ti and Do and their information. Influences do try to attack us in that way. In other words they attack no matter what we do. It does feel good to give someone Next Level information. I think it’s safe to say Ti and Do enjoyed when we in the class were “thirsty” and “drained them of their mind” even though Do was at times nearly crippled by it, cause it literally consumes his “flesh” (energy) to give to others what They have. Do would say, he was glad to be drained in that way. But this does show what Jesus meant when he said to his disciples they must “consume his flesh”. I have experienced a little of that when someone was thirsty. All students doing the Next Level work will I believe experience that. At the same time I can tell the difference when the Luciferian “advasary” is seeking to influence me to “gloat” over having done well. It’s part of my overcoming to recognize that influence and to send it packing ASAP. Ti told me I had that to battle with, in her words, “a little too pleased with self”. I was thinking about that the other day. It doesn’t seem she was saying it would be un-Next Level like to be “pleased with self” – it’s when we are “too pleased with self” that it would as she said, “keep you off the spacecraft” (and her Crew as Do expressed it), along with a number of other human behaviors and ways. A case in point, I just felt pleased with seeing this again. Was it pleased with self or just pleased with seeing it. I believe that is over-analysis, another lesson some have, though wasn’t put on my list, though maybe at this time Ti and Do would include on my list.

      Actually I don’t believe I said I was the ‘”most outspoken” supporter of the class’ as Carlan commented. At the time I believe I was talking about the dissemination of Ti and Do’s information, but like I said, that’s human to even think that and it’s not even accurate in several ways, as what I might call dissemination of Ti and Do’s information may not be all of what Ti and Do would consider dissemination of their information which I think Carlan is also saying to me because of all the writing I do. I certainly agree that I might be falling short at times in saying too much or misinterpreting what Ti and Do meant when they said such and such as I do at times give my opinion and especially when it’s about current events and/or the “bible” and other records. And I do feel I have a task to do now, though know I didn’t leave the class to do that task and I know others can/might be doing the same task or a related task in whatever context surrounding further revealing of how prophecy in the book of Revelations is all being fulfilled by/through Ti and Do and Crew. But anyone can ask Ti and Do for service and may feel led to do that task or some other writing/communication task and they may or may not get confirmation of Ti and Do’s approval for doing so. But I think it safe to say, they won’t have such a task or any task if they don’t want it and to think the only way of disseminating their information is by posting their information to me is putting a limit on what is valuable to Ti and Do to do. Am I to keep quiet when we see the many signs Jesus said we would see at this time, in the sun, moon, planets, stars, and not point out the collaborative evidence in scripture and with what Ti and Do said and did, because it wasn’t included in the purple book or the audio tapes?

      Ti and Do did say in their statement in the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” written about them by Brad Steiger and Hayden Hewes in 1976-7 that all the prophecies in the book of revelations would be completed:

      Here are some excerpts I had transcribed from it and having examined the book of revelations thoroughy, yet still am engaged, I can see how all they said is to come to pass, though certain parts were slightly updated but not in a contradictory way. I’ll have to write a piece on this, but will included it as they said it in 1976. They said they were the sixth closeness and I’ve been suggesting as of late that it appears Do comes back again but not incarnate but remains in the heavens and may even be wearing the physical body he took with him onto the spacecraft that was named Jesus that was changed over into a Next Level body. I got that from prophecy and then saw this that provides some confirmation of that possibility which in an uncanny way makes many Christians right, though will miss it because of not knowing how to distinguish HIM from the Luciferian space aliens:

      from Pages 168-170:

      “The seventh closeness will not be a teaching one, but a gathering of the harvest of those who have overcome this world.

      If the forces of those who have chosen to be slow growers again choose to reject this truth and it’s bearers, then the two of us will again demonstrate that changed-over individuals can repair their so-called “dead” bodies in three and a half days. If that must happen it will be soon – and at the time that we have completed our testimony. As soon as our clarification is complete and it has adequately reached the eyes, ears, and minds of those who have become ready for it, we can reenter the kingdom-above-human and be a part of the membership of that level again.

      Many could choose to overcome this world and even be a part of its becoming a heavenly body instead of a garden. The option is there. The intense energy focus that is on the planet will cause them to make their choice. They can accept this truth and do it–or reject it.

      The seventh closeness, which is immediately upon us in the sense that those who are in the middle of their normal life span will easily live to see it’s completion, will include such events as what the Christian church refers to as the second coming, the “rapture,” and the completion of the final prophecies in John’s Book of Revelation. The one who was Jesus will come in at close range (as soon as those who have chosen to change over do it) and receive the elect into his company, for they have been those he has nurtured since the beginning of this civilization.

      Those who literally and physically rise up to join him away from the surface of the Earth will be a part of the “rapture,” and they at that time will become full-fledged members of that kingdom. If they have not completed their total effort as individuals in overcoming this world and all of their individual attachments to it by the time he comes in this seventh closeness, they will not receive that ingredient from the kingdom of God. If they have given their full effort toward total overcoming from the time their minds receive this clarification of changeover requirements until the seventh closeness, they WILL receive that final ingredient and become whole “in a twinkling of an eye” and be capable of moving and serving in the literal heavens as much as the butterfly is capable of moving it it’s world as compared to it’s limited capabilities when it was but a caterpillar.”

      end of quotes from book.

      To ignore these kinds of correlations may in fact be a disservice to Ti and Do and to date considering all the ways I feel I’ve been shown confirmations, I am more committed than ever to going all the way with the connections of prophecy to current events in space and elsewhere as none of it is taking away at all from all Ti and Do said and did. If any is, then I ask that Carlan or anyone else bring it to my attention so I can examine it.

      To take the point of view that dissemination was only the purple book and audio/video tapes exactly the way they were said and written would be like saying we’d be doing something wrong or lessor to talk about other scriptures not referenced in those materials even though Ti and Do said the Next Level worked hard to be sure to preserve enough of what Jesus said that they said was in a red letter edition. (I don’t know if you will find that in the 218 audio tapes).

      And what kind of servant would any of us be if we didn’t tell what we heard in person, whether it is or isn’t in the purple book or audio tapes?

