Another deceitful manipulator claiming to be Heaven’s Gate 2 Surfaces

A friend of a friend of a friend that knows the Heaven’s Gate story sent this to me asking if this group is valid? My response follows for anyone else who comes by it. It’s a trouble maker pushing a spoof designed to upset people and/or start trouble and foster lies and deceit and it seemed to have as it’s basis some hints related to ideas I’ve written about that I put together from things Ti and Do said and prophecy and current events in the last few years. My response is below this dumb message. I learned something from it that further supported certain prophecies I’ve examining as it may be that this was generated by a former classmate in Ti and Do’s group. There were many and it seems one or more have tried various ploys to generate a group to follow them. What they have said shows nothing in common with anything Ti and Do said or taught. (Also I never clicked on the link. If someone has a way to do so securely you can let me know what it shows.)

The message sent to the friend starts here:


You and a limited amount of applicants have been selected for a Level 1 spot in Heaven’s Gate 2!

Heaven’s Gate 2 is not Heaven’s Gate. Hale-Bopp is gone. The Older Members have ascended past this world. However, The UFO Two designated junior members to stay on Earth. Those junior members have started “The Circle of Two”. The goal of the Circle is to calculate the next coming of the Gateway and to recruit new members into joining. The Circle Of Two has calculated 2005 ED224 as the Gateway. The Gateway initiates the Action, which begins at Act A. Joining Heaven’s Gate 2 gives you the opportunity to recycle your human shell and ascend into your true selves. You will be moved to another plane of existence. As you become more involved with the Circle, more will be clear to you. The Action will be explained and you will learn how to enter the Gateway. The earth was recycled, years ago. Our Creators altered many things about the place we live in today. Look outside your window. Do you want to die without allowing yourself to reach your full potential?

A first name or alias The Circle can address you by. Your gender, and your religion. A essay containing these key points:

