Talking about Ti and Do (Jesus) in the Christian tongue is the focus of the 7th Angel’s Trumpet sounding

I happened upon a YouTube video of a play about Jesus called something like “Heaven’s gate and Hell’s flames” and saw that it was probably one of these mega church presentations and at first thought it was going to be a spoof on religion but then saw it was serious and was hard to watch knowing what I know about the truth of where what they were saying came from and how it’s such a distorted picture anymore. However, I have to feel for them as like Do said, they “hardly stood a chance”. So I left a comment exactly as below that is my attempt at interface as without this type of interface I don’t think they do have much chance of waking up to reality. I know that makes it sound like I’m a big shot so I expect to get flack even from Ti and Do believers who think I’m just trying to build myself up thinking we have a task to talk to Christians in their tongue at least in part so they can have a chance to recognize the truth that otherwise they have already classified as new age Luciferian mysticism, etc. The older folks may not be able to wake up much anymore. I don’t know of course but I have already seen how some of the younger folks may have an ear for the truth.

This is not designed. I can’t seem to design one way to say it. I also think at this time it’s crucial to helping some come to Ti and Do’s truth to bring the fact of the city on Ceres to the fore in every communication – and even showing how it’s in the Revelations prophecy for this time period we’re in, in the verse about the Green horse (mistranslated as pale horse) though it may be like “greenish” or pale green, the color of a new shoot.

So here’s the comment I left:

I just happened upon this video and I’d bet you are decent Christians but I have to give you and others a chance to see the real Jesus. I can prove that he already came and left in his phase one incarnate return as one of the Two Witnesses.

To consider this will be a huge step to take, but I know without a doubt it’s true and can support it by using EVERYTHING Jesus, Elijah and Moses and Daniel said and experienced and can bring up to date in the Book of Revelations, while you will have all the opportunity you want to deny it. The true test is whether you will ask Your Heavenly Father if it’s the truth and to help you accept it.

The other of the Two Witnesses was Jesus Father as depicted in Revelations 12 who came incarnate in a female body and went back to his station after helping her “son” become born to the throne task. They took the names Ti and Do and you could easily dismiss them for a variety of reasons you have been taught but it’s the truth and like I said, ask “Our Father” who we were taught by Jesus to pray to.

If you ask your friends and family or pastors or priests, they will not help you know of the truth I am revealing. You will be confronted with many tests but there is help through talking to your Heavenly Father to get through each one. They Ti and Do serving as the Two Witnesses were subdued (overcome) in 1975 by the national media (the mouthpiece of the beast) and then they did “exit by dying” the real meaning of the Greek apokteino in Rev 11:7 that was mistranslated to “kill” and then additional verses were translated as if they were killed adding words to round out that understanding. I don’t blame them as they didn’t know better and it took Ti and Do coming to  show the truth not by telling us how to interpret the bible, because they didn’t justify what they said and did over 24 years with the bible as they were where the bible came from so they spoke “plainly” of the kingdom and of the Father and this time the returned Jesus “showed us the Father” as he said he would do upon return with his new name also telling us the fathers name.

Do was the Rev 6 One who sat on the white horse and took his first fruit returned saints with him back into He and His Father’s Kingdom. The earthquake that followed their “spirit birth” ascension (never was meant by Jesus to think was an ascension of physical bodies) was the 9/11 attack the first fall of the new city of Babylon, New York City through the direction of the “red horse” where the horse was the human body the dragon was sitting on called G.W. Bush. The second fall was the financial crisis started by the Bush regime but put into Barak Obama’s hands, his being the “black horse” trying to balance the two camps of the republican conservatives and the democratic liberals amidst the changes in the economy still rippling through society though recovered as said in Rev 13.

We are about to see the Green horse that brings death and hell (hades=Pluto (Demeter=Ceres) and the lights on the dwarf planet Ceres NASA just has been photographing that Hubble first saw in 2004. Yes, lights and even a city or base. The people on Ceres are not space aliens.

The space aliens are the fallen angels first depicted in Rev 9:1 being let out of their underground prison cells. Those are the Luciferians – dragon, serpent – hissers – deceivers capturing the new age community and the religious and the spiritual and the atheists and the pagans all. They were grounded to earth so they are not on Ceres. Remember how Paul said that in heaven one would have a “celestial body”, the reason Jesus proved he was still physical upon coming out of the grave yet showing that he could change his vibrations of his body to appear to be invisible and could defy gravity by hovering over the sea and then rising up to his physical transportation behind the clouds at his departure sticking to the way Jehovah came and went. And remember Jehovah was also physical and proved it to Moses, letting him touch him. Members of the Kingdom of God in the Kingdom of the literal heavens are not mammals, the reason Jesus said we would have to decide who we serve (worship) between “God and Mammon”, where mammon is treasure/wealth in all it’s human facets, monetary, humanitarian, environmental, family, intelligence, artistry – all things of the human mammalian kingdom level.