      I’d rather err on the side of providing too much of the truth in all they provided. When Ti and Do sent us out to disseminate their info in 1975-6 all we had were a statement, then two and three and a “prospective candidate letter”. They didn’t instruct us to read those documents at meetings. What they said was to be quiet before you gave a meeting and seek to “tune into” your heavenly Father’s Mind. They didn’t tell us at that time to talk directly to them even. Then in 1992 when we starting making the tapes a number of students who wanted to joined with a partner to give a meeting on tape. I was included in that and was partnered with Jwnody and gave at least two talks that the entire class then rated. We didn’t have a script to read. In the end Do chose Jwnody and Swyody. I know that can seem like an elevation but as I see it, it was in part to help me face being seen as elevated so I could overcome it. My head was in a human Luciferian induced place in that regard but at the time I didn’t see it at all, though nor does that mean I was a Luciferian because I hadn’t overcome my ego.

      I guess you’d have to interrogate pmmody or andody to verify I’m accurately reporting this stage as they hadn’t left yet. Pmmody left at the time we were filming the Beyond Human tapes. Andody left less than a year after that before we went public again in 1994.

      When we did go public again and I was assigned as overseer of one of the four initial groups it was also primarily my task with my partner to do the speaking at the meetings. That’s not so say others didn’t speak as we almost always gave a meeting as a “panel” of 6 or so students. Do didn’t tell us what to say or not so say. I participated in designing the posters used for the group I was overseer for, one of which is in the purple book but I forget which one I with my partner designed.

      So how is it that now what I write is considered carte blanc “non-sensical”. If I write something that’s non-sensical in specific point it out to me so I can try to fix it. I do admit not doing much planning in these posts and I do know I should do more proof reading.

      For whatever it might be worth to you, the dissemination task is given for us primarily but it’s the way of the Next Level that it all works together so that by our doing the task, we are providing service to the Next Level to help others. To limit that to posts on the web of what Do said or to sending someone a packet is our choice of course but prophecy really is the task of “speaking” what we were given and in the book of revelations the “house of John” were given the task to “speak” again, but was referring to the time of the 7th closeness or in prophetic terms the time of the seventh angels trumpet sounding which there are many indications is now until it’s all “done”.

      Ti and Do gave us a task to write a book. It’s mentioned in the blackhawk tapes. That book was considered to be something for others to read. They also considered their students would have the task of being a helper of others on our “strain” as the term they used for people in the world that would come to believe in the Next Level through learning about Ti and Do.

      It’s not over. There are no doubt many souls looking to take deposited vehicles. There is significant reason to believe there could be at least a couple dozen but even thousands who may still qualify to receive a “made for them” (grown for them) student Next Level body. They have to “give their life” in service standing for Ti and Do which will have to become 100% I believe for that reward.

      The reason why it’s important to “speak” the truth is because of what it does for us as the more we speak it the more we want to live up to it and the more we live up to it the more we want to give it to others and for each who engages that task the Next Level will lead those they gave deposits to that they know are interested to us and even specifically to those of us who can best relate to them. The Next Level uses students for their benefit of course but also because the students have the best interface with new students. For many Do may be hard to relate to, as they still have too much human programming. I can relate to that as my coming back to listening to Do’s words on tape was very hard to do. It was too powerful and I had contaminated my computer with human Luciferian mind. I can see it clearly in the songs I was writing in 1998.

      We are all of that “house of John” shown in Revelation 10 if we identify with and choose to be. Choosing to be will face each of us with exactly what we need to be faced with to move forward and if there is no change there is no moving forward.

      So on these aspects I guess I did what I initially said I wasn’t going to do address some of what you said in criticism of me. I don’t agree that “shoe fits” me in all the things you said but they are on my mind. (That’s terminology Ti and Do used, “if the shoe fits”). But could I do a better job in my writing and posting and disseminating. Yes, Yes, Yes, I agree.

  5. crlody Says:

    What’s more important SWY, that individuals read your blogs and watch your videos or that they listen to the audio tapes? Your actions and words indicate that you feel it’s not important that the lower forces are using MRC to suppress the tapes and the NL Mind that is on them and therefore the only conclusion to draw is that you feel it’s more important for individuals to read your words than to listen to Ti and Do. As far as I can tell this has been your position for many years and therefore I strongly feel that your whole crusade is ultimately about yourself and not Ti and Do. Just because you say all this is for the Next Level doesn’t make it so. Rio claimed he was doing all that he did after the Class left for the NL too and it’s obvious to me that his entire agenda was to glorify himself. The same with Mark. “only through a REP, or information left behind by a REP, can an individual learn what it takes to become a new creature that is acceptable to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. SMMODY’s TELAH paper. Even titling your blog “Sawyer at Heaven’s Gate” implies that you somehow represent the Class which you do not as no one on earth does as you should well know by now. You’re not at “Heaven’s Gate”, you’re on earth with the rest of us and it’s time for you to face that reality. “The…..REAL truth about Ti and Do”? Is that what you think your blog actually is about? The real truth about Ti and Do can ONLY be found in the Info They left behind. There’s no exceptions to this and no compromises. We’re all here for personal reasons, no exceptions to that either.

    • sawyer Says:

      I am standing in front of the heavens gate as is anyone that chooses to. The gate is still here as long as Ti and Do allow it to be. When it’s gone we won’t be having this discussion as it will be recycle time.

      If it’s all about myself how come I don’t profit from it in any way shape or form. No money, no followers to stroke my ego and mostly dealing with people that are against what Ti and Do said and what I say.

      I asked you to point out specifics of how I might be off track of disseminating Ti and Do’s Mind, information, behavior and ways. I will review Smmody’s paper. “Information left behind by a Rep” – Does that include the fact that Ti and Do said, all the revelations prophecies will be completed in the 7th closeness which is directly the same information that Do said included 3 categories of people who would “go with them” and/or be “saved” from the recycling, some of which NEVER HEAR ABOUT TI AND DO. If they never hear about Ti and Do how are they saved by Ti and Do’s information unless the criteria isn’t as hard and fast in the way you seem to want it to be.

      You can judge me all day and night. That’s always your prerogative as it is with everyone else you seem to feel justified to cast judgement upon.