– Why you would like to join Heaven’s Gate 2
– Why do you deserve to shed your physical body and gain entry into The Gateway
– What you can supply for Heaven’s Gate 2
– What you expect to receive from Heaven’s Gate 2
– Achievements in your lifetime
We expect the essay to be of length. If you are not serious about joining Heaven’s Gate 2, please do not reply. You are limited by time to deliver your essay to us. If the essay is not delivered when The Circle cuts off the entries, you will be permanently disqualified from Heaven’s Gate 2.
Please only accept email from this address. Attempting to email other addresses, posting email addresses in public forums or sharing the address with others, or alerting our presence to the media or any outside sources will disqualify you from ever gaining entry to Heaven’s Gate 2 again. Please alert us of any leaks you see.
Once again, discretion is advised.
We look forward to hearing from you.
And here is a screen shot of the image you receive after submitting your email address to the site:
Any information or insight you have about this would be very much appreciated!
Sawyer’s response to my friend:
This is 100% phony baloney, not even containing one ounce of truth in it that I could pull apart bit by bit to prove if necessary.  I’ve seen this kind of thing before and I don’t know who exactly is behind it but it’s sinister and the only purpose is either to make money or gain a following but ultimately to try to take away from the truth about Ti and Do that is only trusted as coming from them and those who are giving their all to further reveal what they said and did.
Thanks for running this by me so I can post something on my blog about it as I have done with others. Curiously did you try that link to the image file. I am hesitant to do so, so I thought I’d check with you first. And if you feel okay about sharing the email address this message came to you from, I would send them a reply. No former member of Ti and Do’s group were given a task to leave the group to do another task. In the case of Rio, after he told Do he felt he had something to do in the world, Do said he checked with Ti who was outside his vehicle and decided (since he wanted to leave) he could be of service as he and another student had been assigned the task of working on a movie script Rio was then going to try to peddle to a Hollywood studio to produce. Then Rio wrote a book and decided to cease further opportunities for service,  yet I know that could change at any time and I wouldn’t need to know about it. It’s possible one or more of several that follow my blog and sort of harass me learned that I believe I was given a task subsequent to leaving them. But I didn’t leave to do that task. At best they were taking advantage of the fact that I chose to re-establish my provision of service to Ti and Do. So I had a dream with 4 of the 38 class members telling me they had a task for me, which was after a dream where Do told me “I can use you”. That task is to rewrite the Book of Revelations and associated prophecy from Jesus showing how Ti and Do and Crew fulfill all the prophecies. I have been working on that task for the last 14 years intensely and am very near publishing. But there is absolutely no need for their to be another group and no one will benefit from exiting their vehicle – killing themselves. They are against suicide though they define it as Jesus would have, as going against the Next Level when it’s offered to you and then it’s not suicide of the body, it’s suicide of the spirit/soul (mind’s continuance).  Do said there were three types of people who would “go with him”, that is when it’s recycle time and he’s not talking about physical vehicles. 1) Those who like his 38+4 graduates, are doing all they can to complete their metamorphosis – their overcoming of the human condition that requires the separation from all our human roots, behaviors and ways under the direction of the most recently incarnate representative from the Next Level – Ti and Do. 2) Those who start their metamorphosis by seeking to become “putty in Ti and Do’s hands” (whether before they left or until it’s done or they leave their vehicle) but are not strong enough to completely separate from the world and 3) Those who never heard of Ti and Do but who in their own way are separating from the world by not showing their allegiance to the various human power structures, governments, institutions, etc. – what Jesus referred to as “mammon”. I can align these three conditions with several of the prophecies in the Revelations. The overall condition that goes with the first two types of individuals is to believe everything Ti and Do taught and to be willing to “stand for them” and accept the consequences. Standing for them is service by disseminating their information. Laying down one’s body as they did was an option for some who felt to that applied for an undetermined amount of time after they left. I’m not saying someone couldn’t do so but they’d have to as Do said, “scream to Ti and Do” to know whether  that would be right for they will give that person a clear signal. Long after they left their vehicles, I asked Ti and Do if I needed to prepare to lay down my vehicle as they did. It was very hard for me to ask that as I had a partner and we had our daughter who was maybe 10 years old then and I didn’t want to do so. Do came to me in a dream and said, “you need to give your life”. So he left it up to me, typical of Do and Ti throughout my 19 years with them. No manipulation whatsoever though of course they can be seen as otherwise. Whoever is putting out this email is committing what Jesus described as the only unforgiveable sin, that of telling someone else a lie about the Kingdom of God (Next Level) as if it was the truth. It’s in a sense like trying to kill someone because if someone believes in what they say, they will die believing in a lie, though the Next Level may choose to take that spirit or soul into their keeping for being willing to give their life to what they believe is the creator’s kingdom so even the victim loses their vehicle. But for whoever instigates that true form of “evil”, though they are still given the chance to change their ways, if they continue the Next Level will deal with them accordingly which I don’t know exactly what shape or form that could take as they have then become “waste” and a “weed” in their “garden” that can damage their “fruit”. I’m sorry I say so much but I’d rather be overly thorough than short cut doing my best to “stand for Ti and Do”.
Even as a joke this to me is repulsive. There is no Heaven’s gate 2 and Do is not coming back incarnate again during this civilization. I have been suggesting based on Prophecy in Rev 19  that he is coming back again to take those souls or spirits who seek allegiance with He and Ti into safe keeping – being legitimately “saved” so they can be brought back to have a new association with a human vehicle to have the opportunity to continue their growth towards potentially becoming a Member of the Next Level. That return Is described as remaining in the sky/heavens but in a very apparent, perhaps looking like a “sun” and/or armada kind of way and he may even be “wearing” the same vehicle he changed over into a Next Level vehicle 2000 years ago after he healed the one that was murdered and proved he was still physical and NOT a spirit and showed how his new changed over vehicle had capabilities human vehicles don’t have – the ability to appear and disappear while still being physical and touchable, and able to defy gravity by lifting himself up into the cloud covered spacecraft. Do said if Jesus was coming back, then speaking of Jesus as the vehicle he later admitted to occupying he was not going to be showing his scars again. Ti and Do also spoke about how the Next Level members are physical, not etheric as in discarnates – ghosts, etc. and how they could be among us to where if they let us bump into them we would feel something. They didn’t say what we would feel. But they said the Next Level members weren’t going to let that happen. That would interfere with a students free will/choice of what to believe and act upon at a time when those students had the chance to graduate. If they weren’t of a grade level that could graduate, as 2000 years ago became apparent, then they can be shown things that seem magical because it becomes part of their soul memory. But they will still have to bring that part of their memory into the next human vehicle they are assigned to take over for use to complete their task that brings them through their “birth canal” – the spirit (unseen) birth Jesus spoke of that requires having a human vehicle to overcome it’s human ways through to complete.
I thought of another characteristic in this person or groups message that may have been stimulated by things I have said, thus perhaps my karma to deal with now. In my defense it’s again based on prophecy and it’s important to know that Ti and Do said early on in 1975, even perhaps in early 1974 and as late as 1976, because I got it from the book by Rod Steiger and Hayden Hewes that were about Ti and Do, but then went by, depending on the time Bonnie and Herf or after 1974 Bo and Peep, named, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary”, where Ti and Do posted a statement in the back of the book on page 159 headed as “What Is Happening in the Heavens at This Time!. Here is a segment from that document they wrote that shows some evidence, like I said in the previous comment that the one called Jesus would return with that body.
Now it will be apparent from this segment that Ti and Do thought at the time that graduates would change over their human caterpillar like body into a new Butterfly like body, changing it from within so that the same physical body as in Jesus case would then ascend into the sky. Obviously that changed though even in March of 1997 Do and Crew still thought it was an option for exit, even though they also by then thought that “rapture” referred to how the Next Level truth was like the bait on the hook that those humans who were prepped could consume that would in a sense “steal them from their human world” or as the definition of “rapture” is “catch” them “up” to heaven, at that stage where heaven was where the Older Members were incarnate to bring those caught to their “spirit (invisible) birth”. They were not certain altogether about the physicality of the soul until about the year or two before they exited. I left 2 1/2 years before their exit. For all we know when they layed down their human vehicles, that could have released the “soul container” inside it that then literally rose up into the sky or wherever the cloaked spacecraft was to receive them or the spacecraft could have even been right over top of that mansion as if that craft had a huge hanger bay in it’s base. I know this is crazy to think is potentially reality but then the entire story is like I say anymore the truth that’s stranger than fiction.
So this new body growing inside their human body would have reached maturity to the degree it needed, to be “viable” in the Next Level, meaning it would not “abort” when put into a new physical body grown on a vine for each new member. Those bodies, unlike the human body doesn’t have it’s own mind to some degree that one would ever have to reprimand or teach or reward as we do in the human kingdom when we do something we believe we knew better not to do, though it would require a pilot (soul that’s graduated). The Next Level knows when each of their upcoming members have reached viability yet there are different types of vehicles they would receive and some would not have made the grade for a adult Next Level body.
Finally, to further explain the point to this addition, Ti and Do say that the “final prophecies in John’s Revelation” will be “completed” which his what my book is documenting and it also shown to be in the plan in the Revelations to take place during what Ti and Do  called in this document the “7th Closeness”. During the time of the 7th trumpet’s sounding is where we are now and is when the book I’m writing is to be revealed, which is clearly after the first fruit classroom of students have exited their incarnation and “ascended” into their station in the literal heavens as Members of the Next Level.  The next U.S. election is when the “green horse” comes to power following the Bush “red horse” of endless war and the Obama black horse who dealt with the financial crisis both of which were actually “falls” by the U.S. because of how, why, where, when they happened. This time is also spoken about as when former “saints” are stimulated by the Luciferian space aliens to “battle” among themselves which this message you received also may evidence though it’s by far not the only evidence of existing student infighting.
Further finally, following this segment Is another segment that shows how Ti and Do were aware that there could be some who graduate even if they are not part of the first fruit harvest/graduation and/or have their human vehicles die before making a changeover. And here’s the point as I at some points called this a “second harvest”. So wondered if I was talking about a “second suicide” which I clarified  in several places that it wasn’t necessarily the same mode for exiting our vehicle, though I can’t say it won’t be as it’s up to each individual what another chooses to do.
With that all said, here is the segment:
from Pages 168-170:
“The seventh closeness will not be a teaching one, but a gathering of the harvest of those who have overcome this world.
If the forces of those who have chosen to be slow growers again choose to reject this truth and it’s bearers, then the two of us will again demonstrate that changed-over individuals can repair their so-called “dead” bodies in three and a half days. If that must happen it will be soon – and at the time that we have completed our testimony. As soon as our clarification is complete and it has adequately reached the eyes, ears, and minds of those who have become ready for it, we can reenter the kingdom-above-human and be a part of the membership of that level again.
Many could choose to overcome this world and even be a part of its becoming a heavenly body instead of a garden. The option is there. The intense energy focus that is on the planet will cause them to make their choice. They can accept this truth and do it–or reject it.
The seventh closeness, which is immediately upon us in the sense that those who are in the middle of their normal life span will easily live to see it’s completion, will include such events as what the Christian church refers to as the second coming, the “rapture,” and the completion of the final prophecies in John’s Book of Revelation. The one who was Jesus will come in at close range (as soon as those who have chosen to change over do it) and receive the elect into his company, for they have been those he has nurtured since the beginning of this civilization.
Those who literally and physically rise up to join him away from the surface of the Earth will be a part of the “rapture,” and they at that time will become full-fledged members of that kingdom. If they have not completed their total effort as individuals in overcoming this world and all of their individual attachments to it by the time he comes in this seventh closeness, they will not receive that ingredient from the kingdom of God. If they have given their full effort toward total overcoming from the time their minds receive this clarification of changeover requirements until the seventh closeness, they WILL receive that final ingredient and become whole “in a twinkling of an eye” and be capable of moving and serving in the literal heavens as much as the butterfly is capable of moving it it’s world as compared to it’s limited capabilities when it was but a caterpillar.”
From Message Summary page 171:
“If the candidate’s body dies or is left behind, it is an indication that he did not change over and become a physical member of that next kingdom anymore than a caterpillar that dies has not become a butterfly (But if a candidate’s body has died, his time of changeover may occur at the next graduation season.)”
I hope that answers your question. Feel free to help me clarify anything else I said here.