They created the human kingdom as a stepping stone to membership in their kingdom but one had to overcome all their humanness to graduate and that could only be done when the Older Member from that kingdom came in carnal (flesh) to show us the way. He is the way but what that meant is doing all he said to do which included “denying self”, “taking up your cross” and “following him literally” by in the present context learning everything he (Ti and Do) said and “taking a stand for them”. Prayers to one’s Heavenly Father go to Ti and Do and their crew of graduates who are working to finish up the harvest that entails our having to go through the tribulation. When that is done He (Do, who was Jesus) comes back again but not incarnal this time but very apparent (in his glory – brightness as the sun)  but the world will see him and his armada as space aliens or die from heart failure or be hiding from HIM in the underground cities that are being constructed more and more as  we speak, that is if they haven’t begun to recognize that he came in the new name of Do. The names  Ti and Do being from the musical notes (song) came from the sound of music they felt the Kingdom of God used to help them awaken to their task.

I’ve got a huge amount of proof of all I am saying. It’s not a story I or they made up. I failed to graduate with my class but have a second chance and am providing the understanding of how to see the truth in all the prophecy and Jesus teachings speaking to you all in the tongue you most identify with though you must rise to see how it’s not as accurate a depiction of reality as the tongue Ti and Do spoke in that said the Kingdom of God was actually, The physical Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human. That’s not Darwinian evolution which is not accurate though has some merit. I hope for your sake you can hear what’s being said here. Test it but for your sake give it your best and you will awaken more to reality. But most of all ask help from your Father who is in the literal heavens throughout deep space.

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2 Responses to “Talking about Ti and Do (Jesus) in the Christian tongue is the focus of the 7th Angel’s Trumpet sounding”

  1. crlody Says:

    “they will not help you know of the truth I am revealing”. “I am alive because I have discovered something so extraordinarily important to the world that it needs to be passed on to you in its most true and accurate form by ME”. “I….am providing the understanding of how to see the truth in all the prophecy”. Two of these are yours and one is Rio’s. “I failed to graduate with my class but have a second chance”. A second chance to graduate? A second chance for what exactly? So, I think I finally got it SWY, we “no doubt have all the information we need” because you are “revealing” the “truth” and you “are providing the understanding of how to see the truth in all the prophecy”. So, this blog entry is more important for you to get out there than the audio tapes that contain the core Teachings of the Older Member who was most recently present on planet earth. How convenient for you and your version of the truth that it is more important to you than Do’s version of the Truth. Do you actually listen to yourself when you say the things that you do? “When this present Away Team leaves the Truth will go with them. You cannot preserve the Truth in your religions. It is present only as long as Truth bearer (Older Member from the true Kingdom of God) is present”. Just like I don’t believe that Rio was left behind to carry on the Teachings of Ti and Do I don’t believe that you are either. I will NEVER put my trust in your “revealing” of the “truth” nor in your “understanding of how to see the truth in all the prophecy”. How do you know that it is the “truth” that you are revealing? Are you getting correction from Ti and Do on what you’ve been stating all these years? How can you possibly believe that you are “providing the understanding of how to see the truth in all the prophecy”? I didn’t believe Rio when he claimed that “I know everything worth knowing about them” and I don’t believe you when claim that you are “revealing” the “truth”. You and Rio are both frauds out to glorify yourselves (though you are both obviously unwilling to admit it) and as far as I’m concerned and anyone who puts their faith in the two of you and the things that you say will be putting their faith in something other than Ti and Do and the Next Level.

    • sawyer Says:

      Sorry carlan, but whether I say, I or say, this vehicle is being used to share this and that… So I’ll try to be more politically correct to YOUR opinion of what is valid. What’s more important – sharing the truth or being seen as sharing the truth. How do we get around sharing something in prophecy that Ti and Do didn’t specify exactly. I do try hard to be correct with terminology.

      Additionally, if you are going to challenge me as your mission then be specific and factual. You said one of those quotes came from Rio. Why do I have to answer for Rio. Which one as I don’t necessarily recall but if I was going to guess, I think it wasn’t I who you reported said, “I am alive because I have discovered something so extraordinarily important to the world that it needs to be passed on to you in its most true and accurate form by ME”. That is deceitful to accuse me while quoting someone else. Readers of this blog could be new believers in Ti and Do then receiving misinformation (lies) about the origin of a statement.