      By the way, when I said in this post that these were the facts about the instructions mrc/srf received in the letters I was counting as facts only what was in the letters, not what the full intentions seem to us to be as you and I were not given the choice to see that intention in a factual way. Ti and Do didn’t beat around the bush. Unless you think helpers didn’t check with Do on the content of those letters, they said what they meant and the words clearly provide choices to Mrc/Srf just like we each have choices in how to serve to disseminate the info. You seem to feel dissemination has a certain limitation that only the words of graduate students and Ti and Do’s words are the truth, that because I flunked out of the first classroom there is no further graduation and therefore nothing any of us can do to be among that graduation, except I suppose “laying down our physical vehicles”. You act like that’s the only way we can prove we are in service even though we know that some who were among the 38 and/or 42 were going to need to return to complete their overcoming as it’s not as simple as voluntarily losing one’s vehicle to get a Next Level vehicle and task assignment.

      Now if I say that as I just did, you don’t seem to give it any weight as from Ti and Do’s mind when those ideas did not come from my mind. Do said that some in the class would have to return, did he not. I’m harping on this only to show that if there were some who were with him laying down their lives that needed to return to finish their overcoming, how that directly fits with the fact that Do said there were, (paraphrased), “three types of people who could be saved” – those who completed their metamorphosis, those who were not yet strong enough to complete their metamorphosis and those that never heard about Ti and Do but are doing the best they can to separate from the human kingdom. You can look up the exact words which I have posted on this blog many times and include some of further down in this comment.

      So why can’t some of those now who are still in vehicles meet that same criteria for being saved? Does it only apply to those who hadn’t completed their metamorphosis that layed down their vehicles with them or thereafter? If laying down one’s vehicle for some with him was not enough to complete their metamorphosis (overcoming) then why can’t that apply to those who were not strong enough to lay down their vehicles with them. Doesn’t strength have a lot to do with seeing what we needed to overcome and wanting to make headway on it.

      And this thinking is directly referenced a number of times in the Revelations that Ti and Do said will all come to pass, be fulfilled, be realized, however many ways one can say that, which I am not making up. In the “fifth seal” some are told they will be given a “white robe” because of their service giving testimony/witness to the “Word of God”. Do and Jwnody said and wrote about how it was a challenge which “tongue” (language/terms) to talk in so they took stabs at different approaches:

      Rev 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
      Rev 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
      Rev 6:11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

      Do (depicted as the Lamb (the one who gives his own blood as a sacrifice)) opens the first seal that includes bringing he and his Father’s litter to their spirit birth, said as conquering, which is the same word for “overcoming”. This is clearly the completion of that first classroom:

      Rev 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
      Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

      The “bow” is a reference to both the covenant (rainbow) that is the commitment his students have to him and his Older Member, though many Christians think it’s referring to a bow and arrow weapon and other Christians also say that this is actually depicting Lucifer because he’s sitting on a white (also “light” as pure light is white) and Lucifer means “light bearer” as Do said on one of the Beyond Human Sessions.

      So if Ti and Do and Crew’s (litter’s) exit was depicted in the first seal’s opening time frame then by the time the the rest of the seals come after that as shown in Rev 6:11 as their receiving “white robes” because they were killed for their giving testimony (witness) to the “word of God”.

      It can appear that this is not in the works for the near future as no one much cares about Ti and Do anymore to be so upset that they would seek to literally kill those that give their testimony (witness).

      This is by far not the only illustration of these facts of what follows the upcoming 4th seal opening.

      These are giving their “testimony”. It’s the same greek word used as “witnesses”:

      3141 marturia mar-too-ree’-ah
      from martuV – martus 3144; evidence given (judicially or genitive case):–record, report, testimony, witness.

      3144 martus mar’-toos
      of uncertain affinity; a witness (literally (judicially) or figuratively (genitive case)); by analogy, a “martyr”:– martyr, record, witness.

      Translated in new Testament as: witness 15, testimony 14, record 7, report 1; 37 times

      Note: martus is also “martyr” – giving one’s life in service to the Kingdom of God (Service is always according to the instructions of the last Rep and those instructions included, as Jwnody reported in ‘”Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure’:

      “In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

      Now how does one give their testimony, say what they witnessed if they don’t use their mind through their brain and body to do so. It’s like with the choices given mrc/srf – it becomes up to each one of us, how much to give, when, where and how and Ti and Do judge each one of us by their standard and reward accordingly.

      Isn’t this Ti and Do’s mind giving the overriding instructions that could get us who remain “saved” that seems to most fit with what Do says in a videotape given on September 29, 1996 that he titled: “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled” outlining the paraphrased, “three types of people that will be saved from the recycling”:

      1st type:

      “Now, I told you a little while ago, that there are pretty
      much three types of individuals that can avoid the spading under at
      the end of an Age. One would, of course, be those souls that were
      deposited, and those souls were awakened, and those souls
      received nourishment, and left everything behind, and became
      attached to – grafted to – a Representative from the Level Above
      Human, and separated from everything. Now, I’ve got a bunch of
      these individuals sitting in front of me who, I may be mistaken, but
      I don’t believe that any of them had the beginning of their Next
      Level life in this time period – in this generation. I know that
      every one of them were in the keeping of the Kingdom Level
      Above Human before they came into this time period. This time
      period was a chance for them to learn a lot of things that they
      didn’t learn very well, or didn’t get a chance to complete, or
      needed to work on more, as far as separating from the human
      kingdom. They are having an opportunity to develop that more, so
      that they don’t have to be planted back in a human garden in
      another time – so that they can move into the Kingdom Level
      Above Human, take on costumes, or suits of clothes, or bodies that
      belong to that Kingdom, and serve and do their work in that
      Kingdom Level Above Human.”

      Second Type:

      “A second type is one who recognizes the Representative,
      recognizes the information of the Next Level that is coming
      through the Representative, knows it is true, and has not yet had
      the strength to complete it. This type still trusts the Next Level,
      still believes that that is the only Truth, and whatever faith they
      have and trust they have, that’s where it is. And they will be kept
      in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human, and
      replanted at another time, and given another chance.”

      Third Type:

      ‘Okay, back to the three types: One, those ready for
      quartermaster; two, those not quite ready, and the third type: those
      who recognize the information of the Next Level and are
      attempting, even without knowing of the Representative’s presence,
      to break away in their own way. Now, when they attempt to break
      away in their own way, not even aware that I’m here or that my
      Older Member has been here at this particular time, they somehow
      or another find themselves drawn to others who are breaking away.
      They are also finding themselves surrounded with an opposite type
      of people who say, “What’s wrong with you guys? Are you crazy?
      You’re leaving your career? You’re not paying attention to your
      children?” This is happening a lot. Many people are going into
      what the mainstream likes to call “cults” – they are breaking
      away. People who love their God so, in their own way, that they
      end up like what happened with Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge,
      what happened at Waco, what happens in nations that, even in
      their government, want to honor God – listen to God – entirely,
      instead of taking man’s laws, man’s requirements, man’s rules.
      They are breaking away. They are conscious that there is some
      presence of God here and are saying, “I want to go in that
      direction. I’ll even put my life on the line in order to get closer to
      God at this time.”