17 Responses to “Another deceitful manipulator claiming to be Heaven’s Gate 2 Surfaces”

  1. XF Checker 97 Says:

    Truly sad. If these manipulators studied Ti & Do’s teachings properly, they would have discovered that a new Heaven’s Gate cannot restart until the End of the Age. Luci must be bored if he is having a hay day with this and using new vehicles for his cause.

    • sawyer Says:

      It’s not bored, I’m sure of that. It’s war against anyone seeing the truth. It’s not over by any means and this proves it. And if it is a former member of the class as they suggest as being a “junior member” sent by Do to start up this second group then it’s evidence of:

      Rev 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with ((amid, among)) the saints (those who remain who are giving their lives in service to Ti and Do), and to overcome ((subdue)) them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

      If you look at the context of this it matches up with the timing of the rise of the Daniel 7’s fourth beast and fourth kingdom which is synchronized with the fourth seal’s opening for the fourth part of the world, what seems to be the English speaking part of the world primarily in North America and mostly associated with the U.S. as the Americas were the fourth world according to the roman/Italians Columbus (district of Columbia) and Amirgo Vespucci and others.

      This battle started as soon as the Do and the class left and continues with posts like this and the gayson hoax and the Oregon mansion hoax and at least another hoax or two the involved the promotion of death among believers, though outside of true service to Ti and Do – all Luciferians that were in the absence of Ti and Do and Crew of first fruit graduates “given the power” to subdue the remaining, remnant to even fool the “elect” with “false christing” and “false speaking/prophecy”.