      And yes the revealing is being accomplished by us IF we do the task of revealing. Remember I was saying that I was revealing the meaning of prophecy.

      How do I know it’s the truth that I am revealing about prophecy. Well, it’s not a knowing like I know I can trust 100%, not at least in some cases – it’s more of a trial and error kind of knowing, knowing what it doesn’t mean – using what Ti and Do taught and jesus said and the Old Testament prophets said and Moses said and Enoch said, all of which Ti said were tasks Do performed. So if Jesus said it and Ti and Do said that the Next Level crew worked very hard to preserve the truth of what Jesus said in the gospels then I can count on referring to those Old Testament prophets Jesus referred to as Daniel and of course Moses, Elijah, and secondarily to those Jesus disciples referred to as in the case of Enoch and a few others I don’t recall right now. So I do a great amount of cross referencing. But the chronology is crucial to understanding the best I can prophecy translation and interpretation. And I admit it helped considerably to have a dream in 2007 from Dstody that just said, Obama to my question to them of who to vote for, which I didn’t actually think referred to who to vote for as much as seeing Obama as the black horse in Rev 6.

      As I’m researching the meaning of prophecy, I am consciously asking to understand but don’t have dreams in those many cases in the last 14 years to inform or reveal to me the meaning. Usually, I find myself doing the work of keeping up with events, following links to Christian bloggers that come to my attention through newsletters I get and comments to my posts, etc. and as I do this often get IDEAS that have this type of signature as being a potential answer to my dilemma of interpretation. So except for that one time with dstody which I is not in and of itself an absolute proof I am proceeding inch by inch and in many cases I spent days, weeks, even months working on an interpretation and making my case to then come to realize I have it in part or entirely wrong. It’s hard to throw it all out at that point as often there are multiple interpretations and layers of application. It’s not nearly enough in my mind to believe I see something as since this is the phase of Ti and Do and crew’s ongoing task to help those that can be in the second wave of being saved and yes, to potentially advance or graduate to their next station towards their ultimate graduation to do the best job I can do to relate to what this second group is primed to relate to – they can “test” against their understanding of the verses.

      This degree of “revealing” is also part of the revelations prophecies. It’s spelled out in Rev 5 saying that the BOOK has a front and backside. I and anyone else who chooses to serve Ti and Do in this way are working on the backside of the book which is clarified in Rev 10 as the “little book” (little bible) that was not to be revealed during the time Ti and Do and their firstfruit crew were incarnate. It was reserved according to the evidence to the time of the seventh angel’s trumpet sounding which is clearly spelled out as not beginning until AFTER the first crew has “ascended” in Rev 11 that is also before the “great shaking” that also takes place after the ascension. The ascension was clearly Do and Crews “exit by dying or killing themselves” as is also shown in Rev 11:7 that follows the Two Witnesses being “subdued” translated by humans as “overcome” in Rev 11:7 before their exit.

      So it’s a building process. None of this revealing stage could be figured out without the KEY of 100% belief in everything Ti and Do said and did. But yes, we are used in this revealing so if that means I’m getting all this glory from it, as you stated, which is far from reality really if you actually look at the responses I mostly get – it’s hardly glory. Usually at best what I get as response is either ignoring, singling out of insignificant and often unrelated things or they attack me rather than what I am in service to reveal to them. Maybe it looks glorious to you.

      How you equate saying as you said that rio said, “I know everything worth knowing about them” with my saying I was, “providing the understanding of how to see the truth in all the prophecy”? To me there is a huge world of difference in those statements. If Rio said that, “everything” is a huge word and not an absolute he can know. But providing the truth of all prophecy, though has some inaccuracy I admit, because people claim a lot of records to be prophecy that I am not paying attention to providing the truth of, is not at all the same thing, but I will take to heart that I need to correct the way I say that, as it doesn’t actually reflect what I really feel. I simply took a shortcut in the expression. I have mostly said, “jesus prophecy”. I am attempting to reveal the truth in all Jesus prophecy. But actually I should add as found in the 4 gospels among the red letters of the 4 gospels because that’s the only material Ti and Do said we could trust was preserved for us to use.

      So thank you for pointing that out so I can correct it as it is important to not take short cuts even though it adds more and more verbiage to bore some and to infuriate or confuse others but to potentially help others.

      For whatever it’s worth, there may be no one who comes closer to Ti and Do through my revealing what I believe to be the most accurate interpretation/translation of what Jesus was recorded to have said in the gospels and the book of revelations. It’s just a task Ti and Do wanted done. I don’t know if you heard any talk of it on tapes. Ti and Do gave Dncody the task of rewriting the bible, though I may be stating that a bit inaccurately as he may have had specific parts he was to work on rather than the entire compilation of materials. I don’t know how far Dncody got but he left I believe before mrc/srf in 1987 if I recall correctly, though he was in the class during the publication of the Transfiguration diet as he did the illustrations in that book. Little things like that go a long way to bring validity to seeing certain interpretations to prophecy.