      I am not qualified to specifically tell you who all these
      various types are. But I’ve given you some illustrations. It’s like
      even in patriot movements, or in militia movements, or in “cults,”
      or in this type of religious radical or another who know that this
      world is rotten, they are saying, “I would rather die in service to
      my interpretation of what God is than stay here.” Those young
      souls, those young spirits, those minds will be saved. They will be
      set aside – “put on ice,” so to speak – and have a future, have
      another planting in the next civilization for further nourishment.

      What does this add up to? This adds up to that the ones
      who love this world and love the human kingdom, say to me and
      all those like me (or all those I just discussed – all those various
      categories) that, “They’re nuts, they’re crazy. They’re radicals.
      They’re against the world. They are not human – they’re
      inhumane. They’re tyrannical or their terrorists.” Now, don’t
      misunderstand me. I’m not advocating violence. I’m not
      advocating going out and trying to create some war. The war that
      is a natural phenomenon that comes with the End of an Age, is
      forced upon those who want to leave this place. It’s not anything
      that we have to do or we have to create. And some, aware that that
      will happen – even some who want to get to the Kingdom Level
      Above Human – mistakenly feel responsible for creating those
      wars. They don’t have all the pieces right. But if they are doing it
      for the right reasons, not me, but my Father and my Father’s
      Father, and the Kingdom Level Above Human says, “They love
      me more than they love the world. And they love me more than
      they love the world during the time that I have a Representative
      present. And I will honor that. I will extract them. I will put them
      aside. I will give them a planting at another time.”‘

      Note that Do even said, “I am not qualified to specifically tell you who all these
      various types are. But I’ve given you some illustrations…”

      This provides opportunity for virtually anyone to gravitate to 100% service to Ti and Do that could find anyone in any of the three “types” which is 100% according to the prophecy Jesus gave to John.

      Futher, John was instructed to “prophesy again” during the time of the Seventh Angels Trumpet sounding which takes place AFTER the “ascension” of the Two Witnessed (and crew who lay down their bodies) shown in:

      Rev 11:12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.

      This “voice” is Ti saying it’s time to come home that she said in a number of ways to include the Hale Bopp comet. By the way it’s interesting that “hale” as referenced in what jesus said in:

      Luk 12:58 When thou goest with thine adversary to the magistrate, as thou art in the way, give diligence that thou mayest be delivered from him; lest he hale thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and the officer cast thee into prison.

      where “hale” can also be translated to “provide the means to draw or take ones self (spirit) (to where they were) before, to godly” and Bopp perhaps in a silly way looks so like: Bo pp as in Bo P(ee)p.

      Next comes the great shaking I believe was the 9/11 attack that was the first fall of Babylon, the city (NYC) and the nation:

      Rev 11:13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

      (This is what woke me up more. I was I believe one of those “remaining/remnant” who was frightened by it even though at the time I hadn’t yet had many dreams, but began to study all the political stuff and some prophecy and had a dream where Ti approved of my writing).

      Rev 11:14 The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly.
      Rev 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

      So the seventh angel sounds AFTER that which is the cue to the time when the “house of John” is to prophesy, meaning “give testimony/witness of what was received from Ti and Do” that any believer can be the instrument of as the Next Level isn’t interested in elevating one’s person so the name John simply means some will fill the shoes of that “task” which is the dissemination task that goes hand in hand with “standing for Ti and Do” to the degree each chooses but that their reward for doing so will match even to receiving a “white robe” as shown in the time of the fifth seal opening.

      Here is where John gets the instruction to take the “little book” and during the time of the seventh angels sounding, talk about it publically to the world and accept the consequences. Little book seems to be directly related to the “back side” of the BOOK that is the body of information Ti and Do provide that is the subject of the “seven roars from the Lion of Juda” that are the seven revealings of information to the globe Ti and Do started in 1973 to finishing with the Heaven’s gate web site and their exit in 1997. First the reference to the “back of the book” which is I believe pertaining to the “records” from Jesus and before that were not covered in detail by the teachings of Ti and Do because the first category of students didn’t need that to graduate to their Next grade level:

      Rev 5:1 And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.
      Rev 5:2 And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?
      Rev 5:3 And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.
      Rev 5:4 And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon.
      Rev 5:5 And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.
      Rev 5:6 And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.
      Rev 5:7 And he came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne.
      Rev 5:8 And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.
      Rev 5:9 And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;
      Rev 5:10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.
      Rev 5:11 And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;
      Rev 5:12 Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.
      Rev 5:13 And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.
      Rev 5:14 And the four beasts said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell down and worshipped him that liveth for ever and ever.

      So I’m saying the “backside” is here said as “little book” and the word for book is “bible” so this greek word here is: bibliaridion:

      Rev 10:1 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:
      Rev 10:2 And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth,
      Rev 10:3 And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.
      Rev 10:4 And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.
      Rev 10:5 And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven,
      Rev 10:6 And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:
      Rev 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.
      Rev 10:8 And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth.
      Rev 10:9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.
      Rev 10:10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.
      Rev 10:11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

      So crlody, for whatever it might be worth, you are seeming to make me and other believers out to be your enemy and/or in the enemy camp, because of what you think we are or are not doing, when the only enemy we all have is on all our backs equally to pit us against anything but them. There is a lot to still do for our own overcoming progression that at the same time is service to all those who are primed in various ways to receive the truth. We need all the ammo to continue this war of words and the more it is our genuine testimony the more others will have a chance to relate while the adversaries are bombarding them with all the reasons to not pay any mind to Ti and Do. We are fishers and the bait is the truth regardless of the mix of “tongues” (language/terms) used from Ti and Do’s exact words and intentions and their words and intentions from their past incarnations.