      This will increase with many other attacks that are all our test to deal with and not fall subject to. That’s our service right now if we choose it. It’s also evident in Carlan’s continuous attack on me with trite attempts to remove the “stick” from my eye by talking about how I made the title of my blog Sawyer at heaven’s gate and in the description spoke about the blog talking about the “REAL” Ti and Do heaven’s gate information, he was led to see as saying all Ti and Do said was less than the real information I sawyer would be revealing. This is all he has, now quoting mrc and rio and trying to make it seem like I’m saying what they have said because I point out that there are more than one way to “lay down your vehicle’s human life”. The Luciferians seem to have him fixated on having to exit as they did as the only way to show Ti and Do our allegiance ignoring what service is. He seems to think dissemination of their materials only means mailing stuff to people and posting the tapes for people to hear – nothing that really engages our “mouth” that shows our “standing” for Ti and Do.

      So this is all our battle and Ti and Do and crew are observing and will reward all according to what they do. It’s doesn’t hurt for me to be criticized. I have already come to talk more of the need to make “significant changes” rather than insinuating one can believe alone and do nothing to earn their keep as Paul fostered. I never ever tell anyone they got it made by anything they say or do. But I don’t ignore ALL that Do said can qualify someone to “go with them” but Carlan chooses to ignore all that because he seems to think I’m misleading people to become my disciple, a typical ploy to detract from what we can show going forward during this war.

      Since the Luciferians couldn’t stop the first fruit graduation they certainly are going to try to restrict those who can have their own stepping up and many of those seem to be from a Christian tongue (way of speaking/thinking) that Ti and Do didn’t spend much time on – the book of revelations prophecy that I am focusing on. This is the prime battle ground to show how those prophecies are ALL fulfilled and/or to be fulfilled. Carlan seems to think there is nothing to be said about that because Ti and Do didn’t address them all. If that were try why give all that. Why did they waste their time with anything besides the early chapter of Rev 11 and the first couple verses in Rev 12 that Ti and Do referred to as evidence of their mission in prophecy. Nor did Ti and Do explain even those prophecies except to say they were fulfilling the Two Witnesses task and would have to die in service and that Ti was the woman in Rev 12.

      In the purple book Do and Crew inserted a bunch of scriptures. Did they say these were the only ones to quote. No, but they all demonstrate key ideas. Isn’t it clear that the first fruits didn’t need any of these to be drawn to Ti and Do’s message. It’s because they all were souls who had already had those lessons in a previous vehicle (Do said). So then why put them in their book as “relevant bible quotes”. I suppose some could read them and see how it’s the same information Ti and Do taught and then I guess in Carlan’s view they could go out and lay down their lives and graduate or stay on earth and die and go to hell or perhaps be saved by some unknown criteria he says I’m preaching against.

      I contend that EVERYTHING Ti and Do and Crew said has application for those that come to believe in them after their exit, not just their exit press release where they also said to scream to Ti and Do to see if it’s right for you to “lay down your life” and you will from that know if it is right for you, directly implying that it might not be right for you which is substantiated by Do’s talk about the Three Types of people who would “go with us”.

      Thus our job now in addition to doing everything we can to disseminate EVERYTHING Ti and Do said and did is to use our mouth to proclaim as in the purple book they posted as Isaiah 40:6-8 all their scriptures they listed to which they didn’t limit to just those scriptures as evidenced by Stmody’s paper that spoke of Paul, etc. and many other references as shown in the tongue called religious in “undercover “jesus” surfaces before departure” and many places in the beyond human tapes.

      I guess to not be criticized by former members, you’d only be able to quote those scriptures in the purple book and then only in the translations and application to the past up to Ti and Do and saints. I’m copying this comment to Carlan’s last attack on me for whatever it might be worth. It’s what we have to deal with and it’s not going to get easier. The gap is growing greater and greater between those who can see Ti and Do’s reality and truth and those who can’t. For a long time Carlan was saying he was thankful to still be able to see the truth, while ignoring many of the things Do said if for instance I said them in a slightly different way or attempted to relate them to prophecies that were not on the docket to understand and help others understand going forward. He’s choosing to live in the past so he can justify what his influences don’t want him to engage – using his mouth to speak to his experience with Ti and Do and their information and not be challenged by another speaking about their experience.

  2. crlody Says:

    “no one will benefit from exiting their vehicle”. “The door is closed. to (leave) is a fruitless act. Your task is to stay here and grow forward” MRC “You must leave everything of your humanness behind. This includes the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith-that is, the shedding of your human body”. Exit Press Release “The requirements for entering the Kingdom of Heaven (and exiting the human level of existence) are always the same. Only servants of THE OPPOSITION would dilute even one of these requirements”. The Jews and Christians promote lies unknowingly. Rio left the Class because he was unwilling to voluntarily exit the vehicle. We only know his version of the conversation with Do and initially Rio had said that Do said it MAY be part of a larger plan. Rio’s book was largely about himself and compared the feeling for the NL to “sexual bliss” and he actually praised MRC and SRF, the same individuals who have told numerous lies to praise themselves while suppressing the Mind of Ti and Do that was left behind and trying to prevent others from doing so. They and Rio have proven themselves to be enemies of the Next Level as far as I’m concerned. “It is our desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information”. RKK and I knew what that meant and you are choosing to ignore what the Class desired for the information that they left behind if you continue to draw attention to yourself rather than the much more refined and pure NL Mind that They left behind. You’re in NO position to state that “no one will benefit from exiting their vehicle”. You are diluting the words of Ti and Do and the Class because you have decided you have some kind of mission that requires you to stay here. “Those who are misinformation, they do not know that they are misinformation. But they usually have bought an easier out that required less of them”. Just because you think that you’re on a mission for Ti and Do doesn’t make it so Sawyer. If your “mission” is to draw attention to what you say while claiming that it doesn’t matter that the NL MInd on the audio tapes is being actively suppressed by individuals who claim that they are doing Ti and Do’s will and if your mission is to claim that “no one will benefit from exiting their vehicle” then your mission didn’t come from the Next Level, it came from yourself. I will continue to “harass” you as long as you continue to draw attention to your self-appointed mission and not the Information that They left behind and as long as you continue to distort what They said in order to support your belief that you need to stay here. I don’t believe in you or your mission, I believe in Ti and Do and the Next Level and in NOT diluting what They said.