      I don’t know where you get the idea anyone is putting their “faith” in me and lumping me together with Rio. I have nothing to do with what Rio says or doesn’t say and for all you know he may have corrected any areas in which he was trying to overcome and may be completely on his best right track in his relationship to Ti and Do. Remember what Do said “faith” is in the Beyond Human tapes, in fact that was something Do had me add when I was serving Do as a student “helper” in I believe 4 of those 12 sessions. He had me quote Paul of Tarsus actually saying, “faith was the evidence of things unseen”. So then am I telling people to see Sawyer as evidence of things unseen or the translation and interpretation of Jesus prophecy from the 4 gospels and Book of Revelations as evidence of things that may be to others unseen? If I see someone putting their faith in me as a servant of Ti and Do or seeing me as evidencing what to them was unseen in their potential relationship to Ti and Do, how is that a negative UNLESS I am not pointing them to Ti and Do in every way I can. It’s true that we do become challenged the more we serve to live up to that service. But what I do not do, but if I ever slipped to do would hope to see it, is misdirect anyone to having faith in me as if to replace their having faith in Ti and Do. I believe the Luciferian space aliens would love for any of us to take that position as they did with many of the religious who think themselves as intercessors between humans and God. It certainly can sneak up on someone and especially when they attract some who follow every word they say. In almost every comment I make where I talk about Ti and Do, which anymore is in most of my many comments everyday I specify to go direct to their Heavenly Father (as Jesus and Ti and Do taught to pray to) or that the fast track that goes to the same place (as Ti said) was to direct their asking directly to Ti and Do.

      Am I getting correction from Ti and Do in all I’ve been saying, you ask. Yes, I often do feel I get correction. I got some through you in this comment. When I did those blogtalkradio shows that by the way I feel were lousy jobs in most cases, I would say something and then feel strongly, “you don’t know that” or “that’s not accurate”, or “that’s off track”. They weren’t voices in my head that I knew were from God. They were “ideas” with the feeling of coming from helpers in the Next Level and you would hear me correcting myself on the spot, saying, “I don’t know that”. In some cases I saw the correction as I often or almost always see when I would very occasionally re-listen to broadcasts which also happens most every time I re-read what I wrote.

      I’m far from perfect so welcome you or anyone elses criticism but as with all of us, we are trying to overcome our humanness which is put to the test more and more when we gain any popularity even in fringe ways. When I play music on the street or at gigs and people express liking it or how good I am at playing flute, I say, “thank you”. That does stroke my human ego, but it’s very short lived and minimally satisfying and trivial and it really turns a different corner when I say things like, “I play in part for Ti and Do, if you want to know who they are, you’ll have to look them up on the net or ask me”. I don’t say that as a matter of rote and I vary it which is never popular though on rare occasions someone asks me what I talking about and I tell them more about it. And yes, it feels good to talk about Ti and Do. I believe it is essential to “standing for Ti and Do” to express ourselves to others as otherwise we can hide from how it will challenge us because the more we talk about them the more we face what we need to overcome and the more our “adversary” (satan) will have ammunition to attack us according to the buttons we all have that they can push – egocentric, sarcasm, sensuality, anger, jealousies, vengeance, criticism, etc. By not talking about them to others, we are insulating ourselves from those attacks to the degree we keep quite which then inhibits our ability to make headway towards overcoming those human behaviors and ways that surface from doing. It’s perhaps like thinking one can overcome their humanness by going to live in a cave. Perhaps they do overcome certain things but they also attract other influences that can stroke their ego in yet another way, as Ti and Do indicated, though said better but I don’t have a quote for on my mind right now.

      I just pointed out that I accepted your criticism of my saying I was “providing the understanding of how to see the truth in ALL the prophecy”? by saying in the future “in all Jesus prophecy from the 4 gospels and the Book of Revelations”. If you want to consider my saying it the other way as “fraudulent” I accept that even though I certainly wasn’t trying to trick or deceive anyone by or be a big shot about saying it that way. I was taking a short cut and it is important to try to be accurate in such statements. Thus I have admitted it that I inadvertently presented something in less than it’s absolute truth and you helped me see that and I will try to correct doing so again. What you have said in these comments have been helpful to show me to be more aware of how I can slip into human behavior of bringing attention to myself in a way that can build my egocentric human side.

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