      When the fourth seal opens being led up to more and more in 2016 and then from 2017 on with the next and last election there is no telling what Ti and Do will do to stimulate our growth and the choices of us all. It’s not done and is entering a new phase and there will be new believers in Ti and Do, perhaps some through seeing how the prophecies are fulfilled by Ti and Do – the back side of the book and with them a bigger attack from the adversaries. I admit some comfort in the way things have been going. It does sour my stomach but I have to continue until I exit this vehicle in the process.

  6. Woraufhin Says:

    Who is Links?

    • sawyer Says:

      Ti and Do were not into themselves as servants from the Next Level. All they ever wanted to be were “links” in the “chain of mind” that connects all members of the Next Level to the Chief of Chiefs. They also talked about their being pipes – containers and they didn’t want their own mind to get in the way between the Mind from their Older Members that would come to us. Now, every member of the Next Level has their own Mind. They just don’t want it to be any different from the Mind of their Older Member. So it would seem they would prefer to be puppets. But the Older Members of the Next Level will have no puppets. They could easily make puppets like robots, thus they are all the opposite of puppets. One could then think, if they just want to be pipes or links and want none of their mind to get in the way of what comes from their Older Members, why even be between the Older Members and we the potential studets. I believe the answer to that is that we need to receive a stepped down interpretation of the Mind of the Older Members. It’s a matter of an interface issue as from an advanced computer system to a relatively primitive computer system. It doesn’t work, thus they pick human vehicles and prepare them to receive Their Next Level mind by giving them a type of deposit that includes the ability to have an interface and then they begin to work with the human they selected, which becomes like a smelling salt, waking up that deposit. That’s what makes them a Link as we then need them to bridge the gap between their Next Level Mind and what human mind we still have to abort to qualify to become a new Member in their evolutionary level.

      Do served in that way with Ti. If you ever listened to any of the tapes they made for their classroom, (that I’ll put a link to below), you will see how Do did most of the talking and often broadened things Ti said. We needed that broadening. Do didn’t need it. He understood what Ti was saying. However, sometimes Ti would say at a meeting that Do wasn’t saying what was on her mind about something and he would stop and listen to her. Sometimes they would do that privately though it was rare. But Do was acting both as a co-partner with Ti and as a link between Ti and their students.

      We did most of our personal communication with them through notes. They asked us to address the note on the outside to “Lnks”, spelled just like that. The notes were on 3×5 pieces of paper and we’d use as many sheets as needed and then fold them in half and write “Lnks” on the blank outside piece and put it on a clip at a desk that was designated “Central” where students would rotate service on and every so often, they would call on the intercom or telephone, depending on where they were, as they didn’t often live in the same craft (house) with all the students, and they would be brought the notes with other things, like reports of various craft activity. Then they might call a student to come to their quarters or to the phone to respond to their note. And if they gave a new instruction for a the whole craft or for a particular department it would be written in one of the “procedure books” that “Lnks said, when you do this, it would be done in this way…”.

      However, in our thoughts, especially at this time, to communicate with them, we should use “Ti and Do” as those are the names they chose to have. It’s important that they see that we know that they are real living Above Human people and all those names represent. For those that don’t know about them, they have ways of knowing when they are being called upon.

      Here is an excerpt from Hayden Hewes and Dan Garcia’s interview with Bo (Herf) (Do) and Peep (Bonnie) (Ti) regarding “Prayer” according to the book Hayden and Brad Steiger wrote entitled, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary”:

      Bonnie: This is what I mentioned earlier…that we have been visiting a group…and this is probably one thing that will get us killed. When humans pray, they contact the source which we are from.

      Herf: If they pray to the highest source.

      Bonnie: If they are praying for truth, then they contact us.

  7. crlody Says:

    Let me state for the umpteenth time that I am NOT a good example of a candidate for service to the NL and that I am not qualified to impart Info about the NL. I’m a chicken who is still here because I have been unwilling to follow Ti and Do out of here. I have no idea if I will be allowed to continue a relationship with the NL when I leave this backwards planet. All I know is that I am in the dark without my Older Members and without Them I’m a feather in a breeze, floating aimlessly.

    So, SWY, how am I casting judgment? By pointing out things that you actually say and do? Ti and Do didn’t leave behind ANYTHING that states that you should write blogs long after They’re gone that claim to be the REAL TRUTH about Them as it’s your version of that truth SWY, nothing more. The REAL TRUTH about Ti and Do and the Class is the Info THey left behind, especially the audio tapes that you claim are not important. Ti and Do are NOT suppressing the audio tapes, the lower forces are through their willing servants, Mark and Sarah and anyone who continually excuses their actions. Quit crying judgment every time I point out to you that your words pale in comparison to Ti and Do’s. It’s the truth SWY, your words are going to fall far short of Ti and Do’s and it’s time for you to accept that and get over yourself. Who has more accurate knowledge about the NL and what it takes to get there, you or Ti and Do? Just give me a straight answer for once without all of your obfuscation and citing of Revelations. You’ve decided to do all of this on your own and just because you claim it is part of a task for Ti and Do doesn’t make it so and I’m not buying what you’re selling and that’s what this is all really about, you want everyone to buy what your version of all of this is and since I’ve dared to challenge you, you claim I see you and other “believers” as my enemy and therefore play the martyred victim in all of this. If Do stated that He could easily give out misinformation how much more does that say about you and what you have to say? I would say again to just give me a straight answer but that is something you seem to be incapable of so I’m not holding my breath. How can you not see the arrogance of claiming that you know the REAL TRUTH about Ti and Do without qualifying it by stating that the Info They left behind is much, much, much more pure and holy than ANYTHING that you have to say about the NL? Do you really expect me to put my trust in your interpretations of what Ti and Do and the Class were about? Should I trust Rio when he claims that he’s here because he has a “task” for the NL and that he was the “sole surviving member”? Do you seriously think that your attempts to convey NL Info are more important than the words of Ti and Do on the audio tapes? Is it judgment to point out that Mark has suppressed and distorted Ti and Do’s Info and continues to do so and continues to lie about it? You want facts, Mark and Sarah turned their tasks over to RKK, end of story. That was the choice that they made. Afterwards they tried to prevent us from distributing the Info for their own selfish reasons even though RKK was given the masters for the Exit tapes with instructions to distribute them as well as the Final Statements with instructions to upload them. The Kings copyrighted all of this and claimed it’s what the Class wanted. The Kings serve Lucifer and not Ti and Do with their actions. All I’ve ever said to Mark is that I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when he has to explain all of his lies to Ti and Do. Same with Rio. You still refuse to answer the question, what’s more important, listening to you or listening to Ti and Do? Since you claim we “no doubt” have all the info that we need then it’s quite obvious that you feel it’s more important for individuals to listen to you than to Ti and Do. You use a lot of words Sawyer but you often seem to say very little and I feel that you use excessive verbiage to conveniently distort what I say and avoid the issues I have brought up. I never said that we can’t be saved or that laying down the vehicle is the only thing to do. I still get requests for the Info and I still honor them and I also question on a daily basis what I’m doing here as this world is truly a hell that does need to be evacuated and I’m sitting here playing the game called human 17 years after Do extended an invitation to leave. Listening to you rather than Ti and Do will not get me closer to the Next Level. You do have followers, you’re just not willing to admit it to yourself. One individual once claimed he was in a cyber classroom with you as the teacher. XF also follows you although you would both probably deny it. “These Luciferians “jump in” immediately after Representatives from the LAH leave. They fill the patriarchs of the resulting new religion with mixed truths and misinformation, which reinforces the fact that accurate knowledge concerning that Kingdom seems to be available only while Reps are present” . You’re not a REP Sawyer and I’m not putting my faith in you or any of the things that you say and I don’t care if that bruises your ego. If I want to learn about the NL I’ll listen to Ti and Do’s words and the words of those who left with Them, not you or Rio and his book which hideously distorted the Teachings of Ti and Do. By definition listening to you or Rio or any other former Class members will get me off track. Since you seem to feel that it is more important for individuals to listen to you rather than Ti and Do I do consider you an enemy, not of me, but of the truth despite your arrogant claims that these rambling blogs contain the REAL TRUTH about Ti and Do. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when you have to explain why you thought it was more important that you be listened to rather than Them. Seriously, get over yourself, these blogs aren’t as important as you think they are and you’re not a teacher of NL Info.