    • sawyer Says:

      I am no longer interested in dueling you with your distorted, petty grivances with the fact that I have experience that I choose to talk about and apply to prophecy going forward which Do spoke about as the Three types of individuals who would go with them, that you seem to ignore.

      If the only way to go with them was to go out into the desert and lay down your life why put in the purple book Do’s talk about the three types referring to even those who never heard about Ti and Do who break away in their own way and this:

      “In order to get saved for further planting, the
      overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are
      the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that
      created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be
      willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that
      stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”
      In order to get saved for further planting, the
      overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are
      the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that
      created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be
      willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that
      stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

      So carlan, are you “willing to take a stand in defense of that belief” (in ALL Ti and Do said that is true). Is that limited to posting audios on 4shared and sending someone a packet once in a while or is “defense of that belief” something to engage with your mouth AND through your words, your personal experience that you criticize me for doing because I use some different words in a different order with additional references to records related to what Ti and Do said but at times in various translations. While in the classroom for 19 years I did gain a great deal of experience and I am accountable to them for that. They even assigned me tasks to investigate the records and in one case had me give a short presentation to the class which actually was after Ti had left and I don’t know if it made it to a tape. It was an analysis of the term “resurrection”. But since you may not believe me or think that his giving me that task does not apply to now in any way, you can not deny that I was assigned many tasks to “speak to the public on Ti and Do’s behalf, using my mind”. Ask Rob Balch about the time I was sent to Missoula with Evn as my partner so that I could provide Rob answers to his questions for the book he was writing a chapter in. Evn and I sat with Rob for 2-3 hours in his university office and answered his questions. I don’t think Evnody said anything (which in no way is a put down to her). Then I took his chapter with me and went through it with a fine tooth comb and suggested many changes. I had no one who had that experience with me. I kept all my notes and sent them to Do and Lvv/Jnn as a check and it was many pages and they didn’t offer any correction of what I changed in his chapter. When we were planning to go public in 1994, I was taken out of my Out of Craft Task and sent with Jwnody to hold a trial public meeting in Denver. Chkody and Sngody were sent to Dallas to do the same. We stayed at Gnr and Rkk’s place where they were or had been a couple. Rkkody spent time with me lamenting about being in and out of the classroom. He rejoined again after that, not because of anything I said. He fell away about 4 times and he was given repeated chances because Do knew he loved his Older Member but couldn’t get control over his vehicle to stay in the classroom. He was given tasks to do outside the classroom in at least the last 3 times he left though he wasn’t sent out of the classroom for the purpose of doing those tasks. Do was making a positive out of his failure.

      In 1994 I gave maybe 30 meetings where I was the primary speaker. You can see that he had Jwnody and I help him with the first, second Beyond human sessions and then after trying another partnership brought us back to do two more sessions. (I keep forgetting how many sessions I was in on as I was on the crew that filmed them all). Now what I said as a helper was scripted to some degree where I quoted Paul’s definition of “faith” as “the evidence of things unseen”.

      If you read stmody’s paper again you will see that he was using his mind that he hoped was from his Older Members mind. He wasn’t a puppet. Yet you seem to think that unless we behave like puppets we are not serving Ti and Do. We can want to be our older members puppets but they won’t let us be.

      Ti and Do told me that I, swyody was from the Next Level and yes I fell but it ain’t over and it’s not up to you to judge me unless you can prove by what Ti and Do said that I am contradicting or diluting what they said but if you select one part and ignore the rest, that’s you who are distorting the overall picture, not me.

      What is this really about. Who is boasting of self in your condescending self righteous statements?

      Why is it that you have something negative to say about a number of former members and even would be new believers calling them names and acting in your self righteous ways as if they can never change and then crying about how you can’t change either as you go on and on over the same material, misquoting and nit picking – being petti that is breaking another behavioral way we were taught. If they aren’t petti then how are they major? Still your examples are my use of “real” and having sawyer in front of the heavens gate blog address and as you claim trying to replace Do without any evidence. How easy accusations seem to come to you.

      Is it mere coincidence that you left the class because Do pointed out to you that you were finding fault with him. Why don’t you tell us exactly what you found fault with? Was it something he said that you disbelieved? If that was it is it something you still disbelieve?

      Perhaps your lesson is to cease finding fault with anyone and focus on your relationship with Do. You say you are not an example of a good student so what are your lessons. Fault finding is a huge lesson that would keep you off the spacecraft, whether you layed down your vehicle or not but you could begin to learn that lesson rather than thinking your mission is to nit pick what others do or don’t do as if anyone is being led astray from having a relationship to Ti and Do because of what you nit pick about others saying.