    • sawyer Says:

      Is not considering me a fraud a judgement, a decision you made about me and even an enemy of yours because of. Where did you get that. Show me anything Do said or Ti said or any of those who wrote papers or anything Jesus said that I have mis-stated in any way, shape or form. I am not saying you won’t have something, even a number of things BUT I will correct them. I get the impression you don’t believe there is redemption from mistakes shown in Ti and Do’s teachings – making mistakes and trying to correct them and the Next Level as our classmates “forgiving our trespasses and those who trespass against us”, which I think you can find a whole lot of evidence of that way of thinking in the document Ti wrote called, “the power of goodness”.

      You judge me by saying I am not a REP. What gives you the insight and ability to measure who is or who is not representing what Ti and Do taught? Maybe you are using that in the way as the name of the “position” Ti and Do were assigned as if telling someone else about the things they said was not representing them.

      If you have specifics then state them instead of playing this generalization game with accusations. Ti and Do evidenced in the tapes we have many times where they took a question from a student and said…”what are the specifics in your question”. It doesn’t help anyone without the specifics. What can anyone do about it to change. It seems to me to be a troublemaking influence that has others cast stones without siting the reason.

      In my opinion you are listening to an influence that says you are “not qualified to impart Info about the NL”. Who told you that? Did Do single you out somehow and say that to you? Or are you defining “impart Info about the NL” as if “dissemination” wasn’t imparting info. I could be wrong but like influences always seem to try to do – is get us coming and going to cripple us to get us to shut up with our own testimony of our personal experience. Why is it that Do assigned students writing projects. Why did any of the students write papers if doing so was using their mind for themselves. All had the assignment and did it and for whatever reasons between Do and certain classmates Do said that it wasn’t necessary for them to be good writers and they didn’t have to do writing tasks to still be just as in service to Ti and Do as any others. Maybe that’s what you meant by not being qualified. But does that mean that Jwnody and stmody were stroking their egos by writing? Or because they laid down their lives they weren’t stroking their egos to write but since I didn’t I am stroking my ego when I write. Even so what business is it of yours UNLESS I am saying things that are contrary or distorting or misdirecting away from what Ti and Do said/taught/intended.

      When I’ve asked you to let me know of any way you see me getting off track, isn’t it important that you bring up things that Ti and Do considered off track verses using your mind to do so?

      What did I say or do that you took as making myself into a teacher in the context of some equivalence to or as if it was an assignment to/from Ti and Do?
      Maybe you don’t know of the two or so that tried to make me into their teacher whom I repeatedly wrote in public about telling them that I am NOT their “Teacher”, while I can understand why they tended to think like that, not because of any merit on my part but because of having a great deal of experience with Ti and Do. In one of those talks I had, Gemenis brought up what Do said about “at least connecting with an active student” in his absence I think was the context. Well, what is an active student. I’m NOT saying I qualify but if I am one new to Ti and Do’s info and I read that and I see these who were with the Older Members talking about their experience as if they believe fully in Ti and Do, wouldn’t that look like an “active student”? What other application do you think Do could have intended by talking about that in that way considering they weren’t planning on doing any further teaching to where his students with him would have that interface? Still, from my perspective I am to a degree attempting to be an “active student” but maybe I’m failing at that because I still have imperfections but even so, to others who don’t necessarily see my imperfections I could see wanting that “connection” which is what I told Geminus at that time and he then said, okay, then we are brothers and I agreed and also said that he had “connected” with me. He and another, I believe said they asked Do a question and felt like Do told them to take it to me. I didn’t make that up and I didn’t know it was Do but I can’t imagine a Luciferian telling them to go to Sawyer – Unless Sawyer was trying to replace or become an intercessor for Do. They perhaps a Luciferian would, but nor to I think anyone who actually trys to communicate to Do their desire going to get a Luciferian to respond because I believe 100% that Do wouldn’t allow that to happen. It would be like giving someone your phone number and then allowing someone else to take your call that is working against you. It defeats the purpose of building a trust relationship.