      I hope you’ve got enough Next Level mind in your vehicle to throw off that influence of fault finding enough to get on with the program. This will get you nowhere even though I can benefit from your negativity the same as I can benefit from all negativity from the Luciferian space aliens who are masters of stimulating negativity and/or making it look like positivity.

      I don’t know if you have experience with this, but you are behaving like those fundamentalist Christians who insist that we only can quote the king James bible and that every word in that bible is 100% directly written by God’s hand. Sure it’s not exactly the same as we know what Do wrote and what was written by his students. But isn’t it clear that all jesus said and did is also on the table to talk about. Do did it or are we restricted to only the records he talked about or listed in the purple book?

      Why did Jwnody write about new believers getting into contact with an “active student” in Do’s incarnate absence – I think was the context? What is an active student in your mind?

      And you are taking things I said out of context in this comment. Include the entire sentence or paragraph and then I will make it more correct if I see that I left things open to being misleading. Otherwise you are being deceitful. All I was saying in that partial statement of not benefiting from exiting one’s vehicle is if it’s done for the wrong reasons with the only right reason being to be in service to our Older Members which can only be determined by screaming to Ti and Do to know whether exiting by laying down our vehicle is right for us. That’s what I told Geminus and that other person who initially said he was a returned Do, who both told me they were going to kill themselves, while they showed so many signs of using that as an escape from their lessons, which Do said was not the right reason. Do you remember Do saying that. I can find it for you if you like.

      I think it would be a lessor choice or even wrong to kill yourself to avoid your lessons when Do was very clear that we need our vehicles to learn lessons. Have you learned all you can learn. If so, what about all this fault finding with nary only circumstantial evidence that you have intuition about and read the way you want to come out. Are you familiar with Do’s talks in these regards? I didn’t come up with that. How does that square with YOUR VIEW? Was Do wrong? Did he change his mind about the value of laying down your life and how and when? I think some of this was spoken about in one of the student statements but I already give you repeated same comments too much time.

      When the Class said in the letters repeatedly to mrc/srf that what they did with the content of the storage and the timing was up to them do you think that was not thought out? Do you think Do didn’t know that they said that? You were in the class for a short time. I don’t know how much you observed about the detailed checking that went on every little thing and how they scrutinized every word and punctuation so the idea was as clear as they could made it. I was in on that process MANY TIMES and yet you won’t accept that regardless of whether mrc/srf did the most intended thing, they were given the choice. Are you finding fault with giving them that choice which means that’s another finding fault with Do since it was all under his watch.

      I’m noticing that you seem to never respond to my questions in these back and forths? Maybe you don’t read them while I address everything you bring up, over and over and over, each time with more support that shows how they are largely empty accusations.

      Now I just told you a few of the ways I was given tasks by Do directly. Here’s another while I’m at it. While in the Boulder/Denver area in 1986-8 at one point there were two crafts, one in the Boulder Canyon and the other in Littleton, a suburb of Denver. I had an out of craft task in the Denver tech center south of the city. I was assigned to the North Craft where Do had his quarters with helpers and jwnody and others in what was called then Sat 3 which stood for satellite three and I was commuting to south Denver 1 3/4 hours each way for a while. Then Do assigned me to go to south craft where I became the only Overseer of that craft. Rthody was having doubts and he was made my partner but he wasn’t assigned the overseer task so I would do it by myself which meant I was on the phone by myself taking instructions, writing reports, responding to the needs of members of the craft, holding meetings to relay instructions at times. I was given the task to preside over individual sessions with a number of fellow students who were having problems checking with them on what was on their mind and then I would write up reports and then hear back from Do sometimes to relay things back to them.

      Now did all this go to my head. Well, actually I believe some of it did and Do pointed out to me one time in a session where Do was considering certain options for the classroom of which overseers and helpers were present of which I was one and he said I “was competing with him”. I was devastated by that. I was not aware of it. I was down in the dumps for 3 days before Do came over to me and said, “okay you have shown that you took it seriously so now it’s time to move on”. He didn’t look at me as not being able to rise above it but nor did that advasary assigned me, as assigned to all of us leave me alone and as I have explained in very detailed ways I ended up listening to my advasary though didn’t know how to recognize his thoughts and didn’t have the strength to resist the accompanying impulses that resulted in my giving into sensuality and about a year later when Do gave me the choice to take an overseer task again chose to leave. I went with the advasary as did you and all of us dropouts and they haven’t left us.

      That is what I need to learn to recognize and I have to say because of your choices that have you finding fault with others at every turn the positive for me IF I embrace it is that it provides me with a chance to re-examine whether I’m slipping into too much self confidence that would be competitive with Do. So there, now you have more ammo against you can say by talking about serving Ti and Do I’m really saying to serve me. I don’t know how that works. I don’t even imply anyone serving me. I’ve even evidenced in this blog several times turning away individuals that wanted me to be their teacher. Did you miss those comments?

      But that doesn’t mean everything you bring to my attention is a fitting shoe to where and that doesn’t justify your giving into your adversary to wage battle against me. I can benefit from your failure just as you can benefit from mine. That’s why we are here, To gain strength and to spread the truth and update the records which I am attempting to do, the records being what Jesus said.