      yesterday I spent 6 hours replying to comments about the ceres lights on a huffington post science post suggesting they were the Evolutionary Level Above Human with Ti and Do as chief administrators. Maybe since Do never said anything about Ceres that I know about, you feel that’s wrong for me to suggest or even state is them and not space aliens. Most who believe they are lights, the most obvious description from all the evidence since 2004 from Hubble, etc. think they are aliens. For me to just let that go to me would be a disservice to Ti and Do because Do said that the space aliens really were not space aliens because they are no longer allowed to circulate very far away from the earth. Do you remember where Do said that so I can better document his saying that. Are the lights humans or are they from a studio NASA has set up to build up a hoax or Are they the Russians or Chinese or just a fluke of nature. To me it’s worth taking the chance that I could be wrong to help some “consider” the Ti and Do angle and especially in light of the simultaneous Pluto “rectangular hanger bay looking “spots”” that some others said they looked like to them and I don’t disagree. Is it just coincidence that both happened at the same time in June/July and then I found out that Ceres and Demeter are the same person in Roman and Greek mythology and Demeter is the daughter of someone related to Pluto and Pluto is the same definition of the term Hades that is translated to “hell” in Rev 6:8 that talks about the upcoming 4th horse that just so happens to follow the black horse and red horse of endless financial crisis and endless war that follows the “great shaking” which I believe in the 9/11 attack that followed the “ascension” of the Two and Crew who “fell down themselves”, depicted in three places to match up with the timing. I am to ignore all these things and not say anything about them because I can’t prove the connections seem like part of Ti and Do’s design to make. After all it’s not like they never related to Rev 11 and Rev 12 and other parts. They just didn’t do it like a Christian preacher as those records really give them additional verifications of what they were receiving in ideas.

      Why is that so disturbing to hear me say unless an influence just doesn’t like to hear it? How does putting that possibility take away from anything Ti and Do taught to where it would make me a “charlatan” looking to generate interest in me. If some become interested in me that’s all the more reason to show them that it’s Ti and Do she need to have interest on because I won’t get them anywhere, except in how we can bring attention to Ti and Do.

      I can share with you my 16 longish comments on that ceres article blog post. I’m not hiding it but I do that kind of thing every day for hours and have been for all these years. I don’t say that as competition. If you have to keep holding me in that place because of that one time I said that, even if I was thinking it, if I do think it then I’ve got to treat it as the influence it is.

      You said xf was my follower. Why because he says things and I say things back and he tends to see what I’m saying? I know I can put enough things together that Ti and Do said and did that make for quite a convincing argument at times. But again, if that goes to my head it’s my problem not yours UNLESS it directing someone to not check it with things Ti and Do said.

      In the way you word these comments it seems you make up your mind about me in many sentences that again give no examples. I never even implied to anyone they should “put their faith in me”. Its the farthest thing from my mind, yet I would like to think I’m not going to turn around and try to trick anyone into enlisting in my camp that I don’t have despite having a few facebook “friends”. I have said many times in many dozens of comments that there is no group and no leaders and nothing to buy and that talking to Ti and Do is the key.

      You say things that have no foundation or you would give examples and show me how they differ from what Ti and Do gave us. Anyone can just spout thoughts around accusing people of very grave behavior – a “charlatan” you intend to expose. You think I was trying to save face after being conned by the influence that used xf? What basis do you have to say that? Another flagrent accusation without any examples that you seem to believe. Whose voices are you listening to as I don’t recognize them from any of the things Ti and Do said. I don’t like to play the reversal game but sometimes we see our own issues in others. I don’t say that without evidence. Are you forgiving yourself for turning away from Do? Did Do say something to you when you were with him that made you think you couldn’t get past your influences? Influences are part of the program. We ALL have them to contend with. They are our ticket to building more strength. When xf came clean on the hoax that was exposing that he got used and he said that many, many times. Yes, he can slip and he knows that as can we all and do, but WE, to contain Do’s mind MUST forgive or we are rejecting the fact that we can also be forgiven by the asking and attempts to not repeat. Jesus said forgive not just seven times your brother but seventy times seven. He is the same Older Member. So instead of believing those thoughts that paint me as forgiving xf so not to admit to being hoaxed, forget about me. Ask Do directly how you should think about/feel towards xf going forward? Is that bad advise to ask Do directly about it. I really would be surprised if you told me you did and then paid attention to the ideas you got and/or the additional evidences you would get to confirm the ideas about it and they still came out as considering xf as once a hoaxer always a hoaxer and trouble and all else you said about him over years.

      Frankly, I think xf is an excellent new student of Ti and Do. Do I take credit for any of that? Well, only in whatever ways I was an instrument for Ti and Do’s teachings. If that goes to my head then it will be my problem that Do will help me see more.

      And to be honest I have seen it more. You became the instrument of my seeing that more. I don’t know how much is ego and how much is knowing what I know because of being able to trust what we were given by Ti and Do. When we receive their mind it does become our mind. Their mind doesn’t have that ego, right, but they do know what they know so I where would it be the same thing – ego and knowing something. Sure on many scores I could be wrong. Maybe those “spots” on pluto are not docking bays or even designed rather than from some natural phenomena.

      I know I often talk as if I have authority to do so. What do I have to say to someone…. “I could be wrong but I think that I believe everything Ti and Do taught”. Perhaps there is an evolutionary Level Above Human.

      So you call me “enemy of the truth”. Is that the truth? If so then show me.

      Where did I say or imply or insinuate listening to me is more important than listening to Ti and Do? Show me. It’s like if we had been partners in the class and we were working in the lab and you said to me…sawyer you just broke procedure. I would then ask what procedure? And you would say…you followed that recipe to make bread to make yourself look good.

      Everything someone says can be twisted when someone else has an axe to grind against them. Influences have you thinking you are a “chicken” cause you didn’t lay down your vehicle yet the reason you left the class I believe you said was because you were finding fault with Do. Was your finding fault with Do going to be fixed somehow by laying down your life? Could it be that you are exactly where you can best recognize that influence so next time you are in Do’s presence you will recognize that influence and send it packing before it can get a handle on your mind. I could say the same thing to myself with my influences. There is zero competition. If what I say shows signs to you as being close to the way Do might think then maybe you can accept it as a help as I certainly don’t say it to hurt you, if that were possible though the influence could have you take it that way.

      I have in other times written things that when I re-read them I knew were being sarcastic to I started over. An influence could twist that by saying…see you really are a sarcastic person so are a charlatan for hiding it. I don’t know if that’s an influences voice you hear but for whatever it’s worth it’s a lie. Ti and Do taught us to have restraint in what we said to them and our partner and anyone. It even became a procedure for some more than others to hold a note to them for 24 hours and then re-read it as that would afford us the opportunity to see where the influences were talking through us. Even if it doesn’t stop us from still entertaining those kinds of thoughts in our heads, it’s a step in that direction. I have caught myself several times in the last few days arguing with you, not on paper – in my head. That’s an influence with me. If I was just thinking about what to say to you it wouldn’t have an angry vibe with it and these times did have an angry vibe with them. I’m not feeling that now at all.