      If you want to keep throwing your accusations around, I will not be the loser as long as I examine what you say and make corrections when I see that I could have been more on Ti and Do’s mark.

      I am more certain than ever that this battle amidst those that say they believe in Ti and Do is shown in prophecy in Rev 13 that I spelled out some. But if you are so upset with what you think I think about my self, suspecting I am aiming to defraud others while not seeming to make any attempt to look at yourself and be all you can be for Ti and Do, you will continue to fall prey to the influences that would have you do anything but attend to the real dissemination project of using your own mouth and personal experience in the classroom to tell others what it all means to you, pointing them to service to Ti and Do because you seem to think leaving your vehicle is what you think you need to do as your most right course, when it avoids facing the very lessons you had in the classroom of finding fault with others that will not go away by the death of the vehicle. Ask Do if I am speaking the truth. Ask him what he’d have you do right now and ask him to help you accept his answer.

      if you have a quote from me that you think evidences my getting off track – please send the whole thing and where you found it. If it was in one of these blogs or comments I will correct it. You don’t seem to think that’s possible as if once off the track in whatever way always off the track, the way you treat xf and it seems others as well regardless of whether they continue to exhibit being off the track or not. Your adversary seems to have you convinced that there is no such thing as repentance (changing your mind) replacing human mind with Next Level mind). Either you don’t read my comments or you skim them or see only what you want to see.

    • sawyer Says:

      Why are you quoting mrc and then applying it to me? re: “Only servants of THE OPPOSITION would dilute even one of these requirements”. Where did I dilute the requirements. Don’t the three types outline the requirements and Jwn’s overall requirement statement? If not why not?. Why are you telling me about the jews and Christians? Why are you bringing Rio into this again? Am I responsible for what Rio says? How come you never answer my questions to you? Do you even read them? Why are you claiming to speak for Rkkody? What about the “choice” mrc/srf were given. Why won’t you respond to that instruction to them? As I said, about you quoting me from somewhere that sounds out of context tell me where I said that so I can address it or stop being deceitful about it and if I did say that with that context can I be forgiven or is that not possible in your mind? Prove I’m diluting. That one little out of context statement made to who under what circumstances. What about the statement against suicide to avoid lessons? Seach suicide in the purple book and you will find a lot of talk about it.

      Did Do limit who would participate in the “project” of spreading their information? So why isn’t that a task we were all assigned if we choose to do it?

      You are lying to say that I said or thought or implied that I “need to stay here”. So who is distorting the truth.

      And what task were you given to “harass” me?

      Or is that part of your self righteousness and fault finding that you also have brought against Do. What were the faults you found in Do. Can you be honest and tell us specifically what you found fault with? You are real good at remembering what you find fault with in others?

  3. Woraufhin Says:

    This question relates to the overcoming process rather than the issues discussed above.

    What role did Ti and Do think physical exercise should play in the overcoming process? I recall Do saying on one of the tapes that if students needed to expend surplus energy through exercise, e.g. running, then he would encourage that and perhaps also make it a group activity. Yet I could be wrong, but I vaguely recall you mentioning in a video that Do advised caution about engaging in physical exercise to the extent that it would lead one to value one’s physical body too much or distract one from achieving real progress in the overcoming process through being receptive to Next Level mind. It seems that physical exercise could further the overcoming process, however, insofar as it promotes better mental functioning given the nature of the human body and improves discipline.

    Could you provide any additional information regarding this matter?


    • sawyer Says:

      Do did want us to keep our physical bodies in good shape so we’d have health and energy to continue our overcoming process. We had exercise equipment, sometimes swimming pools with particular uniforms and instructions for usage keeping most of our flesh covered up and not mixing males and females so it wouldn’t stimulate influences. At one point we had a track as part of the property we were leasing in south Austin. Some of us gravitated to running it regularly. At the same time period and this was before Ti exited we had a volley ball net and played volley ball. in these two examples some got into these activities in a human way and they were discontinued. I may have been one to get into the running too much as it wasn’t meant to become a work out as if we were working up to run further and further in a better time, building up endurance and such which is kind of how I probably slipped into as I had been a runner in my youth. Alxody really took to running, perhaps even moreso than I. We should have asked Ti and Do how they’d have us use it. Instead as they often did they gave us something and didn’t put a bunch of rules with it until they saw us reverting to human ways and then they would put some procedures to it and if the humanness continued they would discontinue it. But the example was with the volley ball. The entire craft played at the same time split into two sides. Some of the males started spiking and some questions Ti and Do about it and they said that was not the way a Next Level member would do it. They said a Next Level member wouldn’t try to make someone miss. Instead they would see how long they could keep the ball up in the air. That’s so interesting and typical in all of Ti and Do’s thinking. Anyway we tried that and it was fun but some still reverted to getting competitive and their previous human programming of how to do sports so they discontinued it. A similar thing happened with music listening. Some made it a priority to spend time every day just sitting and listening. The same with the exercise equipment. We weren’t trying to build muscle. It was mostly cardiovascular on a treadmill and a rowing machine and an inversion bar that I recall and there were guidelines for how long and how often for the same reason of not getting into it as a human would. In one of the last crafts we had, there was an outdoor pool and a tennis court that no one hardly used as we really could care less and they weren’t required. Even exercise equipment became optional.