      If you keep writing to me I will keep replying if I have something to say and LOL it would be a rare day in may that I don’t, right. I guess that can become obnoxious about me – like you said, “rambling blogs” – maybe liking to here myself talk and boring the hell out of others. I know that is many times the case with my writings. I’ve been told that many times. I’d like to think I’ve made some improvement on that over the years but maybe it’s a drop in the hat.

  8. crlody Says:

    “Once we leave, then base your decisions using the criteria of the information we’ve left behind for you”. DRR’s paper in the Book. “Until the garden is recycled, you still have time to file for adoption. If you study and try apply what they have taught……I hope that you can find such things as ’95 Statement by an ET Presently Incarnate to clarify the overall picture”. SRR’s A Testament. I don’t see anything in any of the materials that the Class left behind that states that listening to you will help individuals grow closer to the NL. Maybe there’s something about you being the purveyor of “THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT TI AND DO” on the suppressed audio tapes. I jest to prove a point. Why didn’t you receive a FEDEX package and why weren’t you interested in helping RKK and I distribute the Info in ’97 when he asked you about it? How many hours did you spend digitizing the tapes and distributing Their Info as opposed to the numerous hours you’ve spent on your blogs and making videos of yourself spinning your version of Ti and Do’s Truth? After our blogtalk debacle with Austin I realized that there was a lesson to be learned and I remember at the time that you were pretty sure that I was under some kind of “influence” when I told you we were being duped (thanks to Dave G for letting me in on that) . You didn’t want to believe that all of that energy we’d given had been for naught, no one likes to admit they fell for a con and we were conned big time by the lower forces. I have NEVER said that no one can be saved and just today I’ve been e-mailing an individual whom I am sending HG materials to. And I don’t even like to bring that up because it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn but since you have falsely accused me of seeing “believers” as my “enemy” I will bring it up. Your claims that this blog is THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT TI AND DO is the enemy SWY as it comes from your own ego. I cannot believe that RKK would have ever written anything making such an outrageous claim and to this day he is the only former Class member I’ve encountered who I find trustworthy and who truly was trying to carry out the Class’ desires for Their materials. You obviously can keep doing what you’re doing as that is your choice but don’t expect me to sit idly by while you continue to make your arrogant and egotistical claims that the Mind of Ti and Do on the suppressed tapes doesn’t matter and that your own version of Their Truth does. Have I judged you Sawyer or have you judged yourself with your actions and words? The same with the Kings and the same with Rio. RKK felt that they were his enemy and so do I and if you keep claiming the things that you do then you are an enemy of the Truth along with them and until I leave this illusory world I will do everything I can to expose you for the fraud that I know that you are. Just because you aren’t getting any $ out of this doesn’t mean that your motives are from the NL.

    • sawyer Says:

      I was about to reply to your last comment that listed DRR’s paper with that ridiculous stuff about how they didn’t talk about me as if I have any significance to them, except as a recipient of what was said and done, and yet it’s becoming apparent that you might not care whether I can paint a different picture than the way you are trying to paint and insist you see. I have asked you for evidence and didn’t think I was getting any until it dawned on me that you are listing the evidence in your mind. They didn’t talk about me, so if I say I have a task to represent Ti and Do’s truth, I must be a charlatan where you don’t say anything about what you think about what Ti and Do taught so you are a better example of not promoting your own views, so I must be in it for myself. Anyway that’s as far as I can get right now to try to see where you are coming from and frankly I certainly don’t have a task to try to convince you otherwise or to try to show you anything, if for no other reason but that you haven’t asked me for that (as the example of partnerships in the classroom, so NOT my idea and partnerships were between believers with a common interest in studentship to Ti and Do, though I know that form of classroom doesn’t exist right now). Take for instance your comment about the description of this blog that says it’s “THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT TI AND DO…”. You seem to be reading that as if to say the documents and tapes, etc. Ti and Do left behind were not REAL or not as REAL as what I can share, yet the way I intended that statement was to help show Ti and Do’s reality because of the bombardment of the Luciferian space alien misinformation about them that is NOT REAL. So I guess these points are your evidence and to close this comment all I can think to say anymore is that “it’s your choice” to see what you want to see and not see what you don’t want to see as it is also my choice. People read what Ti and Do said and don’t see that they were teaching anything or see what they said as deranged, illusionary, deceitful, at best well intended but misguided, the result of a troubled sex life, a way to capture others to build their ego, to have power over others. Choices are everything aren’t they. You have filled your comments with your opinions about my opinions in an attacking format justifying yourself as I suppose working for Ti and Do and the truth by showing that I am not. Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black, as the saying goes. But there I go again thinking I SEE something so is just more ammo and perhaps I’m wrong anyway. But I’m going to say one more thing. There will be plenty of ammo against me going forward, that is for as long as I am in this vehicle and can express myself. I will take anything someone says about me as something to potentially change but I remain having the choice of whether the shoe fits or not. In short bringing Dave G. into this is a very strange witness to anything truthful and yes I was resistant at first to seeing xf’s hoax that to me he has largely outgrown letting hearing about it again get too far under his skin. And comparing anyone with Rkkody is another out of my range to compute having any value to this debate. Plus I have judged myself…as you said, which is in part saying that I make my bed so I sleep in it, which I agree with, so I choose to talk about my experience with Ti and Do and their info and the records they left in previous incarnations and the apparent fulfillment of those prophecy in current events, so I have to live with the responses I get. I am convinced that perhaps all data can be used in the way someone wants to use it to build whatever their case is, so as you said in the end of this comment, you are of the mind and intention, “until I leave this illusory world I will do everything I can to expose you for the fraud that I know that you are”. Knowing something certainly is a powerful statement. If that’s your mission, that’s your choice. Do you ever ask Ti and Do directly if that’s part of your dissemination task they would have you do?

  9. Sawyer’s Critique of new San Diego Union Tribune Article about Heaven’s Gate that draws from a Heaven’s Gate Webmaster’s Email Interview | Sawyer Stands for Ti & Do's Heaven's Gate Says:

    […] Here is some of the evidence of the content of the letters: Excerpts from Do and Crews letters to web site Webmasters re: audio tape handling… […]

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