      This was when we began to re-engage our work bringing the info to the public for the second phase and we were down to 24-26 or 27 students by then in the early 1990’s. But yes, as anyone knows one can exhaust themselves of energy and have no time/energy left to give to our main task now of spreading Ti and Do’s information to others – as was said, “In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

      The “facts” are all they taught about separation from the human kingdom. That overcoming classroom phase is over. Of course we can glean from all those lesson steps to use to change our behavior and ways, but the biggest overcoming effort now is what happens as we deal with those that will see us as brainwashed, fanatic cultists and others opposition to the provision of the truthes Ti and Do taught. Just beginning to have the guts to talk to others about Ti and Do and being seen as religious and/or spiritual is a huge step to breach. I’m being accused of diluting the requirements for new membership candidates so I’m trying to be sure I don’t dilute the truth. It’s understood that we are given time to work up to having the strength to bring up Ti and Do in certain times and places and adopt their behaviors and ways. We can ask them for the strength and guidance to see where and when and how and they will lead us along. Meanwhile, yes take care of your vehicle, which you of course can also ask them to help you to do for your best service to their tasks going forward.

  4. Dmtr Says:

    What are your thoughts on this Occulus group?
    I did not create this image I merely discovered this through a search engine there is a whole “conspiracy theory” relating this group to hg

    they claim their website is this makes little to no sense to me if anyone is willing to look into it?

    • sawyer Says:

      I didn’t check the links but some fellow Ti and Do believers did and said the link doesn’t work, but I’m aware of a number of frauds. One conspiracy is that Heaven’s Gate was a controlled CIA experiment with mind control or something like that. And it may be…that is the heaven’s gate they are creating as a facsimile to the real deal. That’s why Jesus is considered to be a myth by some now as today’s religious jesus is a facsimile while the real Older member from the Next Level in the history was as real as can be and that can be shown by analyzing what he said because there could be no mass manipulation if anyone began to quote all that he said and kept what was meant to be literal as literal and parables that were meant to be story form of teaching and figurative that pointed to something literal and believing Do when he said 90% of the miracles were exaggerated. Do did believe he proved he had a new “changed over vehicle” after the execution of his vehicle that was readied to change over during the “transfiguration” experience and that among the proves he provided his disciples, the ones assigned to go tell the world what they witnessed, was appearing and disappearing before their eyes, yet proving he was NOT a spirit and saying so, and by saying he was flesh and bone. And his ascension was another characteristic of his new changed over vehicle, thus perhaps the witnessing of his hovering over the stormy sea might have been real as well (though Do didn’t talk about that, that I ever heard).

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        I know of the conspiracy theory you speak of regarding Heaven’s Gate, Sawyer. The theory, that has been fluctuating in some web forums, is that Heaven’s Gate was murdered and that scene was “made out” to “look” like a mass suicide because Heaven’s Gate apparently, according to these conspiracy theorists, “new too much” so the government “shut them up.” In addition to the conspiracy theory is the idea that Heaven’s Gate was part of a secret government experiment called Project MK Ultra. Project MK Ultra was a mind control project that conspiracy buffs also claim was used on Jim Jones of The People’s Temple in Jonestown, South America. Project MK Ultra was rumored to have its genesis in the 1960’s and had been used on American soldiers during the Vietnam War to make those soldiers more aggressive than their training prior to the Vietnam War. The government’s objective with Project MK Ultra was to make American soldiers more violent than their Vietnamese counterparts. The results backfired and were disastrous. Now I don’t believe that Heaven’s Gate was murdered, nor do I believe they were part of some kind of Project MK Ultra experiment. However, you know how conspiracy theorists are. They grasp at straws, scour the globe and try to find something new to talk about to get their minds rolling.

      • sawyer Says:

        Of course conspiracy is as conspiracy does – I like that forest gump comparison. There are so many conspiracies throughout the ages that are ignored and by making everything into a conspiracy or today’s “false flag” it muddies the water between truth and lies leaving absolute “confusion”. No where do I see that more than in Christianity – the ultimate example of how confusion comes to rule – like Do said, because of the Luciferian conspiracy, “they [Christians] hardly stood a chance”.

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      It’s spam or a group that could have put the wrong URL up. That’s all that is. Nothing special about it. I even clicked on that link which took me nowhere.

  5. cultfilmfreak Says:

    I want to know anything I can about Evnody, DANA TRACEY ABREO , she was the cutest girl I’ve ever seen.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t have the information about evnody that you appear to want.

    • Corey Stuteville Says:

      • sawyer Says:

        thanks for posting this as I do like to know what’s being said about my classmates. Although I worked with evnody for a number of months as my partner during the 1994 public meeting period, I didn’t feel to include a “memory” on the memorial. I asked Ti and Do whether I should and thought about what I might say and it just didn’t feel good for those of her human family who loved her to hear anything from me. However, here I feel I can say that she is a beautiful soul and I have no doubt she in her new physical Next Level vehicle and crew assigned tasks to help Ti and Do’s work to finish up this current “garden” experiment conclusion is her joy to participate in. They are in reality like a Star Trek crew but without any human behaviors and ways. The Soul that took over that human vehicle we see was not harmed by exiting though that is going to be increasingly hard for many humans to even consider. It’s not at all the same for other humans, religious or not, Christian or not as though everyone goes to their “heaven” when they die, it’s not going to the middle or highest “heaven” as some religionist/spiritualists think, (that is according to what Ti and Do taught).

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